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The Hey You Human Podcast - hosted by Katie Buemann - is a soft place to land. A place for you to come home to where you can tune in to real conversations, with real people, about that one thing, that unites us all. The human experience. We riff on things like acceptance, connection, simplicity, nature, consciousness, frequency, change, intuition, mental and emotional health, somatic healing, and all the things woven into the alchemy of being a human. Especially if you’re of the sensitive variety. Because it is in sharing our humanness, in seeing and being seen, that we will all walk each other home.
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Mark Groves: Coming Into Unity

If you find yourself internally split, suspended between an old life and a new life, this episode is for you.Today on the Hey You Human podcast, we welcome Mark Groves, founder of Create the Love, host of the Mark Groves Podcast, facilitator of experiences through in-person events and retreats, a speaker, a co-author along with his wife Kiley McBeath of a new book called Liberated Love, and general wizard of life, relationships, and the nuanced experience of being human.In this episode, we dive into Mark's experience of going from being internally split to coming into unity within. We dive deep into how and why it happened, the turning point at which he realized things needed to change, and the process that followed upon making the decision to honour the new dream and let go of the old one.I was beyond excited to record this episode with Mark. Without surprise, it was powerful, nourishing, and validating on so many levels. I hope you find the same for yourself.Your host,Katie BuemannFull show notes: and Kiley's Book: Liberated Love___________Instagram: @katiebuemannWebsite:  katiebuemann.com___________Website: markgroves.comInstagram: @createtheloveEvents: Coming UpNew Book: Liberated Love
12/5/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 38 seconds
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Amie McNee - The Creative Revolution

If you’re on the road to bringing your creative work into the world, even if it’s just the faint whisper of a hope and a dream, this episode is for you.Today on the Hey You Human podcast, we welcome Amie McNee, fiction author first and foremost, as well as mother to all creatives navigating the often treacherous and challenging journey of bringing their creative work into the world.Amie will have you feeling seen, understood, and like you’re equipped with just the right stuff, to not only take the first scary step on your creative journey, but to continue on in those moments when you feel like you can’t.I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Amie. I hope it feeds you as much as it did me.Your host,Katie BuemannFull show notes: @katiebuemannWebsite:  katiebuemann.com___________Amie's Website: amiemcnee.comAmie's Instagram: @inspiredtowriteAmie's Course: Write Your F*cking Book
11/21/202358 minutes, 28 seconds
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Creative Movement Forward

Annd we’re back after a two-episode break due to a sore throat and lingering cough. Something I did not want to put myself or you through as a listener. :) It’s no secret that we are in the midst of big changes. The energy feels different. We are waking up more and more to truths and untruths. We are remembering. All of which inherently brings a great deal of chaos. Our relationship to chaos, and ultimately our relationship to ourselves and our intuition, will greatly determine how we move through these times.The doors are open to embody more of your light than ever before. To step into your truth and create forward movement in accordance with the calling of your soul. And it’s not a matter of pressure or speed. It’s a matter of slowly leaning in and expanding your capacity to hold your own light in a slow and sustainable way so that it lands and has the capacity to go the distance.I love your face.Your host,Katie BuemannFull show notes: @katiebuemannWebsite:  katiebuemann.comSubstack: katiebuemann.substack.comInsight Timer:
11/14/202331 minutes, 48 seconds
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Transforming Through Darkness

In this episode, I address the extremely potent and transformative energy of these eclipses. This portal of change that is bringing many of us face-to-face with our deepest and darkest wounds. A process that we can also see being played out in humanity on the world stage.How do we navigate these times of change? Why do we hold so tightly to familiar suffering? And what can we do when the big scary block we’ve been avoiding comes barreling through our door?I hope this episode brings you some solace, some grounding, and serves as a connection point to the remembrance of the power in your very own heart. Because it is in the heart where we are being so persistently called to reside. The Main Jam...Acceptance of psychic abilities.The eclipses.Holding on to suffering.Meeting the big scary block.Accepting the invitation to change.Transforming through darkness.The world stage.Sister’s Village InstagramThe rise of our deepest oldest wounds.Setting ourselves free.Sitting in stillness as a priority.Distracting ourselves from our darkness.Acceptance, not eradication.Insight TimerSubstack1:1 Sessions1:1 Longer Term SupportI love your face.Your host,I love your face.Your host,Katie BWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemannFull show notes for this episodeMentorship1:1 SessionsShop The Remedy Cupboard
10/24/202335 minutes, 44 seconds
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Into the Heart

Where do we go, and what do we do, when the world feels chaotic? When we feel full and energetically overwhelmed with life? When we are tired and tired of being tired? When we feel helpless and hopeless?The heart. We go to the heart.We give ourselves the space to land and connect with this place. We put our connection with our hearts as the priority above all else. I hope this episode reminds you how to do what you already know how to do, and gives you whatever you need to take the space to do it.The Main Jam...A break last week.Living as a sensitive being now.Reanchoring into our hearts.When we are consumed by fear.Entering pure presence.Harmony with becoming harmony without.The power of energetic resonance.The thinning veil.Expanding the capacity of our human form.Allowing your true essence through.Insight Timer Meditation - Feeling Anxious1:1 Sessions.1:1 Longer Term Support.I love your face,Katie BWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemannFull show notes for this episodeMentorship1:1 SessionsShop The Remedy Cupboard
10/17/202340 minutes, 30 seconds
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Anxiety & Stagnation

In this episode, I explore the relationship between anxiety and stagnation, why it might be the case that so many of us are experiencing it, and what we can do to ease the tension of it, and create a little more flow and movement.Being anxious while also feeling stagnant, can be one of the most frustrating and crazy-making experiences. It can feel as if the train's engine is running on high yet there are no tracks to run on. And of course, there is good reason for it. There is a divine method to the seeming madness of the world and how we move through it. But that doesn’t make it any easier.I hope this helps.The Main Jam...Introducing a new co-host. The entity of our creations.Insight Timer Meditation - Feeling AnxiousEnergy read.Sarah Baldwin.Doing nothing.Questions to ask yourself.Kiley Redhead.Wisdom on abundance.1:1 MentorshipI love your face.Your host,Katie BWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemannFull show notes for this episodeMentorship1:1 SessionsShop The Remedy Cupboard
10/3/202350 minutes, 50 seconds
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Meeting Sadness

In this episode, we’re diving deep into the well of sadness and hopefully taking away some of the stigma and resistance to what is a very natural, and needed, part of being human.It’s normal to feel sad. If sadness comes, there is a reason for it, and we can trust that reason. When our body and soul speak to us through things like sadness and depression, it is our job to listen. It is our job to not cut off communication, but instead soften to receive it. What would it feel like if you just let yourself be sad? Without trying to change it?If you’ve been sad in these last few years, me too. There’s a lot to be sad about. There’s a lot to process. And that’s completely okay.The Main Jam...Accepting and making room for sadness.Developing a relationship with sadness.Meeting our internal truth.The gifts of sadness.Long periods of sadness.Welcoming sadness in.1:1 MentorshipI love your face.Your host,Katie BWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemannFull show notes for this episodeMentorship1:1 SessionsShop The Remedy Cupboard
9/26/202327 minutes, 57 seconds
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True Vision

