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English, Religion, 4 seasons, 96 episodes, 1 day 23 hours 18 minutes
Desiree Siegfried shares encouraging interviews, uplifting messages and life-giving prayers to inspire a heart of purpose every day.
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023: God's Calling us back to FAMILY (including personal testimony)

This last year has brought some beautiful revelations but the most important was the call to focus on family. I share a personal update as well as what the Lord has been walking me through to get to this season of life with my boys and I pray this episode is a great encouragement and blessing to your own life. xo --- Support this podcast:
22/09/202326 minutes 4 seconds
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020: How to live in the power of God with Kathryn Krick

I’m so excited to have Kathryn Krick on the podcast today as we discuss her new book, The Secret of the anointing. We dive into her story and how she first started her ministry and church, Five Fold Church, and how obedience catapulted God’s anointing through it.  It’s been incredible to witness the power of God moving through her ministry and this episode gives more insight into how it all started.  What you can expect in this powerful episode: Encouragement to stay obedient and faithful through the process The best way to seek out deliverance How to keep your deliverance How to have victory in your life over the lies Our authority in Christ Get Kathryns new book <a href="
17/08/202349 minutes 51 seconds
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005: What is Revival + Why is it Important?

As Asbury University continues on in worship, prayer, repentance, confession and praise continuously for the 6th day, you might be asking yourself what is revival and why is it happening? In this episode, I briefly share what revival is and why it's so important, especially right now! What a wonderful time to be alive to witness the greatest outpourings of Holy Spirit. What's happening at Asbury and other cities across the nation is just a sliver of what is to come. :) Be encouraged in your own faith journey and relationship with the Lord as we dive into Revival today on the podcast.&nbsp; xo, Desiree --- Support this podcast:
14/02/202317 minutes
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Summer Chats: Run Your Race with Increased Faith

Desiree gives an uplifting message in this episode on how to run your race with increased faith! Learn three ways to obtain and increase your faith as you walk through different seasons of life. Each hill and valley in our life has a reason but it is up to us to decide whether to power through it for a great reward or get distracted along the way. Desiree shares scripture and biblical encouragement to lace your shoes up and run your race with a new perspective.&nbsp; --- Support this podcast:
20/07/202123 minutes 42 seconds
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Summer Chats: Birthing Basics with Elizabeth Presta

Are you expecting or know someone who is?! Then this episode is for you! Desiree chats with Elizabeth Presta, Certified Birth Doula and host of the Miraculous Mamas Podcast, about expectations of birth, the importance of being informed, tips to prepare for birth and all things motherhood. We dive into some common questions women have, some questions to ask your own provider, and how Elizabeth and her husband keep the spark alive as new parents.&nbsp; --- Support this podcast:
15/07/202137 minutes 50 seconds
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BONUS * Life Update and Book Details!

My new book, The Road to Roses, is officially available to PRE-order! In this episode I share an update on life and what my new book is all about!&nbsp; If you are interested in getting the book to read for yourself or gift to a friend, head over to now to pre-order.&nbsp; --- Support this podcast:
27/05/202113 minutes 51 seconds