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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 33 episodes, 2 days, 8 hours, 41 minutes
Welcome to the Mbody podcast, where you will find powerful resources and perspectives for cultivating and experiencing complete human flourishing. This podcast features renowned practitioners in the fields of Movement and physical culture, Mindfulness, Philosophy and spirituality, embodiment, and all things human flourishing.I am your host Patrick Keating, thanks for listening.
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DJ Murakami: Internal vs External Torque, Psychedelics, Neck and Jaw Training.

In this fascinating episode DJ and I talk about: how he uses the lens of torque to understand the body and program for his clients, his experiences with his recent microdosing experiments, psychedelics in general, his training history, jaw training and neck training and how they effect the overall function of the rest of the body, how jaw training facilitates creating external and internal torque in movement, the term 'functional exercise' and how it is used and misused, his views on the 'movement culture', the torque stick and the torque wheel, his biggest influences, and much much more.DJ’s instagram: @strongcamps DK's links: Human Flourishing Project instagram: @humanflourishingprojectInstagram profile link: Youtube: Linkedin: 
9/11/20232 hours, 10 minutes, 50 seconds
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Joey Bergles: The Leading Edge of Youth Athletic Development.

In this conversation Joey and I talk about; the current state of sports science and youth training and where it could be improved, having a holistic and wide lens on your coaching practice, what he prioritises for youth when building their foundational movement capacities and strength, his thoughts on the future of sports science, how training kids is different to training adults, why it is safe and good for kids to do resistance training, how he explains the need for mobility to his youth athletes, ACL injury prevention, Knees Over Toes Guy and what he has learned from him, how he thinks about structuring field sessions and plyometrics, common movement deficits in youth athletes, why he likes chin ups over pull ups, squatting deep and much much more!Joey’s instagram: @joeybergles   Human Flourishing Project instagram: @humanflourishingprojectInstagram profile link: Youtube: Linkedin: 
6/21/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 28 seconds
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Anastasis Tzanis; Breathwork Deep Dive - Physiology, Psychology, and Practice.

In this episode Anastasis and I talk about all things breathwork including; his work and teaching with Oxygen Advantage alongside Patrick Mckeown, how he became interested in different styles of training and ultimately breathwork, how posture effects breathing and your physiology, CO2 tolerance and how it effects exercise performance and general wellbeing, physiological misconceptions about breathwork, how to use breathwork to calm the mind, be present, and improve your physiological efficiency, where to start, practical practice breakdowns for you to try today, how altitude effects our breath and physiology, nasal breathing, and much much more! Anastasis' instagram: @anastasis.tzanis Website: https://www.atzanis.comHuman Flourishing Project instagram: @humanflourishingprojectInstagram profile link: Youtube: Linkedin: 
6/6/20221 hour, 37 minutes, 9 seconds
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Tom Merrick: The Bodyweight Warrior - A Candid Conversation About Training and Self Development

In this candid and cheerful episode Tom and I talk about; what a day in the life of The Bodyweight Warrior looks like, learning to overcome fears when putting yourself out there on the internet, what Tom struggles most with in his training, training with Emmet Louis, what makes a good coach, his self development journey, and much much more.This episode was very conversational, we covered many more topics than described here, it was great to get to know Tom in a more intimate conversation.Tom's instagram: @thebodyweightwarrior     The Body Weight Warrior Youtube Channel: Website: Human Flourishing Project instagram: @humanflourishingprojectInstagram profile link: Youtube: Linkedin: 
5/31/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 49 seconds
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James Fuller: Strong Man Archeology - Forgotten Methods for Building Uncommon Strength

In this episode we talk about; olde time strong man training and the forgotten methods and gems to help us build uncommon strength, James' story and how he got into the old time strong man training, how his training has changed him as a person, the history of how modern sports science and olympic competition has fundamentally changed physical culture especially in terms of resistance training, lateral and rotational strength in the spine and simple protocols and lifts which address these capacities, why strength and mobility are two sides of the same coin, harmful misconceptions int he strength industry, how to improve dorsiflexion, what he thinks about the current strength training landscape and what we have lost, just how strong people used to be before the modern competitive strength training era started, most impactful books inside and outside of the training world, and more!James' instagram: @strongman_archaeology   Human Flourishing Project instagram: @humanflourishingprojectInstagram profile link: Youtube: Linkedin: 
5/18/20221 hour, 55 minutes, 31 seconds
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Joe Worthington: Fight Lift Move + Travel, Growing Up, and Coaching.

