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Healing Better with Full Circle

English, Health / Medicine, 2 seasons, 14 episodes, 7 hours, 33 minutes
In each episode we'll cover different topics relating to holistic health, osteopathy, acupuncture, and more! Join us as our host Sasha, who has no medical knowledge herself, ask the questions we've all been thinking of.
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Mindset, The Stages of Consciousness & Manifesting

Clarisse lost her toe in India. Geneviève manifested a boat. Julia manifested her dream job. But can you manifest your health? Join us as we discuss the impact of your mindset when it comes to your health with examples of a "victim and victor" mindset, unpack the stages of consciousness with relevance on your journey to healing, and answer the question of “is manifesting your health possible?”
6/23/202153 minutes, 26 seconds
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Redefining the Definition of Health

Let's talk health, and what to means to be "healthy." Join Manual Osteopathic Practitioners, Geneviève Zizzo and Clarisse Mancion as we discuss dropping the metric system when it comes to weight, what health means in different parts of the world with candid life experiences, the concept of being born with health and what that means for your journey to wellness, and the role that Westernized health modalities play when it comes to what healthy living looks like.
6/7/202144 minutes, 28 seconds