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English, Financial News, 1 season, 216 episodes, 5 days, 23 hours, 2 minutes
Kandas Nesbitt-Rodarte interviews groovy business owners, witty work at home moms and savvy sales professionals who are pursuing their passion.
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209: Maribeth Decker talks Pets and People

Discover author Maribeth Decker's journey from Navy officer to animal communicator. Explore insights on pet healing, loss, and unique business advice.
2/20/202445 minutes, 37 seconds
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208: Beate Chelette talks Setting Things into Motion

From debt transformation to Bill Gates collaboration, Beate Chelette shares her insights on ethical persuasion and authority building for impactful marketing.
2/13/202456 minutes, 42 seconds
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207: Remembering Ann Fonfa, advocate for Alternative Cancer Care

Explore alternative cancer care insights at Annie Apple Seed Project. Learn from a 30-year survivor's legacy. Embrace holistic health strategies for resilience.
2/6/202429 minutes, 59 seconds
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206: Tommy Wyatt talks Developing a Magnetic Personality

Unlock the secrets of a Magnetic Personality with Tommy Wyatt on the Gratitude Geek podcast. Learn actionable tips for networking success and genuine connections. Listen now!
1/30/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 33 seconds
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205: Lisa Robbin Young talks Strong Energy

The strongest energy wins. Elevate your business, set realistic goals, and embrace authenticity with #SuccessTips from Lisa Robbin Young.
1/23/202459 minutes, 3 seconds
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204: Dean Mercado Talks Finding Your Way to Business Success

In episode 204 of Gratitude Geek, Dean Mercado shares practical business success tips: goal achievement, networking, AI leverage, and staying ahead.
1/16/20241 hour, 2 minutes, 1 second
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203: Anthony Poponi talks Bad Kimchi and New Years Resolutions

Discover practical insights on workplace culture, resolutions, and embracing perspectives in a conversation with happiness expert, Anthony Poponi.
1/9/202449 minutes, 30 seconds
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202: Phyllis Leavitt on America In Therapy

Dive into behavior analysis with psychotherapist Phyllis Leavitt. Learn from her 30-year career, trauma insights, and global advocacy in "America in Therapy."
1/2/202450 minutes, 52 seconds
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201: Curt Tueffert Teaches Sales

Boost your sales skills with insights from Curt Tueffert. Discover the benefits of formal sales education, building strong relationships, and using personalized gestures for business success.
12/26/202348 minutes, 32 seconds
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200: Dr. Noah St. John

Unlock success in 2024 with Dr. Noah St John's Afformations! Shift your mindset, overcome head trash, and achieve goals effectively.
12/19/202351 minutes, 36 seconds
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199: What AJ Davis Learned from 100 Coffee Conversations

Explore insights from AJ Davis, website UX expert and founder of Experiment Zone. Learn about essential web elements, career joy, and 2024 predictions.
12/12/202347 minutes, 42 seconds
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198: Emanuel Rose Explains How to Sell to Gen Z

Master Gen Z marketing: Optimize Google Maps, use keywords, and embrace storytelling. Engage on LinkedIn, experiment with PPC, prioritize self-care.
12/5/202347 minutes, 11 seconds
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197: Krishna Avalon on Rewiring Your Brain

Krishna Avalon, a holistic health coach, helps individuals break free from limiting beliefs and heal through subconscious transformation.
11/28/202343 minutes, 1 second
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196: Paige Arnof-Fenn on Knowing Your Audience

Explore key insights on online branding, market research, and influencer strategies with marketing maven Paige Arnof-Fenn.
11/21/202357 minutes, 50 seconds
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195: Phebe Trotman Go Hard for Five

Unlock success with Phebe Trotman's wisdom: master storytelling, build a trusted network, and apply soccer lessons for business triumph. Listen now!
11/14/202353 minutes, 13 seconds
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194: Tina Larsson on Building Success for Condo Associations

Tina Larsson built success in her co-op and condo consultancy by reducing costs, and building a sustainable future.
11/7/202351 minutes, 51 seconds
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193: Kevin O’Connor from Grief to Legacy

Explore Kevin O'Connor's inspiring journey, from writing to LGBTQ+ advocacy. Discover the power of authenticity in this podcast episode.
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192: Joshua Bloom Heals Mind, Body and Spirit

Quantum Energy Transformation (QET) is a powerful healing modality that can help you overcome your limitations and achieve incredible transformations in your life. QET works at the cellular level to release energy that is causing problems in the body, and it can be used to heal physical ailments, emotional trauma, and even clear entities.
10/24/202347 minutes, 58 seconds
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191: Leonard Scheiner explains Edutainment Marketing

Discover Edutainment Marketing insights from Leonard Scheiner. Build your personal brand for success in niche marketing.
10/17/202345 minutes, 47 seconds
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190: Theresa Rose’s Lessons from Riding Shotgun in a Pink Cadillac

Discover valuable lessons in entrepreneurship, branding, and personal growth with Theresa Rose. Embrace uniqueness and clarity in your journey.
10/10/202349 minutes, 31 seconds
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189: Rachel Allen is Stupid Lucky

Discover the power of 'stupid lucky' business mindset, neuroscience of communication, and timeless authenticity in marketing with Rachel Allen.
10/3/202350 minutes, 45 seconds
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188: Darleen Priday on Authentic and Empathetic Selling

Learn the art of empathetic selling and authentic relationship building in sales. Discover the rewards of generosity and gratitude.
9/26/202352 minutes, 15 seconds
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187: Publicity Expert Jill Lublin on the Ripple Effect of Kindness

Unlock profits through kindness. Expert Jill Lublin shares tips on boosting reputation, media visibility, and business relationships.
9/19/202338 minutes, 16 seconds
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186: Larry Wilson on Talking to Humans

Discover the secrets of communication and success with Emmy-nominated performer and Comedy Magician of the Year, Larry Wilson, as he shares insights on the Gratitude Geek podcast.
9/12/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 36 seconds
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185: Matthew Bracket Military Chaplain on Seeing Ourselves through the Lens of Others

Explore diversity, leadership, and gratitude with former military chaplain Matthew Brackett. Gain insights on embracing differences and fostering inclusivity.
9/5/202348 minutes, 41 seconds
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184: Ilene Marcus Serving Your Future Self

Learn from Ilene Marcus in this insightful podcast interview about entrepreneurship, collaboration, and overcoming challenges. Gain valuable insights for success.
8/29/202346 minutes, 46 seconds
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183: Craig Andrews on Dating Your Clients

Learn how to build trust and revenue with first-time offers. Craig Andrews shares strategies for client engagement and loyalty on the Gratitude Geek podcast.
8/22/202342 minutes, 47 seconds
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182: Donna Tashjian Unpacking Emotional Baggage

Unpack emotional baggage with Donna Tashjian. Explore resilience, personal growth, video marketing, and vision boards for success in this transformative podcast.
8/15/202345 minutes, 46 seconds
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181: R. Scott Edwards Laughs and Lessons from a Lifetime of Comedy Entrepreneurship

Dive into the world of comedy entrepreneurship with R Scott Edwards. Learn from his journey working with legends and building relationships.
8/8/202359 minutes, 22 seconds
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180: Ben Currier, World’s #1 Failure Guy on Embracing Failure, Saying Yes, and Finding Success

Embrace failure as a path to growth and success. Listen to this podcast interview with Ben Currier, the world's #1 failure guy, and discover his inspiring journey.
8/1/202357 minutes, 4 seconds
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179: Artist Michaell Magrutsche | Neurodiversity is a Superpower

Discover the power of human potential and neurodiversity in this captivating Gratitude Geek Podcast episode with artist and author Michael Magrutsch
7/25/202355 minutes, 51 seconds
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178: Atiba de Souza explains How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google

Learn effective strategies to rank your YouTube videos on Google. Atiba de Souza shares valuable insights on video SEO, content optimization, and maximizing impact. Boost your visibility and reach a wider audience.
7/18/202355 minutes, 51 seconds
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177: Jennifer S. Wilkov on Empowering Women to Speak Up and Be Heard

Empower women to speak up and be heard! Join Jennifer S. Wilkov on the Gratitude Geek podcast as she shares insights and strategies for overcoming self-doubt and fear, embracing self-worth, and making a meaningful impact.
7/11/202352 minutes, 39 seconds
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176: Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn on Empowering Female Leaders

Join Kirsteen Williamson Guinn, a transformational coach, on the Gratitude Geek podcast. Discover how to shift from reaction to creation and empower yourself as a female leader.
7/4/202350 minutes, 1 second
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175: Donna Serdula on Creating Space for LinkedIn Success

Discover the power of creating space for success as Donna Serdula shares her inspiring story. Learn LinkedIn profile optimization tips for solopreneurs, content creators, and network marketers to attract new opportunities.
6/27/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 34 seconds
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174 Cora Naylor on Giving Emotion Freedom to Struggling Entrepreneurs

Discover the power of emotion code healing and unleash your business success! Join Cora Naylor, a certified emotion coach, as she guides women in releasing trapped emotions that hinder growth.
6/20/202341 minutes, 21 seconds
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173: Noemi Beres on How to Be a Groovy Podcast Guest

Learn valuable insights from Noemi Beres, co-owner of Podcast Connections, on how to successfully pitch yourself as a guest on podcasts. Discover effective strategies for building relationships with podcast hosts and optimizing your podcast guest experience. Grow your business through interviews and make a lasting impact in the podcasting world. Listen now to this informative episode!
6/13/202349 minutes, 18 seconds
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172: Kim Curtis on Natural Money Laws for Lasting Wealth

Discover the inspiring journey of Kim Curtis, bestselling author and renowned wealth management advisor. From humble beginnings to groundbreaking success, her captivating money story will leave you motivated and empowered.
6/6/202353 minutes, 38 seconds
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171: Stephanie Paul Explains Why Stories Sell

