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Grow, cook, eat, arrange with Sarah Raven & friends

English, Homes/Interior/Gardening, 1 seasons, 183 episodes, 3 days 15 minutes
Welcome to "Grow, cook, eat, arrange" the brand new podcast by gardeners Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson, who've worked together for nearly ten years at the beautiful Perch Hill Farm in the South of England. Sarah loves gardening in general but growing produce both food and flowers is the part she loves the most. She also loves to cook straight forward garden-picked food every day with the minimal amount of ingredients and palava but the greatest amount of taste! Arthur is Sarah's florist who picks beautiful arrangements for photoshoots and open days at the farm, from buckets of scented sweet peas to huge armfulls of dahlias and towering gladiolus.We'll be releasing a new episode every Friday, featuring a relaxed informative chat between Sarah & Arthur across a variety of topics. They'll focus on their favourite flowers currently growing in the garden and the tastiest produce on the veg slope at Perch Hill. They'll talk about how to sow or grow them as well as how to harvest or arrange them, adding their favourite tips or methods along the way. As well as chatting about gardening and growing, Sarah will give you some of her favourite recipes full of food you can produce. So whatever gardening you're into, whatever size your garden is, or whatever level of experience you have, there'll be something for everybody. You can find out more about the products used in the episodes and get in touch via our website. Enjoy the show! Website:
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Indulging in the Joys of Scented-Leaf Pelargoniums with Cath Kidston - Episode 149

This week’s guest on the podcast is revered for her namesake’s brand, but away from fashion & homeware, Cath Kidston is embracing the aroma of scented-leaf pelargoniums in her new brand, C.Atherley.Cath joins Sarah for a lovely conversation about her new brand, discovery of her favourite pelargoniums, and tips on propagating them in your garden.In this episode, discover:Cath’s discovery of the scented-leaf pelargoniums front and centre of her new brandTop tips for propagating pelargoniums at this time of yearSarah’s 5 rules for taking cuttings from pelargoniumsThe inspiration behind the name and direction of the new business, C.AtherleyGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
07/12/202322 minutes 40 seconds
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Bringing the Charm of Nature Indoors with Arabella Preston - Episode 148

This week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ centres around not only the charm of gardening for beginners, but bringing that charm indoors with our wonderful guest, Votary & Verden’s Arabella Preston.She takes us through the muses for her nature-inspired beauty and wellness brands, shares how she found the joy of gardening, and which flower varieties are ideal for newcomers.In this episode, discover:The early forming of Votary and Verden, with Arabella’s grounding in natureArabella’s discovery of the joys to be found gardeningTop plants for a new gardener, whether the aromatic Lavender and Jasmine, or the charming White Flower Carpet RoseGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
30/11/202323 minutes 7 seconds
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Supporting the Plight of Pollinators, At Home and Around the World with Martha Kearney & Nicola Bradbear #147

Pollinators’ role in our gardens is a vital one, and the work being done by Bees for Development is making a global impact for these essential species, and the countries in which they work.Martha Kearney and Nicola Bradbear play a huge role in Bees for Development’s work, and join Sarah on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ to share the extent of their involvement, and how we can all aid the plight of pollinators in our own gardens.In this episode, discover:The origins of Martha and Nicola’s care for pollinatorsTips for gardeners to care for bees and other pollinators The importance of experiencing nature from an early ageBees for Development’s remarkable work, and how to support the charityGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
23/11/202335 minutes 25 seconds
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The Most Charming Decorations for a Gorgeous Christmas Inside & Out with Arthur Parkinson - Episode 146

The time to decorate your home for Christmas is cheerily hurtling towards us, making this week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ the perfect chance to peruse new decorations.Arthur joins us once more on the podcast as he and Sarah share their joyful highlights from our range, helping you to bring that yuletide sparkle to life both in the garden and within your home.In this episode, discover:The delightful story behind Jonathan Buckley’s ‘Snow Queen’ photo of Sarah at a snow-capped Perch HillOur trusty, reliable favourites for the garden, from stunning light strings to the annual mainstay of the solar allium stakesHow to liven up the Christmas table and tree with the cutest fluffy sheep decorations and beautifully coloured candle collectionsInspired last-minute gift ideas for your green-fingered family membersGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven We
16/11/202321 minutes 6 seconds
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Planting a Paradise: Perfect Your Flower Yard with Arthur Parkinson - Episode 145

Arthur Parkinson’s evocative, elaborate descriptions of plants might be second only to his ability to elicit a charming image of garden pollinators through his drawings.His latest book is a celebration of every single garden, and the plants perfect to create ‘a living dance of lavish colours’ - it’s a delight to have him return to the podcast to share how the new book, Planting a Paradise, was brought to life.In this episode, discover:Arthur’s comfort in delightful drawings as an artistic language to convey his visionThe importance of bees, butterflies and pollinators, and which Dahlias are most pollinator-friendlyA number of absolute do’s and don’ts for every flower yardGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
09/11/202328 minutes 36 seconds
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Creating the Scent and Spectacle of a Naturalised Woodland with Carien van Boxtel - Episode 144

Carien van Boxtel’s appearance on the podcast last week was a delightful insight into her incredible eye for naturalising, and she turns that eye this week to woodlands.Joining Sarah once again, she shares her 12 top varieties to naturalise any woodland area, whether you’re longing to walk through aromatic pastures or colourful bursts of productive flower families.In this episode, discover:Carien’s top tips for productive, prolific and pretty bulbs dotted through woodland in the most charming and natural wayThe flower families to pick for unbeatable aroma, like the gorgeously natural native BluebellVarieties to plant for more striking colour and structure, like the brilliantly vigourous Dog’s Tooth VioletGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah: <a href='
02/11/202329 minutes 47 seconds
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Stunning Bulbs for Naturalising Grassland & Meadows with Carien van Boxtel - Episode 143

Bringing the haphazard beauty of nature into your own space is a charming prospect, and Carien van Boxtel has an incredible eye for naturalising grassland.This week on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ Carien joins Sarah to share her 12 top bulbs for year-round naturalising - with plenty of bonus varieties along the way - and her three essential tips for perfect planting.In this episode, discover:What makes Snowdrops Carien’s ‘desert island’ flower family for naturalising grassThe later flowering, self-seeding perennial joys of NarcissusCarien’s critical tips for planting into meadows and grassland, giving you a bustling, colourful spaceGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
26/10/202332 minutes 3 seconds
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12 Magnificent Climbers for Year-Round Spectacle with Gary Newell - Episode 142

Few plants can envelop you in your garden with such naturalised beauty as climbers, and there are varieties fit to keep that adventurous atmosphere year-round.Sarah is joined this week by Gary Newell to run through 12 of the finest climbing families, with some old favourites like Cobaea Scandens to newcomers like Mrs Amy Doncaster.In this episode, discover:Features of the stunning Honeysuckles that make them an unbeatable climbing family for springThe autumn time focus on colourful climbers with the sizable Vitis CoignetiaeNew climbers to our collection with eye catching flair and formGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
19/10/202323 minutes 19 seconds
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Francis Hamel & His New Art Exhibition 'Thirty Gardens' - Episode 141

We often tout the picturesque beauty of the horticultural world through our favourite flowers on this show, but few can capture a moment with the same artistic flair as accomplished painter, Francis Hamel.Perch Hill features in his latest, utterly captivating exhibition entitled Thirty Gardens, alongside some of our other favourites, and Francis joins us to share just how he captures the enveloping atmosphere of each garden with unparalleled poise.In this episode, discover:What catalysed Francis to paint the garden at Rousham, the starting point for his gorgeous new projectThe creative process behind each painting, with an approach that allows every garden a chance to exude its most delightful featuresHow the painting process has altered Francis’ perception of what every garden needsGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: ht
12/10/202319 minutes 2 seconds
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The Divisive Appeal of Amaryllis, and Josie Lewis’ Stunning Alternatives - Episode 140

Amaryllis are fabulous and unusual additions to the house in winter, but while they’re an absolute must for Sarah Raven, Josie Lewis isn’t quite sold on them.If you’re with Sarah in loving their bombastic beauty then this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ gives you a sizable list to bring into your home. Else if you’re not a fan, then listen up for Josie’s alternative picks, from the watercolour Hellebore of Merlin to the unbeatable mood-lifting Snowdrops.In this episode, discover:Why Sarah fights the corner of Amaryllis, particularly when they’re forced ready for ChristmasHow to plant your Amaryllis for maximum impact and showy flowers bringing joy to your seasonJosie’s ideal Amaryllis alternatives, from the showier Hellebores to the more subtle SnowdropsGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website:
05/10/202322 minutes 49 seconds
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12 Edibles to Sow Immediately for Winter-Long Joy - Episode 139

For the keen edible gardener, this September and October present a particularly unmissable opportunity to sow a garden chock full of tasty veg.From the stalwart Lettuce Merveille de Quatre Saisons to the unbeatable hardiness of Flat Leaf Parsley, Sarah parses through all the edibles to share her top 12, with a few bonus veg to boot…In this episode, discover:Four superb lettuces that serve as the perfect foundation for any saladWhy Flat Leaf Parsley tops out all other varieties as a perfect pick any time of yearA wealth of recipe ideas for the eye-catching Chard Bright Lights or its chunkier relative, White SilverGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
28/09/202319 minutes 54 seconds
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Garden Cook - A Cookalong Series: The Trick to a Refreshing Basil Ice Cream

There are two things in this world which, when combined, creates one of Sarah Raven’s ideal desserts - Basil Sweet Genovese, and ice cream.In the last of our fantastic cookalong series, we’ll be learning Sarah’s rapid recipe for a lovely basil ice cream, best eaten as fresh as possible, and full of utterly wonderful flavour.In this episode, discover:Why late summer into early autumn is when Basil is at its bestHow simple it is to make plenty of great tasting basil ice creamGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
26/09/20239 minutes 32 seconds
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Fill Your 2024 with Showstoppers from the Autumn Range with Arthur Parkinson - Episode 138

Every change of season brings with it an opportunity to renew your garden’s beauty for the year ahead, particularly as we head into autumn.With our autumn catalogue to hand, Arthur Parkinson rejoins Sarah Raven in an episode bursting with imaginative ideas for the year ahead, from later flowering Lilies, to Fratileries that mark the start of spring in style.In this episode, discover:How Arthur’s adorning a new space for hens with an abundance of NarcissiThe story behind our uniquely striking Gingersnap Tulip MixArthur’s favourite big pots this year, filled with the charmingly compact Little Miss FiggyThe most exciting new variety of Tulip in our collection, the long-flowering and wonderfully scented CampbellGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah: <a href='
21/09/202323 minutes 1 second
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Garden Cook - A Cookalong Series: Elevating a Classic Roast Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon

The classic Sunday roast is wonderful as is, but with a simple, effective seasoning using the best the garden has to offer, it’s elevated to an absolute family staple.In the next of our cookalong mini series, Sarah shares the key to a showstopping Sunday meal with a Rosemary and Lemon Chicken recipe, and how the dish harks back to the very best Greek cuisine. In this episode, discover:Why waxy, part boiled potatoes are ideal for flavoursome roast spudsThe secret to seasoning your chicken to perfection How Sarah discovered this recipe and made it a family favouriteGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
19/09/20239 minutes 55 seconds
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The 12 Autumn Sowing Essentials for a Gorgeous Spring Garden - Episode 137

September has brought us a perfect storm of hot weather, warm ground, and cool enough nights for dew to moisten the soil, ideal for germinating seed quickly.That’s why this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ celebrates the supreme ornamental seeds for autumn sowing, whether you’re after the poise of Ammi Majus or the watercolour beauty of Nigella Hispanica.In this episode, discover:Why warm, moist soil in September is perfect for sowing right nowThe glamourous, tried and tested favourite of Ammi MajusWhy Euphorbia Oblongata is curiously misconceived to be completely perennialGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
14/09/202322 minutes 38 seconds
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Garden Cook - A Cookalong Series: Combining Your Kales in a Healthy, Hearty Salad

Kale is among the top of the superfoods, and combined with a rich dressing it makes an unbeatable, nutritious salad.In the next of our video cookalong series, Sarah takes us through a recipe that’s just as quick as it is deliciously rewarding. Follow along as we craft a dish with our favourite kales, like Redbor and Nero di Toscana.In this episode, discover:The science behind why kale is one of the healthiest foods you could ever growWhich kale varieties are unbeatable for flavour and textureHow to toss a salad delicately so as to not bruise the vegAn invigorating combination of ingredients for the perfect dressingGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
12/09/202310 minutes 7 seconds
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The Spectacle of Dahlia Breeding in Holland with Josie Lewis - Episode 136

There’s almost no more intoxicating feeling in the floral world than catching eyes with a showstopping, undiscovered variety, particularly if it’s a rousing new Dahlia.Fresh back from Holland on a Dahlia-hunting expedition, Sarah Raven and Josie Lewis share the joys of visiting Dahlia breeders, what makes the perfect Dahlia, and what’s on our radar for 2024 and beyond…In this episode, discover:New and exciting varieties being trialled for the Sarah Raven rangeThe joyous moment of discovering new, remarkable Dahlias in HollandHow you can cross fertilise you own Dahlias at homeGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
07/09/202319 minutes 24 seconds
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Garden Cook - A Cookalong Series: The Best Fresh and Fabulous Tempura Recipe

In the next of our cookalong episodes of the podcast, Sarah turns her attention to a fabulous, versatile summer garden harvest meal - tempura.There’s no better way to use your most varied fresh produce, from baby vegetables to edible flowers and herbs, and it’s perfect for serving 4-6 people at a stunning summer party.In this episode, discover:How to make a perfectly balanced batter, without the eggThe extra step of stuffing courgettes that takes this tempura recipe to the next levelGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
05/09/202315 minutes
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Picking the Perfect Potted Plants for Urban Gardens with Tom Stimpson - Episode 135

Tom Stimpson is our Head of Horticulture, and with a fairly compact urban garden of his own he’s got wonderful vision for potted plants with showstopping impact.Join us for ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ as Tom shares his pick of the perennials and annuals which bring simplicity and impact to any urban garden, and the three top varieties he’d never pass-up on.In this episode, discover:Tom’s background in horticulture and the charming urban garden he’s curatedA selection of stunning, pot-based perennials like the easy-to-flower Pelargonium SidoidesWhich of Tom’s potted flowers are must-haves to bathe any sized garden in uplifting scentGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
31/08/202325 minutes 34 seconds
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Garden Cook - A Cookalong Series: Use Your Veg in an Invigorating Gazpacho

Welcome to the first episode of our brand new cookalong podcast series! We’ll be bringing 5 fantastic recipes to life in real time across 5 episodes, starting with a quick and simple gazpacho.These episodes are accompanied by videos on YouTube to see Sarah cook this fresh recipe yourself, but either way you’ll learn how to combine a flavoursome variety of tomatoes and cucumber to indulge in this marvellous dish.Recipe can be found here: in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
29/08/20237 minutes 5 seconds
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Creating Recipes with Seasonal Inspiration & Kitchen Creativity with Blanche Vaughan - Episode 134

Blanche Vaughan’s stellar journey through cookery at top restaurants and becoming a literary authority on creative recipes is absolutely stunning.It’s these experiences that have culminated in her new book, A Year in the Kitchen, boasting seasonal recipes for year-round joy. Blanche offers an insight into her rich background and wonderfully creative recipes in this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’.In this episode, discover:Blanche’s remarkable history in cookery &amp; cheffingThe move towards evocative recipe writing through her extensive range of booksA number of delightful recipes which make such novel, creative use of beloved ingredientsGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Sarah:
24/08/202325 minutes 5 seconds
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The Joys of Garden Birds & How to Protect Them with Adam Nicolson - Episode 133

While our gaze often falls to flower beds for our appreciation of nature, when we set our sights to the skies, there’s wonderful garden &amp; woodland birds all around us.Having shared the lives and loves of sea birds in his award-winning book, Adam Nicolson’s next literary adventure shares the avian wonders that you’ll find closer to home.Join Sarah &amp; Adam in this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ for a delightful foray into the species behind the songs that fill every joyful woodland walk.In this episode, discover:A charming app to enlighten your walks with bird information on-the-goThe sophistication of birds’ alarm calls for dangers like foxes, crows and snakesWhat we stand to learn from birds about nurturing the natural world around usOur favourite species of bird to look out for in your own gardens and green spacesGet in touch: [email protected] on t
17/08/202329 minutes 32 seconds
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12 Top Flowers for Tasty Tisanes & Cordials All Year Round - Episode 132

Since we’ve recently shone a spotlight on the year’s most exciting edibles for food, it’s only fitting that we do the same for drinks, inspiring you with bold and flavoursome tisanes and cordials.Sarah runs through each month and offers up 12 delightful flowers for garden-based drinks, from easy growers like Chamomile and Lemon Balm to absolute classics like Lemon Verbena.In this episode, discover:The deliciously rewarding ways in which you can create garden-grown drinksA recipe which elicits the flavour of Turkish Delight using a favourite Pelargonium of ours, Attar of RosesHow drying Chamomile flowers &amp; Lemon Verbena leaves that bloom in summer can provide a colourful blend of teas for the winter seasonWhich of these flowers are easiest to grow from seedGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website:
10/08/202316 minutes 42 seconds
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KITCHEN GARDEN MINI-SERIES: Must-Have Edibles for Compact Gardens

Kitchen gardens needn’t be acres and acres - there’ll be many urban gardeners turning window boxes and balconies into extensions of their kitchen.This final episode of our Beginner’s Kitchen Garden Mini-Series is brimming with must-have herbs and veg for the smallest spaces, packing the punchiest flavour and boasting the very best productivity.In this episode, discover:Flat Leaf Parsley’s rightful reverence for its ease of growing, hardiness and everyday pickingA climbing Courgette perfect for training up a wall or over an archHow to cook Swiss Chard, which is perfect for compact gardens with its remarkable versatilityOrder Sarah’s new book - A Year Full of Veg: in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: <
08/08/20239 minutes 16 seconds
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KITCHEN GARDEN MINI-SERIES: Protecting Your Garden from Pests and Diseases

