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English, Religion, 1 season, 173 episodes
Get a weekly infusion of hope and perspective with Grounded, a LIVE videocast from Revive Our Hearts. Monday Mornings at 9 EDT.
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You Are What You Read? (And a Big Book Giveaway!), with Korrie Johnson

In this episode, guest Korrie Johnson from Good Book Mom joins the Grounded hosts to share reading recommendations for kids, teenagers, and Christian women.
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What the Next Generation Needs Most, with Gabrielle McCullough and Robert Wolgemuth

A generation of young adults desperately need to hear and believe God’s truth. In this episode of Grounded, guest Gabrielle McCullough will inspire you to pray
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Preparing for Jesus’ Return with Hospitality

Hospitality is more than being a good host at a dinner party. It’s more than entertaining others. Find out what true biblical hospitality looks like.
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The Secret to Living Well in a Fallen World, with Karen Ellis

In this episode of Grounded, guest Karen Ellis will help you identify what the call of wisdom sounds like and become a woman who is truly wise.
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Women’s Ministry Without a “Platform,” with Amanda Kassian

In this age of Christian influencers, don’t forget: your home contains all the space needed for your ministry platform.
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How to Teach Our Daughters It’s Good to Be a Girl, with Jen Oshman

In this episode of Grounded, guest Jen Oshman shares why it’s good to be a girl and gives practical ways to train the next generation to embrace God’s design.
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A Porn-Free Life Is Possible, with Rosie Makinney and Crystal Renaud Day

In this episode, guests Rosie Makinney and Crystal Renaud Day share how to fight pornography addiction and offer steps to experience true freedom in Christ.
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Porn: It Happened in Our Homes. It Can Happen in Yours

Dannah Gresh and Erin Davis share about how porn infiltrated their own homes and provide biblical advice to help you protect your children.
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Loving Someone Who Leaves the Faith, with Alisa Childers

How should Christians respond to cultural topics such as deconstruction, toxic spirituality, and exvangelicalism? Guest Alisa Childers shares in this episode of
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4 Questions to Ask Before You Scroll, with Hunter Beless

Join the Grounded team and guest Hunter Beless, founder of Journeywomen, as they discuss how to loosen social media’s grip on your heart.
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Demystifying the Trinity (And Why It Matters), with Tara-Leigh Cobble

In this episode of Grounded, Tara-Leigh Cobble, host of The Bible Recap podcast, explains how studying the Trinity can unlock the doorway to more joy.
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Understanding and Helping Those Caught in Addiction, with Andy Partington

What do you do if you’re an addict or if you love someone who struggles with addiction? Find out in this episode of Grounded with guest Andy Partington.
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Two Reasons (It’s Not Too Late) to Set Goals for 2024, with Amy DiMarcangelo

Have you broken your New Year’s resolutions? Find out why you don’t have to feel defeated in this episode of Grounded with guest Amy DiMarcangelo.
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Get Equipped to Share Jesus at Work, with Joanna Yi

In this episode of Grounded, guest Joanna Yi will equip you to share your faith at work and inspire you to be a light in our post-Christian culture.
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Women Teaching Women Can Change the World, with Holly Elliff and Laura Gonzalez de Chavez

In this episode of Grounded, guests Holly Elliff and Laura Gonzalez de Chavez will equip you to disciple other women and live out the Great Commission.
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Why Christmas Music Matters, with Kristyn Getty

Has your Christian life lost its song? Find reasons to sing in this special Christmas episode of Grounded with guest Kristyn Getty.
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Live the Christian Life with Courage, with Rosaria Butterfield

Do you feel the impact of living in an anti-Christian world? Rosaria Butterfield shares wisdom to help you face hostility to biblical truth.
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Your Insecurity Costs More Than You Think, with Jenn Schultz

Are insecurities and comparison holding you back? In this episode of Grounded, guest Jenn Schultz will help you find freedom from jealousy.
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Moms, It’s Time to Fight Back (Through Prayer), with Brooke McGlothlin, Sarah Walton, and Linda Green

You are needed to fight for the hearts and minds of the next generation! Get inspired to pray with guest Brooke McGlothlin in this episode of Grounded.
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You Are Weak: That’s Good News, with Emily Jensen

Are you feeling weak today? This episode of Grounded with guest Emily Jensen will show you how to find strength in God and rest in His sufficiency.
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How Less Scrolling Could Change Your Life, with Lara d’Entremont

