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Hey Sis, Eat This is a celebration of food, entertaining, and funny family tales hosted by sisters, Courtney & Whitney. Inspired by their mom, AKA Momma Ashley, a caterer who happens to know a thing or two about eat’n, drink’n, and tell'n stories! The sisters gather each week to gab about funny Momma Ashley stories, the hits and misses of their weekly menus, and parties thrown. Sibling guests join them to recount funny stories of holiday celebrations, family trips, and what it was like at their childhood dinner table. In each episode there is something new to learn about cooking and hosting while also recognizing the laughter and joy mothers provide us with daily. Visit our website at https://www.heysiseatthis.com/ to sign up for alerts and get our recipes! Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/heysiseatthis/
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Horsin' Around With Wendy

On this Thanksgiving we are so thankful and honored to have the opportunity to sit down with this kind soul of a woman who has one of the biggest hearts of anyone we know. Wendy Holsapple is true Dallas royalty and joins us today to talk about her incredibly interesting mother and father, her equestrian background and her career as the queen of the King’s X, a famous watering hole in North Dallas that’s been around since 1977. Wendy opens up about her charmed childhood growing up in Dallas, riding horses in her front yard and having a momma who was a New York Rockette. Wendy recalls her mother, Faye Ola as a great cook, growing up on homemade spaghetti and meatballs and chicken and dumplings. Momma Faye was an entertainer at heart. Whether it was doing Rockette style high kicks around the house to get a laugh out of her kids or throwing a dinner party on the roof of her house to do something different, she loved for everyone around her to have a good time. Just like he
23/11/202348 minutes 25 seconds
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Don’t Tell Mom The Money Is Gone!

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"fnfee","text":"This week the sisters are joined by one of Whitney’s BFF from childhood, Natalie Huber and her three sisters, Elizabeth, Tiffany, and Ali. The thick as thieves Huber sisters delve into their close-knit relationship, shaped by their hardworking, loyal and loving mom, Lynn. A nurse with a demanding schedule, Momma Lynn instilled independence, a strong work ethic, and a reliance on family in her five children. The sisters share hilarious stories from childhood, highlighting moments of mischief and camaraderie.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.5","padding-top":"0","padding-bottom":"0"}}},{"key":"6m8o2","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.5","padding-top":"0","padding-bottom":"0"}}},{"key":"60d0p","text":"A self proclaimed “not the warm and fuzzy type” Lynn
16/11/202352 minutes 29 seconds
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Besties, Brides & Boobies

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"9ittp","text":"We’re throwing another party this week on Hey Sis, Eat This to celebrate the most special of all birthday girls, our best friend since childhood, Elle Warren. Elle sits down with us to talk about her world famous bridal salon, Warren Barron Bridal, her husband's world famous BBQ restaurant, Sonny Bryan's and the world famous chef, Dean Fearing who created her wedding menu.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":227,"length":21,"style":"{\"FG\":\"#1155cc\"}"},{"offset":333,"length":12,"style":"{\"FG\":\"#1155cc\"}"},{"offset":227,"length":21,"style":"UNDERLINE"},{"offset":292,"length":13,"style":"UNDERLINE"},{"offset":333,"length":12,"style":"UNDERLINE"},{"offset":292,"length":14,"style":"{\"FG\":\"#446079\"}"}],"entityRanges":[{"offset":227,"length":21,"key":0},{"offset":292,"length":13,"key":1},{"offset":333,"length":12,"key":2}],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"8h7bp"
09/11/202344 minutes 17 seconds
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A Bone-Appetite Halloween

This week on Hey Sis, Eat This the sisters welcome Momma Ashley to recap all the Halloween food and festivities! The party gets started in Dallas when Whitney transforms last week’s geriatric party “Mr. Six” costume into the Phantom of the Opera, while Courtney rides Whitney's costume coat tails with her old Björk swan costume. Whitney and Momma Ashley boast the hottest trick-or-treating spot in Dallas right on Viewside Drive where children come far and wide to see Whitney and Lance's incredible decorations and parents come to sip libations from neighbor Seldon and David’s illegal front yard bar featuring Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktails.  In LA, Courtney is recovering from her epic 70+ person Halloween bash but thanks to G-sheets and a timeline it went off without a hitch. Going against Whitney’s advice to keep it simple, Courtney makes enough food to feed an army. From beef and bison chili, and dill pickle dip to her famous brisket tacos th
02/11/202331 minutes 33 seconds
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Sweet Corn, Slow Cooker and the Side Queen