Interview with Stephanie Paul, an expert in storytelling and leadership. Discover the transformative power of authentic connection and emotional engagement in marketing and decision-making.
5/30/202349 minutes, 2 seconds
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170: Master the Art of Engaging Virtual Meetings with John Chen

Discover expert tips and strategies to make your virtual meetings engaging and impactful with virtual meeting guru John Chen.
5/23/20231 hour, 35 seconds
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169: Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno on His Path to Becoming the Director of the Vatican Observatory

Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, the director of the Vatican Observatory, shares his story of how he discovered his passion for meteorites and asteroids and how he ended up working at the Vatican Observatory. He also discusses the relationship between religion and science.
5/16/20231 hour, 1 minute, 36 seconds
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168: Jennie Bellinger on How to Dominate Your Sales with the DISC Assessment

Jennie Bellinger, the Direct Sales Domme, joins us to discuss how the DISC assessment can help you dominate your sales. Learn how to identify your DISC style, understand your customers' DISC styles, and use this information to close more deals.
5/9/202357 minutes, 16 seconds
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167: Meridith Grundei on the Power of “Yes, And”

In this Gratitude Geek episode, public speaking coach Meridith Grundei shares insights on effective communication, the benefits of improv, and the importance of gratitude.
5/2/202348 minutes, 21 seconds
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166: Lynn Rivest on Minimalism for Micropreneurs

Minimalist business strategist Lynn Rivest shares tips on repelling the wrong clients, email marketing, branding, and more.
4/25/202345 minutes, 41 seconds
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165: Tim Fitzpatrick on Failure and Growth

Learn from Tim Fitzpatrick's entrepreneurial journey and marketing expertise as he discusses the importance of strategy planning, leadership, and defining failure in marketing consulting.
4/18/202349 minutes, 30 seconds
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164: Julianna Coughlin on Finding the Right Shell

Join me in a thought-provoking conversation with registered dietitian and podcast host Julianna Coughlin as we discuss diverse topics such as the Harry Potter controversy, managing chronic illnesses, and implementing gratitude practices in our daily lives.
4/11/202356 minutes, 35 seconds
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163: Anthony Poponi

Join host Kandas Rodarte on the Gratitude Geek podcast as she talks to happiness expert Anthony Poponi about finding happiness and success through intentional action, navigating difficult relationships, and the importance of gratitude.
4/4/202358 minutes, 44 seconds
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162: Vicky Winkler | Insights on Marketing, Branding, and Professional Networking

Gain valuable insights on marketing, branding, and professional networking from marketing professor, Vicky Winkler.
3/28/202355 minutes, 35 seconds
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161: Steve Buzogany on Creating Your Gift Giving Referral Strategy

Learn how gift giving can be a powerful referral strategy for service-based businesses from former top 10% real estate agent Steve Buzogany. Discover the importance of personalization, avoiding bad gifts, and showing gratitude to clients.
3/21/202351 minutes, 19 seconds
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160: Emma Schermer Tamir discusses Partners, Productivity, and Positioning

Emma Schermer Tamir shares insights on building successful business partnerships, overcoming perfectionism, and differentiating your product in a competitive market. Learn about the tools and strategies she uses to manage her business efficiently.
3/14/202357 minutes, 3 seconds
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159: Liz Scully explains Why Business Strategy Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Learn how understanding BDSM can help you build better business strategies in this episode of the Gratitude Geek podcast with Liz Scully, a business strategist and mastermind coach.
3/7/202347 minutes, 57 seconds
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158: Creating Community featuring Michelle Slaney-Trovato

Michelle Slaney-Trovato envisions empowering special needs families by creating financial legacies through real estate investments. Building community through generosity & authentic connections.
2/28/202356 minutes, 27 seconds
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157: David Baer explains Marketing Strategy for Solopreneurs

Learn marketing strategy for solopreneurs from David Baer, host of More Perfect Marketing podcast. Get actionable tips and insights from a seasoned pro to take your business to the next level.
2/21/202359 minutes, 15 seconds
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156: Visibility Coach Sarah Varughese on Changing Your Narrative

After overcoming childhood shyness, surviving a potential life-ending stroke and pivoting from Even Photographer to Visibility Coach during the pandemic, Sarah Varughese can certainly speak on changing your narrative to create a better outcome.
2/14/202354 minutes, 42 seconds
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155: DIY SEO Expert Jeremy Poland explains Backlinking

Insightful podcast with Jeremy Poland, marketer turned digital agency owner. Specializing in SEO for small businesses. Discover how he created DIY SEO system for improved rankings, traffic & revenue
2/7/202350 minutes, 35 seconds
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154: Media Advisor Vinnie Potestivo on Creating Data Points of Influence

Vinnie Potestivo, Emmy award-winning media advisor & Editor-in-Chief of I Have A Podcast, discovers & amplifies independent podcasters. Develops original content across media platforms, particularly podcasts, with his team at
1/31/202351 minutes, 13 seconds
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153: Maya Ford Creates Powerful Soundwaves of Change

Maya Ford of Ford Momentum used their Standard of Love system to help Houston, TX redesign more than $1B in public spaces
1/24/202359 minutes, 50 seconds
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152: Amy Stone on Birthing a Coaching Business during the Pandemic

Blended family coach, Amy Stone, shares how and why she launched her coaching business during the pandemic.
1/17/202353 minutes, 41 seconds
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151: Corinna Bellizzi on the Future of Nutrition (plus an #HonestReview)

Omega-3 expert Corinna Bellizzi explains the future of sustainable nutrition.
1/10/202352 minutes, 5 seconds
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150: Beyond Cancer

Celebrate the 150th episode of Gratitude Geek, a relationship marketing podcast with a brief health update from host, Kandas Rodarte.
12/20/202230 minutes, 15 seconds
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149: Rob Broadhead on Learned Contentment

Rob Broadhead is a life-long technical "geek" that has been part of numerous start-ups over the years and used those experiences to find out what brings him joy.
12/13/202239 minutes, 26 seconds
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148: Susanna Dussling on Resilience & Regret

Susanna Dussling is a deaf bilateral cochlear implant wearer living a meaningful and purposeful life with resilience and no regrets.
12/6/202250 minutes, 52 seconds
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147: Michelle Nedelec explains the Marketing Ladder of Ascension

Marketing automation guru Michelle Nedelec explains how to use the ladder of ascension to scale your business.
11/29/202248 minutes, 15 seconds
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146: Growth and Gratitude

Host Kandas Rodarte shares her thoughts on the Colorado Springs LGBTQ club shooting, reads a story about growth and gratitude and gives a brief health update.
11/22/202219 minutes, 53 seconds
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145: Client Testimonials featuring Erin Ollila (Part 2 of 2)

Copywriter, Erin Ollila shares top tips from her Client Testimonial Toolbox.
11/15/202234 minutes, 41 seconds
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144: The Next Right Thing featuring Copywriter, Erin Ollila (Part 1 of 2)

Erin Ollila believes in the power of words and how a message can inform—and even transform—its intended audience.
11/8/202242 minutes, 23 seconds
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143: Becoming Better Humans featuring Kevin Palmieri

Early in his life, Kevin Palmieri found “success”, but after a brush with suicide he realized he wasn´t living the life he truly wanted.
11/1/202253 minutes, 2 seconds
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142: Lessons from the Other Side featuring Tanya Bugbee & Glenna Griffin

Tanya Bugbee, Glenna Griffin and Kandas Rodarte discuss networking lessons from the other side of the pandemic.
10/25/202234 minutes, 28 seconds
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141: The Future of Networking featuring Dr. Ivan Misner

At about the 50-minute mark, I ask Ivan a question he's never previously answered in a podcast.
10/18/202259 minutes, 28 seconds
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140: Jason Van Orden on Growing Your Impact

Jason Van Orden shares the 4 pieces of a profitable online course plus the best business advice he received from his 10-year old daughter.
10/11/202256 minutes, 11 seconds
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139: Put Your Best Face Forward featuring Headshot Photographer Deb Davis

Deb Davis is Detroit’s premier headshot specialist. Her goal as your photographer is to connect and engage with you in order to bring out your very best, so you can showcase your personality and skill.
10/4/202259 minutes, 50 seconds
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138: Going Rogue with Your Money Mindset featuring Melissa Myers, CFP®

Melissa Myers, CFP® is a heart-centered, female financial planner, #1 best-selling author, speaker, owner of multiple financial services businesses and she is Going Rogue! Conventional wisdom about personal finance has a place, yet it isn’t always the place to start or end. Melissa’s unique approach to building and preserving wealth starts with mindset and ends with life-changing impact.
9/27/202250 minutes, 31 seconds
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137:  Radical Self-Care for Caregivers featuring Susanne White

Hear caregiving expert Susanne White's unexpected journey and tips from "Self Care for Caregivers."
9/20/202248 minutes, 13 seconds
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136: Create 3-Months of Social Media Content is Just One Day featuring Hannah Acosta

Hannah Acosta leads the Social Media Department at Ugly Mug Marketing. Listen to how she creates 3 months of social media posts in one day.
9/13/202254 minutes, 54 seconds
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135: Making a Difference featuring Sales Trainer, Jeff Clatterbaugh

Jeff Clatterbaugh has trained and developed many sales people in the mortgage and real estate industry over the years and founded an organization called Sales Achievement.
9/6/202248 minutes, 8 seconds
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134: Find, Keep and Enjoy the Right Relationships featuring Michelle Hoffman

Michelle Hoffman is a 2x International Bestselling Author, Speaker & Relationship coach helping you find the confidence to live and love life as you dream it can be through The Art of Relationshipping.
8/30/202250 minutes, 12 seconds
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133: Social Media Mindset featuring Nicole Porter of Monomoy Social Media