For those taking pride in their thriving kitchen garden, the biggest threat comes from the blight of pests and diseases…Sarah’s decades of experience defending against the likes of flea beetles, mildew and slugs culminates into this 6th episode of our kitchen garden miniseries, where she’ll prepare you with the tools to keep your herbs and veg flourishing.In this episode, discover:The reason that we avoid direct sowing as much as possible at Perch HillGarden birds’ role in saving seedlings from slugs, snails and aphidsHow to make a simple solution using only household items which combats mildewOrder Sarah’s new book - A Year Full of Veg: in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: <a href='
08/08/202310 minutes 23 seconds
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KITCHEN GARDEN MINI-SERIES: Versatile Vegetables for the Kitchen Garden

As ideas continue to spring forward for your compact, crop-packed kitchen garden, our podcast mini-series continues with a focus on Sarah’s favourite vegetables.Whether it’s the year-round joy of Swiss Chard or the Sugar Snap Pea Nairobi which is unrivalled in its taste and texture, episode 5 brings a wealth of ideas for both halves of the year.In this episode, discover:What makes Swiss Chard a versatile addition to any kitchen gardenVegetables to provide each half of the year with plenty of variety and delicious flavoursThe curious symbiotic relationship between eggs and spinach which makes the pairing fantastic for your healthOrder Sarah’s new book - A Year Full of Veg: in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven
08/08/202312 minutes 43 seconds
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KITCHEN GARDEN MINI-SERIES: Essential Salads for the Kitchen Garden

At the halfway point in our Beginner’s Kitchen Garden Mini-series there are likely to be an abundance of ideas for what you might like to grow, but leave some room for a daily joy for Sarah - salads.Once again splitting the year into April to August and August to April, this episode of the miniseries ensures that you’re well-stocked for salads all throughout the year, with hardy varieties and unbeatable productivity.In this episode, discover:The 4 varieties to bring hardy flavours and productive salads throughout August to AprilVarieties of salad suited to the spring and summer months, like the heat tolerant Wild Rocket and long-time favourite DahliasOrder Sarah’s new book - A Year Full of Veg: in touch: [email protected] on th
08/08/202311 minutes 12 seconds
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KITCHEN GARDEN MINI-SERIES: Unbeatable Herbs for Every Kitchen Garden

Whether you’ve space in abundance, or a small garden with little time to maintain it, there’s no reason not to assemble your own superb selection of edibles.Kitchen gardens are for everyone, and Sarah Raven takes this third episode of the miniseries to share the herbs that she’d recommend for absolutely anyone, regardless of space, time or knowledge.In this episode, discover:Why chefs are obsessed with the flat leaf parsley over our curly leaf varietyWhat makes coriander one of the most misgrown plantsThe best thing to grow if you’re thinking about transforming your Greek food recipesOrder Sarah’s new book - A Year Full of Veg: in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: http
08/08/202311 minutes 25 seconds
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KITCHEN GARDEN MINI-SERIES: Simplifying the Plant World

The plant world is awash with floral terminology that might seem baffling at first, but once understood, can open up a world of creativity with flowers.As we continue our mini-series bringing the joys of kitchen gardening to beginners, Sarah takes us through what makes annuals different from perennials, the subcategories of each, and 12 of her top things to grow throughout the year.In this episode, discover:The various types of plants to grow throughout different parts of the yearWhat separates out the herbaceous perennials from the evergreens, the hardy annuals from the half-hardyWhy Sarah separates the year into April to August, then August to April, and her top picks for each seasonOrder Sarah’s new book - A Year Full of Veg: in touch: <a href='mailto:info@sarahraven
08/08/20239 minutes 55 seconds
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KITCHEN GARDEN MINI-SERIES: Sarah’s 5 Essential Categories of Edibles

Welcome to our ‘Kitchen Garden Mini-series” focusing on the very best kitchen garden plants for those just starting to grow their own delicious edible flowers.Kicking off episode 1 of 7, Sarah takes us through the five categories in her hierarchy of which plants to get started with, from the low-effort, high producers to the more elaborate and visually stunning ornamental plants.In this episode, discover:Which cut and come again flowers are the biggest producers, and absolutely essential for any gardenThe most flavoursome additions to a kitchen garden, like the sweetness of new potatoes or broad beansVarieties of edible ornamentals, or ‘edimentals’ which boast bold flavour and visually gorgeous flowers alikeOrder Sarah’s new book - A Year Full of Veg: in touch: <a href=
07/08/202311 minutes 12 seconds
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12 Top Shrubs for Scent, Structure and Extravagance with Gary Newell - Episode 131

Sarah Raven and Gary Newell share a mutual passion for shrubbery, putting more thought into the ornamental beauty of these structural garden sensations.In our 12 best series, we turn our attention to shrubs - all through the year, these trendy varieties are standout additions to your garden, whether you’re looking for a shrub that’s pollinator-friendly, compact, colourful or grandiose.In this episode, discover:Varieties of shrubs which thrive in wet and dry conditions alikeNew shrubs like Daphne Perfume Princess which combine strong growing with showy flowers and irresistible scentEvergreens to bring sensational structure all year roundGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur: <a href='
03/08/202328 minutes 49 seconds
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Prepare Your Garden for Heat Whilst You’re Away with Josie Lewis - Episode 130

With every exciting summer holiday comes the dread of returning to your garden having suffered under the scorching heat, particularly if nobody can water your plants in your absence.That’s why this week on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, Head Gardener Josie Lewis returns to share the absolute heat-beating tips, from the collective power of grouping your pots to the life-saving use of capillary matting.In this episode, discover:How pots collected together around a bucket of water form a remarkable microcosm to keep them coolerMarvellously effective methods of giving plants water in your absence, from capillary matting to irrigation systemsUnlikely tips for hanging baskets, involving the use of old socks and shirtsThe dangers of aminopyralid when buying in mulchGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website:
27/07/202324 minutes 26 seconds
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The Year in Edibles: Sarah’s 12 Best Edible Flowers - Episode 129

As flowers drift in and out of season, so can your palette of edible flowers, bringing you joy in the garden and the kitchen alike.Shining a spotlight on a ‘plant of the moment’ in each month, Sarah Raven takes this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ to inspire your year of edible flower growing with her 12 best for flavour and productivity.In this episode, discover:Numerous ways to use your edible flowers, from scattering and tempura-ing, to the art of crafting a flavoured sugarWhy April is such an exciting month for edibles, with a focus on the all-edible family of TulipsThe abundance of exciting Runner Bean flowers that you should grow for a stellar JulySeptember’s irresistible call for Dahlias, and how to use their petals in delicious saladsGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website:
20/07/202325 minutes 11 seconds
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Why Women Grow: Exploring the Roots of Gardening Passion with Alice Vincent - Episode 128

What is the inspiration behind your love of gardening and all things floral? Each of us tells a vastly different story, and that diversity is at the heart of Alice Vincent’s new, heartwarming book.‘Why Women Grow’ paints a stunning visage of the reasons that women take to the garden, reasons that often are buried deep within the work that they do. Consider Alice’s work the chance to let those stories bloom… We hear a little of Alice’s own muse, the balcony garden plants that allowed her passion to flourish, and a few of the moving stories from her book with such poignance.In this episode, discover:How Alice found inspiration in balcony gardening and nurtured it into an all-encompassing passionIdeal flowers for balcony pots, bringing structure, smell and spectacle to even the smallest of urban spacesThe one, deeply insightful question that elicits so many heartwarming stories for Alice to bring to life in her book, ‘Why Women Grow
13/07/202330 minutes
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Veracious New Varieties & Mildew-Beating Mixtures: Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson’s Top Gardening Discoveries of 2023 - Episode 127

While the lovely Arthur Parkinson has been away writing and illustrating, both he and Sarah Raven have had a number of green-fingered revelations that are just too good not to share.From a newfound love for the fern Metallicum (best seen at sunrise or sunset), to a new, pollinator-friendly concoction that keeps mildew at bay, this episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ is an absolute grab bag of ideas and inspiration.In this episode, discover:New standout perennials, shrubs and roses, like the reliable Timeless Purple and velvet glamour of James MasonHow to learn lessons from Chelsea, and design your own wildflower garden to look more welcoming than waywardA fantastic new solution which we’ve trialled on Ranunculus here, perfect for preventing mildewThe unexpected beauty that bookends Arthur’s days: the silver fern ‘Metallicum’Get in touch: [email protected] on the Sa
06/07/202326 minutes 46 seconds
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3 Million Downloads of grow, cook, eat, arrange - Thank you!

A big thank you all of the listeners of the grow, cook, eat, arrange podcast, which has just hit the incredible milestone of 3 million downloads! Get in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
06/07/20231 minute 23 seconds
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Grow Your Own Party: The 12 Best Flowers and Edibles with Jessie and Con Booth - Episode 126

Hosting a party is made magnitudes more rewarding when you grow the food and decorations yourself, and the Booth sisters joining us this week on the podcast have mastered that art.Jessie and Con Booth share, between their specialities of decorative floral plants and delicious edibles respectively, their 12 top additions to any garden, such that you can grow your own party.In this episode, discover:How the duo combined their complementary gifts into a business of floral decorating and growingJessie’ favourite floral additions, from the theatrics of Sunflowers to the aromatic joys of Bearded IrisCon’s top edibles, whether they be the juiciest Tomatoes like ‘Costoluto Fiorentino’ or a climbing Courgette like ‘Tromboncino’Get in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: <a href='https://bit.
29/06/202327 minutes 1 second
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The Comfort and Connection of Incredible Ukrainian Cuisine with Olia Hercules - Episode 125

In Olia Hercules’ book title, she describes the power of food to comfort and connect, and nobody exhibits it in such a captivating way as Olia does.Be inspired by the wonders of world food as one of Ukraine’s most moving and emotive cooks and writers joins Sarah on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, sharing the delights of Ukrainian recipes.In this episode, discover:Olia’s background and journey to discovering the joys of cookeryHeartwarming tales of family recipes perfect for you to try at homeRecipes to take advantage of bountiful wild garlic from foragingThe profound connection you form when you cook with what you growGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur: https:
22/06/202326 minutes 58 seconds
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The Stunning Science of Dahlia Breeding with Josie Lewis - Episode 124

Behind every Dahlia’s watercolour beauty is a mind-boggling scientific world of floral possibility - who better to share the joys of Dahlia breeding than our very own Josie Lewis.This week we break down the biology behind the beauty, how to germinate your own seeds, and breeding for the perfect Dahlia with stunning colour and fantastic vase life.In this episode, discover:The startling science behind these beautiful plants, like their numerous chromosomes and fascinating transposonsHow to use the expert knowledge on Dahlia breeding to germinate your own special seedsWhat to look for in an ideal plant, from height and form to colour and vase lifeGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur: <a href='https://b
15/06/202322 minutes 32 seconds
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The 12 Top Beginner-Friendly Herbs with Jekka McVicar - Episode 123

With names like Jamie Oliver under tutorship, Jekka McVicar’s word is gospel when it comes to growing herbs for your own culinary masterpieces.For those of us looking for the simplest start to a herb garden, even in the smallest of spaces, Jekka is a font of knowledge, sharing her 12 best beginner-friendly herbs in this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’.In this episode, discover:How to combine herbs together, just as one would ingredients in a cocktailThe flavours of herb for a zing that permeates your cooking, an aniseed kick, and much moreWhy one shouldn’t use hands when planting out Basil seeds among other lovely herbsGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur: https://
08/06/202322 minutes 17 seconds
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Sarah’s Essential Food & Flower Harvesting Tips - Episode 122

Almost every day of Sarah Raven’s life involves harvesting, so over the last 30 years or so, she’s worked out the most efficient way to harvest plants and edibles for extraordinary results.Join us on this solo episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ as Sarah shares how to pick salads for remarkably productive edibles, her flower conditioning advice for a long-lasting harvest, and why you should avoid the ‘pick-plonk’ approach at all costs.In this episode, discover:A perfect picking approach for salads, using scissors to cut around the heartConditioning your pickings for lasting beauty from your cut flowersHow bathing your flowers can breathe new life into even the most dire of cut PeoniesGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah:
01/06/202318 minutes 6 seconds
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Perennializing Your Bulbs for Sustainable Spring Splendour - Episode 121

Sustainable gardening is an essential endeavour in modern horticulture, as we learned with Arit Anderson in episode 119, and one of the easiest ways to create a sustainable garden is through perennializing your bulbs.Sarah Raven takes this week’s solo episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ to dive into the beautiful bulbs that can be made perennial, with a particular passion for the high glamour of perennial Tulips.In this episode, discover:Why Tulips are among the greatest flowers to grow sustainably as perennial bulbsA natural recipe to treat your bulbs that’ll help combat mildewHow to identify a naturalised bulbBold, dazzling Tulip varieties from the emotive colours of ‘Artists’ to the standout sculpture of ‘turkestanica’Tips on how to plant bulbs and surround them for protection from the appetite of squirrels and miceGet in touch: [email protected] on the
25/05/202321 minutes 44 seconds
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Creating a Bee-Friendly Garden All Year Round with Arthur Parkinson - Episode 120

Few people are more passionate about the plight of our precious pollinators than the marvellous Arthur Parkinson, and National Bee Day poses a perfect time to consider how we can all care for them.In this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, we’re taking you through the entire year and which are the finest, nectar-rich flowers to bring a lively buzz to the garden throughout every season.In this episode, discover:The perennial beauty of Iris Reticulata, with its silky, suave bluesEarly summer Roses to lift the mood and attract the buzz of pollinators in their massesHardier flowers ideal for the later months, like Arthur’s oft-mentioned CardoonsA sneak peek at what to expect from Arthur’s next book, The Flower Yard 2Get in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: <a href='https://b
18/05/202326 minutes 37 seconds
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The Chelsea Flower Show 2023 with Arit Anderson - Episode 119

Arit Anderson is an award winning garden designer, TV presenter, and an unrelenting wave of joy who shares Sarah Raven’s love of Chelsea Flower Show.With the show next week, who better to join us on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ for a Chelsea special than a woman whose history of design in fashion and gardening has drawn from the gorgeous annual displays of chromatic wonder.In this episode, discover:Arit’s illustrious history in flowers, fashion, events management, and how they led into the gardening worldGrowing into television and garden design through Gardeners World and other wonderful media appearancesThe charming collaborative nature of Chelsea Flower Show and all who share their talents at the eventChelsea’s cultural impact on horticulture and world-leading sustainability initiativesGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: <a href='http://bit.l
11/05/202330 minutes
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Gorgeous Garden Design Tips and the Charms of Chelsea Flower Show with Tricia Guild - Episode 118

Tricia Guild is a name needing little introduction, her Designers Guild brand being an ensemble of aesthetic delights akin to that of the fast-approaching Chelsea Flower Show.Sharing her love of the show, and design ethos both in her work and the garden, Tricia joins us for an episode of the podcast laden with tips to bring your space to life through a lens of selective beauty and impact.In this episode, discover:The joys of Tricia’s London garden, adorned as any room of the house would be, with care and coordinationFlowers fit to bring the richest blues and boldest greens to your gardenWhich of the plants in Tricia’s Italian garden are perfect for heat resistance, ideal for our warmer summersThe delights of Chelsea Flower Show, and why selective choices often create the most striking of displaysGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: <a href='htt
04/05/202322 minutes 27 seconds
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Taking Artistic Inspiration from the Natural Beauty of the Garden with Molly Mahon - Episode 117

The connection between art and the natural world is utterly entwined, and seldom is it seen more beautifully in the craft of block printing than through Molly Mahon’s eyes.Her gorgeous designs draw upon the inherent beauty of flowers, particularly dazzling, bold Dahlias - an inspiration which Molly will soon bring to Perch Hill with an exciting course in June.Until then, enjoy a heartwarming chat on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ as she shares her passion for creative crafts and the true joy that it brings.In this episode, discover:Molly’s multidisciplinary creative upbringing, from her father in the garden and mother in table-based craftingThe sheer joy that the block printing process can bringHow Molly styles block prints with colour palettes akin to the bold, bright hues of a captivating gardenFavourite flowers to rouse the senses and bring inspiration to new creationsGet in touch: <a href='mailto:info@sarahrave
27/04/202326 minutes 17 seconds
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12 Tough Flowers to Thrive in Shade-Laden Gardens with Josie Lewis - Episode 116

Not every garden is bathed in sunlight at all hours of the day, so finding shade-loving flowers is a must for anyone looking to illuminate their shaded areas with a splash of colour.Josie Lewis returns once again to the podcast, this week sharing her love of flowers and ferns that thrive with little light, from the cool, composed beauty of Frosted Ferns to the must-have Sarcococca.In this episode, discover:The likes of Nicotiana Sylvestris and Grandiflora, fragrant providers of joy throughout the dayJosie’s favourite ferns, like the Frosted Fern and the Shuttlecock Fern, structures bustling with beautyFiery flowers like Begonia Glowing Embers, a stunning variety which Sarah considers nearly indestructibleGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: ht
20/04/202320 minutes 55 seconds
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12 Top Regal Flowers for a Stunning Coronation Display with Gary Newell - Episode 115

The King&apos;s coronation will soon be upon us, and given his love of nature, it seems apt to consider the flowers that might best commemorate the occasion.Returning to the podcast with a spectacular selection of plants in regal colours aplenty is our Senior Horticultural Buyer, Gary Newell. Join us for our 12 best Flowers fit for a King&apos;s coronation.In this episode, discover:Glamourous golden flowers for instantly shimmering arrangements The perfect plants to most graciously combine the Union Jack&apos;s red, white and blueA number of easy mixes from our range to most simply bring together complementary flowersWhy the vigourous Rudbeckia Enchanted series are right at the top of Gary&apos;s listGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: <a href='
13/04/202321 minutes 32 seconds
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Chicken Boy: Arthur Parkinson’s Life with Hens - Episode 114

The utterly wonderful, incomparable Arthur Parkinson has been away writing his new book, so it&apos;s a delight to have him return to the podcast to tell us all about it! The original ‘co-conspirator’ of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ joins Sarah once more to detail the heartfelt inspiration behind Chicken Boy, how he found the inspiration to form a bond with hens, the dangers to look out for if you’re starting out yourself, and so much more.In this episode, discover:How Arthur’s natural affinity for hens began and grewThe strong connection to Chatsworth, Deborah Devonshire and their poultry fancyingGuiding our thinking around designing plants and gardens with animals in mindWhat to consider around the villains and vermin to keep your hens safeThe sometimes-harsh reality of hen keepingGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: <a href='http://bi
06/04/202333 minutes 26 seconds
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The 12 Most Gorgeous and Prolific Perennials, Climbers & Shrubs with Rachel Siegfried - Episode 113