In this conversation we talk about; Joey's movement and training journey from childhood to now, the origin story of Jungle Brothers, what he was like as a kid, his passion for martial arts over his lifetime, his time working in the film industry, the biggest changes in his self- narrative over the last 5 years, what he learnt from training with people like Ido Portal, Emmet Louis, and many other teachers and disciplines, the Fight Lift Move methodology of his Jungle Brothers gym, why BJJ is growing so fast and why people love it, stories about the best coaches he has worked with, his injury history especially his ACL rupture and recovery, The best and hardest things about starting and running JB, Jungle Alliance and the future of Jungle Brothers, his Bulletproof For Bjj course, what makes a good coach, iconic travel stories and destinations, and much more.Joey’s instagram: @jbjoey  Jungle Brothers instagram: @junglebrothersmovement Website: https://junglebrothers.comHuman Flourishing Project instagram: @humanflourishingprojectInstagram profile link: Youtube: Linkedin: 
2/21/20221 hour, 42 minutes, 32 seconds
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Thomas Emerson #2: What is Self Development and How Might we Approach it?

In this episode Tom and I flesh out through topics such as: what is the self and how might we develop it, how do we balance striving and self-acceptance, how do we know that we aren't driven to improve from a sense of deficit or lack, what does it mean to develop, what is Human Flourishing, what are we aiming at in our self development, how do we know we are developing in the way we want and can we measure self development?, how to balance working to improve weaknesses and promote strengths, how to cultivate work ethic if you don't have it, what Tom and I are personally working on to develop ourselves and our biggest roadblocks in that process, and much much more.Thomas Emerson Instagram: @thomashughemerson @praksiscanberraTom’s instagram:  Praksis instagram: Human Flourishing Project instagram: @humanflourishingprojectInstagram profile link: Youtube: Linkedin: 
2/16/20221 hour, 22 minutes, 9 seconds
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Tim Rowland: The ACL Guy

In this episode we go deep into all things related to ACL injuries and injure rehab + prevention. Tim's own story, what is the ACL and what visit's function, why ACL injury rates climbing, most effective ways to prevent ACL injury, commonly overlooked methods for ACL injury prevention, best exercises, the role of the hamstrings in protecting your knees, to surgically repair or not to surgically repair... that is the question, the research on operative and non-operative outcomes for ACL injury management, things that are commonly overlooked in return to sport training, Physio Network and much much more...Tim’s linksWebsite: Instagram: Human Flourishing Project instragram: @humanflourishingproject_ Instagram profile link: Facebook: Youtube: Linkedin: 
2/8/202249 minutes, 55 seconds
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Richard Eve: The Journey From Mental Hardship to Building a Holistic Self-Development Community

This one is a banger. Richard and I talk about; what Human Flourishing means to him and what it would look like in his life, the parole between our brands, Alive and the bedrock of his work, how Richard overcame mental hardship and became passionate about holistic self-development, synergy in life and in his methods he uses with Alive, the 3 pillars, holistic approaches, limiting beliefs, Alive's 6 core beliefs, the importance of purpose, mindfulness and meditation, the most powerful step to starting positive habits and much much more.Alive linksWebsite: Instagram: Human Flourishing Project instragram: @humanflourishingproject_ Instagram profile link: Facebook: Youtube: Linkedin: 
10/28/202158 minutes, 30 seconds
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John Marsh: Modern Marketing - Storytelling, Empathy, Copywriting, Social Media, Clarity

In this episode we get into Storytelling, John's personal story from personal trainer to small business coach, limiting beliefs that hold people back from succeeding in a coaching business, how to develop clarity, how and why social media will help your brand grow and tips for success, copywriting and easy frameworks to improve your copywriting, how to write so that people take action, the role of empathy in effective marketing, what John learn't from starting his own gym and lessons from his mistakes, narrowing and niching, how to understand the mass through connecting with individuals, business coaching and mindset, unhelpful misconceptions limiting your social media growth and much much more.John Marsh Instagram: @johntmarshInstagram profile link: Creator Club instagram: @creatorclub.linkInstagram profile link: https://www.johntmarsh.comHuman Flourishing Project instragram: @humanflourishingproject_ Instagram profile link: Facebook: Youtube: Linkedin: 
9/29/20211 hour, 1 minute, 55 seconds
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Rod Cooper: Movement, Self-Relationship, Responsibility, and Living Your Dream Life