What is your true vision? What is the call of your heart? And can you differentiate the call of truth from the call of the ego?When life seems to bring a lot onto our plate to get cleared at once, it can feel as if we are getting hit by wave after wave. As if we are in the washing machine of life and the “extended spin cycle” button has just been pushed.Sometimes we need the waves, or the extra intense spin cycle, to cleanse and clear away what has grown old and heavy. To make room for what answers the yearning call of our hearts. All so we might sink more deeply and more soundly into what feels true for us now.The Main Jam...Honouring our “no”.Connecting the dots of the future.Confusing the ego vision with the true vision.Clarity on what the heart wants.Taking inventory.The frequency of following truth.Stirring up magic.Tread Gently.Relaxing into what is good now.I love your face.Your host,Katie BWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemannFull show notes for this episodeMentorship1:1 SessionsShop The Remedy Cupboard
9/19/202333 minutes, 11 seconds
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Pausing to Listen

This episode is an invitation to pause. To not pressure ourselves to jump right into the transition into fall, but instead allow ourselves the space to ground down and tune in. To anchor into our deep internal truth before taking any sort of action or expecting anything to happen in our lives.At this time there is a lot of room to dream a beautiful dream, there is a lot of room for big bold visions to be born, but only if we first give ourselves the chance to connect to what those are. Not what we think they should be.I hope this episode soothes your soul and grounds your body.Will you be joining the fall crew for The Descension Cycle Program? Doors close today.The Main Jam...Feeling intense energies.Taking space to pause.Seeking home.Listening for truth.Everything is going to be ok.The Descension Cycle ProgramThe Descension Cycle QuizI love your face.Your host,Katie BThe Descension Cycle Program - Doors Close TodayFull show notes for this episodeMentorship1:1 SessionsShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
9/5/202323 minutes, 33 seconds
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Creation & Expansion

This episode is part 3 of a 3-part mini-series running for the rest of August all on the descension cycle home. In this episode, we’re diving into phase 5 of the 7 phases of descension. The one that comes right after The Threshold, before the Harvest.The Creation and Expansion phase of the descension cycle is where we start to feel things moving again. We are done gestating and it is time to engage with life and creative energy again. The energy in this space is more outwardly focused. It’s going from being perched on the branch to actively flying. Giving us a chance to test the strength of width of our new wingspan as we open ourselves up to the possibility of a new, and more true, dream.The Descension Cycle Program - Enrollment now open.The Descension Cycle QuizThe Main Jam...The Space Between Episode.The Threshold Episode.What is the descension cycle?The creation & expansion phase.Moving creative energy.Forcing creation & expansion.Coming out of the threshold.The challenges in this phase. The two most important things in this phase.The Creative Act - By Rick RubinInspiration and motivation.The beautiful dream.The Descension Cycle ProgramThe Descension Cycle QuizYour host,Katie BThe Descension Cycle Program - Enrollment now open.Full show notes for this episodeLong Term MentorshipOffice Hours 1:1 SessionsShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
8/29/202353 minutes
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The Threshold

This episode is part 2 of a 3-part mini-series running for the rest of August all on the descension cycle home. In this episode, we’re diving into phase 4 of the 7 phases of descension. The one that comes right after the space between, before creation and expansion.The threshold is like being in the birth canal. It’s where we are ready to emerge from the soft and nourishing space between and into the world of creation and expansion. It is also the place we most often get stuck in. The place where we repetitively bump our heads up against the proverbial glass ceiling of our lives and loop between the same 3 cycles - dark night, space between, and threshold. It is also where both fear and excitement dance together as we begin to see glimmers of a new beginning.Enroll in The Descension CycleThe Descension Cycle Quiz - Find out which stage of descension you’re in.The Main Jam...The Space Between Episode.What is happening to humanity.What is The Descension Cycle?Room to fall apart.What is the Threshold phase?Why we get stuck and loop in the threshold.The grief of not expressing our true essence.Supporting yourself in the threshold.Gifts of the threshold.Celebrating your emergence.I love your face.Your host,Katie BThe Descension Cycle Program - Enrollment now open.Full show notes for this episodeLong Term MentorshipOffice Hours 1:1 SessionsShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
8/22/202343 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Space Between

This episode is part 1 of a 3-part mini-series running for the rest of August all on The Descension Cycle. We’ll be diving deeper into the 3 phases of the descension cycle where I noticed (and from my own experience) we need the most support.The first one we’re looking at is the Space Between. The one that comes right after the Dark Night, before the Threshold, and is the third of the seven phases of descension.The space between is where our old life has died, and we can’t quite see or feel our new one. It’s a very floaty space where it feels like we are literally suspended in nothingness. No longer able to open the door to our old life, but still not able to see the door to our new one.Enrollment is now open - Starting Sept 6thThe Descension Cycle Quiz - Find out which stage of descension you’re in.The Main Jam...What is The Descension Cycle?What is the Space Between?Not forcing movement.Closed doors and lost dreams.Depression - deep rest.Energy in the space between.Emotions and stories.Isolation and loneliness.Loss and letting go.Ways to support yourself.Questions to ask yourself.I love your face.Your host,Katie BThe Descension Cycle Program - Enrollment now open - Starting Sept 6thFull show notes for this episodeLong Term MentorshipOffice Hours 1:1 SessionsShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
8/15/202346 minutes, 32 seconds
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The Creative Void

The creative void holds so much for us. It is the doorway to the source of life itself. So why do we have such a hard time sitting within it? What is it that has us bracing at its edges or avoiding it entirely? Even when we know, and can sense, that it is the very thing that holds the answers we seek and is the map to the flow-state we crave.In this episode, we dive into the creative void. Why it’s so incredibly important, why we avoid it, and how we can meet it with more ease. Something I’m certainly working on myself at the moment.I hope this episode lands and perhaps even inspires you to soften into the creative void when you feel it’s time.The Descension Cycle Program - Enrollment now open - Starting Sept 6thThe Descension Cycle Quiz - Find out which stage of descension you’re in.The Main Jam...Waking up to the systems that drain us.Umbilical cord analogy.The design of disconnection.Wantonness of the feminine.When we need to connect to the creative void.When we’ve spent too much time in the creative void.Why we resist the creative void.Meeting the creative void with more ease.Amie McNeeOffice Hours 1:1 SessionsLong Term MentorshipThe Remedy CupboardI love your face.Your host,Katie BThe Descension Cycle Program - Enrollment now open - Starting Sept 6thFull show notes for this episodeLong Term MentorshipOffice Hours 1:1 SessionsShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
8/8/20231 hour, 1 minute, 7 seconds
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Xavier Dagba - Answering the Call