One of the greatest treasures that a garden can bring us is the cut flower, and with a fine selection of perennials and woody plants, that treat returns to us year after year.That’s why this week’s podcast guest, the wonderful Rachel Siegfried, shares her penchant for perennials throughout her work, and in her new book - The Cut Flower Sourcebook.Tune into this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ for a fabulous list of the 12 most inspiring perennial plants, and how to structure a showstopping arrangement.In this episode, discover:A brief history behind Rachel’s delightful flower farm, Green &amp; GorgeousThe simple, yet wonderfully effective four-part structure into which she divides arrangementsReliable framework and filler plants like Rosa Glauca and Snowberry upon which to build your displaysFocal flowers, showstoppers and accents to breathe life and add movement, like the always stunning early Peony Buckeye Belle</u
30/03/202332 minutes 30 seconds
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The 12 Most Stunning Cut Flowers for Compact Gardens with Butter Wakefield - Episode 112

The limit to your imagination extends far beyond the size of one’s garden, particularly with the cut flowers that award-winning garden designer Butter Wakefield adores most.Butter returns to the podcast with more than a smorgasbord of stunning flowers compact enough to fit in the smallest of gardens, but captivating enough to make the most monumental impact as a cut flower.In this episode, discover:The bold bulbs of Daffodil Jetfire and subtle beauty of AvalancheWhy the Dahlias of Rosie Raven, Lou Farmen and Josie are among those which most wildly capture Butter’s adorationDavid Austin’s majestic roses accompanied by the most delightful fragranceA border must-have with flowing cascades of purple flowers - Salvia nemorosa CaradonnaGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah:
23/03/202327 minutes 4 seconds
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The 12 Most Spectacularly Scented Flowers with Jo Fairley - Episode 111

Our olfactory system elicits some of the strongest emotions we can feel, so the scent of a garden should be at the forefront of your mind when planning your garden - as it is for the wonderful Jo Fairley.Jo edits The Scented Letter, a quarterly magazine focused on fragrance, which makes her a perfect guest on the podcast to share the 12 most evocatively scented plants, from the strong fragrance of Trachelospermum to stalwart Sweet Peas.In this episode, discover:The personal history with Scented Geraniums that makes them one of Jo’s most beloved, aromatic plantsWhich of the Roses are absolute essentials for smell, and why Jo would never plant a Rose without scentJo’s love of Sarcococca’s incredible growth, bold structure, and fragrant leavesPlenty of book recommendations to inspire you with many more scented plantsGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Web
16/03/202334 minutes 32 seconds
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12 Essential Tips for Terrific Tomatoes - Episode 110

Sowing tomatoes should be right at the top of your list for the month ahead, with the joy they bring to a garden and the remarkable variety in taste.Whether it’s the small and mighty Noire de Crimee or the ever-reliable flavour of Sungold, this week’s episode of the podcast brings a wealth of advice for growing your own. In this episode, discover:The standout tomatoes that’ll bring joy to your garden and plate, from the stripy Tigerella to the unbeatable taste of SungoldCharming combinations for companion planting to keep your tomatoes in good healthThe remarkable results you can see by growing tomatoes in a ring culture potA whole raft of recipes to use your produce in such varied and utterly delicious waysGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: <a href='
09/03/202327 minutes 49 seconds
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The Sustainable Splendour of Using Local, Coppiced Wood with Adam Nicolson - Episode 109

Wood is wonderful in the garden, and can be both beautiful and useful to create fencing, arches and posts in such a way that cares for the environment around us.If you’re still using the likes of imported bamboo in your space and need inspiration for alternatives, Adam Nicolson joins Sarah once again on the podcast to share how locally grown, coppiced wood can be so fantastic for you and for the world.In this episode, discover:The near-zero environmental cost of using the wonderfully pliable birchWhich trees are the most useful for absorbing more carbon, and how to best treat themA fascinating history of why chestnut is so prevalent in this part of the worldHow to coppice wood, and the true impact of coppicing on carbon absorption from our treesGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: <p
02/03/202324 minutes 17 seconds
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The 12 Best All-Time Vegetables - Episode 108

Beside the visual splendour of a thriving vegetable garden, there’s such joy to be had from picking your own delicious ingredients.At a perfect time to coincide with Sarah’s new book, she takes this solo episode to share a fantastic list of the 12 absolute best vegetables, from flavoursome essentials to the simplest, most cut-and-come-again veg for all seasons.In this episode, discover:Several of the most prolific, cut and come again veg from Mizuna and Rocket to the versatile Swiss ChardVarieties of Kale for the patient gardener or those looking for a quick growerA duo of tomatoes befitting of any garden alongside what Sarah dubs ‘the perfect cucumber’Get in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur: <a href='
23/02/202321 minutes 22 seconds
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The 12 Most Resilient, Low-Maintenance Plants with Gary Newell - Episode 107

Gardening is for everyone, even the busiest among us. That’s why we’re focusing on the very best plants that’ll not only look after themselves, but truly thrive by doing so.Sarah is once again joined on the podcast by Gary Newell, our Senior Horticultural Buyer, this time to discuss the lowest maintenance plants, from the ground cover of Geranium Rozanne to the pot-worthy Hydrangea ‘Little Lime’.In this episode, discover:How the marvellous Lonicera &apos;Rhubarb and Custard&apos; looks after itself and stays both fresh and scentedA splendid Hydrangea which has repaid Gary each year without fail since he first planted itThe constant productivity of Rosemary, and how it’s a perfect plant for culinary use, hedging and screening alikeGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: <a href='
16/02/202326 minutes 51 seconds
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Grow Healthier Gardens by Companion Planting with Josie Lewis - Episode 106

There’s nothing quite like finding a perfect companion, and in the plant world, companion planting could be the difference between aphid-affliction and the healthiest horticulture.Our Head Gardener at Perch Hill, Josie Lewis, joins Sarah once again on the podcast to share the essential flowers to underplant for thriving Roses, a garden full of pollinators, and wonderful performing Tomatoes.In this episode, discover:Which of the Salvias are perfect for keeping Roses looking their Sunday bestHow the likes of Tagetes Minuta and Burning Embers are ideal to combat Whitefly issues in your greenhouseThe best, aromatic Basil to pull the pollinators into your gardenHow to create Comfrey Tea Sodium Bicarbonate spray and Garlic spray for preventing mildewGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website:
09/02/202330 minutes 5 seconds
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Reimagining Your Flower Philosophy with Anna Potter - Episode 105

The beauty of floristry is its ever-moving, transient nature, and that makes your philosophy around flower growing and arranging all the more impactful.As Anna Potter knows better than anyone, that philosophy can evolve, expand, and lead you to some fantastical floral discoveries. Returning to the podcast this week, Anna shares some of the projects within her new book that can spark inspiration in your own gardening endeavours.In this episode, discover:The shift in Anna’s philosophy around plants since she last joined us for episode 11How to create a gorgeous wreath which, while fleeting, brings such bold and beautiful joyWhy we should embrace the moving, flowing nature of Peonies rather than attempt to constrain themTapping into the childlike charm of creating a MandalaGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: http:/
02/02/202336 minutes 36 seconds
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12 Best Edible Crops to Sow and Grow with Jane Scotter - Episode 104

Returning to the podcast this week is the wonderful Jane Scotter from Fern Verrow, as we set our sights on the turn of spring and which edibles you can sow soon to bring incredible taste into your garden.Whether it’s the reliable flavours of Tomatoes like Gardener’s Delight, or rich taste of Cima di Rapa, you’re bound to be inspired with edible plants perfect to start planting right now.In this episode, discover:Jane’s history with Skye Gyngell, and how she’s so innovative with the use of veg in her recipesVarieties of salad leaves and rocket for all temperaturesHow to fill the cut flower gap with lovely Stocks like Apple BlossomCreate Academy is offering Sarah Raven listeners 15% off across all gardening courses, including Jane Scotter&apos;s new course &apos;How To Grow Exceptional Produce&apos;. To redeem visit and enter code &apos;SARAHRAVEN15&apos; at chec
26/01/202330 minutes 25 seconds
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Hard Frost: Preparing Beds for the Harsh, Cold Winter Months #BONUS

The first hard frost of the year signals a time to prepare for the winter ahead, and there are a few essential steps you can take to protect your bulbs and encourage tender perennials to become hardy.From spotting which varieties need to be brought inside first, to using bubble wrap, burlap or fleece to wrap larger pots, Sarah brings us a step by step guide to beating the hard frost in this bonus episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’.In this episode, discover:The least frost-hardy flowers which will need to be brought inside firstWhen to mulch for effective insulation against frostHow to protect larger, immovable pots by wrapping them with bubble wrap or fleeceGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur: <
24/01/20234 minutes 44 seconds
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Fill Your Garden with A Year Full of Veg - Episode 103

With a new year comes boundless possibilities for your veg garden, and there are so many vegetables that truly thrive in cold, wet conditions which are often overlooked.We’re just a few weeks away from the release of Sarah’s new book, aptly named ‘A Year Full of Veg’, which makes this an ideal point to look at the inspiration behind the book, and of course share some essential edibles for the year ahead.In this episode, discover:The inspiration for Sarah’s latest book, and how it came togetherSarah&apos;s adoration for easy, productive, cut and come again vegCompanion planting flowers which keep the garden healthy and thrivingHow to create a gorgeous, sculptural veg garden without the use of bamboo cane supports Order Sarah’s book - A Year Full of Flowers: Sarah’s new book - A Year Full of Veg: <a href='
19/01/202314 minutes 32 seconds
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The 12 Best Plant Design Tips for Small Gardens with Butter Wakefield - Episode 102

The size of a garden need not limit its impact, and in this week’s podcast we hear from award-winning garden designer Butter Wakefield as she shares how to bring a spark of inspiration to small spaces.Whether you’re looking to rethink scale, scent, lighting or layout, Butter brings us a dizzying array of tips for bringing a garden to life.In this episode, discover:Marvellous ideas to bring scale, privacy and structure to a gardenHow warm lighting and well-placed mirrors can make even small spaces feel grandioseTips for vertical emphasis, patterns, and borrowing from your surroundings to extend your garden’s impact beyond its wallsFollow Butter: Sarah’s book: in touch: [email protected] on the S
12/01/202327 minutes 39 seconds
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The 12 Best Plants for Small Gardens with Gary Newell - Episode 101

Not all of us are afforded the space to plant everything our heart desires, so we’ve brought our wonderful Head Horticultural Buyer, Gary Newell, onto the podcast to share the best flowers for compact spaces.There’s a choice in this episode for everything one might need, whether it’s to bathe your space in scent, long-flowering bee magnets, or simply the most extravagant standout Dahlia for its size.In this episode, discover:The guiding principles behind Gary’s scintillating small garden designsHow to build layers with year-round interest from tree cover, sub-shrubs and dazzling potted plantsDahlia Waltzing Mathilda’s bold beauty and why Sarah always pairs it with the regal red Petunia Tidal Wave Red VelourGary’s absolute favourite flower families for gorgeous ground coverFollow Gary: in
05/01/202334 minutes 42 seconds
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Our New Year’s Resolutions at Perch Hill with Adam Nicolson - Episode 100

2022 is finally drawing to a close, and as many begin their list of new year’s resolutions we’re making our own commitments at Perch Hill, especially around our exciting carbon and biodiversity research.Sarah Raven &amp; Adam Nicolson share the findings, bring us some enlightening tips on how we can all reduce carbon emissions in our own gardens, pick out top garden-worthy plants to provide seeds for birds, and chat about how we’re preparing for the exciting year ahead.In this episode, discover:Sarah’s top plants to provide for pollinators &amp; birds, and bring an uplifting buzz to your gardenThe eclectic agricultural mix that Adam scatters to encourage biodiversity among wildlifeNew thinking around the effects of methane in the atmosphereThe surprisingly drastic impact on reducing carbon that we can create in our own gardensWhy ill-kept bird feeders might actually be surprisingly harmfulOrder Sarah’s book:
29/12/202229 minutes 4 seconds
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The 12 Best Plants for Protecting our Pollinators with Dave Goulson - Episode 99

In each of our gardens resides such potential to create a haven for all-important pollinators, and there’s no stronger advocate than the wonderful Dave Goulson.A returning guest on the podcast, this week we hear from Dave as he and Sarah run through the 12 most magnificent plants for pollinators, whether you’re seeking compact varieties or an extravagant, long-lasting pollen cafe.In this episode, discover:The overlooked virtues of earwigs and how they fight off aphidsDave’s marvellous research work on protecting pollinatorsNew, pollen-providing varieties which are more compact and long-lastingDazzling Dahlias, Ammi and Foxgloves perfect for attracting a bumblebee ballet to your garden Order Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: Goulson:<a href='
22/12/202230 minutes 46 seconds
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The 12 Best Roses with Josie Lewis - Episode 98

Whether your idea of the perfect Rose is a prolific climber like Scent from Heaven, or a compact burst of colour like Josie Lewis’ favourite Hot Chocolate, no garden is complete without a Rose.This week on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ signals the start of a new format highlighting the floral flag bearers of each family, starting with Sarah &amp; Josie’s top Roses, and a number of upcoming standouts from our recent trials.In this episode, discover:Exciting new discoveries from the latest rose trials at Perch HillThe most prolific roses for picking and vase lifeVarieties that bring angelic scent in a walled gardenTips for bare root planting for those giving or receiving roses this ChristmasGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: https://bit.
15/12/202232 minutes 55 seconds
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Creating Stunning Sustainable Arrangements with Shane Connolly - Episode 97

Gardening sustainably with consideration for the world around us needn’t be a chore - there’s so much opportunity to be creative when you ditch floral foam and embrace natural design.Well Shane Connolly is no stranger to naturalising his arrangements, nor is he a stranger to the podcast! Shane returns to share his highlights of 2022, how you can add some sustainable flair to your Christmas table and some lovely ideas for a spectacular wreath.In this episode, discover:Shane’s natural designs and how he composes a compelling sense of placeThe building blocks of sustainable floristry, from focusing on compostable materials to using the world around youHow to create a gorgeous, sustainable wreath for your door and decorations for the tree and table this ChristmasThe need to move past using oasis, and which alternatives we can use insteadGet in touch: [email protected] on
08/12/202227 minutes 25 seconds
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The Pinnacle of Sweet Pea Growing with Ursula Cholmley - Episode 96

For 20% off your order at, use the code ‘PODCAST20I’ at checkout before 9th December.There’s an endearingly nostalgic aspect of growing Sweet Peas that makes them a lovely addition to a garden, and rarely are they found to be so intoxicating as they are at Easton Walled Garden in Sweet Pea Season.The myriad of varieties are among the many lovely aspects of the staggering garden, which has been developed over many years through the hard work of Garden Director Ursula Cholmley.We hear from Ursula how they’ve made their mark without enforcing a narrative on the garden, created beds full of showstopping Sweet Peas, and brought towering varieties of Roses to their meadows.In this episode, discover:The story behind Easton Walled Gardens’ lengthy heritage, and the work that it took to create the spectacle that it’s becomeWhich Sweet Pea varieties stand out in their spectac
01/12/202224 minutes 21 seconds
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Superb Self-Seeding, Low Maintenance Perennials for Beautiful Borders - Episode 95

For 20% off your order at, use the code ‘PODCAST20H’ at checkout before 2nd December.There are certainly many who wish they could have a bustling garden, but lack the time for constant upkeep and maintenance. That’s where self-seeding perennials shine…Achieving a beautiful, long-lasting border doesn’t have to take a world of effort with varieties like the gorgeous Japanese Anemones or stalwart Salvia Amethyst Lips. Hear how Arthur is looking to adorn his brother’s garden with low maintenance, glamourous and easy perennials in this week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’.In this episode, discover:Perfect plants for those looking to fill their garden with lower maintenance varietiesGorgeous grasses that make wonderful cuttings for the Christmas table, or retain their gentle prowess in a breezeOur favourite self-seeding Roses for long-performing beauty an
24/11/202216 minutes 44 seconds
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Extreme Rain: How to Protect Your Plants from Sudden Storms #BONUS

With plenty of rain forecast and the threat of storms being a blight for gardening, there are a few things you can do to firm up against the threat of extreme rain and winds.In this bonus episode of the podcast, Sarah shares a few garden-saving tips, from choosing the right flowers that thrive in moisture for the right place in your garden, using bales and hedges to break up harsh winds, and more.In this episode, discover:The brilliance of a well planted hedge or straw bale to break up extreme windsWhich delicate plants are vital to keep insideChoosing the right plant for the right place in the gardenGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:</p
22/11/20226 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Using the Spectacular Structure and Scale of Trees, Shrubs and Climbers - Episode 94

While the smaller, delicate beds can often top off a lovely garden, it’s shrubs, trees and climbers which can often add the most architectural structure and a real sense of scale.Some are great for reaching staggering heights, others for their role as a prolific perfume factory - join Sarah and Arthur as they share their pick of shrubs, trees and the climbers that can often intersperse them for a rich dash of colour.In this episode, discover:Which Crab Apple trees are fantastic for attracting the intoxicating buzz of wildlife Lovely varieties of Honeysuckle, and other scented shrubs for structure and architecture Staggering, cascading climbers for unparalleled height, like the stalwart Cobaea ScandensOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find further advice from
17/11/202219 minutes 37 seconds
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Lighting a Spark in Kids for Nature & Growing with Julia Parker - Episode 93

For those trying to encourage kids to appreciate and embrace nature, grow their own fruits and vegetables, and learn to use them in simple recipes, Julia Parker is nothing short of an absolute authority.The co-author of The Little Grower’s Handbook joins Sarah on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ to share her exciting journey, the inspirations behind many of the book’s staggering recipes, and easy tips for growing and cooking your own veg.In this episode, discover:Julia’s illustrious journey and passion for growing fruit &amp; vegHighlights from Julia’s latest book, from the inspirational use of gutter pipes to her marvellous Eton Mess Ice Cream cakeSarah &amp; Julia’s favourite peas and potatoes, with top tips for growing spuds in containersA huge variety of delicious recipes to try at home, some that can be done in just 5 minutesOrder Sarah’s book: Arthu
10/11/202234 minutes 16 seconds
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CHRISTMAS 2022 MINI-SERIES: Feasting on the Finest Food for Christmas Day

