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Grow My Accounting Practice | Tips for Accountants, Bookkeepers and Coaches to Grow Their Business

English, Finance, 1 seasons, 133 episodes, 3 days 7 hours 36 minutes
A show dedicated to accountants and bookkeepers who are looking to grow their practice. We deep dive into both the theory and the exact steps you need to grow your practice in the way you always dreamed. You will learn marketing, sales, hiring, management, pricing... everything it takes to scale a practice. The one thing we don’t talk about are accounting skills. You already have those. What we do is give you business skills.
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Lori Mercaldi: Transitioning From Compliance to Profit First Consulting

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23/11/202332 minutes 35 seconds
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Lou Clarke: The Energetics of Money

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16/11/202336 minutes 1 second
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Cheri D. Andrews, Esq: Legal Aspects of Running a Business Properly

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09/11/202333 minutes 45 seconds
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David Cristello: Recurring Client Management (RCM) System for Accounting Firm Owners

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03/11/202325 minutes 57 seconds
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Donna Leyens: Business Growth Coaching

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26/10/202334 minutes 42 seconds
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Chris Burns: Why Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Partner Is Your Biggest Business Decision for 2024

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19/10/202338 minutes 16 seconds
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John Briggs: 3.3 Rule

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12/10/202339 minutes 15 seconds
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James Masotti: First 90 Days of Buying a Bookkeeping Business

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06/10/202330 minutes 13 seconds
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Alison Lukin: Officially Social Content Calendars

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05/10/202338 minutes 25 seconds
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Laurence Whittam: Optimizing Outsourcing/Offshoring

Show Summary In this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice podcast, we
21/09/202333 minutes 42 seconds
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Fady Hawatmeh: Use of AI in Accounting and Finance

Show Summary In this episode, we are delighted to welcome Fady Hawatmeh, as our esteemed guest. Fady brings a wealth of experience and insights to the table, making this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the world of finance and AI. Fady's journey in the financial world is both inspiring and informative. He started by running an outsourced CFO firm, gaining hands-on experience in managing the financial aspects of various businesses. One of the key highlights of his career is his unwavering determination to leverage AI in financial models, even when many skeptics believed it was impossible. Fady's resilience and vision paved the way for the successful launch of Clockwork AI. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Fady's upbringing in a family-owned restaurant instilled in him a deep appreciation for the value of hard work and dedication. This foundation has undoubtedly contributed to his success in the financial industry. Fa
14/09/202330 minutes 31 seconds
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Rhamy Alejeal: People Processes - Partnership with Profit First Professionals

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07/09/202329 minutes 45 seconds
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RJon Robins: Profit First For Lawyers

Show Summary In this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice podcast, we were honored to have Profit First Professional RJon Robins as our guest, who has recently unveiled his book, Profit First For Lawyers. RJon illuminates that Profit First For Lawyers, while tailored to legal practitioners, holds relevance for a wide audience. Its financial strategies extend beyond law and can benefit any business aiming for increased profitability and stability. The discussion turns to advising others, raising the question of recommending the book to legal advisors. By enhancing financial acumen, this book can empower lawyers to provide even better service to their clients. Exploring the concept of How To Manage A Small Law Firm, RJon unveils this initiative he co-founded. The venture empowers small law firms with practical strategies for effective financial management. Leveraging his extensive experience,
31/08/202335 minutes 38 seconds
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Mike Milan: Cash Flow On The Go!

Show Summary In this engaging episode, we sit down with Mike Milan, a dynamic expert in business coaching and advisory services. Mike shares his journey and insights, touching on key points that have shaped his path in the world of accounting and coaching. Mike delves into the exciting partnership between Profit First and his advisory programs, discussing the natural alignment between the two programs and the enhanced value they bring to businesses. He also reflects on his personal evolution from skepticism about coaching programs to embracing them as powerful tools. Mike highlights how a structured process can streamline and enhance business practices, bridging the gap between academic mathematics and practical application. As he discusses his transition from a traditional role to becoming a full-time coach, Mike shares how he identified the needs of business owners and developed services that resonated with them. He introduces the Clear Path T
25/08/202325 minutes 50 seconds
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Crista Grasso: Simplifying How You Scale Your Business

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18/08/202334 minutes 51 seconds
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Stacy Tuschl: How to Create Efficient Remote Teams

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10/08/202334 minutes 50 seconds
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Michelle Grecni: Avoiding Burnout and Staying Motivated

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03/08/202332 minutes 44 seconds
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Patty Block: How The Broken Cookie Effect® Is Blocking Your Growth

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27/07/202332 minutes 53 seconds
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Kelley Brubaker: Reframing Sales Calls With Great Success

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20/07/202335 minutes 51 seconds
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Annette de Lancey: Using Profit First to Bring Clarity to Manufacturing Companies

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13/07/202335 minutes 43 seconds
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Kasey Anton: Helping Restaurant Owners to be More Intentional and Profitable

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06/07/202336 minutes 42 seconds
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Wally Malesh: Applying Profit First to the Real Estate Team Business Space

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28/06/202331 minutes 13 seconds
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David Steininger: Self-Employment Sidekick

Show Summary David Steininger, a guest on the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast, shares valuable insights on various aspects of entrepreneurship. David discusses his journey of starting his business, highlighting the importance of taking small steps and making incremental improvements along the way. The episode continues where David explains the motivation behind Self-Employment Sidekick and emphasizes the significance of entrepreneurs having a sidekick or support system. He underscores the role of a supportive community in the success of entrepreneurs. He also explores common challenges faced when transitioning to full-time self-employment. David provides practical advice on overcoming these obstacles and shares strategies to navigate the path to entrepreneurship successfully. Next, David reveals one of the initial coaching steps he takes with his clients. He focuses on helping clients align their lifestyle with their busi
22/06/202332 minutes 48 seconds
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David Furth: The Value of Automating Your Financial and Accounting Processes

Show Summary Join David as he delves into the significance of automating financial and accounting processes and the advantages of seamless data integrations. In his presentation,
15/06/202336 minutes 19 seconds
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Shweta Patel: Women's Health and Wellness

Show Summary Shweta Patel shares her inspiring journey encompassing various aspects of her life. As a physician, she initially struggled with understanding and managing finances,
08/06/202334 minutes 35 seconds
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Christina Springstead: Doing It Scared

Show Summary In the beginning, it was very hard for Christina to reconcile service and business because she wanted to serve and help people. It was difficult to equate that with a
01/06/202332 minutes 47 seconds
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Melissa Morris: Is Your Overwhelm an Ops Issue?

In this engaging show, we delve into the topic of "Is your overwhelm an ops issue?" Our discussion explores various aspects related to operational streamlining and how it can uncover areas of opportunity. Melissa Morris, the founder of Agency Authority, addresses common challenges faced by businesses, including marketing gaps, overly customized offers, inconsistencies in the business model, unmet team needs, and the absence of performance standards and evaluations. Additionally, we examine operational mis-fixes that can hinder progress. These missteps may include haphazardly shifting internal communications from email to Slack without a defined communication plan, relying on templated workflows that may not suit specific requirements, or hastily changing project management tools due to outgrowing the current system. Melissa emphasizes the importance of avoiding such pitfalls. Furthermore, Melissa sheds light on how accidental firm or practice owners often deve
25/05/202330 minutes 32 seconds
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Mike Milan: Cash Flow Strategies

Show Summary In this episode, Mike shares the details of Clear Path To Cash. It consists of eight financial concepts aimed at helping businesses maximize their cash in various sit
18/05/202332 minutes 48 seconds
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Fady Hawatmeh: Being a CFO

Show Summary In this episode, Fady shares with us about being a CFO and how it differs from accounting. He also discusses the difference between the skill sets required for accounting and finance, and how a proper CFO and accountant understand this difference. He also mentions the rise of outsourced, virtual, and fractional CFOs, and how the allure of the CFO role has led to people evolving their titles without necessarily evolving their skills, which he finds dangerous. Overall, Fady emphasizes the importance of understanding the skill sets required for the CFO role and the dangers of superficially evolving one's title without actually evolving one's skills.   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process –
11/05/202331 minutes 7 seconds
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Stevyn Guinnip: Health and Wealth

Show Summary Show Summary "Your health is your most valuable asset." When growing a financial practice it's common for health to take a backseat - and eventually become a liability. But it doesn't have to be that way. Stevyn has discovered that those with better health, less stress, longer healthspans, and more successful, fulfilling careers treat their health like an asset.  Learn more from Stevyn in this episode as she challenges advisors to see health as an integral part of financial planning and inspires them to treat their health like an asset so they can grow 'wellthy.'   Websites: <str
04/05/202332 minutes 23 seconds
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Hilary Hendershott: The Profits Pyramid

