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English, Education, 1 seasons, 20 episodes, 10 hours 5 minutes
Our podcast is an outlet where we can be honest with ourselves and our listeners about life experiences. Where we can talk about our everyday life with an open mind and no judgment. Just two girls going through life figuring it out.
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Season One Finale

In this week’s episode it is the finale of our first season. We reflect on our experiences during this first season, which were our favorite episodes and talk about what our future goals are for the podcast.
20/08/202225 minutes 35 seconds
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Unpopular Opinions

In this week’s episode we talk about unpopular opinions. We go through a list of top unpopular opinions and talk about whether we agree with it or not and why.
14/08/202230 minutes 19 seconds
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Relationship Series - Part 3: Breakups

In this week’s episode we go over breakups. We give some tips on how to move on from a breakup, share our own experiences, and learn how to start your own self love journey.
05/08/202243 minutes 19 seconds
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Relationship Series - Part 2: Relationships

In this week’s episode we talk about what it’s like once you’re in a committed relationship with someone. We go over some of the things that both partners should keep in mind while going through the ups and downs of relationships.
29/07/202240 minutes 50 seconds
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Relationship Series - Part 1: Dating

In this week’s episode we begin our relationship series. We talk about the different do’s and don’ts that we should think about when we first start to date. We also talk about some of the self reflection we should do during the process to better the chances of finding the right person.
22/07/202238 minutes 10 seconds
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Small businesses are the new wave

In this episode we talk about the rise of small businesses. We share our thoughts on starting a new business and going after your dream or simply starting something you love to do.
01/07/202234 minutes 22 seconds
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Workout Journey Loading..

In this week’s episode we talk about fitness! We go over our own experiences, difficulties, and what motivates us. We also talk about body image and how exercise can help us with our mental health.
17/06/202235 minutes 22 seconds
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Living our best lives after brunch!

In this episode, it was another unplanned/update that we wanted to share with you all. We shared how our unexpected hangout went and the people we met during Memorial Weekend. For the second half we talk about being present and getting out of our comfort zone.
10/06/202233 minutes 5 seconds
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Manifest your dreams!

In this episode we talk about manifestation. We went over 7 steps to manifest anything you want as well as our own examples.
28/05/202226 minutes 1 second
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Get yourself out of that negative space

In this week’s episode we talk about the different ways we get out of a negative headspace. We also talk why it’s important for us to move forward.
20/05/202231 minutes 28 seconds
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Dating app culture.. should we swipe right or left?

In this episode we talk about dating apps. We go over the different types and our views and experiences on them.
07/05/202230 minutes 36 seconds
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It’s just guac! (Weekly Update)

In this episode we kept it really casual! We talked about each other’s weekend and just catching up with our listeners. Sometimes we get so caught up in our every day lives that we need to take a moment to breathe and just realize “it’s just guac!”
29/04/202230 minutes 4 seconds
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Should our zodiac signs define our relationships?

In this episode we talk about what our thoughts are on astrology. We also go over compatibility with different zodiac signs.
22/04/202230 minutes 53 seconds
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Social media… do we love it or hate it?

For this episode we talk about social media and how it impacts confidence and our daily lives.
08/04/202227 minutes 53 seconds
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Let’s not settle!

In this episode we talk about who is most likely to settle in a relationship.. men or women. We discuss the different reasons why someone might settle and the reasons why we shouldn’t!
01/04/202223 minutes 16 seconds
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Get to know us!

In this episode we’ll be talking about US! Getting to know your hosts Claudia and Mia. We’ll be answering what are some of our favorites and some deeper questions as well.
25/03/202231 minutes 11 seconds
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I’m alone… and that’s okay!

In this episode we talk about what it means to be alone for us. What are the pros and cons, what we like to do in our alone time, and creating a new perspective on it.
18/03/202225 minutes 6 seconds
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Self Improvement

In this episode we talk about different things we want to work on within ourselves and the importance of self improvement.
09/03/202223 minutes 43 seconds
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In this episode we talk about boundaries in different relationships and the importance of them.
02/03/202223 minutes 30 seconds
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Our First Episode!

Introduction as to why we started our podcast. What goals we would like to accomplish and how we would like to grow in the future
22/02/202220 minutes 55 seconds