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English, Comedy, 1 season, 42 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 39 minutes
Fox Sports host and comic Rachel Bonnetta (“Lock It In”, “@Buzzer”) and comedy writer Rachna Fruchbom (“Fresh Off the Boat”, “Parks and Recreation”) are here to share their love for two things: sports and DRAMA. Sure, they obsessively root for Cleveland (the Browns and the Cavaliers, respectively), but they get even more excited by those crazy moments in sports that become almost legendary. We all know the sensationalistic scandals about cheating, gambling and sex, but Rachel and Rachna want to discover the humanity behind the headlines. That’s why they started Hall of Shame -- every week Rachel and Rachna will take each other through some of the biggest scandals in sports, from the thrill of Dock Ellis’ acid fueled no-hitter on acid to the agony of Rosie Ruiz’s fake Boston Marathon win. With humor and a healthy dose of perspective, they get to the bottom of what exactly went down, why these stories matter, and how they’re still relevant today. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel more invested in sports than you ever thought possible. New episodes drop every Monday.
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Get the F*ck Off Our Field (Kent State Women's Field Hockey Scandal)

It's the Hall of Shame finale and Rachna is going to need Rachel to contain her fury (or not). Just last year, Maine and Temple University were playing a field hockey match at Kent State that was about to go into double overtime. Until they were cut short. For pre-football game fireworks. On an entirely different field. At NOON. The infuriating incident raised questions about gender equity in college sports (and beyond).
12/14/202039 minutes, 10 seconds
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Jeter's One Night Stand Gift Baskets (Listener Submitted Scandals)

Rachna and Rachel want to thank YOU! In the penultimate episode of Hall of Shame season 1, we cover the most requested scandals that you the listener wanted to hear. From Reggie Bush forfeiting his Heisman trophy, to Maradona's controversial "hand of God" goal, to Derek Jeter sending his one night stands Yankee memorabilia gift basket. You'll hear Rachel and Rachna's fresh hot takes on your favorite sports scandal!
12/7/202042 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Full Manti (The Manti T'eo Catfishing Scandal)

Rachel needs Rachna to beware of the internet! In 2009, Manti T'eo was a promising up and coming linebacker playing with the Fighting Irish at Notre Dame, when he fell in love with his girlfriend Lennay Kekua online. But when tragedy struck Manti's life, what started off as young love became one of the most shocking and bizarre scandals in football.
11/30/202051 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Curse of the Catch (The Steve Bartman Incident)

Rachna is going to need Rachel to keep her hands to herself. Or else. It’s 2003, and the Chicago Cubs are leading the Marlins 3-2 in the National League Championship Series. If they win this game, it’ll be their first league pennant since 1945. Bottom of the 8th. A foul ball to the left field. Cubs left fielder Moisés Alou is this close to catching it…until someone else does. Steve Bartman, the unluckiest Cubs super fan in the world.
11/16/202032 minutes, 41 seconds
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Bad Tiger (Tiger Woods Scandal)

Rachel is going to need Rachna to keep it in her pants. You’ve heard of Tiger Woods. You know. The prodigy who appeared in Golf Digest at 5. Who won 14 major championships by 34. Who met Obama and became a billionaire in the same year. Who had 120 extramarital affairs in 5 years. THAT’S the one that brought his reputation to a crashing halt.
11/9/202049 minutes, 5 seconds
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Liar, Liar (Donald Trump Golf stories)

Rachel and Rachna are going to need you to pour yourself an Arnold Palmer. You’re familiar with our President. The guy who won the office despite…losing the popular vote. Well the Presidency isn’t the only thing Trump cons his way into winning. No, Trump spends your tax dollars cheating at (his own) golf resorts nearly every weekend! And he’s been doing it for decades. Everyone from Samuel L. Jackson to Tiger Woods himself has a tale to tell, so cuddle up with your caddy and listen to a few.If you run into any issues voting or witness voter suppression or intimidation, call the voter protection hotline: 1-833-DEM-VOTE — 1-833-336-8683
11/2/202033 minutes, 15 seconds
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Blood in the Water (1956 Hungary v. USSR Olympic Water Polo Match)