If you find yourself standing at the door of your true calling and are having a hard time opening it, let alone walking through it, then this episode is for you.In this episode, we welcome Xavier Dagba, a trauma-informed transformational life coach and shadow work facilitator. True to his calling as an emotional alchemist, his words seem to always strike exactly the right chord at exactly the right time.I was so excited to sit and chat with Xavier. The brilliant human behind the words that, many times, have brought me back down to earth and into my heart. Reminding me of deep truths we sometimes forget when we’re facing our deepest fears.Full Show NotesThe Main Jam...Xavier’s writing process.Being a natural observer.Xavier’s take on what’s happening with humanity now.Navigating the age of courage.The collective detox and elevation.How do we step into our personal truth?What is the difference between intuition and fear?Meeting and integrating our fear.Making choices and decisions.Duality and non-duality.Words from Xavier for those about to step into their calling.Building true safety within.Trusting the unseen.Creating a homestead.The invitation to invite more light.I love your face.Your host,Katie BLinks___________Xavier’s Newest Offering: SEEN - A program to help creatives, lightworkers and entrepreneurs dissolve the hidden forces that cause them to hide and to become unapologetically expressed.Website: xavierdagba.comInstagram: @xavier.dagba___________Full show notes for this episodeOffice Hours 1:1 SessionsLong Term MentorshipShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
8/1/20231 hour, 20 minutes, 50 seconds
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Releasing Ego Dreams

What does your ego want you to create vs what does your heart want you to create? And do you feel safe enough to create it?Last week was my 35th birthday and I took some time off to sit quietly and listen. One of the things that came through was how the expectations and dreams of my ego still had a hold on certain areas of my life. It’s amazing how things can hide in plain sight.So today I’m diving into the insight that came through around creating from the heart, being in the feminine energy, and trusting that we will be supported when we unravel the ego from our decision-making process.The Main Jam...Birthday reflections.Room to soften, connect, and receive.Peeling back new layers.Ego dreams and expectations.Trusting the feminine.Knowing and believing our value.Time in the creative void.Creations of the ego vs. the heart.Letting life move us.Respecting the power of the feminine.Some questions for you.Office Hours 1:1 SessionsLong Term MentorshipThe Remedy CupboardI love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeOffice Hours 1:1 SessionsLong Term MentorshipShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
7/25/202342 minutes
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Receiving Answers

Have you ever had the experience where you’re trying intensely to figure something out, but the more you focus on it, the more you try to figure it out, the more difficult it becomes?My sense is that this is a regular occurrence for most of us humans. It definitely is for me.In this episode, we dive into the difference between figuring it out and observing. And how the best place to be when we feel stuck is one of observation. A soft and permeable state of being where we are open to receive the answers we might not want to, but need to hear.The Main Jam...Figuring it out vs. observing.The horizontal vs. the verticle.Softening to receive information.Practicing trust in the unseen.The benevolence of the unseen.What we need vs. what we want.Connecting first, acting second.The role of beauty.Three prompts to ask yourself.Office Hours 1:1 SessionsLong Term MentorshipThe Remedy CupboardI love your face.Your host,Full show notes for this episodeOffice Hours 1:1 SessionsLong Term MentorshipShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
7/11/202333 minutes, 55 seconds
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Letting Go

Why is letting go so hard? Why is it that we can know we need to let go, we can know what isn’t right for us, yet we still cling so tightly to it? Choosing the comfort of familiarity over the great big question mark. The wild unknown. Even though what is familiar might also be the very thing draining us of our life force.Feeling like we’re not able to let go is a completely normal human thing to feel. There is no benefit from berating ourselves for our tightly held grip. It’s understandable why we hold so tightly to the known and dig our heels in when it comes to leaning into the unknown.I hope this episode brings you a deep sigh of relief and opens up some space for you to let go in your own time, in your own way, and with ample compassion and patience in your process.The Main Jam...Happy 40th episode!A new kind of soul journey.Holding on to our old life.Embracing the blank canvas.Fearing the worst.Opening to beautiful possibilities.Taking our time letting go.Office Hours 1:1 SessionsLong Term MentorshipThe Remedy CupboardI love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeOffice Hours 1:1 SessionsLong Term MentorshipShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
7/4/202335 minutes, 17 seconds
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Applying Gentleness

What would it feel like if you applied a blanket of gentleness over your life?Sometimes we don’t realize just how much pressure and weight we are placing on ourselves. Pressure and expectation that grows heavier and heavier over time. Causing us to close off to the natural flow of life at the precise moment we need it most.Instead of bearing down and becoming hyper-focused on our lives, what would happen if we instead enveloped ourselves in an energy of gentleness? If we allowed ourselves to soften and begin the process of trusting life and ourselves within it?The Main Jam...Connecting to our innate power source. Softening into life.Subconscious pressure.Applying gentleness.Rooting into feminine energy.Releasing expectations.The discomfort of creativity.Making room for failure.Depositing our energy into our life.Death of an old energy.Transition into a new energy.Office Hours 1:1 SessionsLong Term MentorshipThe Remedy CupboardI love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeOffice Hours 1:1 SessionsLong Term MentorshipShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemannKey Topics: self-trust, healing, pressure, creative work, feminine energy, slowness, slow living, gentleness, nervous system work, embodiment, awakening, purpose, failure, self-love, self-care
6/27/202335 minutes, 35 seconds
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Out on a Limb

There is a part about trusting our intuition that isn’t talked about much. It’s the part that comes right after we listen to our deep inner knowing and follow through with action (however big or small). It is the part where it feels as if we’re standing out on a limb.We’ve listened and taken action, and now we must sit in a space of blind trust. Was this the right choice? What if it doesn’t work out? How come nothing is happening? What if it all blows up in my face?This period of time is where the actual trust in our intuition is built. Where we must continually anchor into that deep inner knowing, and even though it’s not logical, or other people might not understand, even though we might not be seeing the results we expected, we stand steady and remain true to the call of our deep inner knowing.The Main Jam...Strengthening trust in our intuition.Standing out on a limb.Peace in the unknown.Difference between truth and fear.Elisha HalpinIllogical intuition.Comparing our journies.I love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemannKey Topics: intuition, trust, self-trust, healing, spiritual journey, awakening, highly sensitive, purpose, fear, inner peace
6/20/202324 minutes, 15 seconds
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Receiving Goodness

Key Topics: healing, receiving, self-sabotage, feminine energy, masculine energy, nervous system, self-love, self-worth, awakening, spirituality, surrendering, letting go, trust.There is the part of the journey a lot of us don’t expect. We dream and plan and work toward our desires, but when the time comes, and they are knocking on our door, will we believe ourselves to be safe enough, and worthy enough, to actually open it?What is it that keeps us blocked from receiving? How do we open up to receive more from this life? More love, more beauty, more joy. There is so much abundance here for us, but we have to feel safe enough to open to receive it all.The Main Jam...Accustomed to the struggle.Self-sabotage vs. self-protection.Fear of softening.On Our Best Behavior - By Elise LoehnenCreating a foundation of internal safety.Accepting death.Slowly increasing capacity.Receiving goodness in small doses.Seeking beauty.I love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
6/13/202333 minutes, 55 seconds
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Overthinking Life

