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English, Parenting, 2 seasons, 63 episodes, 3 days, 16 hours, 18 minutes
The Healing Birth Podcast explores the topic of birth trauma and how healing can be found. We’ll share the stories of parents who have journeyed from trauma to healing, and we’ll discuss the insights of birth keepers who support others on their healing path. Listeners can expect to be inspired, to find hope and help on their own birthing journeys, and to learn. This podcast is for anyone who intends to give birth, has given birth, or has a passion for birth in all her reverent and sacred offerings.
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Pippa - Birth Trauma & Mother Wound Healing For Ourselves & Our Children

Pippa is Mum to 5 year old Greta, whose planned home birth ended in cesarean, and 8 month old Flora, whose empowering home birth involved an unexpectedly healing postpartum transfer to hospital due to a third degree tear.  In this episode, Pippa shares various dimensions of the healing that becoming a mum has encouraged her to delve into. She talks about how peeling away the layers of the mother wound has supported her to find her voice and be her authentic self, and she shares the journey she has been on to offer her own daughter the opportunity to heal her birth wounds. Threaded throughout this conversation is the notion of generational healing that can take place when we do the work to access our inner healer. I am particularly grateful to Pippa for sharing about the ways she has supported her daughter to heal. In my work, I hear a lot of grief and guilt from new mums about what their baby must have experienced during, and in the wake of, their traumatic birth, and a sense of helplessness around how to heal the damage done. Pippa and I discuss some great tools to guide this process, so hopefully some of you listeners who can relate to this, feel encouraged with helpful suggestions. Also discussed in this episode: * Artificial rupture of membranes * Epidural * Breastfeeding challenges * Laid back nursing  * Mother Blessing * Physical support during pushing phase * Setting loving boundaries with children * Laughter & play as tools to help our children heal * The Aware Parenting podcast If you are interested in following my (Carla's) work on Instagram, here's the link: You can find out more about the Healing Birth Practitioner Training programme here: And here's the link for my free Understanding Birth Trauma Basics course:
11/23/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 37 seconds