Rachna is gonna need Rachel to pull on her water wings. It’s the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, and the Hungarian water polo team is distracted. Back home, the Soviets have brutally crushed a popular democratic uprising in Budapest. So when they found themselves going against Russia for the gold, the revolution followed them to the pool.
10/26/202042 minutes, 51 seconds
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The Biggest Sting in Sports History (Operation Flagship)

Rachel is going to need Rachna to take off her rose colored glasses. It’s 1985, and the hottest ticket in DC is to see the Washington Football Team. So imagine the joy of the people randomly selected to receive two free tickets and bus transportation to and from a Washington-Bengals game. Not only that — they were treated to a lavish brunch beforehand with the chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl that year as well. It seemed too good to be true! Because it was.
10/19/202028 minutes, 28 seconds
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Puke and Rally (The Michael Jordan Flu Game)

Rachel is going to need Rachna to hold her hair. It’s game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals, and Michael Jordan’s Bulls are tied 2-2 with the Utah Jazz. But after a midnight snack goes awry for MJ, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be able to play. Until he proves that he most certainly can. But the quick turnaround from incapacitated to unstoppable scoring machine has some eyebrows raised to this day.
10/12/202038 minutes, 4 seconds
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There Will be Blood (2009 Rugby Bloodgate Scandal)

Rachna is going to need Rachel to grab a tissue and apply pressure. It’s the quarter finals of the 2009 Heineken Cup. The Harlequins are up against Leinster when their star player, Nick Evans, gets injured and benched. But lucky for The Quins' Rugby director, there's a very specific blood rule that allows teams to circumvent substitutions rules. So when Harlequin's full-back Tom Williams starts profusely bleeding on the field, the timing seems a little too good to be true.
10/5/202038 minutes, 58 seconds
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Temper, Temper! (Our Top 5 Meltdowns in Sports)

Rachel is breathing deeply and counting to ten. Athletes — they’re just like us. Except they’re usually bigger. And definitely stronger. And they really REALLY like to win. But sometimes these big, strong, winners don’t get their way. And then you better watch out. Some meltdowns are justified, others notorious, and some just straight up unnecessary. So put on a helmet, hide your hockey stick, and buckle up for some all star tantrums.
9/28/202046 minutes, 56 seconds
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Keep your friends close, and your gangsters closer (The Black Sox Scandal)

Rachna is going to need Rachel to slip her a $10. In 1919, the Chicago White Sox were favored to win the World Series. But they were also, in their view, criminally underpaid. So who better to supplement their income than the mob? But the gamblers and gangsters that these pros approached wanted them to throw more than just strikes. Come for the corruption, stay for the old-timey nicknames, and buy me some peanuts and crackerjack.
9/21/202044 minutes, 11 seconds
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Throne of Lies (New England Patriots Spygate Scandal)

Rachel is cracking open that beer because football season is back! The 2002 Super Bowl was momentous. It was Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s first with the New England Patriots and with zero seconds left, they upset the St. Louis Rams with a 48 year field goal! This game kicked off a golden age for the Patriots and their game was unstoppable. But as reports started to creep up about the Patriots secretly videotaping opponent's sidelines, questions about their integrity started to arise. As the ol' saying goes: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them; then there's the New England Patriots who are dirty dirty cheats.
9/14/202052 minutes, 36 seconds
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Run For Your Life (1904 Olympic Marathon)

Rachna is going to need Rachel to pack a water bottle. The 1904 Olympics were, to be generous, a catastrophe. Against a backdrop of horrible planning, racist sideshows, and the worst racing conditions in history, a motley crew of unlucky runners lined up for the marathon. Then they started dropping like flies. And when things are such a disaster from the start, the only way to finish is with a little illicit help.
9/7/202040 minutes, 33 seconds
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In Solidarity (with Atlanta Dream's Elizabeth Williams)

This week Rachel and Rachna sit down with Atlanta Dream’s Elizabeth Williams to reflect on her teams decision to strike, their beef with Senator Loeffler, and the WNBA's history of activism.
8/31/202027 minutes, 30 seconds
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Wire, Wire, Pants on Fire (The 1976 Soviet Fencing Scandal)