For 20% off any Christmas order, be sure to use the special offer code ‘XMAS22MINI’ before the 30th November at best part of Christmas might be the presents, but in close second is the mouth-watering prospect of an extravagant Christmas dinner.Rounding off the Christmas Mini Series of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ with a smorgasbord of festive recipes, Sarah’s joined for a hilarious food chat with two reputationally un-foodie people - husband Adam Nicolson and Arthur Parkinson.In this episode, discover:Arthur, Sarah and Adam’s elaborate and utterly delicious dream Christmas mealsCream Falls: Adam’s cholesterol-laden, indulgent recipe for a huge mince pie with double creamThe secret to a scrumptious Boeuf BourguignonA whole range of recipes to try at home, from simple, delicious Blinis to Sarah’s extravagant coffee, meringue and pomegranate cake
04/11/202211 minutes 49 seconds
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CHRISTMAS 2022 MINI-SERIES: Design Eye-Catching Christmas Tree Decorations

For 20% off any Christmas order, be sure to use the special offer code ‘XMAS22MINI’ before the 30th November at tree decoration is an annual event in which your efforts can elevate the charm of your lounge, and what better way to decorate than with nature’s finest floral offerings.Whether you prefer staggering Alliums or the standout beauty of Strawflower, learn how you can create unique decorations and make them last this Christmas.In this episode, discover:Which mixes of flowers exude class and spectacle when adorning your Christmas treeWonderful uses for mirrors, lights and branches to create dazzling decorations in any size of roomUnique ways to use height in decorations and still keep your floor space uninterruptedHow to make your natural decorations last twice as longGet in touch: info@sara
04/11/20229 minutes 55 seconds
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CHRISTMAS 2022 MINI-SERIES: The Perfect Christmas Table Decorations

For 20% off any Christmas order, be sure to use the special offer code ‘XMAS22MINI’ before the 30th November at Christmas, every single surface presents an opportunity for creativity and decoration, and the Christmas table is no exception.From the subtle, sophisticated beauty of dried Honesty to more inventive combinations of flowers and fairy lights for more flair, Sarah &amp; Arthur run through some of their most exciting table decorations.In this episode, discover:Arthur’s use of dried Honesty pods to create regal vase decorations Sarah’s idea to create a natural candle base with lovely pomegranatesCreative ideas to combine stunning Alliums with spectacular copper wire fairy lightsGet in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website:</
04/11/20228 minutes 58 seconds
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CHRISTMAS 2022 MINI-SERIES: Creating a Sustainable Christmas Wreath

For 20% off any Christmas order, be sure to use the special offer code ‘XMAS22MINI’ before the 30th November at to the ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ Christmas Mini Series, a series of episodes to inspire your festive season with ideas to bring the outdoor garden glamour into your celebrations.Sarah &amp; Arthur kick off with an episode around something which completes every home, a wreath for the door. It’s a chance for creativity and expression, even when thinking sustainably and foraging for many of your decorations.In this episode, discover:Ways to see decay as beauty and bring a brown colour palette to lifeWhich evergreen plants can accentuate a wreath with scent and spectacleSarah &amp; Arthur’s top five go-to flowers for wreaths this Christmas seasonGet in touch: [email protected] on the S
04/11/202211 minutes 15 seconds
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Creating Beautiful, Wildlife-Friendly Garden Ponds - Episode 92

Since we’ve had such a hot, drought-ridden summer, the value of a pond is greater now than ever - perhaps even more valuable for plants and wildlife than a wildflower meadow.Between the lovely beaches from which insects and mammals can safely drink, the rich colour of moisture-loving plants, and the universal charm of Water Lilies, there are so many reasons to create a lovely water feature in your garden.In this episode, discover:How valuable a pond can be to insects and mammals alikeTips for nurturing happy water lilies and how to keep algae at bayGorgeous Water Lilies like Perry’s Magnificent Pink, and water-loving plants for pond edges like Iris Black GamecockSarah &amp; Arthur’s love of Chatsworth’s delightful self-seeded Water Forget-Me-Nots and Candelabra PrimulasOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: https://bit.l
03/11/202214 minutes 58 seconds
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Wonderful Winter Highlights from Our Christmas Catalogue - Episode 91

Christmas is nearly upon us, and within our winter catalogue lies a myriad of heart-warming gifts and superlative decorations, whether given to loved ones or a present to yourself.Sitting down with the Christmas Catalogue for 2022, Sarah &amp; Arthur pick out their favourite decorations, the most exquisite lights, and a few stellar potted plants to fully embrace the Christmas spirit this year.In this episode, discover:Our illuminating offerings of light-laced garlandsDecorative ornaments inspired by Sarah’s love of Scandinavian stylePerfect potted plants to gift loved ones for Christmas growing in their homesExquisite baubles with which your tree can spring into lifeOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find furth
27/10/202220 minutes 55 seconds
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Fantastic Bulbs for Forcing Indoors with Tom Brown - Episode 90

There’s almost nothing better to battle the bleakness of winter than forcing bulbs indoors - it brings us such vigour and colour, and it’s far simpler than one might expect. Whether you’re looking to force bulbs in the home or the greenhouse, West Dean’s Head Gardener, Tom Brown, is a font of knowledge on the subject. It’s a delight to hear from him again on the podcast, this time around his exciting trials with Hyacinths &amp; Amaryllis, and some of the more exotic bulbs like the colourful, cascading Lachenalias.In this episode, discover:Advice on forcing bulbs, which varieties need a cold spell, and the need to be unnervingly sparing when wateringFantastic early Hyacinth bulbs to bring a sophisticated sense of nostalgia into the homeBumper-sized bulbs of Amaryllis which continue giving year-on-yearTom’s favourite varieties, from the rich beetroot of Hyacinth Woodstock, to the showy, bombastic Lachenalia Aloides<
20/10/202234 minutes 17 seconds
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The Keys to Crafting a Perfect Bulb Lasagne - Episode 89

While the concept of a bulb lasagne is straightforward enough - simply planting layers of bulbs in a single pot - a thoughtful composition of colours in such proximity can be truly rousing.Now is the ideal time to get planting, and if you’re looking for inspiration then this week on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ Sarah &amp; Arthur share the standout bulbs they’ll be planting in their recipes, what makes double peonies perfect for a lasagne, and tips to create your own gorgeous combinations.In this episode, discover:How to structure the layers of a bulb lasagne for cascading, bombastic beautyWhat makes double peonies not so great for pollinators, but utterly brilliant for bulb lasagnesSarah &amp; Arthur’s pick of the Tulips, Narcissi and Crocus to bring scent, structure and glamourTips on how you can design your own bulb lasagne recipes and make sure the colour combine to make an elegant ensembleOrder Sarah’s book: <a hre
13/10/202216 minutes 58 seconds
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Alan Titchmarsh’s Favourite Tulips and Must-Have Bulbs - Episode 88

You’d be hard pressed to find a name more iconic in the gardening world than the incredible Alan Titchmarsh, so it’s an honour and a privilege to host him on this week’s delightful episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’.We’re focusing this episode around Alan’s love of Tulips and their sculptural purity, divulging varieties from the naturalised to the bombastic, and touch on some other absolute must-have bulbs.In this episode, discover:Alan Titchmarsh’s pick of the Tulips, with varieties from the subtle to the spectacularHow growing Tulips in pots can bring the majesty of a growing bulb into the homeMarvellous naturalising Tulips, like Spring Green and Queen of NightStories of Alan’s amazement with the incredibly geometric Snake’s Head Fritillary and wild Snowball Follow Alan: Alan’s new book: <a href='ht
06/10/202222 minutes 48 seconds
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Discovering the Gorgeous World of Plant Dyes with Tania Compton - Episode 87

When the petals are urging to fall off the flowers that have brought your garden colour for so long, they’re perfectly poised to bring a new lease of life to fabrics as dye.Finding this new use for plants has given the act of gardening a renewed lease of life for Tania Compton - the renowned garden designer joins Sarah on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ to share the joys of dyeing fabric with plants, and how you can start your plant dye journey.In this episode, discover:Which scintillating combinations of plant and fabric combine to create stunning dyed creationsThe massive effect of heat on how a dye will turn outWhere &amp; how you can learn to create your own gorgeous dyes through courses and booksFollow Tania: Sarah’s book: <a href='https:
29/09/202230 minutes 15 seconds
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Behind the Fascinating Process of Dahlia Breeding with Adam Nicolson - Episode 86

There’s a long road before we bring our favourite Dahlias to the catalogue, and having just returned from the Netherlands it’s a lovely time to delve into how we pick the finest Dahlias we trial.Sarah’s joined once again by her husband, writer Adam Nicolson, to share the journey, characteristics we’re breeding for, and some stunning new varieties that we’re preparing for the Spring 2024 catalogue.In this episode, discover:The long, arduous journey each Dahlia variety takes before it becomes a part of our catalogueAdam’s delight at the process and the tender care on display from the breedersNew, stunning varieties that we’ve been trialling ready for release in a few years’ timeOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: <a href='https://
22/09/202218 minutes 23 seconds
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Spectacular Autumn Sowing at Heckfield Place’s Biodynamic Farm with David Rowley - Episode 85

The sheer beauty of Heckfield Place’s gorgeous luxury accommodation is matched by their dedication to the inspiring biodynamic farm, managed wonderfully by Head Market Gardener David Rowley.As we look ahead to the winter months, David shares the tastiest vegetables they’ll be sowing in the next month, which ornamentals’ growth is spurred on by autumn sowing, and the marvellous biodynamic ethos that delivers rousing flavour from their edibles.In this episode, discover:David’s discovery of biodynamics, and how it’s used at Heckfield PlaceThe delicious veg being sown right now, planning for the coming months of low lightTop edibles and ornamentals to sow in the next month, from quick and easy Rockets to pollinator-friendly FennelHow autumn sowing beautiful ornamentals like Ammi Majus can bring staggering growthHeckfield Place Ro
15/09/202219 minutes 21 seconds
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Standout Stalwarts from the Latest Trials at Perch Hill - Episode 84

Every year at Perch Hill we trial some of the most promising flower families in search of the most spectacular, scented, showstopping varieties, and in this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ we’re bringing you a sneak peek.Hear from Sarah &amp; Arthur about some of the best performers and most dazzling prospects, from the prolific Rudbeckias in the Enchanted series to the gorgeously aromatic Sweet Pea Amelia Fox.In this episode, discover:Which of the flowers being trialled now are captivating Sarah &amp; Arthur mostThe new modular rubber seed tray which is ideal for handling young plantsRecent trial standouts, like the staggeringly productive Rudbeckia Enchanted Night to the colour-rich, sweet-scented Sweet Pea WindsorSarah &amp; Arthur’s pick of the mints, and top tips on repotting them for maximum flavourOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: <a href=
08/09/202224 minutes 6 seconds
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Harness the Versatile Magic of Tomatoes with Claire Thomson - Episode 83

Tomatoes have proven to be one of the most versatile edibles you can grow, and very few people have such unbridled passion for them as Claire Thomson and Sarah Raven.Claire’s latest book - aptly named ‘Tomato’ - contains a staggering number of recipes, and the best-selling author joins Sarah to discuss her favourite, delicious tomato-based dishes, innovative ways in which to cook them, and standout varieties.In this episode, discover:Claire’s journey of culinary discovery, learning the versatility of tomatoesFantastic uses for tomatoes in butter chicken, burnt tomato salsa, and so many moreTop tomato varieties, whether tinned or fresh, and how the tomato’s shape &amp; size can influence your cuisineIncredible, flavour-rich recipes like Claire’s mouth-watering roasted tomato falafelFollow Claire:
01/09/202220 minutes 6 seconds
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The Colourful Flourish of a Wonderful Wildflower Meadow - Episode 82

Wildflowers can be made to absolutely flourish with low maintenance for an overwhelming wow-factor, and a meadow can become a wonderful source of nectar for our pollinators.The early Autumn months open the perfect window to sow a wildflower meadow, which can have a spot in your garden teeming with wildlife. This week on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ discover the perfect floral combinations to breathe life into a wildflower meadow.In this episode, discover:Fantastic perennial additions to a wildflower meadow, from dense, colourful Yarrow to the aromatic, long-flowering MarjoramThe vital role of Yellow Rattle in promoting prolific wildflower growthKey differences between annual and perennial meadows, and which is ideal for youOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and fin
25/08/202216 minutes 54 seconds
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Dazzling New Allium Varieties - Episode 81

Alliums possess a bombastic silhouette that’s nothing short of iconic, and make a perfect addition to borders. While we’ve covered Alliums before on the podcast, there are a number of brand new varieties to rekindle your passion for them.In this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, Sarah &amp; Arthur shine a spotlight on the recent newcomers to the family, from the shuttlecock-like ‘Magic’ to the towering, 7ft figure of ‘Summer Drummer’.In this episode, discover:The most exciting new Alliums, reminiscent of old favourites with uniquely dazzling qualitiesClassic varieties like Purple Sensation &amp; Schubertii, which remain among Sarah &amp; Arthur’s top picksA tip that Sarah picked up from Clarissa Dickson Wright on chopping onionsGrowing leek as a handsome flower, rather than purely as an edible plantPlanning ahead to Christmas, and preparing to adorn your tree with AlliumsOrder Sarah’s book: <a href='https://
18/08/202219 minutes 26 seconds
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Extreme Heat: How to Keep Your Garden Thriving in Hot Weather #BONUS

Heatwaves are an ever growing phenomenon, and not a welcome one for those of us trying to keep our gardens teeming with life and colours beyond the browns of dehydrated grassland.In a timely bonus episode, Sarah’s bringing us five actions we can all take to help our plants beat the heat, from reusing water in the face of potential hosepipe bans, to releasing water slower with the help of solutions like Hortiwool.In this episode, discover:Where we can reuse water in case of hosepipe bansHow to water your pots efficiently with barrows and tubtrugsHortiwool’s environmentally friendly insulation for slow-release wateringTop performing varieties of drought tolerant plantsOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: <a href='https://w
15/08/20226 minutes 51 seconds
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The Best of Autumn 2022 - Episode 80

Summer months are waning, and the prospect of darker evenings should encourage us all to bring light, colour and beauty into our gardens throughout the autumn season.That brings a perfect opportunity to dive into the autumn catalogue, and highlight the new varieties and beloved favourites which promise to enrich your space, whether bathing it in strong hues with some of the new Tulips, or filling it with fragrance from incredible Wallflowers.In this episode, discover:The huge array of standout Tulips, from productive perennial varieties to colourful collections perfect for potted plantingStaggering wallflowers with luscious fragrance, and how to make them last as a cut flowerWhich winter salads and edibles are hardy enough to give you so much through the cold months to comeA selection of delightful homeware, from the beautiful Ornate Candelabra, to the Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder to keep the garden buzzing with wildlife<p
11/08/202240 minutes 23 seconds
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Simple Scatter Plants for Pots - Episode 79

Low maintenance, cheap and easy potted plants are a wonderful entry point for even the most inexperienced gardeners, and there are plenty of options for a rapid burst of colour.Whether it’s the Hollyhocks that thrive in the meanest ground, or Californian Poppies which are among the quickest to grow into their extravagant form, you’re bound to find a new favourite potted flower in this week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’.In this episode, discover:The easiest seeds and seedlings to plant for filling a pot with vibrance and fragranceWhich of the Poppies and Linarias excel for quickly going from seed to flowerHow Hollyhocks thrive in meaner soil, while Foxgloves &amp; Honesty adore being scatteredOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find further advice from S
04/08/202216 minutes 34 seconds
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Growing Herbs for Scrumptious Seafood Recipes with Mitch Tonks - Episode 78

There is an understated power in herbs to elevate a plain seafood dish into a truly extraordinary experience, and using as many herbs in his dishes for exactly this reason is the renowned restaurateur and writer, Mitch Tonks.Between Fish Works and Rockfish he’s demonstrated his expertise in the finest seafood, and shares an abundance of recipes for you to try with your home grown herbs. We also dive into some top tips for growing your own herbs, and tricks to excel in cooking your fish dishes.In this episode, discover:Mitch’s rich history with fishing, superlative seafood and herbsTips on avoiding common cooking pitfalls, like fish being overcooked or sticking to a panWhy harder herbs like Savoury or Thyme are perfectly suited for grilled fish, while softer herbs best complement a delicious dressingA plethora of Mitch’s extraordinary recipes, from hugely flavoursome Sea Bass with Salsa Primavera, to simpler recipes that anyone can
28/07/202224 minutes 25 seconds
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Flowers for Entertaining in the Garden - Episode 77

It’s the season for entertaining with dinner parties and garden gatherings, and there are so many ways that flowers can punctuate your occasion with immeasurable glamour.Whether you’re creating decorations for the centrepiece of a table, or using petals as a wonderful, frugal alternative to confetti, Sarah &amp; Arthur have some essential tips for impressing your guests this summer, plus a delicious salad recipe.In this episode, discover:The grid system of branches that can replace oasis or floral foam in your table arrangementsWhich roses are ideal for providing long-lasting petals to use as an exciting alternative to confettiEye-catching lights to bring a delicate evening glow to your gardenVarieties of flowers perfect for cut flower arrangements or living pots as a table’s centrepieceSarah’s truly delicious recipe for a warm salad rich in flavour, a perfect companion for the summer evenings aheadOrder Sara
21/07/202222 minutes 56 seconds
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A New, Empathetic Approach to Nutrition with Amelia Freer - Episode 76

Growing your own veg brings a refreshing seasonality to dishes that forms part of Amelia Freer’s passionate dedication to making better nutrition easier for everyone.A brilliant Nutritionist, Author and even formerly a PA to Prince Charles, Amelia brings her uplifting, empathetic approach around changing our food habits to this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’.In this episode, discover:A new, empathetic system for adapting food habits, and how you can tailor it for yourselfThe difference between head hunger, mouth hunger &amp; stomach hungerSome of Amelia’s favourite tray bakes and one pot dishesEmbracing the approach of cooking ahead of time, a fantastic opportunity for people short on free timeThe delightful element of seasonality in your food that comes from growing your own ediblesFollow Amelia:<a href='
14/07/202232 minutes 46 seconds
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Rare Breeds at Europe’s Largest City Farm and Encouraging Wildflower Growth with Mudchute Farm Manager, Tom Davis - Episode 75

