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The pain of heartbreak is real and can take your breath away. If you’re hurting or struggling with a break up and you’re feeling shocked, betrayed, devastated, and alone then this podcast is for you. You may feel sad, anxious, angry and worried about your uncertain future. If you’re on an emotional rollercoaster you may feel stuck and unable to let go, and yet desperate to move on at the same time. Now is the best time to minimize your own suffering in this process by listening in on the most empowering and best relationship advice available. Bestselling author and award winning host Sara Davison shares how you too can get on with your life to heal, grow and move from heartbreak to happiness once again.
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How to Avoid the Financial Pitfalls of Divorce Including Being Financially Invisible and Staying in the Family Home vs. Pension, with Danni Hewson

Danni is a seasoned financial journalist with over 19 years of experience at the BBC, where she presented and reported business news for various programs. She most recently hosted Radio 5 Live's "Wake Up to Money." Now at AJ Bell, she provides expert analysis and commentary on financial markets, economics, and personal finance.Find more information and resources here: me on social media►Instagram:
6/3/202431 minutes, 4 seconds
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Love Addiction & Trauma Bonding: Why People Bond to Those Who Hurt Them

Sherry Gaba, a psychotherapist, life coach, and addiction recovery specialist, has published a new book titled "The Marriage & Relationship Junkie." In it, she candidly shares her personal experiences and offers guidance to help others overcome their own relationship obsessions.Find more information and resources here: me on social media►Instagram:
5/16/202431 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Shocking Reality of What Happens for Abuse Victims and Their Children in Family Court, with Tina Swithin - Part II

Throughout her decade-long ordeal, Tina Swithin persisted through what she describes as a "Category Five Divorce Hurricane," representing herself in a grueling custody battle that upended her family's life. She quickly grasped the staggering complexity that divorcing a narcissist or another high-conflict individual entails, taking family law disputes to extraordinary levels.Enduring a relentless ten-year journey through the family court system, Tina faced a barrage of challenges, including a two-day trial, over 40 court appearances, and two comprehensive child custody evaluations. Despite numerous police and child welfare reports highlighting her ex-husband's risk to their children, protective measures were notably absent.Turning to her internationally recognized blog, "One Mom’s Battle," Tina found refuge amidst the chaos, sharing her harrowing journey with a growing community of tens of thousands. While each story had its own unique details, they all echoed the same theme of navigating toxic, high-conflict relationships and enduring post-separation abuse.Follow Tina on: Website: more information and resources here: me on social media►Instagram:
4/29/202433 minutes, 9 seconds
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Tina Swithin Shares Her Personal Experience of Divorcing a Narcissist and Post Separation Abuse - Part I

For over a decade, Tina Swithin weathered a tumultuous "Category Five Divorce Hurricane" as she navigated a high-conflict custody battle without legal representation. Divorcing a narcissist or other high-conflict individual exponentially amplified the complexity, pushing her through a two-day trial, over 40 court dates, and two exhaustive child custody evaluations. Despite numerous police and child welfare reports identifying her ex-husband as a "moderate risk," protective actions for her children were lacking.Seeking refuge from the storm, Tina chronicled her journey in her globally recognized blog, "One Mom’s Battle." What began as her personal narrative became a beacon of support for tens of thousands facing similar struggles. Amidst varied circumstances, the common thread remained: toxic, high-conflict individuals and the enduring trauma of post-separation abuse.Follow Tina on: Website: more information and resources here: me on social media►Instagram:
4/19/202422 minutes, 45 seconds
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Understanding Narcissist Abuse Including Trauma Bonding, Cognitive Dissonance, PTSD and Manipulation, with Heather Kent

Is heartbreak taking a toxic turn? In this episode of Heartbreak to Happiness, Sara Davison unpacks the complexities of narcissistic abuse with guest expert Heather Kent, a renowned therapist and author.  Heather unveils the manipulative tactics and emotional rollercoaster of narcissistic relationships, helping you identify these harmful patterns and reclaim your happiness.Find Heather Kent Online:Website: Facebook: more information and resources here: me on social media►Instagram:
4/1/202447 minutes
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Keeping A Divorce From Devastating Your Children & Every Other Area of Your Life, with Eric Edmeades

Divorce can be a rollercoaster of emotions, impacting not just couples but the entire family. In this episode, we ditch the sugarcoating and get real about the impact of divorce on the whole family.Our guest is Eric Edmeades, the founder of the popular health transformation company WILDFIT. You might also know him as one of the most engaging and entertaining speakers out there. But even with all his success, Eric's walked the path of divorce himself.Tune in as Eric joins host Sara for an unfiltered conversation. He'll share his breakup story, the raw emotions he faced, and how he managed to pick himself back up. This ain't your typical "how-to" episode. We're diving deep into the real, messy stuff, offering support and strategies for anyone going through a similar situation.Whether you're facing divorce personally, supporting a loved one, or simply want to build stronger relationships, this episode is for you.Get ready for:Honest insights from Eric's personal experienceTips for coping with the emotional rollercoaster of divorceStrategies for protecting children's well-being during separationTools to build resilience and emerge stronger on the other sideNo matter the reason, divorce happens. Let's talk about it.Find more information and resources here: me on social media►Instagram:
3/18/202452 minutes, 56 seconds
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How to Deeply Embrace Self-Love and Let Your Inner Light Shine, Introducing, The Mahima Mindset!