In this episode we talk about: what is human flourishing mean to Rod, parts work, his movement practice and self development journey, what movement practice mean to him, the TMC story, competing with the self and others and the effects that has on him, how he cultivates a sense of worthiness and works from a place of abundance, getting out of victimhood and taking complete responsibility, how he has overcome and what he has learned from injuries, structured training vs play, being hard on him self and working through that, being in the present moment, his advice to beginners embarking upon the movement and self development journey and much much more.Rod Cooper Instagram: @rodjcooperInstagram profile link: The Movement Collective instagram: @the_movement_collectiveInstagram profile link: The Movement Collective website: Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link:
9/9/20211 hour, 43 minutes, 40 seconds
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Leanne Gerich: A Candid Story of Pitfalls and Learnings Along the Wellness Path

Leanne and I dive into: Her personal journey, addiction, body image and negative triggers, positive relating to the body, yoga philosophy, holistic nutrition and common pitfalls to avoid, her journey with eating disorder, why should we eat organic, her perspective on diets, Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it differs from western approaches, what it is to be a teacher, mistakes she has made as a teacher, nature intelligence vs the mind, karma and karmic cycles, different types of breath work, her journey with meditation practice, and many more beaut topics!Leanne Gerich Instagram: @leannegerichInstagram profile link: Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link:
5/27/20211 hour, 23 minutes, 8 seconds
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Antonio Torres: Kung Fu in the Chinese Mountains and the Ido Portal Method- Becoming a Real Life Avatar

In this epic episode we chat about: teaching vs information transfer, what makes a good and bad student, Antonio's time practicing Kung Fu in the mountains of China, how Chinese and Western culture compare and contrast, Chinese physical culture, training with Ido portal, different types of meditation he uses and the types he practiced in the mountains during his Kung Fu practice, Not using motivation to drive your practice, what makes a good teacher, eastern vs western teaching styles, stomach vacuuming practice, recovery, and much much more!Antonio Torres Instagram: @torresjr.antonioInstagram profile link: Channel”The Tao Way”: Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link:
4/20/20211 hour, 31 minutes, 48 seconds
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Keagan Bizzell: From Sniper to Men's Coach- A Take on Modern Masculinity

In this episode Keagan and I chat about: the current day problems with masculinity and males finding meaning, what drives him to help men relate to themselves, the most common struggles he sees males facing in the modern day, what it is to be a man, what practices he teaches as a mens coach, The Charge Movement, how being in the army effected his development and lead to a big realisation, what it is like starting and running your own gym, successes in building community and a clientele, Keagan's own training history from traditional to alternative to a mix, REAL MVMT and his experiences with it, Dense strength, Knees over toes guy, life advice to his past self, learning to understand emotions, addressing emotional trauma, and much much more.Keagan Bizzell Instagram: @coachbizzellInstagram profile link: The Charge Movement Instagram: @the.charge.movementInstagram profile link: https://www.thechargemovement.comMbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link:
4/9/20211 hour, 58 minutes, 14 seconds
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Jeni Steep: From Corporate Mining to Movement Teacher - A Journey to Self Belief

In this raw and unique episode Jeni and I talk about: Jeni's movement story, what is it to be a teacher, dealing with confidence issues and overcoming them, Jeni's purpose, overcoming the fear to become someone different, The TMC origin story, how her practice has influenced her feelings of self worth and self belief, cultivating the self, learning to deal with body image issues through relating to the body differently, how to adjust your training around your period cycle, the workmen's work Jeni facilitates, how Jeni relates to her feminine and masculine, re-learning how to be creative and be in her feminine, what working with and through injuries has taught Jeni, what Jeni was like when she was younger, her transition from corporate mining to Movement teacher and much much more.If you are thinking about whether to listen to this one... the answer is YES!Jeni Steep’s Instagram: @jenimovesInstagram profile link: Movement Collective Instagram: @the_movement_collectiveInstagram profile link: Jeni’s beginner handstands course: https://trained-by-jeni.teachable.comMbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link:
3/30/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 1 second
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James Dooner (@tfc.australia): 'Complete Feet' Everything You Need to Know About Your Foot Function and Health