Many of us gain so much of our knowledge of farming, livestock and produce from all-important city farms, much like the wonderful Mudchute Farm in London, run diligently by fantastic Farm Manager Tom Davis.Tom has led Mudchute to achieving the Rare Breeds Survival Trust approval, teaches 20-25k kids each and every year, and notably takes sheep to graze on the royal parks. We’ll be hearing about keeping rare breed livestock, how natural grazing leads to beautiful wildflower growth, and more.In this episode, discover:How you can support the local British farming community and help the return of quality, seasonal produceMudchute Farm’s educational services to over twenty thousand children and their familiesEncouraging biodiversity throughout their vast 32 acre farmTom’s hard work to achieve approval from the Rare Breeds Survival TrustMudchute Farm
07/07/202231 minutes 24 seconds
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Order Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website: Follow Sarah: Arthur:
30/06/202253 minutes 58 seconds
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The Power of Biennials with Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson - Episode 74

It’s the time of year to sow biennials, and while they flower in their second year, the artisanal avalanche of colour that they bring is well worth the wait. Many of the gorgeous biennials that earn a place as Sarah &amp; Arthur’s favourites will self-sow too, so join us on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ to venture through these beautiful biennials, from the subtle, fragrant Pillowtalk to more eye catching Tulips like Amazing Parrot.In this episode, discover:Varieties of biennial flowers for floods of colour and fragranceAdvice on best using liquid seaweed feed, particularly for hungrier plantsHow sowing biennials from seed gives you a staggering impact compared to planting from seedlingsWhich flowers are happiest on poor soil, perfect for new builds or areas with pavingOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book:
30/06/202224 minutes 29 seconds
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Protecting Pollinators & Caring for our Bees with Ian & Clare Nichols, Epping Good Honey - Episode 73

We’re all becoming well aware of the huge impact that bees and other lovely pollinators have on our planet, which is wonderful news for local beekeepers &amp; artisan honey producers like Epping Good Honey.Ian &amp; Clare Nichols’ passion for all bee species spills out into all they do, and they join Arthur to share how small changes like growing herbs or providing water for bees gives a great lease of life to our ecosystem.In this episode, discover:Why, and how, beehive numbers fluctuate with seasonsThe importance of buying from &amp; supporting local producersHow we can all help fill the ‘June Gap’ a critical month for supporting beesThe National Bee Unit’s fantastic work tracking information for beekeepersHerbs and flowers that are fantastic for the bee populationPhoto Credit: Joe Woodhouse Epping Good Honey<br/
23/06/202230 minutes 55 seconds
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Conditioning Cut Flowers for Extraordinary Vase Life - Episode 72

The season of summer parties and sunset gatherings has arrived, and cut flowers make a marvellous centrepiece to any room, so it’s a lovely time to consider how to make them last in a vase.Conditioning your cut flowers needn’t be taxing, as Sarah &amp; Arthur bring their best tips for making your table arrangements last, from searing stem ends to swaddling and creating a sugar syrup perfect for long-lasting flowers.In this episode, discover:How searing stem ends revitalises floppy flowersThe sugar syrup that, when added to water, becomes a plant superfoodSterilisation of lilies, and the longer flowering that removing the anthers will bringOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: <a href='
16/06/202230 minutes 16 seconds
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The Regal Beauty of Waterlilies with Linda Smith - Episode 71

In the British Isles we’ve lost 90% of our wetlands in the past 100 years, but designing your garden with pond space opens up the opportunity to bring the regal beauty of Waterlilies into your garden.Waterside Nursery exhibits their extraordinary displays at Chelsea Flower Show, and you’ll struggle to find a greater advocate for the Water Lily than Linda Smith. Arthur chats to Linda this week on the various sizes of Water Lily, how to design your pond to bring them to life, and ways to encourage wildlife to enjoy your garden.In this episode, discover:The inspiration behind the start of Linda’s Water Lily nurseryLinda’s marvellous exhibitions at Chelsea Flower ShowStandout varieties from each size category of WaterliliesDesign advice for tailoring your pond to plants and wildlife alikeOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: <a href='
09/06/202238 minutes 38 seconds
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Potted Dahlias for Instant Beauty - Episode 70

Fantastic for bees, great over a salad and wonderful as confetti, it’s no wonder Dahlias are some of our favourite plants around.While it might be too late for planting Dahlia tubers, the instant beauty of potted varieties is essential if you’re looking to bring a rich palette of colour into your garden.Tune in to ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ for a look at the ready-potted Dahlias perfect for floral flair right through to the late autumn months.In this episode, discover:Which varieties of Dahlia will best suit your pots, large or smallHow to maintain your Dahlias, whether you’re taking cuttings or simply deadheadingWhy we should consider earwigs to be our friends, and their effects on aphidsA scintillating recipe for a summer salad, topped with Dahlia petalsOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book:
02/06/202218 minutes 58 seconds
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Showstopping Dahlias & Transforming Your Tulips with Willow Crossley - Episode 69

Willow Crossley began her habit of pleasing the eyes with a start in fashion, but it’s her show stopping work with flowers that’s encouraging us all to embrace the enrichment that flowers can bring.It’s a delight to host Willow on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, where we discuss a charming trick to breathe life into even supermarket Tulips, her favourite Dahlias &amp; Tulips, and how Willow’s Instagram videos are encouraging us all to embrace flower arranging.In this episode, discover:The subtle art of reflexing tulips to make huge showstopping headliners out of your saucersHow Willow’s welcoming Instagram videos encourage us all to embrace flower arrangingA selection of the most eclectic Dahlias and Tulips, from the exotic and rich China Town to the deep, glamourous Black ParrotFollow Willow:
26/05/202224 minutes 37 seconds
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Celebrating World Bee Day - Episode 68

Today marks the all-important World Bee Day, a chance to acknowledge their role in so much of our essential daily lives, and time to consider how we can help them thrive.We’re celebrating World Bee Day this year on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ by bringing some top tips on creating a natural haven for these fuzzy friends, which flowers are best for visual flair and feeding bees, plus some fantastic actions we can take before we even consider our own gardens.In this episode, discover:Our extraordinary reliance on the wonderful bee population for everyday essentialsHow we can tend more considerately to our own garden, and encourage the same from councilsThe top plants for providing bees their necessary nutrientsWhy we should do away with the leaf blower and provide more mess to protect beesOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: <a href='
19/05/202229 minutes 56 seconds
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Cosmos, Zinnias & Extravagant Half Hardy Annuals - Episode 67

Even with the welcome summer months so close round the corner, it’s not too late to sow or plant seeds that’ll bring swathes of bees and provide you a delightfully productive cut flower.Of the half hardy annuals, Cosmos &amp; Zinnias are among Sarah &amp; Arthur’s favourites, so on this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ we lust over the richness of Cosmos Rubenza, the bold Zinnia ‘Queeny Lime’ series, and how to make the most of them right through till November.In this episode, discover:Varieties of Cosmos both compact and grand in scale, from the rich Rubenza to the classic PurityThe long vase life and prolific cut flowers of the Zinnia Aztec series, among Arthur’s picks for this yearHow &amp; when to pinch out Cosmos for a healthier, more full-framed flowerMore eye-catching half hardy annuals set to see you through till the early winter monthsOrder Sarah’s book:
12/05/202217 minutes 5 seconds
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Delicious Annual Vegetables & Edible Flowers - Episode 66

Summer and Autumn are getting longer, which brings us more time to fill our gardens with wonderful edibles and their delightful accompanying scents.From the reliably sweet Sungold Tomato to a favourite of Arthur’s, Lemon Verbena, you’re bound to discover an edible variety in episode 66 of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ that’ll put the delicious finishing touches on one of Sarah’s many recipes this week.In this episode, discover:Delicious varieties of edibles, from mint and courgettes to the great multi-purpose NasturtiumTips on how to grow the most sweet scented tomatoes for maximum flavourSeveral of Sarah’s favourite, mouth-watering recipes Arthur’s incredibly nifty trick for revitalising mint in your potsOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find further
05/05/202226 minutes 54 seconds
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Sustainability at the Heart of Rookery Farm with David Robinson #BONUS

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Rookery Farm Nursery, and the indomitable David Robinson has been a major piece of the puzzle for over a decade.The land has been in David’s family for over 100 years, so it’s a delight to delve into that rich history on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, where we learn how the nursery began, and some of the sustainable practices that might inspire you to become more environmentally friendly in your gardening too.In this episode, discover:The fascinating, illustrious history of David’s family at Rookery Farm NurseryHow Sarah &amp; David began their 14 years of working togetherOur approach to sustainability at Rookery Farm, from reusing water and greenhouses to being peat &amp; chemical-freeDavid Robinson: Sarah’s book: <a href=''
05/05/202221 minutes 55 seconds
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Annual Seedlings at our Lincolnshire Nursery - Episode 65

This week we’re delighted to bring you a special episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ on location at our spectacular nursery in Lincolnshire! It’s Arthur’s first time here, and what a perfect time to chat about seedlings, the care they need to reach their growing potential, how we tend to mother stock, and the most exciting varieties that Sarah’s looking forward to bringing into a future catalogue.In this episode, discover:The love, care and work that the nursery puts into every seedlingSome of Sarah’s most inspiring finds at the nursery, from the fragrant Heliotropium Reva to the striking Calceolaria Kentish HeroSarah’s history with the nursery at Rookery FarmOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: <a href='https://www.sarahraven.
28/04/202216 minutes 19 seconds
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Reflecting Natural Beauty in Pottery with Emma Bridgewater - Episode 64

The Great Pottery Throw Down has brought a lovely dose of attention to the art of pottery and the city of Stoke, and making the most of that with her dazzling designs is an old friend of Sarah’s - Emma Bridgewater.Emma’s story and passion for channelling the gorgeous beauty of our gardens into her work is part of what makes her range so charming, and you’re bound to feel inspired to get creative hearing about her enthusiasm on this week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’.In this episode, discover:How nature and gardening have inspired Emma’s creative endeavours throughout her lifeThe extraordinary story behind the blossoming growth of her pottery businessInspiring flowers and lovely wildlife that make Emma’s designs so uplifting at this time of yearEmma’s B-Corp journey, and how it shows our growing appreciation for sustainability &amp; the natural worldFollow Emma: <a href='
21/04/202222 minutes 8 seconds
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Falastin: A Delightful Exploration of Palestinian Cuisine with Sami Tamimi & Tara Wigley - Episode 63

One of the most vivid ways to uncover the culture and history of a place is through a cookbook, which is part of the charm behind Falastin - Sami Tamimi &amp; Tara Wigley’s lovely book of Palestinian cuisine.Sami &amp; Tara join us on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ to share the story behind their desire to focus on Palestinian recipes, tell tales from their travels through the area where affection is shown through food, and offer up just a few of the simple, mouth-watering recipes from the book.In this episode, discover:A myriad of delicious, easy to make recipes from Sami &amp; Tara’s exploration of Palestinian cuisine The spark of inspiration behind the duo’s book, FalastinRemarkable stories from their visit to Aida Youth Centre, where they found joy in foodThe importance of quality olive oil, and where to acquire amazing, thick Palestinian olive oil here in the UKPhoto by Jenny Zarins.Tara Wigley: <a href='ht
14/04/202230 minutes 34 seconds
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The Wonderful Experience of Re-Homing Commercial Hens with Jane Howorth MBE - Episode 62

We’ve covered the joys of looking after feathered friends on the podcast before, but what’s lovely about this week’s guest is that she’s shined a light on adopting ex-commercial hens as our coop-companions.Founding the British Hen Welfare Trust in 2005, Jane Howorth has earned an MBE of her services to hens, and joins us to share the inspiring initiatives the trust has created, why former battery hens are a lovely pet to adopt, and how to keep them healthy &amp; happy.In this episode, discover:What battery farms once looked like, and the slight improvements made to conditions in recent yearsHow Jane opened doors to create rehoming sites for end-of-lay hensTips for keeping battery hens happy and healthy, from proper feeding to security and proper handlingBalancing space for hens with a garden otherwise devoted to gorgeous flowersJane Howorth MBE:<a href='
07/04/202229 minutes 56 seconds
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Designing Creative Cut Flower Arrangements with Milli Proust - Episode 61

Milli Proust&apos;s gorgeous cut flower arrangements are testament to her artistic eye and passion for sustainable growing, something you can see more of in her marvellous upcoming book, ‘From Seed To Bloom’. Bestowed with hands-on creativity and the inspirational stoicism of her grandmother, she now shares her delightful flowers with the world. It’s a pleasure for Arthur to chat to Milli on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ this week about how she manages so much with her limited space, her love for the magic of a homegrown rose, and how you can learn the gardening methods that work for you.In this episode, discover:The magic of a Rose grown with the touch of weather and handmade love &amp; careHow careful planning and healthy biodiversity helps Milli to make the most of her limited spaceDutch still life-inspired styles of flower arrangementWhich bushes and shrubs can enhance a space for the flowers you growVarieties o
31/03/202226 minutes 35 seconds
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Superb Standouts from Our Summer & Late-Summer Catalogue - Episode 60

As the clocks leap forward, so too does our focus for the year’s flowers. It’s a wonderful time now to think about your summer garden, whether you’re looking for scent from cut flowers or the most exhilarating colour in your flower bed.On ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ this week, Sarah &amp; Arthur pick out their favourite flowers from our summer and late-summer catalogue, from the exciting, brand new Dahlia Abigail, to delicious African Blue Basil.In this episode, discover:Our highlights from an exciting seasonal range of flowersWhy strawflowers are becoming a fashionable and rewarding flower for cuttingThe joys of our bold, brand new Dahlia Abigail, a hit with bees &amp; butterfliesWhich varieties of Pelargonium offer the most vivid, delightful scents Tips on keeping African Blue Basil lively as an edible arrangementOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur
24/03/202233 minutes 37 seconds
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MINI-SERIES: Beginner’s Guide to Pots

As we bring this beginner gardening miniseries to a close, it’d be remiss of us not to cover containers, for the more urban gardeners looking to jazz up a windowsill or tabletop with a marvellous centrepiece.From piecing together a stage-like display with tiers to sizing up the largest pot your windowsill will take, Sarah &amp; Arthur share the most vivacious plants for those of us looking to make a small space look and smell it’s very best.In this episode, discover:Which high-performing plants bring the sense of grandeur to smaller, container settingsHow to structure pots to create a stage-like setupSarah’s tips for picking a ‘thriller, filler, pillar &amp; spiller’ in a dazzling tabletop potOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah:
23/03/202219 minutes 27 seconds
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MINI-SERIES: Beginner’s Guide to Colour

Colour is an element of gardening that has captured both Sarah and Arthur’s eyes since their youngest years, and can be far more invigorating than structure or arrangement alone.In this episode of our miniseries, we take a look at the main colour palettes from which to paint your garden space with colour cohesion, whether you prefer sleek but muted collections, or bold, dazzling ensembles.In this episode, discover:Sarah’s ‘Bride, Bridesmaid &amp; Gatecrasher’ method for creating beautiful and vivid bunches of flowers4 main colour palettes, and the strongest, most dazzling flowers within each of themHow you can draw inspiration from nature, wildlife and a wealth of colour books when creating your own colourful ensembleOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find fu
23/03/202221 minutes 54 seconds
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MINI-SERIES: Beginner’s Guide to Essential Tools and Plants When Starting Out

It can be daunting considering which flowers you might want adorning your space, but understanding your space and letting your imagination run wild will help turn the garden into the dreamlike haven it can become.On episode 3 of our Beginner’s Guide miniseries, Sarah &amp; Arthur take a look at how you can become better acquainted with your space, what you might love to make of it, and most importantly the tasks &amp; tools that’ll help turn your concept into a dazzling reality.In this episode, discover:The inspirations you might take when designing your gardenGetting to know which types of flower are ideal for youEssential tools for a smooth gardening experienceOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: <a href='https://www.sarahraven
23/03/202218 minutes 57 seconds
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MINI-SERIES: Beginner’s Guide to Sowing Techniques

To create the beautiful settings we’re delighted to share from our own garden at Perch Hill takes vigorous annual sowing, so episode 2 of our miniseries focuses on bringing your seeds to life.It’s time to get started on sowing; which seeds are ideal for the garden or a windowsill pot, how to treat them like gold dust as you plant them, top sowing techniques, and the perfect seeds to start out with.In this episode, discover:Growing seeds from scratch in a garden or on a windowsillHow to keep seeds fresh &amp; treat them like gold dustSarah’s 4 T’s for super sowingWhich seeds are perfect for beginners for minimum difficulty and maximum beautyOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: <a href='
23/03/202231 minutes 55 seconds
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MINI-SERIES: Beginner’s Guide to Gardening Terms & Plant Types

Much of the terminology used in gardening can be somewhat intimidating, so before we dive into the flowers we thought it’d be essential to start with the common phrases you’ll need to know to understand the wonderful world of gardening.This episode of the ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ Beginner’s Guide to Gardening will have you comfortable telling your annuals and your perennials apart, and we run through what Sarah &amp; Arthur do in each month of the year for the most productive, beautiful garden.In this episode, discover:Different types of flowers, and the basic techniques for propagating themThe benefits of organic gardening over chemical-based methodsWhy it’s worth learning some of your favourite plants’ Latin namesThe top tasks to focus on in each month of the yearOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book:
23/03/202224 minutes 38 seconds
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MINI-SERIES: Introduction to The Beginner’s Guide to Gardening

Welcome to your Beginner’s Guide to Gardening - a mini series created to help demystify the sometimes-complicated world of creating your own magnificent arrangements in gardens and pots.Join hosts Sarah Raven &amp; Arthur Parkinson in this introductory episode to find out what you&apos;ll learn across the next 5 easy-listening episodes of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, from what to sow &amp; how to do it, to pot planting &amp; growing your own delicious vegetables.Order Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: in touch: [email protected] on the Sarah Raven Website:
23/03/20226 minutes 49 seconds
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Picking Drought Tolerant Plants - Episode 59