If Rachel says, en garde, Rachna better say fence. In 1976, a Ukrainian pentathlete with a chip on his shoulder arrived at the Olympics in Quebec ready to win the gold. Of the five pentathlon events, Boris Onischenko's specialty was fencing. With the win-at-all costs pressure from the Soviet Union, Boris fenced his little heart out, scoring so many points that his opponents began to raise red flags. Was Boris that good? Or did he have a few tricks up his sword?
8/24/202038 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Flip Side (The Surya Bonaly Story)

Rachna's lacing up those childhood skates. In the early 1990's French figure skater Surya Bonaly didn't fit the "ice princess" mold. From a young age she was surrounded by a strange cast of characters, from her hovering mother, to her coach who pushed to "exotify" her background. Fed up with society's criticisms of who she should be, Surya decided to be herself, and made history along the way.
8/17/202038 minutes, 28 seconds
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Full Court Shame (2000 Spanish Paralympic Basketball Scandal)

Rachel and Rachna promise they are great people. Just like the Olympics, the Paralympics are ripe with cheaters. In 1996 the International Paralympic committee introduced the Intellectual Disability Sport classification opening up the games to an entire new group of athletes. But in 2000 along came the Spanish basketball team who were hungry for a gold medal and corrupt enough to win by any means necessary. Think you know how this story goes? Trust, the depravity runs deeper than you think.
8/10/202034 minutes, 1 second
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Get Spangled, Baby (Top 5 Memorable National Anthems)

Rachna is going to need Rachel to take off her hat and put her hand over her heart. The US National Anthem is a war song, so why would we sing it before athletic events? Who does the National Anthem really represent and is it still relevant? But more importantly — we share our definitive list of the top 5 most memorable Star Spangled Banner performances.
8/3/202042 minutes, 33 seconds
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Stranger than Fiction (The WWE Montreal Screwjob)

Rachel needs Rachna to mind the body grease. In the early 90's Bret "The Hitman" Hart was one of the WWF's (now WWE) biggest stars; he was a five time WWF World Heavyweight Champion and held championships throughout multiple decades. But when WWE chairman Vince McMahon was over it, he decided to screw over his promotion's biggest star in the most unceremonious way. In the wild world of wrestling, no scandal can be taken at face value. Was the screw over real or was it all for show?
7/27/202043 minutes, 47 seconds
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So you agree? You think you're really pretty. (The Maria Sharapova Doping Scandal)

Rachna just hopes Rachel will say no to meldonium. When Maria Sharapova burst onto the scene, she was beloved by all (well not all). She was beautiful, she was talented, and she had more sponsorships than she knew what to do with. But there was always a chip on a shoulder. A thorn in her side. A more gifted player named Serena Williams. Ever heard of her? What would Maria do to be number 1?
7/20/202036 minutes, 9 seconds
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What Happens in Vegas... (the Suzy Favor Hamilton story)

Rachel wants Rachna to talk about it! Like many people, Suzy Favor Hamilton spent much of her life grappling with mental illness. Unlike most people, Suzy ran track at three consecutive Olympics. Her disordered eating, anxiety, and bipolar disorder were only exacerbated by mistreatment at the hands of coaches and the stress of competitive running, but she suffered largely in silence. After her retirement from running, Suzy had two careers. One, like mental illness, society doesn’t like to talk about much...
7/13/202040 minutes, 16 seconds
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100 Bottles of Beer on the Plane (The Legend of Wade Boggs)

Rachna is going to need Rachel to hold her OWN beer and then get herself another. In 1982, Wade Boggs graduated from the Minor to the Major leagues, where he had a storied career with the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and Tampa Bay Rays. But perhaps more impressive than his more then 3,000 hits, All Star record, and being a first ballot Hall of Famer, is his infatuation with chicken, rampant superstition, and penchant for drinking more beer than any mortal man can or should.
7/6/202033 minutes, 25 seconds
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Cash for Concussions (The New Orleans Saints Bountygate Scandal)

Rachel is going to need Rachna to watch her head! In 2010, the New Orleans Saints were riding high after their 2009-2010 Super Bowl win. But it was the NFC Championship game, and the unusually violent hits from Gregg Williams' defensive line that caught the NFL's attention. In a two year investigation, the evidence revealed a much more nefarious conspiracy within the New Orleans Saints organization that went all the way to top! 
6/29/202035 minutes, 40 seconds
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The Grunt-o-meter (The Monica Seles Story)

