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Many many mysteries shall remain. SOME shall be dispelled!! My name is Jamie Lidell and I'm gonna delve into the heady magic of creating music in a modern studio, probe the depths of production, get tech crazy with mixing tricks, studio skills and equipment. I'll be joined by fellow musicians, engineers and all-round audiophiles who kindly share their tips, stories and ingenious insight from the bizarre world of music production. I shall answer questions and seek knowledge from other music makers on a quest to discover how to make things sound RIGHT. I will also share some studio trickery on each episode as I explore some of my favourite innovations in music tech and my creations... outpourings from the weirdo brain! Welcome to a place for musicians, producers and listeners alike as we "cheers" our love of everything audio.
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Superbooth 2024 here I come Im in a rush but I promised a show so here it is :) This is the second celebration of a wonderful maker in the eurorack world. Meet Instruo.  The company was founded by Jason Lim who is the guest on this episode and we discuss how a company like this can exist in the wild electric world. The kind of knowledge it takes. The team that has emerged. The nature of the design.  We answer the all important question  "do you feel the music of the mushroom?" yes!!! check out the modules here!
5/9/20241 hour, 13 minutes, 10 seconds
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Im joined by Matthew Allum (ALM/Busy Circuits) as we discuss the origins of one of the best loved and most popular eurorack modules of all time Pam’s New Workout (and subsequent PRO form) How does a person go from having a thought of an afternoon to running one of the worlds most beloved modular synth companies? All shall be revealed! For those sensitive to talk of whittling, I must warn you there is mention of carpentry but it’s short lived and most of the chips we linger on are of the silicon and not wooden variety. This is part of a 2 episode pre super booth special and I’ll be popping a few bit up on the patreon using an ALM based system to rinse it a little 🙂 Who’s coming to the booth!?!?! This episode is sponsored by the tremendous fabfilter They are celebrating 20 years in the game with a HUGE SALE yes you can get 30% off Fabfilter plugins until May 1st !!! Act now as these are some of the very best plugins on the planet. Here’s the link. Click on y’all
4/26/20241 hour, 19 minutes, 20 seconds
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were you the co-developer of ableton live? ah no but Mr Henke very much was. Think about that for a minute. It’s easy to forget as he’ll never bring it up without being prompted. He’s not big on the dwelling and far more interested in his current obsessions. Special interests (SPINS) as they are called are the things driving the REAL artists of which Robert is most certainly one. I had one “job” interviewing him at this time. We were supposed to talk about the re-release of a classic monolake (Robert’s musical moniker) LP “Hong Kong” on Field Records. There was a hint of that here. It loomed in the fog over the hills as we, the ramblers, became fascinated by objects more close at hand. His tremendous work with the commodore PET platform as a primitive yet potent synth and drum machine for example. His encounters with the art world (which he is not fond of) his dislike of the infernal machine reverb ! ha. (also not fond it seems) His connection to the tonal land of the PPG wave and the Synclavier (yes, he’s fond) ah yes I loved reconnecting with him after all these years. He was always a brilliantly bright mind and continues to probe his passions to deliver wildly unique sound and light shows that stand apart from his peers. oh and dont forget he’s the co-developer of ableton live!
4/18/20241 hour, 33 minutes, 29 seconds
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With 20 albums under his own name and his instrumental group Cosmo, the man knows how to make a record. He is a wildly accomplished and successful songwriter. For example in 2003 Harris he received the Grammy Award for Song Of The Year for Norah Jones’ breakout hit “Don’t Know Why,” from her debut album, Come Away With Me, which has sold almost 30 million copies worldwide. Versions of his songs have been sung by artists as diverse as Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Cat Power, Feist, The Black Keys, M. Ward, Brad Mehldau, Bright Eyes, Smokey Robinson, George Benson, Pat Metheny, Kandace Springs, and Solomon Burke. I mean WHAT a list that is! Songwriting collaborations have included Maya Hawke, John Zorn, Madeleine Peyroux, Melody Gardot, Papooz, and Lana Del Rey. If you didnt think you knew Jesse, I bet you’ve heard his writing out there in the known universe of sound and by gosh he’s a real potent force. Even after all this success, he is very mild mannered and thoughtful in this nice rambling interview. He’s generous with his knowledge and a very easy guy to get along with. I must say I hang my pod head slightly when reflecting on how old this interview is. Like a fine wine, I hope it’s benefited from a little time in the digital cellar. Drink in the wisdoms y’all !
3/28/20241 hour, 28 minutes, 26 seconds
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I met Jim thanks to the wonderful master of mastering Heba Kadry who's based in New York (whi btw that just finished mastering my new LP!)  She used him to assist in the making of her room and that set me on a journey to get my place into shape too. Him and his team at Sondhus did an excellent job and I've been loving my light and airy attic so much! I've talked about my space a little on the show and I've shared a few pics and videos from the spot so there's evidence of it out there.  I look forward to being in here every day.  Jim's story is really interesting and it's an angle that's not been covered thus far on the pod.  He has knowledge and passion on all manner of issues relating to studio spaces, from the flow to the sound and the minimal aesthetic that is a through line in his work.  He's made rooms for Martin Gore, Laurie Anderson, Heba Kadry, Philip Weinrobe, the Juliard School in New York to name but  a few. Wild ! In this show I demonstrate the sound of my rooms and why using a binaural head for interviews and voice over is a terrible idea :) ha
3/8/20241 hour, 30 minutes, 31 seconds
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I have Patreon :) You can join now for as little as $1.50 a month.  All sounds from this episode will go to those on the upper tier and I want to thank everyone for their support! It really helps me keep the show going. _____ Medasin aka Grant Nelson is a feeler. I was initially drawn to his sample packs like a moth to the fire. The fire it turns out has many a hue and the music goes deep. It was excellent to speak to the man himself and uncover his philosophical side. We battle for who’s more of a hippy. It was close but as all hippies know there is no winner in this game. so just jump in the rambling river with us 🙂 Here’s some useful links to Grants work his website: his sample packs which are great! also he is selling all the stems to his last LP (the one he is discussing in this interview ) all here: he’s a fan of Theo Vaughn and the Kill tony YouTube I thought I ought to mention that 🙂 Thanks to Baby Audio for their kind sponsorship of this pod! I’ve LOVED using their new synth ATOMS as you can doubtless hear from the fun I had in the intro. I literally spent hours just making sounds for fun. It’s such a yielding instrument. I can highly recommend it! all the sounds I made go to the patreons on the soul science level of course. GOOD NEWS If you type AUDIOPHILES in the check out you get 15% off here’s the link you need! YEP!!
2/20/20241 hour, 39 minutes, 26 seconds
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If you want to directly help support me in the pod work please consider joining my Patreon All sounds from this episode will go to those on the upper tier ! There’s over 4GB of audio from the experiments I did with the Oxi one using a custom tape machine, wild analog gear and generally odd stuff to yield those good samples. ok, let's get on with the show! Kid Koala is not like the others. I mean who else gets the idea to do a scratch routine with moon river? Who thinks (and pulls off) a show where everyone has their own turntable in the audience to interact with a performance? He's the creator of wonderful graphic novels Nufonia Must Fall and Space Cadet He’s opened for Radiohead He’s worked on movies like The Great Gatsby, Baby Driver and Scott Pilgrim vs the world Creativity to the max. Joy to the max. It really is a treat to have him on the show. I’ve always been a big fan and Eric really couldnt be any more humble and wonderful ! ___ in the show the MUSIC is back ! Yes for this episode, the musical connections come from the rather brilliant mind of bossada I got the cassette of this btw and it’s a thing of beauty. This is great work. Let’s support the good art x LINK LINK LINK Kind show sponsorship comes from oxi instruments makers of the excellent oxi one sequencer Here’s a link to it if you want to buy one with a HOWA affiliate link together with perfect circuit go here :) there's a little video about the oxi as omnichord here 
2/7/20241 hour, 33 minutes, 54 seconds
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Merriment abound ! It's that time again when sonic stockings are stuffed. This time with a fireside ramble twixt myself and the legend that is Dj Shadow as we celebrate his new LP "Action Adventure" Welcome.  I hope this finds you in good health and merry mood as the season sheds it's joy upon you. If joy is in short supply and the period feels claustrophobic and the family is doing your head in then I trust yule be able to duck out for a spell and use this as an escape pod. Who am I rambling with on the sonic sleigh? Dj Shadow really needs no Endroducing but in case you’re not hip to his MPC60 masterpiece from 1996 you MUST inhale that now. What a record. I recall having both of my Christmas stockings blown off by this LP and it’s humbling to be sat on a zoom with the chap now.  Such is the mystery of the digital time ghosts.  Twas a mighty pleasure to chew the cud with such a master of the chops. I hope this offers you some sonic solace this holiday  ______ I wish to alert you to a new way to give to this show, should you find it appealing :) It's the new $1.50 tier on Patreon, a wonderful idea that came from Hainbach.  A way to chip in and directly support the show as a kind of digital high five :) I really do pour my heart Into the HOWA podcast. As you can imagine, it all takes loads of effort. From finding the guests and organizing the chats, to trying to find new areas of sonic joy to explore and share in the episodes. Then there's all the time editing, uploading, promoting and all that. If you enjoy the show and feel you can spare a little over a dollar a month to help me carry on, that would be rather ace! thanks!! _____ Sponsorship comes from Distrokid Did you know that there's a new iOS and android app that lets you - Upload - Find out when money hits your bank  - Check streaming stats and loads more   Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code  
12/25/20231 hour, 41 minutes, 51 seconds
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Quiz time. Who's recent LP did Thom Yorke executive produce? Answer: Clark. Pretty obvious from the title of the show but think about that for a minute. Thom Yorke. Bloody hell. I mean in terms of endorsements, there's few higher and there's good reason for TM to be Clarking, the C man is pumping out the goods and has been for yonks. Ack eye. We met an age ago me the C and shared a path in certain ways as label mates on warp records. I used to play shows with him and we both flocked from Brighton to Berlin and he back to Brighton in search of the muse. His work for dance, film, TV and video games is just one side of his polygon talent and we roll the dice here for a good while catching up as old pals whilst it's caught on tape. It's one of those chats that's a little more personal than some others as we haven't spoken in ages and just mostly linger on ideas like mushroom hunters. Catching sonic fungi here and there for appreciation before consuming and staggering/rambling on. Lovely to reconnect and good news his new LP is out NOW! Here's a perfect link for ya Thanks to Soundtoys for their kind sponsorship. This episode is the last in a six part dive into their excellent plugin line. This time I mangle it with alter boy :) Head over for a free trail and see if it's your thing. They craft some of the best plugins in the known universe if you ask me !  
12/12/20232 hours, 1 minute, 17 seconds
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He's worked with Donny Hathaway. That's it. That's all the intro he really ought to need. I mean can you IMAGINE being in the room with Donny singing? Too much. Ah but Jimmy has worked on music from Aretha, Otis Redding, The Rolling Stones not to mention his extensive collaboration with Timbaland. Yeah, Jimmy is heavy. What's more he's a very friendly and engaging chap that has a pioneering spirit and he is not overly nostalgic in that way that can hold a person back. No wonder he's been so busy and in demand for all these years. A true master. Jimmy's in the HOWA house (literally.. this was a rare face to face. So fun) The show is kindly sponsored again by the excellent Soundtoys.  I delve into the world of the panman to do things other than just your average spinning. Micro nitty!
11/20/20231 hour, 52 minutes, 55 seconds
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Great to chat with Brian and Josh from the band ! we talk minidisk, the joys of analog, hurdy gurdy and fish. I mean if that doesnt tickle yer fancy I dont know what to say :) Various links feel like they cropped up in the show --Valentin Clastrier - Master of the Gurdy --TAGO MAGO by can - go and listen (you can find it with your preferred music environment ) --If you need good tinned fish in the USA go here ! --MODBAP - OSIRIS badass oscillator --JORANALOGUE DELAY 1 ___________________________ kind sponsorship comes from the excellent SOUNDTOYS
11/6/20232 hours, 6 minutes, 57 seconds
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My guest on the show is James Ford who is really one of the most badass producers in the business.  Im talking about the kind of low key English badassness and not the Tarantino variety if you know what I mean. James is involved in so many things and yet he does it without needing a big spotlight on himself. Humble badass. That’s the one.  He’s been active for many years. I mean we used to see each other in that classic ships in the night stylee when I was touring with Cristian Vogel back in the late nineties. We are talking about a man with Multiple decades of energy dedication and knowledge a go go! He’s got the quadfecta mad skills as composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter which is probably one of the reasons he’s been able to be so nimble and effective working with a huge range of incredible artists from Arctic Monkeys to Depeche Mode via Foals, Gorillaz and Kylie Minogue.   You may know him as one half of Simian Mobile Disco, alongside longtime creative partner Jas Shaw or perhaps as a touring member of The Last Shadow Puppets. The hat cupboard in the house is ample!   I was lucky enough to feature on a track with SMD a while back and got to see the studio when it was at the Premises in Hackney.  Now he’s got a supreme attic room that is beyond decked out. We have a little tour of that for anyone who is curious about his gear choices after all this time.  Then we get deep into the world of making, art, the hurdles, the path. The good stuff of rambling! Welcome to the mind of a sonic chef. His first solo album “The Hum” is out now on warp records and it’s a corker! ________________ If you want to directly help support me in the pod work please consider joining my Patreon All sounds from this episode will go to those on the upper tier ! ________________   Id like to thank show sponsors    SOUNDTOYS   KORG   STAGER MICS   _________________   NITTY!!!
10/12/20232 hours, 13 minutes, 39 seconds
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  Jon Hopkins pays attention. He has a ear for the smallest details and a deft touch both as a pianist and a producer.  I feel this interview is very timely as the rise of psychedelic therapy has caught the imagination of so many. Jon has made music that is so perfect for those wishing to go deeper with their experiences in that hugely rewarding domain.  His is the mindset that wants to expand and to meditate instead of flex and win the popularity contests in the game of music. Very refreshing.  We get into his beginnings in the classical world, his lack of patience with distracting factors and on to his success story and on to his musings on the current state of being a musician releasing music in this arguably confusing time.   ____________ The nitty returns ! I was fortunate enough to get an early copy of Andrew Huang’s first plugin :) It's a collaboration with Baby Audio called “Transit” It really inspired me to get my hands dirty and to explore it’s outer ways.  I stacked up about 30 or so instances to pull off a tonal transition that is rather epic ! I learned from an older me on this one. In EP 58 I explored a related idea in Melodyne. Here’s that show  ****** **** ** * SPECIAL DEAL !!   I’m happy to be able to offer listeners to the show a 10 % discount on TRANSIT when using the code BABYHOWA at check out Here’s the plugin!! Check it :) Also.. Here’s the Ableton session called “The Bends” that I made to demo this  (sadly I forgot it’s the 11.3.10b5 Beta version of Ableton you’ll need to run this .. oops!)  _____________   Big ups to Catechism and REZN for their music on this show.  It’s from an album called “Infected Ambient Works” Here’s the link to it _____________   A massive shout to show sponsor Soundtoys! At the start of this episode I add the New SUPER PLATE and the classic PHASE MISTRESS plugins to a tape jam that’s fresh from my new studio and it just enters into a whole Different dimension.  These are Shockingly good plugins! Some of the very best you can find.  That’s why I’m so chuffed to work with these legends !  Check their masterful work here   ____________ If you want to directly help support me in the pod work please consider joining my  Patreon All sounds from this episode will go to those on the upper tier !        
8/28/20232 hours, 24 minutes, 20 seconds
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DESCRIPTION After a hefty and well needed break I’m back The pod returns :) I trust y'all are hanging in. I hope in fact you’re more than just hanging in. I hope you are diving in and thriving and embracing the endless realm of possibility that presents itself to you. Don’t worry, I’ll not linger on the guru talk. Just stating the obvious ! As you can see from the show title I got to finally chat with the brilliant Benn Jordan. We met at NAMM a couple of years back (I’ve had some great hangs at NAMM I must say) He’s a smart, witty man with endless curiosity and it’s really fun to explore all manner of mind realms with him. We can TALK! Oh how we can talk. This conversation was at least 3 hours long and it’s been cut down a fair bit but there’s no end of tangents and insights into The mighty Benn. I think those of you who are familiar with his excellent YouTube material will enjoy hearing an extended ramble portal into his many ways. It’s great to be back This show has 2 excellent sponsors 1st off I’m super happy to get to work with my pals at Soundtoys for a few shows. They agreed to come on board and I couldn’t be happier. Just love them and their excellent plugins. Top shelf stuff! In this episode I show off 2 of my faves, decapitator and devil lok. They are both such wonderful tools. Potent and endlessly useful in equal measure. Like Salt in cooking, they amp up the tasty. Head over to Soundtoys if you know what’s good for you! I’d also like to thank “a tasty pixel” for sponsoring the show. They are makers of the unbelievably good LOOPY PRO. Absolutely stunning software for anyone who really wants the last looper. It is the most fully featured pure looper Ive ever used. Beardyman uses it. If you were wondering if it were capable I think that’s all you need to know! Interested in looping? Let me save you some time. All you need is LOOPY PRO Click here for more info!
8/17/20231 hour, 59 minutes, 20 seconds
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Hainbach must be such a busy man! Just today I received a post on his patreon that he uploaded to Medium where he eloquently described the history and character of the electronic music company Vermona that started in the GDR and now lives on. It was a review of sorts of the DRM drum machine from 1987 but he surrounded that feature with some wonderful insights into the company’s history whilst painting a picture of former East Germany. He put all this together after having made a highly compelling video on the same subject for his now legendary youtube channel where so many of us find ourselves happily gazing in on his wild sonic adventures. I’ve learnt so much from him over the years and feel a undeniable connection with him. I certainly share his passion for beguiling tone and that marveling at human inventiveness and endeavor. A tremendous story teller and tireless adventurer, we could have discussed any number of things. There was absolutely no plan to this chat and you’re going to hear what is essentially our first phone call. Yes there's Ample deep dives a tangents a go go. It was a great pleasure to speak with this fountain of knowledge. It gives me great pleasure to welcome on to the show Hainbach Nitty 109 is all about Tape Delay. I put the new Echofix EFX3 through its paces in some odd ways! This nitty is also a rare VIDEO nitty. Link to that here I have an affiliate link to the Echofix machine I used here or for the rack version here buying a unit from that link helps the channel :) thanks! Music for the show comes from
3/31/20231 hour, 57 minutes, 12 seconds
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Carl Craig worked with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson back in the day I mean that could be all the intro you need to hear to know how heavy he is! Wait til you find out about the HANGS they had in Detroit. They were cooking up a sound of techno that has never been surpassed in my opinion. Mr Craig has really never stopped. It’s pretty mind blowing to me He’s already left behind a superb and ultra varied stack of music that springs from an insatiable hunger for the new. I mean the sheer number of aliases he has is hard to keep up with! Not content with just putting out bangers, he’s been expanding his experience to fill a museum and the process is truly epic. We get into what went into his work called Party/After Party which was commissioned by Dia Art Foundation and is opening soon at Moca LA. and is on view APR 16 – JULY 23, 2023. Here’s a link! Increasingly on this show, I’ve been trying to stay away from too much gear talk coz it’s really not that interesting often quite frankly BUT in this case I felt like we needed to get somethings cleared up. At least I was really curious about what made it on to those early Detroit cuts. Some of the findings are shocking, in a great way and ought to be inspiring to anyone who feels they need all manner of fancy machines to rock the house. Carl is living proof that you just need to get it all out with whatever you have in front of you but also it illustrates to me the importance of a crew and a little friendly competition. That can really up your game. The thing I take away from this chat is just the searching. The fascination and passion to keep making. It’s super inspiring to me and I hope it spurs you all on to dig in and make noise! In other news, Im off to superbooth! Let me know if you’re going :) boring news,,, I've been sick good news, new studio looking good next show will have a nitty. Cheers!
3/7/20231 hour, 26 minutes, 23 seconds
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Hi ! Yep, a tad delayed this one. I apologize. This time I have the wall of blinkers to blame. The eurocrack has opened up and swallowed me! Haaaaaa. I've enjoyed being in the belly of the beast though I must say and now Im emerging with many a sonic memory etched on tape. I'll try to share these via a new venture, HOWA records. Yeah, its a new idea. Somewhere to put all this work. I pour so much of my heart and soul into these sounds and pieces that linger on the drive. Perhaps it's time to release them into the wilds. EP107 is with Emmy Award winner Angelo Palazzo. He is a sound designer and editor on the highest level. His recent work on Stranger things session 4 was beyond epic. It's a pleasure to have him on to enlighten us about the dark art of TV sound on this grand scale. We had the sad news of Dominic Hawkins passing away last week. Really really sad. He was such a positive and uplifting gentleman. I didnt know him well but always thoroughly enjoyed my chats with him on the sonic state pod. RIP Dom.
2/14/20231 hour, 30 minutes, 16 seconds
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David Haskell is a professor of biology and environmental studies at the University of the South and a Guggenheim Fellow. His 2017 book The Songs of Trees won the John Burroughs Medal for Distinguished Natural History Writing. His 2012 book The Forest Unseen was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award, and won the 2013 Best Book Award from the National Academies, the National Outdoor Book Award, and the Reed Environmental Writing Award. His new book, Sounds Wild and Broken is out now and I was thrilled to have a chance to sit down in person with him in my studio here Nashville to discuss it briefly. Here’s a quick summary of the book from the official press release: Starting with the origins of animal song and traversing the whole arc of Earth history, Haskell illuminates and celebrates the emergence of the varied sounds of our world. In mammoth ivory flutes from Paleolithic caves, violins in modern concert halls, and electronic music in earbuds, we learn that human music and language belong within this story of ecology and evolution. Yet we are also destroyers, now silencing or smothering many of the sounds of the living Earth. Haskell takes us to threatened forests, noise-filled oceans, and loud city streets, and shows that sonic crises are not mere losses of sensory ornament. Sound is a generative force, and so the erasure of sonic diversity makes the world less creative, just, and beautiful. The appreciation of the beauty and brokenness of sound is therefore an important guide in today’s convulsions and crises of change and inequity. Here’s a link to the book in all it’s various formats (the link is slow but it works) I can highly recommend you give it a read. It's just a wonderful read and full of insights that will stay with you. There’s a Soundcloud link with sounds pertinent to the chapters which you can check out here ______________ I also wanted to give a shout out to pod listener Simon Taylor and his book AUDIO MASTERING IN A PROJECT STUDIO: A PRACTICAL APPROACH FOR A PROFESSIONAL SOUND Some great ideas and knowledge that’s not too overwhelming check these whee links: US  Or UK  ______________ As always send music and stuff to [email protected] :)
1/19/20231 hour, 17 minutes, 14 seconds
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Merry Chrimble y’all! Here’s a sonic present for your ears to unwrap.  It’s in the form of a nice fireside ramble with the excellent Stephen James Wilkinson aka Bibio.  He’s a wonderful and thoughtful chap with a very unique touch and a searching soul.  I love his musical range, his tones, his playing. YES He’s rather good! Im assuming you all know his stuff? If not you fools!  You must immediately have a listen  As in go here NOW!   It’s super ooper dooper inspiring stuff and I was mighty chuffed when he agreed to come on the pod. Our paths never crossed as label mates on warp records which is a shame. God knows why.  A couple of shy dudes making waves in different countries might have had something to do with it! Ha. Anyway we are finally in a chat and even talking about working on something together which sounds good to me.  Watch this space.   He’s a wise lad so of course he has a nagra. A stereo nagra in fact.  In fact it was this conversation that really made me want to find one of my own which thankfully I did. He’s the one guest that actually recorded a backup to the tape machine. Proper legend   Roll it ____   Thanks for tuning in folks! It’s been another bonkers year and having this show has been a huge part of keeping me going. Cheers to all the wonderful patrons for helping me keep this dream alive Thanks to distrokid for their continued support as the most epic and long running sponsor of the pod.  If you make music and need it putting out, just use distrokid! It’ll be everywhere like Santa before you know it  Dropping that sonic magic down the chimneys of the world.   Thanks to Bibio And I’ll catch you in 2023!   Make merry y’all     
12/24/20221 hour, 32 minutes, 43 seconds
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Such a treat to chat with Jeremy aka Red Means Recording. Now you must know who he is right? If not well you're in for a treat. He's an amazing creative soul and funky chap that makes excellent music, teaches and creates exceptional YouTube videos that go deep into the synth and electronic musical world. Highly recommended viewing. He's just great. Link to his YouTube here HELLO! Yes, I realize this has been a lonnnnng time coming. What's been up? The studio build is now hitting a new level of intensity and my Mum just left after a long visit and things have been a tad upside down so Im off my funk but here we are!   LINKS Please go and grab this new release from friend of the pod Marta Salongi and Floating points. It's a fund raiser for the charity Free Youth Orchestra which focuses on removing financial barriers between children and access to musical equipment and lessons so cool. the music is here to buy and thus support looking for something to fill the digital stocking? I can recommend this max for live device from the wonderful friend of the pod Ned Rush. It's called MIDI WAVES and it's ace and not expensive. grab here Jim Keller has been helping me design the new studio. Great to work with him. So much knowledge! Check his beautiful work here Thanks for Diana Walsch for pod support. Find her here Website: IG: @dmwalshmusic
12/13/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 46 seconds
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Hello! Jamie again. I caught up with this busy Fred on his current US tour.  He’s been busy you ask?  Oh yes. I mean so so busy.  For one thing he’s penned massive pop numbers with Ed Sheeran, Stormy and other huge acts Did you know that?  I mean BIG BIG songs.  And YET his mentor and good friend is none other than  Brian Eno!   Wait.. what? Ah yes, all shall be revealed. See the thing about Fred is he will write a huge song for an act like Clean Bandit in the afternoon, then be on the phone to fourtet for arrangement advice on his solo work by dinner time.  He can write on the road, he can write in the club. He’s prolific as they come this man!   Fred has been doing so well and it was great to get this chance to chat with him  What an exceedingly positive and fun chap he is. So much talent and a very good outlook Lots of nuggets in this chat. Obv we get into the Eno connection and the come up and  Fred reveals some massive beat making secrets he learned directly from Boi-1da.  I get some advice mid show too which I think might be a first :) We are here in part to discuss his ace new LP “Actual Life 3” which you can find in the usual streaming zones.   It’s a real pleasure to welcome on to the Show for the first time Fred….. Again _____   Making music? Want it out in the world? Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code
11/9/20221 hour, 32 minutes, 17 seconds
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Max Tundra is Ben Jacobs A man that was a child that grew up in London. As pointed out on his bandcamp, he went to the same school as Jude Law and a Chemical Brother, but didn’t know them. In this disposable content age, there’s an undeniable urge to go for quantity over quality is there not? The music Ben makes as Max Tundra comes as rarely as a celestial event. We forget the rising and falling of the sun each day but we don’t forget a total eclipse now do we? This is how it felt when Mocky and I came across the LP “Mastered by guy at the exchange”. We were without sun for a while. In an unknown land that felt Most welcoming and yet most peculiar. It was genuinely new music. Something so rare that still feels fresh all these years later. Here’s what hyper pop bloke A. G. Cook said of Max Tundra’s legacy: “‘Mastered by Guy at the Exchange’ is a true cult album - a playful monolith that sounds both nothing and everything like the 2000s. Stumbling across it as a teenager, it reinforced a hunch I had: that music is a place where anything could happen, and total chaos could be held together by the lightest of pop hooks. There’s an oddly British quality to Max Tundra’s work, a soft and polite maximalism - pioneering, eccentric and infinitely remixable.” Ben Jacobs invented hyper pop As they say in the UK FACTS It’s a good time to be a Max Tundra fan as domino has reissued his first three studio albums to be found HERE 2000s Some Best Friend You Turned Out to Be, 2002’s Mastered by Guy at the Exchange, and the 2008 masterwork Parallax Error Beheads You. We get into a lot of his formative years and thankfully he kept so much of his sonic ramblings from that time and they can be found on his band camp page It’s a real treasure trove. Here it is What a legend. If you’ve never heard of him before, I’m so glad I get to make the intro. He’s a true original and a very nice man Please welcome on the show Max Tundra
10/25/20221 hour, 47 minutes, 16 seconds
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Nigel is my kind of producer He has a strong sense of quality, a strong sense of who he is and what potentials artists have to be cultivated and captured. He’s my kind of producer because he gets his hands dirty and doesn’t just act as a fan of the band and take on that guru role but he’s in the trenches, setting up the mics for perfect phase alignment, getting all the sonic chains correct but without a limiting rule book. There’s so much inventiveness in the productions alongside the incredible, undeniable tone. Of course there’s that ego and strong sense of self and I ran into his resolute perspective a couple of times by asking questions he deemed sub par or misguided. Let’s put it this way, you know where you stand with Nigel and of course he has a strong perspective. Imagine the courage and strength of conviction it would take to tell Thom Yorke or Paul McCartney that they could better a take or that a lyric felt cheesy or what have you. We might all think we want to be told yes all the time but Nigel, it feels, understands when to say no and let his point be known and I love that about him. I have immense respect for him. He's made some of my favorite records and I think it's fair to say that he's my favorite living producer. So needless to say it's an absolute thrill to have him on the show. It’s even more special to me that he agreed to do episode 100. NIGEL!!!!! Nitty 100 is a BIG one I get my hands on a rare Chamberlin M1 from the excellent Rob Burger and sample it in a most painstaking manner yielding a set of 8 instrument captures that showcase the sounds on the tapes in a way that’s never been heard before. I sent the finished pack to some amazing musicians and they all came back with beautiful music to demo the sounds. You’ll hear tracks from Dave Sitek Hainbach Dana Wachs Andrew Huang RJD2 Money Mark and I also made one that sneaks in at the end of the show 🙂 EP 100 Baby! bringing the heat!!! I only managed to make all this with the expert kontakt and decent sampler scripting help of Owen Bolig and GUI design from Tobias James. In the sample instruments you can blend 3 different layers. The DRY is a direct output from the instrument running into a Telefunken V72 preamp The DIRT is the signal processed though a silvertone amp head into a Roland RE-201 space echo in spring reverb mode 3+4) The DUAL MONO ADT NAGRA recordings are the star of the show and the motivation behind the instrument. The output of the Chamberlin was sent to 2 nagras at the same level. I played with the varispeed of one nagra tape machine and not the other so when the NAGRA channel on the kontakt or decent sampler is set to mono you hear unique ADT style phasing that’s varied per key press using scripting magic (Kontakt only). So there’s 3168 samples that make up the 8 instruments with a total of 4.62Gb of audio. Get ready! The Chamberlin ADT is available to Patreon members on the soul science level! Music for EP100 comes from Lok44 who’s LP 44problems is to found on TRUST. I was bugging out to this. I think he triggered something from my youth and I very much enjoyed the flashback! Thanks to sonible for their kind sponsorship Their plugins are well worth checking out. smart, clear and good sounding. Triple wammy! check them out 🙂 Thanks also to access analog for THEIR kind sponsorship Good news! They have given me a code to share with you all at check out so you can try this wild service for yourself and remotely control a pye compressor from the comfort of your studio or roaming about with a laptop with wifi. True 2022 business. The code you need at check out is....... trial-howa enjoy! Drums from this ad spot are from the That Sound “Hanger” library here shouts to my studio building crew! Jim Keller at Sondhus and Matthew Marinelli at coral sound thanks to Diana Walsh for cleaning up the audio as ever Last my most certainly not least, thank you to my lovely wife! Without her this show never would have been. Just would not have ever reached episode 1! Im so proud of her. She’s having her first solo art show as a painter here in Nashville at the brand new ZieherSmith Gallery. The show is called STIM and it’s going to be up from the 24th September. Check this link here for info! BYE x
10/9/20222 hours, 23 minutes, 36 seconds
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TEED has an excellent new LP out now called “When the Lights Go” available on his Nice Age label. Check it ooot! HERE is Link to the album, tour info and loads of ace merch! If you didnt already get the Chamberlin ADT sample instrument I made here 4.64 Gb sample instrument of the instrument used by Bowie on Low! ahhh yes…let’s get on with the show….. It’s high time I chatted with this chap. We’ve hung out at multiple LA gatherings over beers and somehow never ended up in a suitable setting for a good chin wag. This has now been completely set right in what is a true alpine ramble twixt myself and the excellent TEED. We pass many a scenic wonder on our winding adventures. Touching on: the LA twilight zone Honesty and ambition Being cool TEED history Unknown music! The making of the new tones Equal love of jungle and Bach It’s just my kind of hang. Hope you enjoy it! Music comes from Andrew Huang ! he made his track exclusively with the Chamberlin ADT sample instrument I made from over 3000 samples of the VERY rare Chamberlin M1 all running to 2 Nagra tape machines simultaneously with a varispeed on only one deck to create phase and ADT effects PER note. EPIC! get it now! Ep101 ! YES It’s a shortee this time. I’m trying for a half bi so I can keep up with the DELUGE of interviews I’m been doing of late. Such good people, I want to hurry them out. art lovers ! Please check out my wife’s first solo paining show here it’s called STIM. I’ve been present for all the making of these and I’m so proud of her. It’s huge news for our family and I think so many of you will love the style and also the story behind the work as we discover about out autism. More on this soon 🙂 Thanks to Distrokid for the kind sponsorship :) Get your music steaming in minutes! Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code
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You may know him for his soaring solo musical adventures or maybe you’re old school and you were always down with his band The Invisible. Perhaps you’ve seen him playing with Amy WInehouse or Grace Jones. Perhaps you’ve heard his collaborations with Adele, Yoko Ono or Tony Allen? Perhaps you’ve not come across him yet, in which case I’m very happy to make the connection. I know him as  a genuine, fascinating, generous and ultra simpatico friend that I see far too infrequently. There are few people I know that enjoy talking as much as Dave. He leads you into wild and wonderful places in his delightful and engaging explorations and I’m always keen to see where we might end up. In his presence, time seems to slow down and I find that deeply relaxing and very welcome. I often feel a tad in my head, or even headless but Dave brings a groundedness that is very settling. Those who know him have experienced his radiant smile and his tremendous, heart felt hugs. I feel very lucky to be friends with Dave. He’s a real one of a kind and an absolute beast of a musician.I had the chance to get a sneak peak of his new LP and it’s really mind blowing stuff. Just wait ! Ah yes. At long last, I’m so happy to welcome my friend on the show. Please welcome Dave Okumu Nitty 99 is an exploration of the Eventide H8000 and its excellent 4 part MIDI pitch shifter which appears to be the sound we know so well on the Bon Iver track 715 Creeks. I run all sorts of stuff into it and it's a delight! Can't believe this is my first time using it. Music for EP 99 comes from the rather excellent Botany! Superb. Still available for download is This EP FORUKRAINE performed by Rob Burger and sonically crafted by me all proceeds to the Ukrainian Redcross. Please consider a small donation :) I’d like to thanks Diana Walsh for her help prepping the interview audio @dmwalshmusic on the gram 🙂 PLEASE keep the music coming ! send submissions to [email protected]   side orders: Dave mentions Elizabeth Fritsch pots and how he'd like to live in one. When you see them you'll understand why. She's an absolute master and channels such beauty in her work. link HERE
8/20/20221 hour, 49 minutes, 53 seconds
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  Mr maker of the odd circuits, Mr man with a vision to create a company from the ground up that dramatically changed the modular synth world forever, Mr maker of synth woven musics. Please welcome Mr Make Noise himself, Tony Rolando! We get into chatting about his excellent new album “Breakin’ is a Memory” Which you can find here Come and delve into this new work and imagine where Tony’s head is at. Making all these incredible instruments for us all make NOISE with whilst keeping his passion for the original motivation ---- the music making itself. He has the irresistible urge to create sound and frame these nocturnal excursions into an LP. He's made all this in his few free hours outside MN to stretch out and fashion a record, his way in his home studio. I’m really glad found space for this. It’s a great result and this LP is a rich listen! We get into all the juicy inside knowledge about how it was made from Tony himself. What machines were used and how. The mindset, the techniques, it’s all here! This chat is not an attempt to dive "Biographical". For that I highly recommend you listen to this interview that mylarmelodies conducted with Tony as it contains a quality insight into the Make Noise back story and Tony’s history, philosophy and such. Fantastic listen! Click here In the nitty I crack out an early version of the Make Noise Strega which was a collab with Tony and pod guest Alessandro Cortini. Such a powerful and fun little box! I put it together with a Befaco Noise Plethora (which is a self contained sculpt-able noise bath of a module) and use my voice to populate three loops that don’t care about one another. Like dogs, they all run free. Once you fill up these three, free loops, you can bounce them all to a virtual cassette deck alongside any input that might also be coming in to spin to tape. Once this new bounced recording stops, the 3 main loopers you used to make the 1st layer are emptied automatically and you can fill them once more and then bounce them to a 2nd tape deck until you reach the 3rd wave of loops that go to a final reel at which point you are all full up and need to delete either all or some of the parts you made to make room for new ideas. Birth and death is one of reasons to love looping. To know you must destroy to grow something fresh. So yes, I used the excellent Loopy Pro on an M1 iPad to build this looper with an Akai APC40 connected via a Hub the USB-C port on the iPad Pro. I was able to run signals to physical channels of a mixer using a class complaint audio interface with multiple outs. The whole idea behind this setup was to be as close to the moving parts as possible and to be able to reach all the controls extremely easily to manipulate all the important aspects that need to be influenced by hand as it’s all a performance and this makes it somewhat like making food. For stir fry, you need your ingredients right there. If you have to drive to buy ginger in the middle of a cook its akin to needing to halt the flow to get a machine recorded right if not easily connected and playable. This is key. All the factors from sound tone shaping, to levels to FX they need to feel playable. Having used loopers as my way of expressing myself live since around 2000, I have a very strong connection to working in this way. I made my loopers in Max/MSP but I must say, Loopy pro is a wonderful tool to build custom live looping setups in 2022 using a tool like an iPad that has a superb touch interface is a bonus. It’s all very welcome and I think it’s really the best tool you will find to make a custom looper that allows more options than a Boss 505 or any other hardware unit. I will include the loopy pro patch I made for this nitty for all the members of the HOWA Patreon on the soul science level :) The music for EP98 comes from Raj Pannu. Really unique stuff I feel. He has a patient and detailed flow that bubbles along in an immersive bass aquarium with subtle motion charted throughout. It’s like minimalism in the evolution of parts with a lot of sound pressure pushing and with a bold forward motion. Here’s a link to some of Raj’s music. I’d like to thanks Diana Walsh for her help prepping the interview audio PLEASE keep the music coming ! send submissions to [email protected] Thanks to Distrokid for the kind sponsorship :) Get your music steaming in minutes! Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code show music Highly recommended pod for these times: LIVING MYTH with Michael Meade
7/7/20222 hours, 40 minutes, 33 seconds
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Holly Herndon is an American composer, musician, and sound artist based in Berlin Germany.After studying composition at Stanford University and completing her Ph.D. at Stanford University's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, she pursued a music career internationally. Herndon's music often includes human singing voices (including her own), is primarily computer-based, and regularly uses the visual programming language Max/MSP to create custom instruments and vocal processes. She has released music on the labels RVNG International. and 4AD. Her most recent full-length album Proto was released on May 10, 2019 which was the first full length record to utilize singing neural networks. She's recently released a way to interact with her digital twin called Holly plus and as of now you can upload polyphonic material to her homepage and receive a version of your recording with Holly plus as the voice for all parts. She is well informed about the most modern issues relating to digital rights that go alongside ideas such as renting your voice as a virtual performance instrument, as opposed to the old school reliance on sampling. There's a complex array of legal challenges on the horizon and most of us are hip to the potential of very convincing deep fakes and such. Will we be able to download the voice of Bob Marley as a kind of VST style instrument ? It seems clear we will and that ownership of these voices is going to be crucial going forward to make the market a free and fair place. For those interested in the cutting edge, Holly is cohost of the podcast Interdependence which covers the people, projects and technologies shaping 21st century culture with a large focus on moving to web3. In the Nitty I return my piano to the renaissance by having it tuned to a 1/4 comma meantone temperament. I wanted to see how the equal temperament we know so well might stack up in a triadic battle against the old ways. It’s pretty fascinating to me. I hope you’ll get something out the of trip back to 1523 when the meantone would have been dominant. HOLLY links Holly+ Other peoples clothes book recommendation Cathy_Berberian Lauren newton LINKS TO MUSIC FROM THE SHOW Chants Platzwave Manor LINK TO FORUKRAINE This EP was performed by Rob Burger and sonically crafted by me all proceeds to the Ukrainian Redcross. Please consider a small donation :)
5/26/20221 hour, 46 minutes
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It's a first here at HOWA. YES  I've a returning guest ...... Si Bonobo ! He was here before on EP29 and now he's back to walk us deep into the making of his latest live show. It's an amazing spectacle, with a full band, ample electronics, guest vocalists, wonderful immersive visuals and a very ambitious, scalable delivery. Huge stuff! Was a treat to have him swing by my studio here in Nashville to share a coffee and have a good look into what REALLY makes such a superb show.  Hope y'all enjoy :)
5/6/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 18 seconds
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First of all please send music, comments and jokes to [email protected] and I’ll check em :) Feel free to join the pod patreon for the best sounds and max patches in the known universe and all that! link HERE Let's get on with the show! Ive been lucky enough to work with Daniel on my album Compass (2010) where he overdubbed a stack of these double speed, beautiful burnt crystaline, shimmering pentatonic runs that wind their way through the song “completely exposed” I was working with Chris Taylor from the Band Grizzly bear which is how many of you will have doubtless discovered the magic of Mr Rossen’s voice and song craft and what a craft it is! His style is so singular and he’s got that passion in his writing and playing that sets him apart with an intricate, elegant touch on guitar that has both urgency and solidity. There’s real fire in him and at the same time a soft vulnerability and it all races around in these huge landscapes he paints in sound. Amazingly this is his first LP and what a beauty it is. A Timeless beauty at that. It’s called YOU BELONG THERE and was released a few days ago on APRIL 8 2022 on warp records. He’s currently out there, SOLO on the road on a short US and Euro Tour. I saw him in Nashville and was mesmerized. What a talent he is. A humble soul also, with immense talent and a welcome dash of dry humour. HERE is a link to his webpage so you can see he’s coming to your town :) so with all that said, please welcome to the show, the rather wonderful. Daniel Rossen _____________ This episode features music from 5 excellent contributors! Oort CLoud services: Runnershigh No CIty West Erez Rok Zalokar Thank you to Fabfilter for sponsoring this nitty episode! I get super deep into the world of Timeless 3, their absolute BEAST of a delay plugin. It can pitch shift, distort, lofi, reverberate and custom tap its way into your world. It’s available for desktop AND ios and I’ve made a bunch rather sweet presets for it on my adventures with it that work on both platforms. SO killer. In the nitty I explore the idea of making evolving delay sequences using the excellent tap designer part of the plugin. Patreons get the presets of course ! some juicy ones based on my marshall time modulator! _____________ BONUS POD RECOMMENDATION! I was super excited to listen to the pod that mylarmelodies put out with James Blake HERE is the link. Some super insightful nuggets in there. I highly recommend you give it a listen if you’ve not already.
4/12/20221 hour, 53 minutes, 48 seconds
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HOWA EP 94 - Marta Salogni

