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Heavy Rotation - Filipino Hip Hop and R&B Cover
Heavy Rotation - Filipino Hip Hop and R&B Profile

Heavy Rotation - Filipino Hip Hop and R&B

English, Hip-Hop Rap
Heavy Rotation is the first and only global podcast for Filipino Hip Hop and R&B. Each episode features music by established and up-and-coming Filipino artists around the globe in a 1-hour, weekly show. Presented in a radio format, Heavy Rotation is known for breaking new music, world premieres, and exclusive interviews that tightly focus on the artists and what brought their songs to life. Heavy Rotation is for hip hop and R&B fans, music lovers, new music seekers, and for those who want an alternative to the norm. Together, we cultivate and foster the soundtrack for Filipino Urban Cultural expression. Discover artists like P-Lo, Inigo Pascual, Kiana V., Russ Coson, Nieman, Annie Lux, John Concepcion, Ylona Garcia and over 200 more.

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