When was the last time you sat in silence without scrolling? In this episode of Grounded, guest Lara d’Entremont will invite you to experience stillness.
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Erasing the Epidemic of Loneliness in Church, with Michel Hendricks

Have you ever felt lonely in church? This episode of Grounded with guest Michel Hendricks will give you hope and help you engage in true community.
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Boys Are in Crisis. Fight Back with Truth, with Jason Davis and Robert Wolgemuth

In this episode of Grounded, Erin and Jason Davis share about Lies Boys Believe and discuss the truth that boys need in order to grow into men of God.
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When You Cannot Trace the Plans of God, Trust the Character of God, with Ruth Chou Simons

In this episode of Grounded, guest Ruth Chou Simons shares why it matters that you cling to the character of God when life brings unexpected turns.
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Where Is God When You Need Him?, with Susie Larson

In this episode of Grounded, guest Susie Larson shares about times when she felt far from God and shares what to do when you don’t feel His presence.
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The Culture’s Discipling Your Kids about Sex. Are You?, with Christopher Yuan

As a parent, how do you talk to your kids about sex? As a single woman, how do you address sexual desires?
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There Is No Throwaway Generation, with David Arthur

How do you stir the hearts of the up and coming generation to love God’s Word? Find out in this episode of Grounded with guest David Arthur.
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More Resilient Relationships Are Just a Question Away, with Mandy Pallock

Want to make your relationships with God and others grow deeper? In this episode of Grounded, guest Mandy Pallock shares how to build resilient relationships.
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Reset Your Spiritual Cravings, with Kristen Wetherell

It’s time to reset your spiritual cravings! In this episode of Grounded, guest Kristen Wetherell shares how to approach Scripture in ways that will feed your so
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How to Fight for a Life of Friendship, with Justin Whitmel Earley

Loneliness has become a cultural epidemic. Find out why Christian friendship is worth fighting for in this episode of Grounded with guest Justin Whitmel Earley.
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5 Traits of a Healthy Family, with Dr. Gary Chapman

In this episode of Grounded, guest Dr. Gary Chapman joins the hosts to give a clear vision of what a healthy, thriving family should look like.
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How to Respond to Criticism (Without Being Cheesy), with Molly Sanborn

Criticism. Cancel culture. Ghosting. How do you respond like Christ when you’re being treated unfairly? Find out in this episode of Grounded.
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14 Fresh Ways to Enjoy the Bible, with James Coakley and Jen Johnson

Has your Bible reading started to feel a little tedious? This episode of Grounded with guest James Coakley will reignite your passion to read God’s Word!
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From Deformed to Transformed: An Honest Look at Beauty, with Robin Parton

Do you long to be beautiful? In this episode of Grounded, guest Robin Parton will help you discover a biblical perspective on both inner and outer beauty.
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Why Chasing Your Dreams Will Never Be Enough, with Kelly Needham

Ever wonder if you’re living your God-given purpose? Find out how to live a meaningful life in this episode of Grounded with guest Kelly Needham.
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Finding Jesus in the Middle of Your Pain, with Elizabeth Mitchell

Are you struggling to believe God is able to bring something good out of your pain? Guest Elizabeth Mitchell will point you to hope in this episode of Grounded.
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Two Powerful Words That Change the Way You See Yourself, with Heather Holleman and Ray and Robyn McKelvy

Ever get tired of measuring yourself against the woman next to you? Guest Heather Holleman will help you find freedom with this episode of Grounded.
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Hope When a Loved One’s Sin Turns Your World Upside Down, with Lori Apon

If you have been impacted by a loved one’s destructive sin, don’t miss this powerful episode of Grounded with guest Lori Apon.
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Lord, Revive Our Military, with Megan Brown and Leslie Bennett

Could the military be the catalyst for global revival? Guest Megan Brown thinks so! Find out more in this episode of Grounded.
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Habits as Guardrails, Not Rocket Fuel: A Grounded Extended Conversation with Justin Whitmel Earley

After the live program ended, the conversation continued. Join guest Justin Whitmel Earley for an extended conversation.
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Why Your Habits Matter More Than You Think, with Justin Whitmel Earley and Katie Laitkep

It’s time to reset the habits of your household! In this episode of Grounded, Justin Whitmel Earley shares routines that will transform your home.
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How to Move from Defeat to Victory, with Judy Dunagan