I feel like I’ve been very close to meeting Marta for sometime now. When I went to the Sonic Ranch and met Brad Cooke he was mentioning this amazing woman who was a tape whisperer and I was determined to meet her. She sounded like the coolest! I had also heard her name through the master of mastering, Heba Kadry and then she sounded even more like the coolest! I managed to get in touch with Marta and we started talking about this interview a long time ago. I almost thought it might not happen but here we are! Marta is a force. She’s worked on some very special music and I think that’s no coincidence. She brings a deep understanding and passion to everything she does and the extra care and analog workflow really makes a huge difference when she does it, expecially with the tape effects and treatments in full view. Love that! She’s worked with Bjork, Animal Collective, M.I.A., Frank Ocean, FKA Twigs, Black Midi, Holly Hearndon and the list goes on and on! just much great work. At the MPG Awards, she won Breakthrough Engineer of the Year in 2018. !!!! We had such a lovely chat. So happy this one finally happened :) As a nod to Marta’s tape passion, the nitty sees me hearing double as I delve into the delightful world of ADT. It was a technique invented by Ken Townsend in the Beatles era and it still sounds so juicy as an effect when performed with a real tape machine. Essentially you’re layering 2 copies of a track with something that sounds very similar but different to the source. During my experiments, I came across maybe my fave treatment on a nitty. Just sublime! Music for this episode comes from 5 contributors! - Oyobi - DJ James Naughty - great ghost - Henry Blaeser - trellicksound keep the music coming ! send submissions to [email protected] Thanks to Distrokid for the kind sponsorship :) Get your music steaming in minutes! Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code
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HOWA EP93 - Joe Gallagher

