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History is Gay is a podcast that examines the underappreciated and overlooked queer ladies, gents, and gentle-enbies that have always been there in the unexplored corners of history. Because history has never been as straight as you think. Follow us on social media! @historyisgaypod on twitter, historyisgaypodcast on tumblr, and subscribe to us wherever you listen to podcasts!
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0.20. Dialing in to Gender: Tracing Trans Internet History with Avery Dame-Griff

In this interview episode, Leigh sits down with scholar and creator of the Queer Digital History Project Avery Dame-Griff to discuss his book The Two Revolutions: A History of the Transgender Internet and all it contains about the magic of the evolution of trans folks on the internet. From BBSes (bulletin board system) to Twitter, we discuss how trans people have always existed on and created their own unique spaces on the World Wide Web, tapping into Avery’s extensive research, interviews, and media archaeology. Where to find more from Avery Dame-Griff online: Mastodon: [email protected] Queer Digital History Project Also, some additional awesome news about internet tr
04/12/20231 hour 2 minutes 54 seconds
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46. A Husband is Unnecessary: Yoshiya Nobuko & Japanese Girls' Culture

This episode has EVERYTHING: gay haircuts, yearning, rage against the patriarchy, they were *roommates*....let’s talk about the magical world of Yoshiya Nobuko, girls’ culture, and lesbian fiction in Taishō era Japan! Leigh is joined by guest host Erica Friedman, speaker, editor, researcher and an expert on all things Yuri. Yoshiya Nobuko was an extremely popular writer in 20th century Japan who lived with her beloved female partner for 50 years and her legacy continues today as “the Grandmother of Yuri.”. The tropes and storylines established in her writing can still be seen today in queer girls stories in and outside of Japan– get ready to learn all about modern Japan’s very own Sappho. After all, it’s all in the yearning.   Erica Friedman writes about Yuri anime, manga and related media on her blog Okazu, and can be found on Twitter as @okazuyuri, Bluesky as Okazu and @[email protected] 
06/11/20231 hour 42 minutes 58 seconds
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History is Gay Presents: LGBTQ+ History Trivia Night!

Hello queerlings! Leigh here with an exciting announcement! | Join us on Sunday, October 1 at 5:00 pm Pacific Time / 8:00 pm Eastern for our first-ever virtual LGBTQ+ History Trivia Night, presented by History is Gay! All listeners and friends are invited to come join the fun, make a team (or get to know new friends), and flex your queer history and trivia knowledge, with a mix of questions about general queer history and some memories from History is Gay episodes past! Tickets are $10 for the general public, $5 for History is Gay Patrons at any level, and FREE for patrons at the Lavender Menace tier and above. Check out our Patreon for promo codes that were sent out to patrons.  Go to to see details and get your tickets! We can't wait to see you :D
28/08/20231 minute 17 seconds
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0.19. Classical Myths, Monsters, and Ancient Gays: A Conversation with Liz Gloyn

In this interview episode, Leigh talks with Dr. Elizabeth Gloyn, Reader in Latin Language and Literature at Royal Holloway, the University of London, and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her research focuses on the intersection between Latin literature, ancient philosophy, and gender studies; as well as topics of classical reception (particularly monsters) and the history of women in Classics. She is also the author of Tracking Classical Monsters in Popular Culture. Thanks to listener Cheryl Morgan for connecting us for this wonderful conversation on queerness in the ancient world (including adorable poly couples), what Seneca really said about the Amazons, and how fanfiction has created a unique space for queering classical monsters. Where to find more from Liz Gloyn online: <a href="
04/08/202355 minutes 3 seconds
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45. There's No Crying in Baseball, But There Are Lesbians! Queer History of the AAGPBL

An episode Leigh has been dreaming of since the start of the pod is finally here! In this ep, Leigh is joined by guest host Frankie de la Cretaz, sports journalist, queer history buff, and certified Gaylor Swiftie, to discuss the queer history of women’s baseball & softball, in particular the story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, aka the inspiration behind A League of Their Own! We discuss all the extreme “no-homo”ing that was happening in the League’s rules and regulations, and all the YES HOMO-ing that happened in spite of it, making the sport into an important site of queer community. We also introduce you to the wonderful world of AAGBPL’s rival for women’s baseball at the time, the National Girls’ Baseball League, and the contrasts between the two leagues. Thank you to Averie Severs for editing this episode.  Our guest host for this episode, Frankie de la Cretaz, can be f
29/05/20231 hour 45 minutes 22 seconds
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0.18. Take Me Out to the Ball Gayme: Will Graham Talks "A League of Their Own"

Have you, like our dear host Leigh, gotten totally sucked into the amazing new Amazon Prime adaptation of A League of Their Own? Do you want to hear all about the show, its meticulous research into queer life of the 1940s and how the writers, producers, and cast opened up the scope of the movie to focus on the lives of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League’s queer players? Well then, hop in to this episode, where I’m joined by co-creator Will Graham to dive deep into A League of Their Own, early queer nightlife, the importance of representation both on and behind the camera, and what it means to be a young, queer kid who just wants to play ball and has finally found their team. Where To Find Will Graham Online: @WillWGraham on Twitter <a href= "
21/02/202341 minutes 10 seconds
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0.17. Dip Me in Honey & Throw Me To the Lesbians: Queer Feminist Restaurant History

Anyone remember that pin & bumper sticker with the slogan that serves as the title for this episode? Well, I hope you’re hungry, because we’re talking lesbians and food in this interview with Dr. Alex Ketchum, Director of the Just Feminist Tech and Scholarship Lab, lecturer, and author, whose work integrates food, environmental, technological, and gender history. We talk about her latest book, Ingredients for Revolution: A History of American Feminist Restaurants, Cafes, and Coffeehouses, the first history of the more than 230 feminist and lesbian-feminist restaurants, cafes, and coffeehouses that existed in the United States from 1972 to the present. We dive into the ways these institutions provided spaces and community to tackle questions around the intersections between feminism, food justice, queer rights, and other social justice movements while serving as training grounds for women workers and entrepreneurs, as well as what the landscap
06/02/202348 minutes 22 seconds
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44. Can We Just Title An Episode "F*ck Colonialism"?: Reclaiming Two-Spirit Histories

For this episode, Leigh is joined by guest host Sam Campbell for the pod’s first episode focusing on Indigenous North America, discussing the history behind various Two-Spirit identities and Indigenous cultural norms around gender and sexuality. In this episode, we’ll talk about the pre-colonial significance of Two-Spirit people to Indigenous communities, how early colonists were able to shape the narrative of what it meant to be Two-Spirit and how that has changed, and lastly, how colonization has nearly eradicated Two-Spirit histories. How can we uplift these stories to highlight Two-Spirit resilience despite the genocide they faced? <div class= "public-DraftStyleDefault-block public-DraftStyleDefault-ltr" data-offset-key="5h9j1-0
23/01/20231 hour 36 minutes 22 seconds
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0.16. Undoing Silence: Hugh Ryan & The Women's House of Detention

