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English, Social, 5 seasons, 140 episodes, 2 days 19 hours 45 minutes
We get life advice from women worth listening to. Sharing the pivotal moments that made them who they are today, our special guests tell us the best advice they’ve ever been given… and the worst.
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Grazia Fashion: Why I Wear It - a new Grazia podcast!

Getting dressed is emotional. Grazia Fashion News and Features Director Laura Antonia Jordan understands this better than anyone. In Why I Wear It, she tracks down stylish people and delves into the whys, whos and wheres of their wardrobe. What do they wear when they are not OK? Who do they really dress for? Why do clothes matter – or not? This is fashion, with feelings. Listen here to the first episode - with Kenya Hunt, Deputy Editor and Fashion Director of Grazia magazine, and author of Girl. And find the rest of the series wherever you usually get your podcasts.
30/09/202127 minutes 24 seconds
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Grazia Beauty Life Lessons - a new Grazia podcast!

Looking for beauty inspiration? In Grazia Beauty Life Lessons, Grazia Beauty Director Joely Walker gets fool-proof tips and brilliant product recommendations from some of Grazia’s favourite voices. In this first episode, blogger and author Candice Brathwaite talks about her search for the mattiest red lipstick. With 70 lipsticks in her make-up drawer, it's no surprise she describes her approach to beauty as 'extra-extra'. Subscribe to the whole series of Grazia Beauty Life Lessons wherever you get your podcasts.
27/01/202133 minutes 23 seconds