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English, Cinema industry, 1 seasons, 100 episodes, 2 days 9 hours 26 minutes
"Hey Indie Filmmakers" is a podcast about DIY filmmaking, cameras and technology, hosted by documentary filmmaker Griffin Hammond and tech expert Nick Bodmer. Watch video versions of these episodes on YouTube.
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Time to update griffinhammond.com/gear for 2023!

Griffin keeps a full gear list at griffinhammond.com/gear – but 2022 brought some workflow changes, so it’s time to review and update his inventory. Plus, Nick decides to buy a new electric vehicle, and picks it up the very same day!
31/12/202244 minutes 39 seconds
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Didn’t realize I needed a gimbal webcam!

Griffin didn’t buy the Insta360 Link 4K Webcam because it has a gimbal. But it turns out, auto-tracking movement is its most useful feature. Even better, the image quality outperforms the similarly priced 4K Opal C1 ($300), which is marketed as “The first professional webcam.”Plus, Nick lets Lensa AI reference his selfies to generate “Magic Avatars.”Nick is now on Mastodon: https://techhub.social/@ampsonicSo is Griffin: https://creators.social/@griffinAlso mentioned in this episode: Griffin uses this Westcott mini boom arm.
29/12/202240 minutes 37 seconds
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We look horrific as AI-generated art

Nick has been writing prompts for AI images on Midjourney v4. Griffin’s been playing with DiffusionBee on Mac. Our faces may render horrifically in AI, but for many other use cases, the results are uncanny, with plenty of rapidly arriving ethical and copyright implications for artists.Nick recommends listening to this interview with Midjourney founder and CEO David Holz.Hey Indie Filmmakers is brought to you by Squarespace. Go to squarespace.com/griffin to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain.
01/12/202227 minutes 59 seconds
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The craziness of filming U.S. Election Night drama

Griffin shares his crazy experience filming Election Night in America—how much travel, expense and work hours go into building maybe 5 minutes of a television show. He earned a “Director of Photography” credit on Showtime, and safely navigated around a known COVID-positive team member on set.
23/11/202243 minutes 15 seconds
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Should I teach filmmaking in Zimbabwe?

The U.S. State Department has invited Griffin to teach DIY documentary filmmaking in Zimbabwe—should he do it? Nick says yes.We apologize for the delayed uploads. It’s been a rough month—Griffin’s mom Carol died mid-October, and he wrote this tribute to the positive impact she’s had.Many commenters have referenced previous episodes that featured Carol:March 2018 from the campus of Illinois State UniversityApril 2018, following Carol’s apartment fire
31/10/202243 minutes 19 seconds
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Should I turn on YouTube memberships?

Griffin asks for your input: Should he activate YouTube memberships, the paid tiers that allow creators to offer additional value alongside their existing, free channel? Nick offers his opinions, as they review the various monetization options available across platforms. Griffin shares revenue numbers from the monetization methods he already uses, including AdSense, and the videos he sells directly, like his 1-hour doc filmmaking crash course, his 5-hour CreativeLive class, Shooting Documentary Short Films, and his film Sriracha. They also explain YouTube Handles, and discuss how they saved their friend’s “Hocus Pocus” projection show (Welter Family Holiday House).
31/10/202255 minutes 23 seconds
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Controlling this Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cam over Ethernet

Griffin calls it a “Robo Camera.” It’s the Feelworld NDI20X, and it’s $6,244 cheaper than the pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera used at his former job (Panasonic AW-UE100). Nick helps Griffin set up his network to remote control this 1080p camera over ethernet, using NDI Tools software.Nick shows off his new office, featuring an Elgato Key Light and Elgato Master Mount S (desk-mounted arm). Griffin is now recording with a Shure SM7B microphone plus Cloud
31/08/202239 minutes 7 seconds
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Don't use HDMI to stream from a Canon C300 Mark II

16/08/202237 minutes 33 seconds
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Mac Studio—more ports, powerful M1 Ultra chip

18/03/20221 hour 2 seconds
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Just launched: LUMIX GH6 camera features