Show Summary Being a Profit First Professional as a Profits coach, the name is something everyone recognizes and it gives her the credibility and makes that introduction to new potential clients easier.  For most business owners, life is overwhelming. You have staffing, hiring, training, customers, customer problems, marketing, but you have to reserve a portion of your calendar to be proactive. This is where your profit generating retains and reviews come into place. Learn more about this from Hilary in this episode of Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast.   Website: <a href="" target
27/04/202331 minutes 40 seconds
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Julie Herres: Profit First for Therapists

Show Summary "Therapists resist profit, when they should embrace it." In this episode, Julie Herres shares about her new book, Profit First for Therapists which will be launched on May 2nd.  "PROFIT EQUALS IMPACT!"   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process –
20/04/202333 minutes 16 seconds
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Moshe Amsel: Growing Your Business with Virtual Events

Show Summary How can one generate revenue through virtual events? In this episode, Moshe shares with us how he does this and how he was able to raise over $100,000 in sponsorship for his events. Moshe also discusses why we need an abundance mindset and why we should not be afraid of competition. Learn more about some tips and tricks on how to get started or improve your virtual events!   Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: Corporate Partner: People Process – </ul
13/04/202338 minutes 38 seconds
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Chris Ducker: Multiple Streams of Income

Show Summary Start doing something and be consistent. Hone your expertise and talk about it more because that's how people will know you. Be you all out! In this episode, Chris Ducker shares with us why we need multiple steams of income. Chris says that he is a big believer that if you are building a business based around your expertise, skill set, ultimately know for within your industry, it is just smart to have several different revenues of income. He also discusses the 6 Income Heroes he shared when he spoke at ProfitCon. Learn more tips about having multiple streams of income by listening to this episode!   Website: Instagram: Twitter: <p
06/04/202340 minutes 43 seconds
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Angie Burns: How to Bring Energy as an Introvert

Show Summary Having high energy doesn't always mean you're an extrovert. In this episode, Angie shares with us how she brings out energy as an introvert and builds her confidence to inspire other people, especially other Profit First Professionals to go out there and present themselves. Take a listen!   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process –
30/03/202334 minutes 27 seconds
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Yoseph West: Profit First Professionals and Relay Partnership

Show Summary This is a special episode with Relay Financial's CEO and Co-Founder, Yoseph West! We know how challenging it is for people who implement Profit First in their businesses to find a banking solution that works for them and their clients. It takes convincing, negotiating, and adapting to do Profit First banking which costs time and forces you and your clients to make difficult tradeoffs. In this episode, Yoseph shares with us what Relay Financial is and why it is so great for Profit First banking. Relay knows accounting, bookkeeping, and client advisory. The roots of their business lie in the industry. But more importantly, their product truly enables Profit First banking. Relay is a financial technology company, not a bank, which Yoseph explains in this episode. The banking features aren’t the only reason we’re so excited to work with Relay’s team. It comes down to how invested they are in Profit First and the Profit Fir
23/03/202333 minutes 52 seconds
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Adrienne Bellehumeur: How to Improve Your Documentation Process

Show Summary Let's learn from Adrienne Bellehumeur how to make your documentation process fun and exciting. In this episode, Adrienne shares with us that documentation is a collaborative exercise. She also shares with us some of her best practices for delivering "why?" for documenting. She uses a documentation approach she developed called "Dynamic Documentation". Want to learn more? Listen to this episode now!   Websites: Corporate Partner: People Process –
16/03/202335 minutes 46 seconds
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BONUS EPISODE: Value Starts with Hello!

Show Summary "You are in charge of your business", Ron Saharyan. Pricing is important, but Value Starts With HELLO! You realize that accounting and bookkeeping can unlock the potential of any company. Set yourself apart from the competition by asking better questions right from the start. Your future clients want you to understand their vision and goals and understand how you'll get them there. All of this can happen in your very first conversation. Listen more tips from Grow My Accounting Practice podcasts hosts, Mike Michalowicz, Ron Saharyan, and Liz Szporn, and download our FREE guide to learn how and never compete on price again.   Value Starts With Hello: Website: <
13/03/202335 minutes 23 seconds
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Jeffrey Shaw: Self-Employed Life

Show Summary Jeffrey Shaw shares in this episode how he got the idea of writing a book about self-employment. He stresses that one of the core problems of being self-employed is that they don't ask for help. His book, The Self-Employed Life, is an insightful book for self-driven individuals. Take a listen to this episode and learn more with Jeffrey about Silo Mentality, Hug Marketing, the importance of calling yourself self-employed, and a whole lot more!   Websites: LinkedIn: Instagram: <a href= "https://www.i
09/03/202342 minutes 35 seconds
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Jamie Beresford: Cyber Security for Accounting

Show Summary In this episode, Jamie Beresford, founder of Practice Protect, shares what cybersecurity means with the three pillars of cybersecurity. "Cyber security is not about data storage, it's about data access. Hackers don't hack, they trick. They trick users into divulging the information to use legitimate access to access systems illegitimately." He also talks about email fraud and how technology is changing for CPAs. Toward the end of the episode, Jamie shares tips with our listeners on what you can use to help your team avoid having hackers trick you into accessing your information.   Website:
02/03/202333 minutes 29 seconds
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Simon Severino: Scaling

Show Summary "When you find something that works, you're not in discovery anymore. Now you're in scaling mode." In this episode, Simon Severino shares the definition of scaling. He also talks about the two different stages of finding and scaling and elaborates on them with three other stages: the turtle stage, the cheetah stage, and the dog stage. Do you also want to know how Simon doubles his revenue in 90 days? Take a listen!   Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: <a href= "https
23/02/202336 minutes 7 seconds
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T. Jayden Doye: How To Grow Your Accounting Practice

Show Summary Jayden has the gift of creating millionaires. He shares in this episode how important it is to know your niche and your specialized skill, which will lead to business development. He also shares the most significant challenge he encountered in growing his firm. Jayden spoke by his experience. Most entrepreneurs that lean into their traumatic experience and use their business to resolve that or move through it offer the most driven entrepreneurs because there's a deeper purpose behind it. When you try to explore the traumas in your life, they will perhaps become a driving force for a very successful business. Jayden is full of knowledge and offers us a bunch of game plans. Write it down, and do it.   Website: Instagram: <a href= "
16/02/202340 minutes 25 seconds
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Micky Deming: Accounting Firm Marketing Through SEO, Content, and Messaging

Show Summary In this episode, Micky Deming shares with us that the simplicity of all marketing is clarity, finding value, and proper communication. It is the ability to know whom we're speaking to and how to approach it. Micky discusses why creating content and educating an audience works in accounting firm marketing and how these firms succeed and stand out with marketing and messaging.   Website: LinkedIn: Corporate Partner: People Process –
09/02/202335 minutes 48 seconds
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Gena Cox: How Leadership Attracts and Retains Talent

Show Summary Live by the platinum rule of treating others as to how others want to be treated, which is one of the problems leaders, and business owners have. They often assume that others want to be treated the same as them. In this episode, Dr. Gena Cox shares why respect is the key to making an organization attractive to new talents. People want to be seen, heard, and valued. Respect is really the driver of employee engagement and satisfaction that is likely to cause employees in your organization to stay and to be an attractor to others who might consider the organization.   Website: LinkedIn: Free Resource:</st
02/02/202337 minutes 46 seconds
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Linda Ugelow: Speaking With Confidence

Show Summary "When you criticize yourself, you're less likely to achieve your goals. So find a way to love yourself." This is one of the things Linda emphasizes in this episode - to be kind to ourselves. Traumas from our past are part of the reasons why so many people suffer from anxiety around public speaking. Linda shares the best ways to build confidence. She also points out the common mistakes people make when trying to overcome their fears. In her book, Delight In The Limelight: Overcome Your Fear of Being Seen and Realize Your Dreams, she devotes a whole chapter to breathing and her voice which helps her build her confidence and become a better speaker.   Website:   Facebook:   ht
26/01/202332 minutes 29 seconds
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Mike Agugliaro: How To Think Differently To Grow

Show Summary  Mike spoke at Profit Con 2022 and shared a powerful and transformational mind growth strategy while engaging a room full of financial professionals and business owners. In this episode, Mike shares how he, as a speaker, triggers transformation from his audiences by bringing their similar experiences and traumas to light where everyone can relate. He also speaks about the secret sauces of personal growth and development.   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process –
19/01/202329 minutes 1 second
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Barry Moltz: ChangeMasters

Show Summary In this episode, Barry Moltz helps us what to do if we're a small business and we're stuck. He shares that people only change if they are in incredible amount of pain so you have to identify what the biggest pain a small business owner has and why they can't stay where they are while leaping in the unknown is better than staying where they are.   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process –
12/01/202336 minutes 40 seconds
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Lee Frederiksen: Changing CPA Buyers Behaviors