James and I get into James' training history and how his practice and ideas have evolved, a WHOLE lot about the foot and its important part in the dynamic system of human movement, the origin story fo TFC Australia, what the future of TFC Australia looks like, his current work with football teams, what other training cultures can learn fro physio and what physio can learn from movement culture etc, WHY we should be focussing on our foot health and function, how the arch of the foot and the hip are related, misconceptions about PLANTAR FASCIITIS and the real way to freedom and pain free foot health, what the first ray and big toe have to do with our movement, the importance of hip stability in lower back pain and general functionality of your movement, how modern footwear, the TRUTH about orthotics, ground culture and living, dorsiflexion and its importance, balance and training it, play and why it is so important, Hacking The System and Hackminton, how james handles interacting with social media, meditation and much much more.TFC Australia Instagram: @tfc.australia ///Instagram profile link: James Dooner instagram: @jamesdooner ///Instagram profile link: Hacking The System: @hackyingthesystem ///Instagram profile link: TFC Bush 1: @tfc.bush1 ///Instagram profile link: Website: Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link:
3/19/20212 hours, 18 minutes, 46 seconds
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Monica Rottmann: Movement for Healing Trauma, Root Causes of Addiction

In this unique episode with Monica we chat about: her story from corporate employee to Yoga and meditation teacher and business owner, permission to feel out entire emotional range, Monica's personal struggles and how meditation helped her through them, getting to the root causes of addiction, moving our way through trauma with Non-Linear Movement Therapy, Yoga as a teacher and a practitioner, why a quick fix and one size fits all approach doesn't work  and why everyone wants it, discussions on consciousness and much much more!Monica/Cultivate Calm Yoga Instagram: @cultivatecalmyogabrisbaneInstagram profile link: Website: Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link:
3/12/20211 hour, 31 minutes, 56 seconds
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Will Grant: The Ghetto Movement Story

Will and I cover topics such as: the evolution of ghetto movement, how he has overcome struggles along the way and what has kept him going through hard times, how his business took off after hiring a business coach, building a community, his biggest struggles with getting Ghetto Movement to where it is now, the future for Ghetto movement, his childhood and how growing up influenced his self-image, how training has changed his self-belief and his path forward, lifestyle living, the evolution of his own practice and so much more.Will Grant Instagram: @wilbagee Instagram profile link: Ghetto Movement instagram: @ghettomovement Website: instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link:
2/24/202158 minutes, 36 seconds
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Oliver Crossley: Zen and the Art of Myth-Busting Movement Misconceptions

Oliver and I go deep in this chat and get into: modern pain science and common misunderstandings about pain and pain management, spinal health and why we shouldn't treat the spine as fragile, what the movement practice can learn from physio and vice versa, his yoga practice and teaching, addressing hypermobility in people, myth busting  physio's that are against yoga (especially "excessive" forward folding), myth busting in general in a movement context, his zen practice, his story with meditation and movement, and much more!ps. alliteration is dope.Oliver Crossley Instagram: @yogicphysio Instagram profile link: Website: Other links: Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link:
2/18/20211 hour, 28 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ross Blake: Deepening Masculine Presence Through the Lens of Embodied Physicality

Rosko has been wide and deep and is a real seeker. We get into almost everything in this episode, and I really mean everything. Rosko's history, what the "movement culture" is missing, his current practices and teachings, masculinity in relation to femininity, how can males manage their masculinity in the modern day, the intersection between sex and movement practice, ego in the movement practice, Charles Poloquin, males most common movement deficits and how to address them, developing practice habits, what is beyond words and concepts, family, and much much more.Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link: Blake Instagram: @ _roskoblake_ Instagram profile link:’s links: 
2/9/20213 hours, 10 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Nil Teisner: Finding flow and Self Actualisation Through Expressive Practice

In this episode Nil and I talk about; how a movement practice can provide us with meaning, self actualisation, self discovery and creation, motivation, joy and much more, his experiences in the worlds of skateboarding and CrossFit, working with Tom Weksler, living to LIVE instead of living to be healthy and protected from harm, overcoming fears in acrobatics and skateboarding, understanding how concepts from a generalised movement practice can be practically fit into our busy practice schedules and lives, understanding chaos and order letting go and control in movement, authenticity to yourself, Nil's evolution of ideas in regards to his movement practice, seeing mindfulness as primarily a mindset not just a isolated practice and much much more. Nil I loved this one, you're a legend :).Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link: Teisner Instagram: @nilteisner Instagram profile link:
1/28/20211 hour, 38 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Craig Mallett: Daoist Arts of the Da Xuan Tradition, Self Cultivation, Reality

