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English, Personal health, 4 seasons, 49 episodes, 1 day 16 hours 43 minutes
Kia ora and nau mai haere mai to Grey Areas with me, Petra Bagust. This is about growing up and going grey, in Aotearoa New Zealand because I’m getting older. And so are you. So how do we do it well? I reckon we can do it with a bit of gorgeousness and gusto and break that ‘getting old’ mould just a little. Or maybe more than a little. So join me as we climb into some of those topics that just aren't so clear-cut, maybe are a little chewy, a little crunchy… and let’s journey our way through them. I've got a group of wonderful wāhine, and the odd beaut bloke, to chat with, and we're going to share some wisdom that we've discovered along the way. And I’d love for you to share your wisdom with me too, because everybody has something to offer.
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Summer Series: Kate Rodger talks dating and menopause, going to the cinema and the power of vulnerability

Film reviewer extraordinaire Kate Rodger joins Grey Areas for another laugh-filled chat about stepping outside of her ‘lane’, dealing with feelings of overwhelm, and the progress she's making on her personal goals. Kate brings her trademark humour and wildly generous way with words to a conversation about new challenges, making time for what’s important, and never being afraid to have a good ol’ cry in the staff loos. If you want to hear more from Kate check out her earlier episode The edges of menopause from Season 2!See for privacy information.
21/02/202435 minutes 47 seconds
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Summer Series: Robert Rakete on front-footing his health, ageing authentically and keeping the romance sparkle alive

Iconic broadcaster Robert Rakete returns to Grey Areas, joining Petra for a candid and uplifting kōrero. Robert has been discovering more of his whakapapa as he continues to learn Te Reo Māori, and shares his love of embracing the beginner's mind, facing fears and embracing failure. Plus Robert catches Petra up on his recent prostate check-up! 👀 If you want to hear more scintillating stories from Robert check out his episode Recovering identity from Season 1!See for privacy information.
14/02/202429 minutes 55 seconds
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Summer Series: Miriama Kamo talks turning 50, falling off the sugar wagon, and Menopausal Hormone Therapy

Two years on from her first Grey Areas appearance, Petra catches up with journalist and TVNZ's Sunday host Miriama Kamo as she's rounded out her fifth decade. Turning 50 can invite introspection and casting new vision for your life. Miriama grabs this opportunity with both hands sharing the raft of intentions she has for this season from getting braces to studying te reo Māori. In the midst of goal-setting, Petra and Miriama reflect on how to sidestep shame and resource ourselves, even when life's not going exactly according plan. If you want to hear more of Miriama's heart and wisdom check out her and Robyn Malcolm's episode Menopause stories from Season 1!See for privacy information.
07/02/202425 minutes 52 seconds
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BONUS: Annie Crummer and Betty-Anne Monga chat about their Auckland Arts Festival event Hear Me Roar!

Annie Crummer and Betty-Anne Monga along with Julia Deans and Boh Runga will be forming a powerhouse ensemble at this year's Auckland Arts Festival performance, Hear Me Roar! on March 8. Annie and Betty-Anne joined me for a korero all about creativity, collaboration and purpose. We riff on the power of music to accompany us through every season - the summers and winters of life. Music offers us a kind of hope when life gets bogged down in the grey areas and we explore how as women we can move into our own confidence and taking up space. Get your tickets to Hear Me Roar! at and check out the rest of the incredible events at This bonus episode was brought to you by Auckland Arts Festival.See for privacy information.
31/01/202419 minutes 12 seconds
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BONUS: A kōrero about our bone health

Add to your kete of understanding our bone health with this kōrero with Christine Gill, Executive Director of Osteoporosis New Zealand.  The life cycle of these living tissues from birth to menopause and beyond is fascinating. Christine talks us through the process of bone turnover, the often misunderstood osteoporosis, the importance of achieving maximum bone strength by age 30, and the myriad factors that can influence our bone health throughout life. The good news is that it's never too early or late to care for our bones! Resources - Bone Health New Zealand <li
08/11/202311 minutes 26 seconds
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BONUS: May I introduce you to a friend this Mental Health Awareness Week?

It's Mental Health Awareness Week here in Aotearoa, New Zealand and so I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce you to a podcast called A Moment With. A Moment With is hosted by my friend Gen Mora, Co-Founder and General Manager of Voices of Hope, a not-for-profit organisation aimed to break the stigma around mental illness. In this podcast, Gen sits down with incredible individuals who have faced mental health challenges, delving into their personal lived experiences. They also explore the valuable tools and lessons they have gained on their journey. Have a listen to A Moment With on rova or wherever you get your podcasts.See for privacy information.
19/09/202310 minutes 24 seconds
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BONUS: Sunday Sanctuary | The Miracle of the Mundane

Kia ora! I hope you are going well. Don't panic - Season 04 of Grey Areas is on the way (I promise!)  While we are between seasons, I want to share another episode from my other podcast, Sunday Sanctuary.  This one is called The Miracle of the Mundane and it's all about finding joy and wonder within the everyday-ness of life. If this is something you'd like to hear more of, join the Sunday Sanctuary community on Instagram at @sundaysanctuarynz, and catch a new episode every second Sunday at 7am, wherever you get your podcasts. Just search for Sunday Sanctuary with Petra Bagust. Keep an eye on this feed for Grey Areas Season 4! I'm so excited to share what we have brewing.See for privacy information.
09/08/20231 hour 17 seconds
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BONUS: Introducing Sunday Sanctuary | Messy Motherhood

Kia ora! I have missed you. Exciting times - Season 03 of Grey Areas is dropping next week!  It's been a whole six months since Season 02 and while we've been working away at this next season, I've also been up to a little something else called Sunday Sanctuary.  It started as a live radio show on Sunday mornings on Today FM and ran for six whole weeks before the demise of the station meant it was all over. But we refused to give up on the show and it's now a podcast!  Inspired by the idea of creating a sanctuary, Sunday Sanctuary is a safe and peaceful place where people can reflect on spirituality and retreat from the chaos and noise of the outside world. It's different from Grey Areas but we thought you might like to have a listen! Join the Sunday Sanctuary community on Instagram at @sundaysanctuarynz, and catch a new episode every second Sunday at 7am, wherever you get your podcasts. Cat
15/05/20231 hour 6 minutes 13 seconds