my guest is Joe Gallagher ! I wanted to speak to him after I saw he was heavily involved in the making of the album Heaux Tales by Jazmine Sullivan which is just such a great record. I was curious to hear how he works in this capacity and in general seeing as he’s quite a private person and not super vocal on the socials etc. He’s worked as an engineer on music by Kehlani, Ariana Grande, Kindness, Usher and much more. A humble badass. I hope you enjoy this chat. thanks once again to Diana Walsh for her help on the edit. I’ve been working with Rob Burger to make new music to share in order to raise money for the terrifying, escalating Ukraine situation. I’ll be sure to alert you all when it’s ready. I’ve been VERY busy with a hefty piece of max for live meets Touch OSC to control a rather excellent and dreamy pedal over MIDI. It’s coming super soon for you all to check. Im very proud of it. I hope it’ll be a new way to make sound for those of you that own the mystery pedal.. all shall be revealed VERY soon. My masterclass with Aulart is coming very soon. I hope you’ll check it out! I really put my heart into it and it’s like a bunch of really focused nitties on camera and some deep diving into my new song writing process that I think you’ll find freeing! Here’s the link to it. more LINKS: here’s a link to a track from Jazmine Sullivan off the excellent Heaux Tales LP in our chat we get into DJ Shadow and the movie “Scratch” and in particular this scene (4 mins 20 in ) Shout out to ADDAC system ! they sent me the amazing 112 looper and grains module and I’ve been have so much fun with it. It’s DEEP! Also I got some bridge units that allow CV to pass from one end of a big case to another. so so handy! Thanks to Distrokid for the kind sponsorship :) Get your music steaming in minutes! Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code                
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HOWA 92 - Dustin O’Halloran

Dustin O’Halloran is an American pianist and composer with five acclaimed solo albums under his own name.  He released his first EP Sundoor with renowned classical musical label Deutsche Grammophon in 2019, and followed that up with his solo album Silfur in 2021.    He’s also a member of the band A Winged Victory for the Sullen with Adam Wiltzie, and they released their album The Undivided Five with Ninja Tune in 2019 and self-released their latest album Invisible Cities in 2021.    He’s the winner of a 2015 Emmy Award for his main title theme to Amazon’s comedy drama Transparent (2014–2017), and was nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and a Critics Choice Award for his score to Lion (2016), written in collaboration with Volker Bertelmann (aka Hauschka).   We get into many topics such as the old analog vs digital debat, habits at the piano, inner timing, the music of Hans Otte, the power of the ocean, icelandic breakfast, how to record the piano, working to picture and much more :)                ________   In the nitty I recreate the magical oscillator offset that’s found in the wonderful and soon to be legendary Yamaha CS70.  It was inspired by this video of floating points in his studio, demonstrating this very thing.  It’s been a treat to remake in software and I run down how it was done.  The most important piece of the puzzle was scaling the pitch wheel (actually 2 pitch wheels) to not be smooth but quantized to the intervals used in the CS70. To do this I used a Max for live device called “Bend Sequence” from Heaps of Bleeps. I really think this series is tremendous. I wasn’t aware of his work but it’s some great max programming and works so well. Here’s the link to all his stuff :)    _________     Music in this episode comes from  BAPHONYM  - from the LP STILLFACE which you can find here:   Please send your musical submissions to [email protected] I love to hear them! ____   Other links :   Mylar Melodies  deep dive into the Orchestron link here   The music of Hans Otte link here  ( this is not the album but rather a live performance)  
1/29/20221 hour, 41 minutes, 37 seconds
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Welcome to Crimble escape pod EP 91.  Happy to share this chat with Jonathan Rado ! You may know him from his band Foxygen or perhaps his productions with   The Killers,  The Lemon Twigs, Tim Heidecker, Whitney, Alex Cameron, Father John Misty or perhaps Weyes Blood? I had a blast meeting him in the covid lull a while back where we had a rare face to face chinwag. We talk about his work with the killers, his come up and his early sonic adventures. How Richard Swift was a hugely pivotal force, both as a musical inspiration and then as a teacher. We get into his working alongside the magical Shawn Everett on many projects and the secret of his success in terms of the mystical “Rado effect”! ___  In the nitty I get into the rare world of the double head. Yes, not one but 2 Neumann ku100s were used to produce this one. Working a little with the idea of creating a far far away mic fade. We shall answer the age old question, are 2 heads are better than 1? Check it  ____ I chat about my new big modular case. A thing of astounding beauty. Crafted by one of the best. A tremchap named Brock from Emc More on that and my secret next purchase soon ____ Music for the show comes from 2 super talented artists: splitradix And Gerald Fjord form his record Fracture You’ll have to guess who’s who's music is playing (it's pretty easy) ____ Thanks to Diana Walsh for interview editing :) find her on the gram here @dmwalshmusic _____ Thanks to Distrokid for the kind sponsorship :) Get your music steaming in minutes! Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code
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Welcome to Crimble escape pod EP 91.  Happy to share this chat with Jonathan Rado ! You may know him from his band Foxygen or perhaps his productions with   The Killers,  The Lemon Twigs, Tim Heidecker, Whitney, Alex Cameron, Father John Misty or perhaps Weyes Blood? I had a blast meeting him in the covid lull a while back where we had a rare face to face chinwag. We talk about his work with the killers, his come up and his early sonic adventures. How Richard Swift was a hugely pivotal force, both as a musical inspiration and then as a teacher. We get into his working alongside the magical Shawn Everett on many projects and the secret of his success in terms of the mystical “Rado effect”! ___  In the nitty I get into the rare world of the double head. Yes, not one but 2 Neumann ku100s were used to produce this one. Working a little with the idea of creating a far far away mic fade. We shall answer the age old question, are 2 heads are better than 1? Check it  ____ I chat about my new big modular case. A thing of astounding beauty. Crafted by one of the best. A tremchap named Brock from Emc More on that and my secret next purchase soon ____ Music for the show comes from 2 super talented artists: splitradix And Gerald Fjord form his record Fracture You’ll have to guess who’s who's music is playing (it's pretty easy) ____ Thanks to Distrokid for the kind sponsorship :) Get your music steaming in minutes! Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code
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Thanksgiving bonus pod :)

Hi Hope you're all well. Eat a lot and be thankful.  I'm down with that ! Here's a little pod to fill you guys in on the recording of my new LP. 2 days of pretty epic recording are done! How was it? well you'd best take a listen. 
11/25/202119 minutes, 37 seconds
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hi  Not a pod but a hallo. A Rrrrreally quick mind dump from me to you about my new LP and it's progress. It's the reason I've been absent from pod life for a while and I will be back soon but in the meantime I hope this goes someway to clarifying the butter of my world to you all.  Hope you're funky !
11/17/202124 minutes, 51 seconds
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Alex Bilo made the BTS mega smash hit Butter as part of a crack writing team. A song that spent weeks and weeks at the Billboard number 1 spot. Just huge. HUGE! Hear how it went down from a man I'm happy to say is my friend.  Yep it’s rare I’m friendly with such big writers but we go way back now.. Ah how the time flies! Alex came up working with many badasses before he hit it big Here’s some links to his old school crew: Scott Jacoby Kevin Rudolf Jimmy_Douglass YES! Welcome hit maker Alex Bilo!  ____ No nitty this time! First time in 90 shows. Yep, it's a short pod this one. Hope you enjoy the brief look behind curtain. I'm making a new LP so I need my hours guys. Back to full speed in Dec. _____ Thanks to Distrokid for the kind sponsorship :) Get your music steaming in minutes! Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code
10/12/20211 hour, 24 minutes, 14 seconds
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Stimming joins the pod for a hearty, autumnal, philosophical ramble which I found most fulfilling (actually we spoke in the summer but the falling leaves around here are turning my sense of time) He's been producing quality textural groovers for a long time and his new Album LUDWIG has just taken flight and he's certainly stretching himself to new astral spaces. Highly recommended! He says of this new album process: “I was making a living from dance music for such a long time, and during the last years I came to the point where I said to myself, ‘man you are hiding so much of your own horizon” He's a funny and honest chap that has found his voice in the noisy world of house and "outer" house. The mastery of sound is spot on. Dynamic, patient, immerse, harmonically rich. Many adjectives apply :) Welcome to the pod Stimming! Nitty 89 is dedicated to maffez synthmods who is a wonderfully talented modder and builder in Austria who turned my RD8 into a WAY more interesting machine. This nitty is an attempt to SING drum patterns using audio loopers and envelope followers to create control tracks and it works rather well! Music for the show comes from kaudog ! here are the pertinent links ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► SoundCloud: +++++ Also, not forgetting those STIMMING LINKS Twits Gram Tube Stimming Reviews (a must) Telekom electronic beats TV now the creators of that content make stuff under a new banner Sense music and Media This episode is sponsored by Distrokid "Your music steaming in minutes!" Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code
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I was very happy to catch up with Erick Elliott aka Erick Arc Elliott or Erick the Architect, a Renaissance man par excellence. He's a prolific and talented musician and producer and is arguably best known for his work in his band Flatbush Zombies but as you will find out he’s so much more than a musician at this point. He's not afraid to move into new and uncharted territory and I must admit it was his twitch channel (link here ) that made me an instant fan. It's so well done, his presence on the station is so infectious and the show runs like a wildly creative leap into a kaleidoscopic universe complete with tearaway videos, performances, downright silliness and you get the sense that this guy has an endless tap open on his creative stream. We get into all that. The music, the come-up, harnessing the strength of being different, how to deal with self doubt and to have the courage of your conviction. We get into his collabs with James Blake and much more. It gives me great pleasure to welcome on the show Erick the Architect. Link to his site here Nitty sees me hitting sustain on the voice and piano artificially using Melodyne. Good fun Music for the show comes from Fish Go Deep - This Bit of Earth Bonus links! I mention the excellent mylarmelodies interview with Gareth Jones and Daniel miller. Find it here Tchad Blake mix with the masters is here
8/21/20211 hour, 45 minutes, 57 seconds
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Who is that Ned? Well for one thing  He is one of the very best players of the game of Ableton! A sharp witted and rooted fellow. He makes a lot of rather good, anarchic and playful music that can be found on his  bandcamp under the name Rude_NHS look at titles like "flocks of pigeons making noises that sound like old women agreeing with each other" cheeky rascal! that's Ned but he's also got his seriousness and an absolute level of badassssssery that you hear in his youtube drops, the man knows how to play the ! out of a gtr and a key and a bass and a drum. He is well versed in "traditional" music as well as immersed in the new school digital possibilities. welcom!e yep NED RUSH for more info about this very talented man click here He was kind enough to share a very tasty ableton set of his for you all to check. Open this if you've a copy of live and take look around. Just bonkers right?  download for ff f f  FREE>> _______ Nitty 87 is part 2 of the Neumann KU100 Head sessions. This time it's all in an empty garage with paint pots, clap impulses, major doofs and the joy of processed binaural sound! ______   Thanks to STILLALIVE for the excellent show music!! so intense. I love it.  Here's a link to all of his work. click it !!!  ____ This episode is sponsored by Distrokid  "Your music steaming in minutes!" Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code    
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So great to catch up with my friend and old band mate Cristian Vogel on the show! The way I met Cristian was pretty unlikely and pretty fantastic I have to say. Basically back in around 1995 I was making music with Subhead alongside Jason Leach and Phil Wells and thanks to those guys I became aware of so much incredible music mostly from Detroit and Chicago but not exclusively as there were some wildcard artists that always caught my attention more than any others, none more so than the wonky magic conjured by Cristian Vogel. I had heard that he lived in Brighton. So I had this great idea to just go to there and meet him!  I hopped on the train and went to an outdoor festival that was happening that day in the city and as I walked around the place I stumbled on a lone Tresor bag lying in the grass. I knew Cristian was signed to Tresor and so I asked the lady that was sat next to it if she was Christian's sister. She was his girlfriend ! I mean WHAT are the chances? I soon met big C and we formed a fast friendship based on mutual respect (he had played Subhead 002 at the love parade and it was a big moment ! Small world ) and I joined him sharing a space to make music in Brighton where it became immediately obvious to me his approach was something completely new to me. First of all I’d never seen anyone make music with a tracker and I understood quickly that with his experience and skill he wouldn’t second-guess himself and instead would conjure his unique sound in minutes, tapping away wildly on his amiga keyboard. I realize I was in the presence of a truly unique musician and I owe him so much for all he showed me. He schooled me in the world of subtractive synthesis and taught me that it’s possible to interact with machines on the same level people interact with traditional instruments. His approach was always Orthodox and his choice of equipment unfamiliar to most myself included. We formed a band called super_collider that really stretched our skills and the technology of the time. Listening back to our first album Head-on it really was quite an achievement considering what we had . By that time we moved into a more robust studio with Orbital as our neighbors but the DAW was still primitive and we would use programs like macromedia deck 2 to complete our songs. I think it was limited to 8 tracks. We pushed that shit to the brink dealing with so many crashes it’s amazing we managed to finish anything. By 1999 I had moved To Berlin and shortly afterwards Cristian relocated to Barcelona. When we made our second album raw digits it was a tale of two cities and took considerable energy to complete. I had started to devote a lot of time to my solo career and super_collider  sadly came to an end. Not just because of that but you know… things change. Cristian kept making amazing music of course and he’s released a stack of incredible records and collaborations. At one point he created a band called “night of the brain” and kept making banging records for Tresor, Nova mute and his own Station 55 imprints to name a few. He also remixed Radiohead and Thom Yorke which still blows my mind. I got pretty heavily into Max MSP for my live shows and Cristian chose to master the Kyma system. He’s now one of the worlds experts in that paradigm and has created a whole host of extensions and applications for it which can be found on his never engine in labs website His recent album rebirth of wonky sees him Effortlessly weaving his textural skills with that unique funk of his to great effect. He’s never going to stop making music. He’s a true lifer and a searcher. One of the true pioneers of the underground that deserves much more credit than he’s received. I was very relieved that even after all this time apart, once the zoom call started and we got to talking it was like no time had passed and I hope you will enjoy as much as I did this catchup with my old friend and teacher. _NITTY I get into the 1st installment of the Binaural adventure with the Neumann head aka KU100. What an amazing mic it is! Thank you so much to my friend Vicente for letting me have a play with it ! Just incredible ! Alert ! Patreon sample pack gold level when you are part of the soul science crew. _SHOW MUSIC Music for the show is from a trio by the name of Sunjacket. Excellent stuff. Made the show such fun to put together as the songs are so well mixed and the skills are strong! Check them out here !! OTHER ME NEWS__ I'm singing on a new Mark Hawkins track called "Let it slide" THANKS_ Kind sponsorship come from Bitwig - version 4.0 of the software is really really powerful and well worth checking !! Link here Analog cases - they just made my trip to California an absolute pleasure! I’ve been waiting for these cases for years! Check them HERE and use HOWA15 on check out for 15% off!
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I'm so happy to have had a chance to chat with Bill Schnee about everything from the art of recording drums, to his opinions on truthful recording vs recording as a way to make a cartoon (all shall be revealed!) We get to talking about some of the legendary recordings he's made with Marvin Gaye and Whitney Houston . I mean CHILLS guys.. absolute CHILLS. Just hard to fathom the industry in those days and also hard to fathom the incredible level Bill was operating at. He has over 125 Gold and Platinum records and 50 top twenty singles, and is known as an engineer’s engineer. I'm very happy to say that he's written a new book. It's called Chairman at the Board and it's is an intimate, funny, and absorbing look at the music business by an insider who has recorded a host of the greatest musical artists of the last fifty years. find it here : ORDER NOW Here's a quote from another legend about this legend! Exercising the purely physical genius of a surgeon or dancer, Bill does recording, mixing, and producing extraordinarily well … maybe better than just about anyone else, living or dead. – GEORGE MASSENBURG link to chat with Andrew Scheps here What's new at Lidell HQ? Going on a trip to LA to see my friend Vicente and finally use the Neumann head! also... I was on podular modcast EP 158 other news... Notion took over Trello in the productivity efforts. Thanks to listener Simon Lane I'm deep in a Notion ocean. So far barely afloat but hey.. Deep dives seem to be my thing these days. I've had my U47s in for repair. Hard to imagine how they got so badly were soldered and wired inside at one time. Someone got them pretty mucky, luckily I've found Dave Wheeler at Nashville vintage audio Music for the show comes from NED RUSH! If you dont know him, he's a rather tremendous musician and unrivaled ableton teacher. This is a deep album and he's even made a more recent one. Check him on the bandcamp. His YouTube channel is ESSENTIAL viewing here NITTY see me dicing it up with a prob knob I get to Using the cirklon to make rendered audio cut in and out thing with prob on a knob. All shall become clear :) For anyone with a cirklon or wishing to learn about the box check this video ! EPIC and brief....well as brief as it can be at around 33 hours. The best cirklon videos out there without a doubt. splitradix demos aux events There's 2 kind sponsors on this show ANALOG CASES which make just brilliant and uber handy custom sized cases for your gear. FInd cases for over 70 different synths, drum machines, audio interfaces, and controllers. You can get super compact and lightweight zip-up cases, lightweight hard cases, all the way up to cases for full size synthesizers and controller keyboards.         Offer code HOWA15 gets you 15% off using at check out!!  Distrokid Your music steaming in minutes! Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code
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I’ve known this multi platinum renaissance man for some time now and I could tell, when we worked on the Lianne La Havas song “Green and Gold” that his skills went WAY beyond the technical. I can safely say that were it not for his expert manner in the room, that song never would have made it. Those are the kind of experiences that stay with you. It came as no surprise to later learn he’s worked on records by Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Mary J. Blige, Common, The Strokes, Robert Glasper, and Erykah Badu. Yep he’s rather nasty at mixing and producing. He’s also taken a large role in producing work by badass bands like Battles and Die Antwoord. We nerd dive into a wide pool of topics from coffee to the holiest of Mics.. He has one in his possession that has THE most incredible back story. Chris is a master of the studio both in terms of the precise and fast execution of the all important technical stuff to the refined and nuanced energy required to draw out the best in musicians. Needless to say I’m mightily chuffed to have him grace the show :) ______________ In the nitty I dive into the instant joys of the Expert Sleepers app called CROSSFADE LOOP SYNTH Absolutely wicked! Beardyman uses it heavily in his live shows and I can see why. It’s a very tasty thing indeed that lets you sample and move with no messing about. INSTANT!! It’s like a Casio SK1 on roids. Highly recommended ______________ Music from the show comes from YAW EVANS and this EP is right here! ______________ Kind show sponsorship comes from Avid who make a little known app called PROTOOLS! woo. As I mention in the slot, I have made ALL 84 episodes in Protools and I’ll tell you why it’s still my fave :) Check this link to check out the software. You can now get Protools First to have a try and it’s absolutely FREE :) cant beat that. Other Links_____ Chris Tabron homepage - has a cool Spotify playlist of his work. Well worth a look. Plus you get to see his setup which is prime! Listen to Chris on the excellent DW Fearn podcast also! Did I mention that I LOVE this pod ? ++++ I caught up with mylarmelodies recently on his ace pod which you can find here: Why we bleep with me ++++ In case you missed it here’s that Otari CV mod that’s now on order from Shawn Everett, Jonathan Rado and more! Hip. Otari 5050 cv video ++++ Other CV tape joy to be found here!! Hainbach got the nagra to varispeed under CV Nagratron    
6/8/20211 hour, 42 minutes, 23 seconds
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HOWA EP83 - Alessandro Cortini