Are you living a life of victory or defeat? Find out how you can live in true freedom in this episode of Grounded with guest Judy Dunagan.
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Bonus Episode, with Katie McCoy

After the live program ended, the Grounded crew kept the cameras rolling! Tune in for a bonus conversation with guest Katie McCoy.
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Celebrating Being Female & Learning to Love Those Who Don’t, with Katie McCoy

In this episode, the Grounded hosts and Katie McCoy celebrate God’s design for female identity and help you respond to criticism with grace.
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Practical Ways You Can Curb the Great Church Exodus, with Jen Oshman

In this episode, guest Jen Oshman and the Grounded hosts will inspire you to welcome women back to church, back to community, and back to Jesus.
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Is New Age Theology Creeping into the Church?, with Marcia Montenegro

Astrology, the Enneagram, manifestation, crystals—New Age theology is creeping into the Church. Grounded Guest Marcia Montenegro explains more.
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Why We Still Need Sexual Integrity, with Shaunti Feldhahn and Heidi Baird

Have you ever felt like the Bible’s teaching on sex is outdated?
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Reignite Your Passion for the Lost, with Brandi Yocum

Does evangelism make you nervous? In this episode, guest Brandi Yocum and the Grounded hosts will give you fresh passion to share Christ.
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How to Teach Children God’s Truth about Suffering, with Colleen Chao

When it comes to topics like cancer or death, what should you say to your kids? Colleen Chao will help equip you for hard conversations.
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Spiritual Mothers Who Changed the World: Amy Carmichael & Maria Fearing, with Karen Ellis and Hunter Beless

What difference can spiritual motherhood make? Find out in this episode of Grounded with guests Karen Ellis and Hunter Beless.
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A Christian Woman’s Guide to Menopause, with Danna Demetre

Are you bombarded by anti-aging and beauty ads? In this episode of Grounded, guest Danna Demetre offers a Christian guide to aging and menopause.
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How Singing Heals Your Body, Mind, and Soul, with Dr. Deforia Lane

Guest Dr. Deforia Lane knows how healing music can be. In this episode of Grounded, she shares about music therapy and how it has impacted her faith.
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Save Our Girls, with Liz Edrington

Anxiety. Depression. Gender confusion. Our high school girls are in crisis. Find ways to fight for them in this episode of Grounded with guest Liz Edrington.
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You’ve Been Enlisted in the Prayer Army, with Kathy Branzell

Prayer is a battle, and this episode of Grounded will inspire you to fight to see God move. Hear from Kathy Branzell, president of the National Day of Prayer.
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Because He Lives, You Can Let Go of Shame

Because Jesus lives, you can let go of shame. Find out how to walk in true freedom in this Holy Week edition of Grounded.
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Because He Lives, You Can Face Death with Hope, with Colleen Chao and Robert Wolgemuth

Colleen Chao knows what it feels like to face death. In this Grounded episode, she shares how God has used terminal cancer to turn her eyes to heaven.
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Because He Lives, You Can Live with Joy, with Nicole Jacobsmeyer

Because Jesus lives, you can have joy in the highs and the lows, on your best days in your worst days, even in the darkest of pits.
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Because He Lives, You Can Entrust Your Loved Ones to Jesus, with Joy McClain

If you’re overwhelmed by your circumstances, guest Joy McClain will show you how to entrust them to Jesus in this Holy Week episode of Grounded.
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Because He Lives, You Can Face an Uncertain Future, with Carol Anne Beck

In this Holy Week episode of Grounded, hear from guest Carol Anne Beck about how the resurrection helps us face an uncertain future with hope.
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Why What You Believe Really Matters, with Phylicia Masonheimer

Womanhood. Genealogies. Doubt. No topic is off-limits in this episode of Grounded with Phylicia Masonheimer, who believes every woman is a theologian.
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God Is Reviving Our Hearts!, with Dan Nold, Harold McKenzie, and Aubrey Brush

God is speaking. Are you listening? Find out more in this anniversary edition of Grounded with pastors Dan Nold and Harold McKenzie along with Aubrey Brush.
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Fighting For Instead of With Your Husband, with Jason Davis, Bob Gresh, and Mikhail Collins

Are you tired of fighting with your husband? Learn how to fight for your marriage using rhythms of forgiveness in this powerful episode of Grounded.
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The One Thing Your School District Needs Most, with Fern Nichols and Mel Wubs

