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Marriage Coach and HSP Love Expert Hannah Brooks teaches sensitive women how to not only have an easier marriage but to have a marriage where love, understanding, lightness, and connection gets deeper every day.   Highly Sensitive people have unique differences that lead to predictable challenges in committed relationships, and sometimes even the deterioration of love.   Right now your marriage might feel difficult: you may get upset easily, feel weighed down by resentment, hurt, irritation. It does not have to stay this way. Because as a sensitive person you are cut out for the best marriage possible. You just need to learn and apply a few things you were never taught.  You'll hear relatable stories, interviews, advice, and coaching on just what you need to know to use your sensitivity to your advantage in love.   You’ll learn how to stop taking things personally, manage your feelings, feel so secure and good about yourself, feel empowered instead of stuck, and how to influence (without manipulation) how your partner feels and behaves towards you, so you can just enjoy the person you’ve chosen as your partner, and invite so much more love and joy into your daily lives together.
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When Your Spouse Isn't Showing His Love For You

If you don't feel your partner loving you, or sometimes your partner’s supposed love isn’t matched by his actions, this episode is for you.Women often share with me that this is a common experience for them, and they are hurting because of it. And without some insight into what is really going on in these instances, their relationship just feels worse and worse over time. I don't want that for you!So listen in to hear what is likely going on for you, and for your spouse, when this happens. Why is it that, although he tells you he loves you and cares about you, he doesn’t always show it with kisses, doing special things for you, or listening to try to understand??Take a moment and try to really understand, instead of making it into something it isn’t. Instead of falling prey to the belief that it’s because he doesn’t love you enough or that you aren’t somehow lovable enough to him.Because that’s very rarely what is actually happening. You are, almost  certainly, VERY loved. And when you can understand what is really going on, you will be  able to FEEL so much more loved, and be best positioned to help  your partner show you that love in the ways you like receiving it! So dig in.SHOW NOTES:NEW!! For the Summer and fall of 2024: Join Hannah for 4 months of private 1:1 Coaching.Take the QUIZ: What's Your Best Next Step To Improve Your Marriage?ENJOYING THE SHOW? Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE.
7/11/202428 minutes, 32 seconds
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Micro-Repairs and Re-Directs For a Better Relationship

157  There are many “micro” things you can do on a regular basis to keep your relationship strong (and so you don't need larger “interventions” that take a lot more time and energy in order to get things back on track). And a very important one? Micro repairs. Today we dive into just how to make them, as well as how to make micro re-directs that will help stop a downhill-heading interaction in its tracks. These are mini skills that you want to be able to do easily, because, in all relationships–even healthy ones– there will be moments of micro-rupture, when the sweetness of connection between you gets disrupted by reactivity, or normal human unskillfulness. But these won't hurt your relationship as long as you make repairs when they happen–even if you weren't the one who “started” the rupture. So listen in as I share when, why, and how to make these micro repairs, and give you the exact words to do so effectively. You'll come away with the knowledge to easily mend any little rift between you and your spouse and also the best chance of your partner getting good at making these repairs, as well, so you will never be in discord for long as a couple, and can easily get back to connection, affection, and a palpable sense of love between you. Dive in.SHOW NOTES:The Stop Taking It So Personally CourseFind out how Hannah can help you more over at her website.ENJOYING THE SHOW? Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE.
7/4/202429 minutes, 21 seconds
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How To "Hold Space" For Your Spouse

156  An episode for both you and your spouse, especially if communication isn’t always the easiest thing between you or if one or both of you ever feel misunderstood or unheard. If you want to give your marriage the best chance to be the fulfilling connected one you want–the NEW marriage we talked about last episode– and your partner the very best chance to be the loving, supportive one you want, then the MOST PRACTICAL thing you can each do is relate to each other the way you want to be related TO.  And one of the most practical ways you can relate to your spouse in the way you want them to relate back, is to “hold space” for them and offer your kind caring presence when they are sharing anything close to their heart with you.Sounds basic, but it can be harder than you think because so many of our default  human tendencies come up and get in the way, breaking the beautiful opportunity for building connection, deep understanding, and trust.  So in this episode I share some of the nuances of what holding space and great listening really looks like, and tell you very clearly what it does not look like, and just how it actually do it with the help of the “4 C’s” for the most rich, nourishing, intimate in all ways (wink wink) kind of relationship. So listen in, together or separately, and then go apply what I suggest and watch as you both start feeling more respected, understood, and lovingly connected, as well as much better at communicating!SHOW NOTES:Want to spice things up more in your relationship?  Bring Back The Attraction, Hannah's on-demand 45 minute course,  gives you 7 keys to spark more of the magical appeal you used to feel, is now available here.Find out how Hannah can help you more over at her website.ENJOYING THE SHOW? Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE.
6/20/202431 minutes, 8 seconds
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The Emerging New Paradigm of Marriage

155   Sometimes you hear something that changes everything, and puts you in a state of mind that leads to finally being able to bring a big dream to life. This must listen episode may very well be that for you. Because if you are like most of the women I talk to and work with, you want a new level of intimacy with your spouse: a real partnership that is tender, connected, deeply supportive and nurturing in all realms– intellectually, physically, emotionally, domestically, in terms of each other's dreams and inner life. You want to feel like your significant other is a true team with you in life.And it's really important that you get this! For you, for our world, even for your partner.But, this is really a NEW paradigm when it comes to committed relationships and marriage. It's still just emerging. And, unfortunately, the old and recent paradigms of marriage that still live on in many of us (which I will explain today), are making it harder to bring our partners onboard and make this new, beautiful vision we have of marriage come to life. So we are left frustrated, disappointed, resentful, and questioning if we can have the kind of relationships we really want with our current partner. It doesn't have to be this way. You CAN (in most cases) open the door for your partner to be that full partner you want, and your marriage to be the NEW supportive and nurturing-in-all-realms marriage we women want. Especially as an HSP.To do so, it will help you SO MUCH to understand the old school paradigm of marriage, and how it still colors so much in our marriages, and also the recent (or current)  paradigm of marriage–both of which are, though perhaps empowering for one individual in the relationship, very relationally disempowering overall! We dive into this today. Then you’ll learn about what it takes to leave those old painful paradigms behind, step into relational empowerment (not just individual empowerment), and finally birth the new marriage we want so badly.This is an essential and healing episode that will soften and sweeten your world with forgiveness and understanding, as well as empower and compel you to relate to your partner in such a way that gets him collaborating to bring this new paradigm of marriage very much alive between you. Listen in.SHOW NOTES:Learn about and enroll in Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for highly sensitive women, here. (Doors close for the YEAR June 20th)ENJOYING THE SHOW? Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE.
6/13/202438 minutes, 22 seconds
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Other People's Opinions of Your Marriage

154   Other people in your life  ( friends, family members',  and even professional "authorities" in your life) are going to have opinions on your spouse and your relationship, and they may share them with you. If you don't know how to handle this well, you may end up making things even harder in your relationship.As highly sensitive people it can be all too easy to let our other's opinions –especially if they are in any way negative–color our own experience. And unfortunately, when it comes to our marriage's health and happiness, this can be quite problematic–even if they meant well. I can't tell you how many times my clients have told me they felt EXTRA doubt and confusion about their marriage because someone in their life said something along the lines of “I don't think he’s right for you” or “I don’t know what you see in him.” (And sometimes it’s just what they THINK their friend thinks of their partner that causes pain, fear, and doubt.) This can be crazy-making, and a total power-leak if your goal is to have a really good loving marriage.So today you're going to learn how to handle other people's thoughts and opinions when it comes to your relationship–so you can grow the health of your marriage, instead of diminishing it.  We dive into: What to do about other people’s opinions and advice, including how to discern when to take it on or not.How to stop something someone said about your spouse or marriage from seeping into you and giving it damaging weight or authority.Why their judgments and opinions are NOT that accurate (or important)Whose opinions really matterWho and what IS a trustworthy source of authority, wisdom and truth about your relationship and spouse. And specific ways to get your friends and family to help you grow the marriage you want, instead of accidentally making things harder for you.Even if you haven't ever been subject to hearing negative opinions about your spouse or relationship, if you have friends or family, this episode will help you, since all I share here can be applied to any opinion anyone shares with you about any realm of your life.SHOW NOTES:TAKE THE NEW 2 MINUTE QUIZ, "I Want A More Loving Connected Marriage. Where Do I Start?" It will identify the area that will make the biggest positive impact on your unique marriage when you focus on it.Learn about and enroll in Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for highly sensitive women, here. (Doors close for the YEAR June 20th)ENJOYING THE SHOW? Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE.
6/6/202429 minutes, 31 seconds
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The End Of Male Bashing; The Start Of Better Loving

153   As women, we often go to our friends and other people in our lives when something isn't going as well as we want with our partner, or when an issue comes up. And it’s only natural to want to get support that way. But, it is all too easy when we do that to fall into the toxic trap of griping, venting and male-bashing — even WITH the big sensitive conscientious hearts we tend to have as HSPs.Some things in our culture are so widely practiced that they're accepted without any thought that they might be damaging. And this one is such a sneakily toxic part of our culture, with such damaging effects to our men,  to us and our relationships,  that it needs to be talked about, and faced.So today we are going to dive into it, along with why it’s a problem for your relationship (and the world), why to stop doing it, and what to do instead to help your marriage become the loving, connected, fulfilling one you want–and still being able to go to your friend to get support and commune about your relationships!I know you want to live in a world where relationships are filled with mutual respect, deep care, kindness, and real love, so come take a step towards bringing that to life in your own marriage today, and be part of leaving this emotionally destructive habit forever in the past.SHOW NOTES:TAKE THE NEW 2 MINUTE QUIZ, "I Want A More Loving Connected Marriage. Where Do I Start?"Episodes to better understand men in relationship: Revolutionizing Men, Their Feelings, And Love With Casey Desharnais  Men, Emotional Maturity, And Love (Or How To Invite Your Husband To Evolve)Men Being Honest About The Hard Stuff With Casey And WillENJOYING THE SHOW? Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE.
5/23/202426 minutes, 22 seconds
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Interest Overlap For More Connection

152   Not feeling as connected as you want to with your spouse? Feeling like you're not on the same page much these days, or you have sort of evolved AWAY from each other? I have been there and it doesn't feel good. But there is a way back that’s simple and straightforward. In this episode, you’ll hear a great remedy to bring more connection into your marriage–in ways BOTH you and your partner look forward to. It’s a process I’ve done myself that really helped me and my husband not just feel more connected, but also have a clear path to more of it forever into our future together.Today's episode will share exactly how to make sure you have plenty of ways you and your spouse can be together that are fun and fulfilling to both of you. When you apply what I share, you will have the grounds for a more resilient, connected and fun life together into the future.  Dig in!SHOW NOTESBring Back The Attraction, the new on-demand 45 minute course to that gives you 7 keys to spark more of the magical appeal you used to feel is now available here.Want to know the very best starting place to focus on to improve your unique marriage? TAKE THE NEW 2 MINUTE QUIZ, "I Want A More Loving Connected Marriage. Where Do I Start?"ENJOYING THE SHOW?Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE.Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!
5/16/202420 minutes
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A Little Drop Of Lightness

151  Most of the highly sensitive women  I talk to mention wanting their relationship to feel "lighter"-- easier, more carefree, more warmhearted.  And that IS a place where a lot of joy  can be found in our intimate relationships--if we can access that lightness. . .The challenge is, as HSPs, we can tend to take things pretty seriously. Not a bad thing, by any means, but it can make it harder to feel that lightness so many of us long for.  So a made you a very "light" ( short and sweet) episode to give you a drop of that lightness right now. Listen in to hear the one question that can open up a sense of lightness right away, and make space for more and more lightness to enter into your relationship--and whole life--as you let this way of seeing things integrate into you. Please note that NONE of what I offer here is meant to dismiss or belittle the hard stuff that can comes along with intimate relationships ( that is very real and important to acknowledge). In fact, it is meant to help you navigate through any of that with more ease and peace.  Let this episode seep into your cells over the coming week or more. . . and see what shifts in you and your marriage from there. SHOW NOTESWant to know the very best starting place to focus on to improve your unique marriage? TAKE THE NEW 2 MINUTE QUIZ, "I Want A More Loving Connected Marriage. Where Do I Start?"ENJOYING THE SHOW? Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE.
5/9/20248 minutes, 6 seconds
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Listener Relationship Questions Answered

150  I put out a call to you listeners for questions, and today I am going to answer three of them!All three highly sensitive women’s questions are very relatable and have a somewhat similar theme:How to handle being bothered by things their spouse does or ways he is, so they can feel better AND work with their spouse effectively in these situations. Specifically (but with a bit more detail).Ella asks, “What are your recommendations for easing anger surrounding the innate stubbornness of your partner?” Nina asks, “How would you approach conflict with a husband in front of your kids?” Kelly asks, “I can't seem to train my brain to stop thinking negatively about my marriage, specifically about my hubby, and frequently wonder whether I should be in this marriage or not. What is causing this thinking?  It is very disconcerting. Any ideas?” I certainly do have ideas for them about what to do in all of these cases–and for you if you are ever annoyed, irritated, angry or frustrated with your partner, my answer will help you, too! Listen in to hear my coaching and strategic tips on how to handle these specific situations and feelings, so you can be much more successful in navigating these issues, as well as feeling more peace and happiness with your husband. This episode is also a great way to tangibly tie a lot of my teachings together and apply them to real-life situations. So dig in.SHOW NOTES:Learn about or enroll in Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for highly sensitive women, here. ENJOYING THE SHOW? Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE.
4/25/202445 minutes, 43 seconds
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Moving US Forward As A Couple; Kathy’s Story

149   After 32 years of marriage, and the help of many different marriage counselors,  Kathy was looking at apartments and thinking of a future without her husband.She just could hardly imagine being happy with him again. Nor did he didn’t seem interested in getting help for his side of the issue they had between them.But, with the commitment to make a final attempt with my coaching, after just a week or two of starting her work with me, not only did she start to feel really different, her husband started responding to her differently, too. And as she kept up her work on her side of the street, on how she was relating to him, guess what? He started to make bigger changes on his end, and even seek out support for himself.So now they were both building in more love between them and collaborating on creating a better future together, one where they are both getting their needs and wants met.How did Kathy do this? She tells us in this conversation where we discuss it all, as well as:How she’d been through lots of other sessions with other professionals that didn't change things, but how pleasantly she was surprised when she started to focus on herself, on who she is, on her own thoughts, and what she wanted to bring to the relationship, that things really–and suddenly–changed.How she freed herself from long-held resentment and finally got her husband on board to follow through in a promise he made and help her achieve a life-long dream of hersWhy, after listening to the podcast without much change, working directly with me in Treasured made all the differenceWhat she did to get her hubby on board to improve things between them together.How developing better boundaries ( of two types), and learning how to “insource her value” made her marriage and all sorts of relationships in her life betterWhat being part of a group coaching program was like for her as someone who is “not a group person”How no longer thinking of her sensitivity as something that was wrong with her, and learning how to honor the needs it brings played into just generally being happier and more carefree in her life. Kathy drops many bits of wisdom and insights for any HSP who is not as happy as they want to be in their relationship and we cover quite a few universal issues and solutions for highly sensitive relationships, so listen in. This is such a great story for anyone wanting to not be alone in  working to improve your marriage, but to understand what it takes to get your partner on board to collaborate on bettering your relationship together. SHOW NOTES: Learn about or enroll in Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for highly sensitive women, here. ENJOYING THE SHOW? Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE.
4/18/202444 minutes, 23 seconds
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How Perimenopause Is A Powerful Time To Grow Closer As A Couple

148  If you're a woman between the ages of 35 and 55, you are going to want to catch this episode–and bring your spouse! Because this is a big transitional time for women and couples of this age range. And, even though the hormonal shifts that happen during this time have a bad rep, they actually bring along with them a big opportunity to grow the love, supportiveness, connection in your marriage, as well as start your “second spring” in life and love.In this episode, I bring on Bria Gadd, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, holistic health coach, and personal trainer who specializes in female hormones, to talk about it all with me, and dish out her wisdom on how to use this time to benefit your marriage. Studies show that in 69% of divorces, it’s women who are the ones to initiate it. And often this is because in midlife, as hormones are shifting, many women start to feel like they want more, like they no longer want to settle for the same old same old in their relationship and life. If you don't understand what is happening, or how to support yourself in this time, like most women don't, (because the research is very new!), it can lead to a much harder time in your life and marriage!But when you, and ideally your spouse, too , get educated about this perimenopausal time of life, it will allow you to work with yourself and your spouse to navigate this time in a way that can birth the best times of your marriage.So listen in as Bria and I discuss all of that as well as:What we tend to struggle with during this time (no, you are NOT alone!!) What is really going on for us women hormonally in these years, and how it affects us.How this time's a call to really self-educate and learn how to best support yourselfBria’s 4 pillars of what you need to thrive during this time and beyond, both physiologically and emotionally, How to start healing form  hormonal imbalances and the exact starting places for you to get going today to avoid hormonal chaos, such as impatience, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, lowered libido, and more, that can negatively impact your relationship and whole life at this time, and begin to truly thrive like never before in your life. Although the most important thing during this time is YOUR OWN elf-support in very specific ways, when your partner understands what's really going on during this time, too, they can help support you through it, so you can both LOVE this (long) period of time of your lives, and beyond. This episode is the beginning of that.SHOW NOTES:Last chance to get The Foundations Of Emotional Well-Being for HSPs for FREE ! Join Treasured, Hannah's marriage transforming program for HSPs,  by Sunday April 14th, 2024. Click here to learn more. To Find Bria: The Period Whisperer PodcastInstagram @bria_period_whispererBria’s Quiz: “Are Your Hormones Holding You Back?” 
4/11/202448 minutes, 43 seconds
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BONUS: Relationship Coaching for HSPs FAQ

If you are at all curious about or interested in what coaching can do for you and your relationship, or even what it IS, this bonus episode will help clarify that, and what my specific version of it, for highly sensitive people,  is all about. Since I have changed a few things over the years in what and how I offer marriage coaching, I wanted to update you about those changes as well as help answer some common questions about it all.So listen in to here the answers to these questions (I recommend listening to the full episode, but you can also pick and choose which question you want to hear the answer for by jumping to that time in the episode, noted by each question):What is marriage/relationship coaching and Hannah’s program, Treasured? (@ 4 mins)Who is it for? (@ 6 mins 45 seconds)Why is Treasured different and will it work if other things haven't? (@10 mins 15 seconds)Can my partner and our relationship really change if it’s only me working on my end of things? (@18 mins 20 secs) Why a group program for such a personal thing? Will I be helped as much as I would be in 1:1? (@ 22 mins 30 secs)What are the specifics of how it works? (29:25)Why would I do a coaching program, instead of just doing it on my own, like from the podcast? (33:26)How do I enroll? (35:44)Can I talk to you before committing? (36:46)If you want a happier, more fulfilling, loving dynamic between you and your spouse, you’ve got to find out how coaching can help. Listen in. SHOW NOTES: Treasured description and info pageTreasured FAQTo get started, fill out The Great Mutual Fit Form here.
4/4/202438 minutes, 47 seconds
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From Walled-Off to Connected and Affectionate; Gina’s Story

147  Gina, a client who worked with me in Treasured, had been totally disconnected from her husband and lonely in her marriage for 20+ years. The connected intimacy we love as sensitive people? There wasn’t any of it. She wasn’t sure she could change things much after all those years, or how totally disconnected they were,  but she was clear she didn't want her life to feel that way forever, and so she dove into the work.Low and behold, as you’ll hear, nowadays she and her husband are really connected and even quite affectionate with each other (they started to be just several weeks into our work together). And as she led the way in reconnecting, her husband started joining her in building more and more intimacy between them, so now building and enjoying more and more connection is a totally mutual thing for both of them. How did she do it? Listen in and she will tell you!In our conversation, Gina opens up about what things were like with her husband for so long, why and how she completely – and quite quickly – changed things between them, and what the biggest keys were for her that made all of this possible. Listen in to get a dose of hope and inspiration, and hear some great marriage and emotional well-being wisdom from this highly sensitive connection maestro!SHOW NOTES:Learn about or enroll in Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for highly sensitive women, here. ENJOYING THE SHOW?Get the Podcast Map , so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE.  Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!
3/28/202437 minutes, 32 seconds
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The 1/3 Rule of Emotion In Relationships

146  What can you realistically expect to feel in a good and healthy relationship? In this episode I spill the beans. Listen in to hear one potent bit of clarifying medicine to help you lean away from all the painful worry and doubt that comes up around your relationship, to relieve you from all the questioning you may be doing about whether this marriage can be improved or not, and help you lean into improving what’s realistic to improve between you and your partner. If you've ever felt something was wrong with your relationship because you find yourself unhappy, or upset, or having a hard time emotionally about things with your spouse…Or if you’ve ever been at all unsure if this is the right relationship for you, or compared your marriage to someone else's (with yours coming up short)...…You've got to listen to what I share in this episode. Because I lay it out bluntly: what you can really measure a good relationship by (or a poor one!).  No more wondering needed!You will walk away relieved and also motivated to spend your time improving what CAN be improved, instead of wasting your energy on what cannot. Listen in.SHOW NOTES:Bring Back The Attraction, the new on-demand 45 minute course to that gives you 7 keys to spark more of the magical appeal you used to feel is now available here.Find out how Hannah can help you more over at her website.  ENJOYING THE SHOW?Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE. Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!
3/21/202414 minutes, 42 seconds
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When It's Hard To Feel Love For Your Spouse

145  If you sometimes (or often) can't quite feel love for your significant other, I totally get it. I have felt that, too, many a-time, and I know it DOESN'T feel so good . Because, of course you want to feel love for and connection to the person you spend your life with, right? So I want to share a personal story with you that will help.Dive into today's episode to hear about one of the times I felt deeply cut off from my love for my hubby, and how I got myself back to that sweetness of feeling connected and loving towards him again–so you can do it, too!How I did that is a reliable process I still use in those times I feel cut off from my heart–because it really can happen rather easily as HSP’s in our busy overstimulating modern lives (and because relationships can bring up a lot of stuff that makes it all too easy to shut down our hearts–even when we have big ones!).I also share what can get in the way of feeling that steady love for our significant other, and how there may well be different routes to access it again for you, depending on what's going on for you. And I give you the most basic key to figuring out how to guide yourself back to feeling more in your big heart  again, so you can feel better AND inspire more connection, fun, and even passion with your spouse. Dive in!SHOW NOTES: Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE. Learn about or enroll in Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for highly sensitive women, here. ENJOYING THE SHOW? Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!
3/14/202432 minutes, 6 seconds
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How Real Change Happens In Your Marriage

144  If you’ve ever been frustrated by slow or no change in your relationship–either on partner's end or your own, and you want to stop falling into those same old painful dynamics with your partner again and again, and instead SEE things actually getting better over time…… you’ve got to understand how change works.Because it really is a process, with 4 distinct stages. And before you even get to them, there is a pre-stage, which is where most people (you?) tend to get stuck.When you understand these 4 stages you will be so much better equipped to make the real change you want actually happen.In this episode, we dive into them, as well as into a bit of the science of what is really going on to make new ways of being with each other stick.So many people don't understand how change really works, and therefore don’t persevere with the process… and end up getting nowhere.  Now, because of this episode, that will not be you anymore!With personal and client stories, and well as one very important metaphor to help you understand how the brain really changes (and the brain IS your  #1 agent of change), you will leave this episode so much more empowered and so much more hopeful and encouraged that you, too, can make those changes you've been wanting in your marriage.  Dive in!SHOW NOTES:Submit your question to be answered on the show by hopping on my email list HERE (you’ll soon get instructions on how to submit.)Learn about or enroll in Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for highly sensitive women, here. ENJOYING THE SHOW? Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE. Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!
2/29/202438 minutes, 32 seconds
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How to LIKE Your Spouse

143   If you are like many other women,  deep down you probably LOVE your partner, but it can feel like you DON’T LIKE him very much sometimes, yeah?I’ve been there, too, and it doesn't feel great… because who wants to not like the person they’re planning to spend their whole life with? By now, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this can be even more common of an experience as an highly sensitive Person unfortunately. That’s why I want to share with you 6 primary things I've learned from my own experience with re-enlivening my LIKE for my husband. So listen in to hear my story of going from feeling rather annoyed often with my husband, and wondering if I even liked him and what it means if I didn't, to realizing one day how MUCH I now truly enjoy him! Just like I do, you CAN laugh, be playful, flirt with, and simply enjoy your partner again, when you really implement the 6 steps I share in this episode. Don’t get stuck in the myth that there’s nothing you can do from your side of the street to change things for the SO much better.  It simply isn't true.Listen in and follow my lead, and you WILL start feeling closer and happier with your partner–and even start really LIKING him again. SHOW NOTES:Learn about or enroll now in Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for highly sensitive women, here. ENJOYING THE SHOW? Get the Podcast Map by becoming a Podcast Supporter, so you can quickly identify the episodes most helpful for your unique relationship, by supporting the podcast (for as little as $3) HERE. Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher.Leave  a review in Apple Podcasts--we are SO grateful!
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Self-Compassion and HSP Relationships With Lori Cangilla

142   Developing Self-Compassion is one of the key ingredients to building a truly thriving marriage as an HSP. It is embedded in everything I teach and will be forever, because it is just so essential. So I invited Lori Cangilla, a psychologist and HSP specialist, to have a conversation about it with me, share stories and some laughs, and dive deeper into what self-compassion is all about in this episode. Although self-compassion is often misunderstood, it is a source of so much goodness between you and your partner–and even if you haven’t been the most self-compassionate person up until now, you can totally develop it! And it will send powerful healing ripples throughout your whole life and marriage.So listen in to discover: what self compassion really is (and what it isn’t!) how it relates to compassion and connectionThe common misunderstandings about it that may be preventing you from accessing the deep benefits of it, the 4 main pieces that compose self compassion, why you would bother spending a bit of energy to become a more self-compassionate person as a highly sensitive personwhat the benefits of it are in our intimate relationshipswhy being self-compassionate can be challenging at first for HSPs the two types of self-compassion and how they work together to help you lead a life that is empowered, and self-honoring, as well as compassionate to others,  and tips to begin developing more self compassion starting todayNo HSP should live life without this vital way of relating to yourself.  As you grow your self-compassion, you will open doors to richer and deeper connection and intimacy with your own self and with your significant other, and reap the rich benefits of it in all areas of your life for all your years to come. SHOW NOTES:Find Lori at  and her book, Wander and Delve here.Learn about or enroll now in Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for highly sensitive women, here. 
2/1/202458 minutes, 48 seconds
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Who's Business Am I In?

