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English, Social, 5 seasons, 67 episodes, 1 day, 34 minutes
A podcast for women looking for a way to find their voices. In a world that tries to get you to shrink back learn how to take up space. Learn how to survive blending a family, starting your business and exploring blackness. Support this podcast:
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Dreamin' ain't just for the rich...

Building legacy can be so hard when everything else is taking up your focus doesn't stop just because we have goals or dreams. How can we balance real life expectations with high level dreams? Let's chat about it --- Support this podcast:
10/8/202116 minutes, 52 seconds
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Watch your mouth

Sometimes we don't realize the weight of what we are saying until it's already made an impact. We are responsible for the energy we bring to a space. Becareful with the words you say to yourself and about others. --- Support this podcast:
6/17/202115 minutes, 56 seconds
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Pivoting with Purpose

In this episode, we talk about how we can follow our dreams without being chained to the "grind" culture. How important plans are, but also allowing God's creativity to step in and move how us to our perfect placements. --- Support this podcast:
6/3/202116 minutes, 6 seconds
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HER-Talks (Trailer)

--- Support this podcast:
6/9/202038 seconds
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A Seat at the Table

This episode I discuss my upcoming event A Seat at the Table, exploring and embracing sisterhood and selfcare. Short appearance from Daniel and Darren. Special thanks to the Event sponsor Unleashed with Eva and Lorenzo Brown for hosting us at the Is-Able Center for more information on the center visit: For tickets- --- Support this podcast:
7/22/201920 minutes, 40 seconds
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Brittany Jenkins of Queendom Essence

Get an inside and authentic look at the enterpurenial life with Brittany Jenkins of Queendom Essence. FB- Brittany Jenkins Brittany's contact information instagram- author brittany jenkins email- [email protected] --- Support this podcast:
7/15/201945 minutes, 38 seconds
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Yes, I Have a therapist How I'm turning my passion into a business

I speak a bit about and how that has grown into another organization called Yes I Have A Therapist. Using my own pain and transforming that into purpose. --- Support this podcast:
5/23/201919 minutes, 19 seconds
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Black Boy Joy- Life Lessons

**warning Daniel gets a bit excited in this interview...and gets a bit loud at some points** Listen to Daniel give some pointers on surviving 3rd grade and how to be positive in negative situations --- Support this podcast:
4/1/201915 minutes, 34 seconds
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Building Your Backbone.

Life is full of unexpected challenges dealing with them will help grow you into the woman you truly want to be --- Support this podcast:
3/26/201924 minutes, 14 seconds
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To Be Healed a Breaking a Must Take Place Part II

I share a bit of my journey to healing from a broken and emotionally abusive past. --- Support this podcast:
3/19/201927 minutes, 7 seconds
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To be healed a breaking must take place. Part I of II

Any single mommas out there? Are you working on blending your family? Wanna know how I started my healing journey? well first let's take a step back into my brokenness. This is a two-part story of how I became a single momma and how I'm working to best love on my boy through the ups and downs of blending. --- Support this podcast:
3/6/201927 minutes, 21 seconds
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Chara of Love My Character

Listen to this interview from Chara of Love My Character. A woman who makes beautiful, empowering jewelry, but who has an even more moving motivation behind her WHY. What are some of your whys? If you're still a bit unsure check out this podcast and see how Chara walks in her purpose. Find Chara on her And on IG and Twitter: @love_character @charajane --- Support this podcast:
2/25/201930 minutes, 21 seconds
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American Dream- What's the cost

Focusing in on wellness and how that includes our financial wellbeing. Ever feel anxiety due to your finances? Ever wish you had a "do over" for some of those choices.'re not alone!Here are some resources I've used to help me rethink the American Dream: --- Support this podcast:
2/19/201926 minutes, 3 seconds
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Tasha Askew- Living in HD

An inspirational interview with newly published Author Tasha Askew. Wondering how to tap into your purpose? Or do you know your purpose but afraid to step forward...this interview is for you!!! To purchase Teaching Supernaturally go here: Visit Tasha's blog: --- Support this podcast:
2/11/201930 minutes, 57 seconds
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Black Boy Joy- Ubuntu 2019

