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Hope, Faith, and Love

English, Personal health, 1 seasons, 7 episodes, 16 minutes
Hello everyone, This is Aman raghav. I have been spreading awareness about the mental health for more than two years. My first book SHE: Hope, Faith, and Love has been an International Bestseller. I want to spread kindness and love through my words. There is no driving force as strong as Love. In this world full of hatred and pity, choose love whenever you get to choose. As a great man once said, "Love wins, always". And I am not talking about the love between the couples, Love is broad and I believe it shouldn't be tied to a person or anything. It is love that helps a heart to grow.
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Take it one day at a time | Aman Raghav

Sadness and happiness are discrete. They do no stay at a similar place for a long duration. . If you are feeling unhappy today. If you are feeling that the time is suffocating you. Your thoughts are only wondering about the unpleasant memories. Don't worry, it will pass. Happiness and sadness are the two faces of a coin. Coins flip. You will find the way. You will realize what's important for you. You will understand your heart. I can understand that you are feeling alone. All your friends and special ones have left you to suffer. You are feeling left out and there is no one you can tell about your heart. They will not understand. You somehow pass the days but the nights are difficult to pass. You often cry. You kept staring at the unknown places. . I understand that this time is difficult to pass. I want to tell you that your heart will heal. Change is the only constant. One year from now, you will be looking backward and you will be proud of yourself for being so strong. This time w
02/03/20212 minutes 21 seconds
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SHE | Hope, Faith, and love by Aman Raghav

She is the girl who loves sky and moon more than anything else. The rain gives her vibes. She can sit quietly on a rooftop looking at the clear sky. She is happy with her thoughts. She doesn't need anything to be happy but nature. She likes to read books. She doesn't like kindle. She is a mountain person. She doesn't care about modern love. She is an old school. She only thinks of the person she loves. There are no doubts about her love. Being in love, she is clear of her feelings. She is honest about everything she feels and she says. There is no comparison of her love. You can find her smiling alone thinking about her lover. She likes music. Her taste in music is different. She doesn't like the mainstream noisy songs. She calms her mind with music. She likes to walk on empty roads. She likes to look at the stars. She finds the handwritten letters better than the texts. She looks at the soul of a person. She is not judgemental of your looks or anything else. She closes her eyes whe
27/01/20211 minute 52 seconds
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Love | Spread Love | Aman Raghav

There is no driving force as strong as Love. In this world full of hatred and pity, choose love whenever you get to choose. As a great man once said, "Love wins, always". And I am not talking about the love between the couples, Love is broad and I believe it shouldn't be tied to a person or anything. It is love that helps a heart to grow. A heart, full of love, blooms while a heart full of hatred always feels jealous, self-pity, and remains dull and unhappy. It gives hope and balances the fast-moving life. There can be a variety of reasons that can make you a person full of self-doubts, anxiety, and hatred, but always choose to look at the bright side and have different perspectives because most of the time, the problem doesn't look from a distance as bigger as we react in that period. It feels better when you grow out of the situation rather than reacting in a way that it hurts both you and your family. Self-love always helps in these situations. There will be people that will make
18/01/20212 minutes 34 seconds
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It's time to become selfish | Aman Raghav

You have spent enough of your time for others. You have always cared for their opinions, for their well being that you have hurt yourself in the process. You are shattered. You have trust issues. The one regret that most of us have is that we spent our life not for us but according to others. We never thought enough about ourselves. And regrets are the worst things to have. . You have come a long way ahead. There were people you did everything for, yet they left. They once meant the world to you. You think about them and you ask questions. You regret. You keep thinking about all the efforts you put in. You were ready to leave everything. . It changed you. It has shaped you into the person that has trust issues now. They ask you why don't you open up. You only smile. They do not know the complete story. They only know about the person who doesn't believe in love. They don't know about the person who was once madly in love. . I know that there are nights when everything comes to you at
13/01/20212 minutes 5 seconds
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Set your boundaries | Aman Raghav

There will be people who will be available to you according to their needs. They will leave you whenever you will be in need and they will come back as if nothing has happened. The problems are created when you love them. You get hurt in the process. You get confused. Often, you do not know how to react. I hope you handle the situation bravely. I hope you are choosing yourself every time and setting your boundaries clearly. You are not an old home that can be visited only in need. You need clarity in life. These confusions only destroy you slowly. I hope you understand the value of good people around you. They are everything you need. I hope you are comfortable enough to be yourself around your people. They will help you to get out of every situation. You will not feel alone. Good people back you and bring the best out of you. The boundaries you set for your sanity are not wrong. If you are being told to settle for any less, don't listen. You don't deserve any toxicity. Keeping thin
11/01/20211 minute 57 seconds
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Letting go is not easy | Aman Raghav

I understand that it is not easy to let it go. It is not easy to forget everything that we have believed all our life to be true. I understand that there are sleepless nights thinking about that person we have always believed to be our soulmate. It really affects the way we think. We tend to blame love. We start to believe that the world is not a good place to live in. We start hating couples. We start hating to go outside. We start searching for peace everywhere but our hearts. . Trust me, it happens to all of us at some point in our life. You are not alone. And you really don't have to fight this battle alone. You have friends, family, and other people who have felt exactly how you are feeling right now. They have won the battles, you can too. The battle is a long one. We just can't wake up one day and start feeling better. It happens one day at a time. We win small battles with ourselves before winning the wars. It starts with gratitude. It starts with being grateful to life for wha
10/01/20213 minutes 20 seconds
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A letter for you

I wanted to give this letter as a handwritten letter with fresh flowers. I will do that someday too. I feel like you are a person of flowers and cold breeze. It's those vibes for me. You're sunshine. You are a person of bravery, hope, and someone who stands tall. You defeat every odd. I love how you give yourself time. 2020 was a bit tough for you and I feel a bit bad about it. You were harsh with yourself. I hope this year will be better. I appreciate your patience and the way you take care of your loved ones. You surely make everything lighter and full of colors. You have all the capabilities to turn everything you into gold. You have infinite potential. What you require is self-belief. Sometimes you lack confidence in your decisions which can turn a good decision into a bad one. You cannot always categorize a decision as a bad one or a good one. There are shades of grey. Those decisions need to be watered well. Always back your decisions. You aren't less than any person and it
07/01/20212 minutes 16 seconds