141  This episode should be required listening for anyone in an intimate relationship! With many years under my belt as a marriage coach, one of the biggest and most common problem-causer I’ve noticed again and again that causes disrespect, pain, and discord in marriages (and more so in HSP marriages) is the tendency to not know the difference between one’s own side of the court and one’s partner's side of the court–and therefore not tend well to your own, and over-tend to theirs.  This episode will shed light on why this is so damaging, help you identify if you are doing this–even just a little bit–and help you put an end to it, so you can re-develop or strengthen the mutual respect in your relationship that is so essential for it to thrive.We dive into the 3 types of “business” there are when it comes to relationships, and clarify what is your domain and what is your spouses–and what is beyond everyone's control.Then you will get very specific and practical advice on  how you can stop wasting your energy where you have no power or control, and instead put your energy where it is truly effective to drive REAL positive change in yourself and in your marriage…and you and your significant other are freed up to both able to genuinely enjoy each other a whole lot more  For some of you, when you take this episode to heart, it will be the magic bullet that begins a cascade of healing in your marriage–and that perhaps even lets you see once again in your partner that person who you originally fell in love with, but haven’t seen in a while! SHOW NOTES:Become A Podcast Supporter and Get the Podcast Map! Learn about how to get more of Hannah's  Support, Courses ,and Coaching HERE.
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True Wealth with Mark Yegge (and Einstein's Ghost)

140   We all want a life full of what is most important to us, full of “Wealth” of the emotional, relational, and also financial, kind–or what my guest, Mark Yegge, a “wealth architect” and money manager, calls “balanced abundance”.In other words, we want the wealth of feeling good, feeling secure, feeling healthy, feeling connected, loved, and fulfilled in this life. There is solid research that proves this.Even Einstein, the most brilliant scientific mind of his time, was super clear about what actually makes humans feel most alive and abundant. (In this episode we share the most beautiful secret letter he wrote to his daughter—it will truly just melt your heart!!)Unfortunately, because of the culture we live in, it’s easy to end up (almost by accident) over-focusing on things that don't actually lead us to that happiness and fulfillment. That lead, instead, to what I call Emotional Poverty. Mark and I have both seen all too many people lose track of what most matters to them by over-focusing on the pursuit of a successful career and financial abundance (or what we think is just financial security), while under-focusing on the things that actually bring them Emotional wealth and TRUE security.Since you're here, you have a pretty good sense that relationships are a prime way to the happiness and meaning you want in this life. But you're likely (even to just a small degree) to fall under the influence of cultural programming that, by no fault of our own, distracts you from being able to make your important relationships the truly fulfilling and life-giving ones you know they are meant to be. Luckily, it’s not so hard to re-align with what matters most to you, which is HOW you will be able to bring more TRUE WEALTH, the kind that matters most to YOU,  into your life, starting today. It can just take a bit of remembering –and intention.So listen to this fun, laughter-filled, not-to-be-missed  conversation,  where Mark and I dive straight into the heart of all of this. You’ll come away with your heart energized and a surge of motivation to bring what most matters to YOU alive in your life, so you can feel genuinely happier and more fulfilled --and wealthy in all ways--as an HSP. SHOW NOTESFind Mark at or your seat at Freedom From Hurt Week with Hannah here.Get More Free Support, Courses and Coaching HERE.
1/4/202452 minutes, 3 seconds
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“Dirty Pain” VS “Clean Pain”

139  It's time for FREEDOM FROM HURT WEEK.  Learn more and join us here.  There are 2 categories of emotional pain in our relationships, and although neither of them is “wrong”, one of them tends to push us apart, making our marriages HARDER  (if we don't know how to work with it)……and the other, if we let it, can actually fuel the love and connection we want in our relationships.You WANT to know the difference between these types of pain, because one of them you want to tune deeper into, the other you want to quickly dissolve…Listen in to this episode, peppered with plenty of personal stories and examples, to discover:the difference between “clean pain” and “dirty pain”, the negative impact on your relationships of falling prey to dirty pain and not tending to your clean pain, why clean pain is so healing and powerful, the different ways you want to address each of them to move out of pain and discord in your relationship and into a deeper place of peace, love, and connection than ever and what gets in the way of easily doing this, so YOU can do it well. Pain is inevitable in life, but hurt isn't. When you know how to work with these 2 types of pain, you will free yourself from so much unnecessary pain in love and life,  be so much more empowered to effectively make real changes in your marriage that feel so much better, get the best treatment from your significant other, and make the best impact in this world in general. Listen in. SHOW NOTESLearn all about FREEDOM FROM HURT WEEK, a special event where you get live virtual time with Hannah over the course of a week,  to leave hurt in the dust.Get More Free Support, Courses and Coaching HERE.
12/28/202339 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Hurt of Care Distortion

138   One of the underlying causes of my first marriage ending was because of what I call Care Distortion. It wrecked me, leading me to feel like my husband didn't care about me enough, and took a huge toll on how good my then hubby and I felt with each other.  Today, I tell you all about my story with it, and how it is very possibly affecting your relationship too, as it does so many highly sensitive women. If you ever feel like your partner doesn't care enough about you, or you’re not so important to him, or he doesn't value you enough, this episode is especially for you. I know how painful it can feel. It not only hurts, but, at least for me and many of the women I work with, it tends to lead to real frustration, anger, and resentment… And all of these feelings can end up making the whole relationship much more difficult and fraught with tension, arguments, and cold wars…But in most cases, this is totally something YOU can change, just like I did. It has everything to do with Care Distortion. Listen in to learn: what Care Distortion is, where it comes from in the first place, why it's more common for HSPs than non-HSPs, why it causes so much pain and discord, and what you can do to put an end to it.When care distortion is no longer happening in your marriage, you will feel so much lighter, more peaceful and loved– and you’ll be free to start having a whole lot more laughter, fun, and all the good stuff that you most want in your marriage. SHOW NOTESLearn all about FREEDOM FROM HURT WEEK, a special event where you get live virtual time with Hannah over the course of a week.Get More Free Support, Courses and Coaching HERE.
12/21/202332 minutes, 31 seconds
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Discouraged In Love? 3 Toxic Marriage Myths Causing It

If you are at all discouraged in your relationship, you must listen to this episode. (I’m calling it a bonus episode simply because I’m giving it to you today as it contains time-sensitive info and I’m going to be on a short podcast break –talk to you again in several weeks!)If:you feel like there’s not much chance for growth in your marriage,your spouse is resistant to working on your relationship with you, you feel unmotivated to put much more effort in because it feels a bit hopeless,or you just aren't sure it’s worth it to try too much with your spouse with everything you have on your plate and how little difference it seems to make….I’m here to give you hope that the mutually supportive, deeply connected and loving marriage you want IS POSSIBLE. Because the reason you are discouraged isn't just because of your significant other or the dynamics between you. It’s because of something much more sneaky and less obvious: some very toxic cultural messaging that TRULY undermines the relationships we want in our hearts.In this episode, I will expose 3 of these toxic myths most likely playin gout in you and your relationship,  and help you do away with them so you feel empowered and hopeful again, and so you are best set up to finally get some real traction on making your marriage the lighthearted, deeply loving, and team-feel one you want. Get ready to finally see the changes you want when you no longer buy into these 3 toxic myths and instead understand the 3 truths about making true lasting change in your marriage.  And if you have a partner who’s not doing much to make your marriage better, make sure to listen all the way through this one, as the golden key to change that comes toward the end. SHOW NOTESClick to learn about and enroll in TREASURED. Sign up by November 4th to get the Bonus course free: the Foundations of Emotional Well-Being for HSPs. Ready to join? Click here to get started. 
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The Sensitive Boost (and Plummet) Effect

136   Today I bring you some scientific researched- backed HOPE for you and your marriage. If you are an HSP, this is essential knowledge about yourself and what’s possible for you. Did you know that being an HSP makes it more likely for you to arrive at the happiness you want in your marriage, when you put certain conditions in place? Because you have a special advantage as an HSP in this area. It’s true! In this episode, I will tell you all about it and some of the science that proves it.There is something special about us HSPs: our sensitivity, which can make it either easier (it can BOOST you) or harder to be WELL (it can PLUMMET you) in this life, depending on some things. Learn what those things are–and how to BEST take advantage of this special aspect of your sensitivity in this episode.  When you know this, you will be best positioned ( and I mean better positioned than most ALL other humans) to make your marriage  come alive with the mutual love, support and connection you want, and to feel deeply WELL as a human being.  Listen in.SHOW NOTESClick to learn about and enroll in TREASURED. Sign up by November 4th to get a full Bonus course: the Foundations of Emotional Well-Being for HSPs. Ready to join? Click here to get started. 
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From A Rut To Deeper Love Than Ever (Re-Enchantment Updated)

135  Last chance to sign up for the free workshop below!  Even if you aren’t feeling happy now in your relationship, and all the joy and love of those early days of the relationship feels faded, there is hope for your marriage yet! In fact, you can have something even better:An even more genuine, more sustainable, deeper love and connection than ever with your spouse, where you know how to work with each other as a team to navigate the ups and downs of life, while feeling the ease, love and joy you have together continue to increase over time. This is what I call Re-enchantment.In this updated and re-released episode, I spill the beans on how to take your marriage there. Listen in to learn:What it will be like when you get there, What it takes: the 3 simple things you must get good at to guide your own marriage thereWhat someone who is on the way there–or who is already there– is DOING on the regular (this is also a list of what’s required!)A specific real life example to illustrate these things from a client The next steps to learning these thingsAnd why you, as an HSP, are best suited to shift your marriage into Re-enchantment.  It’s so important to have an idea of what it looks like in real life to make your marriage into the loving, lighthearted, connected one you want. This episode provides that, and gives you the next tangible steps to take to make this come alive in your own relationship as a highly sensitive woman.SHOW NOTES:Click to sign up for Sunday’s Free Workshop: 3 Invisible Steps To Deeper Love Than Ever Between You And Your Significant Other Click to learn about and enroll in Treasured. 
10/24/202336 minutes, 32 seconds
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The Magic Of The 20 Second Hug

134  Don't miss the free workshop I announce inside (link below)!  If there were 1 research-backed thing that takes only 20 seconds that you could do to generate those warm hearted deep connected feelings between you and a significant other, grow the security and ease in your marriage, AND bring your nervous system into regulation ( i.e. make you feel grounded and peaceful) in the midst of a normally stressful day…would you do it? I bet you would…if you knew what it was.In this episode, I will tell you.  Dive in to hear all about the 20 second hug. You’ll hear what it will do for you and your relationship, and how to do it (yes, there are some specifics to make it work best!).You'll also learn what can get in the way of getting the most out of this little but powerful love hack, and what the core or “pre-work” is to make it truly work its magic in your marriage and on your sensitive mind-body-heart system.SHOW NOTES:FREE WORKSHOP: The 3 Invisible Steps To Deeper Love Than Ever Your Marriage Curious About TREASURED, Hannah’s marriage coaching program for HSPs? Learn all about it HERE.
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Caretaking Your Sensitive System for More Love

133  Being a highly sensitive person obviously means we are more sensitive than others. This has real ramifications in our love lives— both wonderful and challenging.Luckily, we can support our sensitive selves in ways that amplify the best parts of our sensitivity, and make the challenges of it so much easier. This will involve caretaking your sensitive Mind Body Heart System. And yes, like it or not,  MORE deeply and consistently than non-HSPs.In other words, even if you don't like it, in order to have an intimate relationship (and life) that feels deeply satisfying, nourishing, and fulfilling, you as an HSP need to attend more to your emotional well-being  and nervous system regulation than a non-HSP.As I’ve accepted this, and learned how to caretake my sensitive nervous system (and sensitive mind, body, heart, and emotions), I’ve fallen in love with doing it AND what it has led to in my relationship. This can be true for you, too. Dive into this episode to:Learn why love and marriage can be so hard as HSP without truly caretaking your sensitive system in the right waysLearn why accepting our higher need for emotional caretaking can be difficult, and why it's more than worth it to do soBe inspired by my own story about how doing so changed EVERYTHING for the better forever in my love life Learn the 2 simple but essential foundational steps to get started with right away that will make the same thing possible for you and your marriage. Without this emotional tending, the kind of relationship you most want–full of love, lightheartedness, attraction, effective and connecting communication, and mutual supportiveness–is likely to remain elusive.But with it? You set the stage for what can feel like magic to  happen in your relationship. Dive in to begin.SHOW NOTES:For the fall '23 round,  join the Treasured  waitlist HERE by October 15th to get the perks of early enrollment, including the free BONUS program Foundations of Emotional Wellbeing for HSPS. Learn more about Treasured (Hannah's marriage coaching program for sensitive women) here.
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When And How to Share A Complaint

132   When your significant other has done something that anger or hurts you, you may want to share a complaint-–or what I call a grievance– with them, especially if it is eating away at your or you feeling it is coming between you as a couple.Sharing a grievance with your partner can be an important part of building a relationship that is full of loving sensitivity, collaboration, and care for each other.But only if you aren't making the mistakes the most of us make when we do it!And only if done skillfully.In this episode, you will learn:The 4 common mistakes we tend to make as women when we go to air our grievances.Why when you make them you won’t get the change or support you wantWhat you need to do instead to create the conditions to most effectively share in the futureThe 2 prime ingredients you must embrace to enter into the conversation when the time comesAnd the 9 steps to actually voicing the grievance in a way that your partner can hear– and is most likely to inspire him to want to do things differently in the future, and pour some living support on you right then and there……All illustrated with a real personal example of sharing a grievance with my own husband so you can get a sense of the process in action.This episode comes with a warning! So listen in, but make sure you listen all the way through so you don’t go use this powerful process prematurely (which will backfire)… …and so you can instead understand what it truly takes to share about painful things that you have big feelings about in a way that is truly effective in making your relationship better, more loving, and more attuned and connected over time. Dive in.SHOW NOTES: Learn more about Treasured (Hannah's marriage coaching program for sensitive women) here. For the fall '23 round,  join the Treasured  waitlist HERE by October 15th to get the perks of early enrollment. 
10/5/202330 minutes, 4 seconds
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Redirecting Anger Into Positive Change

131  Today we are revisiting the topic of anger in our relationships, because it is so often a destructive force that leads to an unraveling of connection. But it doesn't have to be.If you often (or just sometimes) feel frustrated, resentful, aggravated or resentful towards your significant other, get this episode in your ears. Because your anger may be valid, especially if you don't feel fully met in your marriage. But it is very likely misdirected. The big question to ask is, is the way you are directing that anger getting you more of what you want in the long run? Or less of what you want?In this episode we look at how most often the way we use our anger leads to less of what we want, and more pain and disconnection. But you can change that. It starts with looking at the misunderstandings that lead to anger being misdirected, and then understanding how you can redirect that anger into a force of truly positive change in your marriage. Listen in and get on the right track to real long term happiness in your marriage. SHOW NOTES:Learn more and join the waitlist for Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for sensitive women, HERE.
9/28/202319 minutes, 34 seconds
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Nutrition For Better Relationships As HSPs With Lisa Masé

130  The quality of our relationships are deeply impacted by various aspects of our Mind-Body-Heart Systems' well-being. Especially our emotional well-being, which is deeply affected by our physical health (specifically our nutritional, hormonal, and nervous system health).  In this episode, we will talk about all this with a special guest, Nutritionist Lise Masé. Listen in to our conversation (involving chocolate, magic and mystery, and the word “hangry”) to learn: Why nutrition matters when it comes to emotional and relationship well-being, and why you would even want to learn how to support your sensitive system nutritionally. How food, and food choices and habits impact our nervous systems regulation, hormones, thoughts, moods, and emotions, and ultimately our ability to be in connection with our significant other. Why sensitive people are prone to digestive issues.Which foods help and which hurt…(such as foods that cause anxiety, and those that counter it)How nutritionally supporting yourself isn’t just about the foods you eat, but the way you eat them!Why pleasure helps you shift your eating habits to more optimal ones for your unique system – and how to have more of it in your meals!How guiding your mind is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to optimal nutrition.Specific small practices, and strategies that you can explore that will support the most aligned eating for your specific system ……All of which will help have a less reactive Mind-Body-Heart system and help you attain optimal well-being in your nervous system, which will translate into more vitality, more ease, more connection and an overall better marriage. Listen in.SHOW NOTESLearn more and join the waitlist for Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for sensitive women, HERE.  Find Lisa at her website, Get More Free Support, Courses and Coaching for your Relationship HERE.
9/21/202348 minutes, 40 seconds
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Getting Triggered (Why It Happens And What To Do About It)

129  We almost all get triggered (upset, reactive, bothered, suddenly overcome with emotion) at times in our intimate relationship, especially as highly sensitive people. Although so common, it’s also a big contributing factor in marital unhappiness.To put an end to the yucky feelings and damaging effects that being triggered can have on your marriage, you’ve got to learn what’s going on when you get triggered, why it happens (it might not be what you think it is), who’s causing you to be triggered, and how to calm and even outgrow your triggers.Listen in for all of that, and to hear about the 3 things that cause certain words, tones of voice, expressions on your partner's face, things they do, or events to be triggering trigger to you, and what it will take to ease or eliminate those triggers altogether (and what won't work!).  With personal and client stories woven throughout, this episode gets you started on the path of working through what upsets you and your sensitive system compassionately, so you can put an end to being triggered and have the light, connected, supportive relationship you were born for as a sensitive woman.SHOW NOTES:Get The Stop Taking It So Personally Course HERE.Get the $20 off coupon here. Learn more and join the waitlist for Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for sensitive women, HERE. 
9/7/202332 minutes, 53 seconds
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Is It Criticism Or Feedback?

If you ever feel criticized or hurt by something that happens between you and your partner, this is a must listen episode. (See the details on the NEW course below, too).Inevitably in your long term relationship there will be times you hear what feel like judgements of your actions or character, or criticisms, or complaints from your partner.When you feel hurt by these, not only is it painful, but it can take a real toll on your relationship. (Disconnection, resentment, fights, emotional distance are all likely).But it doesn't have to. When you learn to discern between criticism and feedback– and use your partner’s untactful or less-than-kind words or actions as feedback, you will not just feel so much better, you will have a relationship that gets better by the day. In this episode, we look at how what can feel like a criticism is often actually meant to be feedback and how you can tell the difference.We also dive into what you can do, even when it was meant as a criticism, to use it as feedback, so as not to let it hurt you or build resentment, and prevent the downward cycle that comes from there in relationships.Because highly sensitive women can have a tendency to take things as criticism and feel hurt easily, this is an episode you don't want to miss if you want to grow and evolve both as a human and as a couple. Listen in. SHOW NOTES:Get The Stop Taking It So Personally Course HERE.Get the $20 off coupon by hopping on Hannah’s email list here. 
8/31/202330 minutes, 20 seconds
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The Relationship Rulebook

This is a hearty episode that will help you put an end to upset, frustration, resentment, old hurts–and so many arguments and conflicts that you have in your relationship— if you dig in and follow the steps I lay out. If you find yourself feeling mad, resentful, frustrated, irritated or disappointed often in your marriage, a large part of it is likely due to your “Relationship Rulebook”.When it comes to our relationships, We all have subconscious or semi-conscious ideas about how it should be, how a good partner is supposed to behave, how they should be, what they are supposed to be doing…and how we ourselves should be as a wife or partner. These are your relationship rules,   I give many examples of what these look like in this episode. Since most significant others will not always want to or be able to follow your rules, as long as you continue to subscribe to these rules, you will keep feeling all that frustration, disappointment, resentment, and anger. And you won't ever be able to enjoy your marriage, or love your partner as deeply as you will when you let them go.Luckily, when you discover, examine, question, and release your rules’ grip on you, you will also release the unhappiness and make way for so much more connection, love and joy in your marriage.In fact, the work I did done early in my second marriage dismantling my Relationship Rulebook was a large part of the reason that it was so much happier than my first one was.Listen in now (with pen and paper ready for note taking!) and implement what I share here, and your marriage will start feeling more lighthearted, easy, and loving right away.SHOW NOTES:Join the Treasured Waitlist here.Learn more about Treasured, Hannah's marriage coaching program for HSP's  here. 
8/24/202347 minutes, 58 seconds
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When Your Spouse Is Defensive

126  Is your significant other defensive? If so, you know how hard it can be on your communication as a couple, working through things that need to be addressed, and feeling connected. As I know from personal experience, it can really feel like a divisive wedge between you.And if you are anything like most of the highly sensitive women I work with, you’d love for that defensiveness to just disappear–so you can communicate so much better about important things and feel like a team in life together. So let's talk about how to handle it when your partner tends towards being defensive. Because it is very possible to help curb this tendency of your partners’, make it have less impact, and even eliminate it from your marriage entirely.In this episode we look at what defensiveness is, why it happens, what might be triggering it, and lay a groundwork of understanding about it so you can be set up to prevent it from hurting your marriage.We then dive into the 7 steps you can take to help interrupt and dissolve this pattern in your spouse and relationship–and even get him on board in doing so.Even if being defensive is an old tendency of your partner’s from childhood, you still have sway over how much it shows up and interferes in your marriage's wellbeing.Listen in today to learn how, and start the flow of communication that connects instead of divides.SHOW NOTES:Want more connection?  Grab Hannah's 7 Most Powerful Phrases To Deepen Connection In Your Marriage For HSPs HERE.
8/10/202343 minutes, 53 seconds
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Men Being Honest About The Hard Stuff With Casey And Will

A special episode featuring 2 male guests, Casey Desharnais, a Men’s Depth Coach, and my husband Will– just a regular guy– for both you and your (willing) partner to listen to.To be the most successful partner and have a very connected and loving relationship requires the skill of being honest with oneself–of looking at what's going on inside yourself that may be leading to less-than-skillful ways of relating (and conflict and disconnection)– and then being honest and open about it with our significant other.But, in our modern culture, many men, especially, still have trouble engaging with – or even looking at – the harder aspects of themselves that they bring to their relationship. (This goes for all humans, but men can be especially prone to this.) If, like many women, you are frustrated that your partner doesn’t seem very self-aware, or has a hard time saying sorry, revealing something that you have a hunch is going on below the surface, or being vulnerable about his feelings with you… Or if he gets defensive easily, or tends to deflect problems, turns the blame on you, or simply shuts down in the face of harder interactions with you or others. . .. . .  it may be because he, too, has not yet learned to be transparent, authentic, and open (TAO) with himself fully yet. But he can learn to, and you can learn how to support him in doing so in a loving, safe way…And when you both do, your relationship will grow by leaps and bounds.Join Casey, Will, and I (in two separate interviews) as we chat about:The BIG positive effects that happen when men begin to learn how to look at and engage with the things they haven't wanted to see about themselves beforeWhy it’s so hard for so many to be TAO with themselves, and with their significant other.What women need to understand their man is up against to be able to be more open and vulnerable with you.How you can support your partner to feel safer and more comfortable to engage with the harder parts of himself and open up about them with you.Tips and encouragement for men to begin building this “muscle” of being TAO–and why they’d WANT to bother.Casey and Will’s perspective and personal stories on their own journeys with learning how to do this –and how many benefits they have both reaped from this challenging but rewarding process.This episode will shed light on the reasons behind men’s lack of ease with this important skill, start healing rifts and bring in more compassion, and give you tangible strategies for more self-honesty and ownership– so you can BOTH start feeling more intimacy and connection right away – and grow a deeper, more all encompassing love between you.SHOW NOTESWhere to find Casey:His website (a bit outdated): coaching via ManTalks: Men's Group he helps facilitate: Hannah at
8/3/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 26 seconds
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How To Keep Connection Alive In A Busy Life