Rachna needs Rachel to get a grip. Monica Seles was the youngest woman to ever be ranked #1 in women’s tennis. She stayed at the top for three consecutive years, despite intense media criticism for not fitting the mold of the very traditional sport. In 1993, at a tournament in Hamburg, Seles was poised to once again face her arch tennis rival Steffi Graf at semis, but never made it past the quarterfinals after a deranged fan jumped on the court and attacked her; forever altering her game.
6/22/202041 minutes, 56 seconds
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Enter Sandman (The Horse Killing Scandal)

Rachel needs Rachna to saddle up! In 1982, Tommy Burns was a lowly stable hand -- until millionaire James Druck asked him to kill his show horse for a cut of the insurance payout. Why not make some hay? From then on, Tommy becomes The Sandman, putting horses “to sleep” and enmeshing himself into one of the biggest scandals in equestrian history.
6/15/202040 minutes, 57 seconds
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Friends Forever (Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong-Un)

Rachna is going to need Rachel to step up her friend game. In the late 90s, Dennis Rodman was basketball’s bad boy, and Kim Jong Un was a young student obsessed with the Chicago Bulls. What follows is almost a decade of bizarre fair weather friendship between the misunderstood super star and the temperamental dictator, filled with photo ops, pseudo-diplomacy, and hostage negotiations over Twitter. PLUS, the man who witnessed it all, former Vice Media correspondent Ryan Duffy stops by to give us all the juicy details of his trip to North Korea.Show notes:If you’re able to donate, here’s how to support people and groups protesting police violence and working to combat racism and injustice: Go to to support community bail funds around the country, and go to to support 11 groups fighting racism and police brutality. Alright now let’s get back to the show!
6/8/20201 hour, 8 minutes, 31 seconds
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Support the work for anti-racism and police reform.

Hall of Shame listeners--In light of the protests happening around the country, we're holding today's episode, but look out for a new episode very soon. We want to direct you to a few organizations to support the work for anti-racism and police reform. If you are able, please consider donating, to The Bail Project, the Black Voters Matter Fund, or Campaign Zero. Thanks.
6/1/202028 seconds
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The Factory of Sadness (The Curse of the Cleveland Browns)

For Rachna, there's no place like home. Unfortunately for her, home is Cleveland where the Browns play.. In 1964, the Browns were World Champions. And then…they didn’t win anything, ever again. Rachna takes us through decades of heart break including the time Browns owner Art Modell took the team away from its city. WARNING: This could be triggering for Cleveland. 
5/25/202042 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Pom Pom Mom (The Wanda Holloway Story)

Rachel proves to Rachna that everything is bigger in Texas. Even cheerleading rivalries. After Wanda Holloway’s dream of cheerleading goes unfulfilled, she channels all her energy into sending her daughter, Shanna, to the top of the proverbial pyramid. Standing in her way: Shanna’s cheer rival, Amber, and her mom, Verna. So what’s Wanda to do if not hire a hit man? Will this stage mom stick the dismount or get benched…by the law?
5/18/202041 minutes, 38 seconds
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Sweet Home Alabama (2010 Auburn Tree Poisoning Scandal)

Rachna's stocking up on toilet paper for this week's story. Alabama’s most adored pastime is college football, and its bitterest rivalry is between the University of Alabama and Auburn. For decades, Auburn would celebrate its wins by TPing the oak trees at an intersection downtown called Toomer’s Corner. So when those trees are poisoned in the dead of night after a victory against the University of Alabama, it’s not too hard to guess what side the perpetrator is on. 
5/11/202035 minutes, 4 seconds
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Becoming Metta World Peace (Ron Artest Part 2)

Rachel is going to need Rachna to buckle up. In part two-- After the brawl, Ron is at the lowest point of his career, his mental health wreaking havoc on his game. He jumps from team to team, eventually settling with the Los Angeles Lakers. That move that ultimately changed the course of his life and his relationship to his mental health, leading him to a name change, a journey abroad, and a reconciliation with an unexpected person from his past.
5/4/202039 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Malice at the Palace (Ron Artest Part 1)