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"avt7o","text":"It’s our first ever 3 brother interview with Alex, Kyle and Jordan Rasch! Growing up in the very small town of Mascoutah, Illinois, population 7,500, these brothers spent their time between their grandparents farm and their childhood home, one stoplight away. Food played a huge role in the upbringing of these mid-western brothers and their extended family, where a 30 plus person Sunday supper cooked by their blind grandma took place every weekend at the family farm, come rain, snow or shine.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"fk1hc","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"c765l","text":"While the brothers claim their mom, Cindy, AKA Chi Chi or just Cheech, brings the flavor with her personality over her food, she was certainly no stranger to cooking. We dive into the
26/10/202348 minutes 58 seconds
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Torry The Tornado Featuring the Neitzel Siblings

Courtney and Whitney are in full Halloween planning mode with their impending annual bashes on the horizon. The sisters debate whether to cook a smorgasbord of random food, trying once again to please everyone or just keep it simple for their sanity! <span data-offset-key= "
19/10/202355 minutes 49 seconds
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The Marvelous Miss Marjorie!

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"1161l","text":"It’s another sugary sweet episode of Hey Sis, Eat This, with Tiff’s Treats founder Tiffany Taylor and her news producer and breast cancer thriver sister, Melinda. Courtney and Whitney talk to these ladies not only about their “brilliant” mother, Marjorie but the very long history of familial connections these two sets of sisters share.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":61,"length":13,"style":"UNDERLINE"}],"entityRanges":[{"offset":61,"length":13,"key":0}],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"aeh2f","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"6h37j","text":"Tiffany and Melinda, who have no recollection of ever meeting Courtney and Whitney are surprised to learn that their families share a past of food, family and funny stories that started way before any of them were born. When Court states that Momma Ashley and Marg
12/10/202355 minutes 57 seconds
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Ciadowdy Y'all! We're Back!

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"qsi9","text":"The sisters are finally back together after Whitney’s Italian vacation and they’re joined by none other than Momma Ashley to dish on all the eating, drinking and cooking that happened while they were apart. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"9fs9i","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"dau6e","text":"After Courtney suggests wearing wigs while recording the podcast in order to prevent looking bald from the headphones, the ladies jump into it, learning about the culinary carnival Whitney and Lance had during their incredible Italian vacation. Meanwhile Courtney got her “game on” in Wyoming, prepared a feast for family and friends for the Jewish Holiday, Yom Kippur and did her daughter, Reagan, dirty trying to keep her school lunches healthy.","type":"unstyled","depth
05/10/202341 minutes 25 seconds
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Teenage Idiots: Reckless Driving

While Whitney is still away on her much deserved Tomato Girl Fall, Italian vacation, Courtney is in LA feeling like a limb is missing.  Since she needs her other half to make the magic happen, the sisters preemptively put together the highly anticipated 2 part series, Teenage Idiots - Party Animals & Driving Edition. If you’re a regular listener of the podcast, you know that the Ashley sisters’ conundrums are hardly limited to just the kitchen! Yep, these two “lil idiots” have had their fair share of vehicular mishaps, especially during those precious, virgin, teenage years… Maybe not virgin, but precious!  However, through our many interviews, we’ve been pleased and comforted to discover that we were definitely not the only ones with a shady driving record. In this special compilation of Reckless Driving, you will learn that the majority of our sibling guests were also once dangers to society behind the wheel. Good Lord!
28/09/202324 minutes 11 seconds
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Teenage Idiots: Party Animals

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"d0dic","text":"While Whitney is away on her Italian vacation eating, drinking and having a party, we figured there was no better time to roll our our highly anticipated 2 part series, Teenage Idiots: Party Animals & Reckless Driving","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":169,"length":48,"style":"BOLD"},{"offset":169,"length":48,"style":"ITALIC"}],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"36p0n","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"9vbri","text":"In this hilarious Party Animals compilation, various guests recall some of their not so smartest moments as teenagers when they decided to party like it was 1999! It actually might have been 1999 or ‘89 or even 2009 in some of these stories but no matter the decade, these teenage idiots prove time and time again that the prefrontal cortex is still WAY under developed during
21/09/202330 minutes 58 seconds
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Pageants, Pepper, & Prime Rib with Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins and Nkena Lawrence