124  Feeling connected to your significant other is key to your marriage fulfillment as a highly sensitive woman, right? But with the very busy modern lives so many of have–with careers and homes to tend to, kids to care for, a social life to keep alive– we are likely to feel disconnection creeping in…And when we feel disconnected, we can start to feel resentful, and go about trying to feel more connected in ways that actually just exacerbate the disconnection… It’s a vicious cycle–one I know intimately and would never wish on anyone.But it doesn’t have to be this way! In this episode I share my recent personal experience of this cycle beginning to creep in, and how I stopped it and brought my husband and I back to feeling super connected–and how you can, too.Dive it to hear me share:the 5 steps to keeping that connection with your honey alive, even with a busy full life.Common mistakes we make when feeling disconnected or trying to reconnectSome of the barriers that can come up to reconnecting, specifically for HSPs– and how to move past the most common oneAll illustrated with my recent personal story…Even if your life isn't super busy, what I share in this episode is key to keeping connection alive in a long-term intimate relationship, so listen in!SHOW NOTES:Hop on Hannah's Email list hereOr grab her 7 Most Powerful Phrases To Deepen Connection In Your Marriage For HSPs here. 
7/27/202330 minutes, 11 seconds
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5 Dos And Don’ts For Higher Quality Communication

123  Feeling heard by your partner matters to most highly sensitive women in a big way–when it comes to the smaller daily interactions, or those bigger important conversations. We also tend to love it when our partner opens up to us and shares what's going on for them. In other words, we tend to really love having a culture of great listening and open sharing in our marriages.But it’s easy to unintentionally make some small mistakes that prevent that great communication exchange, or simply to not be doing what you can to promote it. If you don’t feel like your partner is super great at listening or big into sharing and you want to encourage more of both, dive in. A few tweaks can make a huge difference. In today's episode you will learn the 5 things NOT to do, and 5 things to start doing right away to bring about a culture of great listening, hearing, and sharing between you and your significant other.These changes are really simple and easy to implement, so dive in and get learning and applying right away to make real changes in the depth and ease of communication and intimacy in your marriage.SHOW NOTESGrab The free 7 Most Powerful Phrases To Deepen Connection In Your Marriage HERE
7/13/202331 minutes, 6 seconds
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Sensitive Awareness: Key To Changing Habitual Patterns Of Interaction

122  If you feel stuck and in the same old patterns of pain, recurring situations or emotional reactions that never seem to improve your relationship–or you are just ready for faster positive change- this episode is for you.One of the hardest things for so many people is stopping patterns of interaction that hurt their relationship (like reacting super strongly, or being snippy with your partner) and starting ones that help! Even if you know WHAT to do differently, you may find you can’t quite DO it in the heat of the moment. This is simply because you haven't fully developed your power of what I call Sensitive Awareness.This simple powerful skill is the key to being able to change things that feel hard to change! And luckily you can easily learn to develop it starting with this episode.Today we dive into what Sensitive Awareness (SA) is, why it is foundational to making any real change in your relationship and life, and the power you gain access to in your marriage and your emotional realm (including emotional contagion –like I promised last week!) when you slow down enough to use it on purpose.Then you will learn two specific ways to put SA into practice in order to put an end to painful patterns and develop new ones that generate connection and supportiveness–all  illustrated with personal and client examples. You’ll also learn what to look out for in terms of the obstacles that may make SA harder to do.The power of Sensitive awareness is huge, so listen in to this important episode!SHOW NOTESGrab The free 7 Most Powerful Phrases To Deepen Connection In Your Marriage HERE
7/6/202331 minutes, 22 seconds
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Making HSP Empathy More Gift Than Challenge In Relationships

121 Our natural empathy as  HSPs can be a beautiful gift or big challenge in our relationships. I’ve heard from many a client that they feel their empathy is overwhelming and drags them down. I have seen how it can also lead to resentment and hard times in relationships.If you've ever had that experience,  the good news is your natural empathy can actually be used to build greater intimacy in your relationship–once you’ve learned a few simple ways to work with it.Today, we dive into how empathy can lead to the deepest intimacy in our relationships, and also how it can come with a dark side–emotional contagion--what I think of as disempowered empathy. Then you will learn how to shift into what we can call an empowered empathy, which actually benefits both you and the other person, instead of draining you.Listen in as I share stories and the high empathy strategy that all HSP’s should know!SHOW NOTES:Find Hannah and all her offerings at
6/29/202329 minutes, 1 second
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How To Work With Your "Two Brains" For More Love (Revisited)

#120 Today, we are re-visiting a foundational topic–one that many other marriage professionals do not address, but is essential to understand as an HSP–because it is the very SOURCE of so much that goes awry in our marriages--and the source of what makes them amazing, too. As humans we all come into this world having inherited a “set of equipment” that can make things really hard in love –if we don’t understand it. We can use this genetic inheritance for or against us in love. How we relate to it and work with it makes ALL the difference in our marriages. To understand this in a basic way is to start stepping into your capacity to steer your marriage where you want it to go, instead of feeling like you are at the mercy of your own, and your significant other’s, negative feelings and behaviors. Your capacity for having ever-deepening love in your life as an HSP requires understanding this--and keeping it forefront in your mind. So revisit this topic with me (or listen in for the first time) to begin to do so, and to become way more more compassionate towards yourself and able to harness the power you have to make your marriage the loving one you want it to be.SHOW NOTESJoin the Treasured Waitlist here. Learn more about Treasured here. 
6/1/202339 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Different Types Of Investing In Marriage For Lasting Happiness

119  If you have been listening to this podcast and seeing only small improvements  (or none at all ) in your relationship, today’s topic is likely the crucial missing piece for you.Sadly, this really important topic tends to be MISSING from the conversation about having the kind of relationship we sensitive women really want with our partners–to our marriage’s detriment!We need to talk about and be honest with ourselves about how much we are investing (and what types and levels of investment are realistic and doable for us personally), in our marriages in order to really make and sustain the changes we want in them.Because there are different types of investment ( time, energy, $, etc) that we can and need to make to have a great (or even just decent) marriage. But the reality is not all of us have the same resources available to put into our marriages. So today let’s:breakdown the types of investment necessary to have the marriage you want,talk about why "investing" is essential for lasting love and great relationships take an honest look at what types of investment you personally have available to you right now,  go over how to make best use of my (or other marriages experts) free teachings and/or my paid programs, and look at expected results that come from the different resources and levels of you can decide what the best way for YOU to invest in your marriage is at this point in time…and be able to bring it alive with the love, connection, support, and fulfillment you deserve. This surprising episode may be the pivotal moment for many of you that finally sparks the kind of change you may have been trying make, but have not succeeded in fully yet–until now. SHOW NOTES:LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP for both:Hannah's Free Workshop: 3 Invisible Steps To Deeper Love Than Ever Between You And Your Significant Other (Saturday, May 20th)Hannah's 6 month intimate group marriage coaching program for highly sensitive women: Treasured; Enlivening Your Marriage and Deepening Your Love --where REAL change happens. Doors close Monday May 22.
5/18/202342 minutes, 27 seconds
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Real-Enchantment: From A Rut To Deeper Love Than Ever

118  If you want to avoid falling into a “rut” – or are already in one in your relationship–this episode is for you.  We dive into a short review of why ruts (what I call "disenchantment") happen, and how they are actually just a phase that can, with your help,  propel you into something better than ever in your marriage: What I call "Real-Enchantment". This is a more mature, evolved, deeper, and more genuine love than you’ve known before, where you feel more love and connection and sense of being a team in life than EVER.It’s what you’ve always wanted– and what I want for you. Listen in to learn:What it will be like when you get there, What it takes: the 3 simple things you must get good at to guide your own marriage thereWhat someone who is on the way to Real-Enchantment–or who is already there– is DOING on the regularA specific example to illustrate these things from a clients real lifeThe next steps to learning these thingsAnd why you, as an HSP, are best suited to shift your marriage into Real-enchantment.  It’s so important to have a visual–an idea of what it looks like in real life–to make your marriage into the loving, lighthearted, connected one you want. This episode provides that, and gives you the next tangible steps to take to make this come alive in your own life. SHOW NOTES:Sign up for the Free Workshop: 3 Invisible Steps To Deeper Love Than Ever Between You And Your Significant Other Click to learn about and enroll in Treasured. 
5/11/202335 minutes, 53 seconds
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BONUS: In HSP Voices; My Clients Real Relationship Changes

In this special bonus episode, you’ll hear directly from the mouths of past Treasured participants and clients (normal highly sensitive women just like you) about what things were like before coaching with me and how things changed in their marriages by working with me.Listen in to these inspiring stories and hear their words of encouragement to you! I hope you’ll leave this episode feeling a lot of hope, a sense of excitement for what’s possible for you ,and some extra inspiration and motivation to make these same kind of changes yourself.NOTES: If you want to make these kinds of changes yourself,  join Treasured. Enrollment ends May 20th. Enroll today.
5/6/202330 minutes, 27 seconds
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Luanne's Story: From Overcare To True Enjoyment

So many highly sensitive women fall into a habit of Overcare (see episode 93 to learn all about it), and it leads to a lot of annoyance, resentment and negativity in their relationships. Some months ago, my client Luanne was no different. Until she came to work with me. Then she shifted it all, and is now truly enjoying her now husband and her life so much more–and feeling more peaceful than ever…despite life being, well, life.Listen in as she tells her story and we talk about:How trying to “make” others happy can make us so unhappy as sensitive people.How she harnessed the power of her thinking to break out of the life-sucking pattern of overcare and stays peaceful (or gets back there easily–even during difficult life events)How she makes everyday one she truly enjoys with her man (instead of one that felt negative and hard).How she changed her thought patterns to have so much more lightness and enjoyment in all her family relationships!!What shifting these habits took.How she stopped doing all of the planning and chores herself (and resenting him for it) and worked with her partner to step up more.How she influences her honey to proactively grow alongside her.How she incorporates the things she learned and skills she developed though our coaching everyday for more peace, enjoyment and loveHow highly sensitive women are so well positioned for having great positive influence in our relationships (and what that takes).Her words of advice to you to make your marriage one you truly enjoy, too!All of this is  illustrated with tangible easily-relatable stories from her life and relationship. Luanne talks about the same approaches and  tools I do (since I taught her them!) , but in her own way, which will help you understand them in a new light. This conversation has so many little gems of wisdom all throughout, so perk your ears and enjoy this special episode.SHOW NOTES:Learn about and join TREASURED here ( it's now the only way to work with me! Doors close May 2oth)
5/4/202356 minutes, 40 seconds
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BONUS: Improving your marriage TOGETHER

This is a special short episode about the best way to evolve your marriage as a HSP. In it, you get to hear directly from 3 of my recent highly sensitive Treasured program graduates, Emma, Sonya, and Rockie about the power of healing our relationships in a community of supportive like-minded others. They share what their experience in the Treasured group was like, how they felt nervous about a group program, what it really ended up feeling like, why it was so transformative, and how it was different and supplemented by their 1:1 coaching with me.They also dish out some real relationship-changing wisdom!If you are slightly considering joining Treasured now or in a future round, definitely don’t miss this. SHOW NOTES:If you want to learn more about Treasured, click here. If you are ready to sign up, fill out this form.
4/27/202313 minutes
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Disenchantment In Love (Why You’re There And 3 Tips To Get Out)

116  If you feel like the love you once had in your relationship has faded (a little or a lot), and dissatisfaction and disappointment have  moved in,  you are in a phase of relationship I call disenchantment. And truth be told, finding yourself here is more the rule than the exception in modern relationships. But it doesn't have to be. Today you'll hear the 3 reasons why disenchantment is oh-so-common, especially in sensitive people--and it’s likely not what you think! You’ll also learn the good news about what finding yourself here means, and get 3 tips to set you up to get out of disenchantment and into a deeper, more fulfilling, more genuine love than ever in your marriage. If you are tired of being less-than-happy in your marriage, and you’re ready to feel truly hopeful, encouraged, and empowered to bring your marriage alive with love, ease, connection and attraction again, listen in. SHOW NOTES:Learn about and join TREASURED here  (huge discount ends Sunday April 30th)Access BRING BACK THE ATTRACTION for free here (ends Sunday April 30th)
4/27/202335 minutes, 45 seconds
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Increasing Attraction and Attractiveness in Marriage

115  Attraction. One of the funnest, most vitalizing, magical parts of love relationships. If you are like most women, you WANT to keep it alive in your marriage–or bring it back if it's faded.And you want it to go both ways: you want to feel attracted to your partner–and feel their attraction to you, too.Unfortunately, it is very common for feelings of attraction to seemingly fade over time in our intimate relationships.  But that does NOT have to be the case for you. You can keep it alive–or bring it back for the long haul.But it will take learning and intentionality. In this episode, I help you begin that learning, and give you 8 tips on how to be more attractive to your partner. Because of course you want to feel attractive to your spouse. And you may not be feeling that as much as you’d like. Dive in to change that today.This is just one leg of the journey, though. Because you also want to feel that aliveness of attraction TO your significant other. So I made a special free training for you on how to revive it and KEEP it alive, so the joy of mutual attraction can become a permanent part of your lives together. Grab the free training here: Bring Back The Attraction; 7 Keys To Sparking More Of That Magical Appeal You Used To Feel. 
4/20/202325 minutes, 8 seconds
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Acceptance Vs. Making Excuses For Your Spouse

114  NOTE: Before listening, make sure you get access to Hannah’s free training, Bring Back the Attraction. It’s only available for a limited time, and it's on-demand. Grab it here and tune in soon.Are you making excuses for your significant other? Or are you genuinely accepting them and meeting them with understanding? Find out in this episode.You’ve heard me say it a lot: it IS important to accept our partner for who they are. But, if  accepting them feels to you more like you're resigning yourself to things not feeling good between you, or you feel like you’re having to tolerate bad behavior from your significant other,  you may be just making excuses for them-- not genuinely accepting them.If so, you're doing it wrong. In fact, I have a name for this : disempowered acceptance. And it actually takes away your power of influence to make your marriage better. So today I want to help you do acceptance right. Because when you are genuinely accepting your partner, you are actually MORE capable of making improvements and inspiring positive change in your marriage.I call this Empowered Acceptance. Dive in to hear me lay it all out. I even share a story from my own marriage that will help you understand how to do it yourself.SHOW NOTESWant to feel more attraction, desire, and playful connection with your significant other? Then get access to Hannah’s free on-demand training, Bring Back the Attraction. It’s only available for a limited time. Grab it here and tune in soon.
4/13/202323 minutes, 45 seconds
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Marriage (Im)Perfectionism

113    If you find yourself asking, “Did I marry the wrong person?”, wondering if maybe there is someone better out there for you, or noticing a lot of what is not so great about your partner—or generally feeling dissatisfied with your marriage— this episode is for you.This is so common as highly sensitive people, not just because our partner's faults tend to loom large to us, but  because our society gives us the idea that it's possible to have a perfect partner, a “Mr. Right”. This seriously (and sneakily) undermines our ability to be happy in our marriage…  because every REAL human will ALWAYS fall short. And we will be disappointed and endlessly dissatisfied and longing for something better.This is what I think of as Marriage Perfectionism. And even if you don't think you're a perfectionist, you may still be under the spell of marriage perfectionism–and having the life sucked out of you and your marriage because of it.If you want to re-enliven the love, attraction, and joy in your marriage--and make it all LAST– then having an imperfect partner is the BEST opportunity to do so–if you take advantage. Because the solution isn't your partner being more Mr Right. It’s about you learning to love more perfectly. Listen in to hear all about it.SHOW NOTESGet on Hannah's  email list to get in on the great opportunities coming soon to re-enliven your marriage with love, attraction, connection and joy. 
4/6/202326 minutes, 15 seconds
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Perfectionism in Highly Sensitive People

112   Many highly sensitive people tend towards perfectionism. Although perfectionism can make us feel successful in certain ways, it actually fuels an exhausting, self-worth-depleting cycle that does more harm than good in our lives and relationships.Today we dive into the whats, whys and hows of it. We look at WHY we fall into perfectionism (hint–it’s a protective strategy developed early on in life), what it looks like, what it results in in our lives and how it impacts our relationships…… and the surprising way you can soften its grip on your life and release it. (I tell my own story about this!) Even if you never thought of yourself as a perfectionist, you may still have some of the tendencies of perfectionism (some of them go hand in hand with high sensitivity) –and be experiencing the fallout effects of them. If so, you will want to be aware of it, so you can start shifting it at the source……and so you can feel much more ease, confidence, and loving intimacy within yourself and your marriage. SHOW NOTESIf you've been enjoying it, please leave a review of this podcast here on Apple Podcasts.
3/30/202346 minutes, 45 seconds
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Strategic Anger

111  Anger is not a bad emotion. It can be a useful fuel for positive change in our relationships. But in our modern relationships, it most often isn't…That’s because we tend to over-indulge in it, and react out of it. So it ends up doing more harm than good in our marriages.If you find yourself annoyed, frustrated, resentful, or angry somewhat often at your partner–and you think you may show it (even if only subtly), please know that you are not a bad partner and this is quite normal. Yet, it is most likely not only pushing you and your partner apart, but also diluting any power your anger may have to make things better between you.If so, it’s time to take a different approach. This doesn't mean eliminating anger, but rather evolving the way you handle it so it can serve you effectively, the way it was meant to. Dive in to learn about:How our unconscious defense mechanisms can lead to over-relying on anger in an attempt to improve thingsWhy, if you're feeling anger often, it's likely because you're in a very normal stage in your relationship–one that you can move beyond, so you can have the love and connection you want. The 2 kinds of anger–one that hurts and one that heals. How the way I handled anger really hurt my first marriage—and how the way I handle it now has been a healing force in my own marriage.How you, too, can begin shifting from the harmful to the helpful type of angerWhat ”strategic anger” can do for you and your relationship when you learn to use it.What you can do instead of getting really angry at your significant other to make positive changes between you.Tune in to this episode to start building a whole new relationship with your very human emotion of anger–one that will help you have the relationship you really want with your husband. SHOW NOTESSet up your consult hereEpisodes mentioned: Grievance: The Biggest Barrier To A Loving MarriageCalming Emotional Reactivity For HSPsHow To Feel Safe To Feel Any Feeling
3/16/202329 minutes, 7 seconds
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How To Feel More Appreciated In Your Relationship

110  If you don't feel as appreciated in your relationship as you want to, you are not alone. Lots of highly sensitive women have shared with me that they feel the same. I want to help you turn that around.Because there's SO much to appreciate in all that you do and all that you are. And I want you to FEEL that. So today I share 5 tips to start shifting the very culture of your marriage into one way more full of appreciation.We also look at some of the things that can get in the way of being and feeling appreciated–both from your own end and your partner's end–and how to work with these so they don’t get in the way anymore.The truth is, just because  your marriage doesn't feel as appreciative and loving as you want it to, there is nothing that needs to stop you from inviting more of it into your relationship starting today. To do so, dive into this episode and start  harnessing the power of influence you have to make your marriage appreciation-full. SHOW NOTESGRAB THE 7 MOST POWERFUL PHRASES TO DEEPEN CONNECTION IN YOUR MARRIAGEHop On My Email List for Insight, Wisdom, Teachings, and Tips For Having The Relationship You Really Want With Your Partner
3/9/202328 minutes, 52 seconds
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Helping Your Husband Be There For You When You're Upset

109  Does your partner try to “fix” you when you're sad, or quickly tell you that it will  all be okay, make a joke ( or even ignore you)–instead of holding you or sitting lovingly with you while you cry or spill it all out–like you want him to?This is so common! So, if you don’t feel very emotionally supported by your partner when you are having a hard day or are upset–or if you wish he was more empathetic and caring during those times, this episode is for you!Being there for you when you are upset is NOT many men’s strong suit. Today I dive into WHY, so you can not just understand and have a lot more peace around his way of trying to support you, but so you can also help him be better at being there for you in a way that feels good to YOU (and him, too!) during the harder moments of life.Listen in to hear: About the real brain differences that make the sensitive caring empathy we love hard for him3 things to know and remember to feel more loved and supported when you're upsetThe exact things to DO to encourage him to be better able to lovingly be there for you in the hard times.(Keep in mind we aren’t talking today about when you’re upset at him–rather when you are upset about something else in life.)If you implement everything I suggest in this episode, you can say goodbye to feeling so dismissed, hurt, or uncared for by your husband when you are having a hard time–and BOTH start feeling like the harder times of life actually have the power to bring you closer as a couple.SHOW NOTESHannah's Website
3/2/202324 minutes, 22 seconds
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Deeper More Meaningful Conversations With Your Spouse

108   If you’re a classic highly sensitive woman, you love a good deep conversation. But you may find you have less of them than you want to with your significant other. Today I will help you change that, so you can have more of that intimate connection –via conversation–that you love. In this episode I share one simple– but powerful –key to engaging your partner in meaningful conversations more regularly, a whole bunch of diving off points, and the preconditions necessary to have them succeed. You will also learn what it takes to invite your (reluctant) partner to be more of a frequent conversationalist himself.Although deep meaningful conversations are not the only way to bring more closeness and connection into your marriage, they are a rich way to create it. Listen in!
2/16/202327 minutes, 19 seconds
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PMS and Perimenopause in Relationships as HSPs With Christine Maccarroll

107  If you’ve ever experienced the wonky hormones of PMS or perimenopause, you know they can impact how you feel and act with your loved ones–especially your significant other.  And if you’re highly sensitive, the effect of these hormonal times can be extra hard.If, at certain times of month, you feel more irritable, snippy, and averse to your husband, if you tend to have more arguments, or feel more easily hurt or don’t feel attractive or attracted to you husband, you’re not alone. Many of my clients have shared with me how their relationship is negatively impacted by their hormones, too.So I brought on a special guest, Functional Nutritionist, Christine Maccarroll, to help you understand what’s going on with your hormones and how you can bring them back into more balance so you can feel better, restore your mood, and have an easier time in your relationship all month long.Join us as we laugh, empathize, and wonder at the female human physiology, nutrition’s effect on us, and the interrelationship between our personal wellbeing and our marriages well-being. She gives us simple but highly effective steps we can take to gain back our mood and energy for a better life and marriage through and beyond perimenopause. SHOW NOTESFind Christine at her website: on Instagram:  @christine.maccarroll Find Hannah at 
2/9/202350 minutes, 58 seconds
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Grievance: The Biggest Barrier To A Loving Marriage

106  Feel resentful towards your partner sometimes?Find it hard to let go of his small or large wrongdoings –or things he’s done in the past?If so, you’re holding onto grievance–and it’s like a poison that’s eating away at you and your emotional well being, and preventing true happiness in your long-term relationship. So long as grievance and resentment are a regular part of your experience in your relationship, you will NOT be able to have teh love and connection you really want.In this episode, I dive into:Why grievance is such a problem, and how much it costs us in our marriagesWhat keeps us stuck in itHow to tell if you are holding onto grievanceWhy it’s not just a problem in your marriage, but a planetary problem– one you can be part of the solution for. What you can do about it to free yourself from it’s toxicity,My 5 step process that will help you open your marriage back up to the loving intimacy you truly want. Listen in now to begin overcoming this huge barrier to the marriage you want–and the WORLD you want.SHOW NOTES: Schedule Your Consult Here.Learn more About Coaching With Hannah Here.
2/2/202329 minutes, 49 seconds
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The 3 Simple Things You Must Be Able To Do To Have An Amazing Marriage

The ESSENCE of what it takes to have a good–even amazing –marriage is not complex– its actually very simple. So in this episode, I boil down EVERYTHING I teach my clients to do–and everything I have done to make my marriage the amazing loving thriving one it is– into the 3 things you must do to have the same. Just 3! Because I want you to see how simple it really is. That said, DOING them may not be “easy”. Which is why I take my clients through a 4 step process that breaks the 3 things down into easy, digestible, do-able steps. So in this episode we dive into:The 3 simple things you must be able to do to have a great marriage–the WHAT you need to do to make your marriage loving, supportive, affectionate and funHow seeing how simple it is benefits you,How simple doesn't necessarily equal easyA deeper overview of the 3 things and why they are so key to a great marriage.How my 4 step process gives you the HOW of these 3 things (teaches you how you actually DO the 3 simple things!)What will make being able to do the 3 things so much easier, so you can reap the huge rewards of your marriage becoming the way more loving, connected, light-hearted one you want it to be.Listen in. You will come away with a clarity that has likely been missing up until now. SHOW NOTES: Schedule Your Consult Here.Learn more About Coaching With Hannah Here.
1/19/202331 minutes, 21 seconds
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Transparent, Authentic And Open (With Yourself)

104   Being honest and authentic with your partner is important to intimacy–but being  transparent, authentic and open (TAO) with yourself is even more important if you want to  have a relationship you feel great in!I want this to be the year your marriage changes for the better forever.So let’s start it off on the right foot: with a TAO process that helps you take a clear-eyed look at yourself in your relationship over the past year, and helps you decide how and if you want to adjust anything on your side of the street this year--so you can be set up for the most success you've ever had at making your marriage the best it can be this year.Because a marriage that grows in peace, fun, connection, living ally-ship and intimacy can’t happen if you aren't willing to look at yourself: how you act, the choices you make, the ways you interact –and most especially– the ways you THINK.  If you want to have any sway over your experience in love and the way your marriage goes…you must be able and willing SEE your mind.In this episode I dive into why and exactly how to do this, along with a process to get the ball rolling right now. Grab your pen and perk your ears–because this is the beginning of the most influence you’ve ever had over how happy, living and fulfilling your marriage is.SHOW NOTES:Join THE STOP TAKING IT SO PERSONALLY CHALLENGESet up your consult here.
1/12/202339 minutes, 48 seconds
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Making Self-Responsibility In Relationships Fun