In this interview episode, Leigh sits down for a conversation with historian and writer Hugh Ryan about his landmark book The Women's House of Detention: A Queer History of a Forgotten Prison. The Women's House of Detention is the story of one building: the people it caged, the neighborhood it changed, and the resistance it inspired. Listen for an extremely enlightening conversation on the unlikely queer community found in a space of incarceration in the heart of New York's Greenwich Village, the ways in which the carceral state specifically targets queer women and transmasculine people, and the case for abolition as prioritizing of systems of care.  Where To Find Hugh Ryan Online:  @hughryan on @hugh_ryan on twitter
09/01/202350 minutes 2 seconds
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0.15. Malinda Lo and Queer YA Historical Fiction

Another interview episode for you all in the feed today, this time Leigh sat down with author Malinda Lo about her writing, her interest and research into queer history, and the trajectory of queer literature since her first published book in 2009.  Her award-winning novel Last Night at the Telegraph Club is a queer historical fiction coming-of-age story set in 1954 San Francisco, following Chinese-American teenager Lily Hu as she discovers her queer identity, falls in love with classmate Kath Miller, and sneaks out to the Telegraph Club, a lesbian bar humming with life and new experiences. We dive into the research and real-life queer San Francisco scene Lo explored to create the world of Last Night at the Telegraph Club, as well as her newest book, A Scatter of Light, a companion novel set against backdrop of the first major Supreme Court decisions legalizing gay marriage. A Scatter of Light released October 4, 2022-- go check it ou
24/10/202228 minutes 48 seconds
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0.14. A Pod Meets BROS Love Story: Making Queer (Romcom) History!

While Leigh is working on putting together the next regular History is Gay episode for you, we've got a special treat in the form of a minisode, all about the new film BROS, making history as the first romantic comedy from a major film studio about two gay men and featuring an all LGBTQ+ principal cast! It's uproariously funny, filled with queer history tidbits, and we worked on it! History is Gay did some research consulting for the film back in 2021 as they were building out their set design of The LGBTQIA+ Museum, which serves as backdrop for some of the film, and Leigh got a chance to sit down with three of the cast members who play board members of the museum -- Dot-Marie Jones, Academy Award winner Jim Rash, and Eve Lindley-- to talk about their roles, their own queer history knowledge, and what it meant to them to be part of this project! BROS is out in theaters now as of September 30, 2022 -- go support the film, and keep your eyes peeled for a fun Histor
03/10/202218 minutes 57 seconds
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0.13. Before We Were Trans: A Convo with Kit Heyam

For this bonus episode, Leigh sat down with Dr. Kit Heyam, university lecturer, queer history activist, and trans awareness trainer, about their new book, Before We Were Trans: A New History of Gender. We talked about gender diversity throughout the world, the importance of getting into “messy” or not easily-categorized gender variance in queer history, and more! The book comes out in North America today (September 13, 2022), so go check it out!  Where To Find Kit Online: @krheyam on Twitter Want to help us continue to make the show? Support us on Patreon and get awesome goodies, behind-the-scenes access, special minisodes, and more! We have a Discord server fo
13/09/202235 minutes 44 seconds
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43. Rainbow Rising: Homo-Feels About Homophiles, Part 2

For this episode, Leigh is joined again by guest host Tyler Albertario, as we continue diving into the history of the Homophile movement. In this second and final part of this discussion, Leigh and Tyler cover the rise of East Coast Homophile Organizations (ECHO), its restructuring as the North American Conference of Homophile Organizations (NACHO), and the ultimate downfall of NACHO and most of its member organizations in the wake of the Stonewall Rebellion. What are the lessons we can learn and take from early gay rights organizing, and how the movement transitioned into gay liberation?Learn more about Tyler Albertario and his work by checking out his articles on Medium, follow on Twitter
16/08/20221 hour 25 minutes 58 seconds
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42. Rainbow Rising: Homo-Feels about Homophiles, Part 1

15/07/20221 hour 34 minutes 46 seconds
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0.12. Florine Stettheimer's Gay Salon (An Interview with Barbara Bloemink)

For this bonus episode, we're bringing you an interview with esteemed art historian, art director, and curator Barbara Bloemink about her recently published comprehensive biography of turn-of-the-century Modernist painter Florine Stettheimer. Stettheimer, a cousin of Natalie Clifford Barney's, painted the vibrant world of New York between the two world wars and welcomed gay, lesbian, and bisexual friends and family into her Manhattan salon at a time when it was dangerous and illegal to be out in New York. Listen on to hear Bloemink talk about Stettheimer's painting style, her relationships with the queer art elite of New York, and the ways the contemporary art world has shunned away from diving deeply into subversive and feminist painters.
16/05/202253 minutes 22 seconds
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41. Send in the Clowns: Anita Bryant, the Briggs Initiative, and the Rise of the Anti-Gay Right

Buckle up, folks – this episode contains your hosts doing a lot of swears and yelling at the general AAAAAAAAAHHHHH of the world right now. For this episode, Leigh is joined once again by guest host Aubree Calvin, for a crossover episode with Southern Queeries talking about the rise of the anti-gay Christian right movement and homophobic legislation that swept the United States in the 1970s with Anita Bryant, Save Our Children, and the Briggs Initiative, whose proponents used “parental rights” language to justify their homophobia, in an eerily similar manner as we are seeing today with anti-LGBTQ and specifically anti-trans legislation and arguments. Listen to this episode to hear the history behind all this, as well as some bits of levity we made sure to put in (listen to Anita Bryant get hit with a pie and learn about the glorious protest tactic of glitterbombing), and hear how the LGBTQ community of yesteryear rose up to fight these counter-movemen
15/04/20221 hour 36 minutes 4 seconds
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40. Real-Life Xenas: Warrior Women Across the World

Happy 2022 and welcome to another episode of History is Gay! This time, we’re picking up where we left off with Meghan Rose and S.C. Lucier in our discussion of Amazons and real-life warrior women in history! It’s not just the Greco-Roman world that marveled at fierce, strong female fighters, but all over the world! This episode, we’re visiting Benin, Africa to learn about the real-life dora milaje of Black Panther fame, the gender-bending Dahomey Amazons; badass female samurai defending their homesteads in Japan, and Viking shieldmaidens and mythical Valkyries– who may have been a third gender? Strap-in for a whirlwind worldwide tour of gender transgression and badass real-life Xenas we want to see all the movies about! You can learn more about our guest hosts Meg and Luce, <span style= "font-weight: 40
22/02/20221 hour 42 minutes 28 seconds
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39. The Amazons: Stoner Horse Girl Warriors of Antiquity

Today’s episode brings you not one, but two, wonderful guest hosts – Meghan Rose and S.C. Lucier, (known collectively as Lucier&Rose), the creators of Xena: Warrior Musical - The Lost Scroll, joining Leigh to talk about everyone’s favorite badass warrior women of antiquity, Amazons! In this first part of a two-part episode examining warrior women throughout history, we’ll dive full-tilt into the myths, legends, and misconceptions about the all-female militant society that struck fear into the hearts of ancient Greek men – powerful women, GASP! Where did these stories come from? How queer were they? And were they real, or just figments of mythology? Listen to this episode to hear us answer all these questions and talk even more, including jokes about penis bones, drinking horse-milk booze, and smoking pot with Heroto
31/12/20211 hour 50 minutes 59 seconds
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38. Trans-sister Radio: Synth Icon Wendy Carlos