Following Panasonic’s Monday night launch of the LUMIX GH6 camera, Griffin and Nick react in real-time, answer live audience questions, and put the new camera specs in perspective.
22/02/202241 minutes 13 seconds
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Finally, I’m set up for Twitch streaming

This episode has it all: Jeff Goldblum, lighting via hotel room mirror, Batman-esque music, star wipes, and the equipment behind Griffin’s new Twitch channel.
31/01/202239 minutes 13 seconds
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My footage solved an IRONMAN mystery

A surprising story from one of our listeners: Griffin’s documentary footage solves the months-long mystery of missing timing data at IRONMAN Wisconsin.
29/12/202124 minutes 24 seconds
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I was wrong about Monopods

Filming a multi-hour celebrity interview in Los Angeles, Griffin finally finds a reason to try a Manfrotto monopod.
01/12/202132 minutes 24 seconds
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Nick convinced me to upgrade: M1 Max MacBook Pro

Griffin travels to New York, with his new MacBook Pro M1 Max. Improved battery life, integrated SD card slot and HDMI port—much-needed features, but how did Nick convince Griffin to upgrade to the more expensive “Max” configuration rather than “Pro”?
29/11/202140 minutes 39 seconds
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Filming an IRONMAN in Madison, Wisconsin

With a drone, a gimbal, and a hat-mounted light, Griffin and Nick explain how they filmed a 13-hour IRONMAN triathlon in Madison, Wisconsin—for their friend Matt.
31/10/202137 minutes 4 seconds
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How Freelancers Can Build Retirement Savings

For self-employed freelancers – who don’t have access to an employer-sponsored 401(k) – is a SEP IRA the best option to save for retirement? Nick and Griffin share their savings strategies, and explain why a SEP IRA (Simplified Employee Pension) might not be necessary for many freelancers.
26/09/202138 minutes 51 seconds
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My home office renovation is finally complete!

After months of recording the podcast from his bedroom, Griffin’s home office renovation is finally complete, though it still needs some audio treatment to eliminate reverb. Plus, a side-by-side comparison of the anti-reflective coating on the new Lumix GH5M2 versus the original GH5.
30/06/202146 minutes 5 seconds
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Your questions about the new Lumix GH5M2, answered

After Griffin released his short film “Texture,” shot on the new Lumix GH5M2 camera, you had lots of questions. We’ll answer those—plus, select moments from my interview with Lumix expert Sean Robinson.
14/06/202152 minutes 30 seconds
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Battery-powered Smart Bulbs for Filmmaking

The Aputure Accent B7c lights are colorful, battery-powered, flicker-free smart bulbs for filmmakers. Not compatible with smart home automation—these 570-lumen bulbs aren’t intended for everyday use. They’re designed for portability, to take on-location, for Bluetooth control over practical lighting. Aputure sent Griffin an 8-light kit to test out.
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I shot a film on the new Lumix GH5M2

A behind-the-scenes look at Griffin's latest film, and the upgraded features in Panasonic’s new Lumix GH5M2 camera.
28/05/20214 minutes 41 seconds
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Passing the FAA’s New Drone Pilot Test

Griffin completed the FAA’s new free drone pilot course, and earned 93% on the exam. Turns out, it’s pretty easy to renew your Part 107 certification, through this new online method, introduced in April 2021.
05/05/202141 minutes 16 seconds
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Film Gear Garage Sale—items from $20 to $480

Griffin is selling his unneeded filmmaking gear. Microphones for sale, a “pancake” lens, a 1700-lumen projector. Plus, your questions about ripping DVDs, and how to make sure clients pay you.
21/04/202138 minutes 3 seconds
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YouTube now performs copyright “Checks” during uploads

Now when you upload a video, YouTube checks in real-time for copyright claims and ad suitability issues—before publishing. Griffin and Nick explain this new “Checks” system. Plus, your questions about copyright, documentary storytelling, and the microphones we use.
07/04/202145 minutes 33 seconds
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You can sell your videos as NFTs. Does it kill the planet?