Nicole Porter helps small businesses navigate the large and overwhelming world of social media by focusing on authenticity.
8/23/202251 minutes, 57 seconds
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132: Surprising Marketing Lessons Learned while Caring for An Aging Parent featuring Wendy Taddeucci (Classic)

Wendy helps other adult children come to terms with the role reversal of caring for their parents, so that they can move forward and make the best decisions for their parents themselves and for their families.
8/16/202237 minutes, 43 seconds
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131: Changing Self-Limiting Beliefs featuring Judy Kane

Judy Kane, founder of Aligned Consciousness, helps people identify and release subconscious beliefs that keep them repeating unhealthy, stressful patterns.
8/9/202249 minutes, 57 seconds
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130: Super Niching featuring The TNG Podcast hosts Shereese and Andrea

Shereese and Andrea are the hosts of The TNG Podcast and founders of the Sci-Fi Matters Club on Clubhouse.
8/2/202254 minutes, 7 seconds
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129: From Book to Video Game featuring JV Hilliard

JV Hilliard is a dark fantasy author and creator of the Warminster series, the basis of an upcoming blended fantasy video game.
7/26/202258 minutes, 35 seconds
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How to Sleep Better featuring Riley Jarvis | Episode 128

Riley is the Founder & CEO of The Sleep Consultant - an organization that helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, and high performers transform their sleep to significantly boost their productivity and energy levels.
7/19/202248 minutes, 43 seconds
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127: Hibby Bartlett, All You Need is Love

Hibby Bartlett is the Founder of World LOVE bank, a new health and wellness app designed to build and secure emotional health via positive messages from loved ones.
7/12/202259 minutes, 5 seconds
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Oodles about Google featuring Brandon Leibowitz | Episode 126

Brandon runs and operates SEO Optimizers, a digital marketing company helping small and medium-sized businesses rank in Google for hyper-competitive keywords, increasing sales and generating new business.
7/5/202236 minutes, 25 seconds
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Cybersecurity for Solopreneurs featuring Ryan O’Hara | Episode 125

Ryan O’Hara is an entrepreneur, cybersecurity expert and founder of Sphinx Cybersecurity, an IT and Cybersecurity service provider in Dearborn, Michigan.
6/28/202249 minutes, 7 seconds
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What the Heck is Backlinking? Featuring Harrison Baron | Episode 124

Harrison Baron is the founder and CEO of Growth Generators, offering web design and search engine optimization. Listen to hear the lessons he learned from a recent house fire.
6/21/202253 minutes, 15 seconds
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From Checkered Past to Checkered Flags featuring the late Ben Beeler | Episode 123

In the over 150 interviews I've done, less than a handful have moved me to tears. This is one of them.
6/14/202237 minutes, 33 seconds
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If You Want Something, Do Something featuring Melinda Russell | Episode 122

Not finding any kind of group or organization for women in motorsports, Melinda Russell created her own.
6/7/202239 minutes, 28 seconds
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Do What Makes You Happy featuring Adeel Butt | Episode 121

Adeel Butt is the Co-Founder and CEO of TekRevy and The Eats App. An entrepreneur with a diverse business and scientific background, Adeel solves problems with technology based solutions
5/31/202227 minutes, 11 seconds
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If You Aren’t Getting the Results You Want, Try Changing Your Focus | Episode 120

How changing my search term is answering questions about my family history and introducing me to unknown relatives.
5/24/202221 minutes, 36 seconds
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The High Five Effect featuring Matt Ward | Episode 119

Matt Ward is a firm believer that you shouldn't hoard your own knowledge and that you should give some away if it can possibly help someone.
5/17/202249 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Marketing Paradigm Shift featuring Marco Torres | Episode 118

Marco Torres is the Founder of, he has helped thousands of business owners worldwide boost sales and scale their businesses by as much as 5-fold through the use of incentive-based marketing.
5/10/202241 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

From Artist to Entrepreneur featuring Don Abad | Episode 117

As a typical struggling artist who loved the art and craft of filmmaking, Don Abad struggled to get by between gigs.
5/3/202247 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Great Communication Begins at Home featuring Diana Indries | Episode 116

Diana Indries is passionate about helping couples improve their relationships by communicating better, having deeper conversations, but also still have lots of fun
4/26/202250 minutes, 45 seconds
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Move Your Bum featuring Jeanette Y. Martin | Episode 115

As a social media whisperer, Jeanette Y. Martin shows people how to take their “in-real-life” business skills and apply them to today’s online, social media world with the result of pulling customers off social media and into their business.
4/19/202236 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Manifestation Tips & Techniques featuring Rai Hyde Cornell | Episode 114

Rai Hyde Cornell has been freelancing for more than 15 years. Now, she's sharing all of her most powerful business AND manifestation tricks and techniques with other freelancers.
4/12/202231 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Build Your Regenerative Brand featuring Corinna Bellizzi | Episode 113

Corinna Bellizzi launched her first podcast show, Care More Be Better, to share the stories of inspired individuals and conscious companies to show us all that one person with one idea can have a big impact.
4/5/202231 minutes, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Destination is Worth the Journey featuring Todd Falcone | Episode 112

With over 25 years of experience in the profession of network marketing and direct selling, Todd Falcone has a strong passion for the industry and what it has to offer. Over the past decade, he has dedicated a majority of his time speaking and training on the subject of network marketing success.
3/29/202232 minutes, 33 seconds
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Love and Money featuring Katrina Sawa | Episode 111

Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she kicks her clients into high gear making more money doing what they love.
3/22/202225 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

People Skills featuring Terry Begue | Episode 110

Terry Begue started his painting business fresh out of high school with no money, no experience, and no connections. He quickly learned he was just another painter in an overcrowded market. Refusing to settle, he began perfecting his people skills.
3/15/202234 minutes, 41 seconds
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Meaningful Introductions featuring Swire Ho | Episode 109

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Swire Ho immigrated to Los Angeles in 1996. He is a proud Chinese American who speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English. He trained as a sound engineer, working at recording studios and entertainment agencies before starting his own firm, Hellman Production, Inc, 2003 in Los Angeles. Swire and his team successfully produced attractive, personalized DVD and CD cases and custom merchandise like T-shirts, earning a Score award in 2009, for small business success. His business eventually grew so popular, he decided to sell Hellman Production in 2013 to focus exclusively on the promotional product industry.
3/8/202233 minutes, 32 seconds
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Spreading Happiness featuring John Cronin & Mark X. Cronin | Episode 108

John and Mark X. Cronin are the father-son team that founded John’s Crazy Socks, a social enterprise with a mission to spread happiness. John is an entrepreneur and Special Olympic athlete who just happens to have Down syndrome.
3/1/202245 minutes, 48 seconds
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107: Telling Stories featuring Alison Ver Halen

Alison Ver Halen is a content marketer and SEO strategist who is building a business around doing what she loves: telling stories.
2/22/202231 minutes, 56 seconds
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Unleashing the Creative Process featuring Douglas Rappaport | Episode 106

Originally a classically trained violinist and composer, Douglas Rappaport studied music at various conservatories in the U.S. and abroad. After receiving his Advanced Studies degree in Film and Television Scoring Douglas found a renewed creative outlet as an author.
2/15/202231 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Idea to Invention featuring Kimberly Cloud | Episode 105

Kimberly is a veteran, inventor and multi-preneur currently living in Santa Maria, California who overcame drug addiction and homelessness. She has a burning to desire to help her community grow technologically and innovatively.
2/8/202225 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Shorten Your Work Week with Time Blocking featuring Ashao FreeSky | Episode 104

Ashao helps mission-led coaches become more productive so they can work less and live more. He’s passionate about helping parent-preneurs create space to enjoy their families while growing their business. He's the founder of
2/1/202233 minutes, 52 seconds
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Powerful Tools to Help Manage Every Day Stress | Part 4

Part 4 of Practical Steps to Stress Management.
12/27/20216 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bonus: Practical Steps for Stress Management Audiobook

Bonus audiobook for Marketing Coffee Club Robusta members.
12/27/202147 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Beating Stress In The Long Run | Conclusion

Conclusion of Practical Steps to Stress Management.
12/25/20211 minute, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Change is as Good as Rest | Part 1

Chapter 1 of Practical Guide to Stress Management.
12/25/20214 minutes, 34 seconds
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How to Start a Gratitude Practice | Episode 103

This week on Gratitude Geek | A Relationship Marketing Podcast for Micropreneurs, I offer the replay of my December 2021 Micro-Influencer Magic Lunch and Learn, part two of the science of gratitude. Yes, it is scientifically proven that gratitude is good. So, why not implement one or all of the 8 gratitude practices outlined in the episode?
12/7/202141 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Science of Gratitude | Episode 102

This week on Gratitude Geek | A Relationship Marketing Podcast for Micropreneurs, I offer the replay to my November 2021 Micro-Influencer Magic Lunch and Learn about the science of gratitude. Yes, it is scientifically proven that gratitude is good.
11/16/202133 minutes, 35 seconds
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Unlearning for Success featuring Brian Hilliard | Episode 101

Brian Hilliard is a Popular Speaker, Coach & Author of the best-selling book Networking Like a Pro, and How to Overachieve w/o Over Committing. As a graduate of Duke University, Brian started his speaking business in 2001, and he has spoken to literally hundreds of audiences in the areas of Marketing, Leadership & Everyday Success Habits.
11/9/202131 minutes, 59 seconds
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Reclaiming Gratitude Geek | Episode 100

Going forward this show is all about gratitude... gratitude in our lives, gratitude in our businesses, and gratitude in the messages we tell the world.
11/2/202114 minutes, 8 seconds
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99 Reasons to Blog featuring Paul Taubman | Episode 99