Rachel is going to need Rachna to hold her beer. In part one of a two-part episode, we dive into the early life and career of the most fascinating and eccentric player in the NBA, Metta World Peace (aka Ron Artest). In part one -- It's 2004, and the Indiana Pacers are poised to be at the top of the league. But when the famously hot headed Artest loses his temper on the court, their promising season all but ends with the biggest brawl in sports history. And this is only the beginning of his career...
4/27/202037 minutes, 27 seconds
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"Luck" of the draw (1985 NBA Draft Conspiracy)

Rachna thinks the Knicks were a little too lucky. When David Stern, a NYC native, was appointed NBA Commissioner in 1984, he was determined to put basketball on the map. And his first move was to replace the traditional draft with a flashy lottery. But when all-star Patrick Ewing ends up getting chosen for the Knicks, it becomes hard to believe that Stern would leave the lottery to chance. Allegedly. 
4/20/202036 minutes, 10 seconds
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Gambling, gangsters, & the Great One (Operation Slapshot)

Rachel would wager Rachna hasn’t heard this one before. Once upon a time, sports gambling wasn’t just frowned upon, it was illegal. But what’s a little money among friends? For the New Jersey police, $1.7 million in bets on the 2006 Super Bowl was a little too much to leave on the table. The investigation that followed linked the New Jersey state troopers, Philly’s biggest crime family, and Canada’s most beloved athlete.
4/13/202038 minutes, 54 seconds
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White male energy (2016 Ryan Lochte Olympics Scandal)

Rachna smells a rat in Rio. After a triumphant few laps around the Olympic pool in Brazil, Ryan Lochte was America’s golden boy. Medals, sponsorships, the whole shebang. But when a harrowing robbery is revealed to be a drunken lie, the golden boy starts seeming a little less shiny.
4/6/202029 minutes, 53 seconds
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The no no (The Dock Ellis Story)

Rachel takes Rachna on a trip to the 70s. Doc Ellis loved baseball but baseball didn’t always love him back -- especially when he spoke out about racism. Depending on drugs and alcohol to cope with the undue pressures on black athletes, he hit his career high while...high. This is a story about a fall from grace and the path to redemption.
3/30/202032 minutes, 22 seconds
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I am a woman and I am fast (The Caster Semenya Story)

Rachna reminds Rachel what happens to women who dare to win. In 2009, South African middle distance runner Caster Semenya burst onto the international scene, with a gold medal and an astonishing time at the World Championships in Berlin. But what should have been a moment of victory turned into one of humiliation when the powers that be question if she should be allowed to run the race at all.
3/23/202030 minutes, 48 seconds
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Bases Loaded (Cleveland's 10 Cent Beer Night)

Rachel spins a boozy yarn of Midwestern debauchery. Looking to avenge a loss to the Texas Rangers, Cleveland fans are out for blood and fueled by 10 cent beers. Come for the hot dogs, stay for the nudity.
3/16/202025 minutes, 39 seconds
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Injustice on the Ice (the 2002 Olympics Figure Skating Scandal)

In our inaugural episode, Rachna tells an icy tale of Olympic deception. When the Russians beat the favored Canadians in the Pairs Figure Skating competition at the 2002 Olympics, one of the judge’s judgment seems less than judicious. Will there be justice? Pour yourself a glass of chardonnay, cuddle up with your favorite mobster, and take a listen.
3/9/202025 minutes, 39 seconds
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Marathon Madness (The Rosie Ruiz Story)

Rachel tells a sordid tale of sweat, lies, and public transportation. Rosie Ruiz bolted out of obscurity and into infamy after being the first woman to cross the finish line at the 1980 Boston Marathon, beating her own best time by 25 minutes. How’d she do it? We’ll tell you, if you promise not to skip to the end.
3/9/202019 minutes, 48 seconds
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Hall of Shame (coming soon)

Introducing "Hall of Shame" the newest podcast from Crooked Media. Each week hosts Rachel Bonnetta ("Lock It In") and Rachna Fruchbom ("Parks and Recreation", "Fresh Off The Boat") recount some of the craziest scandals in sports history. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be more invested in sports than you ever thought possible. New episodes drop every Monday starting next week!
2/25/20201 minute, 10 seconds