If you’ve ever enjoyed disco, EDM, changed your voice with auto-tune, or danced along to Daft Punk, you’ve got the subject of today’s episode to thank! In this episode of History is Gay, Leigh is joined by guest host Hannah van Rhee (they/them) of the QueerSounds Podcast to talk about Wendy Carlos, electronic music pioneer, synthesizer queen, film soundtrack composer extraordinaire, and trans woman! We’ll get into all the exciting details, like weird stories about Stanley Kubrick during A Clockwork Orange, comedy albums with Weird Al Yankovic, living inside a faraday cage, and more cats than you can shake a dangly, shiny stick at. Our wonderful guest host for this episode, Hannah van Rhee, can be found on twitter at @duchessofdeer, and you can follow their podcast QueerSounds on twitter @queersoundspod, Instagram @queersoundspod, and at <a href= "http://www.que
28/08/20211 hour 35 minutes 40 seconds
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37. The Life of Pauli Murray: My Gender is Imp, Part 2

In this episode of History is Gay, Leigh and guest host Aubree Calvin return to the story of Pauli Murray, an important African American lawyer, and activist who is finally getting the historical attention they deserve. In their time, Murray was a labor rights, civil rights, and women’s rights activist, and broke significant barriers all while facing sexism and racism. In addition to having a brilliant legal mind, they were a writer, poet, and priest, and had time to be friends with Eleanor Roosevelt. Pauli Murray should be in every U.S. History book in every K-12 school. So, if Pauli Murray was so important to so many movements, why has history largely forgotten them? Leigh and Aubree try to answer that in this two-episode series. In this second part of our first-ever two-part episode, we look at what made Pauli queer, and try to get a handle, as best we can, on their gender identity. We also get the opportunity to spe
15/07/20211 hour 26 minutes 7 seconds
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0.11. "I Need You to Lick Bush in '92": Whitney Skauge and The Beauty President

We're bringing you a bonus episode as a post-Pride gift! Back in April, Leigh sat down with filmmaker Whitney Skauge (they/them) to talk about their new documentary short, The Beauty President. The Beauty President offers a glimpse into the story of Terence Alan Smith. In 1992, Smith, also known by his drag name, Joan Jett Blakk,  made a historic bid for the White House as an openly queer write-in candidate. In our conversation, we talk about the film, the impact of focusing on historically excluded folks in media, and the importance of visibility and disruption as protest in the midst of the AIDS crisis. Check out the trailer for The Beauty President by clicking here, and learn more about the film, upcoming screenings near you, and more on Breakwater Studios' website.  You can learn more about Whitney Skauge on their <a href= "www.w
02/07/202132 minutes 54 seconds
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36. The Life of Pauli Murray: Confrontation by Typewriter, Part 1

In this episode of History is Gay, Leigh and guest host Aubree Calvin discuss Pauli Murray, an important African American lawyer, and activist who is finally getting the historical attention they deserve. In their time, Murray was a labor rights, civil rights, and women’s rights activist, and broke significant barriers all while facing sexism and racism. In addition to having a brilliant legal mind, they were a writer, poet, and priest, and had time to be friends with Eleanor Roosevelt. Pauli Murray should be in every U.S. History book in every K-12 school. So, if Pauli Murray was so important to so many movements, why has history largely forgotten them? Leigh and Aubree try to answer that in this two-episode series. This first episode looks at their upbringing, many careers, and accomplishments. Later, in part two, we look at what made Pauli queer, and try to get a handle, as best we can, on their gender
25/06/20211 hour 31 minutes 57 seconds
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35. Claim to Flame: Edmonia "Wildfire" Lewis and her Harem Scarem

In this episode of History is Gay Leigh and guest host Amanda Helton discuss Mary Edmonia “Wildfire” Lewis, the first internationally recognized African American and indigenous artist in the United States. Join us while we ponder how exactly a literal 2-ton sculpture goes missing, discuss the merits of lesbian drama in 1800s Rome, and did you know that blister beetles have been used as aphrodisiacs for centuries? Yeah... neither did we….   Our wonderful guest host for this episode, Amanda Helton, can be found at or @oryxbesia on Instagram. You can also hear Amanda in our episode on Michelangelo! <span style="
22/03/20211 hour 32 minutes 11 seconds
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34. Queers in the Civil Rights Movement

For today’s episode, Leigh is joined by return guest host, Aubree Calvin, to commemorate Black History Month by telling the stories of some folks who made contributions to the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s whose queerness has been overlooked or erased, and the ways in which the tremendous work done by Black activists was absolutely essential to the evolution of LGBTQ rights actions. Listen to hear about Freedom Rides organizer Rodney Powell’s epic takedown of Rev. Rick Warren, Ernestine Eckstein’s directions for the homophile movement, and Lorraine Hansberry’s thoughts on Eartha Kitt’s legs. Our wonderful guest host for this episode, Aubree Calvin, can be found at or on her podcast Southern Queeries. You can also hear Aubree in our episode on Sister
28/02/20211 hour 38 minutes 29 seconds
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0.10. More on the OG Lesbian and Exploring Sappho with Sweetbitter Podcast

It's been one heck of a year, huh queerlings? This month, while we're not able to bring you a regular episode of History is Gay, we are treating you to a special delight in the form of our fantastic conversation with the wonderful minds and gayness behind the brand new (or at least it was when we recorded this) Sweetbitter Podcast, all about Sappho! Created by Ellie Brigida, Leesa Charlotte, and Alyse Knorr, Sweetbitter is an investigative podcast that delves into the truth and controversy of Sappho’s life, the Isle of Lesbos and homosexuality in ancient Greece. Was Kerkylas of Andros (translation: “Penis of Mansville”) Sappho’s husband, or a wink to her known love of women? Did she really have a daughter named Kleos or was she her young lover? Collaborating with experts in the fields of poetry, queer studies, theatre and Ancient Greece, Sweetbitter untangles the life of Sappho including the importance of her work and sexuality in modern time
15/12/202036 minutes 45 seconds
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33. Besotted with Beefcake: A MichelangelHO Story

In this episode of History is Gay, Leigh and guest host and art museum professional nerd Amanda Helton discuss Michelangelo Buonarroti. THE Michelangelo. And we'll get into all the juicy deets you didn't learn in art history class-- full of stories of broken noses, the gay art of forgery, big ol’ artist egos, and attempts to answer the question, “what even is a titty”? Buckle up for the extremely gay Italian Renaissance, everyone! Our wonderful guest host for this episode, Amanda Helton, can be found at or on Instagram at oryxbesia.    Outline<span style= "font-we
23/11/20201 hour 36 minutes 58 seconds
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0.9. Back in the Saddle Again: Trans Edition