103  Ready to start the New Year off on the most love-empowering foot, for REAL positive change in your marriage?  The most powerful way to do that (actually the only way to do that) is by taking super-responsibility for all you can in your marriage–in particular the pain or unhappiness you are experiencing. Doesn’t sound like fun? I’ve heard that before from other sensitive people. And it’s the reason so many people don't take responsibility–and therefore lose out majorly on having the kind of loving fulfilling marriage they want.That doesn't have to be you. In this episode I share how taking responsibility for your experience in your relationship can be the most EMPOWERING experience— instead of it feeling crappy! In fact, you can make this key to great love FUN. Dive in to hear: My definition of self-responsibility and what it means to be 100% self-responsible How, if you live without it,  it will cost you love, connection, happiness, fulfillment, laughter, joy and passion in your relationship. why it’s like winning the lasting-love-lottery once you learn to really do it, giving you way more power than you ever knew you had to make your marriage the best it can be. The totally avoidable mistake people make that leads to it feeling badWhat the people who are good at it have that others don’t (you can develop this!)How to make it feel empowering, fun and totally rewarding, so you can GROW the love, connection, happiness, fulfillment, laughter, joy and passion in your relationship.Honestly, I can’t believe I didn't make this episode for you sooner! It’s one not to miss-–giving you the biggest foundational key to breaking through to long-term happiness in love.  SHOW NOTESJoin THE STOP TAKING IT SO PERSONALLY CHALLENGE Hannah's website
1/5/202338 minutes, 27 seconds
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3 Keys To Stop Taking Things So Personally In Your Relationship As An Hsp

102    Join the free Stop Taking It So Personally Challenge for HSPs here.Ever felt that stinging (or punch-in-the-gut) feeling when your partner says or does something hurtful? Or maybe it’s something he doesn't do that leads to you feeling like he just doesn’t care. Like you don’t matter. Like you aren’t loved. For highly sensitive women, this is oh-so-common. It may very well be true that your partner could be more skillful in his interactions with you. At the same time, so much of the hurt you feel in these moments comes from  taking things personally. Which you can put an end to NOW. And you want to. Because taking things personally doesn't  just hurt–it costs us big time in our intimate relationships, leading to all sorts of AVOIDABLE pain and diminishment of affection and connection.The good news is you can learn to not take things so personally. And it will free you up to have way more of the support, connection and loving intimacy you want with your partner. Listen in as I share how.I used to take all sorts of things personally, and it hurt me and my marriage. I spent years learning how to put an end to that unnecessary pain, and replace it with the closeness, ease and love I want between my husband and I. I want that for you to. In this episode, I dive into 3 big keys to stop taking things so personally so you can less hurt and more love everyday of your life. And don't miss the announcement about the FREE event I'm hosting to make taking things personally a thing of the past for you.SHOW NOTESClick here to JOIN the STOP TAKING IT SO PERSONALLY CHALLENGE for HSPs–7 days to less hurt and more love .
12/28/202243 minutes, 35 seconds
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Successful Gestures of Connection (The Overlooked Key)

101  If you want more connection, love, and joy between you and your partner, but you're often disappointed, frustrated, resentful or irritated with your significant other, you're definitely going to want to listen to this episode.We are diving into what has been researched to be the #1 thing happy couples do to keep their marriage fulfilling, connected, and strong for life: Making regular gestures of connection, as I call them.  But there is something overlooked in the research that will make or break whether these gestures of connection work successfully in YOUR marriage.All too often these gestures of connection don’t make the impact they could. Because they just won't work if you are emotionally not truly open to connection–and the truth is, so many of us aren’t a lot of the time–and don't know how to get back to that place where you are able to both offer and receive these gestures of connection.But you can change that, and therefore tap into the power of these gestures of connection to make your marriage one that deepens in love, intimacy–and all things good–over time.So today I share:What these gestures of connection look likeHow they benefit you and your marriageHow just doing them superficially can actually backfireWhat the common obstacles are that keep you from being able to harness the marriage enhancing power of these gestures of connectionwhat you really need to make this key actually have the positive impact on your marriage they are touted to.Ways to shift back into the emotional states that make these gestures so successful for so many couples.In fact, what I share here isn’t just the key to making these gestures of connection work for your marriage's success, but it’s key to the success of ALL the expert communication and connection building strategies.In other words, nothing will make your marriage the loving one you want as deeply, powerfully, and quickly as developing the skills of guiding yourself out of emotional states that are closed to connection, and into ones that grow connection, as I share here today.  So dive in!SHOW NOTES:Set up your consult here.Hannah’s website
12/22/202228 minutes, 11 seconds
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Love For The Long-Term; A Convo With My Husband

It’s episode 100!!! And we are celebrating with a special conversation with my very own husband about what it takes for you, as a sensitive person, and your partner to have a marriage you LOVE for the long-haul.He and I dive into a few of our keys to keeping our marriage “real-enchanted” (fun, passionate, and loving despite being real–and flawed– humans living real, messy lives.) We cover:How we have a marriage we both feel so good in–and yet, we still experience real human relationship difficulties at times. But we let those times bring us closer together, instead of further apart–and how you can do this, too. How we went through a hard phase this summer and what we learned from it together and individually–that is so relevant for all HSP couples.How we choose to focus on what we love about each other more than what we don’t like so much–and how you can do this, too.How, throughout our marriage, we have continued to keep alive a sense of excitement and eagerness about our future together–and how you can do this, too.Join us for this light-hearted but serious conversation with a real-life couple who truly loves the marriage they have created! You’ll laugh and go aha right along with us.If you missed episode 25, Interview With My Husband: Growing An Amazing Marriage With An HSP give that a listen, too. To help me CELEBRATE this 100th episode, if you’ve been enjoying this podcast, please leave a review on apple podcasts. Thank you so much and cheers!SHOW NOTES:Set up your consult here.Hannah’s website
12/15/202243 minutes, 14 seconds
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Understanding Your HSP Partner (For Your Spouse)

099  If you’re an HSP and your partner doesn't understand what High sensitivity is and how it impacts you and your relationship, it can make things between you harder.You’ve been listening and learning all about sensitivity and having a great marriage as a Highly Sensitive Person. But you still feel your partner doesn't understand you or your sensitivity sometimes. I made this episode to change that: it’s for your partner to listen to, if they are willing. Or even better: listen together. When BOTH of you are educated about high sensitivity it will make a big difference in your relationship.This episode will help him learn about the trait, how it affects you and things in your relationship, and how he can not just understand you better, but also support you and work WITH your sensitivity to make your marriage one of the best ones possible!Listen in as we cover the research-based facts about the trait, how it affects you and your marriage, and what HE can do to ensure more love, connection, understanding, and happiness in your relationship.If you’re having a hard time convincing him to listen, I give you some tips to help in the first few minutes of the podcast. And if he still won’t–I’ve got tips for you, too. There’s lots to gain from this golden episode for your marriage. SHOW NOTESFollow me Instagram (and DM me to tell me what YOU want your partner to understand about you)Hannah’s 1:1 Coaching Package Options.
12/1/202250 minutes, 19 seconds
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Your Core Values In Relationship

098  Your values are a huge factor in your marriage happiness and fulfillment. Unfortunately, it's all too  easy to not be very conscious of what our values actually are, if the ones we live by currently are serving us, what we want our values to be, or if we ourselves are living out values that serve us well in our marriage (often, instead we can fall into noticing where our partner isn’t living our values). But when you do some work around your core values in relationship you will have a lot more power to make your marriage one you feel so good about. So in this episode, we take a look at:Why your values matter The negative impact on our relationships and happiness when we don't get clear about and take responsibility for living our own values–and so by accident live out values that don't serve us or our marriage. WHO needs to live your values for your marriage thrive.Where to focus when it comes to infusing your marriage with your values.What to know if your partner's values and your own are differentThen we go through a whole process (and I point you to a worksheet I made for you to support this process) to help you bring your top core values alive in your marriage for a more loving, fulfilling, joyful marriage.If you listen in and implement what I share today, not only will you alleviate a lot of  unnecessary discord, but you will be leading the way to a culture of respect, love, and integrity-- and more of all the things you truly value as an HSP-- right into the heart of your relationship.SHOW NOTES:Get the free PDF worksheet: YOUR CORE VALUES IN MARRIAGE: A Process To Help You Choose And Live Your Highest Values Into Your RelationshipClick here for Hannah’s coaching package options
11/24/202237 minutes, 1 second
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Non-Negotiable Wants In Marriage

097  Your wants and needs can be met in your relationship–even if they aren’t right now. Last episode we clarified the difference between want and a need– and it is required listening before diving into this one. In this episode, we look more in depth at getting your WANTS met in your relationship (think of it as part 2 on fulfilling your wants and needs in your marriage).You’ll come away knowing the top 2 things you need to really understand to get your wants and needs met, what a Non-Negotiable Want is, and why self-worth (or being important to yourself) is an essential part of having your wants fulfilled.In this episode, you’ll also actually develop more self-worth and clarity on what your personal non-negotiable wants are–so you can call them into your life.I illustrate all of it with a very personal example from a hard time my husband and I went through this summer––and share what I did to make it so we came out stronger than ever, so now I’m not just getting my needs met, but my wants, as well! Listen in to find out how you can, too!SHOW NOTES:I have a few 1:1 Coaching spots available again. Schedule your consult here.
11/17/202256 minutes, 34 seconds
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Needs Vs Wants in Marriage

096  In the world of relationship improvement, “needs” gets used a whole lot! If you are using it in your own mind or saying it to your partner a lot, it makes were taught to.But often when we say needs what we are really talking about is a want. We get these two terms mixed up–and it’s not good for our own emotional well-being, or our marriage, leading to all sorts of power struggles, feelings of resentment, disappointment, and helplessness to make things good between you. In fact, having confusion about the difference–and where our needs and wants get met– can be the downfall of many relationships that would otherwise thrive. So today we are going to bust some of this confusion apart and get you some real clarity about the difference between wants and needs in your marriage. We will also dive into where your true power is to get your emotional needs met–and some of the specific differences you might,  as a highly sensitive women,  have to address  around this–so you can have agency over your experience in your relationship–and a better marriage for the rest of your life!What I share today may challenge what you’ve been taught and believed up until now, but it will change everything in your marriage for the better. If you want a light, loving, connected marriage, where you actually enjoy your partner and feel consistently secure and fulfilled , then this is essential listening for you. Dig in.SHOW NOTESHop on my email list HEREOr grab THE 7 MOST POWERFUL PHRASES TO DEEPEN CONNECTION IN YOUR MARRIAGE
10/6/202248 minutes, 43 seconds
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Conflict Aversion To Conflict Comfort

095   It’s a rare Highly Sensitive Person that enjoys conflict – most of us are pretty averse to it! Because it’s uncomfortable! Lots of big feelings can come up. It can bring old stuff up from the past…and you can go into fight or flight or freeze mode. When it's happening, it can even feel like things are going to fall apart between you and your husband. So I get it if you tend to want to avoid it at all costs.But, rather than helping you avoid conflict or have peace in your marriage, being averse to conflict actually leads to MORE conflict — both internally and between you and your significant other— and less closeness and connection overtime.You can feel so much more comfort and ease when it comes to conflict—and this doesn't mean you will have more of them in your life! You will actually have less conflicts and issues in your marriage, as you will see today.In this episode I share all about:Why and how conflict aversion makes our experience of conflict worse and more damaging to your relationship Why conflict is harder as an HSPMy own bad experience and healing journey around conflict  and the 5 steps you can take to actually create so much more comfort with conflict, so it can HELP your marriage instead of hurting it.This episode is essential listening if you want your experience of conflict to be so much easier, so conflicts can stop being bigger problems than they need to be, and you can turn conflicts into conversations that actually lead to solutions and feeling closer with your partner and like a team in life together. Dive in.SHOW NOTESLinks mentioned:VIDEO: A Tool No HSP Should Live — Or Love — WithoutTreasured Description PageJOIN TREASURED HERE: Treasured Great Mutual Fit Form DOORS CLOSE SATURDAY, Sept 24th, midnight PST.
9/22/202235 minutes, 29 seconds
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Overcare; A Classic HSP Relationship Snag

094   As highly sensitive women, we tend to be pretty conscientious and pretty great at caring about others. But sometimes we care about and do so much for others that we overlook caring for ourselves. I call this Overcare–when you meet others' needs at your own expense–and I see it all the time in marriages…While it’s well-intentioned, overcare is detrimental to not just you, but to your marriage and your significant other (and even your kids). It leads to resentment, an ongoing sense of burden, and the fun and lightheartedness leaking away in your marriage.In this episode, we look at:why Overcare is so common for HSP women,where it comes from, what it looks like and how to spot it, what you can do to start shifting this long held pattern, so you can feel more connected, nourished, and light in your marriage, and just generally make things so much better in your life.Ever felt like your needs aren’t being met? Then this is a MUST listen episode! I share my own and some of my sensitive clients experiences with being enmeshed in overcare and what life is like now that they are free of it. (Hint: So much more FREE and happy–like I want you to be!) Listen in.SHOW NOTES:Learn about Treasured HERE and join HERE ( doors close Sept. 24th!!)
9/15/202246 minutes, 23 seconds
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4 Keys To Conflict-Proofing Your Marriage

093  Conflict is part of marriage. But how much or how little it's a part of yours, and how hurtful or helpful it is to your marriage depends on how conflict-proof your marriage is.It will come up LESS often, and it will even be GOOD for your marriage, instead of pulling you into a downward spiral, when your marriage is very conflict-proof. But what does that even mean? And how do you conflict-proof your marriage as a highly sensitive person?Dive into this episode, and I will tell you all about it, and give you 4 keys to making your marriage super conflict-proof–even as an HSP who would prefer to not even hear the word conflict!These 4 keys will help you as stop lots of conflicts before they even start, keep conflict from flaring up nearly as often with your husband, make conflict so much easier to navigate when it happens, and help the conflicts that do come up be beneficial to your marriage, deepening the security and love you feel together over time.If everyone understood and LIVED these 4 keys, not only would our marriages be so much more loving and successful, but our whole world would be such a better place. I can’t wait for you to hear and implement these keys.SHOW NOTESLearn about Treasured HERE and join HERE.
9/8/202232 minutes, 4 seconds
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BONUS:The Best Love Comes From Understanding Your Own Brain and Nervous System

Today I am doing something different: giving you a DIRECTORY of episodes to help you understand and work with the most influential thing in your marriage: your own brain and nervous system.Because I want you to have the best kind of love in your marriage–and I want it to last. The best news is that being able to have that is in large part about what goes on in you. Most marriage-unhappiness actually comes from a lack of understanding of how our  brains and nervous systems work and how to be in charge of them –how to guide them in such a way that you create a much more loving relationship with your partner.In other words, your own brain and nervous system are the biggest obstacles to the relationship you want, AND the biggest source of the love you want, as well…… when you UNDERSTAND how they work and what they need to support them into it…Today, in this bonus episode, I share why and how that is so, and give you a short directory of which of my podcast episodes will actually help you understand your brain and nervous system and help you begin to USE these amazingly powerful “tools” FOR the love you want in your marriage–and for a life you love. Dig in!SHOW NOTESLearn and join TREASURED, Loving Marriage As A Highly Sensitive Woman HERE.
9/1/202235 minutes, 8 seconds
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Communicate In A Way That Gets Through To Your Husband (3 Keys)

 092   You want to get through to your husband about things that matter to you in your relationship. You want his understanding, empathy, support– and more connection. But maybe you’re frustrated, because it doesn't always go over so well when you try to communicate about it. Maybe he gets defensive, or argumentative, or shut down.This is because you both have patterning that isn’t supportive of the best communication and easy flow of support and connection.But that can change. You can learn to communicate in a way that is most effective at getting through to him, and opening his heart. In this episode, I share 3 specific powerful  keys as to how you can do that, (they really work!) and help you understand why he isn’t always so good at hearing you, acting on your requests, or meeting those desires of yours (hint: it has to do with shame and conditioning that has wounded him).   Don't miss this episode if you want to communicate in a way that touches your husband's true humanity, opens his heart, and has him hearing you —and ultimately being who he really is and who he really WANTS to be with you, the woman he loves.SHOW NOTESLearn about and join Treasured HERE.
8/25/202240 minutes, 6 seconds
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How Self-Love=Better Communication; Kathryn's Story

Today we have another special guest –my client Kathryn! In this episode she shares a bit of the story of her journey from feeling really stuck in her marriage and unhappy with herself –what we playfully called, “I suck syndrome”--to feeling much happier with herself and her marriage.  Her story is a great example of how a highly sensitive woman– with classic HSP challenges in relationship–can really improve her marriage by working on herself. She illustrates how you can transform your relationship with yourself, and therefore your communication and ways of relating to your partner (and your whole life), that will lead to way more fun, connection and happiness.We dive into: What NOT loving herself looked like, felt like, and how it affected her marriageHow things have shifted for her in terms of her emotions, her marriage, and her general enjoyment of life, now that she’s come a long way in accepting herself and bringing in more self-love.What she did to really improve the communication in her marriage so both her and her husband have much better conversation about the things that matter.How she went from being defended to being vulnerable, and how that led to more connection with her husband.A couple great practices that really worked for her to help her make these big changes in herself and her marriage.And more!Kathryn is down to earth and has a straightforward way of articulating things that will help you get more insight into what self-love really is, what it entails to develop it, and how it will improve everything for the better in your life when you do. You’ll take away so much from this conversation!SHOW NOTESLearn about Treasured Here.
8/18/202230 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Power of Marriage Goals

090  Once we get married, most of us stop having any goals in our marriages. This is one reason marriages often slowly get worse over time, instead of better. Setting marriage goals, and working towards them is a key to actually making your marriage what you want and having the experiences of love, connection, intimacy and fun you most long for. And can be done in a fun and self-honoring way.But here's the thing: we are often (subconsciously or consciously) very resistant to setting and especially working towards goals.  This leaves us continuing to have the same old problems in our marriages–or to them getting worse and worse over time, until we feel truly stuck in an unhappy marriage. But you can change that easily, by understanding:what goals will do for your marriage, why our human brains resist them, and what you can do to overcome and work with your brain –so you can start really changing things in the best of ways in your marriage.In this episode, you’ll get a 4 step process to set your goals for your marriage and actually reach them, without letting the normal obstacles that come up get in your way (i.e lack of clarity, doubt, discomfort, fear, and our brains innate laziness). You don’t have to be one of the people who avoid the short-lived discomfort of working towards a goal, only to be left with a lifetime of discomfort in their marriage. No, today we get you all set up to make your marriage one of lifelong love and happiness that GROWs overtime. Don't miss this episode!SHOW NOTES:Learn all about TREASURED Hereand Enroll Here.
8/11/202243 minutes, 1 second
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BONUS: Treasured Program Q and A

This is a special bonus episode to help answer any questions you may have about my marriage coaching program, Treasured; Loving Marriage as a Highly Sensitive Woman–so you can make a great informed decision about whether it’s right for you or not.Here are the questions I cover (along with the times I answer them in this episode!)Who is Treasured for and what does it help with? ( at minute 2:07)Why would I want to do this–especially if I’ve tried other things and it hasn't made my marriage what I want it to be? (at minute 9:00)What does Treasured include? (at minute 18:08) How much time will it take (and when does it start)? (at minute 21:56)Why a group program? (at minute 23:37)How do I enroll? (at minute 28:52)How do I know if Treasured is right for me?(at minute 29:45 )When should I enroll?(at minute 32:19) What are other women's experiences doing this coaching with Hannah? (at minute 33:10)You can find out all about Treasured at the description page HERE. You can enroll HERE.
8/4/202233 minutes, 54 seconds
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Loving Yourself To More Love In Your Marriage (7 Keys)

089  As you may have heard, self-love is key to having deep lasting love and harmony between you and your spouse–in SO many ways. I know you may get that– in theory! But too many highly sensitive people leave it at that--just theory. Understanding this intellectually does not give you what you need to actually FEEL and LIVE FROM that self-love– nor benefit from all it makes possible for you in your marriage and life.And, truth be told, you may not really even know what it MEANS to have self love. I know I was confused for a long time about it, myself. So today I want to help you:understand what self-love is (and isn’t), why it matters in your marriagewhy it’s normal to lack self-love as an HSP (it’s not your fault!) and why we as adults need to learn how to have this deep fondness for ourselves.understand 7 robust keys to actually develop bone deep self-love, so you can have a marriage you LOVE.I also share my own experience of love and relationships when I lived with a lack of self love, and how my marriage and life changed drastically for the way-better when I developed it.Developing real self love takes learning, practice, and letting go of a lot that gets in the way of FEELing it in your bones. But it is one of the most worthwhile things you will EVER do for yourself, your marriage, and your entire experience of life. These 7 keys will get you on the right path, starting today.This is a hearty, powerful, essential episode, so do not miss it. And bring a pen, you may want to take notes!SHOW NOTES:Learn about and join TREASURED here.Hannah's Website.
7/28/202257 minutes, 45 seconds
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The Power of Self-Love To Heal a Hurting Relationship; Kim’s Story

088  We’ve all heard how Self-Love is important, but actually loving ourselves often remains very mysterious and elusive. So we are embarking today on a series all about self-love––because it is such an essential part of having a great marriage, especially as a highly sensitive person…and I want YOU to reap the huge rewards of having lots of it! My clients actually develop real self-love. And a few of them have agreed to come on the podcast to share their wisdom and experience with self-love with you, so you can begin developing it more, too. Today, my client, Kim, shares her experience of love and life before and after developing real self-love, and offers some really great wisdom around it for you.Listen in to hear:Why she was averse to self-love at first and why is she swears by it now.How developing self love not only seriously benefited her,  but how it improved  her relationship –and benefitted her fiancé, too. How it ripples out to lots of others in her world, tooHow incredibly well she fared by doing the work to develop self-love through the traumatic experience of infidelity (betrayal trauma)—as compared to the “norm”.What self-love entailsTips Kim has for you to develop more of itNuances in self-love for HSPs.How this is a huge piece of Leading Love in your marriage and creating a Revolution of Love in your marriage–and entire life.Kim and I are both excited for you to hear her story, and take away practical insights and emotional shifts around self-love, too. Join us as we laugh, muse, ponder, and actually cry joy-tears together in this powerful interview!SHOW NOTES:Click here to learn about and join TREASURED.
7/21/202244 minutes, 9 seconds
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Interdependent Loving (VS Unconscious Dependence)

087  For most of us highly sensitive women, the ultimate marriage would be one that feels truly, lovingly, interdependent.Where you and your significant other are mutually supportive, you face the daily challenges of living together with a sense of ally-ship, where you lean on each other, and love helping each other grow and evolve and overcome hard moments and old wounds, where you naturally lift each other up, and the daily to-dos get done with ease and collaboration…where you work through hard emotions together and you help each other feel connected and safe.We all want this kind of relationship. But in our eagerness to have that, we often make the mistake that costs us our happiness in marriage–or even our marriage itself.....the mistake of skipping over the KEY WORK  that will actually allow us to have that interdependent love we so desire. And so we unconsciously find ourselves instead in an emotionally dependent relationship, instead–one that is full of struggles, disconnection, and more heartache than we ever asked for.In this episode you’ll learn: what I mean by emotional dependence, if and where you may be falling into that (very normal in our modern world) trap, why it’s taking you further from the marriage you really want, why there’s no need for any shame or self-blame about thisand most importantly, what you can do to reverse it and move your marriage toward the lovingly interdependent one you want!  (And YES, you have that power!)Listen in to harness that huge influence over how your marriage goes, how loved, secure, and in love you feel, and how lovingly and supportively your partner relates to you.And perk your ears for the big announcement I make that you’ll want to learn all about!SHOW NOTES:Click here to learn about and join TREASURED.
7/14/202246 minutes, 41 seconds
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More Pleasure With Danielle Savory

086  Pleasure, feeling good, sex, and enjoying being in our bodies are such wonderful, beneficial, and important parts of marriage…(and, really, being human beings!). I mean, why bother being married if there' s no pleasure to be had in it? Bringing MORE pleasure into our lives than many of us have currently is revolutionary, not just for our marriages, but for our world. Our pleasure benefits our marriages-- and so much more!Today I talk with a very special guest, Danielle Savory, Sex and Pleasure Coach for women–and fellow highly sensitive woman!-- about how to bring more pleasure into your sex life and your life in general, and WHY it changes everything for the better.Listen in to hear us dive into (with lots of laughter, stories, and fun facts):What true pleasure actually is– and isn't.Why prioritizing pleasure as women is so impactful on our own wellbeing, our love lives, and in our current world –and some of the science behind it.What blocks us from allowing ourselves the tons of pleasure available all around and what gets in the way of having more sexual pleasure in our intimate relationship.How we can open up to more pleasure in the bedroom and in general in our lives, including simple mindset shifts and practices you can apply today.How your sensitivity can help you have more pleasure.A few great tips for better sex as hsp women!And more…This episode is essential listening for any sensitive woman wanting to have a great marriage and to feel better in life–and, by doing so, even contribute to a better world.Show Notes:Danielle’s WebsiteDanielle’s Instagram: @danielle.savory or click hereDanielle’s podcast: It’s My Pleasure
6/30/202243 minutes, 51 seconds
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Using Your Time To Support The Marriage And Life You Want