Show Summary In this episode, Lee shares with us how to address changes in buyer's behavior and how to engage in critical key audiences. He also answers the question about referrals being a sustainable marketing strategy.   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process –
05/01/202338 minutes 33 seconds
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Reis Paluso: How We Can Use Breathing As A Tool To Live An Extraordinary Life

Show Summary Breathing is the first thing coming into this world and the last thing we do when we leave. We take about 600 million to a billion breaths in a lifetime and don't even think about it. In this episode, Reis shares with us the reason why we should pay attention to our breathing. It is a vital tool to not only stay alive but also regulate our nervous system. There's a different way to breathe that's correlated to the state we're in at the moment. Reis teaches us how to breathe for the state we want to breathe in. Reis also shares some tips for the best breathing practices before a sales call, presentation, or anything that could lead you to an anxious or nervous state in your workplace. Check out their website and have an expert help you with your breathwork.   Website: re
29/12/202241 minutes 22 seconds
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Geraldine Carter: Capturing Invisible Demand

Show Summary In this episode, Geraldine explains what invisible demand means and how to create and capture it. She also shares with us the following points related to creating an invisible demand: value of your services undercharge relative to the value always be creating demand, even when you are full  limit supply focus on creating 100% results for 100% of your clients and take 100% responsibility for all the things within your control More great insights from Geraldine when you listen to this episode of Grow My Accounting Practice podcast.   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process –</a
22/12/202235 minutes 38 seconds
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Tara Cannon: Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing

Show Summary In this episode, Tara shares a quick roadmap of processing a credit card and how the funds arrive at the merchant's bank. And also the most popular ways of processing and programs earning more popularity. Tara also discusses what makes an outstanding sales agent or trusted advisor in the credit card processing industry. They not only look at a statement and quote to reduce quotes, but agents also take time to understand the business, its pain points, and needs. There are also some misleading practices within the credit card processing industry which Tara explains how to avoid. Tara has solutions to help streamline business processes, a solution that instantly syncs credit card transactions with Quickbooks.   Website: Email Address: [email protected] Corporate
15/12/202237 minutes 26 seconds
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Shaily Hakimian: Being Unforgettable To Your Network

Show Summary In this episode, Shaily talks about the thing most accountants neglect but value at the same time. She figures a lot of listeners get their business by word of mouth. But the reality is that they are not staying in touch with their past clients and referral network. It's the most significant missed opportunity. Shaily also believes that the outsourcing part sounds like it will be huge. If one has a firm, they don't want to do their marketing. But if they don't know who to hire, they will miss out on the real benefit of outsourced help. One of the things to note in this episode is how to hook your audience from the very beginning, especially in doing social media posts. Get them to click the "see more button."   Website: Facebook: <a href= "
08/12/202234 minutes 50 seconds
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Clint White: How To Rebuild Your Brand

Show Summary A brand is forced, and that's not what we want. We want to make a choice. Think of yourself as having a tattoo. Having a tattoo is a choice. It's something you've chosen to express yourself that is relevant to you. In this episode, Clint shares with us the established way to rebuild a brand. He gives us ideas on what are some of the steps to take to reframe our brand and how to get people to tattoo us on them. Everything will lead down to finding a niche. Clint stresses in this episode to start finding a niche, and explore what you're good at in the market to be able to rebuild your brand. Learn more about Clint's unique approach to business building and smart growth.   Website: Instagram:
01/12/202231 minutes 38 seconds
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Jason Snider: Remote Team Building & Leadership

Show Summary Having a remote team is a HOT topic right now. In this episode, Jason Snider shares his experiences hiring a remote team. From the advantages of having a bigger pool of access to applicants to build a team to the cons or downsides of working with them remotely. In addition to that, he also discusses the common mistakes people make in hiring offshore or remote employees. He talks about the myths and reality of saving more costs from hiring offshore. If you are searching for skilled offshore employees from different parts of the world to be a part of your company, start with understanding the offer of what you need before you seek out to fulfill something.   Website: LinkedIn:
24/11/202231 minutes 41 seconds
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Li Hayes: Using Speaking to Grow Your Business

Show Summary Niching matters and figuring out your "Why?". In this episode, Li Hayes shares with us why speaking helps us in our businesses and what various speaking opportunities there are. She also gives us pieces of advice on how to get into the speaking business. When speaking, you have to think if you are getting value from an event. It is a great way to affirm authority just by speaking in front of people that may have been using your services so they can verify that they're working with the right person.   Website: LinkedIn: Corporate Partner: People Process –
17/11/202240 minutes 44 seconds
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Silvia Guardado: Working with the Latinix/Immigrant Community

Show Summary In this episode, Silvia shares her personal story and how she helps her clients based on the experiences she went through as an immigrant. She emphasizes that it is significant to empathize, know, and validate people's experiences and truly understand where they are, where they are coming from, and where they want to go. She believes that there are still a lot of opportunities for immigrants in America because of the skills they can bring in that would benefit the country.   Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: <a
10/11/202234 minutes 19 seconds
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Louie Prosperi & Michael Palmer: Successful Bookkeeper Summit

Show Summary Start becoming the authority in your industry, be the spokesperson, build a community, and bring in the expert and facilitate it. The Successful Bookkeeper Summit is a digital platform designed for professional bookkeepers and accountants who want to expand and grow their businesses. Listen to this episode to learn more about the Successful Bookkeeper Summit with Louie and Michael.   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process –
03/11/202234 minutes 15 seconds
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Penny Breslin: Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping

Show Summary In this episode, Penny Breslin shares how and why she started outsourcing accountants and bookkeepers. She started outsourcing in 1999 when the technology wasn't as advanced as today. She experienced how technology has changed over the years, which she also discusses with us in today's episode. Missteps are inevitable in businesses. Penny shares with us some of the mistakes accounting and bookkeeping firms are doing when they are trying to work with an outsourced provider. Penny has organized internal systems and processes to go for her employees, which is very significant to the company's success.   Website: Twitter: Corporate Partner: Peo
27/10/202235 minutes 4 seconds
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Rachel Siegel: How To Be A Master Networker

Show Summary "Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable." This is ProfitCon's theme for this year's conference, and it relates so much to Rachel's experience in networking. In this episode, Rachel Siegel discusses the difference between introverts and extroverts. She also shares how introverts do networking and how it helps them get out of their shells. In order to grow, Rachel needs to network and this is what pushed her to start networking and talking to people as an introvert.   Website: Facebook: Corporate Partner:<
20/10/202234 minutes 40 seconds
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Debra Cassera & Sabrina Pelech: Profit First for Chiropractors

Show Summary Writing a book is not easy. In this episode, Deb Cassera and Sabrina Pelech share their experience in writing the book Profit First for Chiropractors. Deb and Sabrina talk about the different strengths they both have, which helped them complete the book and how it helped define what they do better individually. Writing a book is a long personal journey, and they were able to discover what they can and can’t do and learn about other people’s journeys along the way.   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process –
13/10/202236 minutes 36 seconds
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Brian Thompson: Raising Prices

Show Summary Many businesses, particularly small business owners, are faced with the challenge of the consideration of raising prices. Business owners hear they should but are afraid to do it. Brian Thompson struggled with this challenge for a period of time. Fear has been one of the motivators in life for Brian, and it impedes the progress he wants to make. Raising prices scared him, thinking about rejection or the people saying they don't want to work with him anymore because of increasing his costs. In this episode, Brian shares how he overcame his fear of rejection and people saying "no" to him for raising prices and how it affected his business revenue. He also gives us an excellent idea on how to make time for optimizing your business which he calls the Brian Week for his own business.   Website: Faceboo
06/10/202235 minutes 37 seconds
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Ian Robinson: Building A Culture Of Expertise Through Custom Software

Show Summary In this episode, Ian Robinson talks about the signs your software is out of sync with your expertise, current-day pain, and missed opportunities. If you are in pain with your existing system, you can make a case for getting out of the pain through custom software and not break the bank. He also shares the difference between practice-based software versus project-based software and how to create a strong product vision to create for long-term success.   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process –
29/09/202233 minutes 34 seconds
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Tom Wheelwright: 7 Investments the Government Will Pay You to Make