Do you ever feel like you’re thinking about living more than you’re actually living? I feel like this all the time. However, the urge to stop thinking so much about life, and just let go and live it grows more and more each day.In this episode, I dive into living in the mind vs. actually living life. Moving through space and time in this physical reality vs. thinking about it. Or more so, overthinking about it. It’s the difference between creating, and thinking about creating. Remembering at the same time to employ bucketloads of compassion as moving forward is almost always accompanied by equally as much fear.The Descension Cycle QuizThe Main Jam...A life lived in the mind vs. a life lived.Day One AppPerceived safety in overthinking.Spiralling vs. circling.Sinking into the body first.Observing our different lives.Masculine energy and the mind.Feminine energy and the body.Dancing between masculine and feminine.Small steps creating new vision.The Descension Cycle QuizI love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemannSubstack:
6/6/202340 minutes
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Staying the Course

Key Topics: self-expression, creative work, purpose, change, fear, trusting the process, self-awareness, self-trust, healing, awakening, expansion.One of the things I’ve heard many people say again and again, is that just staying the course, whether it be in our creative work or our relationships, or anything that challenges us to grow, is the key to their success.There are certain learnings and gifts that come when we stay steady amidst the inevitable ebbs between the flows. There is a richness that comes only when we learn to trust the process and hold on when we are otherwise tempted to let go.The Main Jam...Introducing my co-hosts.Working outside vs. inside.The stirring in humanity.Starting our creative work.When things don’t take off right away.The ebb in the flow.When self-doubt naturally arises.Tethering to our heart’s core truth.Greif in change.Taking our time.I love your face.Your host, Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
5/30/202339 minutes, 59 seconds
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What would we long for if we could slow down long enough to actually listen to the steady and gentle call of our heart’s deepest truth?We are entering an era of deep longing. The more we wake up to the way the systems of the world are more designed for the harvesting of our souls, rather than the nourishment of them, the more we will long for what actually feeds us.If we don’t learn how to be with our longing, we will become consumed by it. Lost in the spin cycle continuously bumping our heads up against the preverbal glass ceiling, but never quite breaking through.The Main Jam...The grief that comes with longing.The great longing.Harmony in our heart’s true desires.How to be in the discomfort of longing.The Descension Cycle (Beta) I love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
5/23/202351 minutes, 17 seconds
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Acting Into Fear

The Descension Cycle (Beta) When is it time to act and when is it time to be still?This episode centers around taking action into our fear and how to know when it’s time to lean in, and when it’s best to remain steady in our stillness.It can take us a long time to be ready to act. Maybe months, maybe years. Maybe we don’t have the energy, maybe we haven’t learned the lessons, or maybe it just isn’t time. Only we know deep down in our bones what the truth for us is. And we have to give ourselves the gifts of compassion and patience for wherever it is we find ourselves.And when the time comes, when our stillness has become stagnance, and what was once medicine has morphed into poison, we must face the truth of our fear. And use it as the gift it is. A breadcrumb. Leading us in the exact direction we might not be able to see, but know we need to go.The Main Jam...A question to ask yourself.When stillness becomes stagnancy.A post on fear and action.Receiving messages at the right time.No longer living scared.Trusting your personal timeline.Being stuck in a freeze response.Acting into our fear.Making it a game.Using fear as a map.Starving for our own energy.How to defeat fear - Pema Chodron.The Descension Cycle (Beta) I love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
5/16/202347 minutes, 56 seconds
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A Beautiful Life

“When our eyes are graced with wonder, the world reveals its wonders to us. There are people who see only dullness in the world and that is because their eyes have already been dulled. So much depends on how we look at things. The quality of our looking determines what we come to see.” ― John O'DonohueIs it time to wipe away the dullness and see through the eyes of wonder? What would a beautiful life look and feel like to you? Not the life we have been sold as beautiful, but the one that our body and soul know to be so.The Main Jam...Being honest with our true desires.Falling away from our old life.What to do when we lose sight of our dreams.Knowing our worth in the nothingness.Sparks of a new life.Wisdom from my Grandfather.Fear of failure and disappointment.The fear of it working out.The inevitability of loss.Shifting out of the space between.Meeting what is here now.Calling in support.I love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
5/9/202346 minutes, 46 seconds
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Coming Together

So many of us are seeing things clearly in a new way. We are craving a way of life that is more in tune with the way we are naturally designed to not only live, but thrive. And a part of that is not doing it all on our own.In this episode, I touch on this growing desire for a change in the way we live our lives. This undeniable rumble of change away from hyper-individualism and towards smaller more intimate communities and connection.Are we ready to begin to admit that the dreams we were taught to dream are not rooted in true fulfillment? And that perhaps there is something much more simple, much more true, and much richer available at our fingertips.Full show notes for this episodeThe Main Jam...A trend toward changeInternal sovereignty Dehydrating dreamsUnhealthy isolationGetting off the moving ladderDreams rooted in fear vs. loveHeart connectionWhy the future is so unclearHow we come togetherThe rumblings of changeI love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
5/2/202333 minutes, 33 seconds
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Heart Coherence

This episode is all about heart. About connecting to that place within where everything becomes more clear and simple. Where logic takes a back seat and we step through the doorway from gridlock and into flow. Living from any place other than the heart, is becoming increasingly exhausting and just… doesn’t seem to work.The trouble is, in a chaotic and distracted world, it has become increasingly difficult to connect to this place. My hope is that this episode helps you to do that. And, at the very least, gives you a bit of a laugh and a break from your day.The Main Jam...Increased illnessEaseful creatingCraving simplicity and slownessReturning to the heartStepping awayZooming outThe creative voidInternal harmonyA question for youFeeling your way forwardI love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
4/25/202334 minutes, 23 seconds
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Spring Rebirth

Spring is in the air and so is the energy of rebirth. Which, as beautiful as it sounds, there is one part of the rebirth process that can be particularly tough to navigate. The threshold. We’re going to dive into what is is and how you can support yourself as you move through it.Full show notes for this episodeThe Main Jam...Passing self-abandonment testsCreating as a highly sensitive personNot forcing rebirthNavigating the ThresholdCleaning our internal houseReceiving goodnessLeaning in slowlyI love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
4/18/202347 minutes, 59 seconds
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Purpose can be a heavy word, but it doesn’t need to be. Not if we look at it from a different angle. We’re taught from a young age to “find our purpose,” as if we’re not already living it. As if we haven’t been living it from the day we drew our first breath.I hope this episode lightens up your relationship to purpose or at the very least, gives you something to chew on and a good laugh. Full show notes for this episodeThe Main Jam...Sacred Rebel’s Oracle DeckSpace for a new visionDiving timingLetting go vs. giving upDetaching from containersEmbracing “I don’t know”.The big question: Why am I here?Receiving our own energy firstTrusting apathyBeing moved by loveMy Mentor Kiley RedheadA perspective shift on purposeI love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
3/28/202344 minutes, 27 seconds
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Easing Into New Beginnings