085  We have a limited amount of time in our lives. But how we use our time will determine how fulfilling our lives are–and how fulfilling our marriages are.If we have a mindset that time is scarce, or there's too much to do (which can be really common for us as highly sensitive women )we will keep ourselves from prioritizing the things that most matter to us. . .. . . and end up with a life–and a love life– that is lacking in nourishment, love, connection, joy, and all the things we truly desire, and that bring us the greatest meaning.So if your marriage isn’t as fulfilling and loving as you want it to be, and if your life isn’t as rich and nourishing as you want it to be, it's time to take a look at how you are thinking about and using your time.In this episode, we dive into:determining what really matters to you, noticing whether you are using your time in service of what you most care about, and how you can shift the way you relate to time in a way that makes it possible for you to actually bring to life the marriage (and other life goals) you really want.Buckle up, grab a pen, and be ready to move into a new era of approaching your day-to-day life in a way that's way more aligned with what most matters to you, and that will lead to a future of way more love and fulfillment.SHOW NOTES:Elephant Journal Article MentionedHannah's website
6/23/202239 minutes, 5 seconds
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Task Talks: Dry-Toast-Relationship Remediation

If you sometimes (or often) feel like your marriage is more of a business partnership than a romantic relationship, or you go through long phases when things feel kind of dry and dull and between you and your significant other, this episode is a must-listen.It’s so easy– with all the do-to’s of running a life together with careers, a home to take care of, children, extended family, and pets–to fall into spending most of airtime with your partner talking about what needs to get done.Speaking from experience, this, over time, can make your marriage metaphorically shift from being like a juicy mango, to more like a dry piece of toast. Since I know that's not what you want your marriage to feel like, it’s time to put an end to that now.Today you will learn one key practical logistical thing you can do, broken down into 4 simple steps, that will not just make your lives together more organized and efficient, but will actually clear the way for a lot more intimacy, connection, and sense of allyship in your marriage. SHOW NOTESHop on Hannah's Email List Grab  THE 7 MOST POWERFUL PHRASES TO DEEPEN CONNECTION IN YOUR MARRIAGE
6/16/202221 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Love Spectrum Scale

083   Want to be able to guide yourself and your marriage into a place of more love, more connection, more light-heartedness and mutual supportiveness (or what I call the land of Real-Enchantment–or lasting love)? Today I introduce you to a tool that will help you do just that!Because,  the truth is, after some years of marriage or partnership,  it can take some self-guidance to connect to real love for our partner , and STAY there. The kind of love we want in our marriages isn’t just bestowed upon us magically until the end of time. But it can be lovingly cultivated and deepened until it is sustained. Enter The Love Spectrum Scale, an awareness tool that will help you guide yourself and your marriage ever-more towards the loving, alive, heart-fulfilling experience you want it to be.In this episode, you will learn what the Love Spectrum Scale is, how to make a personal usable version of your own,  how to begin using it to help yourself tap into the full range of the most useful emotions in relationships in order to not only make the harder moments in your life with your significant other easier, but to be able to interact with  your partner in ways that make your marriage better every day.SHOW NOTES:Hop on Hannah's Email ListHannah's Website
6/2/202236 minutes, 46 seconds
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Changing Circumstances vs Thoughts

As highly sensitive people (HSPs), we are more sensitive to all the things than non-HSPs. Because of this, some popular advice for HSPs can tend toward finding environments and external circumstances that will support our sensitive systems. That's all fine and good when we can control such things. But when it comes to other people–especially our partner–we can't usually make them “suit” us. We can’t control the “circumstance” of what they do or say. (But boy do some of us try--and it backfires almost always in marriage– ask me how I know!)In fact, in general, relying on changing external circumstances to be well and happy leaves us quite powerless.The good news is that you don't actually have to change circumstances to feel great in your marriage, especially once you’ve developed Emotional Agency–in other words, once you’ve learned how to free your emotions from the circumstances outside of you, and be in charge of them from within.Then you no longer need to try to change or control your significant other (or other things in the world you simply don't have the power to control) in order to feel how you want to feel–and have a great marriage.In today's episode, I share with you a favorite simple tool, called The Model, to start developing this —a tool that will go a huge way in helping you be very empowered around feeling fulfilled, light, connected, and like a team in your relationship with your significant other –without getting him to change at all.SHOW NOTES:Set up your consult with Hannah here.
5/26/202236 minutes, 5 seconds
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How To Create Emotional Intimacy In Your Marriage

As a highly sensitive woman, you likely love –and want more—emotional intimacy. So you will want to know what creates it between two people, and what leads you further from it in your marriage.  In this episode, I share the gold on all of it, and let you in on how to create more emotional intimacy with your husband—even without his active participation. We look together at:What prevents or erodes intimacy in a long-term relationship, where it really comes from, the 2 modes you must operate from to build more of it between you and your significant other,and a couple of surprising not-talked-about truths about what creating that deep loving intimacy really entails--including the very biggest key to it of all.You’ll walk away with so much more clarity on how to bring the love-sustaining nourishment of emotional intimacy into your own marriage. Don’t miss this episode.SHOW NOTES:Set up your consult with Hannah here.
5/19/202239 minutes, 15 seconds
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HSPs 2 Modes For Best Change In Marriage

If you’ve been listening to this podcast at all, it's because you’re an Highly Sensitive Person who wants to make things better, and stay great, in your relationship or marriage. If so, it’s important that you understand the two modes we, as HSPs, need to move back and forth between in order to best grow, change, and shift things between us and our significant other (and keep things really healthy).If we only stay in one of these modes, we will have a much harder time improving our marriages (and any area of our life!).In this episode, I clue you into what these two modes are, and how you can honor both in order to have the marriage you really want with your partner–and truly, to best make any changes you want in your life as a sensitive
5/5/202227 minutes, 8 seconds
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Making A Habit Of Love Without Conditions

079  Most of us limit ourselves (unconsciously, of course!) from feeling as much love as we could in our marriages. We therefore not only miss out on all the love available, but we also miss out on the benefits it brings to our marriages, and to our own selves–of which there are SO many, especially for you as a highly sensitive person. Now, you may want to feel more love, but you may also feel like it’s not really up to you. That how much love you feel is contingent on how loving your husband is. You may tend to only experience feeling love when it’s easy to do so, and not so much when your husband does things that make it hard to love.Today, my friend, we begin to change all of this. Because love is always available to you, and you can even love what is hard to love (only if you want to, of course!). But it is a skill you may need to learn, so it can become habit–or simply natural to you.When you make a habit of loving without conditions, only good can come of it. Listen in to this episode to find out what I mean, how it can bring out the gift of your sensitivity, and how you can be empowered to have so much more love in your marriage and life–no matter what your husband is or isn’t doing– by no longer withholding love unconsciously, and instead making unrestricted love a regular and deeply nurturing part of your life.SHOW NOTES:Set up your consult with Hannah here.
4/28/202241 minutes, 54 seconds
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Learned Not Innate

078  This episode offers you encouragement and an important reminder that I know I used to need often, myself. This could be a great episode to listen to with your partner, if they are willing.Growing up in this world, it is hard to escape taking on certain basic ideas about marriage and love—ones, unfortunately,  that are not only wrong, but also actually prevent us from having the deeply loving and healthy marriages most of us want. Today I spin those ideas on their head for you and offer you the shame-relieving truth about what it takes to have the kind of marriage you want and deserve. If you want your marriage to pull out of the hard place it may be in these days, or if you want to take it from okay to amazing, this episode offers you the most fundamental and important key to doing so. You'll take away from it lots of fresh motivation and inspiration and hope to fuel the changes you want. Don’t miss it.SHOW NOTESSet up your consult here.
4/21/202227 minutes, 11 seconds
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How To Invite Him To Improve Your Marriage With You

You want to feel like your partner is your teammate in making this marriage better. But you may sometimes (or often) feel alone in doing that work, or it seems he avoids working on certain aspects of your marriage–even if you’ve asked him to. You're not quite sure what it takes to sway the tides and get him improving your marriage by your side.I have been here, too. But I learned how to change all of that! Now I never feel I’m alone in doing what it takes to make our marriage great. It is a truly sweet thing to see your significant other pro-actively growing and working by your side to improve things between you. That’s why I want you to know the secret to inviting him to improve things with you–and having him accept your invitation, of course!That's what we dive into in this episode. We first look at what NOT to do, and how often our normal approach to getting his support in changing things actually leads to him resisting doing it. Then we dive deep into what you actually need to do to get him on board. And it’s not about saying just the right thing, though words are part of it. The key is something deeper, something that you can unlock inside of yourself that will open the door to him wanting to improve things, too. Let me lay it out for you, so you can make the changes in you that will lead to him contributing more than ever to having a marriage with you that deepens in its loving sensitivity, intimacy, connection, and mutual support the longer  you’re together.SHOW NOTES:Set up your consult with Hannah here.
4/14/202234 minutes, 12 seconds
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The 3 Phases To Mature Lasting Love

076  Today I’m sharing with you the 3 phases we go through to get to a mature love that lasts in our marriage. Often we don't understand or recognize the phase we’re in, that it is normal, and what we can do to move our relationship through the harder phase and into the place that is most deeply alive and loving–and so we miss out on ever getting there.Today, that all changes!In this episode I help you understand what phase you are in now, so you can not be careless or get discouraged, and so you can ultimately transition most smoothly into the deeply unwaveringly, lasting, loving marriage you truly want.If you aren’t so happy in your marriage, or you feel sorta bored, or are struggling, if you have more fights than you’d like, more annoyance and resentment, more distance and disconnection...or perhaps you're feeling resigned to never feeling happy and satisfied, or are even thinking about leaving, or longing for early days…This is a normal phase. It doesn’t mean something has gone wrong! It’s a phase you can move beyond. But I promise, you don't really want to go back to the early days. You want to move forward into the days of Re-enchantment. And you can.Listen in to hear all about it, and what it takes to move into the best phase of your marriage, one that will not be a  “phase”, but the place you stay for life.SHOW NOTESHop on Hannah's email list hereOr set up your consult here
4/7/202236 minutes, 52 seconds
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Celebrating Vs Overlooking Growth

075  You’ve been listening to this podcast (or other ones on relationships), reading books, learning about how to have the kind of marriage you want. You're trying out new approaches. But you aren't seeing as much change as you wish…and  you feel frustrated, or discouraged, or at the least, not as hopeful about things as you want to feel. Maybe you even feel like you want to quit bothering with all the effort.If so, you are very likely making 1 simple little error: not recognizing, let alone celebrating, your successes!This oh-so-common error comes from the wiring of our human brain  (yet again!) and it seriously undermines our capacity to grow and change things in ourselves and in our marriage.Luckily there’s a simple (and joyful) fix. One that leads to gaining deep and rapid improvement in your marriage.In this episode I lay it all out for you and help you start seeing your success and celebrating your growth, so you can create the marriage you really want with your partner, and have fun –and a rich sense of meaning– along the way.Don’t miss this one. SHOW NOTES:Hop on Hannah's email list hereOr visit her website here
3/31/202225 minutes, 38 seconds
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The 2 Brain Biases That Work Against Love

We all are born with 2 particular “biases” of our brains that make lasting love difficult…that is, until we understand them and learn to overcome them!These innate biases are simply ways our human brains (highly sensitive or not) naturally function that lead to perceiving the world–and our partner –in certain predictable ways. If you ever feel resentful, disappointed in, frustrated with, or hurt by your partner…if the same issues are coming up in this relationship that came up in past ones, if you feel less respect, attraction or admiration of your husband than you wish– or you generally just aren’t as happy as you’d like to be in your marriage, I can guarantee that’s at least in part because of these 2 biases.When we do not understand these biases and how they operate hand in hand, we live our lives at their effect–meaning they rule our experience of love. For the worse…It’s almost like they cast a painful spell on us (what I call Real but not True syndrome) … leaving us feeling very real painful feelings and wreaking havoc in our marriages.  Interestingly, these feelings aren’t based on truth. They are based on your brain’s biased, subjective, distorted way of seeing things.Today, I give you the understanding you need to see how these 2 innate biases are negatively affecting your own marriage, and share how you can rise above them by consciously choosing to not fall under their spell–so you can feel so much more of all the good stuff in your marriage, and have a love that lasts for the long haul.SHOW NOTESSet Up Your  Consult Here
3/24/202234 minutes, 27 seconds
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Can You Become Less Sensitive?

073  Can highly sensitive people become less sensitive? Many HSPs wonder this! And many experts say no.I have a slightly different take, one that will bring you hope, clarity, and motivation. In this episode I share what I know is possible to change and what isn’t when it comes to being sensitive–especially when it comes to emotional sensitivity. I break down for you the 5 most common approaches to handling emotions that actually lead to what many of us consider the bad part of being sensitive–in other words, ways of handling our deep feelings that don’t work so well in our relationships, especially.And I share with you what you need to know, and what you need to be focusing on to not only avoid being “sensitive'' in the worst sense of the word, but also to experience your sensitivity as the special gift it is–one that brings the heights of love and joy into your own life and relationships.SHOW NOTESSet Up Your  Consult Here
3/17/202237 minutes, 18 seconds
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The 4 Pillars Of An Amazing Marriage

It may seem like it will be complex to make your marriage one you love, that there are just so many things you need to do .... And ….it WILL be complicated, if you try to patchwork lots of to-do’s together to improve things.But I’ve got good news for you: it can actually be simple to improve things by 100% – when you have laid out for you the simple foundational steps that lead to a great marriage.Today I share with you the basics of the 4 Pillars To An Amazing Marriage– which is the process I have used myself and with all my highly sensitive clients– that takes our marriage from wherever it is (even if quite unhappy) to amazing and thriving.These 4 pillars make up the foundational mindset and ways of being that lay the groundwork for easy communication, loving interactions, and smooth and peaceful navigation of daily life with your significant other to come naturally–not to mention emotional intimacy, laughter, and even romance with him.The 4 Pillars are the guide, the map, to help you, HSP, create an ever-deepening happiness in your marriage –and well-being in your life. When we learn and use this process, we unlock the keys to a better life in all arenas… make living life as an HSP not just tolerable, but so fulfilling, so rich, and so positively impactful.Listen in to this episode to hear me:give you a breakdown of each of the 4 steps, describe how they have benefitted those that have learned them before youillustrate how all 4 pillars can all work together in any given situation or interaction get you started on implementing them right away.And share how you can develop your skill with each step more deeplyIt doesn't have to be overwhelming to make your marriage so much better. You just need a simple but thorough process that addresses the issues and at the source, and unlocks all the good stuff inside you and between you and your partner. This is that process. Don't miss it.SHOW NOTES:Blog with Map of 4 Pillars.For More Resources On Each Pillar click here and scroll down.
3/10/202246 minutes, 14 seconds
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Connection Your Way: A Process For More Emotional Intimacy

071  Last week we talked about connecting your significant other's way, and the benefits it brings you. Lest you think you always need to bend to his ways (oh no you don’t), today we discuss connecting YOUR way, and my favorite 5 step process for doing so.If you love connecting through communication, as so many sensitive women do,  or you simply want more emotional intimacy in your life with your husband, listen all the way through this episode!In it I:lay out a favorite step by step process that you can do weekly to keep the “air clear” between you, and create more understanding and closeness that deepens ongoingly over time.Share why this short brief process can be more potent and powerful than other more spontaneous “deeper” forms of connection.Describe to you what the roots of intimacy are made up ofAnd teach you how to invite your partner to get on board with doing this with you (and what to do if he isn’t up for it.)I attribute much of the intimacy and amazingness of my marriage to using this process with dedication over the years with my husband.  Listen in, try it out, and let it bring more connected intimacy right into the heart of  your marriage.And even if you don’t plan to implement this process, you will get some great takeaways to improve the communication and intimacy between you!SHOW NOTES: Website:
3/3/202228 minutes, 36 seconds
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How You Can Benefit From Connecting Your Husband's Way

070  As a sensitive woman, you likely love feeling connected to your significant other—and want to feel that way more often, yeah?Trouble is, especially if you are married to a man, he may not be as into connecting in the ways you most love. He’d rather spend less time having deep talks and such, and more time doing other things. Or he outright resists spending time with you in the ways that bring you the emotional closeness you want…Research shows this is a common difference between males and females.Luckily, If this is the case in your relationship, you can still experience the connection you want. In this episode we talk about how.We cover:The different ways, in general, males and females naturally connect.the one rule to follow to create satisfying connection for both of you.How to apply it step by step in daily life. How to apply it when it comes to sex and physical intimacy. Real life examples from clients and my own marriage that demonstrate how you can use this rule successfully.Why this naturally leads to more connection YOUR way.Stories of clients who use this to experience the emotional closeness they want with their partner.How to handle things when you feel you are the one compromising all the time, and he isn’t meeting you in the middle.Support to help you communicate about it all.My clients and I use this “connection hack” to bring the emotional closeness we want with our husbands right into our marriages. Now you can, too! Listen in.SHOW NOTES:Grab  the Uplift Breath And Heart Coherence Guided Audio for a taste of connecting to connection!
2/24/202226 minutes, 58 seconds
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Marriage Coach Or Therapist–Which Is Right For You?

If you’re considering getting professional support now or in the future for your marriage–or for anything related to your mental emotional well-being and life goals– you will want to understand what kind of support is best for you and your unique situation and goals.I've seen too many women waste precious time, energy, money – and even lose hope in things changing in their marriages all together, simply because they didn’t understand when to choose a therapist for support, and when to hire a marriage coach…and so they chose the wrong type of professional support. Let’s not let that be you! This episode will clear things up for you.Neither Coaching or Therapy (or Counseling) is better than the other. But both have their place, and each can be amazingly effective at their different goals. To maximize their benefit, get the changes you want, and not get discouraged, you need to educate yourself about the difference, and understand what they each work best for.In this episode, I break that down for you, explain the difference between them, and help you identify what will be best for you, and perhaps your partner, to choose so you can have the best life and marriage possible.If you’ve been considering working with me, definitely listen in to find out if I’d be the right choice for you in your situation. And even if you aren’t planning to find professional help right now, listen in so you can be educated to help point others in the right direction, listen to and follow the free content of right fit professionals for you, and get the best advice for your challenges and goals. SHOW NOTES:Blog post mentioned: Wondering If I Can Help YOU?Set up your Consult to work with me.
2/17/202236 minutes, 9 seconds
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Share Motions To Share Emotions

068  Want some super actionable–and fun! – ways to bring more connection, trust, cooperation and a sense of synchrony into your relationship? (Of course you do, as a highly sensitive woman who loves feeling connected to the person you love! )Then you’ve got to listen in.In this episode, we dive into how moving together is a powerful doorway to feeling closer, and how you can incorporate this research-backed understanding into your marriage starting today for a stronger connection for the rest of your lives.We dive into:What I mean by “sharing motions” or “moving together”, and examples to try outA bit of the (fun and even laughter-inducing) science behind how sharing motions leads to sharing positive emotionsHow my clients and I have harnessed this knowledge to our and our husbands benefitA few of the best ways to communicate with your partner to get him on board to putting this into practice in your lives.And why if your husband isn't into this idea, there is no reason to despair, and still SO much that you can do to make sure a deep loving connection is at the heart of your marriage.You’ll come away from this episode with a clear understanding of how you can use this “connection hack” to bring more love and joy into your marriage, and confidence that you can increase the intimacy you want between you and your significant other.SHOW NOTES: Free Ebook: The 7 Most Powerful Phrases To Deepen Connection
2/10/202221 minutes, 56 seconds
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Assume Postive Intent

067  One of the biggest causes of discord, conflict, and the cycle of feeling less and less love and connection in a marriage is caused by what we call Assuming Negative Intent.If you’ve ever had thoughts like: “My partner doesn’t care about me”, or "He’s just so irresponsible”, or “He doesn't value our marriage”, or “Xyz  [parenting, time together, a nice home] must not be as important to him as it is to me”, etc…. . .you, too, assume negative intent. It happens for most –if not all– of us (especially as highly sensitive people).The thing is, it happens automatically below the level of our conscious awareness –until we learn to catch it happening.If we want a conflict-proof, secure, trust and love filled marriage, we’ve got to learn how to stop this automatic functioning of our brain from taking over, and learn how to assume positive intent. I lay out the basics for you here in this episode.With a little bit of gentle discipline and effort, you can learn to work with your own mind in order to feel so much more at ease, cared for, and loved –and much better about your partner, too!Dive in to guide your marriage into a realm of more understanding, acceptance, respect, compassion, and love.SHOW NOTES:Set up you consult call
2/3/202224 minutes, 43 seconds
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Curiosity, Communication, and Connecting

066   This is for you if you feel disconnected, irritated, or resentful towards your partner, or you don’t like who you become sometimes in your communications with him, or you experience a lot more conflict than you’d like –or you just want to create some freshness and more intimacy with your significant other (and inside yourself!) Our feelings lead to so much of how we interact and are reacted to in our marriages. I think of them as the FUEL in our marriage.  Certain ones naturally lead to great interactions, while other ones tend to lead to interactions that go south. The best news is that we can generate the ones that serve us in our marriages on purpose. And curiosity is one of the best of them all.   Curiosity is powerful in so many ways to make our marriage and lives better–especially when it comes to communicating and connecting with your partner.   It fuels great listening, great self and other-understanding, great problem solving –and makes you way less likely to get reactive, judgmental, or walled off from each other. And it helps us, ultimately, have more intimacy and deep love for the real person our husband is, in all his humanness. Listen in to:Learn about the magic that curiosity offers you in your marriage  when it comes to  communication and connceting.Hear stories of others powerful use of it, Be empowered to start tapping into it yourself, Learn exactly how to begin doing so, and the 3 steps to bring it directly into your marriageAnd embark on the little challenge I offer you to make it a much more regular part of your life – so your marriage can reap the huge rewards it brings. SHOW NOTES:Post mentioned: Curiosity = More Understanding In Your MarriageSet up Your consult
1/27/202236 minutes, 12 seconds
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Should Pain

065  Often feel a little (or a lot) irritated, annoyed, disdainful or indignant, frustrated, exasperated, resentful or disappointed with your partner?  Or just generally hardened against this person you ultimately really want to feel soft and open to?This is likely what I call “Should Pain.” Although very normal to the human brain, “should pain” is one of biggest barriers to love in our marriages. It feels bad to  both you and your partner when either of you are struggling with it.Worse, it can run rampant for many of us when left unchecked, and lead to a culture between you and your significant other of disrespect, non-understanding, tension, and unhappiness.Luckily, Should Pain is “curable”. From within yourself (Meaning, your hubby doesn’t need to do anything to make it go away. Super good news!). And the cure has to do with sensitivity –which you,  HSP friend, are a master of. So join me today as we dive into just what Should Pain is, where it comes from, and what you can do about it to begin to loosen it’s grip in your marriage, so you can feel open again to love and connection, communicate more effectively, and show up in a way you feel really good about.SHOW NOTES:Work With Hannahwebsite
1/20/202236 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Amazing Human Marriage

064  Without knowing where we want to go, how can we ever get there? We can’t, at least not without a ton of meandering and getting lost along the way.So having a clear vision of what you WANT in your marriage is always the very first step to creating it. I want you, my friend-- and all sensitive women who are in a partnership (or want to be) to have what they feel is an amazing relationship, an amazing marriage. And I bet you want that, too.Creating that requires some learning and skill building, and also some UNLEARNING– of what we’ve been taught that doesn’t work.So we need to start  with not just a vision, but a re-envisioning of how we want our marriages to be–one that takes into account the VERY REAL HUMANS we are, in this current moment in time.In this episode, I offer you that: a re-envisioning of what an amazing marriage realistically looks like for us as sensitive humans. A vision that I’ve brought to life in my own marriage, and my clients have in theirs, too......It's a vision that YOU yourself can achieve with your partner, too!Slow down and really take and SAVOR this one. It will be the start of a sea-change of more love, connection, support, and ease in your marriage. It will be the beginning of you making your  marriage one that gets more amazing for the rest of your life.SHOW NOTES:Work With MeLink to blog post this was read from: The First Step To An Amazing Marriage
1/13/202223 minutes, 42 seconds
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The Loving Marriage Magic Ratio

