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English, Religion, 3 seasons, 32 episodes, 12 hours, 14 minutes
My name is Rachel Alyse, and on He Heals Podcast you will hear testimonies and encouraging messages that will point you back to Christ as well as some practical advice for you in your healing journey. No matter what you are healing through, you are going to want to listen in! Follow us on IG @hehealspodcast and on TikTok @itsrachelalyse for daily Encouragement! And if video is your thing, you can Watch the podcast on YouTube! Now let’s start healing together ?
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Bonus Episode: Thoughts on Turning 30

Today I turn 30. Crazy! Most of my twenties I spent dreading 30, trying to play catch up with my self made timeline, silently comparing myself to my peers accomplishments, and doing things to slow the effects of aging on my skin. I’ve had a lot of thoughts about turning 30, some good and some not so good. But before I dump it all right here I’ll leave you to listen to this Bonus Birthday Episode which is my gift to you. Also I did misspeak, we are between seasons 3 and 4! If you’re waiting for season 4 let me know and make sure to follow us on IG @hehealspodcast so you stay up to date on all the things!
10/31/202320 minutes, 36 seconds
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10/24/20211 minute, 5 seconds