What would happen if you prayed for God to move in schools? In this Grounded episode, Fern Nichols will inspire you to impact your community for Christ.
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Your Secret Weapon for Spiritual Battles, with Susie Larson

You’re in a spiritual battle. Humility is your secret weapon. In this episode of Grounded, learn how to push back the darkness with guest Susie Larson.
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He’s Done It Before. He Is Doing It Again, with Bill & Holly Elliff and Eliana Wiggenhorn

As revival spreads, hear stories about how God is moving from Asbury student Eliana Wiggenhorn and Bill and Holly Elliff in this episode of Grounded.
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God, Sex, and Your Marriage, with Dr. Juli Slattery

If you’re struggling with sexual brokenness, you’re not alone! In this episode of Grounded, Dr. Juli Slattery shares how you can experience true healing.
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Have You Flirted with Your Husband Lately?, with Cathe Laurie and Lisa Jacobson

In this Grounded episode, Lisa Jacobson will give you a permission slip to flirt with your husband as part of an intimate and Christ-honoring marriage.
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When You’re Tired of Trying to Change, with Kevin DeYoung and Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Are you a new year’s resolution drop out? Discover how you can find the strength to change in this episode of Grounded with guest Kevin DeYoung.
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Don’t Miss Jesus in Your Bible Reading Plan, with Scarlette Steuerwald and Amy Gannett

Do you ever get frustrated when reading God’s Word? You could be missing Jesus! Learn to study your Bible in this episode of Grounded with Amy Gannett.
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The #1 Reason to Exercise (Hint: It’s Not What You Think), with Shannan Painter and Cameron Mayhill

It’s time to refocus your views on fitness. This episode of Grounded will motivate you to move the body God has given you for His glory.
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Find Freedom from the Fight with Food, with Meredith Terpeluck Schoeller and Heather Creekmore

Find freedom in your fight with food in this week's episode of Grounded with guests Meredith Terpeluck Schoeller and Heather Creekmore.
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Loving God’s Word for a Lifetime, with Kay Arthur

Kick off the New Year with an inspiring conversation with Kay Arthur about loving God's Word for a lifetime on this episode of Grounded.
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Are the Prophetic Books for Me?, with Kim Erickson

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to reading certain books of the Bible? Dive deep into Scripture in this episode of Grounded.
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Lighting a Candle When Life Feels Dark, with Carol Anne Beck

If your heart is heavy this Christmas, let us point you to the one source of true hope. Find it in this edition of Grounded.
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Thriving Through Christmas as a Single Woman, with Jenilyn Swett and Heather Cofer

Are you single this Christmas season? Find hope and perspective from guests Jenilyn Swett and Heather Cofer in this episode of Grounded.
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Wisdom for Parenting Adult Children, with Holly Elliff, Helen Jones, and Bob Lepine

Gain wisdom for parenting adult children with guests Holly Elliff, Helen Jones, and Bob Lepine in this episode of Grounded.
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Real Comfort for Your Deepest Sorrows, with Tim Challies

’Tis the season of joy, but it can also be a season of deep sorrow. Hear from Tim Challies about God's comfort in loss on this Grounded episode.
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How Not to Ruin Thanksgiving, with Janet Aucoin and Robyn Bush

What if the perfect Thanksgiving is as simple as setting aside expectations? Hear from Janet Aucoin and Robyn Bush in this episode of Grounded.
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Raising Grateful Families in an Entitled World, with Tricia Goyer

What could happen if your family stopped grumbling? In this Grounded episode, Tricia Goyer shares how to raise grateful kids in an entitled world.
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What If You’re Asked to Compromise Your Christian Faith at Work?, with Valerie Kloosterman

Valerie Kloosterman is a physician’s assistant who lost her job for refusing to agree that gender is fluid. Hear her story in this episode of Grounded.
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Learning to Wait Well, with Carol McLeod

Learn to wait well with Grounded guest, Carol McLeod. You’ll also hear an exciting testimony of revival from good news correspondent, Ryan Raymond.
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Take Back Your Joy, with Nicole Jacobsmeyer

Has the overwhelm of life muted your joy? Nicole Jacobsmeyer says it doesn't have to stay that way. Hear her inspiring story on this episode of Grounded.
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Social Sanity in an Insta World, with Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

Do you need wisdom when it comes to social media? Discover biblical principles to help you honor the Lord online in this episode of Grounded.
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There's a Pastor Crisis. You're the Solution, with Jani Ortlund