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"634jg","text":"Today we are joined by a fellow podcaster Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins and her sister Nkena Lawrence. Ashley is the host of Oprah's OWN network podcast, Trials to Triumphs and the star of the Netflix series Dear White People. This dynamic sister duo opens up about their strong independent Momma Cynthia and how she raised them to be hard working women and always strive to be their best. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":157,"length":18,"style":"BOLD"},{"offset":157,"length":18,"style":"ITALIC"}],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"4ou4k","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"5nh78","text":"Much adversity faced Cynthia as a black woman growing up in the South in the 60’s. However, this woman’s ambition and tenacity never wavered which we also discover was passed down to her daughters. Cyn
14/09/202353 minutes 16 seconds
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Let Them Eat Cake with Susan Sarich

If you are in need of some inspiring girl power, tune into this week's episode of Sisters Dish!  Susan(Susie) Sarich founder and CEO of Susie Cakes joins the sisters to share the sweetness and the struggles of building her famous chain of bakeries. Recently named by Forbes Magazine as one of 50 over 50, Susan has built a dessert empire which now spans 26 locations and growing.  Susan shares with us how her two grandmothers, Mildred and Madeline who lived across the alley from each other, welcomed Susan home from school with homemade desserts and lots of love. It was around their tables eating sweets where Susan learned morals and values and realized the true power that table talk could have on a person’s life. From taking guests coats to drink orders at her Grandma’s house, hospitality has always come naturally to Susan. Born with a passion for servic
07/09/202348 minutes 12 seconds
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Back to School with Momma June & Mr. Doughboy featuring Sophie & Brandon Pierce

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"4um74","text":"Sophie and Brandon Pierce are on Hey Sis, Eat This, this week, representing 2 out of the 5 siblings who hale from Verplanck, New York. These two artistic siblings sit down to dish on how the beautiful and very patient Momma June managed a household with 4 boys and 1 girl on top of being a kindergarten teacher. The siblings recall how Momma June was the kind of mom who welcomed her kids home from school with warm chocolate chip cookies, and took holidays to the extreme! Whether it was heart shaped meatloafs on Valentines Day or pistachio cakes on St. Patrick's Day, this Momma loved to indulge her family with good food and lots of love! ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"3hgei","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"3c0aa","text":"Dinner time was a family affair ever
31/08/202356 minutes 39 seconds
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Sisters Dish: Queso & Courvoisier

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"4os7i","text":"During this first summer of the Hey Sis, Eat This podcast, there’s been a lot of back and forth traveling between Los Angeles and Dallas! The sisters are rounding out summer with their all time favorite gals, Reagan and Vivi, (Courtney’s daughters) and of course the famous Momma Ashley!","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"4p7ur","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"2npgo","text":"After 8 recordings in 6 days, the sisters sit down with Momma Ashley over Dirty Sis Martinis to giggle about some of their own shenanigans as teenage idiots and Courtney’s unhealthy obsession with Queso. The girls once again rag on their mom for hoarding 35 year old bottles of alcohol while she once again blames just about everything on her ex-husband. When everyone fesses up about their o
24/08/202338 minutes 51 seconds
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Beef & Botanicals with Simone Moran

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"7ve3l","text":"Today on Sister’s Dish, we are all beefed out after several days of cooking together in the Los Angeles Hey Sis, Eat This test kitchen. While there were plenty of “amazings” and “panty droppers,” to note, it wouldn’t be cooking with the Ashley sisters, if they’re weren’t a few kitchen conundrums along the way. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"7i2dt","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"2ngag","text":"We also have the honor of sitting down with the incredibly inspiring and BADASS lady, Simone Moran. Simone is a multi talented herbal medicine doctor, acupuncturist, creator and CEO of Plant Botanicals, a farm to bottle, sustainable line of spirits that is made up, in her words, of only “the good shit!”","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRan
17/08/202344 minutes 38 seconds
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Fireball, Fake ID’s, April Fools

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"9pntv","text":"Today on HSET, we interview our much younger cousins, Katie and Sam Williams who share with us what it was like growing up with a mom who takes motherhood to the next level, even if it means breaking the law!! ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"686co","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"dnb7u","text":"From taking Katie and her friends to get fake ID’s in high school, to customized hot breakfasts 5 days a week, there was nothing Momma Jan wouldn’t do for her kids! ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"1rssn","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"31mrp","text":"With the exception of Friday through Sunday when her “ki
10/08/202359 minutes 48 seconds
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National Sisters Day Celebration!

Today on Hey Sis, Eat This we’ve got yet another celebration! National Sisters Day is this Sunday, August 6th. In honor of all the sisters out there, we've cooked up a special tribute to one another and we also revisit some of our favorite sister stories from past episodes and calls from the Hey Sis hotline. So shake up those Hey Sis Dirty Martinis and give a giant toast to National Sisters Day!  
03/08/202337 minutes
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Sisters Dish: Happy Days Are Here Again!