Hello! Ah yes, twas superb to catch up with the excellent Alessandro Cortini. He's someone that really connects with the soul of machines in a very rare way. He has a clear direction and opinion on so many crucial aspects of machine music, from the pure aesthetic tonal side of things to the way that individuality can be such a crucial asset in a world that's thirsty for original voices. We get into a lot of juicy topics and Alessandro is very open and clear with his advice and opinions which I hope you'll all get a lot from. I certainly did :) On with the links! Music: Ah yes!! so so good and yes, I KNOW who the hidden horseman is... I can't say though.. sorry. ________ At the start of the show I get to talking about my song "A Rose" that's featured on the Andrew Huang 4 Producers series. Super fun watch that! check it out if you haven't such talent on there!a A rose BandCamp link: UAD chambers promo video with “A Rose” 4 PRODUCERS FLIP THE SAME SAMPLE: Jamie Lidell, Flux Pavilion, Laura Escudé, Recue and now... Alessandro’s  LINK pool BandCamp New album upcoming on MUTE records ________ Kind sponsorship comes from distrokid. Your music steaming in minutes! Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code            
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HEY! did you join the patreon yet? I’d be most grateful if you’d consider it! I’m adding loads of sounds and goodies so hop on if you’re a fan of the show! and now LETS GET ON WITH THE SHOW! ___________ BOYS NOIZE speaks! I’ve been wanting to chat with Alex for AGES, all we needed was a nice long lock down to make it possible ! He’s a wonderful prolific musician who’s made a bunch great records alone AND remixed some monsters like Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, David Lynch and tons more. He’s collaborated with my pal Chilly Gonzales, an unknown artist called Skrillex, Hudson Hohawke, Spank Rock and recently even lady Gaga. Wild!! In this chat we get deep into the truth behind all this making. Come and get the real info here.  This episode is arguably a very long nitty and it's dedicated to the makers of the heavy jams who want to know how it's actually done. This is a deep and heady chat with one of the masters of the banger.  Yup!  I get into a phase in the nitty but not THAT kind.  Music comes from Andy Rivas check it out here: Thank you to the wonderful hologram electronics for their kind show sponsorship. The microcosm pedal is wild!! Check it !    
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HEY! did you join the patreon yet? I’d be most grateful if you’d consider it! I’m adding loads of sounds and goodies so hop on if you’re a fan of the show! and now LETS GET ON WITH THE SHOW! _____ Please welcome six time Grammy nominated record producer, music mixer and programmer, song writer, song doctor, sonic architect and explorer Damian Taylor! He’s worked with a hugely talented array of artists like Bjork (in the studio and on stage), The Prodigy, The Killers, Arcade Fire, UNKLE, TR/ST, Odette, The Temper Trap, City of the Sun, and much more Recently Damian has become a compelling teacher and spreader of interdisciplinary ideas and facilitates this with live streams from his studio on his Twitch channel, through conversations, events, and courses on the community network and education platform The Complete Producer Network, and via my newly launched YouTube channel. Check it!! BTWI was introduced to Damian by my good friend Dana Wachs which explains how our conversation begins :) ______ Nitty is a two part affair. I worked super hard on a video nitty which explains some of the work I'm doing with new modified Otari 4 track reel to reel. The deck has been CV modded by - love magnet electronics and added pitch control and erase head on/off per track. So powerful. If you didnt check the viddy nitty! Here it is. The sonic nitty in the episode explores the missing link of flange under Cv control. flllllaaaannnngggggeeeeee. ______ Music for this episode comes once more from the rather excellent platzwave ! Check this link for his new release on bandcamp. Super good! ______ Kind sponsorship comes from distrokid. Your music steaming in minutes! Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code _______ Happy to say that this episode is ALSO sponsored by one of the very best US retail stores for eurorack and extended sonic adventures. Who might that be ? It’s Perfect Circuit !! So much of my modular is from them and I love working with them. Good folks! other links : best digital audio repair in the world- piscine tokyo If you dont know this man. you need to!  ned rush- beer drinker and live master. Excellent teacher. Love his stuff!
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ATOM™ is fluent in many languages Spoken and musical He's not afraid of collisions, especially of musical stereotypes Hes been filed under: Electronic music, postmodern music, glitch, IDM, Latin dance, techno, experimental, easy listening electrolatino, electrogospel, and aciton music. Ack ! He's much more than a bunch of labels. One particularly fascinating record to me was his 1998 LP - Pop Artificial where he used a vocal techique to create characters from his own voice that still to this day sound super unique. I was always curious about that. Uwe talks to me about how it was REALLY done. I suddenly felt slightly ill trying to imagine the task at hand It’s really quite mind boggling! Sonic secrets revealed! We chat a little about lock down life in Chile, the forced home studio and discoveries resulting from that sudden change You may know his as Atom TM, Atom Heart, Señor Coconut or Uwe He is all of them. Please welcome them all to Hanging out with Audiophiles _____________ NITTY is an exploration of a brand new instrument from the masters of synth design MAKE NOISE!  It's a superb machine called STREGA and a collb with the badass that is alessandro cortini  LINKS ______________ HEY! did you join the HOWA patreon yet? I’d be most grateful if you’d consider it! I’m adding loads of sounds and goodies all the time so hop on if you’re a fan of the show! You will for example get the FRESH new sounds from the MAKE NOISE STREGA (soul science level) ______________________ MUSIC for todays show is from - how to use this manual ______________________ Huge thanks to Jake Aron for his immense help with the interview sound retrieval! Heavy lifting. Contact him NOW for mixing and production. Hes awesome. NEW sound pack from me and Jimmy Edgar available at called IN LIVING 808 ______ Kind sponsorship comes from distrokid. Your music steaming in minutes! Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code    
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  A huge Multi welcome to the multi multi talent that is Jack Garratt! He's a tremendous player and  musician/man that's well  aware of his mental health and how it all effects the outcome of the art.  Love thyself people. Love and dancing. There’s much merriment in this convo alongside some real talk. Hope you enjoy :) Was a treat to finally catch up with this gent! Here’s some Jack Links for ya. HOME  INSTA  TWITTER  ____________ Music for the show comes from Brendan Bosworth. He used a bunch of sounds available on the HOWA patreon. So good! LINKs: INSTA  SOUNDCLOUD  ____________ In the Nitty I get into exploring a take on vocal techniques discussed in EP79 with Atom™ regarding vocal morphing and manipulation. I turn myself into a … well ...  you’ll hear. ____________ Kind sponsorship comes from SOYUZ microphones. They make tremendous equipment as endorsed by Nigel Godrich! Say no more. I run the flagship 017 model thro its paces and I loved it so much I had to get one. It’s now my go to mic for the pod :) Check the line of offerings here:
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Kieran Hebden is one of the most uniquely talented UK electronic artists working today. He’s produced a wonderful stack of LPS and a remixed some of the best, from Aphex to Radiohead to Jamie Lidell. He’s walked an unconventional path but the seemingly strange choices of gear and methods he’s landed on are all very much considered. He is literally building a physical line of records that will stand as his legacy and that’s at the forefront of his thinking. There’s this drive to be finishing music and finding ways to keep inspired and making the whole thing feel free and live. He finds an amazing balance in his work between meticulousness and chaos. The collaborations with Jazz legend Steve Reid in particular showed how live electronics could be just that. LIVE! Messy, ever changing and satisfyingly intense. Unsurprisingly, he works best outside the traditional music making spaces, favouring his home and small, manageable setups over the monster rooms. Minimal amount of gear but huge amounts of vinyl!!!! We toured the states in 2005. I was opening for Kieran and it was a hell of a run. I’ve very fond memories of that time. He’s a super smart and warm man that is the only person I know that plays cool edit like a violin. Please welcome onto hanging out with audiophiles Four Tet! ______________ Music on the show comes from Colin Fry. Find his music here. Kams on Metr music. Find the goodies here! METR MUSIC Website  |  Soundcloud  |  Bandcamp ______________ In the nitty I delve in the beautifully noisy needlescape that can be made with the Gakken toy record maker ! Lots of fun but I fried mine somehow though power issues. This nitty was the last time it shall be heard. Shame. I was just getting the hang of it. Here’s a link if you fancy building one (instructions in Japanese ______________ Special thanks to Jake Aron for this tremendous help getting the interview sounding good and building a new vocal chain. I love the changes. Love Jake! If you need mix/production work he’s your guy. So talented and great to work with Find him here ______________ Thank you also to the show sponsors Spectrasonics Makers of SERIOUS soft synth magic! Check them out! Check these ace YouTube sessions to see the quality and the sheer playing! It’s wild KEYSCAPE TRILIAN 1.5 So good! HAPPY HOLS TO ALL OF YOU!!    
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Hello!! Please join me on the patreon My Guest is unquestionably one of the grandfathers of Hip Hop. Please Welcome, the Visionary Inventor of music making instruments that have truly stood the test of time. Dave Rossum Maker of the SP-1200, Emulator samplers, Proteus, Assimil8or And Whatever next? It’s a true pleasure to chat with such a brilliant mind and generous, warm soul that has given us so much.   Nitty sees an alias of mine getting gritty with a tin lid and slowing the hand prints of Hainbach many octaves. It’s true.   How about Something a little different? There’s 3 musicians on the pod! We have tracks from Juliaan music Lakeshouse Tidal : Marty Byrne Music _______ Kind sponsorship comes from distrokid. Your music steaming in minutes! Take advantage of the savings HOWA offers ya! Use this 30% off code
12/4/20201 hour, 56 minutes
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Gloves on! My guest on Ep 76 is the excellent Imogen Heap. She's a lady unafraid of asking some big WHYS. Like for example WHY does the record business have to look the same as It did in the time when physical records and label structures were the norm? WHY must the artist have to hire teams of people to negotiate complicated wiggly pathways of the old clunky industry that really ought to be simplified for the good of getting the art to the ear? Imogen has been so open and transparent in her career moves and it’s a lesson in the value of meaningful fan connection.  She found her own way to share music and was an early Advocate of cultivating a caring and engaged Internet community and it’s paid dividends! She keeps the doors to her process open and welcomes fans to get involved with the process of her making. She looks at her real life makes changes to fit shifting priorities at home. She’s highly adaptable, highly talented and very down to earth. No wonder she has so many supporters that get behind her wild, pioneering visions. We get to chatting about a very important and exciting project “the creative passport” thats going to be available to try in Beta this month of nov 2020.  The future as a simpler place.  I say bring it on. Check it out! here’s the link (in the Showwwww notesss!) __________ Music for the show comes from the wild experiments of Mr Max/MSP Tom Hall. Good stuff ! All music is selected from a new EP - bestowed-order-on-chaos .. CHECK IT OOOT. _________ Kind show sponsorship comes from who are providing a VAST library of sounds for royalty free use. It's not all hip hop as I demo at the top of the show! All the foley was found from simple searches. Everything from the Babbling Brook to heftiest 808s can be found upon splice in seconds. Wild modern tech! I use it all the time. No need to look for that pesky missing piece anymore. If you can search it, you’ll likely find it :)              
11/11/20201 hour, 31 minutes, 10 seconds
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My guest, Heba Kadry is a superb Mastering engineer now based in her brand new mastering facility in Brooklyn, NY.  She’s super busy so I’m really thankful she spared me some time to chat about her new room and some wild insights into the world of the mastering professional in 2020. She’s worked with SO many talented people like Bjork, Slowdive, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Deerhunter, Beach House, Cate Le Bon, Alex G, Battles, John Maus, serpentwithfeet, Blonde Redhead, Diamanda Galás, Lightning Bolt, Black Lips, Lucy Dacus, Cass McCombs, Princess Nokia and The Mars Volta to name a few. In addition to mastering original soundtracks for films such as “Midsommar”, ” Jackie” (Oscar-nominated for best original score in 2017), “Paterson” and “The Dead Don’t Die”.   Check the discography and bio for full background.   _______ Nitty 75 sees me making a max for live patch called “Dose of Clap” which aims to make available the Simmons Claptrap in modern form. It controls the playback of samples in a unique way that randomizes and spreads in time. it’s available to my patrons so hop on if you’re not on the good train. YES!!!  Join my NEW Patreon for hanging out with audiophiles :) Get samples every 2 weeks, behind the scenes action, max for live patches… and searchable nittys as an inspirational audiobook in 75 chapters as it were. Plus you really help me out directly with some cash!  Having a crew I can talk to for feedback and to directly share new ideas and music is the business! Let’s hang. Links Kind sponsorship comes again from distrokid:  click here for a TASTY 30% OFF deal exclusive to the show ! ____________________ Music for EP75 comes from an EP called “Feet Of Clay” by Cephas Teom. It’s coming from a new label check the links! Really good stuff! METR MUSIC Website  |  Soundcloud  |  Bandcamp    
10/29/20202 hours, 9 minutes, 59 seconds
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Super chuffed to have Oliver on the show! Such a big fan of the man. We’ve had a chance to make a track together called “Charisma” What struck me was the musicality and speed of the guys. Now Oliver is one. Vaughn Oliver. A true badass that has been making amazing tracks for ages and now some of the most useful and successful splice sample packs. There are now Two “Power tools” packs. Here’s a link to the second that I was chatting about with him in the show: Oliver power tools 2  In the intro segment I mention my collaboration with the terrific folks at Sounds of Saving for world mental health day. To quote them "Music has been clinically proven to have a positive impact on mental health. The right song can affect our psychobiological stress system and create feelings of motivation, happiness and relaxation.We think the world should know that music can fight mental illness." Hers’a link to my cover of Sly stone of “Thank You” cover  Music on the show comes from the ace Platz wave  Music linked here  Nitty 74 sees me demoing my latest modular synth creation - the Sergio 4 voice poly synth made with serge oscillators and very handy doepfer poly modules During the segment I mentioned my fave max for live device. Grab it! So cheap, so good! It's called Chordimist  Also the essential Div kid ocht - Kind sponsorship for the episode comes from   When you use the promo code audiophiles100 you get a month of Sounds 100 and it's valid until the end of November. 
10/14/20201 hour, 51 minutes, 14 seconds
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HOWA EP 73 - Dana Nielsen

Welcome to HOWA, the accomplished fellow Dana Nielsen who has been working with Rick Rubin for ages as a mix/engineer guru and has worked recently with everyone from Bob Dylan, Billy Corgan to Neil Young, DRAM and more..   Music for the show comes from Speck of Dust who's new LP is up on bandcamp here :)   In the nitty I get into a comparison of the new S2400 which is a modern take on the classic EMU SP1200 which I own. I put them head to head. Old school/ new school challenge.    Kind sponsorship comes from distokid click here for a 30% discount that HOWA listeners are eligible for ! 
10/1/20201 hour, 52 minutes, 41 seconds
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HOWA EP 72 - Olivier Alary and Johannes Malfatti

  Welcome to EP 72 where I’m joined by Olivier Alary and Berlin-based composer Johannes Malfatti as we discuss the making of their new collaborative album ‘u,i’  A remarkably timely release that strikes a powerful resonance with our recently heightened experiences of connection and isolation under pandemic conditions. ‘u, i ’ was recorded over VOIP (voice over internet protocol), using the technology as both creative tool and conceptual frame.  Fascinated by the way technology materializes memory, and by “the sound of its failure, pushed to its limits and breaking apart”, they suggest that their sound here “might be described as ‘Hauntological music 2.0’, as it has a certain ghostly melancholia and foregrounds an awareness of the medium transforming what you hear.” Release date for u,i is 25th Sep 2020 I trust you’ll follow this link the label to find out more :) _________________ _ _. _. _.  _. _. _  Here's Olivier's Spotify playlist of contemporary music that he is into :) ________________ _ _ _ _ Music in this episode comes from a returning badass “good glued barometer” He’s got a new EP to check out that you can listen to in the show.  It’s called “pedestrian-priority” and you can find it NOW NOW NOW! ____________. _.  _. _. _  In the nitty I try my hand at the low ways of the internet… Here’s that naughty bandwidth eating app! Network link conditioner lets you can explore the goodies in the bad call at will: ___________ _  _ _ _. _.  Thank you to ADDAC systems for kind show sponsorship ! ___________________                
9/16/20201 hour, 32 minutes, 27 seconds
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  Dana and I have known each other for 15 years now which is a bizarre fact to me. Feels about right, although I have no idea how 15 years ought to feel. I have so many fond memories of hanging out with her on our many epic road trips where we’ve traveled from Spearfish Dakota to Osaka Japan, played massive festivals and dive bars galore. I’ve been really happy to see her musical project Vorhees come so far and you’ll hear in our chat about the huge array of different disciplines Dana Has taken on and the way that it all begins with a leap of faith and an admission that you know nothing when you start out. It reminds me of a great interview with David Bowie where he talks about the necessity to be in over your head when you start a creative project so that you’re not going through the motions. It’s great to be reminded that we all start this as absolute beginners but Dana and I have definitely put in our 10,000 hours though by now :-) it’s great to have her on the show.  Check all her excellent work here: 𝘄𝘄𝘄.𝘃𝗼𝗿𝗵𝗲𝗲𝘀𝗺𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗰.𝗰𝗼𝗺  … In this episodes Nitty I will attempt to turn my humble acoustic guitar into a string ensemble and all for only four dollars!  Music for the show comes from REV One. Check him on bandcamp here : Kind sponsorship comes from distrokid.  For less than $20 a year you can upload your music to all The major streaming platforms with ease. It’s really a no brainer.    
9/2/20201 hour, 22 minutes, 42 seconds
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NEWS FLASH. Jack Harris schooled Prince! He was a famous DJ in Minneapolis in the 60s when station KUXL was the only station playing R and B  It was a daytime station only run from a Motel! Prince would literally hang there as a 12 year old. Wild! Jack Harris also sang and had his own band, writing and releasing music on Chess Records where he’d hang out with Howlin Wolf and all those amazing artists! Just incredible to think of it.  He ALSO is an undeniable reason why I met my wife.  All shall be revealed!  Such a pleasure to invite this legend to the show! _______ Music for this EP70 comes from Becena (pronounced buh-see-na).  Support him here : Wonderful stuff ______ In the nitty I get busy with the rare and magical box that is the Moog 16 channel vocoder. Immense sonic power that I run many vowels into and which provide 5 octave sample packs that I’ve packaged as 24 bit Kontakt instruments for the $10 Tier to get busy with. Every show yields a nice curated sample pack.  All the sounds are royalty free and you can get making with them. The $10 soul science level exists for the makers to make from my makings :) the cycle of make! _____ Yep, another fantastic company to buy from in 2020. BraVO Qubit  Thanks to QUBIT Electronix sponsoring the show :) They Just recently they released “Surface” the super flexible multitimbral physical modeling voice.  Sounds like a wobbler. You know Ill be into it!
8/5/202056 minutes, 5 seconds
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  Welcome back after this 2 month pause! To the news: I put out 3 new songs on an EP called 3 4 U that can be found on my Bandcamp page here All money raised goes to Black Lives Matter so please dig deep and chip in if you can. To all of you that have already been generous enough to contribute, thank you!!!  I was on the fence about releasing this material as it’s very private but I now want all my art to be direct and belong to my life in as deep a way as possible. Maybe another positive of this time. There’s no need to hold back what’s eating you. Art can heal if it’s allowed to burn.   I wanted to read a quote from an article that found its way to my phone today. It’s written by a lawyer in New York by the name of TaLona Holbert. I find all of this to be self evident but also it’s very clear that remaining silent on matters of race in this time is unacceptable.  It’s not got anything to do with politics, it’s a matter of acknowledging racial inequality and not denying it. It’s a matter of justice and education. We can all do our part.  Talona says:   I believe that change is possible and that change is imminent. I am hopeful that someday, Black children will not need to be warned about Black inferiority and can move through life expecting and receiving the same opportunities as equally qualified white people. I hope that Black children can one day bask in the same innocence that white children have always enjoyed. I want Black children to see themselves reflected in textbooks, toys, everyday personal items and mainstream American culture and society.  Because they, too, are American. Black children should see streets, schools, buildings and bridges named after accomplished Black people whom they can admire. Black children should see a succession of American presidents that is as diverse as the American electorate.  They should see monuments and currency reflecting the many Black people who have contributed to our society.  And when future Black students are finally taught about anti-Blackness, Black inferiority, police brutality and racial injustice, it is my hope that those lessons are taught in the past tense.       My guest on the show is now an academy award winning writer. That’s a first! Well, actually.. Mark Ronson won that too for the Gaga song “Shallow” that they both wrote. So congrats also to you Mark!   Back to Andrew Wyatt. He is a solo artist and member of Miike Snow who’ve been at it for quite sometime. We’ve bumped into each other on the gigging circuit several times but I’ve never had a substantial chat with him. I really enjoyed the hang we had in his LA studio. What a wonderful creative zone it is. I recall a little while after this interview, sitting with Bobby, Haxan Cloak in a restaurant and he was telling me just how good a player Andrew is. I started following him on the gram and he’s been posting clips of himself at the piano. I just love the style he has. So much flavour. Makes sense to me now thinking of the way he writes and the harmonic and melodic world he lives in.  We talked a little about his chronology and music but also got good and lost down the side roads of philosophy. My kind of ramble! It gives me great pleasure to welcome to the pod this  accomplished master in the game. Andrew Wyatt   The Nitty in EP 69 is all about a dose of clap. Yeah. Make a hand, make many hands and make them clap. Electronically in this case. I attempt to make an 808 clap with machines from scratch.   Thank you to Josh Hogan and Ned Beckley for providing music from the show today. It all comes from their soundtrack to the movie “Below” Check the whole thing here it’s a great listen!   I now have a YouTube channel that has a few video nittys on it:   See you in a Bi (week nat month!)
7/13/20201 hour, 57 minutes, 46 seconds
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HOWA EP 68 - LEV PERREY from Universal Audio