Our spiritual leaders are struggling! Jani Ortlund shares practical ways you can encourage your pastor and his family in this episode of Grounded.
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Restoring Margin, with Brenda Jank

Brenda Jank, founder of the ministry, Run Hard Rest Well, joins this episode to help us learn to embrace God’s heart for rest.
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What Not to Say to Your Friend Who’s Sick, with Colleen Chao

What does the Bible teach about physical healing? Grounded guest Colleen Chao is battling terminal cancer. She shares what helps (and what doesn't).
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Persecution, Perseverance, and the Key to Sustaining Faith, with Karen Ellis

Do you have what it takes to endure persecution and discrimination? Let Karen Ellis cast a vision for steadfast faith in this stirring episode of Grounded.
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How to Raise Kids Who Don't Walk Away from Jesus, with Elizabeth Urbanowicz and Laura Booz

How do you raise kids who don't walk away from Jesus? Elizabeth Urbanowicz offers practical suggestions for parents on this episode of Grounded.
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Responding to Sexual Sin with Conviction and Compassion, with Laura Perry

Hear from Laura Perry, a woman who formerly identified as transgender. God used her mother's love and prayers to call Laura back to Himself.
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We Still Believe in Revival, with Erica Wiggenhorn and Donny Vanker

What areas of your life do you long to see God revive? Let guests Erica Wiggenhorn and Donny Vanker renew your hope for life again on this episode of Grounded.
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A Podcast on Podcasts, with Michelle Hill, Laura Booz, and Staci Rudolph

Get ready to pop in your earbuds and take a long walk. Let this episode of Grounded change-up your podcast game.
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Bible Reading Drought = Big Opportunity!

Are you experiencing a season of dryness in your study of God’s Word? Let Courtney Doctor infuse you with fresh passion in this episode of Grounded.
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How You Can Influence Your Great, Great, Great Grandchildren, with Jani Ortlund

The things you do today could impact your great, great grandchildren! Consider your spiritual legacy with guest Jani Ortlund on Grounded.
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Responding to the Tidal Wave of Christian Leadership Failure, with Dr. Diane Langberg

1 in 4 women will be abused. Learn how to respond with hope & perspective in this Grounded conversation with Dr. Diane Langberg.
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What Is Your Comfort Zone Stealing from You?, with Lisa Anderson and Tom Meyer

You can do hard things and learn to trust God in the process. Find out how on this episode of Grounded.
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Step Out of Fear and Into Your Calling, with Amanda Kassian

What’s holding you back from embracing your God-given purpose? Find the courage to step into your calling with this episode of Grounded.
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Is The Real Pro-Life Battle In Our Pews?, with Tracy Robinson

Is the real pro-life battle happening in our pews? Guest Tracy Robinson says "yes!" in this equipping episode of Grounded.
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Spiritual Formation during the Summer Months, with Ruth Chou Simons

You've got 168 hours to spend with your family this week. Ruth Chou Simons shares how to maximize your time this summer to help each other grow in Christ.
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When Forgiveness Feels Impossible, with Carrie Robinson and Morgan Hynds

You've tried to forgive them, but the anger keeps coming back. Find hope for the deepest hurts in this week's episode of Grounded.
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Godly Men Still Exist, with Evelyn Husband Thompson, Christina Fox, and Robert Wolgemuth

Let this Grounded episode with guests Evelyn Husband Thompson, Christina Fox, and Robert Wolgemuth restore your faith in godly masculinity.
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Two Reasons Women Don’t Lament (When They Should), with Mark Vroegop

What can heal our families and churches from the sorrows of the past two years? Could it be lament? Hear more from Pastor Mark Vroegop on Grounded.
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You Mean Discipleship Can Be Fun?, with Hunter Beless and Laura Wifler

Let’s make discipleship fun! Hear fresh ideas from Hunter Beless and Laura Wifler in this upbeat edition of Grounded.
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Why Your Sexuality Has Purpose (Even If You Aren’t Having Sex), with Dr. Juli Slattery

Does sexuality have purpose even if you’re single? Dr. Juli Slattery answers your questions from a biblical perspective of sexuality.
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Our Favorite Summer Reads, with Korrie Johnson and Betsy Childs Howard

Read this, not that. Hear great book swap ideas from The Good Book Mom and join the summer reading challenge on this episode of Grounded.
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How to Apply the Gospel to Your Family Life, with Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler

What can 10,000 moms tell us about our greatest need? Find out from the voices of Risen Motherhood in this episode of Grounded.
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3 Things Every Woman Needs to Know about Spiritual Mothers, with Robyn McKelvy and Kay Barker

Discover three things you need to know about spiritual mothers in this inspiring episode featuring Robyn McKelvy and Kay Barker (Dannah's mom!).
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A Christian Woman’s One Word Prescription For Anxiety, with Janet Mylin

Have you been living with an anxious heart? Find hope as Janet Mylin shares about her battle with anxiety and how she learned to overcome it.
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A Crash Course in Bible Genres, with Kristie Anyabwile

What does it mean to read the Bible literarily? (And why does it matter?). Find out from guest Kristie Anyabwile in this fascinating episode of Grounded.
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Humility: A Mom’s Secret Weapon, with Kristen Wetherell

If you feel under-appreciated, over-extended, or deeply discouraged about your responsibilities to your family, don't miss this episode with Kristen Wetherell.
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Finding Purpose in Suffering, with Katherine Wolf

What could you handle today if you knew that God was working through your suffering? Hear Katherine Wolf's poignant answer in this week's episode of Grounded.
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Loving Our Enemies, with Gracia Burnham

Gracia Burnham and her husband were celebrating their wedding anniversary when militant Muslims kidnapped them. Hear Gracia’s story of faith and forgiveness.
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Inflation: An Opportunity to Praise or Panic, with Jan Thompson and Crystal Paine

If you've bought a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, or tank of gas this week, this episode is for you. Discover why inflation is an opportunity for praise.
Episode Artwork

Angry? Me?, with Shannon Popkin

From our roads to our screens to our living rooms, anger is on the rise. Gain insight as Shannon Popkin joins us to explore one reason why we're all so angry.
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Hope in the Face of Infertility and Miscarriage, with Glenna Marshall and Jessalyn Hutto

Children are a blessing from God, but what happens when that blessing is withheld? Glenna Marshall and Jessalyn Hutto share about infertility and miscarriage.
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Get Your Dose of Spiritual Vitamin D, with Gretchen Ronnevik

Get a mega dose of spiritual vitamin D with this fresh episode of Grounded, featuring Gretchen Ronnevik.
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Hope & Perspective for the Crisis in Ukraine, with Joel Rosenberg and Karen Ellis

When headlines are scary, how do Christians respond? Joel Rosenberg and Karen Ellis offer hope and perspective for the situation in Ukraine.
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You Can Reverse the Friendship Recession, with Kelly Needham

Your Christian friendships are worth fighting for. Discover why and how in this episode featuring Kelly Needham, along with Grounded favorite Robyn McKelvy.
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A Man’s Greatest Need: Respect, with the Husbands of Grounded

What do the men in your life need most? Hear the answer straight from the husbands of the Grounded hosts in this special Valentine’s Day edition.
Episode Artwork

Knowing the Right Things to Say, with Caroline Newheiser and Cheryl Marshall

Do you have Don't-Know-What-to-Say-Syndrome? Grounded guests Caroline Newheiser and Cheryl Marshall have the cure.
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The Power of Singing in the Dark, with Bethany Barnard

When you're in the dark valley of depression is it possible to keep singing? Hear from Christian singer-songwriter Bethany Barnard in this hope-filled episode.
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The Pro-Life Issues No One Marches For, with Jenny Summers and Dr. Kathryn Butler

Are you pro-life? Or just anti-abortion? Let a trained trauma surgeon and mother of seven help expand your perspective on what it means to celebrate life.
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You Have a Pro-Life Story to Tell, with Ryan and Bethany Bomberger

You have a pro-life story to tell. Get equipped and excited to share it with this sanctity of human life edition of Grounded.
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The Mistake That Sabotages Our Spiritual Disciplines, with Don Whitney

How can you connect the dots between your good intentions and your everyday reality? Discover the freedom found in spiritual disciplines with Don Whitney.
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The Resolution You Need Most, with Gretchen Saffles

With the anticipation of 2022, are you thinking about resolutions for the new year? Our hosts discuss the one resolution we all need the most: read the Bible.
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Thriving in Joy, with Susan Hunt

Susan Hunt will show you how to find joy in the midst of suffering.
Episode Artwork

Keep Singing, with Laura Booz

It's Christmas week! Let Laura Booz and the Grounded hosts encourage you to embrace the hubbub of the season and keep singing!
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Rediscovering the Characters of Christmas, with Daniel Darling