Whether it’s concern for climate or the convenience of lower maintenance, drought tolerant plants are a way to create a thriving, colourful garden in heat without the constant need for watering.This week on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ Sarah &amp; Arthur share the perfect drought tolerant plants for containers, how best to tend to them, and offer a recipe for a refreshing rhubarb cordial. In this episode, discover:Which herbs and cut flowers are ideal for withstanding intense heat and longer spells without wateringHow to water drought resistant plants to get the most water into the rootsScented Pelargoniums’ ability to repel aphids, and Tomentosum’s affinity for dappled shadeSarah’s wonderful recipe for rhubarb cordial, a beloved favourite at Perch HillOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book:<
17/03/202218 minutes 57 seconds
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The Wonderful World of Roses with Perch Hill’s Head Gardener, Josie Lewis - Episode 58

Josie Lewis is a thread of continuum at Perch Hill, frequently referenced on the podcast, so it’s high time that she finally joins Sarah on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ to share her love of Roses.Whether you’re looking for a variety with a particular colour to combine with the beauty of your existing garden, or you’re more pressed by scent and structure, we hear which are the absolute best Roses to grow, and how best to tend to them for healthy, reliable growth.In this episode, discover:Which varieties of Roses are the standout performers for each colour groupThe best ramblers, bloomers and climbers, from the huge, creamy white Wedding Day to the beautiful copper-brown Hot ChocolateHow to make your roses last in water for maximum vase lifeOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: Josie: <a hr
10/03/202231 minutes 56 seconds
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The Beauty and Glamour of Lilies - Episode 57

It’s for very good reason that Lilies sell out so quickly at garden centres - they’re such versatile, reliable and exotic perennials for bombastic shape, colour and scent.From the towering Tiger Lily’s warm brilliance to Muscadet’s staggeringly broad saucers and powerful scent, we hear from Sarah &amp; Arthur how to pick out the most vivacious varieties, protect them from lily beetle, and use them as gorgeous cut flowers.In this episode, discover:How to protect your lilies from lily beetle without the use of nasty insecticidesThe most spectacular varieties of lily, from the white saucers of Muscadet to the soft scented Speciosum RubrumEssential care for lilies, from keeping them from going damp to staking them for strong, reliable growthThe best way to safely take lilies as cut flowers in a way that still lets them perennialiseOrder Sarah’s book: Ar
03/03/202221 minutes 33 seconds
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Capturing the Beauty of the Cutting Garden with Becky Crowley - Episode 56

Nobody captures the essence of a season’s most gorgeous cut flowers with the same poise and prowess as Becky Crowley, whose work on the cut flower garden at Chatsworth balances productivity with beauty effortlessly.Becky joins Sarah on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ to talk us through her seasonal approach to cut flower photography, which plants and shrubs assemble to craft a beautiful, layered garden, and how to keep rabbits away from your growing flowers.In this episode, discover:Becky’s magnificent work in evolving the cutting garden at ChatsworthHow to balance a garden between aesthetic beauty and cut flower productivity Mastering the art of flat-lay photography to capture the essence of a season’s flowersHow to create sturdy fencing that keeps rabbits away from flower bedsBecky Crowley:<a href='
24/02/202230 minutes 48 seconds
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Our Favourites from the Seed Catalogue - Episode 55

As winter drifts further into our rear view mirrors, it’s a perfect time to take a look at which of our wonderful range of seeds are superlative additions to your garden throughout the coming months.Whether it’s the reliable scent and beauty of Dianthus &apos;Benigna White Striped&apos; and the beautifully bicolour Sweet Pea ‘Matucana’, or perhaps a colourful splash from the perfect tomato companion, Tagetes Linnaeus, this week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ will undoubtedly spark ideas on which seeds you’ll want to grow this year.In this episode, discover:Varieties for splendour, scent, and a season full of magnificent colourWhich of our seeds are perfect for planting in the coming monthsThe combinations of sweet peas to pick for gusto, or more traditional varieties for smell over colourSarah’s delightfully quick recipe for a Pork &amp; Rosemary PastaOrder Sarah’s book: https
17/02/202222 minutes
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The Artisanal Beauty of Seasonal Foliage with Tattie Rose - Episode 54

Tattie Rose and her team are botanical set designers with an eye for splendour, crafting uniquely magical compositions for events with a penchant for arbourial excellence.Joining Arthur on the podcast this week to share the inspirations behind her design ethos, Tattie walks through how she chooses &amp; reuses vintage adornments, and why she loves to lean into woodland foliage for her showstopping creations.In this episode, discover:The sources of inspiration for Tattie’s imaginative, naturalistic floral designsHow she builds relationships with people from whom they buy their foliageFabulous ways to bring the best seasonal foliage into an indoor space, without using oasisUsing &amp; reusing set design elements to create the ideal sense of scaleView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: Sarah’s book
10/02/202223 minutes 40 seconds
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The Best Picks from Our Spring Catalogue with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 53

The year is well underway, and with it comes the delightful prospect of spring’s imminent arrival. Longer, warmer, brighter days bring a perfect opportunity to populate your space with some of our favourite, outstanding floral highlights from the Spring Range.Sarah &amp; Arthur sit down together with their brand new catalogue and let their imagination run wild with their top picks. Learn how you can combine collections of decadent Dahlias to bathe your garden in colour, bring vibrance to your cooking with delicious tomato varieties, and hear Sarah’s warming, flavoursome  recipe for Squid, Chorizo &amp; Potato Stew.   In this episode, discover:Our top picks of vibrant and rich Dahlias, with perfectly composed collections and showstopping singlesThe gorgeous aroma of Lilies, particularly Lilium Regale, which can be perfectly paired alongside tomatoesA new discovery for us, the bold and boastful terracotta shades of Bidens ‘Hot &amp; Spicy’</
03/02/202218 minutes 36 seconds
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Sharing the Joy of Hen Keeping with Feather & Egg’s Sabina Richardson - Episode 52

When most people think of hens, the image of a typical brown egg-layer springs immediately to mind without any consideration for the bold blues, lavenders, partridge colours and intricate lacing found in rarer breeds.Feather &amp; Egg’s Sabina Richardson is a fellow poultry fancier with a commitment to sharing the joy and wonder of pure and rare hen breeds. Sabina joins Arthur this week as we explore the friendliest, rarest and most gorgeous hens to keep, as well as some invaluable advice on keeping them clean and safe from vermin.In this episode, discover:How hen keeping grew from Sabina’s personal hobby into a shared passionAdvice on protecting your hens from rats and foxesWhich breeds are ideal for families and young childrenHow to design your hen runs to stay clean Ways to prepare for the potential impacts of bird fluWhy we should all play our part in preserving pure breedsView all products menti
27/01/202231 minutes 41 seconds
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The Complete Guide to Sowing Systems with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 51

As we settle into 2022 and begin to plan for the year’s most delightful flowers, it’s the perfect time to share how to grow from seeds, a process that’s incredibly rewarding and yields beautiful pots full of healthy plants.To create a complete cutting garden you’ll need to sow some seeds yourself. This episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ is the A-Z of all we know about sowing systems; you’ll learn which varieties thrive on root disturbance, when to use root trainers, growing in gutters, using heated propagators, and the 5 T’s of direct sowing.In this episode, discover:Which sowing systems we’ve found the best success withHow to sow carefully, treating your seed like gold dustThe varieties that either love or lament having root disturbanceTypes of peat-free compost that have underperformed for us, and the new mix we’re trialling at Perch HillView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: <a href='htt
20/01/202225 minutes 56 seconds
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Spring Snowdrops with Graham Gough, Marchants Hardy Plants Nursery - Episode 50

As we get 2022 well underway, we’ll see a showering of Snowdrops begin to brighten the garden with their brave, early bloom. Not only do they provide a gorgeous lift to grass, but their scent is so delightfully sweet.You’d be hard pressed to find a greater advocate for the Galanthus than Graham Gough, an old horticultural friend of Sarah’s who joins her on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ to share his love of Snowdrops in an episode laden with helpful tips and hilarious anecdotes in equal measure!In this episode, discover:The foundation for Graham’s fondness of SnowdropsWhich varieties of Galanthus offer the sweetest, strongest scentHow to tend to your Galanthus bulbs, and keep Narcissus Fly from preying on themWhy you should embrace the joys of picking these pleasant harbingers of springView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: https://bit.
13/01/202232 minutes 53 seconds
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Spectacular Sweet Peas with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 49

We often discuss desert island flowers on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, and the focus of this week’s episode should hold a spot in everyone’s list - Sweet Peas. The anthemic ensemble of colours within this family of flowers is huge, from rich, saturated blues and purples, to pastel shades and luscious bi-colours.Sweet Peas are the epitome of cut-and-come-again, which means you’ll be graced with their delightful sights and scents for as long as you care for these hungry plants. Join Sarah &amp; Arthur this week as we learn the most eye-catching varieties, and the best sowing systems for prolific, long-lasting Sweet Peas.In this episode, discover:The most gorgeous varieties of Sweet Peas for creating an beautiful garden bed or artisanal table arrangementWhat &amp; how to feed these hungry flowers to prevent the risk of mildewPairings of Sweet Peas to combine the finest, flourishing flowers with the most soothing, delightful scentsHow
06/01/202225 minutes 45 seconds
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Protecting our insect population with Author & Professor, Dave Goulson - Episode 48

We’re seldom shown or taught the wonders of wildlife that’s smaller than a fingernail, yet there’s a vast and vibrant insect ecosystem that’s in need of our protection from the effects of environmental issues.There are few authors who share the same degree of passion for the insect world as Dave Goulson. A Professor of Biology at Sussex University &amp; author of the Sunday Times Bestselling book ‘Silent Earth’, Dave joins Sarah &amp; Arthur this week to share his most fascinating discoveries, and how the beautiful flowers we grow can serve a purpose far greater than that of personal enjoyment; they just might save our planet too...In this episode, discover:Dave’s charming story behind the discovery of bumblebees’s ‘smelly feet’Misconceptions around the role that insects play in our ecosystemHow you can replace harmful insecticides with far more effective aphid-deterrents, earwigsThe role that schools can play in bringing more awa
30/12/202137 minutes 46 seconds
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Picking & Conditioning Cut Flowers with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 47

The cosiness of Christmas can be gloriously accentuated by a beautiful cut flower arrangement, and with this episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ releasing on Christmas Eve it’s the perfect time to share how to make these flowers last as long as possible.Right from the picking, through to conditioning and arranging your flowers, Sarah &amp; Arthur’s tips will help you to make the most of your cutting garden throughout the whole year. From searing to sterilising, in some cases these tips will help you to see double the vase life from your colourful collections of cuttings.In this episode, discover:The life you can bring back to your flowers by submerging them in waterWhich flowers need bamboo staking to keep them standing proud in a vaseHow long to sear flowers based on their stemsA recipe for sugar syrup to extend the transient splash of colour from Sweet PeasThe most effective way to elongate cut flowers’ lifespan, avoi
23/12/202124 minutes 38 seconds
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Sustainable Floristry for Christmas with Floral Designer, Shane Connolly - Episode 46

Shane Connolly’s vision for timeless arrangements and his dedicated, tight-knit team are a combination that bring an artisanal class to any event they’re involved in - most publicised of which being the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge&apos;s magnificent wedding celebration in 2011.He’s also a firm advocate for sustainable floristry; for those of us looking to shift away from floral foam, this week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ is unmissable. Shane joins Arthur to share the ethos that helps him collaborate on his clients’ marvellous displays, and how you can spark a similarly bold degree of inspiration in your own spaces.In this episode, discover:Shane’s adoration for the work of Constance SpryThe design ethos behind Shane’s team’s most eye-catching displaysGreat, sustainable alternatives to the environmentally harmful floral foamHow you can view flowers in a new, creative lightView all products mentioned and f
16/12/202133 minutes 41 seconds
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Designing Sustainable Spaces with Landscape Designer Dan Pearson - Episode 45

The joys of gardening extend far beyond the three dimensions, with evolution over time being an aspect that inspires Dan Pearson to create magnificent spaces and document them so eloquently.A prolific and multi-talented horticultural icon, Dan joins Sarah on this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ to discuss his exciting upcoming series which promises to offer a fresh and exciting approach to learning garden design, the principles behind his marvellous work on Sissinghurst’s Delos, and what we stand to learn from the Japanese principles guiding his work on the Tokachi Millennium Forest.In this episode, discover:How Dan is creating a more naturalistic view on garden &amp; planting design in his new series with Create AcademyDan’s sublime work on Delos at Sissinghurst and the Tokachi Millennium ForestCapturing the essence of a garden in film, documenting their evolution through timeInspiring Japanese philosophies like ‘shakkei’ and ‘
09/12/202127 minutes 50 seconds
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Foraging for Winter Wreaths with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 44

We’re just weeks away from what promises to be a magical Christmas period, and what better way to welcome the seasonal spirit into your home than creating a gorgeous wreath to adorn your door.Whether you’re planning for a more natural look, or picking more exuberant decorations, Sarah &amp; Arthur walk through the festive foliage to keep an eye out for when foraging this winter, from the warm, fireside hues of bracken, to dependable classics like holly and mistletoe.In this episode, discover:Collections of evergreens transformed by the setting of a wreathPicking gorgeous, patisserie shades of light, airy grass to compliment your home’s decorationsThe wreath bases that are perfect starting points for natural-looking arrangementsA fabulous pudding recipe you can prepare now, ready for Christmas DayView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: <a href='
02/12/202120 minutes 29 seconds
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Growing Spectacular Salvias with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 43

Few flowers are quite as essential as the Salvia, a plant of the moment which is as low maintenance as it is high performing. It takes just a little care to keep these ocean deep blues, rich purples and eye-catching reds flourishing well into the autumn months.Not only are colourful varieties like Jezebel and Amistad also edible, but they’re an indomitable blackspot deterrent and great for cutting. Sarah &amp; Arthur take a look at this must-have family of long-blooming flowers in this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, and serve up a spectacular recipe for butternut squash.In this episode, discover:The new, exciting, and vigorous varieties of Salvia that are ideal for potsParticularly useful Salvias for companion planting with Roses to battle blackspot How to take Salvia cuttings to grow youthful, vigorous plants, ready for when your current flowers start to waneMaking the most of sage at its best this time of year in an incredib
25/11/202121 minutes 56 seconds
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Highlights from our Christmas Range with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 42

The allure of a warm, glowing, gorgeously adorned home to spend Christmas is particularly appealing in lieu of a challenging few years, and there’s no better way to bring your home to life than with our Christmas range!In this week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, learn how you can transform your home with some of Sarah &amp; Arthur’s highlights from this year’s winter offering from our range - from stylish ornaments to glistening, Allium-inspired lighting, plus some delightful gift ideas for your loved ones.In this episode, discover:Our luminescent offerings of Micro-LED Globes, subtle Wire Lights, and Solar Allium LightsThe nature-inspired collection of decorative ornaments, from lovely llamas to opulent glass beetles ideal for hanging from the treeA great selection of foliage with which to decorate a showstopping wreathThe extended range of carefully chosen gifts, perfect for that special someoneView all pr
18/11/202119 minutes 40 seconds
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Tender Perennial Climbers with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 41

The pleasure of designing a garden stretches far beyond colour - with the prolific growth of tender perennial climbers, your flowers become architectural art, giving arches and teepees spectacular structure.Join Sarah &amp; Arthur this week as they take a journey through their pick of the climbers, from the pleasant purple and apricot combination of Rhodochiton &amp; ‘African Sunset’ to the captivating and cathartically named ‘Love in a Puff’. In this episode, discover:Sarah &amp; Arthur’s passion for the exotic and rampant Cobaea ScandensThe bombastic balloon-like seed pods that lend Cardiospermum its common name: Love in a PuffHow a smattering of ‘African Sunset’ paired with Rhodochiton creates a striking pairing for teepees and archesWhen and how to sow each of these climbers to transform your garden with their incredible depthSarah’s simple recipe for a delicious roasted cauliflower with a dressing rich in flavour</li
11/11/202121 minutes 34 seconds
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Prue Leith in conversation with Sarah Raven - Episode 40

After Sarah’s recent appearance on Prue Leith’s More4 show, Prue’s Great Gardening Plot, it’s an absolute delight to host Prue on this week’s fascinating episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’.We’re given an insight into Prue’s gardening and the work that’s happened behind the scenes to create the dazzling spaces we see on her TV programme, how she’s made the most of challenging Cotswold clay with glamourous tulips &amp; gorgeous roses, and Prue’s marvellous, ongoing support for better catering in hospitals.The latter part of this episode does contain a deep and sensitive discussion about recent developments around dignity in dying, so listener discretion is advised.In this episode, discover:How Prue transformed a farmyard into a sprawling orchardPicking prolific plants that thrive in difficult soil &amp; challenging conditionsFascinating tales from the recent series’ of The Great British Bake OffPrue’s remarkable advocacy f
04/11/202129 minutes 22 seconds
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Forcing Bulbs for Indoor Arrangements with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 39

With 2021 waning and the winter months taking hold, the opportunity to force bulbs presents the delightful prospect of creating indoor arrangements for a much-needed splash of colour and pleasant aroma within the home.This week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ offers an eclectic selection of Narcissi, Amaryllis and Hyacinths to consider when assembling your chromatic chorus of bulbs, and essential advice on when, where and how to force your bulbs for maximum impact.In this episode, discover:What ‘forcing’ means, and how that helps you bring a delightful range of bulbs throughout the monochromatic winter monthsThe fabulous varieties of impactful, easy to grow AmaryllisGrowing for glamour and scent with vibrant HyacinthsSarah’s favourite Narcissi for reliable forcing year after yearPicking perfect pots, caring for your bulbs, and decorating your pots with a delicate sprinkling of MossView all products me
28/10/202130 minutes
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Putting the Garden to Bed for Winter with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 38