Video artists are minting their works as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) onto cryptocurrency blockchains. Sometimes selling for thousands of U.S. dollars. But what does it mean to own an NFT? And why is Griffin morally opposed to selling his videos?
24/03/202141 minutes 55 seconds
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The vintage lens known for its “swirly bokeh”

Griffin purchased a 40-year-old lens on eBay, the popular Helios 44-2, known for its “swirly bokeh.” As Nick describes the effect, “Very strange. I almost don’t like it!”
10/03/202127 minutes 49 seconds
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Buying a Boom Arm Instead of a C-Stand

Griffin doesn’t like C-stands (too heavy) or mic stands (not versatile). So instead, he picked up a 57” Westcott boom arm to position his newest microphone—the Audio-Technica AT4053b.
24/02/202138 minutes 58 seconds
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Testing USB Podcast Mics Under $150

Griffin tests four USB studio microphones, ranging from $60 to $150. The Blue Yeti, Movo UM800, Elgato Wave:1 and FIFINE K678.
10/02/202144 minutes 34 seconds
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Speed test: M1 MacBook Air vs. Intel iMac Pro

Three surprisingly close video transcoding tests between the Nick’s new M1 MacBook Air and Griffin’s more expensive Intel-based iMac Pro.
28/01/202137 minutes 55 seconds
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An Update on Griffin's Smart Lighting Setup

With Nick’s helpful tech advice, Griffin has figured out which smart lights and smart switches to install in his renovated office. Plus, how to fix two camera shots that drift out of sync over time.
13/01/202142 minutes 13 seconds
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Smart lighting for my office renovation

As Griffin begins renovating his office / recording space, Nick shares his knowledge of smart lighting and home automation technology. Is it possible to install sufficient lighting for filmmaking, movie-watching, and every color temperature in between?
30/12/202037 minutes 48 seconds
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Bonus Episode: #Freelanswers with Adam Rahn

Griffin Hammond met Adam Rahn in college, while producing student television. Now he’s a guest on Adam’s podcast, #Freelanswers. In this conversation, they discuss their education paths, how to keep learning, and tackle the age-old question, "Do you need to go to film school?"
30/12/20201 hour 18 minutes 41 seconds
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The Secret Vignette Lighting Trick

At the end of each shoot, Griffin turns off his lights to capture a dark backplate for this vignette lighting effect. Plus, socially distanced interviews, the latest with Apple’s M1 processors, and Nick’s newest camera.
30/11/202036 minutes 52 seconds
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Projector + After Effects = Halloween House!

Using a short-throw projector and After Effects, our friends Susie and Brett have mapped an impressive Halloween show onto the front of their house. Plus, Apple’s latest iPhone cameras, and Nick’s camera overheats during an important work meeting.
24/10/202045 minutes 15 seconds
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Filming with a 20-year-old Digital 8 camera

Filmed with a 20-year-old Sony Handycam, Griffin explains interlacing, pixel aspect ratios, IEEE 1394, and the quirks of shooting and editing in standard definition.
30/09/202013 minutes 38 seconds
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Recording voiceover audio in a closet

Griffin squeezes into a basement closet to record voiceover, while Nick maneuvers his lighting into a new position.
27/08/202031 minutes 51 seconds
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What does Apple’s switch to ARM processors mean for filmmakers?

Griffin makes a big life change, and Nick explains what Apple calls “the biggest leap ever for the Mac.” What does Apple’s switch to ARM processors mean for filmmakers?
31/07/202023 minutes 31 seconds
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Racecar Driving in a VR Cockpit

Nick is a virtual reality racecar driver, having set up an Oculus Rift and racing cockpit in his home office.
28/05/202027 minutes 15 seconds
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Now working, editing from home (with kids)

Filmed on March 26—Griffin’s 13th day working from home in NYC. The podcast moves into our living rooms to capture the everyday noises we’re usually trying to hide from the audience.
10/04/202017 minutes 28 seconds
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Upgrading Nick’s Lighting Setup

