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History in the Bible

English, History, 3 seasons, 212 episodes, 4 days, 20 hours, 58 minutes
An Everyperson's guide to a 150 years of research into the history presented in the Bible, for people of all faiths and backgrounds. I explore the religion of ancient Israel, the beginnings of Christianity, then finally the evolution of the heirs of Abraham to the year 200. I discuss every single book in every Bible (there are more than you think!). Lightly garnished with a dash of drollery, a soupcon of scrutiny, and not one ounce of objectivity. Not one ounce! Visit my website for extensive maps, charts, and diagrams.
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Bonus 56: Abraham's Three Mysterious Visitors

In this bonus, I continue my collaboration with Steve Guerra of the "History of the Papacy" show (, and Scott Mcandless of the "Retelling the Bible" podcast ( In this show we revisit Scott’s show on Abraham's three mysterious vistors. I also have an announcement about the final episodes in my main narrative, and a forthcoming book.
10/1/202338 minutes, 26 seconds
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3.27 The Last Heirs of Abraham I

Only two of Abraham's heirs survived to the year 200 CE/AD: rabbinic Judaism, and the imperial church incorporate. My final epiodes explore how that happened.
6/18/202326 minutes, 30 seconds
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Bonus 54: Manoah, father of Samson

In this collaboration with Steve Guerra of the History of the Papacy show (, and Scott McAndless of the Retelling the Bible podcast (, we discuss Scott's episode "Me, Myself, and Manoah".
6/4/202330 minutes, 36 seconds
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Bonus 37 The Patriarchs with A Podcast of Biblical Proportions

In this bonus episode I am joined by Omri and Gil of the rambunctious podcast “A Podcast of Biblical Proportions” for a discussion about the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and a little bit about Joseph. Theme music "Inspiring Teaser" by Rafael Krux,, license
8/22/202144 minutes, 32 seconds
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Bonus 28: The Book of Joshua

In this co-production with Steve Guerra of the History of the Papacy podcast, we tackle the morally difficult book of Joshua
9/20/202048 minutes, 9 seconds
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Bonus 27: With Bernie from the Fan of History podcast

This is a bonus episode for season two. Bernie Maopolski from the Fan of History podcast and I talk history podcasting and the archaeology of ancient Israel.
8/30/202056 minutes, 34 seconds