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Creating space for peace, healing and transformation
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214 Healing yourself and the Earth

Today, It's all about you and giving yourself some space to heal yourself. Feeling is healing, so this meditation will take you on a journey.
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213 Stream Of Energy Meditation

WE ARE BACK!! Finally after 4 years. All New Episodes Uploaded Weekly, recorded and channeled live at our in person meditation circle here on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Today, allow the thread of light. Feel your body. Allow thoughts, feelings, sensations. This gift of insight today is in the allowing and witnessing of what... Continue Reading →
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212 Walk the road and release emotions

Having a strong connection to your own energy before you move into the meditation today. Walk the road, connect to the feelings deep within you. Heal yourself as you express these feelings and move through them. Receive wisdom surrounded by nature and allow the integration to take place.
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211 – Cut cords meet your spirit guide and activate heart vision 2024

WE ARE BACK!! Finally after 4 years. Today, it's time to cut some cords and connect with your spirit guide, they have a message for you. Once you receive your gift today, you will activate your heart vision.
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210 Find your heart flow – Healing for Earth 2024

Finding a connection to your heart is so important in 2024. It's time to open up to the Heart energy and allow yourself to embrace all the feelings
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209 Energy Upgrade

Float freely in the light, feel your heart Chakra expand as your energy activation is engaged. Connect to this new wave frequency and embody this new energy upgrade.
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208 Meditation for Balance and Harmony

Combining the energy in circle, with ourselves, Ancestors of the land and the universal energy. Today we gather as a group and connect with all who feel called to gather. We bring balance and harmony to ourselves and to all. Watch the dance between light and dark and find your balance. Heal and grow as we balance together.
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207 Fear Release Meditation

Journey Deep inside yourself and release fear that prevents your connection to your heart space.
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206 Relaxation Meditation

Today we take a boat ride into the star filled night. Just floating and connecting to Mother Earth and her elements. Feel your body fill with love as you journey through the night.
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205 Forgiveness inner child meditation

This simple Guided Meditation duration approx. 20 mins Taking time to relax is more important than ever. If you feel like you want to get away and unwind then take a journey with Natalie Ubl Grant of Light Of Wellness. We would love to hear your experience with these meditations, if you have time please... Continue Reading →
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204 Reflection meditation

Step into this meditation with full awareness of the present moment. Spend time connecting to all aspects of self and reflecting on the physical, the energetic and the observer self. Today we ask what all of these aspects of self need to thrive.
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203 Mineral cave healing meditation

Mineral cave healing meditation. Just let go, feel into your body and allow yourself to be guided into this deep healing meditation.
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202 A message from your higher self.

The path of light is clear, release hooks, ties and binds that no longer serve your higher purpose and expand your inner heart light. Walk the path of the light and merge with your higher self. Guidance and wisdom comes from connecting deeply within yourself.
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201 Harmonise mind, Body and Soul meditation

Gathering energy and creating harmony within each aspect of your being. Today we bring awareness to the mind, body and soul aspects of your being and bring them into balance and harmony.
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200 Heal your inner child meditation

Help me celebrate our 200th episode by taking the time to heal your inner child. Healing your inner child can be life changing, today we have the opportunity to be guided to meet with and hear from our inner child. What they need and how you can help them. We need to be the change we want to see in the world, lets start by giving ourselves the love we need.
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199 Balance with Reiki healing energy meditation

Deep healing with the Reiki energy is shared in todays meditation. A time to stop and heal. Breath deeply and feel the energy within. This simple Guided Meditation duration approx. 16 mins Taking time to relax is more important than ever. If you feel like you want to get away and unwind then take a... Continue Reading →
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198 Heal the body meditation

Time to heal the body and listen to the whispers before they become screams. This beautiful meditation will connect you to your body and leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful.
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197 Energy Reboot

Today we reboot our energy. Clear away the old and make room for the new. 
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196 Climb the mountain of life.

A quick meditation this today. Climb the mountain and become the witness. Leave behind the past and observe your present moment with clarity. Prepare your energy, balance your chakras and expand your potential.
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195 Knowledge from the wise ones.