Nick wanted better lighting for his home office, so he purchased a budget 2-light RGB LED kit. And Griffin arrives in Nevada to help him set it up!
31/03/202031 minutes 17 seconds
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Covering Presidential Politics with the Peak Design Travel Tripod

Griffin is on the campaign trail, days before the Iowa Caucuses—with drone shots, gimbal maneuvers. Is the Peak Design Travel Tripod up to the challenge of political press events?
31/01/202025 minutes 24 seconds
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How to Locate Free-to-Use Archival Footage

Using tools like youtube-dl, and sources including presidential libraries and Archive.org, Nick and Griffin explain how to locate and download historical news footage for documentaries. It’s the workflow behind Griffin’s weekly archival web series "Rewind."
23/12/201932 minutes 22 seconds
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I smashed my camera on the campaign trail

While covering the campaign trail in Iowa, Griffin accidentally broke his Panasonic GH5S camera, and busted a lens as well. How he managed to complete the video assignment regardless.
04/12/201928 minutes 2 seconds
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Recreating this podcast look on a budget

For the video version of this podcast, Griffin and Nick use decent cameras, lighting, and a few filmmaking tricks. But can it be simplified, replicated by budget-conscious non-filmmakers to achieve the same look?
30/10/201926 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why does the new iPhone need 3 cameras?

Griffin is in Villenave-d’Ornon, France, and Nick explains why Apple added a third camera to their newly released iPhone 11 Pro.
30/09/201927 minutes
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The lens that shot “Sriracha”

Griffin is selling a lens and a microphone! Email [email protected] if you’re interested. Plus, your questions about ugly slow motion footage, what questions to ask in a documentary interview, and why that purple fringe creeps into your shot.
31/08/201931 minutes 23 seconds
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When GoPro shuts down your Kickstarter campaign

Ukranian filmmaker Artem Gavr marketed a spinning boomerang-like device for capturing “bullet-time” slow motion effects. Problem is, GoPro says he infringed on their trademarks.
31/07/201931 minutes 46 seconds
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The VR headset that goes anywhere

Griffin upgrades to the untethered Oculus Quest, a portable virtual reality headset that uses “inside-out tracking”—that is, four infrared cameras on the headset see the controllers and recognize the shape of your living room.
30/06/201931 minutes 42 seconds
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Would you spend $599 on a travel tripod?

In 10 days, Peak Design has already raised over $5 million for their new travel tripod. Nick is one of nearly 12,000 Kickstarter backers. But would you spend nearly $289 for a small aluminum tripod? Or $479 for lightweight carbon fiber? (Final retail price will be $599.)
29/05/201927 minutes 44 seconds
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Can I make my own press pass?

I attempted to hire Vistaprint to create a plastic card with my name, face, and the word PRESS on it—a press pass that I designed. But the proof was rejected as “suspicious.”
24/04/201926 minutes 36 seconds
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How long should freelancers save clients' video files?

If a client from six years ago emailed you, would you still have their wedding video? Nick and Griffin discuss their data retention policies for freelance clients.
29/03/201937 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

Solving the Audio Sample Rate Mismatch

Nick and Griffin each solve a couple technical issues plaguing their filmmaking processes this week.
27/02/201928 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

I created these intro titles with Pixelstick

Griffin uses a light-painting wand called the Pixelstick to create the intro sequence for his new Indy Mogul show—“Cheap Thing vs. Expensive Thing.”
06/02/201913 minutes 14 seconds
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One-Day Documentaries with Griffin Hammond

Indy Mogul is back! This is first episode of The Indy Mogul Podcast, hosted by Ted Sim: Today we catch up with fellow co-host Griffin Hammond about his work covering the 2016 Presidential election with Bloomberg News and the process of creating his festival darling documentary “Sriracha.” We also discuss the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking and how to film a documentary in one day.
31/01/201935 minutes 16 seconds
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Judge Denies My Request to Film in NYC Courtroom

Swiss tourist Paolo Prosetti was arrested after crashing his drone near Times Square in New York City. When Griffin attempted to film his court case, the judge denied his request.
30/01/201933 minutes 54 seconds
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Andy the cat is on Polish TV

Polish news program Fakty TVN featured one my most popular YouTube videos, Andy the cat climbing our Christmas tree. It’s a lesson in investing even in silly videos—you never know which work you create will resonate and lead to interesting opportunities.
31/12/20187 minutes 33 seconds
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B&H Surprised Me With a Canon EOS R + 24-105mm!