This is a must-listen episode. The insights Craig shared in this conversation are truly eye-opening for me and the clarity and structure around his thoughts ranging from the super esoteric and philosophical to the brutally pragmatic are invaluable. We get into topics such as; Internal and external alchemy, meditation and breath practices of his tradition, self cultivation, the structure of subjective reality, cycles (of time, of events etc), the REAL meaning of Fung Shui, his time and experience with different training modalities (many Chinese arts, becoming a group fitness instructor, and exploring various training systems like; physical alchemy , Modern methods of mobility , stretch therapy ,  Ancestral Movement , Evolve Move Play , Gymnastic Strength Training, Calesthenics, MovNat, The Ido Portal Method, Urban Dance, Parkour, Gymnastics, Capoeira, Handstands and more), and much much more.Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link: Mallett Instagram: @craigmallettdx Instagram profile link: Website: Online Tutelage: Online courses: 
1/20/20211 hour, 47 minutes, 34 seconds
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Jake Clapson: Natural Movement, Exposure to Complexity, and Cultivating Community

In this unique episode Jake and I chat about: rewinding and ancestral living, natural movement and how nature can enrich our movement practice and lives, the complexity of natural movement environment and how that nourishes the mover and human, Jake's story with how he came into his current practices and teachings, his breathwork/meditation practices, Movenat, Jake's brand new book 'How To Thrive In The Modern World', the paleo diet, adaptability in our training, the importance of community and how can cultivate better ones, what makes a good coach, awesome resources on all things rewinding and natural movement, book recommendations, and much much more!Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link: Clapson Instagram: @move_wild Instagram profile link: Podcast: Book: 
1/14/20211 hour, 56 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hannah Sky: Women and Girls in Movement Practice, Intuitive Practice, Self Love

In this episode Hannah and I discuss; Hannah's movement story, Yoga practice and teaching, connecting communities and cross-pollination of ideas, dogmatism, the resilience of the body, women and girls in movement, movement practice as a joy not an obligation, meditation and breath work, awareness, discipline as self-love, book recommendations, intuitive practice, having aspirations instead of goals, how to balance striving with acceptance and much much more!Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link: Sky Instagram: @movementwithhannah Instagram profile link: 
12/23/20201 hour, 36 minutes, 17 seconds
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Phaon Phipat: A Passive Hang

In this episode the role are reversed, Phaon Phipat the host of "The Passive Hang" podcast joins me today to talk about: Phaon's movement story, what "movement culture" means to him, experiences training by himself and with coaches, the heroes journey, accelerated learning, Phaon's current goals and practice, fitting in trining around life, the future of the passive hang and Phaon's teaching, social aspect of movement practice, goal defining and process design,  Phaon's book recommendations, advice to his former self, behaviour change tips and much much more!Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link: Phipat Instagram: @phaonp Instagram profile link: passive hang podcast:  The passive hang website: 
12/11/20201 hour, 36 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lucas Aaron @rangeofstrength: Principles and Methods for Effective Mobility Training

In this episode we get into: Lucas' training story, the most influential teachers on him (Emmet Louis and others), mobility specifics and his methods and approaches surround; front and middle splits, bridge, hanging and shoulder mobility, rotations in joints etc, we also get into the principles underlying his mobility methods and why they are so effective, his position in Real MVMT, knees over toes training and the myths surround it, speeding up mobility gains and common set backs and how to deal with them, most harmful mobility misconceptions, working with floppy vs tight clients, rounded spine under load, Lucas' top mobility resources, and much much more!Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link: Aaron Instagram: @rangeofstrength Instagram profile link: Rangeofstrength Linktree: 
12/9/20201 hour, 53 minutes, 30 seconds
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Jason Round: A Philosophy of Movement Practice