In this episode, we’re talking all about easing into new beginnings as opposed to trying to force them to be what we think they should be due to fear.So much of what keeps us stuck is the pressure born of being in survival mode. Especially if we are coming out of a time of stagnancy and shedding. We might feel the urgency to push forward and prove to ourselves and the world around us that we are, in fact, a “normally functioning human” or even more so, a thriving one. Which inevitably creates the exact opposite situation than the one we are looking for.Full show notes for this episodeThe Main Jam...Morgan Harper Nicole’s original postTouch In TuesdaysHumanity’s springExpecting discomfortPiloting our livesForcing dreamsWe’ll Likely Drive Many Cars - Elise LohnenBeing the noun vs. the verbFlow AppTaking our timeSmall stepsStarting with the basicsElise Lohnen videoI love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
3/21/202345 minutes, 53 seconds
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The Authentic Self

Now bear with me here. I know the words “authentic-self" are so beyond overused, but it just felt right for this episode.Being disconnected from our authentic-self feels like being lost. Like we can’t quite make the right decision and like our wheels are spinning. Our authentic-self is quite literally our road map to this life. It is the blueprint of our soul. And the only thing it wants, is for us to trust it enough to set it free.Full show notes for this episodeThe Main Jam...Higher-Self vs. Inner-SelfConditioned smallnessConnecting to the authentic selfDreaming differentlyDysregulation and self-connectionNo longer reaching in lifeGetting stuck in the mindThe fear of being seenBlocking our full expressionRoom to go slowI love your face. In all of its authenticity.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
3/14/202353 minutes, 9 seconds
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Creative Pressure

Doing creative work in the world is like inviting all of your deepest insecurities and triggers over for a dinner party. Including your inner critic. Who usually shows up early with a half-drunk bottle of cheap wine and muddy shoes.In this episode, I get into creative pressure and just how normal it is to feel an immense amount of it, what I do to help dissipate it, and the truth that, just because you feel incredible discomfort in doing your creative work, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be.Full show notes for this episodeThe Main Jam...Discomfort while creatingShowing up as we areThe anxiety/shutdown cycle Why do we feel creative pressure?How do we dissipate it?Trusting where we’re atSharing our storiesDisconnection from projecting perfectionFreedom in full acceptanceCancel cultureThe medicine we’re here to giveHow can we release creative pressure?I love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
3/7/202338 minutes, 16 seconds
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Accepting the Journey - Part 2

In this episode, we pick up right where we left off - laying outside the operating room in a state of full (and quite literally naked) vulnerability.I take you with me as I go from operating room, to staying in the hospital, to sleeping in the living room during Christmas, staying at my parent’s house for 1.5 months, asking for help, and all the challenge and beauty that came along with it.Sharing my story this intimately isn’t exactly something I thought I’d ever do. It’s definitely lightyears out of my comfort zone, but I also know that sharing our humanness, our soft pink underbelly, is the very thing we all need. So here I am. A human being human. Soft pink underbelly and all.Full show notes for this episodeThe Main Jam...Scarcity and creative workReleasing the “perfect timing”Yearning for communityHospital food Asking for helpReceiving helpWatching ChristmasProcessing traumaGetting out of our body’s wayLiving at my parent’sA death in the familyGrieving togetherWanting what we wantWalking againI love your face. Tres muchos.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
3/1/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 26 seconds
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Accepting the Journey - Part 1

It’s been about 2-months since the last episode. What a ride.Just before Christmas I was stopped dead in my tracks and forced to accept a journey I did not expect to be taking. This episode is part-1 of a 2-part series and dives into where I’ve been, what happened that fateful day, and the beautiful lessons I was offered in the process of it all. It’s story time over here at the HYH podcast. I hope you find some gems you can put in your pocket and take away for yourself.Full show notes for this episodeThe Main Jam...That snowy dayIgnoring the whispersThe energy of 2023Embodied wisdom vs. studied knowledgeThe healing power of touchSigns we’re in flow - even if it doesn’t feel like itReceiving loveWhat is “the space between”What the hip representsWhat the right side body representsThe physical expression of self-trustSurrendering all controlThanks for sticking around. I love your juicy gorgeous face. Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
2/28/202352 minutes, 49 seconds
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Meeting Grief - with Guest AmarAtma

In this episode, we welcome AmarAtma, a Grief Coach with advanced certification as a Grief Recovery Specialist who focuses on helping grievers to cope and release emotional pain, to sit down for a very human chat about how to be with and trust the medicine of grief.I found AmarAtma through my Mom who shared his Instagram account at a time I was processing a painful loss. It only took a few quick moments for me to grow a deep appreciation for him and his work. Just his Instagram account alone gave me tools to be able to meet the grief that had been standing in my doorway in a new way.I absolutely loved this chat with AmarAtma and found so much peace and release in it myself. I hope in tuning in you feel the same whether you need in now or save it in your back pocket for a rainy day.Website: amaratmacoaching.comInstagram: @amaratmacoachingThe Main Jam...The truth about griefA raw account of his experience in an extended dark nightWhy we push away peaceGetting too attached to our pain storyIdentity loss in transformationReclaiming our spark and innocenceHow to become more receptive to joy and peaceWhy we get stuckHow to grieve and let goTaking up space and being seenDecloakingA heartful message for those grieving now1:1 grief coaching with AmarAtmaAmarAtma’s Conversations with Grief emailI love your face.Your host,Katie BFull show notes for this episodeShop The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
12/22/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 36 seconds
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Reflections on 2022

As the last solo episode of 2022 (where in the hell did that year go?) I reflect on a few of the major lessons that have made, what feels like a year of integration, so quietly powerful.I hope you find this episode supportive. A huge thank you for being a part of all of this, wishing you a restful, peaceful, and chocolate/PJ-filled end of the year. The Main Jam...An integration yearThe top lessons of 2022The relentlessness of the soul to come homeExternal slowness vs. Internal slownessWhen we lose connection to our visionPatriarchy Stress Disorder - Book by Dr. Valerie ReinThe two different kinds of needsA big hug and a kiss on the lips :) Happy Holidays. Happy New Year. All the things. I love your face. Your host,Katie BShop The Remedy CupboardEpisode Show NotesWebsite: Instagram: @katiebuemann
12/20/202240 minutes, 4 seconds
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Elisha Halpin - Safety Within

If you’re looking for some support in working with your nervous system in order to create more safety, peace, and trust in your day-to-day experience, you’re in the right place.Today I am joined by the brilliant and undeniably magical Elisha Halpin who describes herself as an awakened academic and has spent the last 20 years studying how the mind works and how we can best heal trauma and move through stress.Elisha is an alchemist of the human experience and marries the magical with matter supporting people to unlock the nervous system so they can create such a safe and holy space inside that they are able to access their deep medicine. This then supports them in navigating the ups and downs in life with personal power and strength.Speaking to Elisha was a true joy. I hope you find the same in listening.Website: elishahalpin.comInstagram: @elishahalpinThe Main Jam...The distorted mirrors we look intoHealing and expanding the nervous systemFrom frantic and frozen to flowAnchoring in during uncomfortable emotionsFeeling safe being seen in our powerReleasing the outcome and the answersClearing confusion between action and surrenderHolding abundance in our nervous systemThe truth about scarcityStaying anchored yet suppleQuiz: What is your burnout type?Evolution Course 2023Gently shifting stucknessI love your face.Your host,Katie B____________________________Show NotesThe Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann____________________________
12/15/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 14 seconds
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Choosing Your Direction