When B&H invited Griffin to an after-hours gift exchange, he wasn’t expecting to go home with a $3,400 camera kit.
21/11/201815 minutes 10 seconds
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How much should you pay yourself for a feature film?

A client wants a feature-length documentary, and offers to pay for travel, equipment and your freelance rate. So how much do you ask for? How much do you pay YOURSELF to shoot and edit a film?
14/11/20189 minutes 3 seconds
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New Mac Mini - Good for Video Editors?

Apple has finally refreshed the MacBook Air and Mac Mini. What does that mean for video editors?
02/11/201815 minutes 18 seconds
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Episode 80: Do you need Full Frame? Lumix S Series

A full-frame camera from Panasonic sounds really exciting—but what will it mean for Griffin’s streamlined travel style? Plus, your questions about shooting telephoto on the iPhone, losing signal on the Mavic Air drone, and why you should avoid cheap step-up rings.
03/10/20181 hour 13 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Don’t let gear stop you from making your film

In this excerpt from his recent filmmaking workshop in Salt Lake City, Griffin explains why gear should never be the thing that that keeps you from making a film.
03/10/20182 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Panasonic’s First Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras—Lumix S Series

Lumix S1R and S1 are Panasonic's first full-frame mirrorless cameras, announced today at Photokina in Köln, Germany. Both cameras—coming in early 2019—feature a full Super 35-sized sensor, which is nearly four times larger than the micro4/3 sensor in my Panasonic GH5. The Lumix S1R is a 47-megapixel camera designed for photographers, and the S1 is 24MP for hybrid photo video shooters. Each camera shoots 4K60p, with in-body image stabilization, a 3-axis tilt LCD, and two different card slots—one for an SD card, and one for an XQD card. Panasonic is developing three new L-mount lenses: a 50mm prime f/1.4, a 24-105 and a 70-200mm. Like the cameras, these lenses will come out in early 2019.
25/09/20183 minutes 19 seconds
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Episode 79: John Luna Edits This Podcast

John Luna is an Adobe Premiere editor, but he edits this podcast in Final Cut Pro X. Plus, your questions about finding an audience, avoiding flickering lights, and making corporate videos look cool.Subscribe to John Luna on YouTube and follow his Instagram. Watch his video Grand Central Station.Two resources Griffin recommends for amateur filmmakers is the website NoFilmSchool, and Robert McKee’s book Story.You don’t need to buy anything for my baby, but because some have asked, Amy and I have a registry.If you’re interested in Panasonic’s next camera announcement, follow @Lumix
19/09/201848 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 78: My Office Is Gone

Griffin has to give up his video production office—for a very happy reason. Plus, your questions about Final Cut Pro X keyboard shortcuts, creating a nighttime lighting effect, and are you allowed to use stock footage in your film?Did you know? There are over 56 hours of the Hey Indie Filmmakers podcast!Saif asked about lightweight travel tripods. I use the MeFoto RoadTrip carbon fiber. You’ll find the rest of my gear at griffinhammond.com/gearNikolas needs to take an existing captions file, and burn it into his video as titles. I found a free Final Cut Pro X plug-in called X-Title Caption Convert, and also Caption Burner ($129).My latest video is about my very fast friend Alex, and <a href="http
12/09/201844 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 77: Justinsuperstar Travels, Makes Documentaries

My good friend Justin Johnson is prolific video producer and talented, world-traveling documentary filmmaker. We met up in New York to discuss his innovative techniques and creative philosophy. Plus, your questions about finding good stories, distribution strategy, and matching multiple cameras.
05/09/201846 minutes 52 seconds
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Episode 76: We’re Rebels in Stormtrooper Disguise