Jason and I get into juicy topic such as: his story and how his conceptualisation of movement practice has evolved, what we are missing in our lower body training, his concept of proofing, intention in movement, providing open resources, his "Elements" program and his online coaching offerings, the concept of quality, developing a fundamental curiosity in your students as a teacher, the diaphragm and breath practices he teaches and practices, flood communication, how he has learned, movement as ideology, the movement culture in general, Jason's book recommendations and much much more.Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link: Round Instagram: @movemoremp  Instagram profile link: Website: 
11/25/20202 hours, 36 minutes, 21 seconds
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Tom Langley: Deep Nutrition; Beyond Dogma and Details and Into Your Relationship With Food

In the episode we dive into: Tom's story of ups and downs with his relationship to food and eating, diets like Keto, carnivore, veganism, low and high carb, fibre etc, low carb diets and resistance training, healthy eating hacks and tricks, cooking, supplements, how the food production system effects what we eat and the quality of the food, distracted and mindful eating, body image, food as information, fasting, his nutritional coaching, Tom's movement practice and teaching, meditation, advice to his past self, book and other resource recommendations, habit formation and much much more.Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link: Langley Instagram: @tomaslangley  Instagram profile link: Praksis: 
11/18/20202 hours, 7 minutes, 27 seconds
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Joseph Bartz: How To Live a Good Life In The Modern World

How do we move beyond building capacity and start to develop ourselves as a human being?, how the environment and nature effects his practice and teaching, developing athleticism, what is "the good life"?, the mental practice Joseph practices and teaches,  details about his workshops, crafting and working with the hands, teaching students at different levels, what makes a good teacher, practices for base line health, explorative walking, how much strength do we really need?, states of moving, expanding our understanding of coordination, Feldenkrais method, the "i already know that" bias, book recommendations and much more.Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link:Â Bartz Instagram: @josephbartz  Instagram profile link:  
11/11/20201 hour, 56 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Aaron Griffiths: Tantric sex, Movement Practice, Breathwork, Meditation, Humility.

Aaron and I cover topics such as: Aaron’s journey into movement and a conscious life, psychedelics, breath work, transcendental and other forms of meditation, tantric sex, ice baths, learning movement by yourself vs with a teacher, how to take yourself less seriously, his experiences with Ido Portal and his main take aways, managing the ego in practice, fitting in practice as a dad, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, movement resources, and much much more.Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link: Griffiths Instagram: @agrifforama  Instagram profile link: 
11/4/20202 hours, 13 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Joachim Hilderson: Mobility Deep Dive

End range strength, overcoming the stretch reflex with strength, overcoming isometrics, Emmet Louis, bodyflexx, FRC, increasing compression, protocols for addressing; ankle dorsiflexion, shoulder flexion, shoulder internal rotation, thoracic extension and others, the assessment movements Joachim uses, working with athletes, body building, his unique view on mobility training volume, anatomy vs functional anatomy, online coaching, travel, what Joachim is working on in his own practice, practice tips and much more!Mbody instragram: @Mbody___ Instagram profile link: Joachim Instagram: @hildersonjoachim Instagram profile link:  
10/23/20201 hour, 48 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Wil Brown: Movement Practice and Exploring the Border Between Chaos and Order

Wil's movement journey, London Movement Group, movement teaching, Tom weksler and Marcello Palozzo, climbing, meditation, Wil's Zero Point practice, balancing order and chaos in our practices,  Wil's four stage model for movement practice, the future of the fitness culture, Wil's monthly reflection practice, plagiarism and giving credit for your teachers, how to create community, group regulation, Wil's top book recommendations and much more!Mbody instragram: @Mbody___  Instagram profile link: Wil Brown Instagram: @wbrown7  Instagram profile link: 
10/23/20201 hour, 52 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Thomas Emerson: Praksis, Movement, and Self Transformation

Matching teaching styles to the student's level, linear vs non-linear movement practice, how our environments change us and how we can consciously construct them to change us, how to frame and approach describing movement to the lay person, chaos and order in movement practice, bottom up vs top down change, training qualities instead of movements, Simon Thakur and Ido Portal, efficiency as knowing when to relax embodiment, where Tom wants to take Praksis, trauma in the body, the mechanistic understanding of the body and its effects, mind-body philosophy, physical culture norms, and much more!! Mbody instragram: @Mbody___  Instagram profile link: Thomas Emerson Instagram: @thomashughemerson @praksiscanberra 
10/23/20202 hours, 28 minutes, 57 seconds