A question I’ve been asking myself lately is, what direction am I facing? And is it one that I still would choose?This time of year holds an invitation to reflect. To pause and look around. To notice where we are, how we got here, and if the direction we are facing is still anchored in the truth of our soul’s blueprint.Cozy up with me for another fireside episode that will hopefully help you get gently curious about what can sometimes feel like a very big question to ask.The Main Jam...Exciting things in December for HYHNoticing what direction you’re facingTruly meeting yourselfWhy consciousness is evolving fasterWhat feels true?Letting go of big leapsLeaning into what feels freeCheck out The Remedy CupboardI love your face.Your host,KatieShow Notes: Choosing Your DirectionWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
12/13/202235 minutes, 35 seconds
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Take Your Time

Today’s episode includes a moving story, healing portals, trusting our body, the truth of how long transformation can actually take, and the cherry on top - a card pull for you from The Sacred Rebels Oracle deck.It’s natural this time of year to rush. It’s also baked into our nervous systems that most of life should be rushed if we want to be safe. We force ourselves to push through our days and then wonder why we’re so fearful and self-shaming when we don’t move through our inner transformations and deep soul shifts at the same pace as this unharmonious way of living. We’re not meant to. It’s allowed to be slow. It’s meant to be slow. And in my experience, most of the time, it is.So let’s take ourselves off the hook, shall we? I hope this episode supports you in some way with doing that. The Remedy CupboardThe Main Jam...A big thank you to YOU.The truth of the creative process.Healing portals.The moving story.Trusting our body’s healing wisdom.Intuition’s messages.How long transformation can truly take.Reading of an oracle card pull.Sacred Rebels Oracle DeckA Gathering of the Tribe - Aubry Marcus videoI love your face.Your host,Katie BShow Notes for this episodeThe Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
12/6/202244 minutes
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Safety and Home

Cozy up and join me by the fire as I dive into safety, home, and receiving our own wisdom.The day this is released will be moving day for me, which has spurred a lot of thoughts around safety, home, and receiving. Something that can be a deep wound for many.Am I safe in the world? Will I really be safe if I expand into the fullness of who I am? If I truly felt safe, how would I move differently throughout my day - my life?Lots of big questions.Ones that can become very overwhelming if we let them. So, today I move slowly and gently through this episode, and hopefully through moving day (we’ll see about that lol), ruminating on the question… what do you need in this moment to create safety within?Recommended Audio Remedy to pair with this episode - Self-TrustThe Main Jam...What blocks us from our own wisdom.The Artists Way - book by Julia CameronRemembering why we’re here.Connecting to home.Freeing yourself from becoming.Feeling safe enough to choose. Slowly moving vs. waiting to leap.Safety in the masculine.Safety in the feminine.Loss of the false dream.Confused and lost with your dream.Discovering your true dream.I love your face.Your host,Katie BView the self-inquiry question in the show notes for this episode.Check out The Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
11/15/202240 minutes, 59 seconds
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Navigating Change

Ah, change. The ever-present and life-long friend that stands alongside us with the loyalty of a dog promised a bone. Even when we ask it to please, please for the love of god, go home.Life is always moving, and movement is change. Change is quite literally, a sign of life. However, when it happens all at once (as it seems to often do), and we are overwhelmed with the confronting truth that the only way forward is to fall into the great unknown, it can trigger a lot of uncomfortable feelings.Today I join you beside a crackling fire as the snowfalls down to dive deep into the nuance of change, how to navigate it, and hopefully some ways you can a bit of peace among the chaos.The Main Jam...When everything happens at once.Consistency as a creator.Overwhelm, anxiety, and lack of focus.Procrastination and resistance to change.Sugarcoating the familiar.Obsessing over the change.How do we find more ease in change?The mechanics and energetics of change.Stagnancy and resisting change.Living life in slow motion.Elisha HalpinAmar AtmaMaggie HayesUsing distractions without shame.Moving with the grief of change.Harmonic Arts - Adapt TeaI love your face.Your host,KatieCheck out The Remedy CupboardCheck out the self-inquiry questionsWebsite: Instagram: @katiebuemann
11/8/202252 minutes, 30 seconds
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Choice and Thresholds - Breaking Free and Gaining Momentum

This episode was supposed to be about dark energies (as I thought it would be seasonally appropriate) however, as it goes with creative flow, that’s not what wanted to come through.Today we’re riffing on choice and thresholds. We dive into what a threshold is, how we can get stuck in that space, and why choice and choosing towards integrity is the doorway out.Browse The Remedy CupboardThe Main Jam...Creating from flow vs. forcingUnderstanding thresholdsChoosing towards integrityOverwhelm and choiceLeaning into alignmentAnchoring yourself in the thresholdMaking yourself the priority againValues as a reference pointRepairing trust with selfRebuilding momentumBeing present with our imaginationWhat if it all worked out?I love your face.Your host,Katie BWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemannThe Remedy Cupboard
10/25/202238 minutes, 30 seconds
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New Beginning - Unfolding Into the Unknown

New beginnings can be both an exciting relief and, at the same time, pretty damn confronting.In this episode, I do a super deep dive into the nuance of a new beginning. The emotions and thoughts that often come along with it, the fears that tend to surface, the blocks we might experience, and how to traverse it all. How to lean out of stagnancy and stuckness, and into this exciting new space of movement and creation.All the while remembering this one most important thing, you and your new beginning will meet exactly when you are meant to. And the only thing you can really do, is be exactly where you are with as much presence as you can.Also, very exciting news! We have a brand NEW Audio Remedy in The Remedy Cupboard to pair with this episode called "New Beginning." Check it out below!New Beginning Audio Remedy from The Remedy CupboardThe Main Jam...We have a brand NEW Audio Remedy in The Remedy CupboardWhy I don’t care in the same way I used to (and it’s a GOOD thing).The alchemy in honoring where we’ve been.Low confidenceOverwhelm and anxiety as we unthaw.How to stop choosing from scarcity and lack.Releasing control in the unfolding.Moving forward without a clear vision.Noticing when we’re codependently building our new beginning.Expecting and accepting discomfort.The War of Art - Book by Steven Pressfield.The ice burg effect of tiny steps.Cheers to you and your new beginning. <3I love your face.Your host,Katie BWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
10/18/202248 minutes, 49 seconds
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Emptying to Receive Yourself - A Natural Part of Coming Home

This episode touches on everything exploding head syndrome to calling out the dark agenda. There’s a lot here.The main thing I touch on is the process of emptying and receiving ourselves on the journey home. Something that I get the sense is a natural and necessary part of the whole thing. And something that can be tricky to navigate if we’re placing too much pressure on ourselves during a time when we need the exact opposite.To begin to receive yourself after you have spent a significant amount of time feeling empty is the most beautiful and welcome experience. It is the reunion with our power. The perspective shift of choice, agency, and sovereignty. And it is, I believe, where we’re all headed.What a potent and wild time to be alive.The Main Jam...Forgetting who we are in childhood.Exploding head syndrome and sleep paralysis.What can happen when you open up to the unseen world.A key thing to remember when protecting yourself energetically.Trusting in the emptying of complete identity loss accross the board.Bringers of the Dawn - Book by Barbara MarciniakThe purpose and role of hyper-individualism.Calling out the dark agenda.Meeting ourselves from the perspective of choice.I hope you enjoy.I love your face.Your host,Katie BCheck out The Remedy CupboardThe website: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
10/4/202241 minutes, 41 seconds
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Impatience to Emerge - You'll Know When It's Time

