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English, Social, 3 seasons, 61 episodes, 2 days 19 hours 3 minutes
Hosted by Maggy and Vanessa, Head over Heels explores what it means to be a modern Asian woman. A safe space for real and honest conversations about life experiences, problems and issues faced by the ladies (and gents too!). Life can get overwhelming, so kick off your heels (or shoes), get cozy and #letsgetheadoverheels!
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#58 The Hardest Goodbyes (Season Finale)

With 2023 coming to an end, it’s about time we address the elephants in the room. In this episode of Head Over Heels, we sit down with Maggy to talk about life: the ends, the beginnings, and her next chapter! Pour yourself a glass of kombucha, because it’s going to be a mix bag of highs and lows. Watch till the end for wholesome goodbyes, and a big announcement. It’s real, it’s raw, let’s get Head Over Heels.
28/12/20231 hour 15 minutes 59 seconds
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#57 Hopeless or Hopeful Romantic? ft. Lullaboy

Welcome back to our second-to-last episode of the season! In this episode, we’re shining our spotlight on global singer-songwriter, Lullaboy, who's traveled all the way from sunny Singapore to share his story. From heartbreak to finding ‘The One’, we're covering it all. Join us as we pull back the curtains, exploring Lullaboy's experiences with love, with a deep dive into the inspiration behind his heartstring-pulling tracks and his journey with music and seizing the opportunities that come his way. Get ready to fall head over heels for the king of love songs, the president of Hopeful Romantic Club, Lullaboy! This episode is a deep dive into the world of love, music, and the compelling stories that bind them together. It’s raw, it’s real, let’s get Head Over Heels. Follow Lullaboy here:
15/12/20231 hour 9 minutes 27 seconds
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#56 I’m not afraid of death because I’ve truly lived ft. Yusuf Hashim

We don’t know how else to put this, but you need to listen to this episode to learn how to LIVE.  In this episode of Head Over Heels, we invite gypsetter and globetrotter, Yusuf Hashim to share about living life in his third act: tips to early retirement, travelling around the world, 54 years of marriage, and his thoughts on the afterlife.  To our listeners, we encourage you to sit down with a FULL jar of tea, and pretend that you’re having a conversation with a sage - because that’s what it felt like for us. It’s raw, it’s real, let’s get Head Over Heels. 
07/12/20231 hour 23 minutes 54 seconds
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#55 Raising a child star? ft. Melissa Tan

Get ready for the most heartwarming and adorable episode of Head Over Heels yet! In this special installment, we welcome our youngest guest ever, Eva Mei, along with her mom, Melissa — for a candid conversation that's brimming with big personality. Join us as Melissa opens up about the unique challenges and joys of being a young mom in this new age of parenting. From raising a kid amidst the ever-expanding influence of social media, to being mindful of the influence she has in her decisions, and learning to prioritise relationships outside of being a mom. With a special drop in from little Eva Mei, you won’t want to miss as she steals the show with her infectious energy and charm, making this episode an absolute delight for listeners of all ages.  It’s raw, it’s real, let’s get Head Over Heels! Follow Melissa here:
23/11/20231 hour 2 minutes 4 seconds
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#54 Travelling Solo in Bali

Our Bali gurlie is back!  In this episode of Head Over Heels, Maggy walks you through her adrenaline-filled week in Bali, Indonesia.  Not your usual beach babe itinerary, she recounts her experiences found in chasing fireflies with the locals, biking around town, meeting a mysterious “healer” and more thrilling experiences during her week in Ubud, Canggu, and more.  You can chase after your choice of fun adventures with Seek Sophie here. Enjoy RM50 OFF your first adventure when you checkout with ‘MAGGY50’. Available until 31st December 2023. 
26/10/20231 hour 29 minutes 51 seconds
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#53 More Than Skin, Living With Psoriasis ft. Rocyie Wong

Producer’s Note: Hey, we wanna start off by reminding you that your beauty shows from beyond skin deep, and you are worth every ounce of love and support. This episode will be as real as it gets. Join Maggy as she sits down with psoriasis advocate and holistic nutritionist, Rocyie, to share her story on what it’s like living a chronic skin condition. From the physical lows and social effects, to building a community of support (with a feature on Vogue!), we’re diving into an intimate conversation on Rocyie’s journey of reclaiming her sense of self and finding a purpose, providing a safe space through her advocacy. 
12/10/20231 hour 13 minutes 20 seconds
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#52 Sexual Intercourse, Birth Control & Morning After Pills

Hiding your sex life? First times? Why are there so many forms of birth control?!  This episode, we’re opening up with Nicole Chen to bring you all the answers you need to stay protected while being sexually active. From first-time horror stories, to experiences with contraception use, and learning to be firm on your sexual boundaries no matter what!  In partnership with Bayer Co. we’re also featuring a special segment ‘Ask The Doctor’ with O&G Consultant Dr Loh Huey Wen, and diving deeper into what it means to have safe sex, and how you can empower yourself with the different forms of contraception methods available! It’s raw, it’s real, let’s get Head Over Heels!  Follow Ask Maya here:⁠  Check Out Alpro Pharmacy:  https://www.alprop
28/09/20231 hour 20 minutes 41 seconds
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#51 We’re Not Best Friends ft. Natalie Chai