Show Summary The government will pay you to invest in their list of priorities, such as jobs, energy, food, technology, and the like, as long as you do it the way the government wants you to. It's a win-win for the government, business owners, and society. We all use the tax incentives, but according to Tom, we don't understand that the biggest tax incentives are for investors and business owners. They are not for little things we do for ourselves or other people. Tom shares the seven investments the government will pay the business owners for and how to invest in these in this episode. Up to this point, it has been the rich who have taken advantage of these because they have good tax professionals. In order to leverage these things, you have to get good advisors. Accountants, bookkeepers, and financial coaches can start with the books The Win-Win Wealth Strategy and Tax-Free Wealth to better position themselves so they can advise t
22/09/202233 minutes 57 seconds
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Joshua & Ashlee Latimer: The Kid WarPlan Journal

Show Summary Success comes from systems. In this episode, Josh and Ashlee share what's mutual with successful families and successful businesses. They both teach entrepreneurship to their kids at a young age, which will make a significant impact on their lives. They created a journal that teaches kids about mindset, leadership, and entrepreneurism. Why is it important? You'll learn more by listening to this episode!   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process –
15/09/202239 minutes 1 second
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Dan Romance & Tom Gibson: Tax Savings, Documentation, Wealth Acceleration

Show Summary People rarely hear the conversation of tax savings and wealth acceleration in one frame. Can they really work together, or should they work together? In this episode, Dan Romance and Tom Gibson give us an answer to that question. And share with us how far people are missing the mark on tax mitigation. TSP Family Office helps people all over the country reduce their taxes and maximize and grow their tax savings. The guests will share other services they can provide their clients and their importance. They will also discuss the types of strategies they use with their clients, which is a great bonus for you, our dear listeners!   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process – https://peopleprocesses
08/09/202234 minutes 43 seconds
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David Cristello: Growing Your Firm

Show Summary What's your future capacity look like? Let's figure that out in this Grow My Accounting Practice podcast episode with David Cristello. He also explains in this episode the reality or the possibility of the "one-person, one-million dollar firm." When starting your business, start with humble pie.   Website: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook: @jetpackworkflow Corporate Partner: People Process –
01/09/202236 minutes 3 seconds
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Mickie Kennedy: Press Release Marketing

Show Summary Increase visibility and credibility using press releases to promote authors, small businesses, and startups. Listen to this episode and learn more about the following: how to get regular local media coverage without spending a dime hone your unique selling proposition to make you irresistible to the media, and; how increase in credibility through PR allows you to close more sales, both online and offline. Press release can be a strategy you can deploy especially when you're niche-specialized.   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process –
25/08/202239 minutes 59 seconds
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Tuesday P Brooks: Building Capacity as a Microenterprise

Show Summary Take that leap of faith to move forward with your business. Tuesday had a dream and a vision, and she realized that through partners, other resources, and relationships, she could make that dream come true, not only by helping her with her business but by providing careers and opportunities for so many. Tuesday started a program in Africa, which is an extraordinary contribution and a novel way to grow a business. There are young women in Africa who need opportunities and set up a business of their own and share in this new way of doing business in terms of technology. She thought that if she wants to grow her business, she should focus on women, so they trained women to do bookkeeping in the AJOY way. The idea came in November, and they graduated their first cohorts, 11 young women. They taught them more than just bookkeeping and created courses on US Tax, US Accounting, and US Business, in general. Websi
18/08/202239 minutes 50 seconds
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Dr. David Phelps: Freedom Founders - Own Your Freedom

Show Summary Surround yourself with people that are there already. You need to have certainty in your numbers. You have to have that certainty around your business. Associate yourself with other people and other businesses, and until you can see that there are ways that other people have done what you're trying to accomplish, then you get kind of stuck in your mindset. You have that dream and inspiration that there's another way, and you start moving in that direction. Networking with people you associate with is the best way to be introduced to a new perspective. Dr. Phelps shares that where ever you are, you know somebody in some circles you run in. Start asking about how they learn and what their resources are. Be willing to step out of your cave in your current business, and reach out and start finding those people because the inspiration for living the life you want to live comes from seeing other people who have actually done it.
11/08/202237 minutes 18 seconds
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Ronit Enos: Profit First for Salons

Show Summary Profit First is a lifetime process of growth. Realize that every little step is progress. Ronit Enos is a firm believer that one cannot do things alone. She's a big believer in mentorship, coaching, and training. Ronit read books, hired consultants and coaches, and did everything that helped her a lot in the process with her business. But, no matter what she did, she never felt like she was bringing enough paycheck, and that's when she knew there was something she wasn't doing. She decided to look around and see what other businesses are doing to be profitable. Ronit noticed that other businesses are running cash flow in a different way. She brought Profit First into her business and implemented it and everything changed in just three months. They knew how to make money in their industry but didn't know how to manage the money to work for them. That's when Ronit learned that there's a simple way to do and understand thi
04/08/202237 minutes 14 seconds
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Tara Newman: Dark Part of Business

Show Summary Never let shame get in the way of asking for help and starting over when you experience failures, losses, and defeats. In this episode, Tara Newman shares why business owners stay silent about the dark part of their businesses and how come no one seems to talk about it. Tara believes that having trials and challenges in your business is a learning moment. The lessons from her experiences are what she has been sharing with her clients. She shares her real story and does not let shame get in the way. When you're down, you have to see the silver lining and the good in the bad. "Optimism is the only mindset of any value."   Instagram: @thetaranewman   Corporate Partner: People Process - <a href= "https://people
28/07/202243 minutes 44 seconds
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Karrie Jackson and Katie Robinette: How to Market When Identifying Your Niche

Show Summary Katie and Karrie went from having a side business to a successful full-time accounting and consulting business. In this episode, Katie and Karrie share how they met and started their business together. They both have a clear vision of what they want to make, which is one of the indicators they considered in determining that it's time to quit their full-time jobs and go all in with their business. They ensure that the clients they take in are in line with their values. They want to help people and serve people, and they want to take in members who want to do the same. Their vision of who they want to work with has been evolving. Over the years, Katie and Karrie have been diving down to figure out what their niche is and who to market to. Now, they offer to target Millennial Entrepreneurs, and they are honing in an industry-specific niche. They changed their marketing strategies to a more personal approach, and it has bee
21/07/202240 minutes 35 seconds
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Aaron Walker: Eradication of Isolation

Show Summary We need success, but let's not forget significance. Aaron has been on this two-decade journey in Mastermind with not only success but great significance pouring into the lives of other people. Aaron is on a very important mission to eradicate isolation. Going through this pandemic, really isolated everybody. But, even before that, we were alone. And so, he is trying to help us understand that we need to have trusted advisers. We need people in our corner to give us perspective, resources, and encouragement. Aaron is on a quest to help transform the lives of many people. So many entrepreneurs, both men, and women suffer in isolation. They have fears that hold them back because entrepreneurs are afraid to appear vulnerable and transparent to other people. They are terrified that they might be less knowledgeable in some areas. They don't want to fail. In Mastermind, they encourage entrepreneurs that real strength begins at
14/07/202251 minutes 27 seconds
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Blake Oliver: Technology Trends Changing The Accounting Profession

Show Summary Get a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) by listening to podcasts! In this episode, Blake Oliver shares how to earn CPE credit by listening to podcasts. They wrap pre-recorded content in a course that complies with the requirements of NASBA. Listeners can download the Earmark app, listen to the episode, and then take a multiple-choice quiz based on what they learned from the podcast episode to verify that they listened, and a certificate will be sent to them. To meet the qualitative standard for CPE, Blake discusses what it has to improve. He stresses that professional competency doesn't have to be all about accounting or tax. It could be anything that makes a person a better professional. Earmark also take users submitted content. It is not them creating all of the courses. One of the benefits of CPE is that you can teach anything. You can teach the modern flavor of accounting. Blake also shares the benefit
08/07/202253 minutes 24 seconds
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Susan Frew: Building Value In Companies And Preparing For Sale

Show Summary Build a business to sell even if you don't sell. When a business isn't ready for sale, or companies don't have the number they need yet, Susan's team will help business owners prepare and increase their value so they will be ready for the maximum amount when they go out to the sales market. To get the maximum amount, Susan walks the client through the eight pillars and then uses another mechanism where she goes on-site and does a deep dive personally. That's the extent of her coaching, going on-site with the client for an entire day to evaluate their business. She gives us the details on how she became a Profit First Professional, which is very interesting and can bring a lot of learnings to you, our dear listeners. The common mistakes business owners are making to improve their valuation will be shared by Susan in this episode too! Take care of your financials and use Profit First to ensure your operating
30/06/202250 minutes 50 seconds
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Christeen Era: Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses and the Scalable Growth Business Model

