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English, Investigative journalism, 4 seasons, 46 episodes, 1 day, 31 minutes
Tara Jean Stevens was a teenager when a bizarre spiritual movement spread to her childhood church in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Worshipers were laughing uncontrollably, shaking, and falling to the ground. Some even claimed that gold teeth miraculously appeared in their mouths. In season 1, join Tara Jean as she begins her exploration of the “Toronto Blessing”. In season 2, she tracks the spread of this movement to Bethel Church, in Redding, California. Today, Bethel is one of the largest and most unusual churches in America. What goes on inside its bewildering School of Supernatural Ministry? Is Bethel as powerful as its critics believe it to be? And, during the COVID-19 pandemic, why are its most high-profile leaders defying public health orders? Heaven Bent: an examination of divine intervention.
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S4 BONUS 5: The Group of 5

In 2014, 5 young men went into a formal mediation process with IHOPKC leadership. On this S4 bonus episode, Tara Jean’s conversation with 3 of those 5 former community members. How did leaders respond to this airing of grievances, and, does it tell us anything about how IHOPKC is responding to the ongoing scandal today?
4/1/202452 minutes, 24 seconds
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S4 BONUS 4: The Jane Doe Story

“Jane Doe” says Mike Bickle used scripture and prophecy to manipulate and sexually abuse her, starting when she was just 19. Tara Jean unpacks her story with the help of one of Jane Doe’s best friends at the time. Plus, Mike Bickle’s first public statement.
12/22/202356 minutes, 30 seconds
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S4 BONUS 3: The IHOPU Meeting

It’s been about a month since allegations of sexual clergy abuse surfaced against IHOPKC founding-leader Mike Bickle. As the leadership's handling of the matter continues to be scrutinized, how did they break the news to IHOPU students? A member of the community recorded the meeting, so we can hear it for ourselves.
12/4/202336 minutes, 33 seconds
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S4 BONUS 2: The Initial Investigation

One of the most-influential charismatic leaders in America has been accused of sexual clergy abuse, and Tara Jean is following along in real time. On this episode, some former IHOPers react to the latest developments. As well, reactions to  Heaven Bent S4, a season that was raising concerns about IHOPKC right as these new allegations surfaced.
11/24/202336 minutes, 45 seconds
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S4 BONUS: The Allegations Against Mike Bickle

The founding leader of IHOPKC has been accused of serious sexual and spiritual misconduct by multiple women. Tara Jean returns with an update, and, her conversation with 3 former IHOPPERS who returned to IHOPKC last weekend, to hear this shocking news officially announced by leaders of the organization.Read the full IHOP statement: Allen Hood's statement on Twitter/X:
11/6/202317 minutes, 43 seconds
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S4E6: Gracia

Gracia dedicated 6 years to IHOP’s 24/7 prayer room. But, she has grievances about her time there, especially when it comes to how they handled her sexual assault claim. Also, on the final episode this season, the surprising person who is coming to Gracia’s defence
10/30/202349 minutes, 35 seconds
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S4E5: The Micahs

An exorcism? A false-murder confession? Rumours of a sex cult? Tara Jean explores the aftermath of Bethany Deaton's death. Also, a further spotlight on how IHOP leadership managed this crisis in their community.
10/23/202340 minutes, 15 seconds
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S4E4: Bethany

It’s 2012, IHOPU student Bethany Deaton dies in a shroud of mystery. Tara Jean explores what really happened and how it put IHOP’s spiritual practises, leadership and culture into question.
10/16/202346 minutes, 27 seconds
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S4E3: Austin

God wanted Austin Williamson to be famous, according to some leaders at the International House of Prayer. Austin dishes to Tara Jean about his time on IHOP’s elite worship team, and his coming out journey.
10/9/202340 minutes, 48 seconds
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S4E2: Rachael

Rachael Bailey was once on the cover of the Kansas City Star. The headline read: “Youth Cult”. But was it? This episode, Rachael shares her journey at the International House of Prayer. 
10/2/202349 minutes, 59 seconds
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The 24/7 Prayer Room

They pray 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the return of Jesus. What could possibly go wrong? Join Tara Jean Stevens for her exploration of the International House of Prayer, in Kansas City, Missouri.
9/25/202339 minutes, 31 seconds
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Introducing Season 4: The International House of Prayer

The International House of Prayer, or IHOP as it's unofficially known, is a multi-million dollar, non-denominational, Christian organization that boasts a 24/7 Prayer Room. Thousands and thousands of people have been through its doors over nearly 25 years. In this season, we're taking a closer look at what happened there between 1999 and 2015, a period when the organization was experiencing exponential growth and their leadership was put to the test.   
9/8/20231 minute, 23 seconds
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Introducing: Catch Him If You Can, Season 2

We're excited to bring you an episode of Catch Him If You Can, a podcast from Pink Moon Studio and Frequency. Listen here: came from nothing. Now, he’s the 1%. He made his fortune in oil and cryptocurrency. He’s sweet, handsome and charming. It’s hard to believe he’s still single. Only, it isn’t.Because March isn’t real. He’s a border hopping Canadian con artist who’s tricked women and men out of over a million dollars.He thought he was untouchable, but now he’s messed with the wrong women.From Pink Moon Studio, this is Catch Him if You Can. The story of Marcel Vautour, his survivors' real time crusade to catch him, and the broken legal system that’s allowed him to get away for over 20 years – told in 7 parts.Written and produced by Emilia King and Maggie Reid.You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @catchhimpod
6/21/202339 minutes, 48 seconds
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Show Me The Toes: Part Two

Join Tara Jean Stevens for her exclusive interview with Krissy Dines. On March 14th, she claims her amputated toes supernaturally regrew, during a healing service, at James River Church. This is part two of a two-part miniseries.Subscribe to Heaven Bent Plus for early access to episodes and bonus content, all ad-free, at!
6/5/202330 minutes, 2 seconds
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Show Me The Toes: Part One

Did a Missouri-woman’s amputated toes regrow, during a healing service, at James River Church? In part one of this two-part miniseries, Tara Jean Stevens talks to the creator of He’s a skeptical Christian who wants to see evidence of this so-called miracle. Subscribe to Heaven Bent Plus for early access to episodes and bonus content, all ad-free, at! 
6/5/202327 minutes, 2 seconds