Please welcome the one and only Lev Perrey to the show! This man is a serious badass.  He’s the Director of Product Management as Universal Audio which is a hell of a gig. He’s been intimately involved in development of the Apollo hardware and now the fantastic, fledgling DAW they called LUNA. This is something a little different for the show. It’s amazing to imagine what it REALLY takes to move the needle in the world of pro audio product development. No one can argue that’s exactly what UA have done. Fascinating man! ______________ I wanted to alert you to my appearance on the Luna After Hours YouTube channel. I got into making a spontaneous bit of music in Luna live on stream. Good rush! ---------------- I was happy to also be a part of a new “Isolation Choir” free expansion for the fantastic G-Force software Mtron plugin. They put my voice in the machine! Good rush :) _____________ Music for this Episode comes from  Joseph Holiday and his project  Snakes of Russia Tracks featured are all from his new EP  “At home with Lions” __________ Big news for me is….. Video nitty 2 is here! I really went deep on this  It’s called the sound of one hand drumming And it’s my attempt to play a real drum kit with a theremin.  Yep.. theremin to bounce convertor Here’s a strange hacked down bit of audio from that production for you! Please go and check it out on the hanging out with audiophiles YouTube channel _____ Thank you to Universal Audio for kind show sponsorship ! Check out Luna!
4/29/20201 hour, 21 minutes, 36 seconds
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My guest is a master of the dark arts.  A minimalist with a big sound.  A pioneer and a deeply clever chap. He’s an audio visual mash man that’s got tasty taste. A rare combo! Some may be aware of the music master mind that is William Fields but to those of you that don’t know him he’s very much needing to be on your radar. I got into a small side road ramble whilst in conversation with Richard Devine on EP 57 and we were talking about limitations in eurorack for sequencing and how he wanted to get into using a computer with algorithmic composition tools to vastly expand the possibilities. I asked him if there was anyone out there making any listenable algorithmic shit and he told me of William Fields and the rest is history. Get over to Williams FieldsOS page on band camp NOW! There’s 24 tracks up there that are.. get this. 59 mins long EACH . WTF? Long form expert explorations of a style.  One is called Footwork, another UK Garage and then there's the fantastically bonkers Unconstrained. It’s mind boggling stuff and I wanted to know what the hell was going on so ... Stay tuned! Links to William’s latest releases, both from January:… _____ Music for this episode comes from: Luke Bace  ~aka~ LakeCube ---------------- SoundCloud BandCamp Spotify __________ Shout outs! In this time of streaming  I wanted to give a shout out to Divkid for keep everyone informed about goings on with the streams. What did I watch so far? Colin Benders (great modular techno) Kieran Hebden who did a fantastic Boiler room streamed set and raised $10,365 for the Global Food Banking Network Here’s that set: Andrew Huang put together his march earnings and gave to  @DirectRelief for their efforts in the pandemic. He raised $6541.70!  I made some new stuff: Grab my companion pack to follow up on the marvelous work of @Hainbach101 Find the samples here : They are Free or donate as you like… I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the response. Thanks to all of you for grabbing it! I hope it brings you some funk! It’s still very much available.  _____ So sad to hear about Bill Withers. It’s just one that weighs heavy on me. What a singular talent, what an example of a pure soul.  The honesty just shines through in his work. Hit me hard. RIP Bill. I felt inspired to try and make my own humble tribute to the man.  I reached out to my friend in hiding, Chancey and he immediately had bass and guitar recorded for the song. I’ve actually since had my neighbour across the street, Rob Burger add some additional keys  There MIGHT well be a special guest making a string arrangement in a month. Fingers crossed. I’ve been really moved by the speed of response out there to this idea. Everyone’s been amazing.  Here’s the video of the song: _________ Today’s nitty is a first for this show. After 134 weeks of making this thing I’ve gone and made a video for the nitty. A viddy nitty if you will. It’s a tear away from the recent sample pack video I made. A few people liked the motor piano clip so I figured I’d try an expanded idea emerging form that little seed. I have been trying to keep productive in my evenings which is when I get to work.  I apologize for the slackness getting this show out but I’ve been trying to get my head around lots of things im no good at! My wife is an incredible visual artist. She’s long been a professional photographer so we have lots of good cameras in the house but its definitely HER world. Anyway after the sample pack vid I started the journey on the video making road.  VIDEO HERE! First of many hopefully! Thanks for joining me folks. Likes, Camera, nitty!  
4/7/20201 hour, 28 minutes, 14 seconds
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Hi Ack. Not a great time. We've a delayed show coz I had the tummy troubles and now we should all be inside sheltering from this bastard of a global pandemic. Don't be stupid. Stay IN and wait this shit out please. We can break the curve if we stick together and hopefully antivirals will be along soon to mitigate the symptoms before the vaccine shows up. ANYWAY I don't need to add to the viral news. I'm sure you've all heard it all by now. Let's get .. on... with ...  The show! what is it ? For your entertainment and pleasure I bring you a chat with Norwegian artist Lido. Phone hangs are gonna be the way for a bit. He's an easy going follow of 27 and already has a lot under his belt. He's already worked with big names like Chance the Rapper, Banks, Disclosure and many more. Great drummer, keys player, singer, arranger, producer. He's a man with many hats. Big hats y'all! Great to have him on. He's got a new song coming 25th March called "Postclubridehomemusic" should be a goodie. ____________________ In the nitty I get on speed. MIDI vs Gate/Cv who wins? ____________________   Music from today's show comes from Mark Hadley. He's a serious badass. His most recent record is called, rather aptly "The Future is the Question" find it here  ____________________ please send musical submissions and inquires to [email protected] BYE!  
3/17/20201 hour, 27 minutes, 34 seconds
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We go back me and Al. Yep, I was the producer on Allen’s 2019 album, Building Balance so we spent a long time in the studio making sounds and singing whee songs. It’s a pleasure to have him on the show to talk about something a little different. We explore advice to up and coming artists from his perspective. He explains his evolution from solo hard head into a team player and why that’s his preference for the long game. He’s been on the road and working super hard for many years now and he’s always thinking about how to keep it moving. Good stuff!  _________ I’m happy to have been a GUEST on another pod recently. The good fellows at ESOTERIC MODULATION had me on. Ben Wilson (div kid) and Ed Ball are excellent hosts. It’s a great show for those into the outer worlds of sound and art process. Most glad I made it on. Had a blast! Here’s a link to that episode:   _________ Music for the show comes from France via an artist called Nacara. If you dig it, dig in more here!   _______ In the nitty I get into the famous CIRKLON sequencer (albeit in a rather basic way) Thanks to Mark at retro gear shop here in Nashville for the loan! Check his store! Absolutely bonkers gear… My idea is to create generative questions and answers. It worked!
2/24/20201 hour, 28 minutes, 28 seconds
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Welcome to 64. 128 weeks of the pod :) This time I'm in the company of two fifth of the band local natives. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with these 5 fine fellows many moons ago, somewhere in Ireland. A bland, underwhelming festival that we both remember as such. We had afternoon slots. It was grey. The food was grey. So the contrast of this mini reunion was stark in the most pleasant ways.  Nestled in a secluded sanctuary, up a rambling incline somewhere in sunny LA, I caught up with Ryan and Kelcey.  It was on the 11th day of the 11th month of 2019 at 11 am! Triple 11s.  The chats took in the nature of extended band existence as we explore what it takes to play the long game. We chat of the mystical album making process in a satisfyingly deep yet jovial fashion and I can see that making music with these guys would be a blast.  Their last album was produced by friend of the pod, Shawn Everett. The master of play, the master of effort over convenience.  It’s a Shawn love fest after a spell and rightfully so.  Hope you enjoy this deeply pleasant hour and a bit I got to share with this fine fraction of the wonderful band that is Local Natives! ____________________ Music for this episode comes from far far away.  It’s songs from an EP called “fishing from an asteroid” by PlaneFace aka Daniel Pliner.  Just amazing work. Such a great grasp of the sound and flow. Damn. I was super impressed by this stuff. Here’s a link for your listening pleasure: Fishing from an Asteroid by PlaneFace _______________________ Nitty sees me all clustered up. I’m armed with a crazy computer and Spitfire audio string sounds up the wazoo It only seems right to add layers upon layers of notes and scatter them willy nilly into the ether Clouds of ascending strings.  Yep samplers to the ready ____________________ Kind sponsorship of this episode comes from 2 badass makers in the synth universe     4 m s. Makers of modular magic like the spherical wavetable navigator, the bonkers topographic delay, the shifting inverting signal mingler and LOADS LOADS more. They’ve been at it since 1996. Amazing to have them on the show Also amazing are the good folks at 1010 music Makers of some delightful machines Not least the bitbox that I NEED to get my hands on. When I saw Richard Devine play at the korg booth this year at NAMM 2020, I saw he was using 2 of these bad boys. You know if Richard’s using them, it’s gotta be sick!
2/10/20201 hour, 48 minutes, 12 seconds
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We have Royalty on the pod.  Sometimes when I do this show I really have to pinch myself and this was a case in point.  As a teenager I only had one idol and only cared about one band. I ultimately ostracize myself from the vast majority of my schoolmates since nobody in Huntington Cambridgeshire cared about Prince and the Revolution. I just happened to be one of those people that was completely and utterly immersed in that sonic universe. Initially I just couldn’t take my eyes off the bright light of Prince and let’s be honest he was quite the supernova.  The thing is as a fan I couldn’t help but wonder why there was something so different about the output between 1984 - 1987. (Purple rain, around the world in a day, parade and sign of the times)  Why did that era Stand out so wildly from the rest of his work? Why were the arrangements more daring all of a sudden? Why was the sonic landscape more varied and Rich?  Prince could do so much on his own but with the BAND it just went to the blooming next level.  I can truly say that without Wendy I never would’ve dreamt to be a musician myself. I may have gotten into Prince had she not been in the band I suppose but I feel like the incredible chemistry of everyone together was something that I felt all the way across the Atlantic and it sparked my imagination like nothing else. I never knew Wendy’s story before this chat so I was fascinated to hear her open up about her incredible childhood. You’ll hear how she was surrounded by music on an extremely high level from a very young age and it clearly all went in and it all makes sense now why that beautiful mind she has added so much vibrancy and Colour to all that music.  Wendy and Lisa continue to make great records to this day and are always searching and finding ways to express themselves and make thro it in this messed up music business. She wears the crown but she wears it with such grace and you’ll hear just how humble, generous, Funny, friendly and open she is. I’m still finding it hard to believe I met Wendy and had a chance to chat with her in her own studio, but that dreamer from Huntington walked into the room buzzing with anticipation and left with a Cheshire Cat grin. It gives me great pleasure to welcome to hanging out with audiophiles the incomparable Wendy Melvoin! ___________________________ Music for the show comes from MALK This is an unreleased recordedmade with by Nathanial Morse and his brother, under the name of MALK.  Find out about Mr Morse here: ___________________________ Nitty sees my cascading. Riding the uppers and the downers. Messing with the fabric of time again. No big deal :)
1/27/20202 hours, 7 minutes, 52 seconds
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EP 62 - TIGA Cosmic connection! Me and Tiga were born on the SAME day and the SAME year. PRETTY rare situation I’d say. Feels right to kick off the 2020 with a little happy coincidence ! Hello by the way. Who is TIGA? You kidding me? Well let’s break down the man in a timeline styleee. - He was born on an amazing day in an amazing year.  - He’s run a record store (I mean for YEARS) - He’s DJ’d all over planet  - He’s been in a movie with other great Canadians. - He’s a multi dad and he’s even a pod man like me :) First off here’s the details about the pod: “Last Party On Earth” is its name and it was launched in summer 2019 featuring chats with top folks such as  Annie Mac,  Pete Tong and  Carl Cox He promises more to come :) Tiga has made a load of music. Like 3 LPs and a ton of singles AND he’s remixed just about everyone and their dog! Here’s a taste of the levels:  LCD Soundsystem – "Beat Connection" (Tiga Edit) Cabaret Voltaire – "Nag Nag Nag" (Tiga & Zyntherius Radio mix) Depeche Mode – "Shake The Disease" (Tiga Remix) Depeche Mode – "Suffer Well" (Tiga Remix) Pet Shop Boys – "Minimal" (Tiga's M-I-N-I-M-A-L Remix) / (Tiga's M-I-N-I-M-A-L Dub) The Prodigy – "Thunder" (Tiga Remix) The xx – "Shelter" (Tiga Remix) Disclosure - "Magnets (feat. Lorde)" (Tiga Remix)   He even tackled my 2010 single – "I Wanna Be Your Telephone" (Tiga’s Party Like It’s 1990 Remix) It's rather banging! Yep We get into his LUCKY ways, the power of nativity Minimalism as a lifestyle and a productivity booster The reasons why we make art! It’s alll here  Welcome to pod  TIGA ____ In the nitty I reimagine note onsets and their relationship in space as delays from one another That allows me to make a song about time. Causality in action ______ Music from the show comes from Body Copy and a new EP called Spirit Dance:
1/13/20202 hours, 23 minutes, 43 seconds
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Merry Crimble one and all! Yo ho ho and so forth as we smoke some peace at Dave's house.  I hope you are all enjoying some down time and it's good hang. If not I call this one the escape pod so hopefully you can relax a little as we get into our hearty end of year ramblathon.  Dave is a legitimate legend at this point. His work speaks for itself. He's produced some heavy shit in his time. TV on the radio anyone? Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beyonce, Weezer... Liars. The list goes on and on and it's all crazy and plenty magic.  At one point Mr Sitek is chatting about the Jefferson starship guitarist. so here's a Jorma_Kaukonen link :) We get into a lengthy one about the power of boredom, the inevitable struggles with loneliness in 2019/2020 and many a juicy topic.  In the nitty I make EVERYTHING sleigh.  Yep. That's right. Kind sponsorship comes from Dave's fave monitor folk ADAM AUDIO. makers of rather fine speakers. Dave has 2 pairs.  They are banging.
12/25/20191 hour, 50 minutes, 10 seconds
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My son always reminds me that New Zealand is 8000 miles from Nashville. That number is etched in my head now but What could it MEAN? Surely being surrounded by that lush and splendid setting growing up must have a huge impact on ones sonic sense? I feel a ramble coming on! Yep we meander-chat about the wind, pavlova (important beef. Not beef Pav, the other kind of beef), the promise of 20% sax and the giddy power and cruelty of naivety in the world of Baynk. I had a good writing hang with him in LA sometime ago and was happy we found a sec to natter.  I realized this chat is showing it’s age now as we had this convo a year ago.  I was curious how things might have matured and settled for Jock in this time. He has kept the releases very controlled and high quality. Well worth a listen! His “Someone’s EP II” is superb and got a bunch of tasty remixes including one from Machine Drum, my guest on episode 40. Only a few days ago a new jam hit the webs, an instrumental mellow burn called “High”  Please welcome to the show Baynk! _____________ Music for today’s show comes from.  Chris Nickolls who makes music under the name 'Kmodo' 'Cold Fusion' is his first release and features Berlin based singer Clara Hill And you can find his music on/in? The cloud! Soundcloud: _____________   Nitty 60 sees me having a good ole sing into the rather superb DUBLER from UK company Vochlea  Here’s the link to their box of tricks:
12/9/20191 hour, 35 minutes, 35 seconds
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HOWA EP 59- Rodaidh McDonald