As the Chief Online Strategist of Digital Maestro, Paul B. Taubman, II teaches “technical stuff” to non-techies! He’s a master instructor at taking the obscure and complex and explaining it in a simple, fun, and educational way. Paul focuses his attention on teaching online marketing to folks looking to take control of their lives.
10/26/202133 minutes, 33 seconds
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Forging Powerful Connections featuring Kelly Hoey | Episode 98

Kelly Hoey is determined to change the way we understand and approach the critical career skill of networking. She’s the author of Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Connections In A Hyper-Connected World (Penguin Random House), a modern, practical guide to the necessary (and frequently misunderstood) task of networking.
10/19/202149 minutes, 56 seconds
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What to Do When Your Network is Sleepy featuring Robbie Samuels | Episode 97

“You’ve already met 80% of the people you need to know to be successful.” Robbie Samuels In this episode of Be Who You Want to Be: Your Business Your Life, the podcast for micropreneurs designing your business and your life on your own terms, I’m joined by author, podcast host, basically all-around groovy dude, Robbie Samuels. Robbie is a multi-passionate entrepreneur or what some would call a “multi-hyphenate.” In his case, this means he’s a professional speaker – business growth strategy coach – virtual event design consultant – executive Zoom producer – emcee – podcast host – author – virtual…
10/12/202139 minutes, 52 seconds
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Finding Inner Peace through Unmet Expectations featuring Ben Winter | Episode 96

Ben Winter is an Author, Speaker, Actor, Improvist, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Father, and much, much more. He loves to explore, yes, physical places around the world, but also he loves to explore the mind. His most recent book, What to Expect when Having Expectations explores using the anger of unmet expectations to find inner peace.
10/5/202135 minutes, 29 seconds
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Stop Puking, Start Selling | Episode 94

Jennie Bellinger is a Certified Professional Coach and the host of the Badass Direct Sales Mastery Podcast.
9/21/202143 minutes, 59 seconds
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Pitch Yourself to Podcasts | Episode 93

This week on Be Who You Want to Be: Your Business, Your Life, the podcast for micropreneurs designing your business and your life on your own terms, I am sharing the replay from my September 2021 Lunch & Learn entitled Pitch Yourself to Podcasts.
9/14/202126 minutes, 24 seconds
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Tools for Authentic Marketing featuring Carol Clegg | Episode 92

Carol Clegg helps small businesses share authentic content on social media. She loves teaching solutions on how to master your own marketing until you can afford to pay a team to help you.
9/7/202142 minutes, 32 seconds
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Simple Action Steps to Reduce Stress During a Pandemic and Beyond featuring Carlee Myers | Episode 91

Carlee Myers, a Diplomate of The American Institute of Stress, is an expert at helping stressed-out leaders create true emotional and financial freedom all while working less. Carlee believes there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to stress management.
8/31/202134 minutes, 31 seconds
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90 Failure & Regret featuring Shulamit Ber Levtov

Shula Ber Levtov helps womxn entrepreneurs stay sane as they ride the emotional rollercoaster of running a business. As a former psychotherapist and trauma specialist, Shula brings a unique approach to emotional support and mental health for womxn entrepreneurs by using mental wellness and resilience KPIs.
8/24/202133 minutes, 16 seconds
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89 Becoming a Better Entrepreneur with Justin Higgins

After leaving his corporate career, and subsequently launching and winding down his first business, Justin Higgins created an internet art project called 24HourHomePage to become a better entrepreneur.
8/17/202133 minutes, 34 seconds
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Gratitude | Episode 88

This week on Be Who You Want to Be: Your Business, Your Life, the podcast for micropreneurs designing your business and your life on your own terms, I'm going to share a few stories about gratitude.
7/6/202115 minutes, 26 seconds
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Safe is for Sissies featuring Samantha Schultz | Episode 87

Samantha Schultz overcame perfectionism and fear before leaving corporate America to launch her travel franchise. She was raised to do the safe thing and work a desk job at a good company and quickly learned that was a great way to work for the weekend. As a franchise owner who has built a solid business, Samantha now enjoys time off whenever she wants.
6/29/202130 minutes, 32 seconds
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Secrets of the Wealthy with Lane Kawaoka | Episode 86

Lane is an ex-Civil Engineer who invests passively in Real Estate from Honolulu, Hawaii. He worked for a big bad private company as a construction engineer but, found happiness and balance at a lower-paying job after some saving and investing. He journals his experiences on the "Simple Passive Cashflow" podcast.
6/22/202131 minutes, 56 seconds
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Remembering Todd Ross | Episode 85

This week on Be Who You Want to Be: Your Business, Your Life, the podcast for micropreneurs defining your business and your life on your own terms, I offer a rebroadcast of my 2015 interview with Desert Storm veteran Todd Ross, co-hosted by Dawn Mitchell of The Corporate Couch.
6/15/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 21 seconds
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Wear Your Gratitude with Tim Young | Episode 84

Tim Young is a passionate marketer and entrepreneur who has written several books about homesteading and the business of farming. He has also launched several businesses including one that was listed in the INC 500 fastest growing companies. He recently launched a new collaboration with his wife and daughter called Gratitude Garb.
6/8/202131 minutes, 14 seconds
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83: Leaving 9 to 5 featuring Alisa Rose

Alisa Rose left a six-figure corporate job as a Global Investment Manager in 2011 and bet on herself as a full-time entrepreneur and single mother of 2. She is currently the owner of a successful boutique fitness studio in Wilmington Delaware, Art Fitness, and is launching a women’s apparel brand, Sisu Athletics, in the fall of 2021.
6/1/202128 minutes, 57 seconds
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Resilience is Power featuring Kristina Shea | Episode 82

Widowed twice, Kristina raised her daughter, climbed corporate ladders, ran a consulting business, and taught fitness and dance while working. And if that is not enough, she did it all while earning several University diplomas and professional designations. Then, her story really gets interesting. Welcome Kristina.
5/25/202132 minutes, 43 seconds
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Dude, Why is the IRS Sending Me Money featuring Charles Read | Episode 81

Charles J Read is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), U.S Tax Court Practitioner ( USTCP), member of Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC), and the Founder of GetPayroll. Mr. Read’s companies have provided full-service payroll services, payroll tax services, and other payroll-related services since 1991.
5/18/202131 minutes, 15 seconds
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Blockchain for 8-Year Olds with Nicholas Prouten | Episode 80

With nearly a decade of experience in the tech sector and half a decade in the blockchain industry, Nicholas is an expert in driving project growth. Using his unique leadership style and vision, he cultivates seamless paths to create value and transcend goals. A firm believer that diversity is strength, Nicholas has worked in a wide array of industries, ranging from cybersecurity, gaming, real estate, entertainment, and blockchain.
5/11/202136 minutes, 5 seconds
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Creating a Connected Brand featuring Elizabeth Pampalone | Episode 79

Elizabeth is an Author, International Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur, and Expert Marketer with over 20 years of experience. Her innovative approach helps overwhelmed business owners and burnt-out nonprofit directors achieve success and freedom through the power of Absolute Marketing™.
5/4/202135 minutes, 32 seconds
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Women as Changemakers featuring Roshni Baronia | Episode 78

Today on the Be Who You Want to Be: Your Business, Your Life podcast, I’m joined by an international speaker and changemaker, Roshni Baronia. Roshni works with ambitious, purpose-driven female entrepreneurs to equip them with all the tools, systems, and strategies that help them step into their best …
4/27/202133 minutes
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K.I.S.S. Your Business featuring Asha Wilkerson, Esq. | Episode 77

As a business attorney and coach, Asha's primary focus is helping entrepreneurs find the legal, financial, and business information they need to build a business and leave a legacy. Whether the business is a full-time endeavor, a side hustle, or a gig, knowledge helps create financial stability and security for generations to come.
4/20/202135 minutes, 32 seconds
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Finding Financial Freedom with Deanna Ooley | Episode 76

This week’s episode of the Be Who You Want to Be: Your Business, Your Life Podcast, is a rebroadcast of a classic Gratitude Geek show filmed on location in 2014 at Conroe Coffee in Conroe, Texas. Times change and Conroe Coffee is NOW Vernele’s Bakery. However, the financial advice of my interviewee, Deanna Ooley, is still as strong as espresso. Deanna Ooley is a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor. In fact, she is the recipient of the 2012 Outstanding Financial Peace Coordinator of the Year award.  In this interview, she shares some practical advice for finding financial freedom. Pay close…
4/13/202114 minutes, 8 seconds
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Keep it Simple featuring Furnituremaker Shane Rodarte | Episode 75

In addition to being my business partner and husband for 23 years, Shane is known for his masterful early American reproduction beds that grace the homes of fortune 500 executives, movie stars, and grammy-winning recording artists
4/6/202137 minutes, 59 seconds
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Watch Me Play featuring Content Creator Aldebarr | Episode 74

This week on the Be Who You Want to Be: Your Business, Your Life podcast, I’m joined by content creator, Aldebarr. Aldebarr is relatively new to content creation and has built a following in just a few months. If content creation is new to you, it shouldn’t be. As a podcaster, I’m a content creator, and so are most of the Kardashians. Aldebarr streams play through of the very popular video game Minecraft via his twitch channel. Key Discussion Points Minecraft is fun but wait, you can make money from it? Twitch is fun Yes, Aldebarr is another one of…
3/30/202134 minutes, 51 seconds
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Finding the Bright Side featuring Author Betty Dunn | Episode 73

After receiving a frightening medical diagnosis, Betty Dunn, wrote the first draft of her novel Medusa during sleepless nights. Her main character in the novel seeks to understand why God allows people to suffer.
3/23/202125 minutes, 23 seconds
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Ditch Your Limiting Beliefs with Nicky Price | Episode 72