Get ready to slap on your spurs once more, because we're back with more trans vagabonds of the wild west! In our last full episode, Leigh and guest host Ashten promised more tidbits and tales of transgender trailblazers that we weren't able to cover in our time together, so here's a bonus for you! Strap in to hear the (abbreviated) tales of several awesome folks we just couldn't bear to leave out.  Thank you to Ashten Hope for the additional research provided to make this bonus episode possible! Outline: 0:00 - Introduction and event announcement 2:37 - Joe Monahan 5:58 - John Runk 7:17 - Ray Leonard 8:58 - Bert Martin 10:35 - Joseph Lobdell 15:21 - Jean Bonnet 19:14 - Closing Want to help us continue to make the show? Support us on Patreon <span style= "font-weight:
30/09/202020 minutes 10 seconds
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32. Stealing Horses & Hearts: Trans Vagabonds of the Wild West

In this episode of History is Gay, Leigh and guest host Ashten Hope slap on some cowboy boots and head to the wild west to tip our hats to a slew of badass transgender pioneers. We’ll first meet Harry Allen, a handsome horse-stealing and heart-stealing trans man who was both loved and hated by papers and police across the pacific northwest. Then we’ll dance with the dazzling and talented Mrs. Nash, who’s baking and sewing charmed many a soldier boy. Lastly, prepare to be lassoed by the legendary Charley Parkhurst who was known as one of the best “whips” in all the west. Grab your horse and your headphones and get ready to ride into the fantastic lives of these frontier queers. Outline:  0:00 – Introduction 4:12 – Main Topic: Stealing Horses & Hearts: Trans Vagabonds of the Wild West 4:47 – Socio-Historical Context: What was the Wild West and Why do we think its gay? 16:51 – Who were they? Bio Time: Har
16/09/20201 hour 29 minutes 22 seconds
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31. The Gaymother of Rock n' Roll, O.G. Electric Lady Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Holy crap, y’all! It’s already AUGUST. Somehow this year has simultaneously lasted forever and also gone by way too quickly. We’re back in your podcatchers today with a new episode, this time introducing you all to the Godmother (or Gaymother, if you will) of Rock n’ Roll, the original stadium rockstar, and badass Black woman guitar virtuoso, Sister Rosetta Tharpe! Think Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry invented rock n’ roll? Think again! Sister Rosetta was shredding on guitar way before them, and it’s time she gets the credit she is due. She broke boundaries wherever she went, straddling the line between worldly and chaste, secular and gospel, and loved both men and women. Our wonderful guest host for today’s episode is Aubree Calvin- writer, professor, and podcast host! You can learn more about Aubree and her freelance writing at her website, and check out her brand new podcast <a
15/08/20201 hour 30 minutes 58 seconds
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0.8. Alternate Channels: Talking Queer TV with Steven Capsuto

We’re bringing you a bonus episode here on the History is Gay feed today, so get ready for a ride through the history of queers on TV! Leigh got a chance to sit down and talk with Steven Capsuto, author of Alternate Channels: Queer Images on 20th-Century TV, a deep dive into the history of queer representation on radio and the small screen from the 1930s to 2000! We chat about our favorite moments of representation from the era, the impact and role of gay activists in moving the needle forward for narrative depictions of queerness, and more! Check out Steven and his work at and follow him on twitter @StevenCapsuto for daily “Today in Queer TV History" tidbits and more! Want to help us continue to make the show? <a href= "
31/07/202050 minutes 3 seconds
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30. Alan Turing: Computer Daddy

In this episode of History is Gay, Leigh and guest host Maren (@RygarBorgvoss) tackle the father of modern computing, and gay geek hero, Alan Turing! Whether he be sending love-struck letters about astronomy to his high school bestie, riding a bicycle in a gas mask, or completely revolutionizing mathematics and machinery, we’re in awe of Alan. Listen as we talk about his successes and foibles, and how history did this code-breaking, number-crunching badass dirty.  Outline:  01:43 – Introduction6:01 – Main Topic: Alan Turing: Computer Daddy 7:38 – Socio-Historical Context 11:53 – Who were they? Bio Time. 44:55 – 45:23 - Content warning: suicide mention 46:02 – Why do we think they're gay? 1:05:45  – Main Takeaways and Final Conclu
15/07/20201 hour 25 minutes 1 second
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Instead of a new episode this month, History is Gay is participating in #PodcastBlackout. If you are not Black, we hope you take this opportunity and time to read, educate yourself, and donate to organizations and causes dedicated to the fight for Black lives.  The Black-created podcasts mentioned in this episode that you should check out and financially support:  Black, Queer Podcasts: Category Is... | A Black, Gay Podcast QueerWOC AfroQueer This QPOC Life Black History Podcasts:  Black History Buff Podcast Noire Histoir Code Switch  You can find NPR's Code Switch
22/06/20205 minutes 17 seconds
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0.7. Rainbow Revolutionaries: An(other) Interview with Sarah Prager

Welcome to History is Gay's latest minisode! This time, we're interviewing author and queer historian Sarah Prager again, in anticipation of her new book Rainbow Revolutionaries: Fifty LGBTQ+ People Who Made History. We get into the details of who is featured in this new book, what it was like writing for a young audience, and get some sneak peek details about the illustrations for the book and the upcoming release party! You can follow Sarah's work on her website, and check out her daily queer history app, Quist. You can also follow her on twitter @Sarah_Prager! Rainbow Revolutionaries comes out on May 26, preorder it from your favorite indie bookstore! You can find your local store by going to and putting in your location.  <span st
16/05/202049 minutes 17 seconds
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29. Beyond the Rainbow: Building Queer Symbologies Before & After Gilbert Baker

For this very first solo episode, we’re bringing you a whole bunch of history at once, for everyone’s quarantined entertainment! Presented live on Zoom, we revisited a presentation that Leigh originally gave at the GLBT Historical Society Museum about the history of queer symbols before and after the creation of the rainbow flag, and sharing some stories from folks who participated in a flag-making workshop! From 600 B.C. to right now, queer people have used hundreds of symbols to refer to themselves, find community, and create shared language. Learn about just some of them in this episode, and tell us your favorites! What symbols are your favorites? If you were to create a new queer symbol or flag, what would you do? Outline 0:00 – Introduction 3:42 – Main presentation: Beyond the Rainbow 57:31 – Interviews with flag workshop participants 1:09:57 – Closing Announcements and Where to Find
02/05/20201 hour 14 minutes 46 seconds
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28. Anne Lister Goes to TGIFemslash

Welcome to Gretchen and Leigh’s annual episode hosted live at TGIFemslash! This is the con where it all began, and what better way to celebrate our origins than with the ‘first modern lesbian’, Anne Lister! Join us as we learn more about her life, her loves, and her extensive diaries that she used to record her sexual escapades, and you can even play along with the games we hosted live at TGI! Outline 0:00 – Introduction 6:11 – Main Topic: Anne Lister 6:37 – Who were they? Bio Time  12:43 – Why do we think they're gay? 25:37 – Fun Segment: Dialogue or Diary? 31:39 – Words of the Week: So You Want to Be a 19th Century Lesbian? 45:39 – How Gay were They? 46:26 – Closing  And as a bonus, check out the super gorgeous and hilarious Sappho Shitpost Generator created by two of our listeners, Annie J. and Laura Galm! Head over to <a href="
17/03/202046 minutes 55 seconds
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0.6. A Gay Poetry Salon with Alexandra Tydings