Welcome Rodaidh McDonald  We met through our mutual pal Bobby Krlic (my guest on EP33) and got a brief chat in. I realized quickly that he’d working on the Sampha record that I really love called Process and I had so many questions. We get into that and oodles more in this face to face hang at Rodaidh’s brand new house in LA. He had literally just got his gear in the place and there were a bunch of boxes and dreams lying around so I was very grateful to be welcomed into that rather vulnerable scene.  He’s a creative force and has a stack of potent collabs under his belt.  To name drop a few:  Adele Bobby Womack The xx Damon Albarn King Krule Savages David Byrne Brian Eno… Yeah I mean he’s heavy.  It’s clear his calm manner and focused ways clearly help him to see things through to the end. The hallmark of a true producer.  It’s a pleasure to ramble though the timeline with him! ___________ nitty 59 explores the transformation of the PA mic feedback “issue” into a layer cake of pitchy joy. Tall order! No more “uh uh” just whip it through some cascades. Watch it spin into space. Something like that ___________ Music for this show comes from Mason Cos who are an electronic duo based in Denver, Colorado. Originally formed as a Krautrock-leaning live band in Chicago around 2016, Mason Cos then discovered the joys of experimenting with analog synthesizers. Listen!
11/25/20191 hour, 35 minutes, 54 seconds
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The noise annoys  Where would we be without John Peel ?   In a time of noise we need selectors! Yeah man.  We can all agree on something right?   I chat with DJ VJ Label boss Zen  Cyber punker Future surfer    Matt Black He’s seen a lot. A LOT   From making hit records in the UK (One that sat at the number 1 spot for weeks), to remixing Legends like Eric B and Rakim, INXS, Steve Reich, The Fall and James Brown (I mean what a list!)... from mulitmedia pioneering with everything from video art to software video performance instruments to the unknown sky.   Matt has had his fingers in many a tasty pie.    I was very lucky to catch up with him on the blower for a minute :)    we chat about the zen delay which is a great collaboration between ninja tune and Ericasynths. Check this link!   ZEN DELAY LAY LAY LAY LAY   _____________   Nitty today is all about the mysterious and musical world of the morph. Exploring the space in BETWEEN. I use a few methods to explore this. the obxa's portamento, the emblematic systems "catalyst" which is a eurorack module for crossfading between stored states (in this notes) and lastly I use Ableton with midi faders to achieve similar results. I needed to make a max patch for this which is here: enjoy ! it has a help button :)       ABLETON NITTY FADER!    _______________   Music for today's show comes from 2 fine artists !   1) 2 songs from Envelope music. These come from an album called "The Rift" which is a debut collaborative work by West Australian composers Ned Beckley and Josh Hogan. find the album here:   2) 2 track by Adam Jay, a experienced techno chap! he's done a lot of banging shit!  
11/11/20191 hour, 22 minutes, 35 seconds
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Richard and I go waaaay back. Yep, we were touring America together back in 2002 and that was the first time I met him.  tWas a warp records tour with Mark Bell (RIP), Nightmares on wax, Prefuse 73, Luke Vibert and other nutters!  He was the guy fixing everyone’s laptops on the bus I recall. We were all busy getting wasted and he was onto something else. That pretty much explains the man. Super generous with his time and pioneering in his goals and accomplishments. Not a follower.  Indeed, not content with just making LPs, touring and all of that trad life, Richard’s made his own path and now his work represents the high bar for sound design across the board.  Whether working for Google, Yamaha or Jaguar Richard is the guy to figure out converting the unknown into the possible. A no to yes convertor.  We talk about his toughest sonic challenge, the cutting edge of sound tech in 2019 and where he is heading in terms of his AI aspirations.   We chat about the world of sound that lives above 20kHz. Why analog ??? and a lot more.  He’s a deep mind and this chat gets pretty specific in terms of tools used and so forth.  You’re welcome!   Richard talks about a purely algorithmically generated set of music Here’s a link:   Really something unexpected.    Also That Sanken 100khz mic ! ____________________ In the nitty today I dive into controlled chaos. Dipping an ankle into the portal! It’s a lot of eurorack talk. Tricky to explain but I give it a go :) CHAOS  CONTROL CHAOS ?? bit of both like … ____________________   Music for today’s show comes from Fake Baby. Check it here! ____________________   Here’s the link to the competition giveaway thanks to Sonarworks! What you stand to win!!   Speaker measurement software – find out where your monitors need help DAW plugin – reference sound combined with zero latency for any musical endeavor Systemwide – apply calibration to all outgoing audio Measurement microphone for  Recording Studios – sniffs out any faults your setup might have Custom-tailored calibration file for your Sennheiser HD 650 studio headphones Sennheiser HD 650 studio headphones   Enter now!
10/28/20191 hour, 39 minutes, 33 seconds
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My guest today has been watched by so many people it’s hard to imagine all the eyeballs! Quite a harrowing image actually. 440 million eye balls!! Yes, that’s the amount that have viewed his now uber famous and ace youtube channel. An quick and undeniable word to describe Andrew might be prolific. I mean it FEELS apt since he’s made over 50 albums of original music.  It’s bonkers! The man must never sleep and yet he always looks so well rested! Many mysteries.. so many.  Many questions too.  I mean how to navigate the internet and win?  How are choices are amplified by the web? How to forge your own path? He’s a great teacher, formidable visual artist and musician and super positive hang :) It’s the wild west out there and Andrew has been riding his digital horse into unexplored towns for years now. He’s been around and seen a lot on his travels Let’s get into it Please welcome to hanging out with audiophiles   Andrew Huang   Check his amazing youtube channel :   His 30 day class is underway.. Looks like you can Join a waiting list for next time _____________________   In the nitty I get into the rubby universe of the microtone! We just dip a toe in but it’s a trippy toe   _____________________   Music for today’s show comes from a man that lives just down the road from me over in Knoxville TN It’s from Nikki Nair. Keep that electro alive!  Links:   ALSO:   I’m selling a bunch of heavy studio gear at an amazing store here in nashville. Check it out!   What am I selling?   Vac rac TSL 3  2x Neumann pres (with meter) (220v) 2x Neumann comp (220v) 2x V74 line amp Kurzweil k250 RMX  Ensoniq mirage (with loads of disks) Moog theramin etherwave (UK power) 2xUA2100 channel strips  DSI tempest 
10/14/20191 hour, 5 minutes, 37 seconds
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A man who I’ve heard of many times and yet never had a chance to meet. Gotta love the pod for this coz after my chat with Mr Vaderslice on Episode 51 I was introduced.  Mr Congleton is so fast. He’s quick witted and on point. He knows what he thinks and has clearly taken a long time to come to his opinions. You know where you stand with that kind of attitude. You can see the strength of his character quickly from his twitter feed where he is not afraid to tell it like he sees it. The fact there’s a quick way in with the man perhaps that explains how he’s been able to work with such a huge range of talent from a multitude of genres. Time for a quick name drop. Although he’s worked with hundreds and hundreds of great acts (many of whom are wonderfully unknown) a selection of his high profile gigs include working with: Lana Del Rey Angel Olsen St Vincent David Byrne My guest on episode 17 - Kimbra  Modest mouse  Swans  Erykah Badu And my guest from episode 16 - unknown mortal orchestra  There are so many more. It’s quite staggering to read a longer list of names from his wiki.  Needless to say “have you ever been experienced” is rather fitting So in that mental cloud of psych dust lingering in the doorway lets jump into this coffee morning speed ramble with the powerhouse that is John Congleton  ______ The Nitty sees me getting old school with my original looper. The same one I used to open for James Brown, Bjork and Beck! so simple by 2109 standards but it was 19 years ago :) _______ Music for the show is from second violin : or soundcloud: Thanks to  ASC for the show sponsorship Get some tubetraps ASAP !! They rule
9/30/20191 hour, 28 minutes, 40 seconds
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Ello This is the commonwealth edition. Like the Ashes of Audio it’s UK vs Australia.  Justin Stanley FINALLY finds his way to the pod.  First and foremost Mr Stanley is my friend. We’ve been on some serious adventures in our times. We were on the road together in 2006, where we met touring with Beck.  I was opening and J.S. was in the Beck band and KILLING. Also he happens to be a prince of man. A TRUE legend. A humble badass and a VERY experienced audio king.  He’s worked with everyone from Leonard Cohen to Prince and even a little Lidell along the way. Husband of the wonderful Nikka Costa and Dad to two incredible young humans, Justin is just a joy.   So happy to have him on.  He surprised me by driving us both over to Barefoot in LA. It’s owned by Eric Valentine. WHAT a place. We sat and played on the piano Stevie used on Songs in the Key of Life, Talking Book and so on.  I mean COME ON!  It was all too much. Such a sweet surprise that’ll stay with me for ages.   Here’s to you Justin! You’re a class act.   _____________________________________   Music for the show is from Sydney Australia.. so apt. It was clearly meant to be.  The band is called Colourfields. And the tracks that appear in the show are from an album called “Body Objects”  Superb stuff! Link here: ____________________________________   In the 54th Nitty I get into the mysterious world of reversing reversed effects. Forwarding the backward. A little time travel. Also apt for this show with Justin.    Here we go!        
9/16/20191 hour, 22 minutes, 34 seconds
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HOWA EP 53 - BRAD COOK      I was listening to Larry Klein on a recent mix with the masters explain this idea that a producer is someone that sees the spark of uniqueness in an artist and tries to amplify that.  That is a noble process and so nuanced that it takes years to know when to speak, when to encourage, when to call it a night, when to listen and so on. Brad knows aaaallll about aaaallll of this ! He’s an excellent energy in the room and so many musicians can benefit from his touch.  I’ve only been privy to his vibe in a session on two occasions but his presence is both large and also magically effortless.  I think it’s the fact that you know he gets it. He knows a real moment and he’s in it for the depth, not the racking up of medals and the shallow status games.  The first time I met him, he was rather high and laughing at a bass. It was a gathering with Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) and a large crew of players in Nashville where I ended up shouting into a mic with the other members of the collective they call “Gangs” . That first meeting was a great hang but there was no time to chat and so I was super happy to bump into him again on my mystical trip to the sonic ranch in Texas. Turns out that’s where a lot of the latest Bon Iver record was made and Brad was there the whole time as producer so it only seemed right to jump into that story and to see what that was all about and to feel out the ways Brad has learned to listen and cultivate the fledgling music growing in the room. He’s a formidable musician and a very easy going chap. I loved chatting with him! Please welcome to the show BRAD COOK!   _______________________________   In the nitty I gently roll the dice on music asking what probability can offer the sequencer? Take a chance!   _______________________________   Music for Ep 53 comes from Jeremy Hunter aka Doxa Check his music here:    Welcome!
9/2/20191 hour, 28 minutes, 30 seconds
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RJD2 lives in Ohio! That was NEWS to me I often find myself there for family occasions since my in laws live in Columbus. I never knew. I mean I would NEVER have guessed but isn’t that always the best somehow?   Plus have you EVER met a man named Ramble?  So many firsts on the 52 :) Welcome! let us delve into schmod cast! ______________________________ First off I’d like to invite you to invite to take part in a competition to win a badass Radial EXTC SA. Yes the kind folks at Radial Engineering are running a giveaway to a random player so jump in and WIN this thing :) Here’s the info you need!   Click this (before September 15th 2019)   WINNNNNN!!!! ______________________________   I’d like to thanks Rob Hurd for the music you’ll find on the show. It’s all from an EP called “Digital”  Here’s the bandcamp link if you dig the mood! ______________________________   In the nitty I try to make a digital nakamichi with plugins    do I win?   Spoiler :   We ALL win!
8/19/20191 hour, 31 minutes, 6 seconds
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Hello! It’s Jamie and John in Echo Park time :) Yeah, I sat in my Air B and B and chatted with Mr Vanderslice on Feb 4th 2019. What a treat. I’d met him years before in Australia but I’d completely forgotten I was reminded of that by him during the interview which could have potentially been embarrassing … But John is not that guy. No no no He has a delightfully animated persona, running on 100 the whole time and there’s lots of honesty and enthusiasm that hits you like a vinagerette. A lot of f bombs too so those with sensitive ears get ready to panic! Who is J.V.?? Well…for one thing, he’s been at it as long as I have!  Potted history: Part of the MK Ultra a waiter at Chez Panisse owner and provider of studio magic at Tiny Telephone Studios in the Bay Area AND he is incredibly prolific.    John’s worked with Spoon, the Mountain Goats, Okkervil River, Death Cab for Cutie, Tune-Yards and hundreds (maybe thousands more!) We get into chatting about tour life a little in pod and he tells me of the living room show thing.  I’d not heard of that but was intrigued to say the least. Luckily enough, a few months after this chat I got to see him do his thing in a house just up the road from me.  He was such brilliant entertainer. He’s been through a lot and has come out of it all a generous and energized soul and it was a treat to see him holding court in a little house show.  Just rocking. Welcome to the show Mr Vanderslice!   Nitty Gritty this time sees me delving into some Raymond Scott inspired noodles.  I must say it sounds nothing like his work but the simple point of it was to explore the idea of pitting slow moving melodic motion against a faster trigger source. It’s such a simple premise and it leads to more questions like “what happens if you cluster sequencers as a big blob and transpose them all?”  That’s a very Raymond move!   TIP: On my humble dives into modular I have to shout out and Div Kid So much useful stuff these 2 have shared. There’s a lot to learn. Hat’s off you guys!   Music for the show comes from Leo Appleyard aka Urchin    Lovely stuff :)    Cheerio  c u in a Bi-week!!!
8/5/20191 hour, 26 minutes, 11 seconds
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HOWA EP50 - Adrian Quesada