For this FULL MOON, the knowledge from the wise ones is ready for you. The wise ones are the trees in this guided meditation today. As you become the tree you have access to the knowledge these wise ancient ones possess. 
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194 Expand your intuition

Today's focus is on expanding our intuition and receiving guidance from within.
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193 Spirit Garden Meditation

Today's guided meditation has the opportunity to receive messages that will help bring clarity to your current situation. 
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192 Deep Spinal Flow Meditation

Connect and see the spiralling energy that moves up your spine and throughout your body. A meditation of presence and an opportunity to practice of cultivation of energy in your spine and body.
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191 Energy Medicine Healing

Feel into the energy medicine today and receive a deep healing during this relaxing guided meditation.
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190 Release Fear

Todays FREE Guided Meditation Podcast is all about letting go of FEAR. Fear is the opposing force to Love, release fear and let love in.
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189 Bringing light to the depths of Earth

Heal yourself and heal the Earth
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188 Pentagram energy activation

Join the Light Worker movement to bring Love and Light to Earth. Feeling the call to help and don't know where to start, this meditation will connect you with others who are bringing the light.
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187 Connect to all possibility

Follow the river of golden energy to the field of all possibility in todays Guided Meditation Podcast. Just relax and flow.
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186 Daughter of the phoenix fire cleanse

This simple Guided Meditation duration approx. 20 mins Taking time to relax is more important than ever. If you feel like you want to get away and unwind then take a journey with Natalie Ubl Grant of Light Of Wellness.     We would love to hear your experience with these meditations, if you have... Continue Reading →
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185 Winter Solstice Energy Reset Meditation

This simple Guided Meditation duration approx. 30 mins Taking time to relax is more important than ever. If you feel like you want to get away and unwind then take a journey with Natalie Ubl Grant of Light Of Wellness.     We would love to hear your experience with these meditations, if you have... Continue Reading →
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184 Purify your body with the yellow ray

Feel like you need a body purification? In today' guided meditation we use the yellow colour ray to move throughout your entire physical body. Connecting us to the sensation of continuous flow and abundance. Then we magnify this into the world around us. This is a great meditation for clearing our physical and emotional ailments and freeing up the body to be open to the new energy around us, inviting in abundance and flow.
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183 Solar plexus release

The centre of emotion the solar plexus chakra is the focus of today's guided meditation. A fantastic meditation to connect, release and energise this chakra. Remove blockages and observe the energy. Ascend through the chakras and experience the energy upgrade.
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182 Angel Wings – Experience the energy upgrade.

Clear toxins and impurities from your body today in our guided meditation. Experience the energy upgrade. Leave behind the past and elevate as you grow your angel wings. Create a space where you feel safe, abundant, and worthy.
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181 Inner Child and self love

Today is about healing and making space for abundance to flow into our lives. Our self love is expanded and honoured our inner child nurture and loved, hear their guidance and offer wisdom.
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180 Earth Angel Chant

Today's meditation will guide you to a space where we will use chant to clear and release. Release, cleanse and let go of the past to step into the new energy, prepared.
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179 Heart Of Love

Connect to love and being loved in todays Guided meditation podcast. During this meditation you will be met by a loved one, and or ancestor that greets you with warmth and love. Sit in Circle in this space of love and send healing to yourself, your community and to the Earth.
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178 Oxygen Meditation

A quick meditation today as we allow oxygen to flow thought out our bodies. Using your awareness, follow the oxygen flow around your body. Notice the flow. 
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177 Chakra Balance for the Earth

Let's do something for the Earth. Let's heal our Chakras and in doing so we will be healing the Chakras of the Earth. This is symbolic of Microcosm and Macrocosm heal in ourselves what we wish to heal in others and the outside world. We have the power to create change and that change starts with us.
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176 Crystal Grid Meditation

Work with the energy of the Crystal Grid and the vibration of the singing bowl today in this balancing meditation. Release, let go and find the lesson.
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175 Obstacle Remover Meditation

Let's FEEL into our field today and and remove the obstacle that is coming up for you today. It could be preventing you from feeling free, light, open, or connected to love. Work with the obstacles that are not serving you and let's remove them together. obstacle /ˈɒbstək(ə)l/ Learn to pronounce noun a thing that blocks one's way or prevents or hinders progress.
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174 Unconditional LOVE Connection