Using friends for content? Seeing each other as competition? The iconic duo is back together! In this unguided episode with Natalie Chai, we’re letting the girls loose for more spicy NGL questions, crack-filled tangents, and a deep dive into their friendship. From what it means to set boundaries, stay close, and support each other through thick and thin. It’s a truth-filled episode you definitely can’t miss.  It’s raw, it’s real, let’s get Head Over Heels! Follow Natalie here:
14/09/20231 hour 29 minutes 52 seconds
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#50 On Young Politicians, Dating Rumors and Women in Politics ft. Syed Saddiq

“Young people don’t know anything about politics”, we’re probably all familiar with this backhanded quip from the boomers.  One politician in particular, probably hears it on a daily basis. In this episode of Head Over Heels, we invite MP Syed Saddiq to take on the hot seat and share with us his stories, experiences, and journey as a young politician.  From addressing dating rumours and talking about his young and rebellious days to discussing women in politics, the Malaysian parliament and policy-making processes - we unpack it all with the party president of MUDA.  It’s raw, it’s real, let's get Head Over Heels!  Follow Syed Saddiq here:
03/08/20231 hour 21 minutes 16 seconds
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#49 Unveiling Insecurities: Imposter Syndrome and Self Doubt ft. Koe Yeet

Trigger Warning: Before you dive into the episode, we just wanted to let you know that this episode may be sensitive and triggering to some of our viewers. This podcast episode contains mentions of eating disorders.  _______ You deserve to be where you are as much as everyone else in the room. For this week’s episode, get cozy with international actor and local sweetheart, Koe Yeet!  With a vulnerable deep dive into her journey as an actor, dealing with struggles along the way and building back up stronger, we’ll discuss all about imposter syndrome and redifining our definitions of joy and success.  So grab your drink of choice, sit back, relax, and get ready to soak in this thoughtful episode.  P.S: For our Spotify listeners, catch this episode on YouTube to see Koe Yeet bust out her award-winning acting skills! (There’s gonna be a lot of tears, but not in the way you think…) It’s raw, it’s real, let’s get Head Over Heels. Fo
20/07/20231 hour 16 minutes 24 seconds
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#48 Burnout, social anxiety, & redirecting Fondest ft. Josephine of Fondest

Hey, it’s okay to take a break. Remember that as you’re racing towards your biggest dreams, knowing when to pause is healthy.  This episode, we’re chatting with Josephine Yap and deep diving into her journey as a content creator turned founder of local fashion brand Fondest; from her trials and errors as a first time entrepreneur, to her lessons learned as an introvert managing a team, and ultimately, making the decision to prioritise time with loved ones in the midst of it all. It’s raw, it’s real, let’s get Head Over Heels.  Follow Josephine here: Follow Fondest here:
06/07/20231 hour 8 minutes 10 seconds
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#45 Situationships: Stressing, settling, and finding your self worth. ft Talitha

“So… What are we?” Strap into your seats and hold on to your hearts cause this week, we’re talking all things situationships with singer-songwriter, Talitha!  Are you settling for the bare minimum? Can situationships really be healthy? How does it affect your self-worth?  We’re breaking it all down with piping hot tea that might just leave your jaws dropped throughout the whole episode, and hard truths about finding yourself, learning from experiences, and setting boundaries along the way.  Get your red flags ready, cause you’re about to hear alot of them.  It’s raw, it’s real, let’s get Head Over Heels. Follow Talitha. here:   Stream her latest single ‘6HRS’ on Spotify:  <a href="
25/05/20231 hour 34 minutes 34 seconds
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#42 No one is authentic anymore ft Ceddy

What lies beyond the glitz and the glam, the online personas and brand influencing? Does authenticity even exist anymore?&nbsp; With Ceddy, the king of telling things like it is and standing his ground, we’re spilling the juiciest stories and uncovering what it means to be your true authentic self in the face of discrimination, finding real realness in the influencer sphere, and calling out questionable treatment from some of the shadiest brands.&nbsp; Better get comfortable in your seats, because this episode might just leave you cackling on the floor. It’s raw, it’s real, let’s get Head Over Heels! Follow Ceddy here:&nbsp;
02/03/20231 hour 20 minutes 2 seconds
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#40 Blink: More than just a DJ

There’s no other way to say it, but this man is an icon. From playing crazy sets at the biggest clubs and shows to juggling his roles as director in both his creative agency (33.3) and his matcha venture (Hejau), Blink blows our minds with how he manages to show up anywhere, everywhere, all at once. (Oh, did we forget to mention that he hosts spin classes too?) We don’t know how he does it, but we sit down with him to unpack it all. It’s raw, it’s real, let’s get Head Over Heels. Follow Blink here:
02/02/202352 minutes 41 seconds