Show Summary Lean into your knowledge. There are business owners out there that need your experience and advice. You have it, don’t hold it back. In this episode, Christeen Era shares why she was convinced that the industry, Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses, needed her. Christeen sadly watched businesses in this industry go down one by one when the economy took a downturn. These firms just didn’t have the tools and the knowledge. This is one of the reasons that she authored the book, Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Business. Using this experience, she coaches her clients and the readers on how to implement it in their businesses. She educates them on what the full implementation of Profit First can do for their businesses and how powerful it is through her courses and group work. It can be difficult to talk to clients about their financials. Whether is the shame of what has happened in the past or that they do not
23/06/202251 minutes 2 seconds
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Shawn Van Dyke: Profit First for Contractors

Show Summary From the outside, contractors look like pretty hard-nosed individuals. In reality, they are lovable and soft on the inside and have the goal of wanting to make people smile. It’s a compliment, but it is one of the biggest business problems. They get so much satisfaction out of pleasing people, which often means undercutting themselves and not getting paid enough for what they do. Pricing is a challenge across all industries, and even hard-nosed contractors are faced with it. Shawn Van Dyke shares that the first thing he would tell his clients or the contractors to increase profitability is to raise their prices. If you’re not making money in a business, then you are running a charity. He also addresses how seasonality affects him as a contractor and how a CPA or a bookkeeper helps the contractors earn money. Shawn also compares the difference between good tax advice and good business advice.   <p
16/06/202249 minutes 21 seconds
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Evan Lindsay: Profit Made Simple

Show Summary Think of the business as the goal. The biggest thing that helped Evan as a gym owner was that he played professional sports. Running a business, just like sports driven by the numbers. As a goalie, he asked himself, 'what is my goal let in average?' There were specific numbers he looked at as a goalie and the same goes for him now, as a financial coach and business owner. Evan shared his insights on running a business both successfully and not so successfully when you're not onsite. He realized that his role in the business wasn't to do but to teach, encourage, provide protection, and help his team get what they want. His biggest realization was that his job wasn't to be a player but to be a guide or a coach to someone who could build something. He also advises the listeners on the best way to get started with Profit First Professionals. Sometimes, always doing it's not the best way to grow a company
09/06/202246 minutes 47 seconds
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Gabrielle Kelly: Profit First & Women Entrepreneurs

Show Summary Compassion takes empathy one step further because it harbors a desire for all people to be free from suffering, and it's imbued with a desire to help. Compassion is the approach Gabrielle Kelly has been bringing to her clients. It is tough to talk about business finances, and it is a vulnerable position to be in. For Gabrielle, every operational decision you're making in your business is connected to the financial impact, so she brings compassion to finance discussions. We all have learned, made similar mistakes, and want to improve things. Sometimes it's hard to remember that somebody who does business may not always talk about profit, margins, and bottom line. Gabrielle is very comfortable with some finance and accounting words as an accounting professional. Still, it might seem very daunting and overwhelming to non-finance professionals, so she kind of breaks down those barriers and has those human connections. <
02/06/202253 minutes 4 seconds
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Tim Seymour: Profit First UK

Show Summary In this episode, Tim Seymour shares his story of how he built up his accountancy practice and sold for profit with the help of being a Profit First Professional. He recently took on the license of Profit First Professionals UK along with Duncan Lloyd and enjoys supporting their current members and delving deeper into their businesses and their client's businesses. They are currently open for new applications to join their supportive community of UK Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Coaches, where they help them transition their business compliance and focus on cash and profit. Tim is driven by having a passion for helping business owners move away from the month-to-month cycle of money in, money out on bills, wages, and what remains is for the business owner, and it's never enough. He knows because he has been there. Listen to this podcast now!   Website: <a href= "https://profit
26/05/202247 minutes 6 seconds
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Erin Moger: Profit First Guide - The Journey to Success With Profit First Professionals

Show Summary Erin Moger was the very first guide that Profit First Professionals hired. She came to the company in 2015, shortly after we started in 2014. In this episode, Erin shares what inspired her to get into an unknown industry and what made her apply to work with Profit First Professionals. She experienced and witnessed different situations with her father, an entrepreneur. With this, she came to realize that money is merely a tool. It should not dictate one's happiness, where you are in life, or how you approach your future. If you have it, it's a little easier, but it should not be dealt with as a huge thing. Seeing the pattern she has growing up with the people now that she's coaching, the most significant thing about her role is HUMANITY. Entrepreneurship is lonely and can be incredibly overwhelming. The reality as a business owner is that you have this love and hope for your business, but you also
19/05/202247 minutes 11 seconds
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Denise Grove: Practical and Easy Tips to Reduce the Probability of Business Fraud

Show Summary Are you ready for today's episode? Learn the practical tips from today's guest, Denise Grove, for the small to medium-sized business owners on how to catch the frauds and embezzlements before they go too far. One of the questions that come to mind is why don't people often report frauds? The reason is plain simple. They are embarrassed that they were caught off guard with usually someone very trusted. That's why we have to TRUST BUT VERIFY. When dumping responsibility to someone to not deal with money, business owners give an employee so much power, and the temptation will probably trigger an embezzlement situation. Denise shares the practical tips or systems to TRUST AND VERIFY that business owners can implement. One of these tips is to have paper bank statements, paper credit card bills, and paper loan statements. Have it sent to the business owner's home address or the person primarily
12/05/202248 minutes 13 seconds
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Leah Ellis: What It's Like to be a Profit First Guide

Show Summary Leah Ellis joined us as a guide at Profit First Professionals in early 2022. She owns Endeavor Financial Coaching, which she'll be sharing with us in this episode. Being a Profit First Guide is a natural fit for Leah. She has been a fan of the book even before becoming a guide. She shares the difference between knowing Profit First based on reading it as to what she learned by being a Profit First guide. She also discusses how she supports challenges faced by prospects and customers and how she identifies their money trauma when speaking with them. If you ask her what's the best thing about being a Profit First guide, it's getting to be the drop that starts the ripple in terms of their financial education. She loves encouraging <sp
05/05/202232 minutes 51 seconds
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Billie Anne Grigg: What Makes An Extraordinary Profit First Professional

Show Summary Billie Anne has worked with Profit First Professionals who've had extraordinary success and with the ones who struggled. Thinking outside of the box and thinking forward as to thinking about what's in the past really makes a big difference in people being successful in transitioning. In this episode, Billie Anne shares how to start thinking outside of the box by having empathy at the start of the entire process. According to her, you have to understand that your client is not an accountant or a bookkeeper, and you have to put yourself in their shoes. Members or people, in general, can get the most out of whether they join something like Profit First and they're working with a coach or a new system by committing themselves. It is one of the best practices for people to get the most out of whatever they do. You have to commit participation and commit membership, which means working on your business as suppose to in your b
28/04/202230 minutes 38 seconds
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Rhamy Alejeal: How To Remove People As A Bottleneck In Your Business

Show Summary Human Resource plays a vital role in better business success and enhancing workforce management.  In this episode, People Processes' Rhamy Alejeal shares what a well-functioning HR operation looks like and what does it take to do it well. When your company is rapidly growing, it is one of the signs to turn your focus internally - on your people. Rhamy discusses with us other signs on when it is best to get help from HR resource. He has been working with Profit First coaches for the last three years as their go-to HR resource and he is going to share in this episode why Profit First Professionals work with People Processes. A well-designed human resource system is a force multiplier of your labor. Listen to this podcast now!   Website:   Corporate Partner: People Proce
21/04/202232 minutes 11 seconds
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Joe Woodard: How to Make Your Practice a Thriving Practice

Show Summary Thriving means generating wealth, not just earning revenue - which leads to financial independence and the ability to give back. Given that definition of a thriving practice above by Joe Woodard, he discusses what needs the most attention within accounting and bookkeeping practices so they can Thrive. Joe also shares in this episode the five key mindsets or characteristics of the mentally strong that will lead to a thriving practice. This June, Scaling New Heights 2022 will be held in Orlando, Florida, with the theme "Thrive."   Website: <a title="" href= "" target="_blank" rel= "noopener noreferrer" data
14/04/202232 minutes 25 seconds
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Precious L. Williams: Closing Your Most Ideal Prospects and Gaining Repeat Customers