With all the CRAZY that is going on in the world right now with the Covid-19 (Corona Virus Outbreak), we are experiencing isolation and separateness. This is a time now more than ever to actively connect with unconditional love.
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173 Healing temple

Guided to your Healing temple today to create a shift into self Love.
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172 Green grass meditation

Experience the senses and allow yourself to go deep into relaxation in this weeks Guided Meditation Podcast.
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171 Chakra elevation

Work through the Chakras in today's Guided Meditation Podcast and focus on the word release.
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170 Full body cleanse and reset

Today we recalibrate our energy system and cleanse the full body. Start the year with a clean slate.
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169 New Year Reset Meditation

Happy New Year Guided Meditation Podcast listeners.  May 2020 bring you many opportunities to experience presence. As always I will continue to bring you meditations that promote peace, healing and transformation. All the very best for the year ahead Love and light Nat 
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168 Unconditional love connection

Seasons Greetings everyone This week's FREE Guided Meditation is titled Unconditional love connection A perfect time of year to connect with unconditional love. Be safe Love and light always Nat
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167 Find your flow

Recognise the tension in your body and in recognising it you are able to let it go. Use the breath as a vehicle to remain in the present moment and as you work through this SIMPLE and QUICK meditation you will follow the prompts to remain focused on the now.
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166 Dolphin Guidance

Swim with the Dolphins today, dive deep beneath the surface of the water become one with the pod and feel the connectedness. Swim freely today in the open water. Bring playfulness into your life.
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165.5 Ocean of light

Think of an emotion that you are ready to let go of and let it go. Immerse yourself in an ocean of light in the present moment and reset your energy in todays Guided Meditation Podcast.
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165 Flower Meditation

Contemplate your flower today as you drop into a state of relaxation. Be guided to recharge your energy field. A calm and peaceful meditation to start your day.
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164 Release and find peace

Today is all about releasing the old and making peace with your now.
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163 Oneness

As you move through the layers of your soul, feel yourself lifting and rising above daily stress and let go of Earthly burdens. Rise above and be free in the flow of energy. Sit amongst the stars and connect to oneness.
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162 Relax Into The Four Elements

A journey with the Four Elements today will guide you gently through a visual discovery. I hope you enjoy today's Guided Meditation Podcast.
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161 Night Sky Chakra Balance

Today's Guided Meditation Podcast is especially focused on balancing your Chakras.
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160 Joy Meditation

Today's Guided Meditation podcast is created as we move into this New Moon energy. Create something new as we connect to a time where joy was present in you reality and we connect to this feeling and learn what it brings us as guidance. 
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159 Third eye opening and awakening

As you spend time with your third eye work with the energy, connect with your guide and experience the journey of opening and awakening your third eye. 
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158 I am open to my full potential

Today's Guided Meditation Podcast is to set up a sense of openness and allowing. Total relaxation and peace is the focus today. We live in harmony with the forest and in this space you are able to really connect to that sense of oneness.
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157 Peaceful Bay – Release Meditation

Today's Guided Meditation is a little longer than usual, giving you the opportunity to go deeper within. As you ground on top of a mountain overlooking a peaceful bay you engage in the present and enjoy the surroundings change as you release and let go of old patterns and beliefs. 
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156 Butterfly Transformation

Today's guided meditation podcast pause in the present moment and immerse yourself in the energy of the butterfly. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation.  Are you ready to transform now?
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155 Feminine Goddess Connection

Draw in all your scattered energy and create focus through your Sacral Chakra, the seat of creation. Move through your Chakras and connect with the feminine goddess energy. 
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154 Full moon reset – Element Journey

Today's guided meditation podcast will take you on a journey through the elements water, earth, fire and air.  During this journey you will feel your way through the guidance given. Cut cords and release ties that no longer serve your greater good.
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153 Chakra Reset

Start your new day with a clear flowing energy throughout your Chakra System Release old patterning that sits in the body using the Chakra system to assist the process.
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152 Connect with higher consciousness