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"18qra","text":"Happy Days are here again on this LOL episode with actor, comedian and world famous impressionist, Jim Meskiman! The sisters were introduced to Jim when he was a budding actor in 1984. Jim was the star of their father, Glenn’s award winning ad campaign for a Texas grocery store chain. Starring in over 100 commercials, this campaign launched Jim’s long and robust career as an actor, improviser and voice over artist. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"3guv7","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"f0p21","text":"On this episode, the girls reunite Glenn and Jim after 30 years where they recall old days on the set, laughing about wardrobe malfunctions and Jim's mandatory readings of the grocery store's \"weekly specials!\"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges
27/07/20231 hour 43 seconds
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Rattle Snakes, Ristoranti, and Rolling Dough

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"e6trq","text":"The Sisters are back from their Summer vacations and are joined by Momma Ashley to recap their travels. Whitney ate her weight in Lobster rolls in the Hamptons and filled her face with Naples style pizza in NYC at L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele with Steve Sink! The pizza did not stop there as Whitney and Lance road tripped with their Ooni pizza oven to Del Norte, CO where they cooked up pies for 25 people at the Askew family ranch. According to Whitney it would not be a proper Summer ranch trip without a naked photo shoot in the mountains and a rattle snake encounter. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[{"offset":214,"length":28,"style":"UNDERLINE"},{"offset":334,"length":15,"style":"UNDERLINE"}],"entityRanges":[{"offset":214,"length":28,"key":0},{"offset":334,"length":15,"key":1}],"data":{}},{"key":"29ena","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key
19/07/202341 minutes 28 seconds
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Cat Hat, Teats, and Hamster Wheels

Courtney and Whitney are out of town this week but Whitney won’t let the sisters have a break. Instead we’ve put together a compilation of our most hilarious pet stories. Some oldies but goodies along with some new releases. Momma Ashley talks about our beloved dogs and our bat shit crazy cat Chelsea, whom she had a very interesting way of transporting to the vet. Our favorite identical twins, The Bishea's from episode 17, discuss with us Mary’s disgust of family pets while Emily reveals why they were never allowed to have any more pet fish. Andy, David, and Christine Odom from episode 14 have us LOLing when describing the simultaneous births their two cats endured. Lastly, we can’t have a pets episode without Andy and Dave Nolan reminiscing about Bandit the pissing sheep dog and a new story about Lady the old dog puppy. This episode will have you howling with laughter!
13/07/202323 minutes 24 seconds
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Stars, Stripes & Strippers

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"78api","text":"Today on Hey Sis, Eat This, we celebrate the 4th of July with two siblings who were born saluting the flag! Amanda and Johnathan Williamson grew up on army bases around the world with their US colonel Father Dave and their dedicated and loyal mother, Momma Mary. The word heroic comes to mind when discussing Momma Mary because it was her strength that navigated this family through countless moves, squadron picnics, and even a base bachelorette party.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"5th1o","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"2k9m0","text":"Her tolerance for high school house parties warrants a Medal of Honor as these military brats went balls to the walls when their parents were AWOL. These two patriots used any chance they could get to light up the night throwi
06/07/202350 minutes 57 seconds
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Steve Sink is On The Gay-Roll

29/06/202342 minutes 16 seconds
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Border Stops and Sunday Sex Talks

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"cv82e","text":"News flash!! The Edwards are in the house! Today we welcome Jessica and Jamey Edwards of Buffalo New York to talk about the incredible and unstoppable Momma Ann. A famous local evening news anchor in Buffalo, Ann was not always around to put dinner on the table but there was certainly no lack of parenting from this tough as nails momma! ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"8h1ot","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"3363s","text":"Finishing your food was a must at Ann’s table and if you weren’t in the mood for what was being served, be prepared to sit at the table until you plate was clean! While the Western omelet and raw egg smoothies were not Jamey’s favorites, Momma Ann’s frozen yogurt pie was a household favorite!","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRange
22/06/202355 minutes 19 seconds
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Father's Day!!