Cold nights and frosty mornings are soon upon us, which signals the perfect time to start putting our gardens to bed in preparation for the harsh winter months. A little bit of care and attention now will help your garden to thrive when the excitement of spring rolls around!Whether in a small garden limited on space, or one in which you have the luxury of corners you can leave to wild, Sarah &amp; Arthur share their advice on protecting your most delicate bulbs, clearing leaves in a wildlife-friendly way, and using them to create a lovely, crumbly leafmould.In this episode, discover:The flower varieties most in need of Winter careTending to a small garden where you’re unable to leave a corner to wildWhy you should ditch the leaf blower in favour of a more wildlife-friendly rake - and avoid over-tidyingMartha Stewart’s recipe for a bird feeder wreathRotting down old leaves into a productive leaf mouldView all
21/10/202120 minutes 11 seconds
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Sweet Scented Pelargoniums with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 37

As we enter Autumn and the spectacular summer’s days wane in favour of darker, colder weather, Pelargoniums take centre stage and truly come into their own.For a family of flowers that boasts such visual flair and incredible scents, they’re remarkably high performers for very little attention. On this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ we’re talking all things Pelargonium, from those with attention-grabbing aromas to those whose vibrant visual appeal is right at home in the home or the garden.In this episode, discover:Sarah’s adoration for Attar of Roses, and how it’s used in so many different waysThe most productive varieties that stay vibrant from April through to OctoberGroups of pelargoniums great for filling your house with incredible scentsHow to take pelargonium cuttings safelyView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: https://bit
14/10/202123 minutes 11 seconds
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Organic Winter Edibles with Gardener & Writer, Anna Greenland - Episode 36

As winter descends on our lovely gardens, it’s a perfect time to plan for the emergence of wonderful possibilities next spring, particularly by sowing your own organic crops. While the prospect might be daunting to some, it’s just been made far easier by this week’s guest on the podcast. The delightful Anna Greenland joins me on episode 36, fresh from the release of her new book. We hear the story behind Anna’s approach to gardening, which has an accessibility to it that should entice new gardeners, while offering experienced gardeners plenty of tips on sustainably transforming balconies and back gardens into spaces for edibles. In this episode, discover:Anna’s down-to-earth style of gardening that’s accessible to everyoneThe marvellous transition from staff at a Jamie Oliver restaurant to an organic supplier for themReleasing a beginner-friendly but impressively detailed book perfect for new and knowledgeable gardeners alikeWhich
07/10/202127 minutes 50 seconds
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Highlights of the Autumn Season with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 35

When you’re faced with a selection of plants as vast as our wonderful Autumn range, it’s very easy to get bogged down with such a range of choices, so this week we’ve decided to cast a spotlight on a few of our absolute favourites.Whether it be a productive collection to provide a cohesive, colourful ensemble, or perhaps a single flower with such a striking appearance that it becomes your new favourite, there’s something for everyone on this week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’.In this episode, discover:Collections in our Autumn Range that’ll bring life and colour through the darker months to comeA perfect houseplant for those less confident in looking after garden plantsHow much difficulty in planting is removed by quality toolsSarah’s ‘best ever’ recipe for Rhubarb CordialView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: https://bit.
30/09/202132 minutes 50 seconds
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Delightful Dahlias with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 34

No late summer garden is complete until its colour palette is drizzled with delightful Dahlias, a flower that’s had its fair share of love on past podcast episodes - and quite rightly so! Their productive tubers and vibrant varieties make them a true must-have, and worthy of a full episode to themselves.Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson - perhaps the most enthusiastic Dahlia advocates - share their top picks from the rousing family of flowers, which ones are most alluring for birds and bees, tips on saving pot-grown Dahlias from frost, and how they make a delightful addition to a lovely salad.In this episode, discover:Over a dozen glamourous, decorative varieties of DahliaThe best single Dahlias to encourage a vivacious buzzing of bees and butterfliesOpportunities to companion plant Dahlias with the beautiful biennials of Rudbeckia HirtasNovel new Dahlia varieties to explore, like the vibrant, heather-like Dahlia ‘Mats’
23/09/202123 minutes 20 seconds
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Chelsea Flower Show with Award-Winning Garden Designer Ann-Marie Powell - Episode 33

With the highly anticipated, and slightly belated, Chelsea Flower Show 2021 just a week away, this week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ offers us a perfect chance to talk with one of the show’s most prolific and accomplished garden designers - the wonderful Ann-Marie Powell.Missing just a single year of the show since 1997 (understandably for the birth of her now-12 year old), Ann-Marie shares the tales from her formative years and TV career that fuelled her unbridled botanical passion, her visionary approach to designing a captivating garden, and what we can expect from a Chelsea show which promises to bring some seasonal surprises.In this episode, discover:Ann-Marie’s inspiring experiences with gardening through her formative yearsThe authentic passion behind Ann-Marie’s exciting designs and delightful presence on social mediaWhich show stopping flowers will be stealing the spotlight at RHS Chelsea this yearHow Ann-Marie
16/09/202132 minutes 14 seconds
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Stories from Perch Hill and Nurturing Sea Life with Adam Nicolson - Episode 32

We’re breaking convention on ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ this week as Sarah steps aside from hosting duties - Arthur is joined by a fellow Perch Hill resident, Sarah’s other half, and thoroughly accomplished writer, Adam Nicolson. In a conversation ranging from profound environmental issues to more absurd incidents like the ‘big sheep crisis’, this episode is equal parts hilarious and inspiring to those of us looking to build a world of wondrous sea life. Adam describes life on Perch Hill, fascinating facts about the inhabitants of rock pools, and how we can help bring biodiversity back to our shores - all with the same passionate and eclectic vernacular that you’ll find in his latest book: ‘The Sea Is Not Made of Water: Life Between the Tides’.In this episode, discover:Fascinating stories from the early days of Perch HillMarvellous creatures that can be found in rock poolsHow we can help nurture sealife with your very own rock pools
09/09/202129 minutes 10 seconds
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Autumn Sowing with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 31

There are massive gains to be had if you’re willing to take a crack at autumn sowing, which presents a fantastic opportunity to grow some truly giant hardy annuals.Whether you’re looking to get ahead on ornamental additions to the garden or encourage stronger roots to protect your edible plants, Sarah &amp; Arthur explain how autumn sowing now could be the start of an envious, vibrant ensemble in the next year’s spring and summer months.In this episode, discover:The best varieties of ornamental flowers and productive edible veg to sow earlyWhich hardy annuals to sow early for truly incredible growthHow to grow flowers with stronger roots and better disease resistanceThe hardy nature shared by many plants with ‘snow’, ‘frost’ or ‘ice’ in the nameSarah’s recipe for a pleasant, delicious chilli jamView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: <a href='
02/09/202120 minutes 51 seconds
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The Beauty of Biodynamic Growing with Fern Verrow’s Jane Scotter - Episode 30

From selling her own beautiful produce at markets in London, to exciting collaborations with Skye Gyngell at Spring Restaurant and Jam Jar Flowers’ Melissa Richardson (a previous guest on the podcast!), Jane Scotter has had a wonderful journey to running her 16-acre, biodynamic farm - Fern Verrow.Joining Sarah &amp; Arthur from her gorgeous spot at the foothills of the Black Mountains in Herefordshire, Jane discusses her delightful experiences growing for Skye, how biodynamics helps cultivate her truly seasonal produce, and the love and care she shows to those learning under her tutorship.In this episode, discover:The amazing success that Jane has seen with biodynamicsFern Verrow’s marvellous 16-acre farmJane’s favourite varieties of tomato, courgette &amp; aubergine for delicious flavour &amp; gorgeous appearanceTheir collaboration with Melissa from Jam Jar Flowers and Skye Gyngell at Spring RestaurantView all produc
26/08/202130 minutes 54 seconds
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Hens In The Garden with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 29

For regular listeners or those familiar with Arthur’s fabulous family of feathered friends, you’ll know that hens are his area of expertise. From those ideal for egg laying to the breeds that make pleasant poultry pets, this week’s episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ is all about how to choose and care for hens of your own.Sarah &amp; Arthur divulge their experiences with picking a suitable chicken coop, keeping them safe from foxes and other foes, and given that you’ll have an abundance of eggs we hear Arthur’s take on a classic cake recipe - a gorgeous Victoria Sponge.In this episode, discover:Protecting your hens from foxes and other predatorsThe best breeds to keep as layers, or as magnificent petsWhat &amp; how often to feed, and keeping feeders out of reach of rodentsHow to put your hens’ eggs to delicious use in a classic Victoria SpongeView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: <a href='
19/08/202134 minutes 16 seconds
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Creating an Organic Ornamental Garden with Sarah Mead, Head Gardener at Yeo Valley Organic Garden - Episode 28

Organic lifestyles may have become particularly popular in the last few years, but the shrewd gardeners at Yeo Valley Organic Garden have been at it for over 25 years in the depths of Somerset. What’s even more exciting is their debut appearance at this year’s belated Chelsea Flower Show - a ‘dream come true’ for Sarah Mead.From dealing with pesky pests to picking out vibrant native flowers for their Chelsea display, Sarah has a host of fantastic tips for those of us wanting to use fewer chemicals in our gardens in this episode of “grow, cook, eat, arrange”.In this episode, discover:How Yeo Valley Organic Garden is enticing, but not forcing, people to live more organicallyVarious ways to entice wildlife into your organic garden to help keep slugs and snails at bayA selection of Sarah Mead’s favourite ornamental &amp; native organic flowersYeo Valley Organic’s exciting maiden outing at Chelsea Flower Show this yearSarah’s
12/08/202136 minutes 17 seconds
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Perfect Props to Accompany Your Garden with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 27

With the care and attention that we put into our gardens and green spaces, what use would it all be without a comfortable corner in which to sit back and enjoy it? We turn our focus this week to the captivating decorations and colour combinations to perfectly complement your floral handiwork.In episode 27, of “grow, cook, eat, arrange” Sarah &amp; Arthur talk all things garden props - the most inviting lighting for a relaxing evening, where to source lovely and high quality vintage furniture, and an aesthetically pleasing way to keep wind away from your newly sown plants and hedges. In this episode, discover:How to match the perfect shade of gravel with your garden, and choosing a pet-friendly stone sizeA cheap alternative to hessian fabric/burlap, to help your new plants thriveIdeal decorations to radiate natural light on peaceful eveningsSarah &amp; Arthur’s favourite places to find comfortable, welcoming furnitureV
05/08/202126 minutes 12 seconds
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Quality Cooking, Delicious Recipes & Saving the Planet with Bestselling Author & Cook, Anna Jones - Episode 26

This week’s podcast is a special-one with a focus purely on delicious food! Sarah is joined by a guest who combines her passion for the planet mixed with her love of plant-based delicious dishes that you can make at home; author of “One Pot, Pan, Planet”, Anna Jones. This best-selling author and environmentally conscious cook, discusses her brand new book, some of the best kept secret vegan substitute ingredients, and how to take your cooking standards from humble home chef to being worthy of a restaurant!A few small changes we can make to help our planetThe secret substitute ingredients behind some of Anna’s most delightful dishesHow toppings and texture help take your home cooking to Michelin star restaurant qualityAnna’s cooking course, and her belief that cooking skills are truly for anyoneView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: https:/
29/07/202137 minutes 19 seconds
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Pot Maintenance with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 25

When taking care of the beautiful congregations of colour at Perch Hill, it must be said that a wonderful team of keen, green-fingered folk are a helpful luxury that most at home won’t have when taking care of potted arrangements, so creating a maintenance schedule of sorts can be quite an art.In this practical instalment of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, Sarah &amp; Arthur have a whole host of products, processes and priceless advice to perfect your preening, dead heading, watering and feeding. We also look at the best times to use a saucer under a pot (or when to avoid it), and Arthur’s affinity towards larger pots. In this episode, discover:The combined strengths of SB Invigorator as a feed and also combating mildew and aphidsHow to best treat your soil for feeding thriving plantsWhy Arthur is a champion of big pots over smaller ones, and his tips for carefully watering themTips on using nematodes to keep vine weevils at bay<
22/07/202121 minutes 3 seconds
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Our Favourite Summer Perennials with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 24

As the latter summer months wane into autumn, pleasing perennials sweep into season - from the hard-working and rich Phlox ‘Blue Paradise’ to the hardy mainstay of the garden that is the beloved Salvia family.Sparking inspiration for your own containers, borders, cut flower arrangements and everywhere in between, Sarah &amp; Arthur this week run through the plethora of perennials they consider the pick of the bunch, and share a delightful smoked haddock fish cake recipe with peppery, crushed nasturtiums.In this episode, discover:A gorgeous selection of Phlox, adding soft clouds of colour to a borderThe fabulous Asters that come into their own in the autumn gardenVital advice for this time of year, an ideal time to propagate your own SalviasSarah’s delicious recipe for smoked haddock fishcakes, replacing pepper with a colourful collection of crushed NasturtiumsView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sa
15/07/202125 minutes 4 seconds
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Bold & Beautiful Colour with Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson - Episode 23

From the beauty of a bold, stained glass window to the emphatic and highly saturated patterns found in wildlife and nature, colour is an element of gardening that’s captured both Sarah and Arthur’s eye since their youngest years.Marrying together flower families is a fine art, but between Sarah’s ‘Bride, Bridesmaid &amp; Gatecrasher’ approach to picking beautiful bunches, and the colour palettes inspired by exotic animals that can be found in Arthur’s Mill Yard dolly tubs, this episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ is sure to spark your own imaginative colourful combinations.Capping off a podcast full of captivating hues, we also hear Sarah’s recipe for delicious whole globe artichokes, topped off with a delightful sauce.In this episode, discover:How you can draw inspiration from nature, wildlife and a wealth of colour books when creating your own colourful ensembleThe importance of picking the right foliage to accompany your flowers<li
08/07/202126 minutes 13 seconds
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Magnificent Gladioli with Tom Brown, Head Gardener & Tutor at West Dean College of Arts and Conservation - Episode 22

As the summer months are upon us and the prospect of lovely evening gatherings in the garden grows ever more appealing, there’s a marvellous opportunity to spruce up your garden with a selection of gorgeous Gladioli.It’s not too late in the year to plant your own, so now is a perfect time for us to consider some of the best Gladioli to bring a natural and harmonious ensemble of colour to your space - this week with the help of the wonderful Tom Brown, Head Gardener &amp; Tutor at West Dean College of Arts and Conservation.Also in this episode we hear about some of the unique discoveries that have emerged from Sarah and Tom’s shared love of trialling, with a few fantastic tips to use in your own planting.In this episode, discover:Tips for growing gorgeous gladioli in your gardensA selection of Sarah, Arthur &amp; Tom’s favourite GladioliSarah and Tom’s shared passion for triallingFascinating revelations from Sarah’s trials o
01/07/202129 minutes 40 seconds
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Romantic Lupins, Irises & Peonies with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 21

While the boldness of Lupins might be unfairly mistaken for a lack of subtlety, and many gardeners overlook Irises and Peonies, Sarah and Arthur feel it’s high time for a renaissance of these romantic, vigorous flowers.From the rousing rouge tones of Terracotta to the rich, cool tones of Dusky Challenger, there’s a strong case for adding these gorgeous varieties to your garden - they should be praised just as much for their aesthetic merit as for their low maintenance. Perhaps you’ll discover your new favourite flower, or a variety to become the perfect colourful companion for your garden border.In this episode, discover:The family of striking, bold Lupins, perfect for any borderBeautiful Irises, and the influx of colour they bring to a gardenMagnificent peonies - the queen of the cut flowersSarah &amp; Arthur’s favourite selections of each, with helpful tips on how and when to plant themAdvice for keeping Lupin Aphids at
24/06/202119 minutes 3 seconds
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Our Favourite Places to Visit This Summer with Arthur Parkinson & Sarah Raven - Episode 20

As we finally begin to emerge from a year of restrictions, the world is our oyster and it’s time to start planning some gorgeous getaways and rousing retreats. For many, the likes of familiar old favourites Sissinghurst and Chatsworth will undoubtedly be on the cards, with romantic rose gardens and marvellous displays of cramming every cranny with colour.For this episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, Sarah and Arthur take us on their ideal road trip around the country, offering up suggestions for an exciting tour of your own to discover natural beauty, flora and fauna, and even a recommendation for a good gin...In this episode, discover:Sissinghurst Castle Garden and their beautiful rose garden and mixture of Tudor red-brick buildings with a romantic mix of plants within the walls.Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top with it’s rolling wooded hills and valleys filled with loose planting that attracted animals for her drawings.Rousham House &amp; Gard
17/06/202131 minutes 33 seconds
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Biennials & Carrots with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 19

Rich in fragrance and saturated colour, the biennial is a wonderful group of plants that promise to really enhance the sights and smells of your garden, whether they be the magnificent early Wallflowers, or the aromatic Icelandic Poppies.Among the numerous varieties of biennial worth sowing right now, on this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ we also hear about how you can add carrots to your veg garden, the best ways to keep them safe from carrot flies, and Sarah’s brilliant recipe that puts them to great use in a salad.In this episode, discover:A selection of the most fragrant and fabulous biennials to adorn your gardenBiennials’ role in bringing through a succession of colourGrowing your own delicious carrots easily with seed tapeKeeping home-grown carrots safe from the danger of carrot fliesSarah’s recipe for a delightful salad with your carrotsView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sara
10/06/202125 minutes 52 seconds
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The beauty of Roses with Green and Gorgeous’, Rachel Siegfried - Episode 18

The beauty of roses makes them one of the most desired flowers for occasions, but they are an increasingly fashionable addition to a garden setting too. Growing over 5 acres of them in Oxfordshire at Green and Gorgeous, Rachel Siegfried is well versed in which varieties suit particular scenarios, and how to grow a healthy rose.Rachel joins Sarah &amp; Arthur this week to share how you can make the most of your roses, including her pick of rose feed, how to condition them once picked, and keeping red spider mite and black spot away from your flowers.In this episode, discover:The origins of Rachel’s incredible farm of rosesTips for healthy Rose growth, and the best ways to feed themDealing with red spider miteSarah, Arthur &amp; Rachel’s favourite selections of RoseConditioning Roses after picking, and the best things to pair with RosesView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: <a href='htt
03/06/202129 minutes 20 seconds
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Peonies & Pressed Flowers with JamJar Flowers, Melissa Richardson - Episode 17

