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English, Political, 10 seasons, 68 episodes, 1 day 3 hours 38 minutes
At the height of the Vietnam War, a government insider named Daniel Ellsberg leaked 7,000 pages of classified documents to American newspapers. The Pentagon Papers revealed that Americans had been lied to for decades about the war. Fifty years later, Ellsberg reveals his evolution from Cold Warrior to Whistleblower in the GroundTruth Podcast series The Whistleblower: Truth, Dissent and the Legacy of Daniel Ellsberg. Based at GBH in Boston, the award-winning GroundTruth Podcast has covered global affairs from the War in Afghanistan ( to rising populist nationalism ( through shoe-leather, on-the-ground ( reporting.
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Making Music In The Syrian Diaspora

Ahmad Naffory fell in love with the guitar in a Syrian grocery store, but he didn't know that his music would cause him to flee his home for another continent. Strangers in a strange land, Ahmad and his bandmates — the bandit poets of Assa'aleek — use their music to remember the homes they left behind as they make their lives in a new world. Explore the reporting
27/07/201727 minutes 5 seconds
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Extra: Covering Haiti's Unimaginable Earthquake

What do you learn from seeing the world collapse? Veteran CBC reporter David Gutnik risked his life to cover the aftermath of Haiti's 2010 earthquake, which killed more than 230,000 people. Even in the wake of catastrophe, David found moments of resilience and rebirth. In this report from our friends at the CBC podcast "Back Story," David looks back on his harrowing journey to Haiti...and how it affected him.  Listen to more "Back Story" — and subscribe to their show. 
14/01/201618 minutes 27 seconds