Today on the podcast I’m joined by Rapid Transformation Therapist, Nicky Price. Before we get started… When I relaunched this podcast last year, I had no idea what would happen during COVID but obviously, it was all good as this is the 30th episode since the relaunch, and BIG 75 drops on April 6, 2021. I’d love to feature YOUR micropreneur story, dear listener, in episode 75. SHARE YOUR STORY. And now, on to today’s interview! When Nicky Price realized she was not following her passion and purpose she decided to make a change. So, Nicky had a year where…
3/16/202143 minutes, 18 seconds
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Choosing to Prevail featuring Author Sandy Rodriquez | Episode 71

Today on the Be Who You Want to Be: Your Business, Your Life podcast, I’m joined by author, Sandy Rodriguez. Before we get started… When I relaunched this podcast last year, I had no idea what would happen during COVID but obviously, it was all good and episode 75 drops on April 6, 2021. I’d love to feature YOUR story in episode 75. Click here to learn how to share your story. And now… on to the interview. Sandy walked away from a successful career and started a new one from scratch — in a new country, no less —…
3/9/202136 minutes, 6 seconds
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Overcoming Anxiety to Find Imprentrable Joy featuring Erin McCullough | Episode 70

Today on Be Who You Want to Be: Your Business, Your Life, I’m joined self-proclaimed Joy Slinger, Erin McCullough. Erin is a thought leader, an in-demand speaker and an international teacher that helps people create IMPENETRABLE JOY so that they can be calm, have peace of mind and meaning in their life!  Erin had an Anxiety Disorder that had her holed up in her home for nearly a year.  Through that experience, she learned how and why that happened and developed strategies to overcoming and preventing it, which is what she now teaches. Erin vowed that when she found solutions…
3/2/202139 minutes, 35 seconds
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Taking Risks and Staying Positive Featuring Lapidarist Kenna McCall | Episode 69

This week on the podcast I’m joined by Lapidarist, Silversmith and owner of TerrAdore Art Jewelry Studio, Kenna McCall. As an artpreneur, selling hand-cut stones and bespoke jewelry online, Kenna has learned how to take risks and stay positive in the face of discouragement, particularly when circumstances are beyond her control. Key Discussion Points Therapy turns into a career Finding her own creative way On being told she shouldn’t be an artist Art is subjective and requires objectivity Art elicits emotion Matching your earrings with your face mask A website is not optional Every stone has a story On learning…
2/23/202123 minutes, 42 seconds
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Convert Book Readers Into High-Ticket Clients featuring Ghost-writer Joshua Lisec | Episode 68

Today on the Be Who You Want to Be: Your Business, your Life podcast, I’m joined by bestselling ghostwriter, Joshua Lisec. Joshua believes that a dream without a step-by-step plan is a delusion. He guides his clients to materialize their dream of writing books, courses, and big speeches. He helps you how to write, publish and launch a bestselling book that converts readers into high-ticket clients. “A dream without a step-by-step plan is a delusion.” Joshua lisec Key Discussion Points A 2-book publishing deal at the age of 20 leads to freelancing leads to ghostwriting Joshua has ghostwritten 56 books…
2/16/202133 minutes, 17 seconds
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2021 Digital Marketing Trends featuring David Somerfleck | Episode 67

Today on Be Who You Want to Be: Your Business, Your Life podcast, I’m joined by digital marketing pioneer, David Somerfleck. David leverages over 20 years of digital marketing experience and project management to help business owners accelerate growth. He has worked with multinational CEOs, college presidents, tech startups, and restaurant chains, helping them get more customers by taking “old school” marketing techniques online. Key Discussion Points Turning corporate experience into a home-based business To scale or not to scale a business. Politics vs. Science, a tangent Your personal brand includes what you wear and how you wear it Choosing…
2/9/202146 minutes, 57 seconds
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66 Measure Your Marketing Performance featuring Digital Marketer Monique Idemudia

This week on the podcast, I’m joined by digital marketer, Monique Idemudia. Monique is the founder of Dragon Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency for small businesses based in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is passionate about educating and inspiring small business owners to build an online presence and grow their business with the power of great digital marketing. Monique is both an immigrant and a millennial, and I am excited to learn from her. “A strategy is a plan backed by action.” Monique Idemudia Key Discussion Points What’s something Monique & I have in common? Marketing is a mix of…
2/2/202136 minutes, 45 seconds
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Surprising Marketing Lessons Learned while Caring for An Aging Parent featuring Wendy Taddeucci | Podcast 65

This week on the podcast I’m joined by Care-Giver Coach, Wendy Taddeucci. Wendy’s zone of genius and experience is supporting adult children who are just beginning to care for their aging parent because she has been there. Wendy has been caring for her aging mom for 7 years and in the beginning, she was overwhelmed, didn’t know what she was doing, and felt alone. Over the years, things evened out as Wendy learned and moved forward. But looking back, the beginning was rough. As she researched and talked with other adult children who are caring for their aging parent, Wendy…
1/26/202137 minutes, 33 seconds
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Getting to the Heart of your Entrepreneurial Story featuring Filmmaker Ian Magrisso | Episode 64

This week on the podcast, I’m joined by award winning brand strategist and filmmaker, Ian Magrisso. Ian is the creative director behind Emotive Stories, helping businesses tell the story of their brand. It isn’t the CLIO award for his work with Motorola that attracts clients to Ian’s agency, it’s his heart, and his love of telling stories that matter. Be sure to stick around to the very end, you are not going to want to miss how Ian accomplished the big, hairy audacious goal of launching a national soap brand after leaving corporate America. Key Discussion Points How a rebrand…
1/20/202132 minutes, 35 seconds
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The Lemonade Stand | Episode 63

Today on the podcast, I’m going to tell you a story. Last Wednesday, January 6th I taught my monthly Marketing Lunch and Learn themed around Goal-Storming(TM), a proprietary system I created to help my clients crush 3 goals in 12 weeks. During the class, I read The Lemonade Stand fable, which I will read for you in a bit. We also talked about how everyone is unique and will reach their goals using their own unique system. It was a really great group of folks in the class and their synergy felt fantastic. Note: I am teaching the Goal-Storming(TM) Lunch…
1/12/202111 minutes, 55 seconds
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Connie Vanderzanden, Appreciate Your Money | Episode 62

This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Connie Vanderzanden from At age 51, Connie looked at her life and realized she didn’t have to do what she hated. She had spent way too long doing and building a business around something she never enjoyed; It was easy but it never filled her soul. On the flip side, talking to business owners and entrepreneurs about making numbers easy, was always joyful. Now, just 2 years later, she’s pivoted and rebooted. She now mentors on all the things she’s learned over the past 19 years of business ownership. The good,…
1/5/202130 minutes, 9 seconds
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Janine Kelbach, Tools to Organize and Grow Your Microbusiness | Episode 61

This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Janine Kelbach, BSN RNC-OB. Janine is a wife, mom of 2 boys (and 2 Great Danes), and author of the book, “Entreprenurse: 30+ Nurses Turn Into Business Owners and Share Their Secrets to Success.” She has been a Freelance Health Content Writer since 2013 and is the CEO of Write RN. She hosts The Savvy Scribe Podcast: A podcast for healthcare professionals who want to build a profitable writing business. Her team of RN writers helps healthcare companies with their content and social needs. Key Discussion Points Kandas rants about a clueless…
12/22/202039 minutes, 47 seconds
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Overcoming Adversity to Get Things Done Interview by Simon Meadows | Bonus Episode

Plus, my Mexican Cocoa Coffee Mix-In Recipe.
12/8/202042 minutes, 24 seconds
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The Joy of Marketing featuring Sarah Santacroce | Episode 60

Today on the podcast I’m joined by Sarah Santacroce, creator of the Gentle Business Revolution. Sarah, who lives in Switzerland, teaches consultants, corporate executives, and business owners the art of gentle marketing, success through authenticity.
11/24/202032 minutes, 27 seconds
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Starting with a Blank Canvas, a Conversation with Lee Chambers | Episode 59

This week on the podcast, I’m joined by Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant Lee Chambers. Lee’s message of resilience and positivity during these challenging times is to use the disruption to step out and design your own lives. You are not your health challenges, and you can overcome them. You can build a business that is a vehicle to the life you desire while doing something that aligns with your purpose and mission, fulfills you, and makes the world a better place. You don’t need to conform to society or always listen to advice. Be authentic, be the author of…
11/17/202037 minutes, 15 seconds
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Turning Pain into Purpose featuring Leah Forney | Episode 58

Today on the podcast, I’m joined by author, Leah Forney. Leah’s three published books pull from personal experience. Her most recent release, Defining Moments: From Tragedy to Triumph to Destiny, details her personal journey with grief and its’ lessons. During her 8 years as a mental health technician, Leah has learned that pain has two sides and everyone has a unique story to tell. Conversation with Leah Forney KandasWelcome, Leah. LeahThank you. Thank you. Thank you for having me. KandasTell us your unique story. LeahMy unique story starts in childhood. I was raised in Queens, New York. I was raised…
11/10/202039 minutes, 13 seconds
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Pivot, Zag, or Quit? A Conversation with Mark Drane | Episode 57

Today on the podcast, I’m joined by Mark Drane, a certified business coach in West Michigan. His goal is to inspire, engage, and develop business owners, and their top talent, to meet the challenges that lie ahead. In essence, helping to do business better. Today’s conversation is organic because Mark and I are friends and colleagues. Today is November 3, 2020. It is Election Day in the United States. So we might have a little fun about that, too. A Conversation with Mark Drane Kandas RodarteHi, Mark. Welcome to the show. Mark DraneHi, thank you. Thank you for having me…
11/3/202035 minutes, 44 seconds
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Live Your Bucket List featuring Trav Bell, The Bucket List Guy | Episode 56