The joy of a pressed flower is an absolute treat to decorate any setting, and nobody does it quite like Melissa Richardson of JamJar Flowers. Seeing them preserve the life of a picked peony far beyond its normal lifespan is a truly special treat.Melissa joins Sarah &amp; Arthur this week to discuss her gorgeous arrangements, how she sources her beautiful flowers, and how you can use environmentally friendly alternatives to oasis.In this episode, discover:Melissa’s almost-accidental discovery of the wonders of flowersEnvironmentally friendly alternatives to oasis, or floral foamThe incredible experience that only comes from buying flowers in the marketHow to start pressing your own beautiful flowers at homeView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: Sarah’s new book:<br
27/05/202127 minutes 27 seconds
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Hardy Annuals & Edible Flowers with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 16

Give hardy annuals some new, open ground, and the flamboyant flowers fill out any garden. Tending to them in just the right way helps to bring your space to life, and in this episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ we find out Sarah and Arthur’s top 5 hardy annuals.On top of this, we’ve got a whole year’s worth of edible flowers which promise to bring a burst of flavour to your cooking; we cover everything from wild garlic and elderflower, to chives and hibiscus, plus everything else in between.In this episode, discover:How hardy annuals can provide years of decoration in your gardenSarah &amp; Arthur’s favourite selections of hardy annualsAdvice on direct sowing, and avoiding competition among hardy annualsSowing edible flowers for every month in the yearTips to avoid weedling germinationView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah:<
20/05/202132 minutes 1 second
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Cooking On Fire with Honey & Co's, Sarit Packer & Itamar Srulovich - Episode 15

There is a particular delight that comes from growing your own delicious vegetables, but something that adds another dimension to their flavour is cooking them on fire.Bringing Middle Eastern inspiration and nearly a decade of experience at the helm of Honey &amp; Co, Saris Packer and Itamar Srulovich share their flair for flame-cooked cuisine, and how you can grow and cook your own dishes with intense flavours.In this episode, discover:Recipes inspired by Sarit &amp; Itamar’s Middle Eastern travelsHow Honey &amp; Co. wrote their book for chefs with any kind of grillThe special qualities unique to cooking with firePicking the perfect potted tomatoes and aubergines to growSarit &amp; Itamar’s dream seasonal recipes for the next monthOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book:
13/05/202127 minutes 59 seconds
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Alliums & Chives with Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson - Episode 14

There’s nothing quite like bringing the garden together with alliums as they take over from the last of the late tulips. If you tend to them carefully and remove the leaves that are prone to looking tatty, then you can welcome a standard of colour and life comparable to the Chelsea Flower Show into your garden.Alliums are an equally exciting addition you can take to the kitchen, with Society Garlic bringing the flavour without the halitosis. We also cover chives in this episode, which is a stunning perennial herb with uses in a delicious salad or a chive tea.In this episode, discover:Sarah and Arthur’s favourite selection of Alliums to fill the ‘May Gap’How to treat Allium foliage to allow other flowers to bloomThe need to tend to Alliums that self-seed before they hinder other flowersPicking wild garlic and chives, and growing them in the home Sarah’s baked potato recipe with Wensleydale and garlic pestoView
06/05/202123 minutes 45 seconds
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Compost, Looking After Our Soil & Asparagus with The Land Gardeners, Henrietta Courtauld & Bridget Elworthy - Episode 13

With a mix of English and Kiwi flair, The Land Gardeners are on a mission to improve the health of our plants, land and soil, with both Henrietta Courtauld and Bridget Elworthy designing gardens as productive as they are stunning.On this week’s ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ we hear about how their wonderful ‘Climate Compost’ plans to bring biodiverse compost to your garden, tips to make your own ‘Compost Cakes’, and a variety of new ways to use asparagus in your cooking.In this episode, discover:The story behind Henrietta and Bridget’s mission around plant and soil healthHow biodiversity helps nurture the wildlife in our gardensTips for making ‘compost cakes’Two lovely recipes for asparagusView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: Land Gardeners:<a href='https://
29/04/202128 minutes 54 seconds
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Fruit Blossom, Pumpkins & Squash with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 12

At a time of year where the last of the frost is behind us, it’s a fantastic opportunity to grow your own wonderful pumpkins and squash, and the best thing is that they’re brilliant for gardens of all sizes. Even better, pairing these with a fruit blossom can bring you both edible veg and delightful songbirds.In this next episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, Sarah and Arthur share the best ways to grow a healthy pumpkin, assemble a delicious squash tip frittata, and create a canopy of fruit blossom.In this episode, discover:Enticing songbirds with a canopy of sapling fruit treesThe transient beauty of cherry blossomSarah’s recipe for a lovely squash tip frittataChoosing the ideal time to grow pumpkins and squashWhat makes pumpkins ideal for small, vertical gardensOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: https://
22/04/202121 minutes 6 seconds
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Early Tulips & Forcing Potatoes with Swallows & Damsons', Anna Potter - Episode 11

With the spring season fast approaching, this week seemed a fitting time to consider our pick of the early tulips to bring some spring colour to your garden. Helping us to choose our favourites on this episode is a wonderful guest with a background in fine art and floristry, Anna Potter.As the artistic eye behind Swallows &amp; Damsons, Anna shares her journey to building her own floristry company utilising her photography skills to create a ‘visual diary’, and we hear how to chit potatoes and use them in a variety of delicious dishes.In this episode, discover:Anna’s background in fine art, and how it grew into a love of floristryHow she grew Swallows &amp; Damsons through beautiful Instagram contentAnna, Sarah &amp; Arthur’s absolute favourite early tulipsThe story behind the tulip named after Sarah RavenChitting potatoes, and everyone’s favourite recipe for their potato of choiceView all products mentioned
15/04/202130 minutes 21 seconds
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Companion Planting & Edible Flowers with Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson - Episode 10

Companion planting is a win-win situation - you bring even more beautiful flowers into your garden, and they help each other to bloom. From pests to mildew to black spot, there’s a number of dangers that careful companion planting can solve naturally.In this episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, Sarah and Arthur offer tips on how to pick plants to protect one another, and Sarah gives us a Fish Cake recipe that offers a natural alternative to black pepper - the delicious Nasturtium.In this episode, discover:The 4 main types of companion plant you can sow How companion plants work together to help each other thriveKeeping mildew and black spot at bayPlanting nacotiana tobaccum as a natural alternative to a brassica cageIncluding Nasturtiums in Sarah’s delightful Fish Cake recipeOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: <a href='
08/04/202125 minutes 35 seconds
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Mint and Cosmos with Mark Diacono - Episode 9

We’re delighted to welcome a very special guest onto ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ this week, someone whose award-winning talent as a food writer, grower and photographer is matched by his enthusiasm for full-flavoured recipes - Mark Diacono.From a slip of the tongue that led to the inception of his ‘Charlie Mojito’, to complementing mint with lovely cosmos, and tips for growing each for yourself, this episode offers an entertaining snapshot of Mark’s passionate plant-growing at Otter Farm, and a sneak peek into his upcoming book release.In this episode, discover:Mark’s favourite mint for food recipes and to pair with a good ginThe strange story behind a very unique mojito recipeHow to arrange cosmos with mintTips on sowing cosmos, a great plant for beginnersMark’s ideal recipe for mint sauceOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: <a href='https
01/04/202123 minutes 37 seconds
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Narcissi and Purple Sprouting Broccoli with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 8

If you’re looking to naturalise your garden with a sea of bulbs that even have a great vase life, then narcissi are a wonderful addition to your greenery. While some varieties fit the description of ‘rubber duck yellow’, those with rich colour and a rousing scent earn the respect of Sarah and Arthur.For this week’s edible veg, we hear about purple sprouting broccoli which, even during a time of year where it is notably harder to grow-your-own vegetables, is incredibly generous. Hear how Sarah includes purple sprouting in a lovely pasta dish, and Arthur’s advice on complementing them with aesthetically pleasing, round structures.In this episode, discover:How to naturalise your garden with an abundance of narcissiSarah and Arthur’s ideal selection of narcissiGrowing a generous crop of purple sprouting broccoliPairing purple sprouting with pasta for a delicious dishOrder Sarah’s book: htt
25/03/202117 minutes 27 seconds
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Sowing Annuals for Birds and Courgettes with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 7

Our gardens have so much potential to become an oasis for birds and bees, and you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetic beauty to make this happen. Arthur considers a butterfly or a bee on a flower similar to Gucci jewellery for your garden, so combining glamour and wildlife can be particularly rewarding; and now is the perfect time to sow for a bustling summer garden. Also discussed this week are courgettes - a particularly easy vegetable to sow with a wonderful range of recipes to use them in. As always, Sarah shares some of the courgette’s culinary uses, including an interesting anecdote on why you should always pick your courgettes more frequently than you might think...In this episode, discover:How to bring the best of wildlife gardening and regular gardening togetherBringing butterflies, bees and birds into your gardenSarah and Arthur’s three favourite courgettesNumerous delicious courgette recipesTips for sowing cou
18/03/202128 minutes 21 seconds
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Rhubarb and Dahlias with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 6

One of the key players in a colour-packed garden, and a true love of Sarah and Arthur’s, is the beautiful dahlia. With the low maintenance of a perennial and the growth of cut and come again flowers, it’s no wonder there’s barely a patch at Perch Hill that isn’t decorated with a ‘stained glass carpet’ of dahlias.Gracing your kitchen table this week, ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ covers rhubarb, a vegetable Arthur would consider right at home in a Beatrix Potter novel. Sarah shares her tasty Syllabub recipe, with some advice on growing rhubarb in a forcer for maximum sweetness.In this episode, discover…Using forcers to grow sweeter rhubarb for your cookingSarah’s delicious Syllabub recipeHow best to harvest rhubarb in candlelightRhubarb’s cultural importance on the West Coast of ScotlandThe origins of Sarah and Arthur’s love affair with dahliasBringing dahlias to flourishing growthSarah and Arthur’s ‘Desert
11/03/202120 minutes 45 seconds
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Picking a bunch for Mother’s Day with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson #BONUS

There may be no more grateful recipient of a lavish flower arrangement than a loving mother on Mother’s Day, and with that day right around the corner it seems high time to share Sarah and Arthur’s ideal bouquets! From picking and conditioning, right through to designing an incredible aesthetic ensemble, this edition of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ promises to bestow you with the picking knowledge that’s bound to put a beaming smile on any mother’s face.In this episode, discover…Sarah and Arthur’s ideal selection of freshly picked Mother’s Day flowersConditioning and preserving the flowers you pickPicking Euphorbia Oblongata safelyConstructing your aesthetically gorgeous arrangement with complementary foliageOrder Sarah’s book: Arthur’s book: factsheet: <a href='https://bi
11/03/20219 minutes 41 seconds
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Tomatoes and Sweet Peas with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 5

Adding tomatoes to a gorgeous soup recipe is one thing - however the delightful burst of flavour that can be gained by growing your own indigo rose tomatoes is unparalleled, not to mention their incredible health benefits! Bringing you the best methods for growing your own thriving tomato garden in this episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’, Sarah and Arthur run through every step; from building the silver birch teepee to perfect picking.You’ll also find out how to propagate Arthur’s pick of the sweet peas, the vibrant, ‘acid pink’ Barry Dare, and what makes them the biggest cut and come again flower in the garden! In this episode, discover…The pleasant aromatic impact of growing your own tomatoesA number of scrumptious recipes for your tomatoesCreating a silver birch teepee for jungle climbersPicking and conditioning Arthur’s favourite sweet peas Order Sarah’s book:
04/03/202133 minutes 40 seconds
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Sowing techniques with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - BONUS

Anyone can start growing plants and veg from scratch, whether you have acres in abundance or just a promising windowsill! Using the right sowing system, you can adorn your windows with seed trays or square pots to create a sprawling oasis. Join Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson for this bonus episode of ‘grow, cook, eat, arrange’ that will bring you up to speed on all things sowing. Sarah shares why she treats seeds like gold dust and how to keep them pristine for seasons to come, and Arthur divulges the secret to turning a windowsill into a bustling greenhouse of growth!In this episode, discover…Encouraging your children to take part in sowing with youGrowing from scratch, whether in the garden or on a windowsillTreating your seeds like gold dust and keeping them freshAll the various sowing systems you can useSarah’s four T’s for super sowingMaking your very own homemade propagatorSupporting facts
04/03/202126 minutes 8 seconds
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Crocus, Chard and Antirrhinums with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 4

For the sheer delicacy of its outer petals, the crocus flower is a lovely choice to adorn your kitchen table, and a chance to put a little egg cup to wonderful use. Not only that, but they also play a crucial role in the survival of our pollinators!In this episode of grow, cook, eat, arrange Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson also share their love of chard, the envy of many a gardener come the winter months. While Arthur explains his reluctance to pick chard, Sarah has several satiating recipes for you to try with it, and explains why it’s best to sow it twice a year to make the most from chard all year round.You’ll also hear how you can bring vivid splashes of colour into your garden with one of the most vibrant and versatile plants - the antirrhinum!In this episode, discover…How to incorporate crocus in the home with egg cupsSarah’s tips for the fastest and most natural crocus plantingSowing chard twice a year for a colourful and de
25/02/202116 minutes 2 seconds
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New book releases by Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - BONUS

With both of the “grow, cook, eat arrange” podcast hosts launching brand new books this Spring this special bonus episode delves into what you can expect to read from them both. Tracing the year from January to December, Sarah’s new book (the first in 10 years!) “Sarah Raven’s A Year Full of Flowers: Gardening for all seasons” provides inspiration, planting ideas and expert advice for a beautiful garden all-year round. Arthur Parkinson’s “The Flower Yard” follows Arthur, as he gardens through the seasons in pots. It is a beautifully visual yet personal and highly informative read on his love for bold colours, cut flowers and bees!Supporting factsheet: mentioned:Narcissus bulbocodium &apos;Golden Bells&apos;: nivalis (Common Snowdrop):
25/02/202115 minutes 19 seconds
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Cobaea and Kale with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 3

Kale really is tough as old boots - you can grow it anywhere yet still create the most delicious dishes from it. In another vibrant episode of the “grow, cook, eat arrange” podcast Sarah Raven &amp; Arthur Parkinson discuss the best ways to pick, sow and cook this incredible plant plus the great health benefits and unique qualities of the flower sprout. Also within this episode they discuss how to create a beautiful display by introducing trails of Cobaea to your outside space.In this episode you’ll discover…Using Cobaea to make an impact in small spaces Sarah’s favourite recipe for Kale How to craft a teepee for your Cobaea from Silver BirchDifferent times of the year to sow Kale for varying resultsView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: mentioned:Cobaea scandens:
18/02/202121 minutes 27 seconds
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Snowdrops and Winter herbs with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 2

The classic late-winter ornamental crops such as snowdrops and rosemary are beautiful additions to any garden, and also provide a vital source of nectar for bumblebees coming out of hibernation in February.  In this second episode of the grow, cook, eat, arrange podcast, Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson discuss their favourite types of snowdrops, the best time to propagate a new rosemary bush and Sarah even reveals her unique technique for arranging snowdrops for maximum impact on display.Discover: How to transplant snowdrops happilyTechniques for picking snowdropsThe ideal location for rosemary to flourishWhen to cut a rosemary bushSarah’s favourite use of rosemary within the kitchenView all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: mentioned:Galanthus nivalis (Common Snowdrop): htt
11/02/202123 minutes 10 seconds
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Winter salad and Hellebores with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson - Episode 1

Every single bite of a home grown, freshly picked, winter salad should taste completely different from the last and that’s what makes it so exciting. In this episode of grow, cook, eat, arrange Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson delve into the world of rocket, basil, mizuna and parsley.Sarah provides her top tips to ensure your salad leaves last for at least 20 picks, which varieties do best in frosty weather, and why you can actually sow them any time of the year. In this jam-packed episode they also discuss their favourite types of hellebores, the best ones for growing in shaded and sunny spots, and picking techniques to increase their vase life.Learn:Sarah’s choice of ingredients for a winter saladThe importance of giving salads space How to condition and arrange helleboresWhere hellebores grow and how best to cut back foliage View all products mentioned and find further advice from Sarah: <a href='https://bit
11/02/202125 minutes 38 seconds
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Gardening glossary - BONUS

It can often feel like gardening has an entirely new language that you have to learn! So for those budding new gardeners in our midst for this special bonus episode Sarah &amp; Arthur have been kind enough to pull together a beginner’s guide to terminology. They’ll prepare you to enjoy the rest of the podcast by explaining some common phrases used and a few basic gardening techniques for you to care for your garden organically. In this episode you will learn:Different types of flowers and from annuals to perennials.Basic techniques for propagating.The benefits of organic over chemical based gardening.Supporting factsheet: mentioned:Aster x frikartii &apos;Mönch&apos;: Collection: <a href='
11/02/202112 minutes 38 seconds
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An Introduction to Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson - BONUS

Gardeners Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson have a unique and fruitful friendship created through their joint passions for growing beautiful floral arrangements and sowing food for cooking on the veg slope at Perch Hill.So how did this all start? On this special bonus episode of grow, cook, eat, arrange we delve into their upbringings and backgrounds that inspired their love of colour, their original career paths (including Sarah’s brief time as a Medic in London!) and the story behind how they first met and formed an instant friendship.Discover: Why Perch Hill is a true  “Wonderland” to ArthurWhere Sarah’s love for “bringing the outside in” came fromTheir joint love of CosmosHow Arthur’s family influenced his career into gardeningHow they each found their passion for making the harvest the essence of their gardeningSupporting fact sheet:
11/02/202114 minutes 22 seconds
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Welcome to "Grow, cook, eat, arrange" - Trailer

Welcome &quot;Grow, cook, eat, arrange&quot; the brand new podcast by gardeners Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson, who&apos;ve worked together for nearly ten years at the beautiful Perch Hill Farm in the South of England.Sarah loves gardening in general but growing produce both food and flowers is the part she loves the most. She also loves to cook straight forward garden-picked food every day with the minimal amount of ingredients and palava but the greatest amount of taste!Arthur is Sarah&apos;s florist who picks beautiful arrangements for photoshoots and open days at the farm, from buckets of scented sweet peas to huge armfulls of dahlias and towering gladiolus.We&apos;ll be releasing a new episode every Friday, featuring a relaxed informative chat between Sarah &amp; Arthur across a variety of topics. They&apos;ll focus on their favourite flowers currently growing in the garden and the tastiest produce on the veg slope at Perch Hill.They&ap
26/01/20212 minutes 43 seconds