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English, Personal/Lifestyle/Family, 2 seasons, 29 episodes, 11 hours, 36 minutes
Honey Mums is a program for mums by mums, hosted by Deborah Knight and your new favourite mother's group. Each week Deborah is joined by 9 Honey's Jo Abi, psychologist Sandy Rea and has a chat with a special guest. This podcast is a place to share everything about parenting.
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Ben Fordham

Radio host Ben Fordham has become a new man and shares his secret catalyst with Deb, Jo Abi has nosy neighbours telling her kids what to do, Jody Allen from shares her method for a stress free Christmas, and Maggie Dent, author and parental advice expert, explains her theory on the temperament of children.See for privacy information.
12/17/201826 minutes, 40 seconds
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Sarah McGilvray

Radio host Sarah McGilvray chats to Deb Knight about wrangling her workmates like they are kids, Jo Abi talks about her kids preventing her from dating, Jody Allen from discusses how to avoid a financial hangover at Christmas, and Dr Joanne Orlando, leading expert in the field of children and technology, gives advice on whether tech presents are a good idea for kids this Christmas.See for privacy information.
12/10/201823 minutes, 38 seconds
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Sonia Kruger

Sonia Kruger talks to Deb Knight about why she is luckier than most mums, Jody Allen from is digging her own pool, Jo Abi talks about how she ended up in debt, and Maggie Dent the Queen of common sense explains why you shouldn't get your kids excited about Christmas too early.See for privacy information.
12/3/201822 minutes, 8 seconds
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Maggie Dent

Maggie Dent, author educator and parenting guru talks to Deb about why we should find humour in raising kids... especially boys, Jody Allen from gives practical tips on different ways to use lemon, Jo Abi chats about the quirky dilemma she has with her neighbours and Jane de Graaff from 9Kitchen shares some terrific Christmas food ideas.See for privacy information.
11/26/201823 minutes, 16 seconds
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Sam Squiers

Sam Squiers, Channel Nine sports presenter opens up to Deb about how she almost died when giving birth to her pre-mature baby, Jo Abi explores co-sleeping with older kids, Jody Allen from gives tips on food safety and Sandy Rea explains when it's time to get help for your child's mental health.See for privacy information.
11/19/201825 minutes, 7 seconds
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Sara Vale

Sara Vale winner of The Block, talks to Deb Knight about coping with criticism and the difficulty of having a young child whilst competing on the show, Jody Allen from gives tips on how to deal with sick kids, Jo Abi has become a surfer and Sandy Rea questions how many friends a child really needs.See for privacy information.
11/12/201824 minutes
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Mem Fox

Children's author Mem Fox talks about the benefits of reading to your kids, Jo Abi talks about her kids changing schools, Jody Allen from gives tips on some unexpected things to keep in the freezer, and Sandy Rea talks about how parents are often responsible for their children behaving like bullies.See for privacy information.
11/5/201823 minutes, 33 seconds
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Natalia Cooper

Journalist Natalia Cooper talks to Deb Knight about her experience of preparing to become a mother, Jo Abi has a new baby sitter and may have a few small trust issues, Jane de Graaff from 9Honey Kitchen shares some Halloween food hacks and child psychologist Sandy Rea addresses whether or not people should be sharing photos of their children on social media.See for privacy information.
10/29/201824 minutes, 53 seconds
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Amelia Phillips

Amelia Phillips joins Deb Knight to discuss how to get in shape on your own terms, Jo Abi reveals an interesting debate had by her kids, Jody Allen from gives some great Xmas tips for saving money, and Sandy Rea grapples the difficult topic of how to teach kids about death.See for privacy information.
10/22/201824 minutes, 40 seconds
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Dr. Kevin Donnelly

Dr. Kevin Donnelly author of How Political Correctness Is Destroying Australia speaks with Deb about how he thinks the Australian education system is going backwards, Jo Abi reveals the smelly truth of living with teenage boys, Jody Allen from shares some creative and inexpensive options for wedding cakes, and Sandy Rea talks about why kids need time away from parental supervision. See for privacy information.
10/15/201819 minutes, 33 seconds
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Peter Overton

Peter Overton speaks to Deb Knight about the highs and lows of being a father, Jo Abi has to explain to her kids about the death of their pet chickens, Jody Allen from gives  DIY tips for beautiful hair and Psychologist Sandy Rea explains Central Auditory Processing Disorder, which effects 5% of children.See for privacy information.
10/8/201821 minutes, 6 seconds
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Shelly Horton

Shelly Horton speaks to Deb Knight about her choice not to have children, Jo Abi is finding ways to ditch her kids during the school holidays, Jody Allen from gives tips on how to set up a money making side hustle, and Sandy Rea explains how we can teach children resilience through gratitude.See for privacy information.
9/30/201823 minutes, 37 seconds
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Rob Sturrock

Rob Sturrock talks to Deb Knight about his experience as a stay at home dad, Jo Abi's son wants a tarantula as a pet, and 9Honey Style Editor Brooke Campbell Bayes shares her experience with an extreme type of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum. See for privacy information.
9/24/201823 minutes, 43 seconds
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Dr Kirstin Ferguson