Show Summary If you treat everybody like a transaction, you're not going to get customers. Humanize the numbers and make your clients humans. The KillerPitchMaster, shares in this episode what made her start pitching and when she knew she was good at it. She also explains what pitching is and why it is significant to all service-based professionals. Her pitching has made her the #KillerPitchMaster for a reason. She'll tell us how, why, and where her pitching has taken her and her clients. Precious has come a long way from being on "Shark Tank," writing three #1 best-selling books, to becoming a corporate trainer and international speaker. What's next for her? We'll all know that in this episode. If you're looking for an extraordinary speaker, Precious Williams will never disappoint. She was also a guest speaker at Profit First professionals' ProfitCon 2021, and she was exceptional. Learn with us and listen to th
07/04/202233 minutes 48 seconds
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Donna Serdula: Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Show Summary LinkedIn is a business tool -- use it for branding, networking, research, intelligence, and development. In this episode, Donna teaches us what to post on LinkedIn, how to shine, and what's the number one way to showcase our expertise. Everything starts with optimizing our LinkedIn profile to be found and stand out above the rest. We should leverage LinkedIn to brand ourselves as industry experts. Networking on LinkedIn now is more important than ever. Donna also shares in this episode how to attract business partners and employees with a LinkedIn presence and reveals the secret to getting active and noticed on LinkedIn. Listen to this podcast now and learn more about leveraging your LinkedIn profile to get more prospects or leads! Don't forget to leave your comments below!   Website: <st
31/03/202230 minutes 20 seconds
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Rob Taylor: Dads In Business, Leadership, Culture, Small Business Challenges

Show Summary In this episode, Rob Taylor talks about his business journey and why that led to Dads In Business. Common issues such as high expectations for men or dads to succeed are also discussed by Rob. He also shares how he helps businesses with the lessons he learned and the issues and opportunities he sees in a B2B (business to business space). Learn to set boundaries and balance across work, life, money, and self. Rob stresses the importance of having time for family, yourself, work, and other things in this episode. Make time and learn to balance everything for a harmonious life. Learn a whole lot more by listening to this episode, and don't forget to share your insights below!   Website: <span style=
24/03/202235 minutes 9 seconds
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Arron Bennett: Profit First and Tax Planning for Large Companies

Show Summary Charge more and get paid for your expertise. This is what our guest, Arron Bennett, has been doing in his business: he charges more for his expertise. He wants you to know that Profit First concepts are not only applicable to small businesses.  Arron has been implementing the system in larger companies, and he's going to share the how, why and where when it comes to bringing these concepts to life in larger businesses. Finally, Arron shares some client transformation stories.  You know your processes are effective when you hear directly from them about the financial changes they experience when you, as the advisor, take charge and implement these systems. Listen to this podcast now, and don't forget to leave your comments!   Website:
17/03/202231 minutes 56 seconds
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David Richter: Profit First for Real Estate Investing

"Cash is not king; cash flow is not king; CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT IS KING." In this episode, David Richter shares his inspiration behind his new book, Profit First for Real Estate Investing. His goal is to help real estate investors stop living deal to deal and learn to manage their finances. He also discusses the fundamental changes or enhancements he made to the Profit First system for the Real Estate Investors. Grab a copy of David Richter's Profit First for Real Estate Investing book, and listen to this podcast to learn more about it! Don't forget to leave your comments below!   Website: Corporate Partner: People Process -
10/03/202234 minutes 58 seconds
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Seth Fineberg: Top Challenges in the Accounting Profession and AccountingWEB Live Summit

Show Summary Has anyone ever tried to get out of a job or a career path, but just couldn't do it? Seth definitely has! He's tried to get out of accounting several times but stays because of the ever-changing personalities and the folks he meets. CPAs, bookkeepers, Enrolled Agents dealing with tax changes are the lifeblood of what makes business happen and Seth loves being a part of all of it. Seth shares the significant changes in accounting he observed and how accountants keep adjusting to keep up. In this episode, he also talks about the most critical challenges he sees in the accounting and bookkeeping world, both the technical and the not technical sides. On the technical side, it's all about getting your head around what works best with what. On the other hand, the less technical side is where accountants have not learned the essential skill of saying "No." Accountants have to know when enough is enough for them from thei
03/03/202234 minutes 22 seconds
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Kim Hickey: How Profit First Helps Their Clients and Why They Believe In It

Show Summary There's a massive difference in implementing Profit First just by knowing the book versus directly working with a Profit First Professional, today's guest points out in this episode. Kim Hickey, Director of Client Fulfillment at Automotive Training Institute (ATI), shares how her organization integrates Profit First. ATI offers outside certifications to their internal customers, and you'll learn why this is essential for them. Listen to this episode and learn how to take your business to the next level.   Website: Podcast: LinkedIn: htt
24/02/202234 minutes 39 seconds
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Damon Yudichak: Profit First for Real Estate Agents

Show Summary Damon Yudichak just released his Profit First for Real Estate Agents book on January 25th, 2022. In today's episode, he will be sharing why realtors need Profit First in their businesses. Most financial problems are the result of overspending. Damon uses the example of Bonnie & Clyde as the reason why most people struggle with money. Curious about it? Don't miss this episode, and learn more from today's guest! Listen now, and don't forget to leave your insights below.     Website: Youtube: Corporate Partner: People Process -  
17/02/202230 minutes 39 seconds
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Paul Mackiewicz: Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) - How Your Online Presence Impacts Buying Decisions

Show Summary What is ZMOT (The Zero Moment of Truth) and how can your accounting practice use it? Paul Mackiewicz, an Army veteran and digital marketing professional who specializes in helping small businesses get a true understanding of their clients' behavior and uses that information to create highly effective digital marketing strategies, explains in today's episode.   If you want to know how you can bring core values and an emotional connection into today's digital marketplace, how to identify and utilize what makes you naturally stand out from your competition--and how to approach responding to online reviews as if you're playing golf--don't miss this episode!   Listen now and let us know what you think in the comments below! Website: w
03/02/202233 minutes 52 seconds
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Michael Buzinski: Digital Marketing for Accounting Firms

Show Summary Join us for a conversation with Michael "Buzz" Buzinski, Founder & CMO of Buzzworthy Website Marketing, about digital marketing for accounting firms in 2022. Buzz shares with us his expertise on how to identify and market to the right prospects and simplifies marketing to them using The Rule of 26. Buzz also shares how to create a website that draws in your perfect client, how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works, when is the right time to use Google Ads, and the importance of reputation management. Listen now and share your comments below!   Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: @michael.buzinski <a href= "http
27/01/202236 minutes 25 seconds
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Edward Mendlowitz: Managing an Accounting Practice

Show Summary Join us for a conversation with our guest Edward Mendlowitz, CPA, Emeritus partner Withum, where he explains for us why staffing is the most critical aspect of managing an accounting firm today. Ed shares with us his insights on how to properly approach hiring for smaller firms, what these firms can do to attract and retain quality employees, and how to create the systems and processes necessary to train and support new hires. Listen now and let us know what you think in the comments below! Website:
21/01/202236 minutes 55 seconds
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Getting Lifetime Value from Your Clients with Mark Coudray (Best Of Episode)

Show Summary In this "best of" episode, "The definition of a client is someone that puts themselves under your protection." says our guest Mark Coudray, who shares his methods for turning customers into clients. Learn how to identify and monetize the lifetime value for your business, on this episode of The Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast. Note: This is a replay of Episode 207, which originally aired on 7/11/2019. Show Links Website: Corporate Partners Receipt-Bank - Software and service to make the gathering, storage & processing of bills, receipts and invoices as easy and as cost effective as possible for businesses. Nextiva - VOIP phone providers for
13/01/202239 minutes 15 seconds
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Jeremie Kubicek: Unlocking the Potential of People

Show Summary “The best leaders in the world fight for the highest good of those they lead.” So says Jeremie Kubicek, Founder and Executive Chairman of GiANT, a technology company focused on unlocking the potential of people, teams, and organizations. In this episode, Jeremie shares with us what entrepreneurs can do to support and challenge their employees, providing them with what they each need to grow to achieve their highest potential. Listen now to learn how to bring out the best out of your team members! Website:
06/01/202229 minutes 41 seconds
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Sarah Delevan: Implementing Profit First in Food Businesses

Show Summary Today we get the inside scoop on Good Food from industry expert and Profit First Professional Sarah Delevan. Sarah shares with us why Good Food is so important to her personally that she has built her consulting business around supporting Good Food entrepreneurs, what makes accounting and bookkeeping in the food industry both challenging and unique, and what food-business owners need to do to become and stay profitable. Sarah also clears up some common myths and misconceptions about running a successful food business--and gives some bonus tips on how to shop at a farmers market. If you are a person who eats, you won't want to miss this one!   Listen now and let us know your thoughts on the comment box below!   Website: <div class="css-1dbjc4n
30/12/202127 minutes 37 seconds
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Carl Reader: Scaling Up

Show Summary In this episode, serial entrepreneur Carl Reader explains how to successfully scale up your small business. He discusses the importance of controlling your offerings and your cash flow, how to shift yourself from management to leadership, and offers tips and tricks on how not to get lost in the weeds on the way. This is a don't miss episode! Website:   Social Media:   @CarlReader on all platforms
23/12/202130 minutes 31 seconds
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Neil Osborne: "Spendsuasion:" A New Approach to Helping Clients Buy