Happy Valentines’ Day, loves! We’re here today with a special treat bonus episode for you with a very special guest! You may know her from Xena: The Warrior Princess as the patron god of Sappho, the goddess of love, Aphrodite: it’s Alexandra Tydings! You heard her voice briefly in our last episode on Sappho, but we had so much fun talking with Alex about the Poetess, gay feelings, hysteria, and more, that we created a whole episode for it. Want to find more info on Alexandra and her work? Go to or follow on twitter @alextydings or instagram @atydings! Want to help us continue to make the show? <a href= "
13/02/20201 hour 1 minute 52 seconds
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27. Fucking Superb, You Funky Little Lesbian

At long last, hosts Gretchen and Leigh are going back to the beginning, to the OG lesbian: Sappho herself. Despite the dearth of information about her life and history, your hosts still find plenty to say about Sappho, her poetry, her legacy, and all the debate that’s circled around her for years. Find out what Leigh and Gretchen think about the many questions about Sappho and listen to fragmentary poetry filled with queer longing and other relatable feels like fire burning beneath flesh, wind crashing through mountain oaks, and…celery.  Outline 0:00 – Introduction 4:57 – Main Topic: The OG Lesbian Sappho  5:08 – Socio-Historical Context 13:02 – Who were they? Bio Time. 23:42 – Sa
27/01/20201 hour 37 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

26. A Royal Troublemaker in King Kristina of Sweden

Welcome to winter! Join Leigh and guest host V Silverman as they dive into the fascinating history of King Kristina of Sweden. A probably nonbinary, most likely asexual, definitely biromantic monarch of 17th century Sweden, Kristina was known for their aesthetic tastes, insatiable hunger for knowledge, and absolutely atrocious spending habits. Obviously this episode has all the queer kingly content your heart could desire, but did you know it also has: Coffin Time With Daddy (Deceased), dramatic French executions of Italian noblemen by Swedish royalty, BFFing with Bernini, no fewer than 4 bids for a throne (not all the same one), and how to kidnap your favorite philosopher? Get ready for the incredible story of the jam-packed life of Kristina of Sweden on this episode of History is Gay! Outline 0:00 – Introduction 5:22 – Main topic: King Kristina of Sweden<s
03/12/20191 hour 21 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

25. Chrysanthemums and Golden Bums: Male Love in Pre-Modern Japan

That’s right, Leigh and Gretchen are back with another delightful look at the history of homosexuality in East Asian history! Episode 3 explored homosexuality in Ancient China but this time, they’re heading over to Japan to take a closer look at Buddhism, samurai tradition, and the economy-shaped homosexuality in the Tokugawa shogunate. But it’s not all context, you’ll laugh along with us at some of the monks’ exploits, swoon over romantic queer poetry, and peer into the delights of the floating world. So strap in for an exciting look at the rich history of male and female homosexuality in Japan! Outline 0:00 – Introduction 6:37 – Main Topic: Male/Male Homosexuality in Pre-Modern Japan 6:52 – Socio-Historical and Religious Context 15:47 – Fun Segment: Word of the Week 25:25 – Earliest References to Male Love in Japan 28:47 – The Monastic Tradition 42:40 – The Samurai Tradition and Undying Devotion 48:44 – The Rise of Kabuki and
15/10/20191 hour 31 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

24. Transcestors, A Look at Art Beyond the Binary (Live from the DMA)

Leigh and Gretchen are back from hiatus with an extra special episode! Recorded live at the Dallas Museum of Art on June 21st as part of the museum’s Pride events, your friendly neighborhood queer history nerds sat down to chat about gender diversity in art and mythology. Come take a tour through Mesopotamian, Hindu, and Norse mythology, then dive into two modern artists who questioned and transcended gender norms in their lives and art: Anton Prinner and Frida Kahlo. So pull up a chair and hang out with a couple of gayvenclaws to, retroactively, celebrate pride and art beyond the binary! Outline 0:00 – Introduction 8:02 – Gender Diversity in Mythology: Inanna/Ishtar 16:19 – Gender Diversity in Mythology: Hapi 23:24 – Gender Diversity in Mythology: Hindu gods 30:32 – Gender Diversity in Mythology: Loki 36:43 – Anton Prinner 46:12 – Frida Kahlo<
22/07/201959 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Announcements Aplenty!

Leigh & Gretchen have a few announcements about what's going on in History is Gay land - hiatus, transcripts, and a live show! Listen to get all the details :) Want to be a part of the volunteer team helping us transcribe History is Gay episodes? Visit Want to help us continue to make the show? Support us on Patreon and get awesome goodies, behind-the-scenes access, special minisodes, and more! Also you can get super cool merch in our store! Shirts, hoodies, totes, and more! <span style="font-weight: 400;
09/04/201911 minutes 3 seconds
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23. Bury the Hays Code

It’s that time of year again, time for the second annual live episode of History is Gay, live-recorded at TGIFemslash, the convention that birthed our little podcast! Join Leigh, Gretchen, and special guest host Morgan as they discuss the origins of queer censorship in the 20th century. They dive into the Hays Code, lesbian pulp fiction, and briefly discuss Patricia Highsmith, author of The Price of Salt---the lesbian pulp fiction novel from 1952 that became the 2015 blockbuster Carol. And don’t worry, this story has a happy ending!</
04/03/201944 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

22. Bae-yard Rustin: The Man Behind the March

February means love and Black History, so join Gretchen and Leigh as they celebrate both by diving into into the life and work of civil rights activist Bayard Rustin! Due to his being gay, Rustin’s role as advisor to Martin Luther King, Jr. and in organizing the 1963 March on Washington was actively erased for several decades. Fortunately, he’s been gaining more recognition in recent years and both queer history and civil rights history is actively recovering his memory and legacy. So join us as we talk about one of the most impactful but least well-known activists of the civil rights movement. Outline0:00 – Introduction<span style= "font-we
11/02/20191 hour 34 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

21. The Real Housewife of Rome

What better way to celebrate the New Year than with a new episode of History is Gay? This time, Gretchen and Leigh dive into the brief, controversial, and totally extra reign of Emperor Elagabalus of Rome. Or rather, Empress Elagabalus! Whether it be marrying multiple wives and one husband, revolutionizing the Roman religion, installing women as senators, throwing parties with sex workers, or enjoying the attention of well-endowed men, Elagabalus was as unconventional as they come. And chances are, she may very well have been a trans woman. Outline 0:00 – Introduction 4:23 – Main Topic: Elagabalus 8:40 – Socio-Historical and Religious Context 13:31 – Fun Segment: Word of the Week 22:47 – Elagabal and Roman Religion 29:39 – Who were they? Bio Time 54:48 – Why do we think they're gay? 1:08:30 – Analysis from Queer Historians 1:09:49 – Fun Segment: Pop Culture Tie-In 1:12:45 – How Gay were They? 1:17:10 – Closing
23/01/20191 hour 21 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