After going undercover as stormtroopers in Star Wars virtual reality combat, Nick and Griffin are joined by their childhood friend and video professional Adam Kruminas. Plus, your questions about cropping 4K video, the easiest way to add storage space to your editing machine, and advice for your first documentary.
29/08/201841 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode 75: Pre-Production Meeting

Nick and Griffin plan which microphones and cameras they’ll need for next week’s three-person shoot. Plus, your questions about sound on a budget documentary, upgrading your editing machine, and when you need a location release to sell stock footage.The Faustian Man wondered why I don’t more actively promote my film Sriracha on the podcast. He says, “I watched it last night still amazing! I love that doc.” It’s free on Amazon Prime.Kasey asked about music libraries. Episode 47 discusses the topic in-depth. For my music, I use and recommend Art List. I’m also an affiliate, so I receive a commission if you sign up.Listen to Alex Ferrari’s interview with Griffin on <a href="https://indiefilmhustle.com/griffin-hammond-sriracha/" target="_blank"
22/08/201844 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 74: Improvising DIY Film Gear

When Griffin’s filmmaking equipment fails to arrive, he’s forced to improvise and build his own DIY solution. Plus, your questions about making money with cheap equipment, putting Canon glass on mirrorless cameras, and proper exposure for your productions.
15/08/201845 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 73: Become a Licensed Drone Pilot

Griffin is now a licensed drone pilot, after passing the FAA knowledge test—granting him flight privileges hobbyists don’t get. Plus, your questions about shooting infrared, collaborating with another editor, and recording audio with a boom pole.
08/08/201839 minutes 49 seconds
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Bonus: Carpal tunnel syndrome from too much editing

I believe too much editing gave me carpal tunnel syndrome. Nick says I should see a doctor. Instead, I bought a weird “handshake” mouse.My primary strategy for recovery has been giving my hands a chance to rest, and changing some of my repetitive motions. I’ve switched from my trackpad to a titled, handshake-shaped wireless mouse. I also picked up a cheap capacitive stylus to use with my iPhone, a gel-filled wrist pad for my keyboard and these wrist/thumb support braces.
01/08/201810 minutes 43 seconds
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Episode 72: MoviePass vs. AMC Stubs A-List

For less than the cost of one movie ticket, MoviePass lets you see up to three movies per month in theaters. AMC Theatres is now competing with their own monthly movie plan. Plus, your questions about calculating SD card recording time, lav mics for four people, and how to backup footage while climbing a mountain.Emily asked about backing up footage in the wilderness, without laptops or internet. Episode 63 of this podcast discusses some hardware options, and the LaCie 2TB DJI Copilot BOSS may be the ideal choice.Obi asked for lens recommendations for event videography. Nick and I like the combination of the 12-35mm and 35-100mm, both f/2.8 constant. Both lenses appear in my equipment list.Blake asked ab
25/07/201849 minutes 4 seconds
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Episode 71: Apple Updates the MacBook Pros

Are Apple’s new MacBook Pros worth the upgrade? I have no idea, so Nick explains the new specs. Plus, your questions about recovering lost audio, organizing camera gear, and if your computer can handle 10-bit video files.Regarding hard-to-play video files, for playback I recommend VLC for Mac or PC, and for transcoding files—EditReady for Mac.This simple “underwear organizer” helps store my lenses, camera bodies, cords and accessories inside dresser drawers.For more information about camera bags Nick and I use, check out episode 69, How to Vacation with a Camera.
18/07/201846 minutes 21 seconds
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Episode 70: Alex Ferrari shot his film AT Sundance

Filmmaker Alex Ferrari is known for his website and podcast Indie Film Hustle. Alex’s latest feature film On the Corner of Ego and Desire was shot in four days at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Plus, your questions about filming concerts, creating pretty text, and which microphone I prefer.
11/07/20181 hour 4 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 69: How to Vacation with a Camera