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"f4bc3","text":"Move over Mommas, it’s time to celebrate the Papas! This week on Hey Sis, Eat This we are giving a shout out to all the Dads out there who help make the world go round. Without your sperm, we wouldn’t be here. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"5pk5d","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"9pkhc","text":"We kick of the celebration off with some rapid fire questions for our amazing stepdads, Drew and Dwight. They shed light on what it’s like being a stepdad, recalling some favorite memories and the best meals we’ve ever made them. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"8qj40","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"30ag4"
15/06/202351 minutes 50 seconds
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Bitching & Ditching

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"577e","text":"Today on this week’s episode of Sisters Dish we decided to just keep it to the sisters so we could dish!","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"ba0u8","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"1lovn","text":"Whitney recaps going to see our comedic idol Heather McMahan in Dallas and we make a plea for her and sister Ashley to come on Hey Sis to talk all about Momma Robin! In Los Angeles the Pre-teen injuries and drama continues in Courtney’s house resulting in us taking a vow to try our best to banish the bitchiness among women of all ages. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"ce480","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"6bkqb
08/06/202341 minutes 23 seconds
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Sweet Southern Frosted Flake

Today we are thrilled to introduce these sweetie-pies from Winston-Salem, Brianna and Brittni. Brianna, the owner of Winston Pies, an incredible chain of pie shops in Southern California and her charming sister, Brittni, join us to reminisce about growing up in the South with their Southern Frosted Flake of a mother, Beverly. An avid baker, choosing cakes and cookies over carrots and cauliflower for dinner, Momma Beverly, is one of the most magical moms we’ve ever been introduced to on this podcast. Beverly, the opposite of a helicopter parent, chose to raise her children using, as the girls describe “broad bumper rails” for them to figure stuff out and encourage independence. This “highly emotionally intelligent” woman, described by Brittni, inspired creative thinking and self sufficiency while teaching the g
01/06/202357 minutes 30 seconds
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A Meal Like Momma Makes!

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"5s97a","text":"On this week’s episode of Sisters Dish, the girls are feeling better and have lots to chat about! Whitney discovered pizza crack at a dinner party, Courtney continued creating crazy crostinis and Momma Ashley stumbled upon a flock of mounting mallards on her power walk. The girls also discuss their love of the GREAT Chef Andre Rush and make a plea for him to be a guest on Hey Sis! After that, Momma’s in the house!","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"7o57m","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"3se2o","text":"They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and Margaret & Carol are here to prove it! On this week’s sentimental episode we sit down with Momma Ashley and one of her BFF’S, Momma Carol to discuss the ins the outs, the trials and tribulations and all of th
25/05/202354 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 17: Holy Mary Mother of Twins

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"f5lu4","text":"It’s double the fun on this weeks episode of Hey Sis, Eat This with identical twin sisters, Mary and Emily Bishea. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago this duo gave Momma Mary Rita a run for her money from day one! With their heartbeats in synch for the entire pregnancy, the doctors were not even aware that Mary Rita was pregnant with twins until she screamed “there’s another one coming!!” 10 minutes later and without a name picked out, Mary Margaret was born. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"e5dqf","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"bpuu7","text":"We learn how a young Momma Mary Rita navigated parenthood with unexpected twins. From painting pinky nails with nail polish to tell them apart to dressing them alike for way too long, Mary Rita did her best to kee
18/05/20231 hour 4 minutes 2 seconds
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A Mother's Day Celebration

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"ctd8b","text":"Mother’s Day is here and we are SO EXCITED!!! This week on Hey Sis, Eat This, the sisters are thrilled to honor all of the amazing mommas out there! On this special Mother’s Day episode you get to hear from not only the beloved Momma Ashley but Momma Laurie, Whitney’s MIL and Momma Andi, Courtney’s MIL! These incredible mommas give us a taste of what they love most about being a mom and recall what their kids loved and hated around their childhood dinner tables! ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"2dreg","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"tal","text":"The crazy sisters also take to the streets of Dallas to talk to strangers about their mommas, on the first ever “Sis On The Street!” It’s a fun and endearing celebration of all things mommas that you won’t want to
11/05/202349 minutes 53 seconds
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Episode 15: Sisters Dish - Boot & Rally & BBQ

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"25t7r","text":"On this week’s episode of Sisters Dish, Whitney tells us about her wild weekend in Louisiana eatin’, drinkin’ and attending her step daughter, Lauren’s wedding! She fills us in on the firehouse extravaganza, her incredible progressive food tour of New Orleans and how she witnessed one tourist boot and rally! . ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"8tgi","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"9atqt","text":"Then the girls sit down the with King of BBQ, Brent Harmon, restaurateur and owner of Dallas’ infamous Sonny Bryan’s BBQ. Listen in as he tells the history of the restaurant, why it’s a Texas institution and what makes that BBQ sauce so damn good! ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},
04/05/202349 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode 14: Corneas, Kitties, & Rink Tum Ditty