Show Summary In today's episode, Neil Osborne tells about his new approach to sales, "Spendsuasion." He explains what it is and how you can use it in your business to help reduce friction in your client interactions. If you are struggling with selling professional services, Neil's new approach to sales can help you make it easier for your clients to buy! Website:
16/12/202130 minutes 39 seconds
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Cory Klippsten: Bitcoin and Personal Finance

Show Summary In this episode we talk with Cory Klippsten about the advantages of cryptocurrency over fiat currency and the future of Bitcoin and financial markets. We discuss potential paths and pitfalls on Bitcoin's journey to global adoption along with  its impact on macroeconomics, geopolitics, and the currency wars. If you are interested in the future of currency and how it will impact your life, you don't miss this episode! Website: Twitter: <
09/12/202135 minutes 47 seconds
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Leslie Liondas: How Clockworking My Business Has Changed My Life

Show Summary Leslie Liondas, CPA, is with us to tell us about how she implemented Clockwork strategies in her business to improve efficiency--and how you can, too! Leslie knows the importance of having the right mindset in being able to get out of our own way, and today she busts for us the myth that working harder and longer is how to grow your business. She shares with us how to start delegating to your team, how to identify and focus on the ideal clients for your business and weed out the rest, and how--with proper preparation--taking a vacation away from your business can empower your entire team. If running your business makes you feel like an overworked corporate employee rather than a savvy entrepreneur, you want to listen to this episode! Website: <div class="css-1dbj
02/12/202131 minutes 29 seconds
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Melanie Power: Helping Women Achieve Financial Independence and Security

Show Summary Join us as we talk with Melanie Power about helping women achieve their financial goals. We discuss: The biggest obstacle to financial independence most women face and how to overcome it The importance of having a vision and values Fear of pricing and sales How to tackle imposter syndrome We also chat about the future of the accounting and bookkeeping, and how to position ourselves to leverage current trends in the industry.  Listen now and let us know your thoughts on the comment box below! Website: Facebook :</str
25/11/202131 minutes
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Christine Nicholson: Building Your Business So You Can Sell It

Show Summary Exit and succession planning specialist and author of the upcoming book SELL IT Christine Nicholson joins us to share her expertise on how to position a business for future sale to ensure owners receive the most value for their hard work, leaving none on the table, when it's time to exit their business. Christine discusses the why, the when, and the how of preparing a business for sale, and the importance of having a realistic sense of the business's value, an understanding the exit strategies available, and a plan for what comes next. You don't want to miss this one! Email: [email protected]</div
18/11/202129 minutes 58 seconds
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Tom Schwab: Updates on Podcasts and Podcasting

Show Summary Tom Schwab shares how things have changed in the podcast environment in the past few years and why  podcast interview marketing has become the next gold rush. He discusses whether to be a podcast host or guest, the problem of obscurity and how to break through the noise, the importance of getting on the right podcasts rather than all the podcasts, and provides tips on how to be a great guest once you get there. If you're ready to up your podcasting game, this is the episode for you! Website: Twitter: @Interviewvalet @TMSchwab Facebook:
11/11/202131 minutes 32 seconds
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Shawn Parikh: How Offshoring is Accelerating and Transforming Accounting Firms on a Variety of Levels

Show Summary Show Summary "The customers or clients should always have the best experience." In this episode, Shawn Parikh shares how offshoring has increased during the Pandemic. He also points out some of the mistakes accounting firms make when initially trying to work with an offshore provider. To avoid the mistakes pointed out, work with a credible partner, and make sure they specialize in their particular domain. It's not just about saving, offshoring can bring multi-dimensional transformation to your firm. Listen to this podcast now to learn more!   Website:
04/11/202135 minutes 59 seconds
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Erika Segal: The Importance Of Customer Service In Accounting

Show Summary At the end of the day, we find that most accounting professionals do their work as expected, but what keeps clients coming back is the ease, customer service, and experience they receive. In this episode, Erika Segal talks about how digital has become king in both the personal and professional world. In the professional world, businesses have found that making the switch to digital has not only helped significantly improve their workflow but net more profit as a result. More work is getting done, meaning more revenue opportunities have come along with it. She also shares about other payment processors and the CPACharge's life support which is one of the features their customers appreciate most. Think of yourself as a consumer - do you feel excited about a brand when there is a robot on the other end of the line? Or when you send a message to a chat box and it's a robot vs a real person?   <stro
28/10/202136 minutes 45 seconds
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Barb Stackhouse: Profit First for Dentists

Show Summary "You have to set your goal." In this episode, Barb Stackhouse discusses her thoughts on launching her first book, Profit First for Dentists, and the reasons why dentists need a book on Profit First. Barb also shares how to control or make profitable decisions in the dental industry and talks about the pushbacks she had when introducing the Profit First cashflow system to the dentists. She leaves a piece of advice for accountants and bookkeepers on what they can do to help or support the dental industry better. Listen now and let us know your thoughts on the comment box below!   Websites: <div class= "css-901oao css-bfa6kz r-9ilb82 r-18u37iz r-37j5jr r-a023e6 r-16db
21/10/202133 minutes 24 seconds
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Scott Allen and Maria Soriano Young: Online Presentations

Show Summary Ninety percent of the success of your presentation is from the preparation. In this episode, Scott and Maria talk about what the pandemic has done to the online presentation venue. They also share some tips on responding to viewers or listeners when a tech problem occurs during a presentation. When having online presentations, it is best to test out everything you need that you can control ahead of time to lessen the weight on your shoulders during the actual presentation. Scott and Maria leave us points on what to set and prepare before every presentation. They also give us ideas on how to balance between dual presenters. Learn more about this topic by listening to this podcast episode now!   Websites: Twitter: <div cla
14/10/202135 minutes 7 seconds
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Giovana (Gigi) Bier: How Creatives and Innovators Can Step Out of the "Starving Artist" Mindset by Leveraging Profit First in Their Businesses

Show Summary In this episode, Gigi Bier talks about why people struggle with their values and desires. She also discusses some mistakes she has seen people working with creatives make and how she helped the creatives step out of the mindset of a "starving artist." Profit First had a significant impact on Gigi. She expresses in this episode her Profit First thoughts and experiences when she became a member and how she shares with her customers about it. Leave your comments below and share your thoughts about this episode!   Websites: Instagram:
07/10/202132 minutes 56 seconds
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Joe Woodard: Scaling New Heights 2021

Show Summary This October, UNSTOPPABLE is the theme for Scaling New Heights 2021 to celebrate how unstoppable the professionals are and how to make them even more unstoppable. To be unstoppable, you must innovate and change. It's about the determination, will, and ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment over the past decade. Joe Woodard discusses in this episode that if you want to stay in business, offer the same but different. PLUS IT UP! Joe challenges bookkeepers and tax preparers to create a plus level of their services which resets the pricing anchor. He also shares advice on what we can do to start positioning our businesses to be truly saleable. Listen to this podcast now and find out more about this exciting topic
30/09/202129 minutes 28 seconds
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Geraldine Carter: The Reckoning Accountants and Bookkeepers are Facing with Automation

Show Summary "Strategy is more important than compliance." In today's episode, Geraldine Carter discusses the strategies to approach different automation or technology tools business owners use to run their businesses. She also shares how automation will change the face of the "job" from accounting-facing to client-facing. The importance of emotional intelligence and mindset in being an advertiser is emphasized in this podcast episode. Geraldine also talks about pricing services. Don't forget to leave your comments below, and listen to today's episode!   Websites: LinkedIn:
23/09/202135 minutes 1 second
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Adi Maor Siso: How to Grow Your Business by Understanding the Client's Mindset

Show Summary Mindset is the most critical facet of success and failure. People tend to talk more about business tools but not personal development tools or personal power and mindset. Mindset makes a huge difference in success and failure. In this episode, Adi Maor Siso discusses the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. She also stresses the importance of a visionary and an integrator in building a solid team. Adi shares how accounting, bookkeeping, and coaching firm owners can leverage the knowledge that she's sharing to help them work with their customers.  The following questions are also answered in this podcast episode: What do we do when we have a lifet
16/09/202136 minutes 7 seconds
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Dr. Julie Woods: Journey to Becoming a Financially Literate Business Owner

Show Summary Being involved in the accounting and bookkeeping side of your business is significant. In this episode, Dr. Julie Woods shares her discoveries in her business when she first implemented Profit First. She also mentions her struggles as a business owner in having turn-overs when her bookkeeper resigned. Dr. Julie also learned a lot by being a Profit First Professional that she didn't know when she was self-implementing Profit First in her business before. She also shares how she helps her clients by implementing Profit First in their businesses. Listen to this episode now! We value your thoughts, so don't forget to leave a comment below!   Website:
09/09/202134 minutes 59 seconds
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Nicole Bendig-Lamb: Profit First for a Cake Business