As a self-appointed "Bucket Listologist", Trav Bell has obsessively studied the Bucket List phenomenon & blended the world's best Positive Psychology principles to create his own unique Bucket List Life Philosophy.
10/27/202038 minutes, 1 second
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Are You Truly Happy featuring Mike Wilson of Speak Audibly| Episode 55

Today on the podcast I’m joined by Mike Wilson of Speak Audibly. Mike is an author, life coach, and motivational speaker. His book series, 100% Me, shares over 20 real-life stories to motivate you to overcome obstacles and problems in your life, including fear, anxiety, and anything blocking your path to financial freedom. Key Discussion Points Only 13% of Humans are Truly Happy Motivation vs. Inspiration How a School Teacher Crushed his Dream of Becoming a Roboticist Swimming with Sauropods at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas Texas as the Promised Land? Learning how to be a Man,…
10/20/202029 minutes, 40 seconds
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Audience Participation | Episode 54

I need your help. I have 5 guest interviews scheduled over the next 2 weeks and would love your input on questions to ask. I’m super excited about each of these interviews, and also quite curious to know what YOU would ask each of them. Episode 55: Dude who wrote a book about the lessons he learned from the women in his life. Episode 56: Bucket List Guy. Do you have a bucket list? I don’t. Maybe the bucket list guy will help me make one. Episode 57: Business coach sharing how to pivot your business during this crazy time.…
10/13/20207 minutes, 28 seconds
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Mission-Focused Business Accounting with Briana Cavanaugh | Episode 53

Briana Cavanaugh is the Financial Bliss Mentor and runs Bliss Your Biz, PBC a B corp. She loves helping people really “get” money and finance and feel powerful about making money on purpose! She helps people understand money, what it is (and what it isn’t) and how they can transform their relationship from being in debt, anxious and overwhelmed to ease, confidence, and bliss.
10/6/202033 minutes, 44 seconds
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It’s Time to Add Some G.A.S. with Kathy Fester | Episode 52

Today on the podcast, I’m joined by master music teacher, author, relationship marketing strategist, all-around amazing person, and the co-founder of the upcoming Gratitude and Appreciation Summit, Mrs. Kathy Fester. Gratitude is the emotion. Appreciation is the action. Kathy Fester The mission of the Gratitude and Appreciation Summit is to bring Human Connection back to the world of business. Yes, YOUR business does indeed need some G.A.S. Key Discussions Points What is G.A.S. and why do we need it? The book that inspired a movement Snow & COVID delays Virtual attendees receive a goodie bag in the mail after the…
9/29/202030 minutes, 34 seconds
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Simplify the Hard Things with Casey Jourdan | Episode 51

Welcome to Be Who You Want to Be: Your Business, Your Life. The podcast for micropreneurs designing your business and your life on your own terms. I’m your host, Kandas Rodarte, and today I’m joined by business strategist, speaker, and fellow podcaster, Casey Jourdan. Casey is a true American Shero, who is living with post-traumatic stress, a brain injury, plus joint and nerve damage after surviving a 2004 roadside bombing in Iraq. In the process of learning to live with the permanent residues of her injuries, Casey has found a knack for making the complicated less so. She lives to…
9/22/202031 minutes, 26 seconds
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50: Scott Aaron’s Magic LinkedIn Formula to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Fully immersing himself in learning LinkedIn and social media strategies, Scott Aaron quickly gained traction as a leader in generating big results for other entrepreneurs, online business owners and business coaches.
9/15/202035 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Perfection is Not Required with Caterina Rando | Episode 49

Caterina Rando, author, speaker, coach, and the host of Expand Your Fempire Podcast, teaches women how to sell more by public speaking. Caterina is on a mission to support women to thrive in businesses. Her passion for helping women discover that they have massive value to bring to the market is evident in her message, and her mission. Fempreneurs, Caterina wants you to know that perfection is not required. It’s the execution that counts. Key Discussion Points Kandas geeks out over San Francisco Authentic Femininity Women don’t have to prove their worth Expanding the man-spread How to sell authentically Do…
9/8/202027 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

You Don’t Have to Pretend Your Audience is Naked | Episode 48

Mastering Your Talk with Brenden Kumarasamy Brenden Kumarasamy launched his career as a public speaking coach at the age of 23. His YouTube Channel, MasterTalk, has over 80 videos that teach public speaking skills for novice and professionals, alike. Plus, he’s a pretty cool dude. And super groovy, this is my first international podcast guest. He only lives about 6 hours from me, in Montreal, Quebec. But, Canada is still another country! Viva la Canada! Key Discussion Points Brenden’s YouTube Videos are Awesome Even Professionals Can Use Toastmasters Always Bring a Back-Up Pair of Shoes Professional Sports But for Nerds…
9/1/202019 minutes, 13 seconds
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Paz Ellis Turns Excuses into Stories | Episode 47

Imagine you are the child of immigrants, and you live with three separate autoimmune diseases. Your father longs for the long-gone home of his youth, while your mother suffers from chronic depression. Add in a brother with Aspergers, and you have every excuse to feel sorry for yourself. I just described the life of author Paz Ellis, who despite it all refuses to let it stop her from doing what she loves.
8/25/202030 minutes, 54 seconds
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How Losing Two Friends Inspired the Relaunch My Podcast | Episode 46

Going solo on the podcast today to share why I decided to relaunch after a 3-year hiatus. In 2017, my husband, Shane, and I closed our custom furniture business and retired to Michigan. We’d been thinking about it for a while. Shane is from Michigan, and he often talked about moving back. Between cancer treatment and moving, podcasting was put on the back burner. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love podcasting, especially the interviews. I really have no good excuse for pausing (okay, 3 years is more like quitting). But, as you can tell, I’ve rebooted, rebranded, and here’s…
8/18/202010 minutes, 32 seconds
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Healthy Eating During a Pandemic with Dr. Michael Rykse, Valerie Bercier MS RD, and Renu Agrawal | Episode 44

Back in early April of 2020, three of my favorite health experts joined us on Coffee, Cards and Conversations for a panel discussion about healthy eating during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We discuss everything from cytokine storms to Vitamin D. Dr. Michael Rykse is a chiropractor well-read in infectious disease. His practice, AlignLife Chiropractic is in Norton Shores, Michigan. Renu Agrawal is a Texas-based Body Code practitioner and frequent guest on the podcast whose Grandmother practiced Ayurvedic medicine. Valerie Bercier is a Registered Dietician, health coach and professional bowler based in Muskegon, Michigan. Eat Healthy During a Pandemic Episode Highlights Being…
8/4/202034 minutes, 39 seconds
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Operating Your Business with Judy Bezler | Podcast 43

After a few year gap in episodes… welcome to Episode 43 of the newly rebranded Be Who You Want to Be: Your Business, Your Life Podcast. (Update: retro-branded to Gratitude Geek, a relationship marketing podcast in 2022.) My guest today is Judy Bezler, Principal and Founder of Direct Point Advisors in Charlotte, North Carolina. Judy has an extensive background in business startup operations. She has been on the executive team of two successful startups and has been a volunteer mentor to women-owned businesses for over two decades. She has held the previous positions of Global Account Manager, Corporate Payment Solutions…
7/28/202035 minutes, 33 seconds
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Podcast Rebranded and Rebooted

After six long years I am finally rebooting my Podcast!  Rebranded to Be Who You Want to Be:  Your Business, Your Life, I’m super excited to share a great lineup guests that design their lives and business on their own terms.  The first episode will be released next week! How to Reboot a Podcast Step 1:  Take an Audacity Refresher Course.  I like this 20-minute podcast getting started video by Pat Flynn. Step 2:  Line up some guests and record interviews via Zoom (used to be Skype).  Times change. Step 3:  Update Audacity so it works with Zoom.  This means…
7/25/202036 seconds
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42: Cowboy and Star Wars Art Sell | Handmade in Texas Podcast Classic Episode

In honor of my favorite holiday, I am sharing a rebroadcast from the Handmade in Texas podcast, in which my husband Shane and I chat about our experience as vendors at the Houston Heights Chamber Crawfish Festival a few years back.  In a nutshell, Cowboy and Star Wars art sells.
5/4/201933 minutes, 36 seconds
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41: Getting Unstuck on Your Way to Better Health

Coffee, Cards & Conversation with Energy Healer Renu Agrawal | S2 E6
3/7/201814 minutes, 8 seconds
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Just to Get Away Travel with Jennifer Robbins | Coffee, Cards and Conversations S2 E5 | Gratitude Geek E40

Jennifer Robbins loves helping families and couples disconnect from life and reconnect with each other, while making lifetime memories. In addition to cruises, she offers European guided tours, African Safaris, weddings, honeymoons, and weekend getaways. There are to ways to enjoy this interview. Press Play above to Listen to Gratitude Geek Podcast Episode 40 or scroll down to watch Coffee, Cards and Conversations Season 2 Episode 5. Just 2 Get Away Travel with Jennifer Robbins Why did you choose to start your business? What motivates you? My family and I started cruising 16 years ago, when my kids were 6…
3/1/201811 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

3.0 How to Identify Stress in your Life | Practical Guide to Stress Management

Part 3 of Practical Guide to Stress Management.
12/5/20174 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

2.0 Take a Deep Breath | Practical Guide to Stress Management

Part 2 of Practical Guide to Stress Management.
12/4/20174 minutes
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Introduction | Practical Guide to Stress Management

Introduction to Practical Guide to Stress Management.
12/2/20171 minute, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Grow Your Business by Networking | Podcast Episode 39