Here with the Body, mind and Spirit we connect to the heart space and to love. Feel your way with all the senses throughout this meditation. As you ascend through the layers you are bought to the limitless possibility of the higher consciousness. What you do in this space is up to you. We recommend you lead with love and allow yourself to become the gap between thought and expand your consciousness. I hope todays meditation brings you peace.
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151 Lions Gate Meditation, Enter the light

The Lion's Gate is a special time of year when we have the opportunity to connect with the light energy coming through to activate our light bodies. You are entering into a time of accelerated transformation as we release the last of the old energy and patterns and embody the light and fearlessly step on to our true path of creation with love.
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150 Sacred place of your creation

Clear through the Chakras and rise up with Earth energy into the light that leads you to the sacred place of your creation. Use this time to connect with Joy.
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149 I am open beach release

Bask in the present moment, release your worries and stressors. Make your way up the beach and submerge your ankles in the ocean. Breathe in the ocean air and feel your body relax. Let the ocean take tension from your body. Open your heart chakra and think "I am open to receive" Set the intention to be open to receive.
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148 Healing with the ascended masters

Today we acknowledge the present moment, release the past and connect with what is. As we connect we step onto the threshold of the future. Be shown what you need to see to bring clarity. As you connect with your higher self wisdom comes as you return home feel the healing that comes from the Ascended masters. 
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147 Throat and Third Eye Cleanse

Today we work with the Throat and Third eye Chakras. As we enter these Chakras we will be guided to see clarity around what is blocking these chakras, remove obstacles and clear out what no longer serves these Chakras. 
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146 Tree & River Journey of empowerment

Watch the tree grow from the Earth, as you climb you rise above the obstacles that stand in your way, release burdens into the river and step into empowerment.
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145 Rise above and be free

Rise above the stress of life and move into freedom.
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144 Mer-tail ocean cave

As you move through the yellow door today, find yourself on a rocky beach. Feel the metaphors as you walk the beach. Dive into the ocean and explore your tail. Glide your way to the cave beneath the ocean.  
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143 Waterfall connect to the present moment

Climb the waterfall and leave the past behind you as you connect with the beauty of nature in the present moment.
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142 Connect with your higher-self in the light

As you leave the the room where your body sits and ascend  into the night sky. Experience space and as you float here you can release thought, worry, anger, resentment.  The white light presents as you relieve yourself of the hooks ties and binds, feel your connection to your higher-self.  High above your troubles and concerns you have the opportunity for clarity in the moment.
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141 Crystal Cave Connection to Self-love

Enter the crystal cave and make our way to the underground river, this ancient river holds the wisdom of the ages. Centre yourself and connect to the energy of the river by placing your feet into the flow. Feel the energy from the river flow through you and empower you with the wisdom you need right now. Release resistance and connect to self-love with the river, see the flower of love bloom at the centre of your heart.
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140 Phoenix Rising Meditation

As you float in the energy of the Base Chakra and watch the Phoenix rise up through your Chakra system. Rising from the ashes and continuing to rise up through all the levels of your being. Clear and re-set your energy system.
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139 Full Moon Release – Connect to Self Love

Sit round the fire with your tribe on this Full moon. Release the boundaries and blockages created from the month that has past, cut away ties and binds and step into your new present moment fully connected to self love and acceptance.
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138 New Vision

Clear your energy through the Chakras, realign yourself with the present moment and create a new vision for your future.
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137…Inner Strength Meditation

Today's Inner Strength Meditation connects you deeply with Earth energy and grounds you into the centre of your being. Find the inner strength that you have within to move forward into any situation you desire. 
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136…Soul Activation

Witness your light body and connect to the universal field. Ascend the steps to the gate keepers that wash you clean in preparation for your Soul Activation.
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135…Gold path to healing circle garden

Need a healing and release meditation? Join us today on the golden path on a journey to the healing garden. Meet with your healing family and release old energy. During this meditation there will be an opportunity to send healing for a loved one or someone in need.  My hope is that you enjoy this meditation
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134…Fountain Of Energy

This is an opportunity to get messages from your higher self. With your guides assistance you are able to let go of something that is hanging around your neck and not working in your life. Then wash yourself clean in your fountain. 
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133…I Am Love Meditation

Today's Guided Meditation Podcast is all about Self Love sit with the I Am Love Meditation and bring in a connection to self and set up the mantra I AM Love.
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132…Mountain Top Release