Look beyond the stereotypical story and rediscover the characters of Christmas with guest Daniel Darling on this week's Grounded.
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Biblical Wisdom for Your Relationship With Your In-Laws, with Barbara and Stacy Reaoch

Do in-law relationships have to be tense, hurtful, and frustrating? Discover a better way with Mother-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law duo Barbara and Stacy Reaoch.
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Glorifying God in the End of Life, with Colleen Chao

Can God use terminal cancer for His glory? Hear a powerful story of hope with guest Colleen Chao in this tender episode of Grounded.
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Wisely Responding to the Deconstruction Movement, with Alisa Childers

How can Christians stand firm in the "Age of Deconstruction"? Find out from Christian apologist Alisa Childers in this episode of Grounded.
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Dealing with Our Fear of Inadequacy, with Erica Wiggenhorn

You don't have to keep striving. Learn the beauty of a surrendered life with guest Erica Wiggenhorn.
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Responding to the Suicide Epidemic, with Julie Lowe

Suicide has become the second leading cause of death for 15–29 year-olds. Hear from experienced counselor Julie Lowe on how Christians can respond with hope.
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Hope for Life’s Detours, with Bethany Beal and Kristen Clark

Where can you find hope when your plans fall apart? Hear Bethany Beal and Kristen Clark’s perspective about life’s detours.
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Sharing the Light of Christ on a Dark Holiday, with Kelly Needham

Whether you’re stocking up on candy or turning off the porch lights this Halloween, Kelly Needham challenges you to shape your traditions to honor Christ.
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Five Myths about End-of-Life Care, with Dr. Kathryn Butler

Stewardship of our God-given lives matters until the very end. In this episode, consider how Scripture informs end-of-life decisions with Dr. Kathryn Butler.
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God’s Story in Iran

God is doing something remarkable in a place you might least expect. Hear about the revival happening in Iran from missionaries to the Middle East.
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Loving Your Sister Impacted by #MeToo, with Ellen Dykas

Behind every #MeToo and #ChurchToo hashtag is a woman who has been impacted by sexual abuse. Ellen Dykas helps you offer hope and perspective to these women.
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How the Gospel Heals the Pain of Fatherlessness, with Blair Linne

Spoken word artist Blair Linne grew up without a father. Today she says the gospel is what heals the wounds of her fatherlessness. Hear her story on Grounded.
Episode Artwork

Being a Confident Woman in a Confusing World, with Mary Kassian

Have you ever felt insecure? Discover the grit of a God-fearing woman and learn how to have the right kind of confidence with Mary Kassian.
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The Power of Your Kitchen Table, with Rosaria Butterfield

There’s power in your kitchen table. Catch a vision for radically ordinary hospitality with Rosaria Butterfield and Robyn McKelvy this week on Grounded.
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Budget Wisdom from the Money Saving Mom, with Crystal Paine

Is it possible for your grocery bill to go down even as prices go up? Crystal Paine explains how budgeting well can make an impact for the kingdom.
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Four Ways to Pray for the Crisis in Afghanistan

The headlines may be overwhelming, but you can do something about the crisis in Afghanistan: pray! Here are four ways you can push back the darkness.
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When Your Marriage Is on Life Support, with Jill Savage

One glance at a cell phone turned Jill Savage's world upside down. Hear how God restored one marriage in the wake of infidelity on Grounded.
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Loving God’s Word in Your Actual Life, with Tricia Lott Williford

Does everything seem to be getting in the way of your time with the Lord? Tricia Lott Williford explains how you can love God’s Word in your actual life.
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Prayer Is Your Work, Mom! with Sally Burke

168 million children worldwide are returning to school for the first time since March 2020. Sally Burke inspires you to pray for the kids and their teachers.
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Becoming a Woman of Influence, with Staci Rudolph and Michelle Hill

What difference can one woman really make? Consider how to become a woman of greater influence by exploring the life of Deborah with our hosts and Staci Rudolph
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Surrendering Control, with Olympic Diver Kimiko Soldati

Kimiko Soldati’s Olympic dreams consumed her. Hear her riveting story of laying down the illusion of control for Christ’s control.
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Be Kind, with Shaunti Feldhahn

In this episode of Grounded, social researcher Shaunti Feldhahn explains why Christ-like kindness is the change we need.
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Learning Surrender through Parenting a Special Needs Child, with Tracy Lane