Black boy Joy-Ubuntu means "I am because we are". This episode centers around Daniel and his dreams and how sisterhood showered love on me during a really hard time. --- Support this podcast:
2/4/201927 minutes, 2 seconds
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Invest in Yourself(care)

Investing in yourself may sound a bit foriegn, but it's neccessary in a world that constantly tries to tell you How to be and What to be. Be kind to yourself, setting boundaries and building your brand are all forms of selfcare. Invest wisely. --- Support this podcast:
1/28/201922 minutes, 11 seconds
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Race & Space

Talking about race can sometimes get a bit dicey, but in this climate it is bound to come up. Let's dive into some of the history that surrounds the "broken" structure of the black family and if there are any solutions. --- Support this podcast:
1/21/201925 minutes, 22 seconds
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Black Boy Joy-The Tribe

Celebrate those who have blessed you. My tribe helped keep me during the storms of life and today I honor Dani --- Support this podcast:
1/15/201915 minutes, 57 seconds
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Consulting with Camille

Camille Underwood from Camille Underwood Consulting, LLC (www., talks emotional intelligence, compassion fatigue and entrepreneurship. --- Support this podcast:
11/12/20181 hour, 9 minutes, 6 seconds
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Baby Smith- the Baby that never was

Possible Trigger Warning-Pregnancy Loss. In memory of Baby Smith, the baby lost to an ectopic pregnancy. I detail my journey with my loss and my journey to healing. For more info on FQHC Listen to Emergency Rooms, Insurance, and FQHCs on Anchor: --- Support this podcast:
11/2/201835 minutes, 45 seconds
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Lorenda Pryor- manifested dreams

Interview with Lorenda Pryor of Sleek Sports Bar. We talk entrepreneurship, fulfilling a father's dream and securing her family's future. Instagram @thesleeksportsbar physical location: 1005 20th St South Birmingham, AL 35205 website: --- Support this podcast:
10/28/201843 minutes, 1 second
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Delectable Sensations- Extremely Pleasing to the Taste

Interview with Shontelle Simmons of Delectable Sensations Instagram @delectablesensations --- Support this podcast:
10/24/201831 minutes, 37 seconds
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Jasmine of Angel Arms Ministry- Human Trafficking Awareness

Interview with Jasmine Sanders of Angel's Arms Ministry, an organization fighting against human trafficking in the Birmingham Metro area contact information office phone 205-585-8076 email: [email protected] --- Support this podcast:
10/15/201845 minutes, 28 seconds
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Black Boy Joy

Daniel visits the Walden Farm & "Farm"acy and learns about permaculture. Landyn and Daniel visit the Metro Birmingham Children's Business Fair Episode sponsored by BYSWO Fitness, instrumentals by Jaxson Blaze --- Support this podcast:
10/8/201832 minutes, 33 seconds
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Byswo Fitness interview

I interview my husband! I'm his biggest fan! We discuss family, faith and fitness. For more information on Byswo Fitness visit: Special thanks to our sponsor --- Support this podcast:
9/28/201851 minutes, 38 seconds
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DaniGees-boundaries, business & beauty

Interview with wellness advocate, fashion blogger and style consultant Danielle Mars of DaniGees. Intro music: "Cheerleader" - Fshosaynomo ft. K-Rock. Outro Instrumental from Black Girls Rock- Fshosaynomo ft. K-rock ***Sponsored by Trimstyle, a revolutionary weight loss program that is all natural and convenient. For more information visit --- Support this podcast:
9/17/20181 hour, 3 minutes, 43 seconds
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Who saves Superwoman?

Let's dive into the Bobby Brown Story, Nike controversy and the Sisterella Complex. Music provided by Fshosaynomo of BYSWO, intro track is "cheerleader" featuring K-Rock outro track "black girls rock" instrumental --- Support this podcast:
9/10/201827 minutes, 36 seconds
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H.E.R Talks- Intro

Life, epilepsy, blended family and intro into our world --- Support this podcast:
9/3/201818 minutes, 14 seconds