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History of Art: Special Lectures and Research Seminars Profile

History of Art: Special Lectures and Research Seminars

English, Education, 1 seasons, 6 episodes, 4 hours 51 minutes
A selection of special lectures and research seminars delivered by the University of Oxford's History of Art Department on a broad range of topics relating to Visual Culture. Find out more about other History of Art events, lectures and courses on the History of Art Department homepage:
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Sacred Art and Censorship in the Hispanic World

Professor Charlene Villaseñor Black presents her paper “Sacred Art and Censorship in the Hispanic World: Mary’s Lactating Breast” as part of the History of Art Research Seminar Series. Hosted by the History of Art department and led by departmental DPhil students, the Research Seminar Series features recent work by researchers currently working in the History of Art department. For list of works referred to in this episode see: Terra Visiting Professor of American Art at the University of Oxford 2021-2022, Professor Villaseñor Black is a leading expert on a range of topics related to contemporary Latinx art, the early modern Iberian world and Chicanx studies. She is currently Professor of Art History and Chicana/o Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. In 2016, she was awarded UCLA’s Gold Shield Faculty Prize for Academic Excellence for excep
24/03/202253 minutes 37 seconds
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Grace Hartigan: Fashion or Painting?

In this talk Dr Saul Nelson analyses a single painting, Grace Hartigan’s 'The Persian Jacket' (1952), in order to draw a few conclusions about late modernism. In particular, Nelson interrogates the relationship between fashion and painting presupposed by a kind of art that looks backwards, across the history of modernism, rather than forwards towards some new mode of artmaking. Citational in title and form, submissive in production, The Persian Jacket embodies its simultaneous proximity to institutionalised narratives and the capacity for transformation and critique that might emerge from such proximity. It offers a mode of painterly practice in which myths of heroic individualism are overturned. Speakers: Dr Saul Nelson, Department of History of Art, University of Oxford - Alexandra Solovyev, Faculty of History, University of Oxford -
04/03/202252 minutes 50 seconds
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Research Seminar: Francis Vernon, the Early Royal Society and the First English Encounter with Greek Architecture

This lecture was delivered at the University Of Oxford History Of Art Department's Research Seminar series by Dr Matthew Walker, History of Art Department, University of Oxford. The paper explores the architectural and antiquarian writings of Francis Vernon, a member of the Royal Society of London and a traveller in Greece and the Ottoman Empire in the 1670s. Vernon wrote the first account of the Athenian Acropolis in the English language and was amongst the very first English people to see the ruins of ancient Greece firsthand. The paper also brings to light the survival of Vernon's travel journal, a remarkable document that contains some of the very first Western descriptions and illustrations of temples such as the Parthenon and the Erechtheion.
20/02/201354 minutes 45 seconds
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Not Vital: Art is Global

International artist, Not Vital, gives a talk about his art and his work.
13/12/201137 minutes 57 seconds
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Research Seminar: Michelangelo: A Life on Paper

In this lecture recorded as a part of the University of Oxford History of Art Department's Research Seminar series, Professor Leonard Barkan (Princeton University) discusses the theme "Michelangelo: A Life on Paper". Recording date - 4th November 2010.
26/11/201044 minutes 58 seconds
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Putting China in its Place in the History of Art

The inaugural lecture by Professor Craig Clunas.
02/12/200847 minutes 29 seconds