Mahima, creator of the Mahima Mindset and Love Silence, is a unique coach who has enabled thousands globally to enhance their impact and live fulfilling lives. With over two decades of experience, she empowers individuals to discover their genius, prioritize effectively, and overcome challenges, leading to a life of energy, focus, and happiness.FOLLOW MAHIMA :https://themahimamindset.com more information and resources here: more information and resources here: me on social media►Instagram:
3/11/202442 minutes, 50 seconds
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How To Push Through Adversity And Create A New Empowering Story For Your Life, with Brian Muldoon

In this episode of the Heartbreak to Happiness podcast,  Sara Davison is joined by Brian Muldoon, a Strategic Intervention Coach renowned for his expertise in overcoming personal adversity to help others achieve life-changing breakthroughs. Brian shares his personal journey and how it informs his approach to coaching, focusing on the inner game that often hinders individuals from leading rich and abundant lives. His mission is to assist passionate professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners in realigning with their core values and guiding them towards FINDING EXTRAORDINARY in their lives. Brian illuminates the path to navigating life's challenges, finding fulfillment, and transforming pain into power through his insights.Find more information and resources here: me on social media►Instagram:
2/2/202445 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Process of Trusting Yourself & Others Again After A Toxic & Abusive Relationship. Special Guest, Kute Blackson

In this enlightening episode with Kute Blackson, a renowned inspirational speaker, transformational teacher, and coach. Known for his intensive transformative experiences in exotic locales like Bali and India, as well as his impactful presence at global events such as Awesomeness-Fest, YPO (Young Presidents' Organization), and EO (Entrepreneurs' Organization), Kute stands out as a luminary in personal development.As the youngest member voted into the Transformational Leadership Council, Kute has authored bestselling books "You Are The One" and "The Magic of Surrender," securing his position as a leading voice in personal development. His teachings, deeply rooted in the principles of awakening and inspiration, encourage people worldwide to discover their inner freedom, live authentically, and realize their true life's purpose.Explore the realms of self-improvement and spiritual awakening, offering a guide to living a life unburdened by fear and filled with authenticity and purpose.Find more information and resources here: me on social media►Instagram:
1/22/202443 minutes, 59 seconds
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Can Your Mindset Help You Find Love After Divorce & Discover the Secret to Making Relationships Work After Heartbreak? James & Claire Davis, The Midlife Mentors Share Their Story

In this inspiring episode, Sara Davison welcomes James and Claire Davis, the dynamic duo behind the successful coaching and fitness company, 38 Degrees North, and hosts of the popular midlife wellness podcast, The Midlife Mentors. This episode delves into their journey through midlife challenges, including relationships, identity, and fitness.  James and Claire share their personal experiences with divorce and the complexities of finding love and happiness in midlife.  Listeners will discover valuable insights on overcoming midlife obstacles, from tackling body image issues to embracing a positive mindset. The couple candidly discusses their path to rebuilding self-esteem and fostering a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and self-love.Find more information and resources here: me on social media►Instagram:
1/15/202437 minutes, 46 seconds
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Dating Rules You Should Throw Out the Window and Essential Tips to Find Love Again, with James Preece

In this episode, James not only shares his extensive knowledge but also challenges traditional dating paradigms. He delves into why it's crucial to discard outdated dating rules and embrace a more modern, authentic approach to finding love. This conversation is a treasure trove of James's unique, tried-and-tested strategies that have helped thousands find love and nurture lasting relationships, even after heartbreak.So, tune in to Heartbreak to Happiness and join us in this engaging conversation with James Preece, where we explore how to let go of outdated dating rules and embrace a new, fulfilling path to finding love.Find more information and resources here: me on social media►Instagram:
12/7/202332 minutes, 35 seconds
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The Pain, Healing & Growth After Ending A Long Term Relationship

Get ready for an exhilarating podcast session where I sit down with the incredible @lifesrosie. Join Rosie as she delves into her personal journey of navigating divorce, sharing her transformative steps towards releasing pain and embracing a brighter future.Tune in to experience a rollercoaster of emotions, from uproarious dating escapades to the vulnerability of rediscovering oneself post-breakup, all the way to those cathartic moments of tears. Rosie's indomitable spirit is a beacon of empowerment.Don't let this episode of "Heartbreak to Happiness" slip through your fingers! And remember, you're never traversing this path solo. For a wealth of resources and unwavering support, reach out to
8/16/202339 minutes, 7 seconds
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Lady Jen Du Plessis on Triumphing Over Life’s Curveballs to Inspire Success in Relationships

Jen Du Plessis is affectionately known as The Impact and Transformational Mentor and is referred to as the Leading Expert in Creating World Class Teams.  She has been in the financial services industry for 4 decades and during her 35-year career was listed in the Top 200 of mortgage originators nationally and funded over $1 Billion in mortgage loans.Don't forget to download Jen's FREE Gift:[email protected] a Breakthrough Session!
6/13/202344 minutes, 53 seconds
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Celebrating International Women's Day: Empowering Women to Overcome Heartbreak with Sara Davison

In honor of International Women's Day, host Sara Davison shares her expert advice on empowering women to overcome heartbreak and find happiness again. Drawing on her experience as a divorce coach, Sara discusses the unique challenges that women face after a breakup and emphasizes the importance of self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and self-care. She encourages women to prioritize their own healing and to take control of their own lives, empowering them to move forward and create the life they
3/8/202314 minutes, 22 seconds