“When surrendering is tough, remember Who you are surrendering to.” That’s wisdom Tracy Lane learned through parenting two special needs children.
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Everyday Faithfulness, with Glenna Marshall

Folding laundry with joy may be the most important thing you do today. Find out why on today’s episode with guest, Glenna Marshall.
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Healing from Sexual Trauma, with Tara Barthel and Mary Kassian

Every 68 seconds another American is sexually assaulted. Join the conversation as we navigate the topic of sexual trauma with a message of hope and healing.
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A Gospel Response to Pride Month, with Stephen Black

What if the rainbows symbolizing gay pride this month are opportunities to share the gospel? Stephen Black helps us consider how to respond.
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Discovering the Joy of Contentment, with Melissa Kruger

We’re all tempted to grumble and complain. But Melissa Kruger will show you how to experience the joy of contentment.
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Stewarding Screen Time, with Arlene Pellicane

Is your screen stealing your joy? Arlene Pellicane shares from a biblical perspective how you can use your phone wisely.
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A Call to Come Back to Christian Community, with Jarrod Sechler

If you’re still not in church, we’ve got a message for you: We want you back! Pastor Jarrod Sechler shares encouragement to help you flourish in Christ.
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A Biblical Perspective on Body Image, with Heather Creekmore

Heather Creekmore joins us for an honest, biblically-focused conversation about body image.
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The Power of One Woman, with Clare Toro

Regardless of your season or role, even your small acts of faithfulness matter. Clare Toro joins our hosts to share how one woman made a big impact in her life.
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Dealing with Dementia, with Holly Elliff

Holly Elliff understands the complexities, having cared for two parents with dementia. She offers hope-filled encouragement.
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Becoming a Well-Watered Woman, with Gretchen Saffles

Gretchen Saffles, founder of Well-Watered Women, is passionate about helping women live abundantly in Jesus.
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Finding True Fulfillment in Your Life’s Work, with Anne Yorks and Shylah Brossier

Anne Yorks, owner of The Flour Box, and Shylah Brossier, a stylist and clothing boutique owner, use their businesses to glorify God.
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The Epicenter of Hope, with Daniel Darling

Prepare your heart this Holy Week as Daniel Darling leads us through an in-depth look at five women named in Scripture as witnesses of the resurrection.
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Persevering Under Pressure

In a world growing more resistant to the Christian faith, how will you respond when you face pressure to compromise?
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One Year Later: Reflecting on Trials and Joy, with Amy Harris

As we look back over the last year, God’s faithfulness remains evident in the midst of the heartaches and difficulties.
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Hope for Death and Dying, with John & Donna Avant and Steve Teng

What do you believe about death? If you’re fearful, anxious, or overwhelmed by the reality of death, a change in perspective can bring you hope.
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How God Could Use Your Step of Obedience, with Marlene Luna and Nicole Forgette

What is the Lord calling you to do right now? Your step of obedience can have a bigger impact than you think.
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Praying for Revival, with Kathy Branzell

Kathy Branzell, President of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, joins our hosts to talk about the key to unlocking revival.
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Helping Marriages Thrive in Crisis, with Juli Slattery and Ray & Robyn McKelvy

Dr. Juli Slattery shares encouraging ways to help you experience deep joy and peace in your marriage, especially during challenging seasons.
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Created for Intimacy

Kimberly Wagner joins our hosts to talk about the topic of intimacy and some ways to combat loneliness.
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Aging with Grace, with Sharon Betters, Susan Hunt, and Wendy Schulz

Whatever your age or stage, you have an opportunity to serve Christ in that place. Today, Susan Hunt and Sharon Betters share their wisdom for aging with grace.
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What it Means to Be Peacemakers, with Tara Barthel and Laura Booz

Tara Barthel shares how God led her on the journey of peacemaking, and she explains how we can be people of peace.
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A Right Theology of Christian Conflict, with Mark Vroegop

Mark Vroegop tackles the topic of conflict and points to how it can be used as an opportunity for the gospel.
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Cultivating a Meaningful Advent Season, with Barbara Reaoch

Barbara Reaoch helps set the tone of this Advent season as she shares how we can observe it for ourselves, and then lead our families to the hope of Jesus.
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Understanding Biblical Lament with Mark Vroegop

Mark Vroegop has come to a deep understanding of lament after walking through many seasons of grief. Today he’s explaining a biblical definition of “lament”.