Love to connect with the energy of the mountains? Today we release emotions and past situations that prevent happiness whilst drinking in the energy of the mountain tops.
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131…Healing Triangle Soul Connection

In today's meditation you will be taken on a journey within and connect deep within to your Soul. Receive a message from your soul especially for you, let go and heal.
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130…Healing Circle

In today's guided meditation podcast we connect to out soul healing group and set the intention to send healing to ourselves and to the ones we love.
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129…Whale Energy Release

Escape to the beach is today's Guided Meditation Podcast. Release the old energy and connect to the whale song. As you relax and let yourself go glide into the frequency and allow relaxation to spread throughout your body.
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128…Internal Garden

Soak up the green ray as you connect with your heart chakra. As you connect to your heart, feel a garden created by your making spring from your intuition. Relaxing the body and mind, as you let go of the week. 
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127 Cleansing with your tribe

This guided Meditation is a wonderful opportunity to let go of the past and future by connecting with your present moment.  Forgive yourself, free yourself and transform yourself.
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126…Pine Forest To Healing Cave

Today's Guided Meditation is time for reflection and releasing. Walk through the pine forest and connect with the elements found in nature. Drop through the Earth to the crystal cave and return feeling uplifted and relaxed. 
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125…Sacral Fire

Draw in all of your fragmented energy.  Be guided today into the energy of the sacral chakra. As you are presented to choice look for the better feeling situation. Cleanse yourself and release into the sacral fire.
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124…Bus Stop

At the bus stop you are invited to explore emotion and awareness. Today's Meditation is for releasing the past and clearing any attachments. By invoking your awareness you are able to connect with the real you, the awareness self that observes all situations you find yourself in.
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123…New Year Reset

Know that letting go and leaving the past in the past allows you to make a fresh start of 2019.
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122…Protection Bubble

We all need a little protection. Not because there are bad things coming our way. We need a little awareness around what is potentially affecting our energy. Be ready by becoming familiar with what is yours and what is not. Happy New Year!!! Let's start the new year with awareness.
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121…Full Moon Canyon Release

Experience the connection to Mother Earth as you broaden your awareness and hear the messages she sends you within this meditation.
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120…Golden Gateway energetic cleansing

In today's deep cleansing meditation we begin with connecting to the divine and grounding to mother Earth. Acknowledge the whispers of the body and open our hearts to connect to love. Share this love with yourself and all. Expand your energy and feel the vastness of the universe.
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119…Healing in the Jade Forest

Surround yourself with the colour Jade. Feel the serenity and tranquility of this colour, the love and nurturing effect this colour has on your energy field can completely relax you and have a healing effect.
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118…Sacral Clearing

Today we dig even deeper and clear away connections to people who need to be forgiven and released so you can step into your now free from the chains of the past.
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117…High Heart Clearing

Release deep sadness that sits within the high heart. Now is the time to really address the deep feelings that are bubbling to the surface.
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116…Connected to Oneness

Today is about just relaxing and connecting to Oneness. Balance your Chakras with the colour rays activating your energy body.
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115…Energy Protection and Cutting Ties

Today's Guided Meditation on Guided Meditation Podcast is getting us ready for the New Moon. There is nothing better than setting up your energetic protection and cutting ties that no longer serve you as you head into the new moon phase.
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114…Chakra Affirmation Meditation

Balance this week as we move through the Chakras of the body and work with the affirmations that will help the energy flow more freely throughout your body.
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113…The Temple

Are you feeling heavy? This meditation will lift you up, shed what is no longer needed, give you guidance and connect you with your inner temple.
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112…Quan Yin’s Garden

Float along the path that leads you to Quan Yin's garden.  Connect with loved ones and guides and be with the one's who turn up for you in this space.
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111…Expanded Frequency Guided Meditation

Are you ready to expand your frequency and connect with the oneness that is within you? We start today with the singing bowl. Clear away tension, hear your body talking to you in the form of feelings and sensations. Fill your body with light and begin your journey today into the Expanded frequency guided meditation podcast. Taking time to relax is more important than ever. If you feel like you want to get away and unwind then take a journey with Natalie Ubl Grant of Light Of Wellness.