As Nick prepares to travel with his family, what camera gear is essential for summer vacation? Plus, your questions about CTO and CTB gels, shooting in low light, and whether it’s legal to use a news broadcast in your film.
04/07/201848 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 68: Macro Infrared Photography with a Bellows

Using a DIY-mounted macro bellows, Griffin shoots some weird close-up photos with his infrared camera. Plus, your questions about being a perfectionist, how to lock the stabilization of a handheld shot, and if a zoom lens messes up gimbal balance.
27/06/201845 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 67: Automatic Captions for Videos

Griffin tests out SpeedScriber, an app that automatically generates subtitles for his latest video. Plus, your questions about editing out background music, when to use what kinds of stabilization, and issues with 24 vs. 30-frame videos.SpeedScriber (for Mac OS) includes 15 free minutes of automatic transcription. After that, it’s $0.50/minute.Joseph Linaschke, known as PhotoJoseph, has also experienced the DJI Spark/FCPX framerate issue we discussed last week. He sent me this thread in the DJI forums.Nick helped me understand how 60hz televisions can avoid 24fps judder.
20/06/201842 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 66: The Framerate Mismatch Problem

Griffin attempts to solve a weird frame-skipping problem showing up in Nick’s latest drone footage. Plus, your questions about handling audio tracks in Final Cut Pro X, producing a compelling story, and how to create a video podcast like ours.
13/06/201835 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 65: Ronin-S, DJI’s new handheld gimbal

The new Ronin-S ships on June 11, 2018. Is DJI’s new handheld gimbal worth the $699 price tag? Plus, your questions about producing political ads, how to sound professional over email, and post-production tips for audio.
06/06/201838 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bonus: The Four Ingredients of Documentary Film

From his recent filmmaking workshop at Illinois State University, Griffin explains the four elements of news and documentary—SOT, b-roll, voiceover and natural sound.
30/05/20188 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 64: SD Card Problems

From Singapore, Griffin describes two recent problems he’s encountered with SD cards. Plus, your questions about the visual grammar of storytelling, pulling focus with electronic lenses, and the lenses I used on my latest film from Japan.
23/05/201838 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 63: Filmmaking in Japan

Griffin and Amy are in Japan, filming a client project with the Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 handheld gimbal. Plus, your questions about aspect ratios, offloading footage during international trips, and how audio syncing helps edit a podcast.
16/05/201840 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 62: Cheap vs. Expensive Sliders

Griffin buys an $816 Kessler Stealth slider, compares it to a $250 carbon fiber slider by Benro. Plus, your questions about SD card speeds, how to record two mono audio tracks, and whether to shoot your documentary in 4K or 1080.
09/05/201835 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 61: Digital Cinema Specs

A document from Australian theaters shows what tech specs they expect for your digital cinema files. Plus, your questions about SD cards and X-ray machines, the difference between European and American camera models, and how to film a weeks-long time lapse.
02/05/201829 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 60: The Story of the Fire

Fire destroyed Griffin’s mom’s apartment in Bloomington, Illinois. She is safe, and the recovery process is going well. Plus, your questions about crop focal lengths, tracking freelance hours, and the best headphones for under $100.
25/04/201834 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 59: Blackmagic Design Pocket 4K camera

Film tech announcements from the NAB Show, including the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. Plus, your questions about shooting for cinema screens, what framerate to choose for editing, and if you should spend $1,000 on a microphone.
18/04/201841 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 58: ProRes RAW in FCPX 10.4.1

Final Cut Pro X’s latest update (v10.4.1) to video editing adds ProRes RAW and closed captioning right in the timeline. Plus, your questions about when you’re allowed to record audio without permission, the etiquette of film festival laurels, and how to sync timecode between cameras.
11/04/201836 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 57: New HDR Monitor to Test

BenQ sent Nick their latest 31.5” HDR LCD monitor to test out. Plus, your questions about editing video on a Surface Pro, finding video work through the internet, and whether to place a lavalier mic on the bride.
04/04/201843 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bonus: "What's your biggest failure?"

