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English, History, 1 season, 10 episodes, 8 hours, 46 minutes
History Slam is a conversational podcast that features discussions and debates around various historical topics or issues relevant to the understanding of history. Whether we talk with a historian about their new book or a musician about including historical references in their songs, History Slam focuses on the stories of the past, how those stories influence us today, and their role in shaping our shared culture. Within a relaxed environment we’re going to try and have some fun with history while highlighting stories from the past.
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History Slam 10th Anniversary Special: Life as Historians

By Sean Graham On July 11, 2012, we released the first episode of the History Slam Podcast. It featured my conversation with Ian Milligan, which we recorded at the 2012 CHA Annual Meeting at the University of Waterloo, where Ian is now a full professor. The idea behind the show was simple: what if I talked to interesting people doing... Read more »
7/7/20221 hour, 27 minutes, 28 seconds
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History Slam 220: Canada’s Abortion History

By Sean Graham Last Friday, the United States Supreme Court made its much anticipated decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization case. In the majority opinion, the court overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which ruled that the privacy clause in the U.S. Constitution protected a woman’s right to an abortion. In the week since, there have... Read more »
6/30/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 1 second
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History Slam 219: Canadiana & Historical Storytelling on the Web

By Sean Graham Back in the summer of 2017, a new web series was released on YouTube. Telling viewers that they were on the hunt for the “most incredible stories in Canadian history,” Canadiana was a new type of Youtube channel. A documentary-style series, Canadiana combines archival and secondary research with outstanding visual elements to provide audiences with wonderful storytelling. And while... Read more »
6/23/202245 minutes, 46 seconds
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History Slam 218: Local Culture, Tourism, & PEI’s Summer Trade

By Sean Graham After two down years, tourism is rebounding as we head into the summer. From long lines at airports to rental car shortages to sold out hotels, there is a strong, pent up demand for travel. This is welcome news to communities where hospitality is the main economic driver as employees return to work and prepare to again... Read more »
6/16/202251 minutes, 34 seconds
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History Slam 217: Storytellers, Colonialism, and Community in the Chilcotin Plateau

By Sean Graham For every strong, thriving community, there are people actively keeping it alive at its centre. Whether that’s hosting events, checking in on others, or sharing the living memory of the place, these individuals build an environment where stories are shared and passed to the next generation. But when they’re gone, what happens to their stories? Who is... Read more »
6/2/202240 minutes, 6 seconds
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History Slam 216: Heroin & the History of Canada’s Drugs Laws & Use

By Sean Graham In recent years, there has been no shortage of news stories on opioids and overdose deaths in Canada. What tends to be missing from these reports, however, is the historical context that shapes public understanding of these issues. The legal, social, and cultural processes that have shaped both access and perception of drugs and drug use in... Read more »
5/26/20221 hour, 35 seconds
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History Slam 215: Provincial Political Trends & Saskatchewan’s Transition from Left to Right

By Sean Graham In the past two years, 7 provinces and territories have held elections, with Quebec and Ontario holding campaigns this year. And if that wasn’t enough, Jason Kenney’s resignation earliere this week further thrust provincial politics into the news. While campaigns and leadership changes generate plenty of interest, the pandemic has served as an important reminder of just how... Read more »
5/19/202247 minutes, 4 seconds
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History Slam 214: Indigenous Voices, Resources, & Learning in Canadian Classrooms

By Sean Graham In its final report, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission included several Calls to Action regarding education. One of these was to develop and implement learning resources for all students in Canada so that more Indigenous voices, perspectives, and approaches were included in provincial and territorial curricula. As we’ve seen, however, some efforts to do this have not... Read more »
5/12/202238 minutes, 47 seconds
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History Slam 213: Colonial Violence, National Myths, & the Lynching of Louie Sam

By Sean Graham On February 24, 1884, Louie Sam, a Stó:lo teenager, was accused by an angry mob of starting a fire that killed James Bell, a shopkeeper in the settler community Nooksack, in what is now Whatcom County, Washington, which borders British Columbia. Without any evidence, the assembled mob determined that Sam was responsible and, despite him being arrested... Read more »
5/6/202240 minutes, 41 seconds
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History Slam 212: Bernie Langille’s Death and the Long Journey Towards Truth, Healing, & Trust

By Sean Graham *Bernie Langille Wants to Know What Happened to Bernie Langille has its World Premiere on Saturday April 30 at 8:30 at TIFF Bell Lightbox 4 as part of Hot Docs. You can also watch online from anywhere in Canada for 5 days starting May 1. On a cold February night in 1968, Bernie Langille drove his friends... Read more »
4/28/202243 minutes, 46 seconds