Show Summary Work your passion. Nicole Bendig-Lamb followed her passion for creating cakes and educating people through being a cake business coach. In this episode, she talks about handling pricing and time expectations for customers who have no basis for realism and controlling the costs in the cake industry too! As a certified Profit First Professional, Nicole shares how she introduced Profit First to the cake industry and how becoming a PFP helps her businesses. And, she shares her insights on how the accounting and bookkeeping industry better supports the baking industry. Listen to this episode now, and don't forget to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!   Website: Facebook
02/09/202135 minutes 17 seconds
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Jonathan Tuttle: Digital Marketing

Show Summary How do you market your business? In this episode, Jonathan Tuttle shares how and where someone gets started in social media marketing. Listen to his tips on how to navigate and efficiently manage social media platforms for your businesses!   Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn:
26/08/202139 minutes 5 seconds
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Matt Plumer: How to Overcome "Bad Habits" and Start Making Them Good

Show Summary Did you know that it's possible to use your weakness as your strength in serving your purpose? In this episode, Matt Plumer shares his journey talking about his life experiences as he overcomes his addictions. Matt also reveals why he decided to change, how he started changing, and how he landed where he is now. Listen to this episode and be inspired by Matt's story!   Website: Facebook:
19/08/202137 minutes 16 seconds
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Tatiana Tsoir: Price Psychology or Tax Reduction

Show Summary In this episode, Tatiana answers the question, why do people underprice themselves? She also shares the strategies on determining price and providing menu pricing to clients. There’s so much to learn! Listen to this podcast now!   Website: Facebook: Email Address: [email protected]  
12/08/202135 minutes 32 seconds
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Scott Reib: Shatterproofing Your Business

Show Summary Do you know how to shield your business? Listen to this podcast now! In this episode, Scott Reib discusses the meaning of "shatterproofing" your business to deal with things on your own time and not panic. He also shares the 5 Strategies of business that shield us from harm for structure, growth, and protection.   Website:
05/08/202131 minutes 32 seconds
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Greg Winteregg: Hiring To Replace Yourself

With deep sadness, we bring you this episode with Greg Winteregg, who passed away on July 13th, 2021, shortly after we recorded this GMAP podcast. He leaves behind an incredible legacy that shaped the lives of many who were blessed to have crossed his path and committed much of his life to helping businessmen and women grow their businesses into flourishing and prospering endeavors.   Show Summary Greg has been getting a lot of traction with their clients helping them with the concept of "hiring to replace yourself." He was semi-retired at age 38 from his dental practice and made more money working part-time than full-time. And he replaced himself throughout his various business ventures. He thinks that it is a significant point to make. He now says that "I specialize in replacing myself." In this episode, Greg shares how he could do that multiple times in different industries by doing the following stat
29/07/202140 minutes 18 seconds
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Andy Cagnetta, Jr.: Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions

Show Summary In this episode, Andy Cagnetta talks about how to prepare a business for sale. Keeping decent books and records and not reducing mysterious inventory levels to save taxes or hiding cash sales will make a business easy to sell for the value that the seller is looking to get. He also shares the best way to get more money for your business by creating competition for the deal. We want as many good buyers as we can get. If your business is exposed to the marketplace with the right buyers, they will pay the price. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the market space? Is this the right time to sell your business? How should buyers go about acquiring a company? Andy answers all these questions in this episode...listen in now!   Website:
22/07/202137 minutes 29 seconds
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Perry Jeffries III: Financial Planning and Retirement Planning

Show Summary Perry Jeffries shares in this episode how he has been able to grow his book of business leveraging the Profit First methodology (Financial Planning using Profit First). He believes that the Profit First Methodology is an absolute necessity for minority businesses. Perry is not an accounting professional. He is an Investment Advisor (Series 66, Life Insurance and Annuities, and CRPC and CPFA Designation). He shares why a Financial Advisor became a Profit First Professional.   Website:
15/07/202136 minutes 6 seconds
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Ben Golden: Diversified Tax Planning, Resolution, Growth Through a Merger

Show Summary "Always look forward. The reason why a windshield in a car is as big as it is and the rearview mirror is so small is because of the imminent danger in front of us. We don't know what's behind us, but we have to focus on what's in front of us." In this episode, Ben Golden defines Tax Resolution and why it is needed in some situations. He also answers the following questions: What do we do when the IRS sends threatening letters? Can the IRS take our passport if we owe them money? What do we do if we owe the IRS but can't afford to pay them? Can the IRS seize assets (cars, homes, retirement accounts)?   Website:
08/07/202134 minutes 13 seconds
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Ciara Stockeland: Profit First for Retail

Show Summary In this episode, Ciara Stockeland shares her entrepreneurial journey - from selling rocks in the front yard to selling a business. To compete, you have to have something that sets you apart. Ciara's piece of advice is to think creatively. Sell what you're good at or what your skills are and it will generate additional revenue. Sell a solution to a problem. She also talks about her top Profit First tip: Set up an inventory account. Inventory is the lifeblood of product-based businesses.   Website: Instagram: @cstockeland Corporate Partner: SweetProcess -  Document processes, procedures, and tasks in one place so you can stay focu
01/07/202134 minutes 30 seconds
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Tara Newman: The EMS Framework

Show Summary In this episode, Tara Newman shares what EMS (Energy, Mindset, and Strategy) Framework means and how it works. The difference between how men and women handle talking about money and profit is also discussed in this episode, as well as the reasons why women need to talk about money. Intuition is important in running a business. Tara talks about what role it plays and its importance. "Motivation does not come before you take action. It comes after you've taken the action. Stop waiting for motivation and do a little bit of action and set yourself up for success."   Website: Instagram: @thetaranewman Corporate Partner: <a href=
24/06/202141 minutes 35 seconds
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Dr. Mick Kling: How Profit First Has Impacted The Lives and Practices In The Eye Care Community

Show Summary In this episode, Dr. Mick Kling shares how he was introduced to the Profit First methodology and how it transformed his optometry practice. He also shares how Profit First has changed the lives and practices of countless numbers of his colleagues (especially through the COVID pandemic) and how being a Profit First Professional has been one of the most personally rewarding experiences of his career. Dr. Mick has been traveling the country preaching Profit First to other eye doctors through live presentations, live workshops, and conferences for the last three years. He has held workshops in his own office and has presented both live formats and recorded webinars, and offers online courses.   Website: Corporate Partner: SweetProcess -  Document processes, procedures, and tasks in one place so you
17/06/202143 minutes 2 seconds
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Clint Pulver: Employee Retention

Show Summary In this episode, Clint Pulver talks about why management is the main reason why employees leave and why mentorship is the reason why employees love their jobs. He also shares the 4 different types of managers he discovered in his research and explains what a mentor manager is. Employees always want their efforts to be appreciated. With this being said, Clint discusses five ways to show appreciation and strategies to show recognition to employees. “The secret to happy workplaces isn't spending more money. It's about creating the conditions that allow employees to do their best work.” ― Ron Friedman Website:
10/06/202139 minutes 18 seconds
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Kimberly Ransom: Profit First For Sports

In this episode, Kimberly Ransom shares about her area of expertise: sports membership clubs. She also talks about how COVID affected the industry and how accountants can better serve the players in this industry. Also, listen to Kim's Profit First testimony and why she thinks it is important to get involved as a Profit First Professional.   Website: Facebook: Podcast:
03/06/202134 minutes 48 seconds
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Barbara Schreihans: How to Start or Manage Your Business During the COVID Pandemic

In this episode, Barbara Schreihans talks about how she markets her business in social media - solely focusing on one platform - and stays consistent. She also shares some of the reasons why people are attracted to larger accounting firms. Barbara ends this episode with the dos and don'ts of starting a new business and/or moving your business online, including creating a clear communication plan. Over-communicate with clients and let them know that you're thinking about them all the time.   Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: https://twitter.c
27/05/202132 minutes 8 seconds
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Susanne Mariga: "Profit First For Minority Business Enterprises"

Having drive, passion, and perseverance pays off. In this episode, Susanne Mariga, a Certified Profit First Professional (Mastery Level), shares her inspiration for writing her new book "Profit First For Minority Business Enterprises," which will be launched on May 25th, 2021.   Website: Facebook: k
20/05/202134 minutes 10 seconds
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David Richter: Becoming the Authority in Your Space

In this episode, David Richter shares his burning desire to provide a lot of value to people as they get started on becoming an authority in their space. He also talks about why it is important to know what you want for your business and how to bring as much value as you possibly could to the community you care about. The more you set your vision for the business, the more you can help your community.   Website: Facebook:
13/05/202134 minutes 19 seconds