Last Friday, I had the honor of hosting Mark Herdering, author of Hanging Out for a Living, for an all day workshop based on the principles of his book. It was a huge success, if I do say so myself, but I will let one of the attendees speak for me: “Just a quick note to express my thanks and appreciation for all of your work and effort in getting Mark Herdering to visit the greater Houston area. I got so much out of meeting Mark and attending his seminar….I am new to SOC (joined just prior to the convention…
1/20/201739 minutes
Episode Artwork

Lunch & Learn: What is Clean Eating? with Renu Agrawal | Podcast Episode 38

Today’s lunch and learn episode was recorded live during the June 4, 2015 meeting of the Connecting Conroe Business Women. What is Clean Eating? Our speaker, Renu Agrawal, is a certified holistic health coach. Her teachers include Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Deepak Chopra. Renu loves to work with women who are looking for easy and fun solutions for their health issues, especially pain and weight management. Though the topic of the lunch and learn is clean eating, Renu’s talk begins with a short meditation. Find a comfortable spot, plant your feet on the ground and have a listen. Mentioned Food…
7/22/201546 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Networking Basics with Louise Dewey | Podcast Episode 37

Today’s lunch and learn episode was recorded live during the May 2015 meeting of the Conroe Texas Chapter of Wealthy Sisters Network. Networking Basics with Louise Dewey Our speaker, Louise Dewey, AKA Lady Lou, spent over 25 years of her career in the world of sales, both inside and outside sales, and loved it. In 1989, when her husband died, she withdrew from the world for 12 full months as she no longer knew WHO she was. Finally, she had only two choices to make – DIE, OR GET HER LIFE BACK. Shortly after that she attended her first NETWORKING…
7/15/201540 minutes
Episode Artwork

Master Relationship Marketing Seminar Wrap up with Laurie Jimenez and Alyssa Fitz | Podcast Episode 36

Laurie Jimenez is a project manager for a professional services firm.  Alyssa Fitz is an HVAC systems designer.  They both use relationship marketing to build rapport with their co-workers.  We recently attended the Master Relationship Marketing Seminar in Houston, Texas and each walked away with tons of actionable ideas to take our careers to the next level. “Kandas I have attended some marketing conferences within last year and they were too “salesy” for me. I liked the “soft sale” spirit behind this one because that’s the kind I need for my business. Its about developing relationship and trust with people…
5/6/201531 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Gary Valmain answers “How to Keep My Computer Safe on the Internet” | podcast 35

Gary Valmain is considered by many to be the foremost expert on desktop computers in Montgomery County, Texas. His company, Computerwurks, has been helping businesses and individuals with desktop computer support since 1999.   In this podcast episode, Gary shares his tips for keeping your personal computer safe and running smoothly. Show 35 Quick Guide The average person should hire a professional to set up their new Windows 8 computer. Internet Explorer has serious security flaws. Chrome is becoming too bloated and Firefox may become the go to browser. How to keep my computer safe on the internet? Gary explains malware,…
3/18/201546 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

34: Following Up with Leads

  Show 34 Quick Guide   Kody Bateman’s tips for mastering relationships in business: Make a list of everyone you know and put them in a contact manager. Categorize your list into 3 categories: 1) contacts 2) prospects 3) customers Always add people to your list and move them through the 3 categories. Take detailed notes on all of your contacts. Reach out in the spirit of RELATIONSHIP 80% of the time and in the spirit of MARKETING 20% of the time. Build your personal brand with friendship, celebration and service. Use the 4 methods of communication to reach out regularly…
3/11/201517 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

33: Relationship Marketing on Facebook

Show 33 Quick Guide What is relationship marketing and why do you need it? My 3 rules for relationship marketing (see this post for the list). Squeaky chair! Mexican food is different in Texas than in California. Doing business good ole boy style. Waking up at 10 am. You can do anything you want if you have the ability to build relationships and credibility. Everybody is in sales.  Teachers sell the idea of learning to their students.  Chemists sell their research projects.  You are either selling yourself, an idea, or a product, or all three. Relationship marketing on Facebook 101:  Facebook…
3/4/201522 minutes, 55 seconds
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Fallen Hero Memorial Chest Fund with Shane Rodarte | Podcast Episode 32

My guest today is my business partner for the past 17 years, Shane Rodarte, President and co-founder of Shaka Studios Custom Furniture. Shane has been a full-time professional furniture maker for almost 30 years. He is also my husband. Working with your spouse can be an entire series of podcasts, so we aren’t going to talk about that today. Instead, we are sharing a project that is near and dear to our hearts. Shane and I recently launched the Fallen Hero Memorial Chest Fund on Indiegogo. Our mission is to build and deliver handcrafted solid cherry heirloom memorial chests to…
2/26/201533 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Essential Oils for Everyday Living with Kelly Taylor | Podcast Episode 31

Essential Oils for Everyday Living Listen in to this recording of a lunch and learn hosted by Kelly Taylor, certified herbalist and aromatherapist on Essential Oils for Everyday Living.  Kelly Taylor owns Cassia Aromatics, offering a full-line of top quality essential oils and synergistic essential oil blends. Most importantly, she is a member of my Battling Bertha team! Connect with Kelly Taylor Cassia Aromatics Blog Cassia Aromatics on Etsy Cassia Aromatics on Pinterest Cassia Aromatics on Twitter Kelly Ann Taylor on Facebook Kelly Ann Taylor on Twitter Kelly Ann Taylor on LinkedIn Kelly Ann Taylor on YouTube More from Gratitude Geek…
2/18/201556 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Living the Life that You Want with Kathi Laughman | Podcast Episode 30

In late January, I attended a Vision Workshop with Dawniel Winningham, founder of Wealthy Sisters Network.  Sitting across the aisle from me was a highly intellectual woman who quietly and confidently “owned her space” in the room. Do you know what I mean by “owned her space”?  She was a woman with a purpose. At the time I didn’t know her name, or anything about her other than she called herself a writer.  I knew I had to record a podcast interview with her. That woman was Kathi Laughman, Founder and CEO of Mackenzie Circle. Living the Life that You…
2/11/201527 minutes, 47 seconds
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Selling Art at Markets | Podcast Episode 29

Who Buys Art? Today’s show is a little different. First the interviews (yes, with an s) were recorded on location at First Saturday Arts market in historic Houston heights. First Saturday Arts Market has been going strong for 10 years. It’s a very family friendly venue, great food trucks, lots of artists and even better, lots of buyers. That’s right, artists, there IS a buyer for your art out there. While at the market, I picked the brains of three artists with knock your socks off work on display about what new artists need to know before showing at market. Michelle…
2/4/201510 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Rasheed Hooda is Happily Homeless | Podcast 28

Rasheed Hooda is weird.  In fact, he prides himself on his weirdness.  He resides in his “mobile domicile” living a happily homeless, joyously jobless lifestyle, traveling the country twisting balloons and inspiring audiences with his story. Joyfully Jobless Weekend Rasheed was is collaborating with Barbara Winter, author of Making a Living without a Job: Winning Ways for Creating Work that you Love (affiliate link), to bring her Joyfully Jobless Weekend to Houston, February 20-21, 2015. World Domination In 2012, Rasheed had the opportunity to share his plan for world domination.  Err…  I mean, 3 things he’s learned about life: [vimeo…
1/28/201524 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Quick Fitness Tips for Work at Home Moms with Lynda Davies | Podcast Episode 27

Lynda Davies is an ISSA certified Elite Fitness Trainer located in Conroe, Texas. She holds specialist certifications in exercise therapy, strength and conditioning, and sports performance nutrition. Listen in as Lynda shares quick fitness tips for work at home moms. (Click the play button in the black bar below the image of Lynda.) Quick Fitness Tips Some of the fitness topics Lynda and I discuss include: Fitness Training vs. Gym Membership Energy Bars What to eat after you exercise Does Almond Milk have more protein than cows milk?  The answer is no. The advantages of in home fitness training How…
Episode Artwork

Natural Cancer Therapies with Ann Fonfa | Battling Bertha | Podcast Episode 26

Ann Fonfa is a 22 year breast-cancer survivor who opted-out of most conventional western medicine during treatment.  Ann is the President of the Annie Appleseed Project, providing education, advocacy and awareness on complementary, alternative, natural cancer therapies. In today’s podcast, Ann shares her personal breast cancer story and how it inspired her to become a natural cancer therapies advocate.  Click the play button in the black bar below the title to listen to the podcast. Take 3 Steps 4 Health The Annie Appleseed Project advocates taking three simple steps each day to improve overall health: Eat 1 more fruit and 1…
Episode Artwork

Tips for Clearing Clutter with Susie Glennan, The Busy Woman | Podcast Episode 25

Susie Glennan is the owner of The Busy Woman.  She has written over 200 articles and e-books on topics ranging from time management, to organizing, to life transitions. Her latest publication is Making Room for Happiness:  Tips for Clearing Clutter.  According to Susie, there are three types of clutter:  physical, emotional and mental.  She discusses strategies for clearing all three in our interview, recorded January 1, 2015.  Happy New Year!  To listen to the podcast, click the play button in the black bar right below the title. Making Room for Happiness, Tips for Clearing Clutter is currently only available until January…
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Celebrate Life with Angie Heiman | Wealthy Sisters Network | Overcoming Adversity | Battling Bertha Part 5 | Podcast 024

As a life coach, Angie Heiman, understands and shares the power of affirmations.  During our hour long chat we discuss the importance of what you speak and how it affects your day,  how to shift the direction of your life with a few daily action steps, how to write  a great affirmation.  We also share an exciting new networking opportunity for women.  Finally, we discuss how to overcome adversity. “My vision is to help woman pursue their purpose with passion. For years I have been a magnet for woman seeking encouraging words and a gentle nudge. I have helped countless…
Episode Artwork

Award-winning Blogger Vernetta Freeney on Overcoming Shyness and Creative Business Funding | Podcast #023