20. More Than Meets the Eye(brow): Frida Kahlo

In this episode, Gretchen and Leigh talk about Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist best known for her many self-portraits and for works inspired by nature and the culture and artifacts of Mexico. She may be known for her unibrow, but that’s far from the most important aspect of her art or her story or her art. In keeping with her self-exploration of identity in her paintings, we’re going to explore one of the things least well known about her: that she had relationships with men and women! That’s right, this famous postcolonial, multiracial, disabled artist was bisexual! Outline 0:00 – Introduction 5:56 – Main Topic: Frida Kahlo 6:02 – Socio-Historical and Religious Context 16:45 – Who were they? Bio Time. 55:52 – Why do we think they're gay? 1:15:25 – Fun Segment: Pop Culture Tie-In 1:16:27 – How Gay were They? 1:24:49 – Closing and Where to Find us Online Want to help us continue to make the show? Support us on Patreon and g
24/12/20181 hour 29 minutes 33 seconds
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0.5. Letters & Queeries - Gay Ghosts and an Announcement!

Welcome to our first Letters & Queeries minisode, where we hear from our listeners and share stories! In this inaugural bonus, we're sharing with you the fabulous haunting calling cards of several History is Gay listener ghosts. We also have an announcement regarding a schedule change for regular History is Gay episodes.  Submission to Letters & Queeries episodes is exclusive perks for our $10 and above Patreon supporters!  Want to help us continue to make the show? Support us on Patreon and get awesome goodies, behind-the-scenes access, special minisodes, and more! Also now you can get super cool merch in our store! Shirts, hoodies, tot
10/12/201814 minutes 39 seconds
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19. Queer Poetry in the Not-So-Great War: Siegfried Sassoon

We’ve got a special episode for you this time, gayvenclaws! Gretchen is taking care of a family medical emergency, so join Leigh and special guest Hayden Smith as they discuss the famous WWI soldier Siegfried Sassoon. A writer, poet, and novelist known for his anti-jingoist, anti-war poetry, Sassoon was willing to showcase the horrors of the trenches for foot soldiers. It’s a tale of love, loss, grief, anger, and healing as we dig into this fascinating fellow and his prolific poetry!Outline 0:00 – Introduction4:43 – Main Topic: Anti-War Poet Siegfried Sassoon6:31 – Socio-Historical Context: the United Kingdom, 1900-193016:51 – Socio-Historical
26/11/20181 hour 26 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

18. Girls Gone Wilde

What would an exploration of the Wilde family be without taking a closer look at Oscar Wilde’s ‘virulently lesbian’ niece Dolly Wilde? Gretchen and Leigh take you on a journey to learn more about this elusive personality. Unlike her uncle, Dolly left little written work behind and is best known from her letters and from what other people have to say about her. Come join the ouroboros of gay that is the Sapphic ‘sewing circle’ of 1920s Hollywood and Paris. Outline 0:00 – Introduction 5:02 – Main Topic: Dolly Wilde 5:23 – Socio-Historical Context: Paris and London in the 1920s 10:20 – Who were they? Bio Time.  48:53 – Why do we think they're gay? 58:50 – Fun Segment: Word of the Week 1:26:21 – How Gay were They? 1:28:44 – Closing and Where to Find us Online Want to help us continue to make the show? Support us on Patreon and get awesome goodies, behind-the-scenes access, special minisodes, and more! Also now you can get su
06/11/20181 hour 32 minutes 36 seconds
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0.4. A Queer Ghost Huntin' We Will Go (An Interview with Shane McLelland)

Hello again, guys, gals and ghouls, and welcome to a fun Halloween minisode! This week, Leigh & Gretchen bring you an interview with our second Queer Ghost Hunter of the month, Shane McLelland! Shane is one of the co-founders of the Stonewall Columbus Queer Ghost Hunters group, and he had lots to say about the paranormal, queer entities, and his favorite spooky stories growing up.  You can learn more about their work at! Want to help us continue to make the show? Support us on Patreon and get awesome goodies, behind-the-scenes access, special minisodes, and more! Also now you can get super cool merch in our <span style= "font-weight:
29/10/201831 minutes 17 seconds
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17. He's a Real Wilde One

In honor of his 164th birthday, Leigh and Gretchen talk about the life and times of Oscar Wilde with special guest K. W. Moore from the blog “A Scholar of No Importance.” Wilde’s unwillingness to conform to Victorian sensibilities regarding keeping his private life private and the famous trials that resulted from it changed the shape of Western discussions of sexuality thereafter. His writing, too has left its mark both on the world, and on all three of our hosts this episode. So come join us as we pay homage to the Wilde man himself, the man who sought to live up to his blue china and worried he might fall short. Outline 0:00 – Introduction 5:30 – Socio-Historical Context: 19th Century England, Male-Male Intimacy, and the Criminal Amendment Act of 1885 15:11 – Who were They/Why Do We Think They’re Gay: The Early Life, Loves, and Scandals of Oscar Wi
15/10/20181 hour 31 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

16. Lavender Apparitions

  Happy Halloween everybody! As good Halloween gays, Leigh and Gretchen bring you a special, spoopy episode for Halloween. In the first half, they bring tales of gay and lesbian ghosts and lavender apparitions of all kinds, though of the kindly and perhaps a bit cheeky variety rather than bloody or scary. For the second half, they interview Joe Applebaum, one of the producers of Queer Ghost Hunters, a paranormal investigation series on YouTube focused on finding and talking to queer ghosts. So grab your bucket of candy and get ready for some spoopy fun on History is Gay!Outline0:00 – Introduction 6:41– Socio-Historic Context: Spiritualism<b
01/10/20181 hour 49 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

15. Lizzie Borden Took a Labrys

Way back in the first episode, Leigh and Gretchen formed a historical ‘murder wives’ ship starting with Anne Bonny; in this episode, they take a closer look at murder wife #2: Lizzie Borden! That’s right folks, she too may very well have had a thing for the ladies as well as possibly murdering her father and stepmother. Just how queer was she? Did she have an affair with her maid and her stepmother caught them? Why was she acquitted and what was society like for a single, Victorian woman? Find out on this week’s History is Gay!  Outline 0:00 – Introduction 3:30 – Content Warnings 5:07 – Historical Context: 19th Century Victorian Society 21:57 – Who Were They? Bio Time 30:55-31:56 – Content Warning Break: Mention of Incest 35:34 – Motives, The Murders, and Trial 58:24 – Why Do We Think They’re Gay? 1:07:10 – Fun Segment: Word of the Week: Spinsters 1:13:55 – Fun Segment: Pop Culture Tie-In</p
17/09/20181 hour 23 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