063  If interactions between you and your significant other are laced with negativity, even slightly….or if you just want to bring more connection and love in your relationship, this episode is for you. In it, I share one key thing (backed by decades of research) that you can do, or rule you can follow, to not just improve the culture in your marriage, but to maintain a strong loving relationship into the future. It’s so simple to keep in mind and to do. I break downThe exact formula to follow Why to do itWays it could look in your marriageThe most important thing to keep in mindHow to take it all further And how to make it come naturally.Listen in to learn how to follow this important guideline that will help you steward your marriage back to love and happiness.Show Notes WebsiteCoach With Hannah
1/6/202220 minutes, 54 seconds
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How To Release Control For More Intimacy

062  Today we dive into a 4 step formal process to release the urge to control your partner in the moment.Because the cost of trying to control our partner in a marriage is intimacy –and feeling a whole lot of icky emotions, whereas releasing control is a huge step towards gaining more intimacy and harmony with your honey.Yet, even if you intellectually know this, old habits die hard (and your human brain is naturally wired to want to control). So releasing control is easier said than done.Which means it's really helpful to have a clear cut step-by-step process (a process that really zones in on all the feelings that drive control) that you can come back to over and over in any situation to help you decide whether or not you want to try to control, and if not, to release the urge right away.  I lay out the 4 steps right here in this episode, and illustrate them with personal stories and work I’ve been doing around my own urges to control.   This is the 3rd episode in a 3 part series on control in relationships, but it is also a stand alone episode. We do a quick review of why control causes more problems than rewards, what it looks like, why we aren’t bad for acting on our human urge to try to control our partner, and what actually serves us way better in our goal of having a loving, mutually respectful, connected marriage.Join me to learn a process you can easily use if you’ve realized you’d prefer intimacy and harmony over following that impulse to try to control what really isn’t controllable anyway.SHOW NOTES:Episode 37, How To Feel Safe To Feel Any FeelingHannah's Website
12/30/202136 minutes, 14 seconds
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From Imagined Control To Real Influence

061  How can you have more genuine influence in your marriage and way more control over your experience of it? Today, I shed light on this as we continue our series on our human urge to control in our relationships.In this episode, I offer you an important intermediary step you can take to be great at releasing control and ultimately creating MORE of the fulfillment, support, and authentic love you really want in your marriageIt can be totally life-shattering (in both good and not so comfortable ways) to finally get that we cannot control our significant other--and so much in our lives– that it was all just an illusion that brought us more pain than good. But as we accept this, we are able to open the door to more loving influence in both our own internal landscapes and our marriages (and other important relationships).Listen in as I share a rarely talked about but important piece of this process,  illustrate it with a vulnerable story of my own, and offer you a chance to take this healing step yourself.This episode will take you one healing step closer to connecting to deeper love and your capacity to actually influence things in the direction you’d love for them to go on your marriage.SHOW NOTES:Set Up Your Consult
12/22/202134 minutes, 37 seconds
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Being His Lover, Not His Mother

In this fundamental episode (the 1st in a 3-part series), we dive into an essential-to-look-at issue--one most sensitive women will need to face and learn to work with if we want to feel more like our husband’s “lover” (someone for him to love and cherish and someone for him to feel loved and cherished by) rather than, well,  his “mother”.With a whole lot of compassion and honest sharing of my personal journey with it, I address and help you solve this very common challenge: Our own urge to control what we cannot control: another adult.So many of us women fall into this habit unintentionally--and for good well-intentioned reasons. But, it alway backfires and makes marriage a burdensome, duty-bound, sparkless experience that wanes in mutual respect and enjoyment every day. And the ironic thing is that our efforts to control our partner actually make us LESS capable of bringing ourselves the loving experiences we want with him.If you think you don’t have any issue with this, I invite you to listen in to find out for sure. Because, the kind of control I’m talking about shows up in subtle ways, and is completely pervasive in modern marriages--and it slowly kills the love and romance in them.Learn how to not let it do so, and how you can actually start truly influencing your marriage in a more loving direction, in this episode. Listen in to learn:the two general categories in which control commonly manifests the signs to look out for that indicate your veering towards control the effect it has on you, your partner, and your marriageHow to begin moving out of controlly and “mother” energy and into more “lover” energySo you and your husband can have a marriage that you both love.SHOW NOTES:The 7 Most Powerful Phrases To Deepen Connection In Your Marriage Set Up Your Consult
12/16/202143 minutes, 20 seconds
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6 Seconds To A Better Marriage

059   The way to make truly lasting positive changes in your marriage is by addressing the SOURCE of the things that a) keeps you from doing or saying things that lead to a loving relationship, or b) drives you to do things that lead to misunderstanding, hurt, and disconnection.By making root-deep positive cognitive and emotional shifts, you’ll naturally have way more interactions with your honey full of respect, love, and connection. This podcast, and most of my focus as a teacher and coach, emphasizes this in a big way. (Dive into any episode to start making such shifts today.) But there are also some simple actions you can take that have the power to sway things between you and your significant other in big delightful ways--IF you do them. Today I share one thing you can do that takes only 6 seconds. Sprinkle this into your daily life together to start feeling more calmness, lightness, connection-- and even a reigniting of passion.My husband and I make it a basic part of our marriage maintenance, and it seriously juices things up. Listen in to find out what it is. Oh, and it’s fun.If it isn't as easy as it sounds, find out what to do to make it naturally part of your life together.  ( Hint, I shared the answer above.)SHOW NOTES:Work With Me
12/9/202113 minutes, 6 seconds
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A Generous Love

There are certain feelings that are like gold when it comes to having a marriage you love. Because feelings are like fuel: they take us places! Some feelings lead to spats, disconnection and negative cycles with our partner (resentment for example). Others lead to lots of positive interactions and the creation of a culture of more and more love and connection with our husband. Generosity is one of these feelings. It is magic when it comes to love.Unfortunately, without awareness, it can be so easy to totally unconsciously approach our marriages from the opposite of generosity (simply because we are human!), and therefore end up in a marriage that feels UNgenerous in love.But the good news is that we don’t have to just wait for love-generating feelings to happen to us. We can choose them, cultivate them, lean into them. To our own benefit, and to the benefit of our marriage.Today we do so with generosity. So you can have a marriage that generates more generosity for both of you.In this episode I offer some mindset shifts to help you access this most love-inducing emotion, and make it easy to act it out in your marriage, so you can ultimately invite in more reciprocal generosity and GAIN a whole lot more of what you want to be experiencing in your marriage.SHOW NOTES:Link To Grab Your Consult Website:
12/2/202126 minutes, 33 seconds
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The HSP Retreat

Today I offer you a fun, very actionable thing you can do to re-set your system, gain some valuable perspective, and re-invigorate your sensitive self AND your marriage.My clients who have implemented this have loved it, and found it so nourishing-- and I myself make it a regular part of tending to my sensitive mind-body-heart system and love life!In this episode, I share the whys, hows and whats of it, including how it can benefit your marriage.We also look at the things that tend to get in the way of many of us doing this most nourishing thing for ourselves, and how to get around these obstacles, including some important little mindset shifts you can make to include this love-and-life-benefitting activity as a regular part of your life.SHOW NOTES: Get Started With a Call
11/25/202129 minutes, 10 seconds
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How To Really Stand Up For Yourself In Your Marriage

056  If you ever take things personally, feel hurt by your partner’s words, or get defensive (hello fellow HSPs!)—or if your partner can be critical towards you— this is for you.You probably feel like you need to stand up for yourself.... Yeah?But let’s be honest. Most of us do so by getting defensive. I get it! Standing up for yourself by defending yourself feels like a way of not letting your partner walk all over you and treat you poorly.I don’t want you to feel mistreated, ever. But you know what they say about defense? “Defense is the first act of war.” It tends to fuel the fire of disrespect. Both ways. There is a better way. And it involves revising our definition of standing up for ourselves. What if “standing up for yourself” doesn’t mean what you’ve always thought it means?It doesn’t! At least not when it comes to making your marriage one you love. Standing up for yourself in marriage means something way more conducive to love and harmony and having a rock solid relationship with your partner.Listen in to find out exactly what I mean, and learn the 3 step process that helps you become a master at disarming criticism and standing up for love in your relationship. SHOW NOTES:Grab Your Consult
11/18/202123 minutes, 51 seconds
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One Tiny Thing That Seriously Dulls The Love In Your Marriage

055   If there's a sense of lack-of-luster in your relationship, or you find yourself feeling disinterest, irritation, or disconnection with your husband, or you wonder if your marriage will ever feel good, alive, and totally loving again, it is not necessarily because there is a huge problem between you.It is more likely because of some very harmless-seeming little things you might not even notice:Your simple, unremarkable, everyday thoughts.In this episode, I illustrate this deeply and clearly by sharing a very personal experience of this over the summer, and exactly how I worked with it to feel so much more joy and connection again with my husband (and with myself, too!).Then I share exactly how you can identify and overcome the same connection and passion-killing thoughts in your own life, so you can move back towards more of the vibrancy, love, and joy in your own marriage.Listen in to uncover a “gold mine” for a more vibrant marriage, one you can mine over and over for a more and more thriving marriage and life.SHOW NOTESWhere to go for deeper support from Hannah:Website: www.lifeisworthloving.comGet Started With A Consult Call
11/11/202129 minutes, 55 seconds
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Our Love Is Fragile Syndrome (And The Remedy)

Our Love Is Fragile Syndrome is a silent “ syndrome” ( not a scientific term!) that lurks invisibly in the background of so many relationships and causes a lot of pain and disconnection --where there could instead be lots of love.If you tend to find yourself wondering if your love can last, or if your partner really loves you, if you tend to read a lack of love into your husband's actions, or you feel you need to avoid conflict or not let your partner know certain aspects of you, you may be suffering with this syndrome to some degree.It causes couples to miss out on experiencing the love that is there between them and leads to bigger conflicts, lots of misunderstanding, shame and hurt feelings, weaponizing the concept of love languages, and to both of you feeling alone in your marriage, and ultimately CAN lead the marriage to a place of fragility.This “syndrome” comes from the default natural way our brains tend to work, along with a very normal misalignment in many couples “love languages”.Luckily, all this is curable.Listen to this episode to learn just what The Love Is Fragile Syndrome is, identify if it may be lurking in the background of your marriage,  and learn the 3 step remedy process to get you back to feeling a foundation of loving security in your marriage.Healing this syndrome is marriage saving. Because it is from that renewed sense of love that it's easier to improve communication, solve typical problems, be your authentic full-hearted selves with each other, and ultimately build deeper and deeper physical and emotional intimacy over the course of your lives together.SHOW NOTES:Sign up for your free Consult here.
11/4/202135 minutes, 53 seconds
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Loving Humanness

053  As much as most of us would love to feel tons of love for the person we’ve chosen as our partner in life, it’s not always so easy to do. In fact, feeling loving feelings can seem very far off sometimes in our marriages.In this episode, we talk about one of the biggest reasons you may feel disappointed and frustrated about a variety of things your partner does (or does not do): a trick our brains play on us that leads to having a misunderstanding of humanness. In order to really deeply love the real human in front of you, you must learn to embrace humanness, the messy flawed tenderness of it all. Because in our marriages there is simply no way around humanness.This episode defines “humanness” ,  shifts your thinking around it, and walks you through the 2 stages you’ll need to go through to fall in love with the humanness very alive in your marriage.Listen in to create more space inside you to really love the person by your side and feel a deep sense of being a team in this wild life together--- with all his and your messy imperfections.SHOW NOTES:Learn about coaching with me here.
10/28/202138 minutes, 42 seconds
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Tending Your Trauma and Nervous System Responses With Karen C.L. Anderson

052   Often , for highly sensitive people,  trauma is or has been a part of our lives, and can have a negative impact on our relationships. But trauma and autonomic nervous systems responses to stressful events do not have to dictate our lives and keep us locked into painful reactions and patterns, as, Karen C.L. Anderson (a master-certified life coach and author who helps women use the troubled relationships they have with their mothers as a catalyst for their own growth), and I dive into in this episode.We discuss that there are various ways to work with trauma and help heal the nervous system, making it more resilient and responsive, instead of reactive.  We give you some basic essential understandings and tools to help you begin unwinding it, so you can feel more at ease in your skin and in all your relationships.With personal stories and candid conversation, in this episode,  we help you:Understand what trauma is and isn’t (this can easily get confused)Decipher when you may need a trauma specialists helpGrasp how, rather than something to be ashamed of, trauma is a very normal human thing (this is so important to understand, and we share why)Understand why you may feel and act how you do with your loved ones (so you can reduce any guilt about it!)Identify how your nervous system stress responses may look, and how they may show up in your closest relationships, so you can have way more self- awareness and the knowledge to begin making healing shiftsWays to kindly and lovingly tend to your own nervous system and gently begin unwinding trauma patterns Often, when we learn we may have trauma, we feel stuck with it, helpless to change things. We want you to know that that is not so, and you have so much more agency over your own mind-body-heart system than you may feel right now. Join us to start making the littlest changes that will add up to feeling so much more at peace and in control of your mind, emotions, nervous system-- and ultimately your marriage and other relationships.SHOW NOTES:Find all things Karen C. L. Anderson at her website:
10/21/202159 minutes, 47 seconds
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Relationship Boundary Basics

051  Knowing how and when to set a “Relationship Boundary” is an essential part of blazing the trail to a more respectful, loving, high-integrity marriage for both you and your husband.Setting appropriate boundaries are, 1st, a way to take loving care and be respectful of yourself and the relationship, and 2nd, they teach your significant other to understand what’s okay by you and what isn’t, helping eliminate his disrespectful behaviors.“Boundaries” are often misconstrued or not used correctly, and when that's the case they don’t work, or even backfire. This episode clarifies for you exactly how and when use them, and teaches you the essentials of what you need to know when it comes to Relationship Boundaries, including:What the intention behind must be for them to work well in loveThe difference between true appropriate boundary-setting and control (these get confused all the time! Knowing the difference is key, because one works, and one makes things worse!)When to use boundaries versus when to use requests.How to not overuse boundaries, what to do instead, and how to decipher when your work is not boundary setting, but actually something else (more internal).What state of being is most effective for using boundaries successfullyThe 4 steps to set healthy boundaries in your relationshipWhy communicating your boundaries ahead of time may be beneficial and more effectiveThe very most important part of boundary setting that often gets dropped- and makes them simply not work.The most common obstacles that may get in the way of setting boundaries in a way that works, and solutions to overcome themWe ALL need to set boundaries from time to time, especially as an HSP. If you never set boundaries and are ready to bring some fierce love to your marriage, or you use them a whole lot, or have tried without much success, this episode is for you. SHOW NOTES:Schedule You Consult Call
10/14/202131 minutes, 34 seconds
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Men, Emotional Maturity, And Love (Or How To Invite Your Husband To Evolve)

#050  We modern women expect more out of marriage and men than ever. We tend to want our husbands to be a more mature, evolved, supportive partner with whom we can regularly connect intimately on a deep physical and emotional level. But, in many cases, our men don’t seem to be able to rise up and meet us in that place as much as we want. Today, we dive in and look at why— and what you can do about it.The bad news is fighting for and trying to get him to BE who we want creates tug-of-war, misery, and powerlessness over our own happiness.So, how do we create the space for him to grow into the best version of himself in partnership--a man who appreciates you, opens up to you, is a thoughtful, empathetic, full-hearted ally in your life? Listen in to find out.In this episode, I dive into 2 important keys that will:begin dislodging and eliminating outdated unconscious culturally inherited mindsets that lead to a whole lot of pain for both you and himfree you up to own and use the relational power you, as a woman, have naturally to make your marriage one you love (you’ll hear the science that backs this up)!and ultimately allows you to make your marriage one you feel so much better in, and one that gives your man the best chance at evolving into the most mature loving version of him possible: a man who responds, considers, feels, and loves consciously. This is a fiercely truth-telling episode that, if you let it, will burn a hole in your frustration and resentment and open the doorway to having the supportive deeply loving marriage you want--and a husband who is likelier than ever to evolve in a positive direction right alongside you into the future.SHOW NOTES:Grab the free guide: THE 7 MOST POWERFUL PHRASES TO DEEPEN CONNECTION IN YOUR MARRIAGE
10/7/202142 minutes, 51 seconds
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"I Love You And No"

If you feel resentment or annoyance often, if you feel burdened by all that you have do for your marriage, or if you feel you get walked all over,  it’s quite possible you aren’t saying “NO” enough to your husband. But the trouble is, you may also feel guilty or uncomfortable:saying nonot doing what he wants you to door doing what you prefer over what he prefers. What if you could say no and not tolerate things you don’t want to from him --and feel good about it? And even get him on board with it, too? What if you could see yourself as a good and loving partner even if you don’t do things just to please your husband?Listen to this episode to learn how you can do just that with 4 simple shifts in how you think about and do things, and thereby, surprisingly, make your marriage more respectful, genuinely happier, and more loving!It starts by clearing up a big confusion many of us sensitives have about what being a loving wife looks like, and learning what being loving really means. SHOW NOTES:Get Started with a Call
9/30/202132 minutes, 44 seconds
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How To Stop Your Partner From Controlling You

048   Sometimes we find ourselves in a dynamic we do not like with our partner: we may feel disrespected, looked down upon, controlled. This may be even more common for us HSPs than non-sensitives.Is there hope to change this dynamic? Can you ever feel like your partner respects you, values your opinion, and sees you as an equal? Can you stop him from controlling you?Yes, you can. Without controlling him in return!In this podcast, we dive into what it takes from your end--which is likely all it will take to totally change this icky dynamic! Just YOU.I was once someone who felt controlled by men. But I haven't felt an ounce of that in decades! It took some internal work, but I changed myself so I was no longer controllable. This podcast episode lays out the specific The words and actions you can take to stop your husband from exerting control over you.We also dive into 3 underlying mental-emotional shifts you will need to make in order to keep this up and feel like a natural at it, so you can gain more respectful treatment from your husband and feel on equal loving ground with him.SHOW NOTES:Get Started with a Consult Call
9/23/202135 minutes, 31 seconds
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How To Not Be A Doormat

As modern women, we’ve been encouraged to not let ourselves be “doormats” in our relationship with men. And we want to be strong, to not tolerate criticism or unkind treatment, and to stand up for the respect we deserve. All of which is so important to have a healthy loving marriage, especially as a sensitive person.But sometimes we do this in a way that actually makes us feel even more walked all over, more like a doormat--and in more pain than ever. So how do we stop being a doormat for REAL?Listen in to find out how.Hint: it has to do with understanding what we can control and what we cannot ...and then learning how to control what we ourselves have dominion over--which is our own selves….and becoming Un-walk-over-able!Even if your man is sometimes unkind, uncool, and disrespectful,  you can put an end to feeling like a doormat-- without FIGHTING, and with dignity, self-containment, confidence, and rooted in love for all involved.In this episode, I break down the specific of what this entails and  get you started on the path to feeling strong, empowered, respected, and being treated with the kindness, care, and love you deserve.SHOW NOTES:Grab the free guide: THE 7 MOST POWERFUL PHRASES TO DEEPEN CONNECTION IN YOUR MARRIAGEwebsite:
9/16/202123 minutes, 37 seconds
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The Sensitive Love Revolution

The fact of the matter is there’s a lack of empathy, understanding, attentiveness, care and compassion--in other words, SENSITIVITY!-- in our world and intimate relationships. And so many women right now are hungry for more of this sensitivity in their marriages.I want this for them deeply, too. It's high time to usher into our marriages, and ultimately into our world, the love and sensitivity we deeply yearn for. It’s time to bring about a sensitivity revolution.So what does that entail and where do we start? In this episode I break it down for you, cheer you on and empower you to invite way more of this life-and-love enhancing sensitivity into your own love life and world.We cover:What’s keeping the sensitivity we want just out of reach in our marriages and worldMindset shifts to help you feel empowered, ready, and inspired to put yourself behind your dream of a marriage full of empathy, support, and loving attentiveness.Essential and overlooked understandings about yourself as a sensitive person to grasp, so you can start to deepen into how YOU are naturally the exact the force to bring about these changes  Insights into specific aspects of our sensitivity trait, which may at first glance seem detrimental, but are actually powerful gifts perfectly designed to bring about the kinds of changes we envision. Why, once you learn to honor and work with your sensitivity, you are perfectly positioned and even meant to successfully lead loving sensitivity in your own mini-realm.And how that doesn’t mean being a doormat, or being nice and sweet all the time, but rather requires strong loving self-advocacy, not tolerating mistreatment, and fiercely standing up for the respect you deserve.How the work to make these big changes is actually very intimate and accessible, as it starts right here in you and your marriage.And how by working to bring more sensitivity into your marriage, you’re actually bringing about the exact medicine the planet, as a whole, needs to heal. If you want to bring about a sea-change of sensitivity in your marriage and in the larger world— one that will make both into realms you are naturally much happier in—this is a must listen episode!SHOW NOTES:4 Simple Doable Steps To The Marriage You WantSchedule Your Consult
9/9/202135 minutes, 7 seconds
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How Work Can Support HSP's Lives And Relationships With Laurie Carlson

We live in a world where so much focus and energy is directed into our career or work and being productive. This doesn't work well for highly sensitive people, nor does it support having a great marriage or an overall fulfilling life. It does not have to be this way. If we want a life we actually enjoy living, we HSPs need to make the shift from life supporting our WORK to work being in service to our lives and relationships! This is totally possible! Today, Laurie Carlson, a Life Coach who helps HSPs and Empaths nurture their sensitivity so it can be the foundation of their success, and I talk about how.Listen in to hear:Why our “normal” approach to work doesn't work so well for HSPs (or most humans, actually!) and what it costs us in the other areas of our lifeHow our relationship to our work life has a direct impact on our love lifeWhy our sense of value is so intertwined with having a successful career Steps to disentangle your sense of value from your work and productivitySmall but essential changes you can make today as an HSP to start claiming your time to support the relationships, career, and life you really want Stories from our own lives and our clients lives of how we are all, as HSP women with families and careers, working on doing this, and the beneficial impact it's making all around.Laurie and I are both here to help HSP revolutionize the way we relate to the things that matter most to us in our lives. Join us in this episode to get clear direction and deep insights to chew on that will steer you towards having a life filled with relationships and experiences you love.SHOW NOTES:Find Laurie at or on Instagram  @hsp.lifecoach
9/2/202147 minutes, 19 seconds
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Being A Happy Fulfilled Wife

044 If you've ever felt unhappy in your marriage, if you ever look back on the early days or your relationship --or even your single days-- with a longing for those happier times, or if you ever feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself in this marriage, this episode is for you.Where does our happiness really come from in our marriages? Whose job is it to bring pleasure and enjoyment to you? Whose devotion to your joy and fulfillment matters most in your marriage?There's one answer that many of us subscribe to unconsciously that paves the way for LESS happiness and fulfillment, and one that is the route to MORE vibrancy and joy in ourselves and our marriages.So often we think our man is the source of our happiness in our marriages (don't think that's you? It can show up in subtle ways. Listen in to find out more). But when we do this we totally overlook the deep well of happiness available to us all the time, no matter what’s going on with our partner.When we hand off this job to our man, it’s almost always a love, joy, and attraction downer. But when we reconnect with our own capacity to bring ourselves a sense of fullness and happiness in our lives, we most often end up inspiring more devotion from our husbands.Listen in to hear me break this all down with fun stories and metaphors, a 2-step process that clarifies where your own focus needs to be, and real life examples of how powerful the effect all this has on your fulfillment, pleasure, and happiness in your life and marriage.SHOW NOTES:Apply for and Schedule your consult hereOr email Hannah at [email protected]
8/26/202142 minutes, 43 seconds
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8 Tips For A Better Traveling Experience With Your (Non-HSP) Husband

043  As Highly Sensitive People, traveling or even day adventures can pose some extra challenges, (i.e, be hard)--especially when traveling with a non-HSP partner.But, seeing new places, visiting loved ones, and having a change of scenery are not only things many of us would like to do, but things that actually benefit us and our marriage if navigated in a way that honors our sensitivity.So how do we approach trip-taking in a way that WORKS for us sensitives, and makes them really enjoyable for both ourselves AND our partner?In this practical episode, you will learn 8 specific things you can do to make any trip with your partner so much easier, more connecting, and more fun, and even return to “regular life” feeling refreshed (instead of like you need a vacation from your vacation!)We cover: The challenges many of us HSP’s face when it comes to getting out in the world and traveling--especially when our partner is along for the ride.The effects of overstimulation on our mood and ability to engage well, and why it’s so common for highly sensitive people when we travelWays to work with your partner’s higher interest for go-go-going and seeing and doing all the things, and your need for decompression, so you both feel happy and satisfied with your trip.Ways to think intentionally, plan ahead, and things to bring to make your time the most relaxed, refreshing, joyful adventure possible.The most important thing to know about communicating to your partner about your travel needs as an HSPThe positive impact on our marriage  and for all involved when we tend lovingly to our sensitivity when we are away from homeI illustrate this whole thing with stories and my own personal learnings from my recent anniversary trip with my husband, which started off hard, but wound up being deeply connecting and fun for both of us.Listen in to learn how you can have the same experience on all your future travels.
8/19/202131 minutes, 49 seconds
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What To Do When He Doesn’t Honor Your Request To Be More Romantic

