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English, Social, 4 seasons, 83 episodes, 1 day 2 hours 58 minutes
From Mediacorp and 1 Up Media, Heinous - An Asian True Crime Podcast is a revived look at the most heinous crimes that happened across Asia. Every Tuesday, join host Yeo Guang Jin as he digs into the key events of the crime, how the criminals grappled with their emotions, and the human circumstances that led to their heinous actions. To stay up to date on the podcast, you can join your fellow Heinous fans and interact with the team at [email protected] or through our socials (IG, TikTok) @heinous_1upmedia. As a community we share new heinous cases across Asia, and discuss what more you want from the podcast.
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Minamata Disease | Mass Murders | 1950s

Hey Heinous fans, this week we're bring you an episode from our sister series,  "Mass Murders". With the same host, style and immersion - if you love Heinous you are bound to love Mass Murders. // In the 1950s, a hidden horror unfolds in Minamata, Japan, as industrial progress casts a dark shadow over a picturesque town. // Heinous will be on season break through December, and will return with all new cases and stories from the start of 2024.  Join your fellow Heinous fans and interact with the team at our website or through our socials (IG, TikTok) @heinous_1upmedia. - Love Heinous? But feel its getting too dark for you? Check out: 📝💕 "<a href="https://open.spotify.com/show/2QGiCN7OjAm7nnfh
28/11/202315 minutes 28 seconds
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The Setiabudi 13 Case | Dark Asia with Megan | 1981

Hey Heinous fans, this week we bring you a special collaboration with Megan from Dark Asia with Megan, who will be covering the gruesome Setiabudi 13 case from Indonesia.  We'll leave your ears safely in her hands, and will return with all new cases and stories from next week.  Follow Dark Asia with Megan: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@DarkAsiawithMegan/videos Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/116kLQ7H9hzpX6ARaAMlDv Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/my/podcast/dark-asia-with-megan/id1697095332 🟪Megan's Case Files: Your weekly fix of true crime cases around Asia | Every Tuesday &amp; Saturday 6 PM KST 🟪Dark Matters: Digging into the spooky realm of the unexplained | Twice a month Join your fell
19/09/202315 minutes 34 seconds
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The Tragic Genius | Bedtime True Crime | 2011

Hello Heinous Friends. While the team goes on break this week, we have decided to share an episode from our sister podcast Bedtime True Crime. From the mysterious organ night market in Taiwan, to the infamous tokyo subway sarin gas attack, Bedtime True Crime has an extensive catalogue of episodes that will keep you on the edge of your seat, while also tucking you in for a good night sleep. In this episode, a prodigy South Korean student, Ji, tragically succumbs to intense pressure and murders his own mother. The subsequent inquiry uncovers a harrowing tale of relentless abuse and psychological torment, implicating societal pressures and the deteriorating mental health of both mother and son in a shocking case of matricide. Follow Bedtime True Crime : Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/049qbhtzyuKixZZrDTeFIx Apple: <a href="https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bedtime-true
27/06/202317 minutes 12 seconds
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Temple of the (2) Thousand Fetuses | Asian Madness Podcast | 2010

Hello Heinous Friends! To celebrate Friday the 13th, we've partnered with our friends at The Asian Madness Podcast, to share with you &ldquo;Temple of the (2)Thousand Fetuses&rdquo;. It will not be read by me but read by the Asian Madness Podcast host Jessica. In this episode, Jessica will discuss the 2000 over foetuses discovered in 2010 in a temple in Thailand. All of them were from illegal abortions and meant to be cremated. Except it was discovered by the police. If you appreciate the madness in this episode head over to The Asian Madness Podcast to join Jessica as she brings you through the madness across Asia. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: asianmadnesspod E-mail: [email protected] Podcast Link: https
12/05/202228 minutes 12 seconds