Ah the sweet, sweet mushiness of change. How beyond uncomfortable it can be. It’s enough to make us feel as if we actually might be going crazy. As if we will lose our minds if we don’t get out of the blurry chrysalis and into some sort of anchored and more defined way of being.From this place, it’s only natural to want to reach and grasp for things outside of ourselves. Things to hopefully solve the seemingly unsolvable riddle of this moment of flux.I get it. Oh, how I have BEEN there. Many times.In this episode, we dive into all things mushy and how to support yourself through what is inevitably a potent time of change and renewal. The most important takeaway from this episode is, when you know, you’ll know. And if it still feels like you're in the space between, it is because you are meant to be. And from there, the best thing you can do, is meet yourself exactly where you’re at.Check out the NEW audio remedies in The Remedy Cupboard.The Main Jam...Discomfort in the mushy part of change.Surrendering with one eye on the door.Giving ourselves time and space to be in our process.The medicine of defeat and hopelessness.Meeting your body first and foremost.Physical world vs. spirit world post (referenced)Slowing down and meeting the body first.It’s ok to not always be ok.How to support someone having a tough time.Space to slowly heal.The best thing you can do while you’re waiting. A childhood story.A loving reminder.I love your face. As always.Your host,Katie BCheck out the NEW audio remedies in The Remedy Cupboard.Website: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
9/27/202238 minutes, 38 seconds
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Power & Safety - Sourcing From Within

This episode is coming off the heels of a month away from the HYH podcast. A month. Never did I think I would be taking a break so soon. In the past, I would have crumbled into a puddle of shame and fear and self-criticism. Shame for needing space to fall apart and come back together, shame for not keeping consistent, and fear of being abandoned for taking care of my needs. But I’ve about had enough of that. And won’t be perpetuating that in my work or putting that energy out into the world. I just don’t have the energy or the need to play that game anymore.We’re human. We need space to be so.This episode is all about that. About trusting the process and how we need to move through it. About sourcing our sense of safety and power from within so we’re not at the whim of external circumstances in order to feel ok in the world.The only thing our soul cares about, is the journey home. Let’s normalize prioritizing that. Because at the end of the day, it is the most important thing.Check out the NEW Simplify Audio Remedy in The Remedy Cupboard.The Main Jam...Where I’ve been.The fallacy of “normal.”Prioritizing the soul’s journey over productivity.Connecting to your inner power source.The grief in loneliness and missing community.My favourite question.Dr. Gabor MateSeeing the toxic water we swim in.Seeing the facade and dissolving identities.The medicine of being seen.Martha Beck - The Way of IntegrityUnthawing towards integrity.Mimi Young’s (@shopceremony) post.The HYH Podcast trailer.The magic of your authenticity.I love your face. A damn lot.Your host,Katie BFull show notes: @katiebuemannWebsite:
9/20/202243 minutes, 34 seconds
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On Grief - An Initiation to Change

This episode is all about grief because, well, I’m deep in it. And to be honest it’s all I can really hold at the moment. Which perhaps is the best time to show up in it. In all of my grieving humanness.If you’re moving through grief now, I hope this episode makes you feel like you have a friend close by. And if you ever are experiencing the powerful portal and initiation that is grief, and feel like you need that friend, I hope you remember that it’s here waiting for you.The Main Jam...The experience of grief.How to move through it.The nervous system in grief.Walking as a potent healing tool.Being by water.Trusting change.What flow really is.Why we might self-isolate while in grief.The old and new energy waves of grief.And other such observations and human sharing.I love your face.Your host,Katie BThe Remedy CupboardWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
8/16/202243 minutes, 54 seconds
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Commitment to Authenticity - You'll Be Ready When You're Ready

In this episode, to be honest, we talk about a mishmosh of things. I’m chalking it up to it being August and well, I’m half in sunshine la-la land just enjoying life. That doesn’t mean we don’t talk about some deep sh*t. I just can’t help myself.The core of this episode centers around the sunrise over the horizon of a new beginning. We talk about committing to what’s true deep in the core of your being, the discomforts that can come with that, not forcing yourself out of the chrysalis before you’re ready, and I offer what is hopefully a refreshing perspective on purpose. Side note: I forgot to actually ask the inner-prompt questions, so I’m posing them in the full show notes on the website (linked below).The Main Jam...Staying true to yourself despite the discomfort.Denial of feminine energy.You’ll be ready when you’re ready.Receiving your own energy.Kiley Redhead.The commitment to what is true.Changing our perspective on purpose.The Enneagram test.Check out The Remedy CupboardThank you for being here. I love your face.Your Host,Katie BWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
8/9/202250 minutes, 33 seconds
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Finding Your Way - Masculine Energy in Service of the Heart

In this episode, I touch on an experience I have seen and felt happening with many people. The experience where we no longer feel connected to our old lives, yet are unsure of how to move forward in this new energy and sense of being. From a place where all of our old dreams and identities no longer seem to fit like they once used to.If you’ve had the feeling of no longer being connected to old dreams or not having much, if any, motivation to participate in the world the way you once did, this episode is for you.Join the Live Class on August 3rdThe Main Jam...When we can no longer connect to our dreams and visions.Heart resonance and radical honesty of inner-truth.Shedding of identities and welcoming what’s true.Beauty as a healing force.Creating when you’re afraid of how it will be received.Implementing structure when we feel lost.Why we might resist masculine energy. What to do if you don’t know what you want or where to go in life.Check out the full show notesI love your face.Your host,Katie BWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
8/2/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 4 seconds
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Rebuilding in the New Energy

If you’re in a phase of rebuilding, or feeling like you might be approaching that phase, this might be a nourishing one to tune into.I riff on following your own inner rhythms, the soul descention into this human experience, the nature of working in this new energy, and many other bits and bobs that I hope feed your soul and help you to feel less alone.I also have the Around the Fire Live Class coming up next Wednesday, August 3rd. If you feel like you’ve been in the liminal space between, and are now facing the rebuilding of your life, but don’t quite know how to get moving, this is your jam.Check out the Around the Fire Live ClassThe Main Jam...Why the episode is a day late.New vs. old ways of how we bring our work into the world.Authenticity as the new currency and rebuilding with heart resonance.The reason why the energy is different now.The descent and full acceptance of being human.Around the Fire - Live ClassJon Hopkin's song - Around the FireAubry Marcus video - Gathering of the TribeThe fear of not being received in our true capabilities.Check out the Show Notes for the Inner-Knowing PromptsI love your face.Your host,Katie BWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
7/27/202251 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Remedy Cupboard - Two Birthdays in One