042  You've asked him to be more romantic. He isn't doing it. Now what?There’s not a whole lot more frustrating in a relationship than asking your partner for something (especially something vulnerable like more romance) and have him not agree --or agree and then not follow through!!It can leave you feeling helpless to get your desires for intimacy and connection met. It can even be a deal breaker. But wait. You have way more sway here than you may feel. EVEN if you’ve already asked him in the highly effective ways I shared in episode 30, and it isn’t “working”.In todays episode we dive into 3 essential steps to take if you want your partner to be more affectionate, more flirty, more loving, or to initiate sex more, or speak more of YOUR love language. We dive into:What’s most often at the root of this issue The opportunity that lies in this challengeHow to set the stage for effective communication around thisSpecific ways to approach your husband to make sure you’ve communicated in ways he’s most likely to understand and get on board with…How to improve things in this area even if he says no or isn’t able to do the things you want (which is totally empowering and important to do anyway—even if your communicating works to get him to do more of what you want!)The immense possibility that taking empowered actions around this will lead to in your lifeIf you want to feel more desired by your partner, if you want to feel more cherished, if you love romance and affection ….and you feel it’s insufficient in your marriage, give this episode a serious listen. Take notes! And then put these 3 steps into action.SHOW NOTES:Related episodes:#29  From Complaint To Connection #30. 2 Highly Effective Ways To Ask For (And Get) What You Want Apply for and Schedule your consult here
8/12/202140 minutes, 23 seconds
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From Tension to Calm and Connected with Amy Lepage

Reactivity, tension, and emotional and physical pain can be so normal in our busy day-to-day lives. Yet they totally undermine our ability to enjoy our lives, connect with our loved ones in the deeper ways we want, and reach our goals.So how do we move back to a calmer, clearer, and more connected place (and stay there more often) --without taking hours out of our days, or making a giant overhaul of our life?It’s all about the tiny moments--or micro-moments! Join Amy Lepage, Somatic Movement & Functional Movement Therapist, and I as we talk about the micro-interventions you can integrate into your daily life to shift out of any form of emotional or physical pain, so you can experience a much more connection and enjoyment in your life.  Listen to this candid conversation to learn:How connecting to yourself directly for just 1 minute here and 30 seconds there leads to feeling way more centered and relaxed overall and positively enhances connection with others in your life.How our natural tendency to solve things out there is the exact opposite approach to what actually works to shift things for the better…and what to do to really “fix” things. Why bringing our focus to our internal experience makes all the difference in how things go “out there” with our family and partner and even career.How using micro moments starts to create an overall more calm connected environment in your partnership and family.What awareness’s role is in reducing tension and stressHow attending to the body is a fundamental part of creating positive emotional shiftsDifferent types of micro-interventions you can try out to develop more emotional agency and feel better all day long. Our own experiences of working with my micro moments to move out of pained, reactive spaces on a daily basis, what that actually looks like in our personal lives, and the profound benefits each of us have experienced by doing so.How using micro moments is a beautiful way to gently and lovingly look at the more difficult aspects of ourselves and build a more compassionate relationship with ourselves— which is foundational to having a great relationship with your partner, feeling lighter, more relaxed, and playful every day, and showing up fully for the things that matter to you most.Amy is a beautiful example of someone who’s building a loving relationship with herself in the micro moments, and enjoying the ripple effect of sweeter connection, and making a deeply positive contribution to the world. Dive in to learn how you can do the same.SHOW NOTESFind Amy: ~on Instagram at @lepageamy  OR  @emergechildbirth ~on her website: her at: [email protected] Hannah at
8/5/202139 minutes, 40 seconds
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Micro Moments Of Love (Or How To Have Ever Better Love)

040  Falling in love is easy, effortless. Staying in love isn’t. Today we talk about staying in love (or falling back in love), and how it's about being intentional in the tiniest moments.You don’t have to wait to learn something fancy, or to have a giant change of heart to feel better with your partner. You can make an instant little shift right now that will move you in a more loving, more fulfilling, happier direction.In fact, that is how we actually create sustained change. By thinking about things a tiny bit differently right now; by paying a slightly different kind of attention right now; by seeing things through new eyes at this moment. And then this one, too. The more we do this, the more change we affect in our marriage.Making use of what I call “Micro Moments” is a PRIME way I make my marriage amazing every day, whether to move out of a more stressful emotional place or to consciously create more connection with my man.Today we dive into Micro Moments of LOVE:  one tiny moment-- and then another-- of warmth, of connection, of love, at a time. String many of these together throughout your day and week, and you will have a much richer, more love-filled experience of your marriage for the rest of your lives together. Dive in to get the details. SHOW NOTES:Click to schedule your consultEmail:  [email protected]:
7/29/202122 minutes, 10 seconds
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Being Right VS Being Married

039  The biggest barriers to love come from within our own brains. Today we are talking about a very common one:The wired-in instinct to want to be right. To see ourselves and our way as right, and others ways as wrong. Why is this being right thing so tenacious and tempting? Listen in to find out and start to let it go...Because, though totally normal, this instinct is counterproductive to creating a more loving fulfilling marriage. It causes conflict and struggle in our relationships:When what we consciously or unconsciously believe is the right way to be is challenged by our partner’s behavior, it's easy to feel like he's doing things wrong, to fall into judgment and even contempt.Then we may find ourselves trying to impose our ways onto our partner, trying to get him to do things the “right” way, trying to convince him and entice him into thinking and behaving the way we think he should, in an attempt to feel on the same team.This approach, ironically,  steals understanding, respect, and genuine connection right from under our noses.If we want real connection and deep love, we need to stop the right/wrong thing and open up to accepting differences, big and little.In this episode, I share client stories, mindset shifts, and 2 specific ways to work with this desire to be right, so you can put an end to the divisiveness it creates and come back to actually feeling on the same team in a deeper way than ever with your partner.SHOW NOTES:Grab the free guide: THE 7 MOST POWERFUL PHRASES TO DEEPEN CONNECTION IN YOUR MARRIAGEwebsite:
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3 Ways To Fuel More Desire When You’re Not “In The Mood”

 Sex and physical intimacy. They are the prime things that distinguish marriage from a roommate situation.But, many women, especially us highly sensitive women, often find that we just don't’ feel like being sexual with our partner at the end of a long day--or ever!If that’s a common experience for you, and you feel like it’s putting a damper on the connection and fulfillment you or your husband is experiencing in your marriage, this is a must-listen episode.We cover: How nothing is wrong with you if your desire tank is lowWHY that may be the case and is so common3 essential things to understand about women’s physiology when it comes to sex that dampens desire 3 keys to working with your unique sensitive physiology and mind to fuel desire and get you in the mood for sex againTips and insights to make your time with your husband in the bedroom more luscious and passionate again.The capacity to feel desire starts in YOU and you have total sway over it. The only thing standing between you and it are some very important understandings (which aren’t common knowledge) about how your own body works.So if you’ve been worrying something is wrong with you or your marriage because you’re rarely in the mood for sex, this episode will set your mind and body at EASE. . .. . . and give you the understandings you need to regain feelings of attraction, desire, and to enjoy and look forward to lovemaking again right away. SHOW NOTES:Click to schedule your consultWebsite: lifeisworthloving.comContact:  [email protected]
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How To Feel Safe To Feel Any Feeling

As a human being, especially a highly sensitive person, you’re going to have lots of feelings, many of which will be “negative” ones. Especially when it comes to the things we care most about, such as our marriages and relationships.Does this mean you have to suffer through them, grin and bear it, or resign yourself to having an unhappy life and relationship? Of course not. You can, of course, thrive in life and love. But that will depend on how healthy your relationship with your own emotions is.  This episode is a deep but quick dive into how to safely feel your feelings, so you can develop a great relationship with them and feel safe and confident no matter what comes up in your love life.For you, HSP, with your big feelings (or long-lasting-won’t-let-up-easily feelings), this episode is gold! So buckle up and bring a pen and notebook, because there are so many gems to take note of today. We cover:4 reasons you want to learn to safely feel your emotions and the benefits that you’ll start to experience when you do Why doing so will be one of the best things you’ve ever done to have a great marriageWhat emotions actually are and are NOT A specific process to get you startedWhat feeling your feelings does not mean and the mistake it's so easy to make Troubleshooting and tips for how to develop this most essential skillLittle adjustments for those with traumaA great metaphor to help you get the feel of this skill so it feels like the loving peace-inducing approach it is (instead of torture!)This is at the very top of the most essential skills we can learn as HSPs --and humans-- to have better relationships and be more successful in any arena in our life. If all of us become masters of this, our world would be such a different and more loving place. It starts with you learning it and reaping the rewards in your own life and marriage.SHOW NOTES:Emotional Safety Development Quick Practice (scroll down the page to the video)Click to schedule your consultContact:  [email protected]
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Calming Emotional Reactivity For HSPs

As highly sensitive people, we feel deeply. So when something happens with our partner that we don’t like, and negative emotions are stirred up, it can lead to reacting strongly. . . . . .often in ways that lead to more strife and conflict (think: withdrawing, running out of the room, snapping, criticizing, yelling, crying, ranting, going on and on trying to figure things out and feeling unable to stop talking, and other big displays of anger or despair). . . . . . and an inability to resolve an issue effectively.In this episode, we're going to look at why this happens, and what we are trying to do instinctively with our big reactions (it’s a positive intention, but just not so effective or helpful).Most importantly, we're going to get practical and very specific about: Little life adjustments and bigger internal changes you can make to prevent this from happening in the first place,Exactly what to do when you’re experiencing such an upsurge of emotion (instead of reacting out of it)   A very tangible process that actually works to calm yourself down and regain access to that wise mind and heart of yours! You will walk away from this episode with a very clear understanding of how to get yourself back to the emotionally calm place to most effectively resolve an issue with your partner or move beyond it, so you can come back to feeling close again and on the same team with your husband.SHOW NOTES:Click to schedule your consultWebsite: lifeisworthloving.comContact:  [email protected]
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Self-Worth In Love

035  We all have a biological imperative to feel worthy, to feel good enough. This need drives us in all aspects of our life. It is part of what pulls us towards love. But it is also in love that our sense of not being quite good enough, not being worthy, is most highlighted. Having a strong sense of self-worth is a big part of having a marriage that feels like the safest most loving zone possible…And having low self-worth is the source of so many marriage problems, such as feeling easily hurt, easily triggered, not loved enough, defensiveness, lashing out, not being honest and authentic, and even being critical of your partner. Not feeling good enough on some level (low self-worth) is, unfortunately, so common for hsps. Fortunately, you can change that. Listen in to learn how.In this episode I share:How simple (not necessarily easy) it actually is to develop a solid sense of self-worth.How a lack of self-worth affects your love life and how feeling worthy benefits it.Why low self-worth happens and is normal.What gets in the way of developing self-worth.Where exactly it comes from (and doesn’t come from).What to know if others don’t see you as good enough.Specific things you can do to start feeling more self-worth right away.What deepens and sustains it over time.Once I learned what I share here, I began to feel better than I’ve ever felt about myself. And that changed everything for the better-- in my marriage, as a parent, in my career, and every realm of my life.Listen in to make an instant and long-lasting improvement in your sense of self-worth --this most important emotional foundation for a deeply fulfilling life and marriage.This episode piggybacks on last week's episode, so have a listen to that one, too!SHOW NOTESFind Hannah and hop on here email list here
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Insourcing Validation (Instead Of Outsourcing It)

034   What if you consistently felt like you were important, cared for, valued and like you deeply matter to your partner, and to all the people you care about? Like, all the matter what happened?How would that change your marriage….your life?In a nutshell, it would free you up to have so much more fun, lightness, connection, love, and passion in your marriage, and simple enjoyment of your partner day in and day out. Listen to learn how!Unfortunately, most of us, especially as HSPs, don’t feel this steady sense of being valued, and loved enough. Not even in our marriage, where we want to feel that way the most. Yes, we can sometimes feel it when others applaud us for something, or when we finally reach that goal we had...But that feeling of validation comes and goes...right? To maintain it, or feel more of it,  we often end up chasing it, doing things to earn that validation….or working to get our partner to show us we're valuable…This is a setup for an exhausting power struggle and endless emotional turmoil, because…your husband, like so many, might not be so good at always saying the loving thing, listening well, complementing or hugging you, and appreciating you out loud for all that you are and do. It puts a lot of pressure on your partner and totally disempowers leaves you super vulnerable to feeling unimportant and unvalued.  And you’re likely to feel resentful, super frustrated with your man, and quite disappointed in him and your marriage, to boot...….Because (today or one day down the road)  he’s going to be bad at this job of making sure you feel valued all the time!If this sounds at all familiar, you are outsourcing your value. Most people do! But it’s a completely unsustainable, unreliable way to go about feeling how you deserve to feel as a highly sensitive woman: deeply valued, valuable, and like you matter!And guess what? Even if your partner does well at this job much of the time, he’s actually never the reason you feel valuable or not. This turns out to be very good news for you and your marriage...Listen in as I teach you where your sense of value really comes from, how much better you --and your marriage will feel-- when you know how to insource your sense of feeling deeply valuable in your life and marriage, and how easy it actually is to do once you learn how to begin.SHOW NOTES:Click to schedule your consultWebsite: lifeisworthloving.comContact:  [email protected]
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Where A Culture Of Love And Safety In Your Marriage Begins

033 Love flourishes when we feel safe. A sense of emotional safety is foundational to having a great - or even decent-- marriage. When both partners feel safe with each other, the real heights of love and connection are available. From that zone of love and safety in a marriage, communication is easy, conflict gets resolved quickly, and playful, passionate, tender ways of interacting just naturally effortlessly happen.  We can bring more compassion,  patience, understanding, and presence to each other, making our relationship an ever-deepening culture of safety, love, and nourishment in our lives.But, because we are human, and especially as sensitive women, we may NOT feel so safe much of the time, or when it comes to certain things that happen in our relationship. We may feel insecure, unsettled, anxious, untrusting, uncomfortable in our skin, unable to let our guard down in this way or that way. In other words: unsafe.The amazing news is that you don’t have to wait for conditions to be just so for you to feel so much safer in your relationship. Listen in to this essential episode to learn:Where safety and lack of safety really comes from (it might surprise you), How to avoid the most common mistake about how to feel safer, How to identify when you don’t have enough emotional safety Why you want to build more of it Why you have control over how much of a culture of love and safety your marriage is,Specific steps to begin building WAY more of it inside yourself and, ultimately, in your marriage, and how developing a kind relationship to your own mind is the one of the main keys to doing so..You can learn to feel deeply safe inside of yourself. When you do, you will be freed up to enjoy your relationship --and truly your whole LIFE--so much more.SHOW NOTES:Work with me in Treasured
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How To Stop Being Upset When Your Husband Gets Upset

032   Many highly sensitive women feel so uncomfortable when their partners get upset, angry, triggered.Often, they get upset themselves! Or else, they may tiptoe around in order to avoid emotional upheaval, feeling like they need to stop doing certain things (like asking for time to themselves), or start doing certain things...or they hold back on bringing up important topics because their husband may not handle it well.If you do any of this (and you may not be super aware of it, so listen in to find out!), it’s is a roundabout (and not very honest or successful) way of trying to prevent yourself from feeling bad. Not only is it not your job to try to keep your partner from having feelings, but we simply can’t stop anyone from having them! Your husband WILL get upset and be unhappy--sometimes with you. So let's answer this question:  How can you stop being so upset by him having negative feelings? The good news is that you don’t need to modify your own behavior or avoid topics of discussion to prevent him from feeling bad.There is a shortcut you can take to feeling at peace when he gets angry or experiences any other feeling. You might even find, like I have, that what comes out of this is the ability to let upset and negative emotions bring you closer with him, into more understanding, more security and ever deeper love. Listen in as I break it down for you in this episode. 
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Negative Emotion Aversion And Authenticity Inhibition

031   Today we are talking about Communication and Authenticity Inhibition (which is one of the biggest things that stops many HSPs from actually having the relationship we want) and their cause: Negative Emotion Aversion.   We dive into how this all gets in the way of healthy effective communication (like asking for what we want), makes it hard to be honest and authentic in our relationships, adds a whole lot of unnecessary suffering to our lives, and ultimately prevents us from growing a deeper love and understanding of each other in our marriages.Unfortunately, Negative Emotion Aversion has been perpetuated by the messages we receive from our society, and from our brains' natural biases.Luckily, you can change all that. It starts with understanding how aversion to negative emotion is harming you, and beginning to think about negative emotions in a way that will bring you so much more peace and ease, and a sense of being free to be you --and loved for it-- in your life and marriage.Listen in to hear me break it down for you in this episode.SHOW NOTES:Link to schedule your consult.
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2 Highly Effective Ways To Ask For (And Get) What You Want

030   Being willing to ask for what you want from your husband, whether it’s help with chores, or time to connect with him, is simply an essential part of feeling supported in your relationship. Many women, though, have resistance to asking for what they want, or simply go about it in ways that aren’t very successful, and then end up feeling discouraged, resentful, and unsupported in their marriage.This episode helps you turn that around and empowers you to have a high success rate in getting the responses you want, the loving gestures you want, and things done around the house.  I share 2 specific highly effective communication tactics to make requests (along with a couple of things to avoid), so you can compel your man to WANT to do the things you want him to. Listen in to learn how to get more support from your partner, feel so much more satisfaction and connection, and anything else you are wanting to experience in your marriage.SHOW NOTESGrab the free guide: THE 7 MOST POWERFUL PHRASES TO DEEPEN CONNECTION IN YOUR MARRIAGE
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From Complaint To Connection

029  If you’re a sensitive woman who loves connection and wants to feel closer to your partner, this episode is for you.There is so much connection available to us in our intimate relationships. And yet so many of us aren’t experiencing it --often, tragically, to the point that many women question if their relationship is worth continuing. But it’s most often not that connection is unavailable in our relationship, but because we’re going about trying to get it in the wrong way, with approaches that backfire!It’s kind of like being given a new car before you get your license, then trying to learn to drive it on your own; and when it jolts when you hit the brakes or press the gas, you say, “Take this vehicle back. It’s no good!” But the vehicle was never the problem. You simply hadn’t yet learned to drive.Just like it takes some learning to be able to drive a car smoothly, it can take developing some skills to gain access to the connection you want in your marriage, instead of pushing it away.In this episode, you’ll learn what to stop doing that creates disconnection: speaking to what you don’t want, otherwise known as complaining. This was an old go-to backfiring tactic of my own and oh-so-common for HSPs.   Then you’ll learn what to do that DOES create connection: speaking to what you DO want. This requires embracing the magic secret sauce, which I share all about, that gains you access to the yummiest, sweetest, most tender connection possible. (Hint: it can feel uncomfortable, but it will gain you the kind of strength and security you most want: that of genuine, lasting, loving closeness with your husband.)SHOW NOTES: Link to schedule your consult
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2 Of The Biggest Backfiring Tactics In Love For HSPs (And The Remedy)

028  To get what we want in our marriages, many of us HSPs unconsciously fall into using some tactics that...backfire. In this episode, I share what those are and dive deep into 2 of my personal old go-to’s: blame and criticism. They were at the heart of my first marriage's demise. From my end. I want to help you to avoid that experience. Blame and criticism can be sneaky, and insert themselves into our patterns of behavior just below our conscious awareness. So it’s important to take a kind close look at where and how they might show up for you.It’s also so key to know that these tactics aren’t BAD. They don’t make you bad for getting caught in their sticky net. They just don’t work well. They leave you with a hardened heart and powerless to improve things. And they ultimately feel awful to use. Once we catch ourselves using them, we can stop using them and learn better ways that actually work.In this episode, we discuss: The problems with blame and criticism and why you really don’t want to do it chronically.Why it’s not your fault if you use these tacticsHow to recognize blame and criticism and some of the sneaky ways we do it without realizing it. How to avoid making the common mistake many women fall into that stops them from changing the habit or makes it all worse…The antidote to blame and how to break the habitAnd what you need to know and do instead that will free you up to feel lighter and more energized, and way more empowered to learn and implement effective strategies to have more of what you want in your marriage.what to do if you revert into the habit again in the future to make your marriage ever more into a zone of loving safety. Though not a FUN topic, the reward on the other side of being willing to look at and free yourself from these tactics is delightful. I’m living it now: being a woman I feel great about being, with a marriage I love! I celebrate you for taking steps towards creating the same for yourself.SHOW NOTES:Link to schedule your consultRelated Episodes Mentioned:#22 How To Encourage More Of What You Want From Your Husband#11 The HSP Mind-Body-Heart-SlumpPeruse the Blog
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Being The Person You Want To Be In Your Marriage

027   Very often, as humans, we go about trying to improve our marriage backward: we're more focused on changing our partner than changing ourselves.But focusing on him isn’t where you pack the most punch for actual change!There is a more effective, easier, and more rewarding approach to improving your marriage, where you actually have powerful influence to have the loving, connected, supportive marriage you want with your husband.It entails bringing your focus back to YOURSELF, by answering this essential question: “Who do I want to be in my relationship?”.  And then centering your focus on becoming her.This will get way better results in your marriage.In this episode, we look at what it means to be who you want to be and WHY focusing on this is so effective when we want to improve our love lives.  I illustrate this with an example of a challenge in my own marriage and the difference in results I get when I'm focusing on my husband improving, versus stepping into being who I really want to be, instead.  Then I help you define for yourself who you want to be. Creating this clear vision for yourself is essential in order to actually take that journey of becoming her. Once you take this step you will be on the way to truly making positive changes by leaps and bounds in your marriage.SHOW NOTES: WebsiteThe 7 Most Powerful Phrases To Deepen Connection In Your Marriage
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Happy Marriage Value

026    What allows us big success in one area, and not in another? The answer has to do with not just what WE THINK matters most to us, but what we prioritize with our actions. When we truly value something, we put it at the forefront of our lives. Getting clear on this is key to success in our lives and marriages. Sometimes, through no fault of our own, we unconsciously undervalue the things that are most important, like our marriages. We overlook how immensely valuable a happy marriage is, and we thereby undermine our ability to actually be happy in ours.It's essential to catch ourselves when this happens and reassess what we truly value most, so we can put our attention back where it counts the most and get the very most out of this life we are living.In this episode, I break down the tangible and intangible value of a happy marriage, so you can clarify for yourself how important your emotional well-being and your marriage are to you, or if other areas matter more to you. This will allow you to direct the full force of your focus on it, so you can truly succeed in bringing what you most value into your life. SHOW NOTES:Coach with me. Email Hannah at [email protected]
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Interview With My Husband: Growing An Amazing Marriage With An HSP

#025  I am celebrating this 25th episode of the podcast with a very special guest: My hubby! We get really open and honest and share what is great and not so great in our marriage-- so you can learn from us and make your marriage more loving and amazing.We dive right in and discuss:What it’s like for my husband to be married to an HSP-- the challenges and the joys.What an HSP brings to the relationship that can really help the relationship be great. How being so relationship-oriented leads to our relationship being so goodHow the woman developing big relationship skills makes such a profound difference in our marriages and lives.How we use the hard stuff in our marriage to bring us closer.What we do to intentionally create the experiences we want to have in our marriage What some of the keys are for us (and other couples that include a sensitive person) to make our lives together loving and connected, and fun, while at the same time being responsible adults who care for a family, a home, and careers.Keys to understanding how we women can support our partners in supporting us with our sensitivity.Whether differences make or break a relationship. Cultivating mutual attraction and having a rich fulfilling life together.My husband's wise advice for women on how to approach your partner for the best outcomes.And more...Come listen and learn from a couple who is thriving not in spite of, but BECAUSE of, sensitivity.NOTES:contact me at [email protected]
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Do You Need To Earn Love, Or Is It A Given?