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"3qg3g","text":"This week Courtney and Whitney kick off the episode with a recap of their wild weekend and are joined by Momma Ashley to make sure they don’t miss any details. The sisters were together in Dallas over the weekend to podcast, cook together, and party it up for Whitney’s birthday. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"2jgk","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"c97a7","text":"Then, Court & Whit have the pleasure of talking to a reverend, a lawyer, and an architect! Andy, David, and Christine Odom have been longtime friends of the Ashley family and as kids these siblings grew up laughing together and getting into trouble in the pews of the neighborhood church. The Odom’s also open up about their dinner table and how it was often a difficult place to be until they were a
27/04/202352 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 13: Sisters Dish - Meal & A Spiel

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"2307h","text":"This week on Sisters Dish, the girls catch up after a weekend of more cooking and more funny Momma Ashley stories. Between planning her costume for Whit's upcoming birthday party to hounding the sisters to book colonoscopies, Momma proves you never stop being a momma! Courtney reveals that while she hasn’t been able to get her colonoscopy quite yet, she has been experimenting with some alternative medicine for period cramps. Spoiler alert…it’s illegal in most places!! ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"4g9nr","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"f2d95","text":"Also on this episode, we are thrilled to welcome chef and cookbook author, Elana Horwich to the podcast! Elana is a fascinating and super talented woman who authored the hit cookbook, Meal & A Spiel, How To
20/04/202344 minutes 29 seconds
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The Cooks, The Crabs & The Inspector

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"bb5eq","text":"Courtney & Whitney are thrilled to welcome longtime sibling pals, Rachael Leigh Cook & Ben Cook to Hey Sis, Eat This. We quickly learn that talent runs rampant in this family starting with the incredible and insanely talented Momma Joanne who says her greatest gift is her ability to teach herself. Learning 6 languages on her own, a self taught cook that lead to being a sou chef for Jacque Pepin and teaching herself piano after the age of 40 is just the beginning of what you will discover about this week’s Momma!","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"3rc7v","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"83bq8","text":"Rachael and Ben have Court and Whit cracking up as they recount what it was like around their dinner table and how Momma Joanne and Papa Tom took shopping garage
13/04/202358 minutes 42 seconds
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Bonus Episode: National Siblings Day Celebration

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"bs7dp","text":"Hey Sis, Eat This is giving you a special bonus episode in honor of National Siblings Day! We could not let this holiday go without rustling up the most hilarious, outrageous, drunken, and trouble making tales we could find! ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"4ag6s","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"9m3j4","text":"Taking a break from their usual interview format, the sisters dive into the the listeners voicemail as they recount everything from a secret ingredient for one pair of siblings chicken tetrazzini, a bonding moment for brothers using a vacuum, a kitchen conundrum that almost left Dallas covered in dough and the worst possible way a grandma’s knitted Afghan was ruined by some party throwing sibs. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"2ksh
10/04/202342 minutes 52 seconds
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Sisters Dish - Tube Socks, a Tour Bus & Tube Meat

On this weeks Sisters Dish episode, there are some serious bites to catch up on after Courtney's CRAZY CROSTINI making weekend and I hosted a gathering of the usual Viewside Dr. suspects that had more smoking than drinking going on! Momma Ashley claims we are dishing on her too hard so we make a formal apology and a public plea to her to please let us keep sharing the "real" stories. Find out what we’ve got cookin' for Easter and Passover and what we’ll be drinkin' to get us through the family holiday. And we have on Jessica Maros and Tyler James to share with everyone how they created the insanely catchy Hey Sis, Eat This theme song and reminisce about life on the road with their Band <a href= "https://open.spotify.com/artist/13lPIA6TfK28D9nWZJ9HuB?si=BSyIW0H4R1ON5TkKEoj6Nw&nd=1" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-saferedirecturl= "https://www.google.com/url?q=https://opmwal.clicks.mlsend.com/te/cl/eyJ2Ijoie1wiYVwiOjM2ODg4MCxcImxcIjo4NDczMDg0MDUyMDU5MDY5MixcIn
06/04/202343 minutes 35 seconds
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The Saint Who Gives Hell Points to Quidditch Players

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"djgd7","text":"Texas gals are in the house on episode 10 of Hey Sis Eat This! The Broas Sisters, who were raised in Dallas just like Courtney and Whitney, come together to discuss their affinity for Quidditch, baking sweets, and their much younger homecoming king brother, Peter, who is the entire family’s favorite child. ","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"blcp1","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"eq1mb","text":"This artsy trio discuss what it was like growing up in Texas with a mom so amazing, they call her Saint Lori. The girls discuss how their childhood dinner table was full of chaos and spit balls while Momma Lori still managed to serve incredible meals that went above and beyond your everyday spaghetti and tacos. However, when Rachel once snubbed Lori’s Roast Beef Kluski
30/03/202348 minutes 36 seconds
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Sisters Dish: The Great Freezer Audit