Dr Kirstin Ferguson chats to Deb Knight about her incredible twitter campaign #celebratingwomen as well as her new book Women Kind, Jo Abi has trouble convincing her daughter to cut her hair, Jody Allen from gives tips on how to save money for Xmas, and Sandy Rea discusses the transition into motherhood.   To find Women Kind by Dr Kirstin Ferguson head to: for privacy information.
9/17/201825 minutes, 6 seconds
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Leila McKinnon

Leila McKinnon talks to Deb about leaving the city behind for a tree change, Jo Abi talks about people of difference and how we need to be more inclusive and Sandy Rea discusses bad habits and how to help kids produce better behaviours through awareness training.See for privacy information.
9/10/201821 minutes, 26 seconds
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Nikki Gemmell

Nikki Gemmell talks to Deb about why we need to give ourselves space to switch off, Jo Abi talks about the overload of school activities and how they make life more challenging for busy parents, Jody Allen from gives tips on how to save money on school lunches and Sandy Rea discusses how all mothers get the blues.See for privacy information.
9/3/201822 minutes, 45 seconds
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Barry Lambert

Barry Lambert, grandfather and millionaire talks to Deb about giving medicinal cannabis to his granddaughter and funding research into what he calls a miracle medicine, Jo Abi's son is a moody teen and she has to remind herself to act like an adult when dealing with him, and Sandy Rea gives advice on how to navigate divorce.See for privacy information.
8/20/201826 minutes, 7 seconds
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Jules Sebastian

Jules Sebastian talks to Deb about food security in Australia, there are an alarming amount of kids who go to school without breakfast each day, Jo Abi's daughter has written a sad but cute letter, Jody Allen from gives some tips on how to save money on your food bill, and Sandy Rea talks about how to deal with bad parenting days.See for privacy information.
8/13/201824 minutes, 35 seconds
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David Campbell

David Campbell talks to Deb about the chaos of being a father of twins, Jody Allen from lists the things you MUST remove from your bathroom, Jo Abi realises a deep connection with her mother which leads her to apologise and Sandy Rea provides techniques on how to communicate with your teenager.See for privacy information.
8/6/201828 minutes, 19 seconds
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Liz Ellis

Liz Ellis talks to Deb about the challenges she had with infertility, Jody Allen from gives tips on how to deal with fussy eaters, Jo Abi has a Tuscan dilemma, and Sandy Rea explains why kids lie, and how to steer kids away from this behaviour.See for privacy information.
7/30/201826 minutes, 30 seconds
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Talitha Cummins

Talitha Cummins opens up about one of the most confronting confessions of her life, Jody Allen from  has some home remedies to keep healthy, Jo Abi's son is suddenly growing up and Sandy Rea gives advice on how to get your kids off the couch. See for privacy information.
7/23/201825 minutes, 33 seconds
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Tracy Lynch

Tracy Lynch mother of Ollie Lynch, opens up to Deb about what it's like having a child that was born with VACTERL  syndrome, Jody Allen from gives advice on how to keep clothes and shoes from getting stinky, Jo Abi talks the benefits of meal planning, and Sandy Rea provides advice on how to talk to your kids about finance.See for privacy information.
7/16/201825 minutes, 27 seconds
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Mrs Woog

Mrs Woog from joins Deb to talk about why people are so angry and what we can do about it, Jody Allen from, talks about sex and how to discuss it with your kids, Jo Abi is in admiration of the unique relationship between her father and her son, and Sandy Rea provides insight into kids that run away from home.See for privacy information.
7/9/201823 minutes, 53 seconds
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Elle Halliwell

Elle Halliwell joins Deb Knight to discuss the choice she had to make between saving her own life or that of her unborn baby, Jo Abi talks about her son Giovanni and his overly honest ways, Sandy Rea sheds light on the issue of how watching porn can affect children and Jody Allen from joins the group to discuss teaching kids about finance.See for privacy information.
7/2/201826 minutes, 58 seconds
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Davina Smith

Davina Smith joins Deb in an intimate and revealing interview to discuss her experience with postnatal depression, Jo Abi talks about kids birthday parties and Sandy Rae attempts to give a better understanding of the disconnect some mums have with their new babies. See for privacy information.
6/25/201824 minutes, 52 seconds
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Kerri Sackville

Kerri Sackville, joins Deb to discuss her marriage break down and is now back on the dating scene, Jo Abi talks about teaching the kids to look after themselves and our favourite psychologist Sandy Rea discusses how many scheduled activities our kids should be committed to.See for privacy information.
6/18/201823 minutes, 37 seconds
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Amelia Adams

Amelia Adams, Nine journalist,  joins Deb on the podcast to discuss her new role as a foreign correspondent, Jo Abi to talks about spending one on one time with her kids and psychologist Sandy Rea talks about how to stop your children from swearingSee for privacy information.
6/12/201822 minutes, 45 seconds
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Jody Allen

Jody Allen from joins Deb Knight to  talk about how she deals with the chaos of the morning school run, Jo Abi to discusses her son's new obsession with his hair and psychologist Sandy Rea talks about what to do if you find out your child is a bully.See for privacy information.
6/4/201819 minutes, 49 seconds
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Erin Molan

Erin Molan joins Deborah Knight in her first Honey Mum's podcast to share her inner feelings about  becoming a mum,  Jo Abi to discusses friendly fraud and psychologist Sandy Rea teaches us how to make it easier for kids to come to us with their problems.See for privacy information.
5/29/201822 minutes, 39 seconds