024   What makes you lovable? Can you make yourself more lovable? Is it your fault if your husband isn’t finding you irresistibly lovable? Do you have to EARN his love? Or are you totally lovable right now? Maybe it's not so cut and dry. Come find out in this episode.If you ever:have trouble saying no, or worry about your partner getting upset, or get defensive, or take things personallyfeel less valued than you’d like,  your husband might not love you as much as you wish (or you don’t feel love for him as much as you’d like)or you’re a bit hard-up in the feeling-good-about-yourself department…( in other words, if you are a normal highly sensitive person!). . .  this is a must-listen episode.Because you ARE ever so lovable. And ….good extraordinary love between two people is not a given! Luckily, there’s so much you can do to feel this love reflected back to you more from others around you.Dig in to this fun episode (I share some of my own stories, and talk about mud and gold and mangos!) to start to access this lovability, so you can have the most love possible in your
4/8/202129 minutes, 30 seconds
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How Your Marriage And Kids Can Thrive When Sensitive, With Julia McGarey

#023   In this episode, I talk with Julia McGarey, the Life Coach for Parents of Highly Sensitive Kids, about how we sensitive parents can raise healthy happy kids AND have great marriages at the same time. Although it can often feel like a great marriage and happy children are mutually exclusive, they actually can go hand in hand. Tune in to learn how to make that the case for you and your family.We cover:How to create more well-being in our marriages while raising kids -- even sensitive kids  --well.How the well-being of your marriage affects the kids, both in a positive and negative sense. How come your emotional well-being is so important for sensitive kids. Tips to stay centered and make life easier as an HSP, while raising a family. How to tell if your child is sensitive, and why it matters.Dealing with the big feelings of a Highly Sensitive Child and navigating the times when children are going through harder phases.How to stop getting caught in the trap of “there’s no time for each other because of the kids” and create time for yourself and your marriage while providing the kiddos with what they need to thrive.Creating more connection with your kids and your partnership.Helping kids be helpful team players in the family and grow into great humans!And moreCome hear it all from the mouths of two Highly Sensitive moms and experts in thriving as a family when one, some, or all of you are sensitive. SHOW NOTES:Click to join:  THE CLOSER TO YOUR HUSBAND IN 7 DAYS CHALLENGE  Find Julia on Instagram  @partneredpathparenting or at her website:
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How To Encourage More Of What You Want From Your Husband

#022  In this important episode (the last of the 3 part series about experiencing your man as a great partner),  learn exactly what to do to start encouraging your spouse to be and do more of what you’d like him to, while feeling so good about yourself--like you’re being the loving sensitive partner you want to be, too!With stories to illustrate and inspire you, what I offer you in this episode will allow you to create a culture of love in your relationship.   When you implement my suggestions,  you will not only help heal old hurts that keep you from deep emotional intimacy, you will also start a positive snowball effect that will lead to ever-deepening affection, respect, and love between you and your husband.Don’t miss it!Show Notes:Join THE CLOSER TO YOUR HUSBAND IN 7 DAYS CHALLENGE  (fixed link!)Blog post mentioned: When To Be Pushy
3/25/202136 minutes, 55 seconds
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Enjoy Your Partner More By Using Love Sight

#021   In the 2nd installment of this 3 part series, you will bring back some of the warmer feelings that form the basis of a truly lasting loving marriage. Despite what we’ve been told, lasting juicy love and romance aren’t just a result of the right “chemistry”. They are built on a foundation of friendship, respect and admiration for each other. Even in the healthiest of marriages, those are things we actually need to intentionally grow. By seeing our person as respect and love worthy, by seeing him as precious. I know, this doesn’t always come so naturally! And it doesn’t mean he needs to do all the right things. Despite what it may feel like, it's not all him that’s creating the disconnection you may feel between you. It’s the fact that you have a human brain--and one that’s rather sensitive to noticing what’s not so good.When you find it hard to feel love and respect towards your man, you can purposefully walk yourself back towards real connection, and admiration.No papering over our dislike, or brainwashing yourself with fake appreciation required! Instead, you can find your way to admiration and enjoyment of him again by...seeing with clear eyes. Dive in to hear exactly what I mean and how to do it. And don’t miss the exciting opportunity I announce at the end!SHOW NOTES:Join the free Closer To Your Husband In 7 Days Challenge!
3/18/202128 minutes, 5 seconds
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Turn Your Not-So-Good Husband Into An Amazing One; The 1st Step

020  This is the first of a 3-episode series that will help you start experiencing your man as a great partner, and have you feeling more affection and connection in your marriage.You want to love the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with. You want to love your relationship.But that may not actually be your experience much of the time. Instead, you feel hardened towards your partner. Unhappy with him. Maybe even mad at him a lot.This is, unfortunately, super common. Especially when we are seeing so many things that he’s doing --or isn’t doing--that make us mad, that hurt and bother many things he could be doing so much better.For moments or even weeks, our partner can start to feel like, well, kind of the bad guy. Nobody wants to be married to the bad guy. Luckily, you can start to change that today-- even if he doesn’t change today.Join me in this episode as we take a step in a much better direction and start opening the doorway for you to experience way more understanding and connection with your husband, and ultimately have a deep love and true affection. Show NotesContact:  [email protected]
3/11/202129 minutes, 37 seconds
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Little Shifts = Big Change In Your Love Life

#019  For highly sensitive people, who can tend towards perfectionism and getting overwhelmed easily, the idea of doing the work to improve your marriage can feel daunting and like just too much. Especially if you are recognizing that you have some work on your end of things and feel you’re not doing things “right”, or you're feeling a bit discouraged that things aren't changing as fast as you'd like, even with all the efforts you've been putting in.Thinking this way will always slow us down or even stop us from making changes. Ultimately it keeps us from the happiness we want in love.Luckily, the truth is actually very different. Making huge improvements in your marriage does NOT need to be an overwhelming undertaking. It’s not nearly so hard as you may have thought.Listen in as I tell you how it’s actually done and the way to think about it that will make it feel EASY and totally doable to start making difference right now in your marriage.In this episode, I offer you some words of big encouragement and leave you feeling hopeful and ready to start ( or keep!) putting one foot in front of the other --the only way to actually change things and bring the love you want into your marriage.NOTES:Contact Hannah at [email protected] or schedule a consult here
3/4/202117 minutes, 51 seconds
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Navigating Conflict And Upset For More Love; Lauren's Story

# 018   When my client Lauren first came to me, she felt anxious about her relationship and all the hard emotions and conflict that was coming up. She was waiting for “the other shoe to drop”, and in need of lots of reassurance from her partner that she was loved and things were going to be alright. It was not a dynamic that led to security and feeling close to the man she loved.These days things couldn’t be better. She’s done a total 180-degree shift in how she handles conflict--one she didn’t even think was possible. Her relationship feels not only safe and deeply loving but like an arena in which both she and her partner are supported to follow their big dreams and passions in the world. Listen to Lauren share:How she’s come to be able to calmly deal with her big feelings and feel safe with all of them.What she’s learned to be able to handle conflict in a way that leads to solving problems and feeling MORE love and connection than ever.Specific things she’s done and perspective shifts she’s made--and you can too- that have changed everything. How she is “harnessing” the power of her sensitivity to benefit her life and relationship (instead of letting it make it more challenging as she used to)How she learned to experience the validation and love she was looking for and has come to feel cherished.How her efforts have rippled out and up-leveled other prime aspects of her life, and how she now feels she--and all HSPs-- can make a powerful impact on the world around us.Lauren truly embodies the best of an HSP when we learn to honor our sensitivity and grow our relationship skills.Listen in to see the immense power one woman has when she decides to change her relationship to make it deeply loving, safe, fun and connected. Come laugh, cry, and feel how much is possible for you in your marriage, too.SHOW NOTESContact  [email protected]
2/25/202152 minutes, 30 seconds
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10 Beliefs To Improve Your Marriage

#017   What we sensitive people believe about our marriages, partner, and the things that go on between us deeply impact our relationship. In this episode, I share 10 beliefs that will truly improve your marriage in the best of ways (and what things will be like if you don't believe them--you may be able to identify yourself here). These beliefs have made all the difference in my own marriage and my clients, too. I selected them knowing specifically which key beliefs we highly sensitive women tend to be weak in, and which ways of thinking help us and our relationships most. Once you adopt these beliefs --even a little bit more ---you will:have a much easier time with conflictfeel so much more secure and stable in your relationshipfree yourself up to enjoy your partner so much morefeel more respectedgive yourself permission to do more of what you want to do in your lifemake a bigger difference in the worldand feel better about your marriage --and yourself--than you ever have.You’ll also begin to learn how to intentionally develop beliefs that really serve your marriage and bring you way more happiness in love and life.SHOW NOTES:Grab your written copy of 10 Beliefs That Will Improve Your Marriage 
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Uncovering The Source Of Relationship Pain

016    If you feel any form of emotional suffering in your relationship--like discouragement, resentment, disappointment, hurt, annoyance, anger you don’t have to just live with it.Making your marriage a place that feels like a nourishing, joyful, safe space to come home to, instead of a cluttered, stressful, constricting place, starts with being willing to look at what’s REALLY going on under the surface inside of your own self. Without peering into the dark recesses of our minds, cluttered, as they are, with a bunch of assumptions, expectations, biases, fears, and unquestioned ideas about how a relationship should be ( we ALL got ‘em!), we won’t ever be able to make real lasting improvements in our marriages. But, you may never have been taught how to SEE what’s really there. No more! Join me in this episode to:Explore a few basics of self-coaching to start experiencing the huge influence you have over your feelings and your marriage.Learn a 4 step process to discover the source of your hard feelings and unfulfilling and difficult interactions with your partner. Begin clearing these internal obstacles to love out of your life and marriage, and own the power you have to feel like you and your man are a loving team facing the world together.Notes: This episode builds on Episode 6, 13,  and 14. If you have not listened to them yet, I highly recommend doing so first. Contact Hannah via her website or email [email protected] 
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Love Is The Reward

015   Today I bring you a fresh perspective on love --one that will allow you to feel so much more love in your marriage.We love love. Unless we have some misconceptions about it, which many people do. I know I used to, and it actually made it so I experienced LESS love than I was able to. A whole lot less.I used to think if my husband did things I didn’t like, and I still felt lots of love for him, he’d get away with things he shouldn’t.But this way of thinking made me miss out on feeling love. And on getting more of it in return.If you don’t understand love as it is and where it comes from, you may very well be depriving yourself of a huge amount of it. Listen in to this episode to understand what I mean. Because love is an essential nutrient. I want you to have lots of it! Having tons of love in your relationship and life is your birthright. This episode will open the doorway to it.Show Notes:Get in touch with Hannah at [email protected]
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The Best News About Your Feelings

014   You may have caught on already, but let’s bring this into sharp focus: You shape your emotional experiences SO deeply. This is the best news EVER. Because it means you have so much more power over how you feel in your relationship--and how the relationship goes-- than you've ever known. It’s time to learn to access this power--what I call Emotional Agency.In this episode, you’ll delve deeper into what you’ve learned in earlier episodes and hear many concrete examples that will help you see exactly where your feelings come from (likely not where you’ve always assumed they come from) so you can:develop a whole new, way more empowered relationship with your emotions. start to soften, influence, and guide your emotions, regardless of outside circumstancesStart to feel way less disappointment, resentment, frustration and upset, and WAY MORE ease, love, lightness, and closeness, so you can naturally make your marriage how you want it to be.It all starts by being truly open to understanding the real source of your feelings, so dig in.   Show notesContact Hannah at [email protected]
1/28/202126 minutes, 21 seconds
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What You Make It Mean Means Everything In Love

013  Today I have a powerful tool for you that you can start applying right away to limit a lot of the unnecessary pain and negative emotion that may be going on for you, so you can and start to have so much more influence over your experience in your relationship. It’s a go-to tool I use regularly in my own marriage.Your brain is a meaning-making-machine. It creates meaning automatically. This means you are already influencing your own emotions majorly...although likely unconsciously and in a way that makes your relationship harder and more painful. Why not, instead, learn how to do it on purpose and in a way that brings you more connection, understanding and depth? How? Become the steward of that meaning-making brain of yours.Once you become adept with this tool, it will also be very powerful in actual conversation with your partner, as a way to share what’s upsetting or not working for you in your relationship really effectively. It helps avoid getting a defensive reaction and creating unnecessary conflict and, instead, makes it way easier for your partner to really hear you.  It even lets him “in” more, so he can really know you more deeply, leading to more understanding, respect, and closeness between you. Curious about this tool yet? Dig in to learn.SHOW NOTES:THE 7 MOST POWERFUL PHRASES TO DEEPEN CONNECTION IN YOUR MARRIAGEwebsite:
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Fighting For A Fantasy

012  Because you live in our world, HSP or not, you are making this mistake--at least to some degree some of the time, unless you’ve done deep work around it already. Though it seems all innocent and well-intentioned on the surface, it’s a mistake that leads to way more heartache and strife than necessary...that’s why it’s so sneaky. Listen in to this episode to hear personal stories and tips to help you to stop this dangerous cultural conditioning mistake from making your marriage harder. Learn the 3 powerful replacement perspectives I offer that are KEY, once you really adopt them, to actually having the fulfilling, loving, supportive marriage you want with your husband. And a way better life overall.This foundational episode will also set you up with the big picture perspective you need to make best use of the next wave of love and relationship improving tools I’ll be offering in upcoming episodes, so dig in!Please leave a review! 
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The HSP Mind-Body-Heart-Slump

#011 If you’re cranky, snappy, frazzled or overwhelmed a lot…Or you’re feeling numb, down, or aren't able to connect to love or warmth or affection...If you don’t have much interest in being around or touching your partner…...You may be in what I call a Mind-Body-Heart-Slump (MBHS).Clearly, having a thriving marriage (or life) is out of reach when we are in a MBHS. Unfortunately, many of us HSPs are in one chronically! Being prone to MBHS’s is at the very heart of relationship problems for HSPs, so understanding why this happens and how to address it is essential if you want a connected, secure, joyful marriage.In this episode, I share where Mind Body Heart Slumps come from (some of this may surprise you) and why getting out of one may be easier than you think--BECAUSE you are Highly Sensitive!I offer 10 + things you can do to get and stay out of the clutches of an MBHS and back to feeling calm and centered. Which will gain you access to the most deeply wonderful, deeply powerful parts of the HSP trait--along with more laughter, more lightness, more pleasurable sex, so you can feel so much better IN your self and ABOUT yourself-- and your relationship. Apply what I share here to lay the ESSENTIAL foundation for the ease, love,  and connection you want.SHOW NOTES: Uplift Breath And Heart Guided Audio GiftEmail: [email protected]
1/7/202135 minutes, 25 seconds
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Calming Annoyance And Irritation

If you are a normal HSP, you feel irritated and annoyed at your significant other sometimes. Maybe a lot of sometimes…And likely more so in these times, love in the time of corona….with perhaps your only social outlet being your partner!Even in normal times….there are many reasons for this. Especially for the sensitive soul. But feeling annoyed a lot is an all too common struggle and makes a pretty negative impact on your relationship. Because who wants to feel annoyed at the person you ultimately want to be experiencing the most LOVE with, right? Though we may not be able to fully escape an occasional bout of irritation, we can make it a lot easier on ourselves, and on our relationship! In this episode, I dive into some reasons why we HSPs often feel annoyed and irritated and give you some solutions you can apply right away to make it less of an issue and to prevent it all together at times. Helpful Links: at [email protected]
12/31/202036 minutes, 55 seconds
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Jade’s Story: From Despair To Laughing And Loving

My highly sensitive client, Jade, was having a very rough time with her man, taking things personally, feeling angry at him much of the time along with a lot of blame and resentment. And he was not being very proactive about improving things. She wasn’t sure the relationship could work. Luckily, she listened to her inkling that maybe she could shift the tides by making some changes herself. After coming to me and diving into taking responsibility for what she could, things are SO much better. Their relationship is light and laughter-filled, he surprises her with romantic gestures she had always craved,  they feel so much closeness and love, and when hard things do come up, tension melts away so easily. She’s feeling so proud of herself for having transformed things in such big ways and confident that their relationship is just getting better every day. In this interview, she shares what the biggest keys for her were to create such amazing shifts. Don’t miss this real life success story that will bring you hope and inspiration, along with some concrete take-aways, so you, too, can sway the tides of your marriage for the incredibly better.SHOW NOTES:7 Phrases To Deepen Connection In Your Marriage GuidebookHannah's Website
12/24/202037 minutes, 56 seconds
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Fueling Real Change In Your Relationship

#008   You didn’t get married to just tolerate your relationship. You signed up for something way better than that. You want to truly enjoy your marriage.But sometimes “working” on your marriage can feel like another tiring chore--one that you’re all alone in. If you’ve ever felt that way, or asked yourself,  “Why do I have to be the one to put effort into this relationship?”, you likely aren't seeing much success or positive change from your efforts. If that’s the case, it’s because you’re using the wrong emotional fuel (or you may have just run out of gas entirely!). Trying to create brighter love from a sense of burden and resentment will never work. Motivation? Tenacity? Applying what you’ve been told could work? Not gonna happen --at least not effectively.You CAN have the deeply loving relationship you want. But you need access to the right fuel to be truly powerful and effective .In this episode, I share the key to gaining access to the emotional fuel you need to position yourself optimally to make your marriage what you want it to be. I share how I provide myself the essential fuel to continually  improve my marriage every single day--- with joy, passion, and feeling like it’s a sacred honor that I GET to do. Like my clients and me, you, too, can fall in love with doing the sometimes uncomfortable yet deeply joyful rewarding work of creating real change in your marriage. It can even be FUN.Get inspired and set yourself up for the biggest best change in your marriage this upcoming year by listening in and applying what I offer here.Email Hannah at  [email protected] or find her at Show notes
12/17/202028 minutes, 33 seconds
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Revolutionizing Men, Their Feelings, And Love With Casey Desharnais

#007   If you’ve ever felt like your man doesn’t love you enough, or you long for a kind of connection with him that feels ever-elusive, this episode will help you really understand that it is not because of who you are. It’s not that he doesn’t love you. Actually, it’s not even about you.Not understanding your partner’s inner world is no surprise--he’s likely quiet or mum about it. But once you do begin to understand what’s really going on for him, and you see it’s not personal, it will open the doorway for you to experience way more connection and love between you.Join men’s coach, Casey Desharnais, and I in this extra special episode as we take a deep dive into:what’s really going on for menwhat most men are not articulating to us, or even to themselves.  why it is so often that we women don’t feel our husband’s are able to go deep in connectionwhy open honest communication can be hardwhy men get aloof or shut down, or can be so quick to get defensivewhy making them feel they need to be different or get things “right” completely backfires and takes you further from the true closeness you want.And what we can do about all this to help bring more of a deep sense of safety and closeness into your relationship together.This episode offers you some serious gems of insight and will be a huge “AHA!” for so many of you.You’ll walk away with a tender heart, a sense of being on the same team, and significant insight into how to help the healing take place between and within both of you that will not just make your marriage a deeply loving connected one, but will help our whole human species begin to heal into more loving respectful, compassionate beings.  Hear Casey’s book recommendations and get in touch with him  at links in the SHOW NOTES.Hop on my email list here. 
12/10/202059 minutes, 14 seconds
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How To Work With Your "Two Brains" For More Love

#006 If you often --or even just occasionally-- feel feelings of frustration, anger, resentment, or hurt in your relationship,  or conflict is common, this episode is key for you.In it, you will develop an essential understanding of where so much of the upset, hardship, and pain comes from in your marriage,  and how to start loosening its grip. As humans, whether highly sensitive or not,  we all come into this world having inherited a “set of equipment”--which can feel like a wild creature living inside of us. Though not a problem in and of itself, it can make things really hard --if we don’t understand it. We can use this genetic inheritance--our "two brains"-- for or against us in love. How we relate to and work with them makes ALL the difference in our marriages. To understand this in a basic way is to not only have more compassion for the way you are "wired",  but to start stepping into your capacity to steer your marriage where you want it to go, instead of feeling like you are at the mercy of your own, and your significant others, negative feelings and behaviors. Your capacity for having ever-deepening love in your life begins with understanding this. What I share in this foundational episode is often the starting point for the deep work my clients do. Now you can get a start on it yourself!So listen to this episode and really take in these teachings to start to harness the power you have to make your marriage the easier and loving one you want it to be.How To Get in Touch:  Email: [email protected]   Facebook On Instagram @hannahbrookslovecoachShow Notes                                              
12/3/202036 minutes, 14 seconds
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Lead The Love You Want In Your Marriage

#005   If you want to start having more positive interactions, more love, closeness, laughter, and joy in your marriage, this is a must-listen episode. It lays the foundation for improving your marriage and introduces  4 main ways you can initiate the change process, along with specific examples and ideas to shift the tides of your marriage towards more love, ease, and understanding. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are leading your relationship in one direction or another. It’s time to lead it towards the love you want. And you, as a Highly Sensitive Person, are the perfect person to do so. This episode gives you the fuel you need to start what I call a “Positive Snowball effect” in your marriage. Because the best news is that you naturally have the power right NOW to set it in motion to make your marriage what you want it to be--yes, even without your significant other's direct participation. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you will be all alone in this! Listen in to hear what I mean and to start seeing way more of the love you want begin to emerge in your marriage. It can truly feel so fun, empowering, and like a bit of magic --but it's just what happens when you get intentional in love!Helpful Links: ~Free ebook: THE 7 MOST POWERFUL PHRASES TO DEEPEN CONNECTION IN YOUR MARRIAGE~Hop on my email list here.~ WebsiteShow Notes
11/26/202037 minutes, 29 seconds
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How To Invite More Sensitivity Into Your Marriage

 #004  The power is in YOU to shift the course of your marriage. It starts with developing agency over your feelings.Because how YOU feel has the power to bring you closer with your significant other or push you further apart. You want to feel connected and supported. But instead, maybe you are experiencing lots of heavy emotions. You:feel alone or not fully cared for, feel annoyed or uninterested in being around him a lot of the time, feel resentful because you are pulling more weight, or even feel guilty for some way you are acting.This is the kind of thing I hear all the time. . It’s normal----AND painful. Not what you were hoping for in love. And NOT what you need to settle for.Much of this comes from looking solely towards your significant other for happiness and care. If the only way you know how to get the sensitivity you want (care, understanding, affection) is from your husband doing things in a certain way, power struggles and dissatisfaction will become the norm.The good news is YOU have a powerful influence over your own feelings! It starts with being sensitive to your own self.In this episode, I go into depth on this and share a practical method to help you be more empowered around your own feelings (a personal go-to favorite), so you can get more of the sensitivity you are longing for, and start shifting the dynamic in your marriage to an easier more loving one.Resource Links: Facebook PageContact: [email protected] Notes here. 
11/19/202034 minutes, 28 seconds
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10+ Ways Sensitive People Make The Best Spouses Ever

#003   To have thriving relationships we need to deeply accept and value ourselves.Too many of us Highly Sensitive People don’t value our sensitivity, and instead, feel like something’s wrong with us because of it. This hurts our love lives and marriages unnecessarily. Because, actually, so much is RIGHT with us. Especially when it comes to love and relationships. Because sensitivity is exactly what we need MORE of in our relationships. And you, HSP,  were born with a huge dose of it. You are cut out to have the best marriage possible.When we sensitives aren't at the effect of the more challenging aspects of sensitivity, the love-enhancing aspects of our trait come out naturally.So we can use our sensitivity to improve our marriage in big ways.It all starts with valuing our sensitivity more--ourselves.  This means we need to understand the GREAT parts of sensitivity. Listen in to this episode to hear 10 of the ways your sensitivity is an ASSET when it comes to long term love relationships! You will naturally start appreciating yourself more as you do. And that will have a ripple effect that will begin to change your marriage in amazing ways.LINKS TO RESOURCES:The 7 Most Powerful Phrases To Deepen Connection In Your MarriageHannah's WebsiteENJOYING THE SHOW?Don’t miss an episode, listen on Spotify and subscribe via Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher.Leave me a review in Apple Podcasts.
10/28/202029 minutes, 44 seconds
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How Being Highly Sensitivity Affects The Love In Marriages

#002   Understanding your sensitivity changes everything for the better.So, are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)? Do you understand sensitivity and how it affects your love life? This episode will clarify all that for you!If you’re anything less than truly happy in your marriage, it’s likely in part due to simply not understanding if and how your sensitivity is affecting things. Many of us sensitive people may not even know we are HSP’s until things get tough in our marriages!! Because the most challenging parts of the trait tend to become most apparent in our long-term love relationships.I’ve seen personally how ignoring or not knowing fully understanding sensitivity leads directly to marriages failing. I don’t want this to happen to you. And you don’t have to let it. The key to not only keeping your marriage from slowly crumbling, but to making it amazing, lies in understanding how your sensitivity affects you in your marriage. Because understanding it is the first step to be able to address it. In this episode, I share a bit of my own story, including the challenges it brought and how understanding the unique challenges of sensitivity completely revolutionized my love life… Listen in as dive into 10+ of the specific ways it may be negatively impacting your marriage-- so you can get your sensitivity to start working FOR you and bring more love, ease, and connection into your marriage and all your relationships! Link to check out:Does This Sound Like You? 31 Ways Being Sensitive Can Affect Your Love Life    Find me at or on instagram @hannahbrookslovecoach
10/27/202034 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Possibility Of A Much Better Marriage

#001   In this inaugural episode, learn how you are not alone as a sensitive person if it feels like things are harder than they should be in your marriage.Why? Love doesn’t always come as naturally as we were taught it would--to ALL of us. On top of that, we Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) have unique challenges (and strengths) that tend to affect our relationships. But this never means you should resign you to settling for a less-than-happy marriage. In fact, you have it in you to have an amazing marriage, where love, connection,  and joy deepens, instead of fades, over time.  Even if:You’ve been called too sensitive, You’ve failed many times before, You think you just aren't cut out love, Your partner is falling short in so many ways,You spouse feels he needs to walk on eggshells around you, You’re considering separation, You’re irritable, resentful, easily hurt, Or you just aren't able to access much love these days......You can still feel deeply good about yourself and so secure in the love in your marriage. It starts with UNLEARNING a few major myths we've all learned that keep us in unhealthy patterns of interacting with our significant other.  And LEARNING a few key things about sensitivity and love.Dive into this here to get set up for making the changes you want in your marriage. This episode will leave you feeling relieved, understood, and truly encouraged about the future of your marriage.Find me at or on Instagram @hannahbrookslovecoachENJOYING THE SHOW?Don’t miss an episode, listen on Spotify and subscribe via Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher.Leave me a review in Apple Podcasts.
10/20/202035 minutes, 20 seconds