<div data-draftjs-conductor-fragment= "{"blocks":[{"key":"evd6l","text":"The sisters are just about ready to break up with cooking after a marathon week together in LA trying out new recipes. After rehashing their fave dishes, they discuss their different styles of entertaining guests and how Whitney’s low key approach to dinner parties gives Courtney too much anxiety.","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{"dynamicStyles":{"line-height":"1.38"}}},{"key":"33d0j","text":"","type":"unstyled","depth":0,"inlineStyleRanges":[],"entityRanges":[],"data":{}},{"key":"dse8o","text":"It’s almost time to celebrate National Siblings Day where the girls are calling all sibs to dial into the Hey Sis Hotline (866-4-HEYSIS) with funny stories. To get the party started, Court and Whit recount a few instances from their past when they’ve gotten in trouble with Momma Ashley, an unfortunate incident in the family station wagon and a time in Vegas where the ladies were
23/03/202338 minutes 16 seconds
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Spite Food & Bull Shots While Talking Texan

The sarcasm is explosive on this episode of Hey Sis, Eat This when the Shaw Siblings, Jason, Colin and Lindsay chat with Courtney & Whitney about the incredible Momma Susan, the family’s infamous “Mexican Food” and all the trouble they caused growing up in Dallas. The jury is still out on who’s to blame for setting fire to the mantel and almost ruining Christmas and the siblings continue to feud over who’s coffee cake won in the family's holiday “coffee cake off!” Between ghost driving vehicles and drunk teens in a suburban, it’s a miracle no one was ever arrested in this colorful family! While Momma Susan knew her way around the kitchen thanks to every under mount appliance ever made, Lindsay discusses her vehement hatred of her mom's egg salad that she only made when Lindsay was in trouble. Thanks to the family dog, Jason managed to dodge his most dreaded dish of green beans for a whole year while Colin calls out the injustices of discipline between older and younger siblin
16/03/202351 minutes 11 seconds
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Sisters Dish: Black eyes, moral sex, and avocado carcasses

On this edition of Sisters Dish we dive head first into recent family injuries including Courtney’s freak out response to her daughter's severe black eye and how she is NOT the person you want to have around in emergency situations. In Dallas, Whitney’s had to implement new rules for her hubs on worksite safety to prevent his frequent injuries from home projects.  We’re joined by Momma Ashley who shares a unique cooking tip on how to keep your avocados  green and fresh! She also weighs in on the family’s recent injuries and even recalls her own black eye story after a few too many margaritas, playing  a late night game of fetch with her dogs.   The hotline is blowing up with Momma stories about prescription drugs and “moral” sex.   
09/03/202341 minutes 14 seconds
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Little Debbie’s, 69, & Drunk Moms

Whitney’s Bestie from LA, Claudia DiRomualdo and her older sister Vickie join the sisters to dish on their fabulous Momma Janice who is known for liking food but loving fashion more. Sharing the same 6 year age gap as the Ashley sisters, Claudia recalls what an amazing babysitter Vickie was growing up while Vickie shares that Momma Janice’s cure for any illness is a glass of wine and a bowl of pasta.  Speaking of pasta, it’s discovered that Momma Janice made freakishly huge meatballs and during a health kick decided to omit the rue from her chicken pot pie recipe resulting in a dish looking like biscuits bobbing in dish water.  Vickie reveals how Momma Janice broke down the birds and the bees to her and shares her own tale of having to explain to her two young daughters why people always laugh at the number 69.  All the sisters practically die of laughter when sharing drunk mom stories and Whitney runs the risk of never be
02/03/202347 minutes 33 seconds
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Sisters Dish - The Spill Chair, Hamburglar Grandma, & Mamu

This week on the Sisters Dish episode of Hey Sis, Eat This, Courtney and Whitney kick off the convo with two special guests from their younger audience demographic. Courtney’s 9 year old daughter Vivi and her friend Jett join the sisters to talk about the kids cooking class that Court hosted for 10 tweenage girls that was less of a cooking class and more like a Harry Styles concert with knives. The littles reveal that the party got chaotic, the 6th graders’ pie was HORRIBLE and that there was yet another spill in the infamous “Spill Chair.” We also learn how Whitney got her aunt name, Mamu, and that she’s a bit of a celebrity among her nieces crew. Then Momma Ashley joins the sisters to reveal a few stories that Daddy Ashley and Aunt Karen should have mentioned on the last episode as well as her enneagram test results and how if everyone just listened to her, they would be happy.  Finally, we get to listen to the first of the hotline calls
25/02/202337 minutes 34 seconds
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"Burned AF" Okra, Tastes Better!