It feels like I have a little gift cupped in the palm of my hands.This beautiful creation that has been sitting with me for over 3-years. And I thought to myself, what a better day to bring it to light, to birth it into the world, than on my birthday.So now we share the same birthday. And I think that’s kind of special.In this episode, I share all about The Remedy Cupboard, and a few of the poignant parts of the creative journey I feel like you might be able to relate to.Check out The Remedy CupboardThe Main Jam...It’s my Birthday! :)It’s also The Remedy Cupboard’s Birthday!The healing components of each Audio Remedy.Trusting the timing of our creative process.The difference between intuition and fear.Letting go and seeing what sticks.Patience and the waiting game of our journey.The innate discomfort in creating new things.The interplay of masculine & feminine energy.Ok you lovely human, that’s it for today. If you check out The Remedy Cupboard, I hope you find something to soothe your soul and lift your spirits. And I hope you feel a little less alone on your journey home when you tune in.Check out The Remedy CupboardI love your face.Your host,Katie BWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
7/19/202252 minutes, 44 seconds
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Energy First - An Experiment in Trust

This episode is all about tuning into the energy first. About trusting our own inner-knowing, not questioning it or trying to sort out the details, and then taking immediate steps in whatever direction feels open and clear. Even if it doesn’t make logical sense.I was going to start this out by saying that there’s been a massive shift in the energy, but I don’t think it’s that energy has shifted, I think it’s that we’ve shifted how we perceive and move through it.I also touch on why I cut the episode last week and about the live class, Emerge, that will be on August 3rd, 2022 all about how to shift out of the liminal space and into more clarity and movement in your new beginning. Join the Live Class Emerge on Navigating the Liminal Space BetweenThe Main Jam...Figuring things out as you go and not pre-planning to the point of paralysis.Leaning out of rush and panic and into the slowness of the body.Living from the seat of the soul and choosing resonance first.No longer adjusting ourselves for others’ comfort.Talking yourself off the ledge. The energy first experiment.The self-creating energy of your own sun.Accepting all parts of the human experience. Including the suffering.The literal magic of going slow.The Live class EMERGE on the liminal space between.That’s it for today you lovely human.I love your face.Your host,Katie BWebsite: katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
7/12/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 21 seconds
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Opening to Light - A Shadow Work Break

Sometimes we can get so immersed in "the work" and healing, that we forget to actually live life. It's like digging in the dirt, but never actually enjoying the bounty of our harvest. Maybe it's time to put your shovel down, and give yourself some space to breathe, play, and swim in the lightness of life for a bit. And it's not spiritual bypassing... it's survival.The Main Jam...Feeling into your authentic timelineCultivating the energy of that timeline nowTaking a break from shadow workWhat to do if our capacity is overstretchedHow to begin to shift toward the lightThe Untethered Soul - by Michael SingerLiving Untethered - by Michael SingerA tool to help you ground and calm your nervous systemRomancing yourselfThe medicine of beautySarah BaldwinTeaching yourself it's safe to be in your bodyCheck out the Inner-knowing Prompts from this episode love your face.Your host,Katie BWebsite: www.katiebuemann.comInstagram: @katiebuemann
6/28/202254 minutes, 39 seconds
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Everything Feels Different - The Threshold We've Passed

There has been a shift that I’m not quite sure we’ve fully grasped yet. Life feels different. A lot of things have lost their charge like social media, material possessions, and clicking into anything that has to do with the energy of “I need to run, hustle, and acquire in order to be a worthy and safe human.”And this isn’t about suddenly becoming enlightened… this is something much deeper, indescribable, and bigger than that. And in this episode, you will hear me do my damndest to try and do just that. Describe it.To warn you, this episode is a bit… floaty and out there. I’m not sure if it was the wisest choice, to kick off regular programming with something like this,  (or at least that’s what my logical mind says), however, when I asked myself the question… “what’s true?” This was it. So here we are.The Main Jam…Being a sensitive in the “ordinary world.”The elusive feeling that everything is different.Why social media has lost its charge.The breaking down of old internal and external systems.The question I ask myself before I create.How to keep anchored in this new energy.I love your face.Your host,Katie BVisit the website:  katiebuemann.comSay hi on Instagram: @katiebuemann
6/13/202230 minutes, 41 seconds
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My Story

In this episode, I do my best to walk my talk and tell my story. Or at least the parts I feel are relevant to the HYH podcast. I'm sure that over time more of it will come through naturally. But I feel this is a good place to start.It's tough to read the label on your own jar. And I've also found that the more we click into the present moment, the harder it is to remember our past.I hope that this episode creates a feeling of connection. Human-to-human. Soul-to-soul. And at the very least, gives you a laugh or two.The main jam… The death experience of the last 2-years.Separation from “reality.”Loss of desire, motivation, and inspiration.Creating from detachment.My mentor Kiley Redhead.The medicine of all of us being who we really are.Rejection and not belonging.The pre-destined choice to come home in this lifetime.The hero’s journey we’re all here to take.Vulnerability for manipulation’s sake.The illusion and danger of the self-help and “spiritual” industries.Find me on the Instagram @katiebuemann.I love your face.Your host,Katie BVisit the website:  katiebuemann.comSay hi on Instagram: @katiebueman
6/13/202240 minutes, 53 seconds
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The Intro

This podcast has been years in the making. Many sleepless nights and deep inner-ponderings went into deciding if it would even exist at all. So to be writing this kind of feels surreal.This is the first official episode of the Hey You Human podcast, and I will admit, feels a bit on the heavy side. And I think that’s because of how much this means to me and how long I’ve been holding it in gestation.It’s almost as if this intro episode was a contraction of sorts. The final push before HYH was born into the world.And here she be.I couldn’t be more jazzed (and for God sakes relieved) that she’s here.The main jam… I cry. Almost right away… so that happens.The ascension via descension process.The intention of the HYH podcast.The end of guru culture.My commitment to you.Episodes every Tuesday.My intention with guests.The walk (sometimes brutal trek) home.The New and Noteworthy dream.I love your face.Your host,Katie BVisit the Website: katiebuemann.comSay hi on Instagram: @katiebuemann
6/13/202225 minutes, 56 seconds
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The Trailer

There are no mistakes in this human experience. No mistakes, but one.  That we think our humanness within it, is a mistake.Something to be adjusted and corrected. Something to be hidden and healed. Something we should feel ashamed of.But the moment we make our humanness wrong, is the same moment we cut ourselves off from connection. Connection to self, connection to each other, and connection to the source behind all of it.The Hey You Human podcast is born of simple roots. It is just about being human with each other.I'm not a guru or an expert. I'm not a sage or someone who knows something you don't already know.I am, very simply, a human. And my only intention is to show up as just that.Because it is in sharing our humanness, in seeing and being seen, that we will all walk each other home.All you came here to do, is to be. And the music of that, the music of just being exactly who you are,  will sing through your bones like a melody you've known your whole life.And you know what?That's more than enough. It's always been enough.And I hope that this podcast can help you to remember that.Ok. This is your host, Katie B, signing off. And we'll catch you in the next one.
6/13/20221 minute, 55 seconds