I’m happy to welcome grammy award winning musician/producer Adrian Quesada to the 50th Episode of the show!  Let’s just jump into the big list of collaborators he’s rocked with to get a quick taste of the caliber of this gent! How about Shawn Lee?! Yeah! as well as Ocote Soul Sounds,  Martin Perna of Antibalas… so so many more He’s performed on the Late Show with David Letterman as well as twice on PBS' historic Austin City Limits TV Show.  He has also worked with Prince, GZA (Wu-Tang Clan), Bernie Worrell, Daniel Johnston, Israel Nash, Alex Maas (The Black Angels), Larry Harlow, Quantic and many more.  As a producer Quesada has worked on albums by Daniel Johnston, The Sword, Natalia Clavier, Karl Denson, Toy Selectah, Wild Child, Graham Reynolds and Ian Moore, among others.  I mean that’s not the HALF of it!  We catch up as he’s deep in the mix at his superb Austin based studio, Electric Deluxe Recorders.  He’s coming out for an air break so we literally hear a rare sonic glimpse of the local wildlife outside the cave where he is working feverishly at all times… That smell? Yeah he’s likely cooking up amazing musical morsels like the NEW! HOT!  release from the Black Pumas which is the focus of our chat!   So yes, we’ve a Super humble badass in the hotchair  Hey Adrian! I’m 50!    Info Splash time:   web: tw: @adrianmquesada     Nitty sees me trying to “music” with filters. 6 filters and a smile :)   The music for the show comes courtesy of Kim Gaboury    Find all the info about him here:   KIM GABOURY —  aka AKIDO —
7/22/201950 minutes, 58 seconds
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  Hello !   Greetings from the SONIC RANCH in El Paso! Woe. I’m in another world right now Massive thanks to Dave Sitek for inviting me out into space. I’m blown away. The people here are so great and the studios are just absolutely bonkers. Most importantly it’s a totally secluded zone. The head expands. Almost as many cats as people and WAY more pecan trees! Ha   Welcome to Episode 49. I met this Frank (Bink Beats) when we did a show together in Amsterdam recently. I was sitting in with him on a couple of songs. Side note : one of the numbers we did is a new track that I hope finds the light of day! We had a pretty hectic day of practice in the venue followed by show but nevertheless we snuck in a quick chat.   Frank is a serious badass. A player of a million objects and a hell of a signer to boot.  Great to have him on :)   In the nitty I explore the sonic ranch’s amps a little and send all sorts of stuff into speakers. Some shall be spinning and some just spaced and weird. Check it!   Music for EP 49 comes from Evan Geesman.  Good stuff!
7/8/20191 hour, 1 minute, 31 seconds
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Hello Amȯn Tȯbin! He was Born in Brazil, but as you can hear from this interview he’s got a distinctively English twang having spent yonks in the UK. I don’t want to give away the details of the chap’s timeline just yet as we get into all of that in this FaceTime chin wag. Might I say at this point though that I feel mightily chuffed to have Amon on the show.  He’s truly one of the outstanding living talents in Electronic music and that’s really not an overstatement. He’s made a stack of cracking albums for London label 9Bar Records and of course the marvelous Ninja Tune. A relationship that kicked off way back in 1996.  The boy doesn’t stop! Now he’s busy as ever with his own label Nomark.  He’s got hard drives and aliases up the wazoo and he’s making crazy shit every day and by the sounds of things a lot of new music is coming soon.  The man has a masterful grasp of sound collage, from the wildest found sound and manipulated field recordings to the risky dark lands of additive synthesis and into modular madness. He’s always managed to present his sound to the world on the stage without falling into the usual cliched confines of the club. He’s performed at many a prestigious venue, such as the birthplace of musique concrete, the GRM in Paris. In 2011 he seriously raised the bar on audio visual combos with the dazzling ISAM show. When that footage started circulating I remember spitting out my coffee.  It’s STILL one of the most incredible things to witness on the interwebs as a realization of potent audio visual immersions. A true SHOW.  He also produced several original scores, ranging from the cult film Taxidermia to the video game blockbuster Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Constantly shifting and constantly inspiring. Please welcome the show one of the most visionary electronic artists of his generation Amȯn Tȯbin    In the nitty I get into the murky world of pitch tracking guitars and seeing if there’s any juicy noise to be had chucking the axe thro the modular. Yeah… it’s a wobbly affair!   Good to be back :) Cheers y’all _______________________ Music for the show comes from Brad Swanson aka “The Transparency” Here’s the LP from which I removed and edits some pod snips. Good stuff! It’s called aptly “It might get dark” check it out:  
6/24/20191 hour, 47 minutes, 43 seconds
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47 brings the bonkers talent that is Ariel Rechtshaid!  He’s had an incredible run of success with artists like Adele, Usher and of course Vampire Weekend (to name but three from a list of hundreds!) This interview was conduced slightly before Vampire Weekend put out “Father of the Bride” to much critical and chart joy. We got to chatting about that process and how they’ve become very solid friends over the years. The music they make comes from a deep trust and adventurous spirit which is something of a common thread in the stories you’ll hear on this pod. Ariel’s got a strong point of view but a humble demeanor. He’s a true lover of many genres of music and can wear many hats: Playing, tracking, mixing and producing at a top level.  A seriously hard working chap, he’s the real deal and I’m really chuffed to have him on the show. He gave up a couple of hours to me to have me ramble with him at his spot in silver lake and it was a trip to hear it all from the horse’s mouth! Cheers Ariel! ______________________________________   Nitty this time sees me dipping a toe into the poly rhythmic bath thanks to the max4live handiwork of  benniy c bascom and his excellent POLYRHYTHMUS patch!   I explore 3 very simple examples. 2:3:6 with a CR78 3:4:12 with the 707 and 3:5:15 with a marimba    Find the max for live patch here:   How to here: (benniy is AWESOME!) ______________________________________   Music for the show comes once again courtesy of good glued barometer aka Lee Beaumont!   Find his music here at his bandcamp page:   ______________________________________   This episode’s sponsor is winter-modular   Makers of the very fine sequencing machine called the “Eloquencer” A powerful and intuitive machine for use with in the eurorack domain and NOW  In the wide word of MIDI thanks to the EME expansion unit. Seriously badass machine and a great choice for anyone wanting to step away from the computer to make music. I love mine. It’s really a choice box!
6/10/20192 hours, 1 minute, 41 seconds
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So I was introduced to Emily at an Ableton event here in Nashville and we were chatting about some pretty specific protools stuff. Something insane about how she needed to have a flightcase for an old Mac Pro to do her job. It was all very unusual. I had no idea who I was talking to tbh. But I could tell she had a WAY of doing things. Turns out she’s one of the biggest vocal producers working!  No big deal. She’s recorded and produced for folks like Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, Jessie J, Flo Rida, Kelly Clarkson and WAY more.  In 2010, Emily began work on Katy Perry's Teenage Dream as an engineer. She also engineered eight songs and co-wrote one song ("Gasoline") on Britney Spears' Femme Fatale (not to mention her work on Circus, Pretty Girls and Britney Jean) So it turns out she’s seen and heard a LOT of craziness at a very high level. We are talking about top tier pop recording. I’ve never chatted with someone who’s been in this particular line of work so it was ace just trying to work out how it really happens. How are those Britney and Katy Perry vocals really tracked? A modern master with the Digi scissors who has literally cut together the stories of a big slice of modern pop. Please welcome to the pod, Emily Wright!!! ______________________________________ In the nitty I get into the world of altered drones Taking on a stack of tasty tones from a rare encounter with a CS80 I try to build a little something with them ______________________________________   Sponsors for today are in duality! Hearty thanks to Makers of naughty, powerful and sometimes dark machines! And to Who’ve made a large range of modules including the new and rather tasty STEREO DIPOLE filter I feel very lucky to have such cool companies get on board! A special shout out also to Jim at He’s helped me so much trying to navigate the huge world of bloops!  
5/29/20191 hour, 42 minutes, 56 seconds
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Whether or not you know the full, hard history of Lee Fields, I think 50 years into his music career, 10 years since he found the Expressions, and nearly 7 decades of a life that began in Civil Rights-era North Carolina make 2019 a prime time to celebrate "the coolest motherf***er to sing words into a microphone" (Vice). Across dozens of record labels, countless periods of defeat, and stretches of near-retirement, Lee jumpstarted the legacy of Charles Bradley and Sharon Jones, laid the groove for songs by Travis Scott and J Cole, and - with April 5th album It Rains Love (Big Crown) - will affirm his position as the new, benevolent standard of soul.    On Episode 45 of HOWA, I feel very lucky to had a (rather scratchy sounding) phone chat with both Lee and producer Leon Michels (Lana Del Rey, Adele, Beyoncé & Jay Z) on how they've spent the past 20 years or so together, crossing analog and digital mediums, multiple generations of tape saturation, and six consecutive hours of vocal takes at a time to get this music to our ears. 20 years?!?!? Here’s a link to the album!   ______________________________________ In this show I take a hint from the Episode number hitting 45 and start cutting into some wax.  New life to old 45s in the nitty. Just rerun that runout groove! Grab a knife, sandpaper and a record or 2:) cut to reveal hidden funk. _____________________________________   Music for 45 comes from Lee Beaumont :)  I got these tracks ages ago. Sorry it took me so long to feature them. In fact since then he’s been getting busy and there’s plenty of new stuff to be found. Check this here link: _____________________________________ Sponsorship for the show comes courtesy of the wondrous digital minds at Valhalla DSP!  I’m thrilled to be able to have them on board as I’m such a fan of all their stuff and the JUST released the new DELAY plugin and it’s bonkers Totally brilliant!!
5/13/20191 hour, 32 minutes, 15 seconds
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Want to get into Endless? Here’s the link to the HOWA jam I met Tim Shaw aka Tim Exile in Berlin in the mid 2000s We were 2 brits roasting in the furnace of creativity that was cooking in the East It was a heady time. There were so many amazing performers around Everyone from Peaches to Kevin Blechdom, Errorsmith to Neubauten  You could inhale the punk as a gas and it fueled a lot of invention at that time Tech was on that more steady and tangible bubble up and we were all trying to see how to combine our strengths with that digital promise. Around 2000 I had decided to drop out of music making to be a builder of machines. I got completely taken by the promise of Max/Msp and indeed it allowed me a great freedom to combine my voice and my obsession with the machine in a new way I was making a living looping and Tim caught wind of those early shows and it set him off on a journey to build an absolute BEAST of a looper I had travelled the Max way, Tim took the Reaktor to the loop limit.  His flow machine was a joy to behold even in its infancy.  I remember hearing it and being completely blown away  Seem-less transitions and audio with no clicks! All things my machine struggled with. Loops with various lengths all playing off against one another, FX that would cut and carve the shit into shreds only to have new layers swoop in to fill the void and uncover new counterpoints. The Tempo could change. The Machine would time stretch and warp so beautifully. It was a marvel. The ultimate looper.  It's still is the best I’ve ever used and for a long time it wasn’t available to the public.  That is until ENDLESS I’m super proud of him for daring to explode this idea into the world as something more than an esoteric loop maker for just one user. He’s had to quit his career as a musician essentially to focus on the company and now it’s happening. Endless is beginning. Exciting times and I’m very happy to have known the evolution of all this. I see how far it can go coz I know how far the looper has already taken me. Wild rides to get this far and more to come. Please welcome the marvelous mind that is Tim Exile to the show to share his thoughts! ___________________ MUSIC for 44 comes from - The Great Turtle Michael Sayer sent me a lovely mail about this improved music and how it’s born of an obsession with music making. How cool is this ? Music made at the Birds of Prey Conservation Area in Idaho. Check it out ___________________ Sponsorship for the show comes courtesy of the wondrous digital minds at Valhalla DSP!  I’m thrilled to be able to have them on board as I’m such a fan of all their stuff and the JSUT released the new DELAY plugin The best $50 you’ll spend on a delay, lemme tell ya! Get out and get it!   Speaking of which, thanks to Devon Gilfillian The song we wrote together called “Get out and Get it”is out now as a single for him on Capitol Records! Badass! Listen here   I use snips of the original demo vocal in the nitty gritty to show off the wobbly world of dual Melodyne  Why not! More wobbles in 2019!!!   Cheers  
4/29/20191 hour, 38 minutes, 4 seconds
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The sequel usually disappoints. Not this time.  Greg and I literally go into outer space and beyond the grave in this cosmic excursion. Earthly concerns addressed in good measure also. An immense pleasure to chat in such great depth with this absolutely superb chap.  
4/22/20191 hour, 31 minutes, 28 seconds
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The sequel usually disappoints. Not this time.  Greg and I literally go into outer space and beyond the grave in this cosmic excursion. Earthly concerns addressed in good measure also. An immense pleasure to chat in such great depth with this absolutely superb chap.  
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Welcome to the first of a two part epic chat with the excellent Greg Wells!  Yes! Mr. G.W. is a ludicrously talented chap. He’s produced and written with Adele, he’s responsible for the hugely successful The Greatest Showman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, he’s a long time collaborator with the lesser known Katy Perry, I mean who’s ever heard of Ariana Grande ? Or Pink ? Pharrell Williams,  Burt Bacharach, Elton John ... Too MUCH and yet, this list is a mere micro dose of Greg’s funk menu. It must feel amazing to able to express yourself on the drums, the piano and with the world of synths and also mixing and recording equipment. It’s not RIGHT to be good at it all and yet Greg has the skills to write, play, record, mix. I think it's safe to say, he has ALL the skills. What's more, he has an unbelievable amount of knowledge and experience all in a generous and light hearted frame that is most fun to be around. There are so many milestones along his timeline that would be pinnacles of achievement for most. It’s humbling just to think about. For example, He spent time under the tutelage of famed composer Clare Fisher who Susan Rogers talks about on out pod chat. (EP12)  I used to have some strong positive emotional reactions to the arrangements he made for Prince. Very strong! I can only imagine what powers Greg absorbed being in his company.  A father of 5, Mr Wells is a master at putting one at ease.  I chatted with him for a good hour on our first encounter and it felt like I’d known him for years.  I think his genuine openness and nurturing fatherly spirit has a lot to do with his success. I know he made me feel extremely welcome both times I chatted with him. That initial chin wag was made without the tape rolling sadly but on my return to have a proper chat, we got into a lengthy discussion that lasted around 3 hours! This time recorded :) We go way back to the start and get into some very emotional memories which I feel very greatful to Greg for sharing with me and hence with us all. An open, wise, playful badass. I feel like this chat could have gone on another 3 hours!  Please enjoy part 1 with the incomparable Greg Wells: Small note:  At one point I’m trying to recall the “Matt” that helped restoring Sam Phillips studios in Memphis. His full name is Matt Sprang Superb engineer with really good hair! ______________________________________   In the nitty I attempt to make a vocoder using only stock Ableton building blocks. What do ya need? 24 filters, 12 Max for Live Envelope followers and some tweaking :) spoiler alert. It works! ______________________________________   Music for 42 comes from Check this link for some browser-based interactive music video promo fun.  It incorporates a couple teaser videos he made for the tracks that he will be evolving in the future. Let the evolution begin! ______________________________________ Thanks to Leap Wing audio for today’s show sponsorship. They make some really interesting plugins and only 3 currently which I’m a fan of. Not too much to confuse or dilute Check them here!   _______________________________________
4/15/20191 hour, 45 minutes, 37 seconds
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Hello 41 !  Hello to this now vintage chat with Matt Sweeney recorded June 14 2018. I was first introduced to Matt trough my friend Pete Townsend. Not THAT Pete but another Pete!  There’s a rather fantastic band by the name of Super Wolf and Pete plays drums, Matt’s on guitar and Will Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy is singing.  It’s hard to not be moved by that music and every element is crucial to the buzz.  Who’s that amazing guitarist you ask? Yep, it’s Matt Sweeney. Let’s have a quick celebratory tour around some of this lads achievements! He’s been in bands like Skunk, Chavez and Super Wolf He’s played on records with Johnny Cash, Cat Power, Andrew W. K., Run the Jewels, Eagles of Death Metal and maybe more He’s produced .. oh boy he’s produced! He’s lent a crucial touch to the making of the Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack.  (This is the then secret stuff we couldn’t talk about!) In 2016, Sweeney toured with Iggy Pop and Josh Homme to support their album Post Pop Depression. He’s been interview by the Epic Marc Maron (EP 637) Matt is the creator of the fan bloody tactic Guitar moves Here's a couple of classic episodes for ya: Keith Richards!  Blake Mills! Matt is a investor in the popular superiority burger: To be found East 9th st Manhattan   What’s in the chat? Wellllll We tackle fear and inaction and how to overcome it. Yep. We’ve solved it so take a listen :)   Don’t be afraid to ask “is there a budget” Finding the budgets that are hiding in the music puzzle. You’re Welcome! _________________________ Thanks to Steve Lynch for the music for Ep 41 Check out his ocean inspired “Tides” twitter/stellarsteve _________________________ Nitty Gritty wise I explore extraordinary noise. VELVET noise! as Maron might say WTF?  
4/1/20192 hours, 35 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 40 welcomes Travis Stewart aka Machine Drum to the pod! Travis is a badass I've know for some time now and is someone I’m lucky to call a friend at this point. We made it to brunching status ! I’ve had him over to the house in Nashville and we jammed once which makes me think We really need to do that again! I’ve also sung on a JETS track U.N.I. which was a real rush.  Travis is one of those characters that gets the magic side of music. He gets the fact that the presentation of ideas is important. To DREEEEAAAAMMMM He gets that you don’t need much kit to make amazing shit (you can quote me on that) He also gets that it’s good to share.  So enjoy our ramble back in time. Yes! We get into some Machinedrum time travel. How did a kid from small town USA get to wander so free? The man is prolific and talented having pushed quality sounds through labels of distinction such as: Ninja Tune LuckyMe Merck Records Planet Mu Producing work for Theophilus London, Jesse Boykins III, Azealia Banks, and oh so many more! YUP He’s legit!! This chat was from August 2018 so it’s been stewing somewhat and yet it’s as fresh as ever! Great timing as JETS have a brilliant LP coming May 24 through Innovative Leisure _____________________________   The Nitty is all about the 808 and creating the Clave and Cowbell using modulars. wish me luck! Here's the link to the Sound on Sound article I used to make them. Super useful and deep series of articles. _____________________________ Music for today’s show comes again from LakeCube. I featured his stuff in EP 32 with Ann Mincieli also _____________________________ The show is sponsored by industrialectric  Makers of incredibly noisy boxes ! I witnessed one for the first time with Leo Ross, my guest on Ep 38. His brother Atticus also uses these with Nine Inch Nails.  I can see why. If you need a major sonic imprint these pedals are like no other :)
3/18/20192 hours, 35 minutes, 5 seconds
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I’m so fortunate to have one of my favourite UK musicians on the show, Mr Alexis Taylor. A founding member of the now legendary Hot Chip, he’s been releasing music for good whee while now and by gosh it’s all superb. His clothing choices are also second to none. The man marches to the beat of his own drum machine. I REALLY hope you’re not aware of Alexis thus far so you get to experience the joy of opening up his catalog as it were the first snow you’d ever seen on your lawn. The majesty!!! Hello Alexis!    GIG ALERT   Alexis has got a seriously cool show coming up very soon in NYC March 15th and 16th Needless to say, this is a MUST for any New Yorkers. He’s playing together with the amazing Money Mark, my super talented friend Jonny Lam, Annie Hart and visual master Nick Relph at the Met! Bloody hell. EPIC!   Today’s Nitty is a levels game.  I ask the potentially expensive question “does a DI/mic pre combo make eurorack belt harder?” Find out!   Music for this episode comes courtesy of Rory Simmons   He’s a superb player and has already worked with a massively talent bunch of people like Jamie Cullum, The 1975, Bonobo, Mount Kimbie, Bat for lashes and many more! SWEET   Sponsors of todays show are the wonderous Makers of some of the finest sample libraries in the known universe. Just unreal and yet so so real!!   How you doing?
3/4/20191 hour, 48 minutes, 17 seconds
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Greetings from the adobe! Yeah we made it (finally) to Santa Fe :) The sky looks more impressive here. It’s really a breathtaking place. Anyway .. I digress. What’s in the Show??? My guest today is the wonderful Leo Ross.  A lovely chap I met at a BBQ in LA hosted by Si Bonobo and his girlfriend last year.  Leo’s a mellow badass. A sonic raven. One of those low key players that’s really found a great way to carve out a rich musical life as a composer, sound designer, guitarist and dreamer. He’s worked with loads of ace folk including the incredible Grace Jones, Bad Religion, Korn and also a lot with his super talented brother, Atticus Ross. He picked up a BMI film music award for his work on “Book of Eli” I was fascinated to hear about his path from the late 90s to now. We chatted in December 2018 hence talk of the “minimal tree” Verrrry happy to have the raven on the pod. Music for EP38 comes from my old friend Dana wachs. We worked together way back in the mid 2000s and since then she’s mixed live sound for Cat Power, Jon Hopkins and a huge list of amazing folks.  Now she’s making her own music as "Vorhees" !  Check it in the show and support her here :  Today’s nitty is a hefty nod to something I came across recently whilst watching an interview with Emile Haynie. Check this vid to get you closer to the show in question (in order to watch the ACTUAL thing you need to be a member of mix with the masters.. money well spent I’d say!) It’s all about the OCTAVE.   Thanks to Malekko Heavy Industry for their sponsorship! They make awesome pedals and particularly potent eurorack gear. I heard about them thanks to Boys Noize and now I’m fully ensnared in their modular web of potential :) Thanks guys. Welcome to 38
2/17/20191 hour, 37 minutes, 48 seconds
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Hello JMJ!   Bass player badass who’s thumbed the metal for beck, NIN, Air and so many more Producer of paramore, M83 and so many more. The man wears many hats. Although the only one I’ve SEEN him in is a dodgers cap! JMJ was kind enough to host me at his rather splendid home studio in Glendale LA. Chock full o drool worthy wobblers of the various golden eras he’s amassed the sonic arsenal to tackle almost any production task   I’ve had the pleasure of recording music with justin when beck invited me to a session some time ago and I was blown away by his playing. He’s one of the most incredible bass cats out there. Combining THAT talent with a deep sense of how to get THOSE tones positions him as a perfect producer and he’s done bloody well in that role. Big hat stacks!   We chat about the wonderful gear he’s collected and why he is drawn to it. The chase of the buzz (big topic). The path to avoid burn out. A little arm chair philosophy on the nature of sound and MORE! Ha.    It gives me great pleasure to welcome JMJ to the show   In yee olde nitty I delve into the pocket as it were to pull out the ever present power that it the phone!  Yep. I’ll be using the phone as a speaker and mic in relatively lavish ways. What if we thought of the phone as a studio microphone? What if the humble speaker onboard was treated like an amp ?   Yes. Yes    Hello 37
2/4/20191 hour, 35 minutes, 43 seconds
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HOWA EP 36 - PAUL WEBB (Rustin Man)

I’m very happy to say I’ve got Paul Webb aka Rustin man on the show! Paul will be known by many as the the bass player in legendary 80s band Talk Talk. I will admit to my shame that I was unaware of Paul’s work as Rustin Man and even largely the work of Talk Talk. I know. I know!  I AM shamed. BUT I am feeling mighty chuffed to have the window of learning open wide. I now feel I can plunge into the deeps with a direct blessing from Mr Webb! Not only was Paul the bass end of the mighty T.T. but he has released the superb Out Of Season, a collaboration with Beth Gibbons of Portishead as Rustin Man. That happened in 2002. He produced a record by James Yorkston in 2006 called “the year of the leopard” which is a gorgeous listen. Also he produced an LP with Dez Mona in 2009. A little timeline for ya.   He latest record is due Feb 1st 2019 on Domino records. It’s called “Drift Code” and it’s a  I can assure you, it’s a corker! A generous, expansive, deep, detailed work. Something very rare in these disposable days I’d say. The passage of time, the living space full of art, treasured objects and junk, the years spent listening to film music and ‘40s standards are all audible.  But there’s a surprising spontaneity to it too.  Webb’s former Talk Talk and O’rang colleague, the great Lee Harris is on drums. Another point of shame for me as I ask Paul “who’s that drummer?” Lol I’m LEARNING!!   We chat over the phone about the process, the magic and curry :)   In the nitty I sritch n scratch contact mics on string and skin. Even drop one in the sink.  All thanks to the inventive mind of Crank Sturgeon!  I got one of his clip on contact mics and another that can drink (the English edition)  Incidental music for the 36 comes courtesy of Steven ward Go and check his activity here!   Hello!      
1/21/20191 hour, 9 minutes, 54 seconds
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Hey 19 Happy 19 Intrepid 19 Here's to you and me in the new year. Let's GO!  I'm kicking this annual run of shows in the stars with a chat with the chap that goes by the name of Juro Mez Davis. Starting as an MC in NYC and learning the ropes by pure graft and hands on MAKING with some intense folk (like MF doom) this guy can make a mix bump. We get into his come up and the work he does with Hip Hop legend J Cole! Yes indeed Thanks to Audeze for making the connection and providing stupidly good headphones. KOD by J Cole was MASTERED on the Audeze phones! craziness. In the nitty gritty I get into exploring a modified cassette deck as an echo. It's a wonderful and wobbly ride!  Thanks to Scott Campbell for his ingenious crafting and toil. It's a total treat to work with  n n n n n n nineteen!
1/7/20191 hour, 33 minutes, 3 seconds
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HO HO HO HOWA! Yhep we made it to the end of year special Seasons greats from me to you! Couldn’t be spending this episode with a better round up companion. At long last I get to introduce you to the show’s spiritual advisor Mr Jake Aron! We’ve toured the world together. From tiny 100 seaters to opening for Prince ... We’ve mixed a bunch of my records (Compass, Jamie Lidell and Building a beginning)  We’ve grown in the game side by side and it’s been amazing to watch him rocking with a badass studio in Brooklyn and loads of sweet production and mixing under his belt. Like for example the rather fantastic and highly acclaimed 2018 Snail Mail record We chat about the present and the great come up Ah yeah welcome to HOWA the hilarious and humble Mr Aron. Stay tuned :)   Nitty wise I get into a noisy bath with the Koma electronics field kit. Motors on guitars, Heart beats down a wire, rhythmic radio rambles.. it’s my kind of box Speaking of boxes I hope you get a couple of good gifts for the Crimble! I raise my cup to ya for the holiday rush Dreaming of a white noise Christmas  Til the big n n n n 19 Byeeee    
12/24/20181 hour, 4 minutes, 58 seconds
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Welcome to another LA out and about pod, this time with the wonder that is Bobby Krlic Aka The Haxan Cloak. We fall into a distorted time line as we chew the mighty cud sat humbly outside his calm studio in Silverlake. You’ll hear the passings by of local wildlife faintly muttering as we pontificate the meaning of sound and have a good old fashioned ramble!  From Sludge to Hollywood From Laptops on a Brick to Bjork and Atticus Ross  Bobby’s story is the shit!  I’m very happy to have made his acquaintance and I trust you’ll be equally chuffed Let’s chat!   Today’s nitty sees Me paying homage to the work of sound artist and tape master Scott campbell who makes superb tape machine mods and sweet music! Find him on the gram here: @ondemagnetique @scttcmpbll This nitty is also inspired by the rather badass HAINBACH   And in particular this tape loop demo (so helpful!) YES! Music for EP 33 comes from Mischa Lively. An active member on the pod and a great producer.  Super happy to feature his music this time! Check this link for more action: Also here’s an interview with him  Until next time BYE (week)
12/10/20182 hours, 15 minutes, 23 seconds
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Imagine being a young engineer and being thrown into the heady reality of holding down the tape machines and such for MANY a vocal recording session with Mariah Carey! Would you enjoy that rush? Would you crumble? Imagine then going on to record and mix many many MANY albums for Alicia Keys… Imagine working with Usher, Jay-Z… Whitney Houston then opening your own brick and mortar studio in the heart of New York in 2011 Artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Depeche Mode, J. Cole, Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde and so many more have since worked there! Ann Mincieli is beyond the real deal. She has forged a career in the music biz at the highest level. On top of all her achievements she remains so humble and so hungry to learn! We get into chatting about a new thing she and Alicia Keys have started called “she is the music” Ann gives mention to these great female musicians/writers/producers/mixers. Check em out! Trakgirl @trakgirl Skylar Grey @SkylarGrey jennifer decilveo @hijennwhatsup Ingrid Andress @WhatIsAnIngrid TAYLA PARX @TAYLAPARX  Alex Hope YES! Welcome to Episode 32 I return to New York! Meet up with my old pals Ludwig Persik who's Album Forward Motion I produced with him a while ago. A hidden gem! check it out :) I went to see Jake Aron in his studio in Brooklyn. So badass! (interview soon) His wife and MASTER Jewelry maker Wing came through Check her site for amazing christmas gifts! (Thank me later) Nitty gritty is about slowing down the wobbles  Perfect for a post thanksgiving hang!   Today’s show is sponsored by the wonderful Jeff Turzo who runs  OVERSTAYER out in LA.  Some of the very best recording and mixing gear available in 2018. New and fresh. Get tones from 0 to 100000 in seconds. Crazy and Brilliant. Very happy to have him aboard! Check it all out at   Music on this show comes from    LakeCube ---------------- SoundCloud BandCamp Instagram CHEERS!  
11/26/20181 hour, 18 minutes, 50 seconds
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Here we go !  No big deal, it's only Spike Stent. One of the greatest mix engineers EVER. He's put his hands and ears on countless MASSIVE (literally! lol) records. He's got Grammy's galore. Name dropping casually he's worked with Madonna, Depeche Mode, Beyonce, Bjork, Ed Sheeran, Massive Attack, Frank Ocean... I mean too many to bloody mention tbh. Needless to say he's the REAL deal. All of that and a superb chap who makes me chuckle. We get into the micro and macro. Fractal chats y'all!  I get into using the polyend and dreadbox Medusa with the AMS 1580S for some sonic delights and music today is courtesy of MÒZÂMBÎQÚE  Hen-joy!     
11/12/20181 hour, 53 minutes, 45 seconds
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Im very happy to be welcoming the mighty voice of Rag ’n Bone man to the show ! He’s lending his generous mind and voice and spreading a very welcome message of hope in these times. It can feel overwhelming in 2018. There’s so much noise, one might wonder if there’s a way to cut through? Well listen to Rory (rag’nbone) as he explains his path from small town England to riding high after his major LP release on Columbia, hit single around the world, multiple Brit awards and more!  I get into some fade waving in the nitty gritty and we have GUEST MUSIC thanks to Peter Ibbetson  I placed tracks from his Rivals EP on the show :) check the release here:  
10/29/20181 hour, 18 minutes, 16 seconds
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Welcome to another remote LA pod! It’s a REAL treat to have had a sit down and chin wag with the fabulous gent and badass musical mind that is Si Bonobo! We’ve orbited in the same musical lands since the early 2000’s and yet this is the first substantial convo we’ve had. Bring it on I say :) he welcomed me into his home, we killed the AC and sweated it out for your listening pleasures.   Twas a top chat. We get into the come up and the evolution of Si’s styles and touch on his amazing live show setup and philosophy. Couple of Brits at the end of the rainbow as it were. Chatting in the hills of LA. Must be doing something right!   Feeling very lucky.    In the nitty gritty I get into a tricky gritty trying to tame the forces of feedback once again. This time feeding an eq into it’s own mind. Does it work??   Av a listen!     Thank yee  Thank yee  
10/15/20181 hour, 56 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Funk Lordz have boarded the pod. we go waaaaay back and yet we've rarely had a chance for a proper chin wag. They were rolling thro Nashville so I HAD to hang with these  2 legends! We talk about surviving and evolving, keeping it fresh, staying power, LA, New York, Prince and what not. Freestyle rambles of funk. Enjoy! In today's nitty I'm discovering what sonic salt might be.  Go easy. Remember they add more at restaurants.  Jake Aron on the metaphor. Too true. I'm happy to say that I'm also sponsored today by plugin alliance. The place to get some MAJOR sonic power tools. chuffed! thanks dudes :) check them here.
10/1/20181 hour, 2 minutes, 32 seconds
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Welcome to 27. I’m in the distance pod this time chatting to the man like Chrome Sparks in Australia of all places… Not in person but over the magic Skype ping pong. It was a top treat to pick the brains of this intellectual craftsman. He’s a trained percussionist with a very good ear and bold song writing moves. Since 2010 he’s just not stopped Much inspiration as we talk about his past, the rise and the current set up both in the studio and live. We brave the eternal question… how does an electronic artist play live??? HOW??!?! HOWA??!?!? I dig into the multi tracking and phasing of effects to see if there are any simple pleasures hiding. Also I demo sounds from my NEW sound pack “TIME MODULATOR” Happy days
9/17/20181 hour, 35 minutes, 47 seconds
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Hello I'm chuffed! Why?? This episode marks one year in the land of pod! Hard to fathom but tis true. I wanted to thank everyone for listening and for all your stupendous feedback. It's highly motivating to know you're out there enjoying the show and I'll keep em coming! biweekly massive. Today's guest is a serious heavyweight with a far reaching understanding of the facets of the music world and a considered and egoless manner to boot. Perhaps it's the Scandinavian in him? Let me put it this way, he's not the kind of alpha that struts in the room fanning his accolades. He remains open and curious. Something to strive for! We had a tip top time making music for a day and I was very unhappy I'd not managed to sit him down for a chat after. He was kind enough to come back to sit in the hot chair. He got a car to the house with his bags on the way to airport. Mightily generous and definitely above and beyond considering his workload in Nashville and the long-haul that was imminent. Martin's list of accolades is long. A 2 time grammy winning producer . A potent writer across genres. An owner of multiple studios in London and New York. A developer of artists. He's worked with Jason Mraz, Train, Cat Stevens (Yusuf), Jamie Cullum, James Morrison, and KT Tunstall, with many more. Welcome some wisdom to the pod! Today's nitty is all about DI guitar fuzz. I run multiple preamps into one another, introduced some curves and let it burn. Somethings got to represent the candle on this pod cake! Thanks for making with me to my first birthday J
9/3/20181 hour, 24 minutes, 16 seconds
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HOWA - Ep25 - Larry Crane

