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English, Talk, 1 seasons, 10 episodes, 59 minutes
Hope Mornings with Katrina Roe offers a range of regular interviews on family life, sport, music and entertainment; along with the latest in news and current affairs. Whether it’s keeping parents up to date on the latest tween fad, or fostering healthy relationships, listeners are sure to find a helpful lifestyle tip in each episode.
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To Fight Homelessness, My Wife and I Live With 28 Others

06/05/20228 minutes 50 seconds
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Sydney School Chaplain Draws on Years of Experience to Help Youth Find Their Identity

05/05/20225 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

May The Force Be With Christianity?

04/05/20225 minutes 11 seconds
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Tim Costello: Love Your Global Neighbour When You Vote

03/05/20225 minutes 5 seconds
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I Was Born Blind and Want to Help Everyone Enjoy the Arts

03/05/20225 minutes 56 seconds
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Attn: Dads, Father School Has Spread Across the World

02/05/20224 minutes 54 seconds
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"Why I Pray For You, Even Though We Don't Know Each Other"

29/04/20224 minutes 31 seconds
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Why Baptist, Catholic and Uniting Churches in Blue Mountains Have Teamed Up

28/04/20228 minutes 30 seconds
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Give Your Worries to Jesus this Easter and Accept His Promise Available to All

14/04/20226 minutes 53 seconds
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A World Full of Injustice and Costly Forgiveness: Jesus Absorbed Both

14/04/20224 minutes 50 seconds