Jonathan Tilley is a personal brand strategist, and author of the book "Embrace The F Word: Failure." On his interview series, he asked me about my greatest failure.
28/03/201836 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bonus: How do I recover corrupt video files?

After shooting a music video, Taylor worries his SD card is corrupted. Nick recommends software to recover missing video files. Plus, we won “Best Podcast” from Johny Bosworth!
28/03/20189 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 56: New, quicker FAA authorization for drones

In the United States, the FAA is rolling out a system called LAANC to make it easier and much quicker for commercial drone pilots to receive authorization to fly near airports. Plus, your questions about filming loud concerts, entering film festivals, and storing video assets.
21/03/201835 minutes 46 seconds
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Episode 55: Cameras used by SXSW Filmmakers

No Film School asked 43 filmmakers at this year’s SXSW film festival what cameras they shot with. (It’s mostly ARRI Alexas.) Plus, your technical questions about the Panasonic GH5, lenses, hard drives, and what audio mixer to hook up to your computer.
14/03/201832 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode 54: Filmed With a Live Studio Audience

Griffin is on campus at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois—where his friends have joined as this podcast’s first live studio audience. Plus, your questions about the DJI Spark, unconventional interview framing, and why Griffin uses an ND filter but Nick doesn’t.
07/03/201841 minutes 3 seconds
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Join Griffin this Sunday in Illinois

Be in the audience for the next recording of “Hey Indie Filmmakers” at Illinois State University. Griffin will answer questions from the audience about DIY filmmaking, cameras and building a career. Sunday, March 4 in Normal, Illinois Doors open at 11:00am. Event begins at 11:15. Illinois State University Fell Hall 280 (Communication Innovation Center)
02/03/201854 seconds
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Film Gear Garage Sale

Nick is moving, and Griffin is clearing out closet space. They’re selling filmmaking gear they no longer use, in a YouTube Garage Sale. You can buy any of the 11 items at http://griffinhammond.com/sale
28/02/20187 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 53: Retractable Closet Camera

To build a convenient, retractable podcasting system, Griffin mounted an LED panel and a retractable camera mount in his office closet. Plus, your questions about step-up rings, when to use shotgun vs hyper-cardioid mics, and if you can show the iPhone operating system in your film.
21/02/201846 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 7: How to Produce Wedding Films [Rebroadcast]

Wedding video is how Nick and Griffin started their freelance careers in high school. They share their production techniques—from dealing with low light in dark receptions to copyrighted music. Plus your questions about DSLR recording limits, asking good interview questions, and what format to shoot commercials in. (Episode originally aired February 14, 2017.)
14/02/201842 minutes 40 seconds
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Finding Love through Video

After an Valentine’s Day audio mishap, Griffin calls Nick for answers. Amy saves the day.
14/02/20187 minutes 42 seconds
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Episode 52: “Flicks” & Frames Per Second

One “flick” equals 1/705,600,000th of a second, according to a new open-source unit of time for measuring framerates. Plus, your questions about foggy lenses, appropriate audio levels, and if you can use Garageband music in your commercial video projects.
07/02/201844 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode 51: Filming Sharks in Dubai

In Dubai, filming sharks with an underwater camera housing—during Griffin’s filmmaking workshop tour through the United Arab Emirates. Plus, your questions about jitter and motion blur, settings for time lapse, and which camera is right for you.
31/01/201834 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode 50: Filming Underwater with the GH5

With an Ikelite 200DL underwater housing, Nick and Griffin take the Panasonic GH5 underwater, off the coast of the Dominican Republic. Plus, your questions about YouTube AdSense, editing log footage—and a gift to celebrate our 50th episode!
24/01/201838 minutes 53 seconds
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Episode 49: The New, Low-Light Panasonic GH5S

Panasonic debuted their low-light GH5S camera at CES last week. Griffin and Nick share the 10 big changes that separate it from its predecessor, the Lumix GH5. Plus, your questions about daylight-balanced bulbs, how to transfer large video files online, and whether you should give your client the raw footage.
17/01/201854 minutes 37 seconds