Hello and welcome an American hero. Larry Crane! The man deserves a standing ovation. Just imagine interviewing peoples for 22 years. Giving a platform to the unsung experts that make all this amazing art alongside fascinating portraits of the household names. Larry has been producing one the most beloved audio publications around. TapeOp! Wiki tells me that the first issues were published by photocopying, hand-stapling and spray painting the covers. Look how far it's come! Larry came by the house and interviewed me for the tapeop podcast and mag (major honour) After our chat we let the tapes continue to roll and I had a good ole fashioned ramble with the man. He's got anecdotes for years. 22 years. It's surreal doing this show. I feel mighty lucky to get to hang with such distinguished folk. Thank you Larry! Thank you also to Audeze for their sponsorship of todays show. Damn those LCD headphones are rather amazing. Even if you have a decent room with treatment these headphones can reveal hidden details. The transient response alone is hard to match in speaker land. I love tech that is new AND incredible. These headphones might allow you to leave the conventional studio behind. Yep! in a Biweek dudes.
8/20/20181 hour, 23 minutes, 30 seconds
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HOWA - Ep24 - Mocky

It's about time I had him on the pod! He's the man that came along and blew the bloody doors off for me around 2003-2004. We wrote and produced my album Multiply together and then went on to do Jim in much the same way. Nothing would be the same for me. He showed me the 2,5,1 the cycle of 4s. The minor 9... all that jazz. He was always the guy that would have a crew of musicians over and jamming at his place in Berlin. Music is communication and community with him. Something I miss a lot about those days. Just jumping on an instrument and playing for hours. It's good for the soul. He always evolves his craft. These days making more magical sounds than ever. Check his solo work for the range of humanity. From the light and playful to heavy and woeful he uses music to talk. This time we used words. Great to have ya man Welcome my friend MOCKY ! I get into a topic the two of us discussed back in the day. Sampling at high sample rates. What are the advantages when making sampled instruments? Turns out they are pretty significant. Hello! Almost a year of the show. Thanks to all for listening :)
8/6/20181 hour, 6 minutes, 40 seconds
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HOWA - Ep23- Francisca Valenzuela + Vicente Sanfuentes

Francisca Valenzuela and her partner Vicente Sanfuentes are a superb example of how couples can turn their deep connection into great art. The alchemy of love! OH yes!!! They have both been making big waves. Francisca Valenzuela for example has had Gold and Platinum records. No big deal. She remains extremely down to earth but make no mistake, she's a huge star in the latin music community and remains very committed to expanding awareness of women in the scene. Her festival Ruidosa is so important. It's an all female series of events that not only highlights a host of incredible music but also brings together speakers and topics that have long been neglected, relating to women working in music and art in the Latin world. Vicente ? Oh yes, he's a force. He's got such a positive outlook on life and art and it's contagious! I love hearing his perspectives on making music and his ability to grow and evolve his craft is mighty inspiring. I love these guys! Hope you all enjoy our chat. Nitty gritty is all about making randomness work toward intrigue and (hopefully)beauty :) Dice are nice! Hello!
7/23/20181 hour, 50 minutes, 47 seconds
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HOWA - Ep22 - Tony Maserati

Tony Tony Tony! Yes! Very happy to have spent a mo getting to know the fellow. (not sure I can keep up that rhyme scheme!) There's so much one could say about Mr Maserati.. or so little.. So little might be "He mixes Beyonce" for example. I mean MIXES BEYONCE!! It's insane. I think I'd probably have a heart attack if I had that stress on my shoulders but Tony is a mightily chill gent. I was so impressed by his LA space and his commitment to moving forward and forging his own path. He's a major inspiration! Once again. Thanks to the man. Hope you enjoy the rambles :) In the nitty gritty I get into a sampling technique I picked up from electronic pioneer Matthew Herbert. Such a simple idea that really can get you new sounds with next to no gear! lo-fi joy. Thanks again to for their continued support of the show. They have some of the best material available for making that competitive music in 2018. I even found a slew of zither sounds. You never know when you might need to zither it up! They have it all! cheers guys J
7/9/20181 hour, 12 minutes, 41 seconds
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HOWA - Ep21 - Mark Ronson

Super happy to have Mark on the show! Modern legend with the hefty pedigree and the skills to move with the times What a crazy road he’s had working alongside some of the biggest and brightest in the biz We chew the cud in a comfy part of his new studio zone at the sound factory in Hollywood Where many a badass record has been made and where WHATS GOING ON was mixed… no biggie. What’s so cool is Mark keeps that spirit going so well with a great crew around him and a revolving door of top talent We chat about his new record label and the uber talented KING PRINCESS, we chat AMY WINEHOUSE we chat about inspiration And beyond Good stuff. I get into the transformation game in nitty gritty. The alchemy of vocal to synth, guitar to synth I crack out my old pal the MS20 for a ride into change town. Thanks again to the excellent people at for the kind show sponsorship Cheers all Was a fun one to make J
6/25/20181 hour, 10 minutes, 33 seconds
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Hanging Out With Audiophiles - Ep21 - MARK RONSON by hanging out with audiophiles
6/25/20181 hour, 10 minutes, 33 seconds
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Atrak in the house! So pleased to spend some 1 on 1 time with the man at his new abode in LA. The house is STUNNING! wow. Such good taste! Comes as no surprise. If you want to learn about making moves you should pay attention to this guy! He’s made so many good decisions and takes his craft super seriously whilst remaining completely down to earth and full of enthusiasm. One of the best scratch djs of all time, owner of the badass fools gold record label which has been around over 10 years..... Hugely successful producer and entrepreneur!! He’s the real deal! Yes! Today on the show I’m exploring the secret life of the lav mic. Small enough to fit inside drums and get lost in places mics usually cant probe. I probe away in the nitty gritty. Also I’m very happy to say the show is sponsored by the excellent folks at A new way to get the freshness in your music. Everything from harps to hammers, full loops to tiny sfx. There’s a HUGE array of stuff to chose from and thanks to a very impressive filtering system you can quickly navigate through the library and get exactly what you need. 2018 style! Nothing in the way of that idea!! Cheers dudes!
6/11/20181 hour, 13 minutes, 11 seconds
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HOWA - Ep19 - Andrew Lappin

Hello! A trip to LA anyone?? why yes!! There were so many tip top interviews made on my last jaunt over to the west coast. meet my new friend mr Lappin! Andrew is a friend of the pod by proxy as he's pals with my spiritual advisor Jake Aron! yes. We all love Jake as we shall discuss further on the show. We get into the way it feels to be in a potent shed by sunset sound. How to make your drums sound modern (aka the holy grail of recording) The joy is in the journey! I dive into the pool of convolution to see what OTHER than room impulse responses can be used to yield the funk. yep. I even ask YOU a question a question>? yes!
5/28/20181 hour, 35 minutes, 50 seconds
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HOWA - Ep18 - Sean O'Brien

Yo! Welcome to my 18th Birthday. The show is now a ripe 36 weeks old and I'm chuffed to have Sean Obrien on the show. He's a top chap and really down to ground fellow who's a relatively under the radar badass and someone I'd not heard of until our meeting but now he's very much a part of the extended family :) He's worked with Moses Sumney, the national and a whole host of folks include Tony Berg who is a recurring figure on the pod having mentored Blake Mills and Shawn Everett so it's that LA knowledge in the house! check this link: I get into the making MUSIC with delays.. what? yeah THAT! Music from pure feedback. Bucket in a brigade all sining their weird wobbly song! Kiss the hand that feeds you :) Hello hello
5/14/201855 minutes, 45 seconds
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HOWA - Ep17 - Kimbra

Eh up! We've got Kimbra on a bus, $20 tapes, silly songs and some brain food. You into that? Kimbra has a new album out! Primal Heart. Give it a listen peoples! In the nitty gritty I get tapes and slam them together to phase the shit out of some phase Kimbra mentions some interesting Brain stuff at the end. your brain on music!!! let's go
4/30/20181 hour, 18 minutes, 49 seconds
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HOWA - Ep16 - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

My chat with Ruban Nielson aka Unknown Mortal Orchestra :) What a top chap. He took precious time before tour to muse and ramble with me on the methods behind his wonderful madness. Super creative, super inventive Ruban is the real deal. Really chuffed to have him on the show. I'm a fan of his music and productions! His new album "sex and food" is out NOW on al the good platforms. Grab a physical copy I'd say :) Support for the show comes from fjord fuzz. A quality maker of brutal fuzz and exciting boxes to explode and erode signals in all those ways we love. check em here!! nitty gritty this show sees me testing the power of a $30 mic on drums. what can be done? I mean really WHAT can be DONE!!! cheers !
4/16/201858 minutes, 46 seconds
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HOWA - Ep15 - Andrew Sarlo

I made a new friend on my latest trip to LA. This gent has already made some seriously badass records. Nick Hakim, Big Thief, Show me the Body and more! Not bad for 29. Not at ALL bad :) Just goes to show what good ears and a good mind can do. We talk of his less is more mix setup which make Andrew a real shining example of the new school to me. This interview was conducted in a friends apparent in downtown LA (thanks Silvia!) You hear a weird dog at one point. Not in pain, just sounding off about the canine situation no doubt. Nitty gritty this episode is a gated affair. MULTI gates! It's new to me. I just thought of it and tried it for this show. It's a bit of a time consuming process but it YIELDS! gate the evil y'all expand the gold :)
4/2/20181 hour, 35 minutes, 3 seconds
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HOWA - Ep14 - Roger Moutenot

HI Guys This is a special one for me. Roger and his whole family have really made our time in Nashville something magical. As you'll hear, he's a warm and deeply knowledgable chap with SO many incredible stories from his journeys in the madcap world of music. From his raw garage band days, to the heady rushe of a major MAJOR studio job in New York in the 80s, to the trips around the world as a heavily in demand freelancer and now to his superb Nashville studio he's seen it all. Grab a quality beverage and sip down some of his wisdom. Having worked with everyone from Lou Reed to Grandmaster Flash. Yo la tengo to Pat Carney of the Black keys he never stops and we're talking about 1000s and 1000s of sessions at the controls. Such a wonderful person, a great Dad and Husband to our good friend Barbara (who you'll discover has exceptional ears and taste!) We are friends with the whole family coz they are all just ace. Hi Marshall! Hi Malcolm! YES!! It's a real privilege to call Roger a friend :) Meanwhile in techy bits I get my feet wet in the heady world of MIDI files. Take and remake for 2018! The bad thing about MIDI is it's pretty old and clunky.. the good thing is it's old and full of the fruits of people's hard toil. The amazing resource that is has changed it all for me. Grab some MIDI and mash it up! Made with love from Nashville Hello!
3/19/20181 hour, 16 minutes, 13 seconds
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HOWA - Ep13 - Darrell Thorp

A Deep and Tech heavy dive into the Knowledge pool that is Darrell Thorp! He's a multi grammy kind of dude and yet there's no pretense. He has worked with some of the best in the biz like Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Beck, Outkast and more! yep. Mad audiophilatiousness hangs. We chat about his time with Dr Dre and all the red lights on the board. The good the bad n zee ugly in gear and signal. Foo fighters and a great deal more! I also nitty the gritty out of the Altec 9067b filter. The fabled King Tubby filter is now my grubbies and I throw some bits into it to hear how it sounds. ALSO I made a couple of patches for you ableton live users to check so you can get a taste of the altec in the digital domain! follow the read me and you should be golden! I posted a quick vid of it on the hangingoutwithaudiophiles instagram to show it in action :) Cheers friends Jamie
3/5/20181 hour, 3 minutes, 22 seconds
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HOWA - Ep12 - Susan Rogers

Amazing times that we can find and talk to our heroes! Here's Susan Rogers and she's responsible for making the best prince records (imho) the BEST ones. I mean the VERY best ones. She was by his side and in the studio at all times.. day and night. The 4 year tour of duty was time well spent. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude. Without her energy, Prince would have not been able to create and share his ideas in the same way. I'd have Never heard the music in the same way over the Atlantic. I'm THRILLED to share this one with you all. She's a wonder! Thanks to Universal Audio once again for their kind support.. Let's get on with the show! Uptown!
2/19/20181 hour, 5 minutes, 51 seconds
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HOWA - Ep11 - Money Mark

YES! Money Mark is in the hot chair. Quite literally as Ahmed Gallab had only just finished our chat. 2017, Turin.. we delve into the many minds of Mark. The kind of mind that will take things apart and rebuild them. The kind of mind that is not content to settle. He's a very curious and unique fellow who's got WAY too many good stories for a solitary podcast but there you go.. this is PART 1!! I get gritty with a cheap contact mic and probe the strings of pianos and tenor guitars before destroying the signals with plugins. Thanks again to the good folks at UNIVERSAL AUDIO for their excellent support and to all you lovely lot for your ears n brains. cast away! Money Mark's fantastic machine link!!
2/6/20181 hour, 18 seconds
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HOWA - Ep10 - Paul Epworth

This Episode sees Paul Epworth in the hot chair! His OWN chair as we got to speak in the LEGENDARY studio that is known as "The Church" for good reason. It's a yeah.. it's a church! An immense and potent zone of creativity! we learn of Paul's journey from shed to Holy rooms and his incredible rise :) Producing Adele. Let's just think about that for a second shall we!?! I get deep with a bit of mono to poly joy in my studio B nitty gritty experiments As promised here's a link to the Max for Live patch to control your KENTON PRO 2000 you will need Live 10 to run it (as it uses sysex) Thanks to Universal Audio for their sponsorship :) check them out at
1/22/201853 minutes, 27 seconds
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HOWA - Ep9 - Chris Taylor (Grizzy Bear)

Episode 9 Happy new bits guys! This week I’m a chattin with the joyful soul that is Chris Taylor of the fabulous grizzly bear! We delve into the tents of life both real and metaphorical. We ponder the sublime and sup on a bloody good cuppa! It’s pod time dudes! Welcome to the first of the year :)) Today’s show is helped along nicely by the good folks at For a limited time they are offering 10% off a selection of plugins that I have hand selected. so.... I can vouch for every one. Get yer savings ! Go to and use the promo code jamie to get your discount!! Yeah !!!
1/8/20181 hour, 11 minutes, 55 seconds
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HOWAs - Ep8 - Hrishikesh Hirway (song exploder podcast)

Episode 8 and ITS CHRISTMAS :) I didn't plan it like this but the schedule said yes so here we are! Happy holidays all This week I've Hrishikesh Hirway, the master mind behind the fantastic SONG EXPLODER podcast. He is super generous with his insights and just a very good natured chap. Good chat! In the nitty gritty I get into the bluetooth speaker as fx tool. Cheap n cheerful! Happy happy!
12/25/201753 minutes, 19 seconds
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HOWA - Ep7 - Ahmed Gallab

EPISODE 7 ! Welcome to the hot chair the wonderful soul that is Ahmed Gallab. We talk about his musical lines. Both historical lines and compositional lines. We love on his band mates and generally love on all things music. This week I SHOOTOUT samplers! I took a short sound and fed it into the SP1200, MPC60, PROPHET 2000, AKAI S612, OTO BISCUIT, CASIO SK-1, MIRAGE and more. Comparing what these lo-fi legends are all about. Thanks to Fabfilter for the use of Pro-L2 ! the baddest limiter in the game. Cheers dudes!
12/12/20171 hour, 8 minutes, 47 seconds
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HOWA - Ep6 - Shawn Everett

I got to catch up with this amazing fellow as we cruise into the 6th episode. Shawn has his own ways to the gold and gold he HAS! Yes, we are talking about a grammy winner here. He fears no obstacle. He actually CREATES problems for himself along the way to be able to avoid the dull ways of normality. He shares backstory and explains WHY the low ways are as potent as the high ways! I get into realtime beatbox and chop stick beat making and there's a winner in the izotope competition!
11/27/20171 hour, 19 minutes, 28 seconds
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HOWA - Ep5 - Blake Mills

Welcome to Episode 5! Please say hello to a true master of his craft(s)! Mr BLAKE MILLS!! I feel very lucky to have been invited into his home to have a coffee and catch up. He’s a truly inspired gentleman and very humble man. We cover a little of the binaural history, production tips from the top. We delve into some of the sound making processes from the wonderful perfume genius record he produced and the incredible power combo that forms when he gets together with the fantastic mr Shawn Everett. I’m very pleased to announce that the show is sponsored by WIN WIN WIN a copy of Neutron 2 standard :)))
11/13/20171 hour, 19 minutes, 34 seconds
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HOWA - Ep4 - Mura Masa

Episode 4 is here with UK bad boy @Mura Masa ! We chat backstage at the Wiltern in LA for a good while. He's a fascinating fellow and a very easy going chap with a solid radio voice! Ha. this show is sponsored by the exceptional goodhertz plugins :)
10/30/20171 hour, 14 minutes, 21 seconds
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HOWA - Ep3 - Dave Stewart

3 is the magic number. We have Dave Stewart in the pod! On the pod! Find out how the Eurythmics got their first studio up n running. Find out the unorthodox ways in which all that amazing music was created. I mean it’s DAVE STEWART! What do I really need to say!! He's on the web here: Today's show is sponsored by the good folks at oeksound. Makers of SOOTHE, the intelligent problem solving plugin that’s really rather good! There’s a chance to win a copy on the show by reposting the soundcloud episode. I’ll pull one of the posters from the digital hat and
10/16/20171 hour, 3 minutes, 23 seconds
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HOWA - Ep2 - Jacquire King

Welcome to Episode 2! This time with Jaquire King !!! I run through my live show vocal effects setup. I talk with Jacquire about AI, the skills it takes to make it as a producer. How he got to be one of the biggest producers in the game. Such a good dude. Top chats. This time I'm sponsored by polyend. Makers of super fresh and unique tools for making music in 2017. Check them at
10/2/201739 minutes, 17 seconds
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HOWA - Ep1 - Pat Carney (Pearls)

Episode 1 of Hanging out with AudioPhiles!! A dive into the mind of Pat Carney. The thing about lo-fi. Digital joy and pain.  Super happy to be releasing this podcast on my birthday.  I'm very lucky to know so many cool people, like Pat, legendary drummer in The Black Keys and all around top bloke.  He came over to the house and we just chatted with the microphones on.  We cover his beginnings as a musician and some lesser known secrets about his early recording career.  I'm also so happy that this first podcast episode is sponsored by FabFilter, makers of exceptionalaudio plug-ins check them out immediately :) Grab a tea and a bickie and give it a listen.   -Jamie
9/5/201754 minutes, 59 seconds