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English, News, 4 seasons, 141 episodes, 2 days 20 hours 23 minutes
You know the headlines. Now take a deeper dive into the Heart of the Matter with CNA each week as we talk to newsmakers and experts who give us their take on the some of the most talked about news developments.
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What will it take to attract and retain good nurses in Singapore?

The attrition rate for nurses has stabilised post-COVID but with a fast greying population, the hunt for a solid pipeline of nursing talent continues. Aside from better salaries, can concerns over high home rentals and allowing foreign nurses to bring their families here be addressed? Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Health Mdm Rahayu Mahzam, group chief nurse of the National Healthcare Group Yong Keng Kwang and CEO of recruitment agency People360 Services Jordache Keith share their thoughts with Steven Chia.See for privacy information.
17/08/202330 minutes 24 seconds