14. The Labor Struggle is Real Queer

Leigh and Gretchen have a special History is Gay treat for you this Labor Day. Join them as they discuss the history of the labor movement as it relates to the struggle for queer civil rights in America. You may not know, but the labor and LGBTQ+ movements have been allies for a long time. Just how far back does the partnership go? Listen and find out! Learn about Jewish lesbian feminists fighting for better workplace conditions during WWI, the mostly-queer marine cooks union in the 30s and 40s, lesbian bus drivers’ unions, the Coors boycott, and more. We end with a discussion of what needs to be done and Gretchen may or may not end up on a soapbox. Happy Labor Gay! Outline 0:00 – Introduction 1:13 – Corrections Corner: Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum 6:50 – Main Topic: The Labor Struggle is Real Queer 25:04-31:47 – Fun Segment: Words of the Week 1:13:24 – Takeaways 1:19:20 – Fun
03/09/20181 hour 24 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

13. Six Degrees of Virginia Woolf Pt. 1: Vita & Virginia

Gretchen and Leigh are pleased to announce their very first special guest to History is Gay, Dan Arndt of Write to Survive Podcast and The Fandomentals, to talk about Virginia Woolf and Vita-Sackville-West. This episode has everything: modernism, gay love letters, dramatic queers, queers with mommy issues, and a truly cinematic adventures. Join us for Part 1 of an ongoing series. 2:05 – Introduction 5:40– Socio-Historical Context: Modernism 15:20– A Note About Language: The Terms Lesbian and Bisexual 19:15– Who were they and why do we think they're gay? 21:23 – 22:08 CONTENT WARNING: Mention of childhood sexual abuse 1:08:39– Fun Segment: Word of the Week: Oysters 1:20:15–1:20:47 CONTENT WARNING: Mention of suicide 1:22:10– Fun Segment: Pop Culture Tie-In 1:25:08– How Gay were They? 1:29:30– Closing and
20/08/20181 hour 32 minutes 57 seconds
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12. Let's Have a Kiki with Queer as Fact!

Welcome to our very first extra special collaboration! Joining Leigh and Gretchen this episode are our friends over at Queer as Fact, a queer history podcast from Australia. Our topic of choice? Queer slang! Join us as we discuss lavender linguistics, the history of queer slang in Australian penal colonies, and our favorite slang words, both American and Australian! So brush off your oysters, pitch your tents for camp, sharpen up your Gillette blades, and let’s have a kiki with Queer as Fact! Outline 0:00 – Introduction 09:14 – Historical Background: Lavender Linguistics 28:48 – Historical Background: History of Queer Slang in Australia 52:35 – Our Favorite Slang: America vs Australia 1:36:56 – Closing and Where to Find us Online Queer as Fact can be found on <a href= "
06/08/20181 hour 39 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

0.3. A Sneak Peek into Sappho's Salon

Instead of a regular episode this week, Leigh & Gretchen treat you to a very special sneak peek into Sappho's Salon, an exclusive place where the sighs, yearnings, tragedies, and triumphs of queer love are brought to life. If you enjoyed this minisode and would like more of these queer readings, keep an eye out for our upcoming Patreon launch and consider becoming a patron to get all the secret goodies and behind-the-scenes glimpses we're excited to bring you from History is Gay! Find our full list of sources and bonus content at Get at us on twitter @historyisgaypod, tumblr at historyisgaypodcast, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! Don't forget to rate and review so more folks can see the show!</
16/07/201815 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

11. Rainbow Rising: The First Pride

Leigh and Gretchen welcome you to their first Pride month special and the first of an ongoing series on Queer civil rights movements in the United States. And what better way to do both than to dive into the lives of Gilbert Baker---the maker of the first rainbow pride flag---and Brenda Howard---one of the primary organizers of the first Pride march commemorating the Stonewall riots and Pride week. Pride is a special month for those of us in the queer community, so we wanted to celebrate our forefathers and foremothers that make this month possible. So, without further ado, let's chat about the Mother of Pride and the Gay Betsy Ross! Outline 0:00 – Introduction 2:56 – Content Warnings 6:35 – Historical Context: Brief Discussion of the Stonewall Riots and Aftermath 22:10 – Brenda Howard: Mother of Pride 41:25 – Gilbert Baker: Creator of the LGBT+ Rainbow Flag 1:06:01 – Fun Segment: Pop Culture Tie-In<br
02/07/20181 hour 13 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

10. Thigh Fencing and the Saffron Massage

In this episode, co-hosts Gretchen and Leigh will take you on a tour of medieval Arabo-Islamic erotic literature and the many delightful descriptions of queer female experience it contains. Remember way back in episode two when ‘thigh fencing’ came up? Well, that and other martial imagery for wlw sexual experience come from medieval Arabo-Islamic poetry! Like shield banging, jousting without a lance, or our new favorite---the saffron massage. Plus, we’ll dive into cross-dressing heroines, the music of love (moaning), and the first lesbian couple, Hind and al-Zarqa’! Outline 0:00 – Introduction 5:57 – Historical Context: Medieval Arabic Erotic Tradition More Generally 25:52 – Historical Context: Arabic Literature and Western Courtly Love Poetry 36:11 – Fun Segment: Word of the Week 42:38 – Tribadism and Queer Lady Love in Arabo-Islamic Writing 1:03:17
18/06/20181 hour 35 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

0.2. T'Aint Nobody's Bizness: An Interview with Robert Philipson

Leigh & Gretchen are bringing you a special bonus episode this week! Wow, three whole episodes in a month, Happy Pride! In this bonus, Leigh sits down with Robert Philipson, producer and director of the documentary T’Aint Nobody’s Bizness: Queer Blues Divas of the 1920s, which we discussed in our episode Bulldaggers and Lady Lovers, about his process, the importance of telling queer stories and excavating lost history, his upcoming documentary project Mood Lavender which sheds light on more queers in the Harlem Renaissance, and maybe even a little sneaky surprise for you all. Want to find more info on Robert and his work? Go to <
11/06/201838 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

9. Nazi Punks Fuck Off, Pt 2: Claude Cahun

As you know, we're not a fan of Nazis. In part two of our (what will very likely be ongoing) series on badass Nazi-fighting queer anti-fascists we discuss the genderqueer, surrealist artist and Nazi resistance fighter Claude Cahun! Teen love to stepsisters to lifelong partners in art and resistance? Lovers literally saving each others lives more than once? Taking a break from sunbathing and walking their cat on a leash in middle age to spread anti-fascist propaganda and lower morale among the invading German forces? Gender is a performance, what? Classic Claude Cahun (and Marcel Moore)! So say it with us again, "Nazi punks, fuck off" this time with surrealism.   Outline0:00 – Introduction<span style= "font-weight: 400
04/06/20181 hour 27 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