This week on Hey Sis, Eat This, the sisters call up Momma Ashley to discuss childhood memories of Valentines, the inappropriate gifts that were given and how Momma and Courtney were super popular in elementary school.  They also get into the best recipes from Whit's "Galentines" party and Court's Tex-Mex Super Bowl spread. Then the girls sit down with their beloved father, Glenn and his 13 month older sister, Aunt Karen to talk about growing up in the 50’s with a mom who did not enjoy cooking and who preferred to use paper plates for all major holidays. They also highlight the many shenanigans that went on in Courtney and Whitney’s childhood and how Glenn now tries to recreate his ex-wife, momma Ashely’s, signature dishes for his husband, Drew.  While discussing her complex culinary style that was a combination of French Canadian and Texas Country, Glenn & K
16/02/202350 minutes 40 seconds
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Sisters Dish - Turkish coffee, Flashdance & Sweat Vest ‘23

On the first ever “Sisters Dish” episode of Hey Sis, Eat This, Courtney and Whit recap about Court's girl's trip to NY and having her fortune told by the Turkish coffee reader, Dr. Honeybrew. We also learn the origin of the girls obsession with dirty martinis and why there is a very good reason they have an explicit rating for the show! It is discovered that apparently Momma Ashley has some very strong opinions about the podcast and has concerns over the sisters offending the audience. Whitney dives into the Pierogi Party she had with Momma Helen and the Nolan brothers and how this experience has inspired the Sisters to want to cook with more Mommas. Finally, the Hey Sis “Foodometer” rating system is explained and why we keep referring to dishes as “Panty Droppers!”   
09/02/202335 minutes 55 seconds
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Burt Reynolds, Bandit and Beer Cheese Soup

Minnesota natives and Whitney’s neighbors, Dave and Andy Nolan join the sisters to dish on the amazing Helen Nolan who is single-handedly saving the planet with her gardening superpowers. Between shopping sprees at the Goodwill and her propensity for freezing mysterious translucent liquids, her devoted sons share hilarious memories of their loyal and very resourceful momma!   The Polish brothers take a deep dive into the art of perogies, and we discovered that there is no such thing as too much sour cream… on anything!    Andy and Dave also have a close-knit relationship with Momma Ashley, seeing as she lives down the street. The brothers share with the audience that there is no need for a neighborhood watch with Momma Ashley living on the block. The sisters spill the beans on how Andy’s beer cheese soup was so good, it made Momma Ashley have dirt
02/02/202350 minutes 54 seconds
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Mommy Dearest & Dirty Martinis

On the first episode of Hey Sis, Eat This, get to know Courtney and Whitney and how they’ve  been preparing for this podcast their entire lives. Growing up in Dallas with parents who were always entertaining friends, the sisters have been honing their cooking and party throwing skills  since birth.  The sisters reminisce on their colorful childhood full of pranks that lead them to finally becoming besties once Whitney was of legal (questionable) drinking age. We learn that Courtney & Whitney are passionate about keeping the “Art of the Dinner Party” alive but oddly no one ever reciprocates the invite. We also discover that cooking with the Ashley sisters is a party in itself and while there can be kitchen conundrums, food and entertaining is their love language which they inherited from their mom.    Next comes the real STAR of the show, Margaret, AKA Momma Ash
26/01/202336 minutes 10 seconds
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Welcome to Hey Sis, Eat This

Hey Sis, Eat This is a celebration of food, entertaining, and funny family tales hosted by sisters, Courtney & Whitney. Inspired by their mom, AKA Momma Ashley, a caterer who happens to know a thing or two about eat’n, drink’n, and tell'n stories! The sisters gather each week to gab about funny Momma Ashley stories, the hits and misses of their weekly menus, and parties thrown. Sibling guests join them to recount funny stories of holiday celebrations, family trips, and what it was like at their childhood dinner table. In each episode there is something new to learn about cooking and hosting while also recognizing the laughter and joy mothers provide us with daily. Visit our WEBSITE to sign up for alerts and get our recipes! Follow us on INSTGRAM
02/01/20233 minutes