8. Nazi Punks Fuck Off, Pt 1: Magnus Hirschfeld

We're not a fan of nazis around these parts, and not just for the obvious reasons. Did you know that one of the most iconic images of them burning books is from when they burned the library of a gay, Jewish, communist sexologist well known for his research on sexuality and gender, including trans identity? Until this episode, we didn't either! In this first part of a two part series (so far!), we dive into the fascinating life of Doctor Magnus Hirschfeld, the "Einstein of sex." His approach to sexuality, gender, and race was decades ahead of the likes of Alfred Kinsey and Harry Benjamin, and who knows were society would be had his research not been destroyed. So come join us as we say, "Nazi punks, fuck off!"  Outline 0:00 – Introduction 3:38 – Content Warnings 5:40 – Social Context: Taboos and Mores 12:50 – Social Context: White Supremacy 17:43 – S
21/05/20181 hour 17 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

0.1. Queer, There, and Everywhere

  Welcome to a special first here in History is Gay: our first ever minisode! As Gretchen has been busy traveling this month, she and Leigh are filling in with a special guest interview with Sarah Prager, author of Queer, There, and Everywhere and creator of the Queer history app Quist. If you love queer folks from history and learning fun, daily facts about queer history, then this interview should be right up your alley! Outline 0:00 – Introduction 2:15 – Interview with Sarah Prager 37:27– Closing and Where to Find us Online Follow Sarah's work on her website, and check out her app Quist. You can also follow her on twitter @Sarah_Prager! <span style
16/04/201840 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

7. F is For Friend Who Did Not Have Gender

R is for Revolutionary War, which is where hosts Leigh & Gretchen are headed in this, the very first episode dedicated to a single person from history: the Publick Universal Friend. The Friend presented as something entirely new: a genderless spirit from God who eschewed gendered pronouns and dressed and spoke in ways that purposefully blurred the lines between male and female in early American society. So come join us as we talk about this most special of Friends; to make things even more interesting, turns out one of our hosts is related to the Friend!   Outline   0:00 – Introduction 2:30 – Corrections Corner: On Egyptian Lettuce 5:22 – Main Topic: Jemima Wilkinson, The Publick Universal Friend 7:54 – Socio-Historical and Religious
02/04/20181 hour 30 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

6. Three Genders? In Ancient Egypt? It's More Likely Than You Think

In today’s episode, Leigh and Gretchen head way back in time to Ancient Egypt. That’s right, get ready to walk like an Egyptian! Take a tour through Egyptian mythology to discuss what Set and Nephthys imply about Egypt having a concept of third gender. Plus, the dancing woman mummy, gender transformation in burial, the gender presentation of women pharaohs like Hatshepsut, and Gretchen’s favorite gay Egyptian tomb! By the end, you’ll see why having 3 genders in Ancient Egypt is more likely than people think! Outline0:00 – Introduction 5:38 – A Note on Mythological Sources 9:44 – Gender Ambiguity in Mythology 30:29 – What Does this Have to do
19/03/20181 hour 39 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

5. Stars from a Bi-Gone Era

In this very special episode, hosts Leigh & Gretchen travel to the red carpet and the silver screen to hear stories about queer actors from the golden age of Hollywood. Along for the ride is a room full of queer people who came to listen to the podcast being recorded live at TGIFemslash, a convention dedicated to the queer ladies of media, the ladies who love them, and the fans who love them. Join us and a room full of big gay nerds as we discuss the early years of film, the sexploits of the rich and famous, and other favorite queermos from history! Outline0:00 - Pre-show announcements <span style="
05/03/201849 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

4. Bulldaggers and Lady Lovers

In this episode, your hosts Leigh & Gretchen take a stroll down Jungle Alley and bring you stories of the vibrant black lesbian and gay subculture of the Harlem Renaissance and the blues legends who sang of its glory. With wild parties, bathtub gin, clandestine orgies, and crooning bulldaggers, the lesbian and bisexual blues legends of the 1920s and 1930s were definitely not as straight as you think. Outline 0:00 – Introduction3:46 – The Harlem Renaissance, Cultural Context, and the Language We Used10:42 – Bio Time!: Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, Bessie Smith, Gladys Bentley, Ethel Waters (& Ethel Williams), Alberta Hunter, & Lucille Bogan</sp
20/02/20181 hour 11 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

3. Mei Ai Hold Your Hand? Homosexuality in Imperial China

As your hosts return to examine the unexplored corners of history to highlight overlooked queer ladies, gents, and gentle-enbies, they bring a conversation about homosexuality in Imperial China. They will discuss the unique tradition of male homosexuality present for over 2500 years, what made it possible, and how tragic it’s loss is for modern China. And don’t worry, even though female homosexuality doesn’t have the same strong literary tradition, there are plenty of delightful stories, and a new ‘word of the week’ related to queer lady experience! Outline 0:00 – Introduction 3:55 – Main Topic: Homosexuality in Imperial China       13:38 – Social Context: Confucianism, Daoism, and Conceptions of Sex       22:46 – Social Context: Different Kinds of Sexual Relationships Between Men       23:41-24:36 - CONTENT WARNING: pederasty mention       30:23– Examples!       1:10:30 - CONTENT
05/02/20181 hour 25 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

2. Cloistered Queers

In this episode, your hosts Gretchen and Leigh continue to examine the overlooked and underappreciated queer ladies, gents, and gentle-enbies in the unexplored corners of history by traveling to the cloisters of Medieval Europe. They’ll uncover unique views of sex and sexuality that made the practice of ‘brother making’ possible both within and outside the monastic community but also made it hard for medieval theologians to understand sex between women. Come slake your thirst for queer poems and love letters because guess what? There are lots of monks and nuns with a strong desire for “special friendship” with each other. Notables include: Alcuin, Two Bavarian Nuns, St. Anselm of Canterbury, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Baudri of Bourgeuil, Aelred of Rievaulx, Benedetta Carlini, and many more! <span style="font-we
15/01/20181 hour 28 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

1. Were Some Pirates Poofters?

In our first episode, your hosts Gretchen & Leigh begin their series examining the overlooked and underappreciated queer ladies, gents, and gentle-enbies from the unexplored corners of history with a discussion of the high seas. Meet Anne Bonny, Mary Read, John “Calico Jack” Rackham, and Pierre “the pansy pirate” Bouspet, a quartet of pirates from the golden age of piracy with a flair for the dramatic and some very interesting lifestyle choices. Anne kicking Jack out of his quarters and sharing them with Mary instead? Oh my! Or should we say, ‘arrrghhh’? These pirates may not have been as straight as people think. Outline 0:00 – Introduction2:55 – The Golden Age of Piracy5:33 – Brief Bio: Ann
01/01/20181 hour 4 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Introducing History is Gay!

Introducing History is Gay, a new podcast where your hosts Gretchen & Leigh examine the overlooked and underappreciated queer ladies, gents, and gentle-enbies from the unexplored corners of history. Whether shining a light on queer pirate adventures, emo lesbian Sappho, or your other faves from the pages of textbooks you never knew were queer, it’s time to bring our stories out of the shadows. Because history has never been as straight as you think. Get at us on twitter @historyisgaypod, tumblr at historyisgaypodcast, and subscribe to the show, launching January 1! New episodes every other week.   Outline 0:00 – Introduction 0:50 – What are we doing and why? 4:19 – Discussion of sources, his
19/12/201710 minutes 24 seconds