Self-proclaimed introvert Vernetta Freeny has made a career standing in the spotlight.   Listen in as she shares how she overcame her shyness to become an award-blogger and the creator of the the award-winning Fusion Tour.  Vernetta, who holds a masters degree in Education Administration, also created the Fusion Tour Bootcamp to help women create their own tours.  She offers a complimentary resource, Make It Happen Strategy Set with 11 MP4s and 2 ebooks for women-owned businesses. This podcast was recorded on location. Connect with Vernetta Freeney Blog Fusion Tour Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Twitter Vimeo YouTube  Resources for Business…
5/28/201442 minutes, 46 seconds
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Christi Martin, Patron of the Arts | Chalk This Way | How to Create an Arts Organization | Podcast #22

Christi Martin is the director and founder of the Lakeside Arts Foundation, a nonprofit arts support organization serving the greater Lewisville and The Colony area. Its’ mission is to support and promote artists, arts organizations and bring fine arts to the Dallas, Texas suburban community through community projects such as “Chalk This Way” sidewalk chalk art festival and the Kaleidoscapes Public Art Project.  She also offers support to new start-up arts organizations. Chalk This Way Favorite Song? Don’t have one. I love lots of songs. Lots of genres. Favorite Color? Red Favorite Super hero? Daenerys Targaryen Fast food or home…
5/18/201453 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Todd Ross, Desert Storm Veteran, on Leadership, Education and Church | Podcast 21

Ross Group Consulting, LLC provides training, leadership and management development course and curriculum, as well as trainer deployment and project management services. Guest Dawn Mitchell, of the The Corporate Couch, and I chat with Ross Group Consulting LLC founder Todd Ross about Barry Manilow, leadership, education and church.  Plus advise for managing children when you run a home-based business. Leadership Learned in Desert Storm Favorite Song? Copacabana Favorite Color? Blue/yellow Favorite Super hero? Ironman Fast food or home cooked meal? Home cooked What is your biggest quirk? Being on time What is the one thing that annoys you the most?…
5/10/20141 hour, 3 minutes, 53 seconds
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Authors Karen Palmer & Kristi Lee Have a License to Dream | Women and Network Marketing | Podcast #20

Happy 20th Podcast Episode What better way to celebrate my 20th podcast than with a first?  This is my first podcast interview with two people at the same time! Network Marketing Dream Team Karen Palmer and Kristi Lee, along with Judy O’Higgins, are the authors of Licence to Dream:  Every Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom through Network Marketing. Karen Palmer is a college professor and author of License to Play.  Mrs. Palmer’s interview with Gratitude Geek on Being the Mom of Your Dreams was posted in April 2014. Kristi Lee has an extensive business background in creative marketing and retail with…
5/1/201454 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Diane Walker on Growing Your Network Marketing Business Your Own Way | Podcast #19

“I’m too stubborn to quit anything.” – Diane Walker Every network marketing company has Superstars, larger than life leaders who inspired, motivate and sometimes intimidate new distributors.  Diane Walker is what I like to call a Silent Film Superstar.  She works behind the scenes to nudge her team on to greatness. Nudging the Team to Greatness Diane is a 21-year multilevel marketing veteran and the top female income earner in her network marketing business.  She the co-author of Navigating the World of Network Marketing and she is respected and admired by thousands in the industry – including many of those…
4/21/20141 hour, 2 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Character-Driven Storytelling with Writer/Producer Diana Dru Botsford | Podcast #18

Story consultant, writer/producer Diana Botsford‘s recent work includes creating/producing the critically-acclaimed SciFi web series “Epilogue” and serving as consulting producer on the new comedy series, “A Little Help.”  Author of Stargate SG-1 novels: “Four Dragons” and “The Drift,” as of the fall of 2014, Botsford will be offering online, interactive writing workshops for burgeoning television and film screenwriters through her new website:  Her screenwriting credits include “Rascals” for ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and the cult favorite animated series, ‘Spiral Zone.’ Founder of the award-winning screenwriting program at Missouri State University, Botsford’s pursuit of great stories has taken her…
4/16/20141 hour, 6 seconds
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How Kim Ketcham Transitioned from SAHM to Museum Marketing Director | A Fun Way for SAHMs to Make Money | Podcast #17

After 15 years as a stay at home mom (SAHM), Kim Ketcham found her passion in a rewarding career in marketing. Today, she is the Marketing and Communications Director for the Washington State History Museum, part of the Washington State Historical Society (WSHS). WSHS is the state agency that is trusted with the task of preserving Washington state history and educating the public about that history. This is done through the Washington State History Museum, the State Capital Museum, and the State Research Center through the collection and preservation of various artifacts, photography, and ephemera, personal stories, as well as…
4/9/20141 hour, 3 minutes, 31 seconds
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Turn Your Passion to Profit with Strategist Iyea Brandy | Can STEM Really Transform a Nation? | Podcast #16

Iyea Brandy is a strategist that solves problems for entrepreneurs and educators. She teaches entrepreneurs how to turn their passion to profit.  She also has a big idea what could transform an African nation. My Pain is My Purpose and My Story is the Solution Why did you choose to start your business – do what you do? I have been a serial entrepreneur my whole life and love business of any kind. My passion is creating new and unique experiences that solve problems for others. I enjoy the adrenaline in starting a new venture. Who inspires you? My son-he…
3/26/201451 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Actor, Writer, Puppeteer Stephanie Diaz on Life in the Arts & Finding Your Own Way | Podcast 015

Actor, casting director, writer & puppeteer Stephanie Diaz is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked in markets across the country, including Seattle, Minneapolis & Milwaukee. Currently, she is an artistic associate with 16th Street Theater in Chicago. Her recent work includes MARIPOSA NOCTURNA: A Puppet Tritych, a show she created in residence with the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. Stephanie is currently in rehearsal for Pinkolandia which opens April 3, 2014. In this podcast, Stephanie shares stories from her journey as a working Latina artist and offers insight for up and coming actors wanting to break into…
3/19/20141 hour, 5 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

“Woman” by Tracy Larson Clifford | Podcast Episode 14

Singer-song writer, Tracy Larson’ Clifford debuts her new single, “Woman” in this special edition of the Gratitude Geek Podcast. Never Give Up “In the beginning, stepping into the spotlight (on stage) made me feel extremely vulnerable and anxious in ways I had not yet experienced in life. I loved it so much but my heart knew there was more, more to being just a back up singer, more to doing someone else’s song.” Tracy is the talent and genius behind the Coffee & Cards Conversations & Gratitude Geek Podcast theme music, “Never Give Up”.  In this very candid interview, Tracy…
3/13/201443 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fitness Expert Lynda Davies on Spandex, British Chocolate & Kettlebells | Lucky Podcast #013 | Coffee & Cards Conversation #38

Confessions of a Coffee & Cards Conversationalist When Lynda Davies & I sat down for Coffee & Cards Conversations, it wasn’t just to chat about spandex, British chocolate and kettlebells.  The real objective was to see just how many acronyms Lynda could use in 15 minutes! Why ELITE Fitness Training, does that not limit your market? ELITE is an acronym.  It stands for Everybody Loves the Individual Training Experience. Everybody – from old to young, overweight, underweight, fit, or couch potato benefit from working with a personal trainer. Loves Individual – what you learn is for you as an individual.…
3/11/201426 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Handle a Tacky Networker and other Networking Tips from Award-Winning Event Planner Shelly Rice | Podcast 012

Award-winning event planner Shelly Rice has spent the past 25 years helping business owners grow their networks and their companies through business events, workshops, mentoring and collaboration. In Gratitude Geek Podcast Episdode 12, Shelly shares her top networking and business tips, including how to deal with the infamous tacky networker. This is NOT a Cold Call Kandas:  Where would you go if you were invisible? Shelly:  I would go visit all of my childhood boyfriends and play pranks on them. Kandas:  What’s your motto? Shelly:  Attitude is everything Kandas:  What makes you different from other people in your industry? Shelly:…
3/4/201459 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Steve Schulz on Network Marketing, Money & Cheese Curds | Podcast 011

Meet a Network Marketing Legend My guest today is a network marketing legend.  Twenty-three years ago Steve Schulz was a dead broke school teacher.  After consistently working his network marketing business for 3 to 5 hours per week for 3 years, both Steve and his wife Colleen, were able to leave their teaching jobs.  Steve shares the two things he did during those 3 to 5 hours. Today, Steve is the President of Field Development for SendOutCards.  We sat down on a Thursday night in Houston, Texas to chat about network marketing, money and cheese curds. Money is NOT the…
2/27/201439 minutes, 26 seconds
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Leah Dossey Hasn’t Used Shampoo in 2 Years | Dirty Girls & Viral Social Media Marketing | Podcast 010

It’s our TENTH Podcast.  Whoop whoop! Go ahead, scroll down and leave your congratulatory comments below the article.  You know you want to.  Just read the article first! Secrets to Healthy Hair Kandas: What is No Poo? Leah:  No Poo is washing your hair without commercial shampoo. It literally means “No Shampoo”.  If you are concerned about clean hair after the zombie apocalypse, you need to switch to No Poo. Kandas:  Your blog post about going No Poo has gone viral on Pinterest, can you tell us why you decided to write about it? Leah:  When I decided to go…
2/19/20141 hour, 2 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

Secrets to Healthy Living | Renu Agrawal, Holistic Health Coach | Podcast 009 | Coffee & Cards Conversation 036

The secret to living a healthier lifestyle is really not a secret. It’s just knowing where to find the answers. Renu Agrawal says it’s about knowing yourself.  A Holistic Health Coach based in Magnolia, Texas, Renu received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She guides her clients into better health and wellness by identifying food, exercise and relationship blocks. Let the Energy Flow Renu also integrates energy healing into her coaching sessions. According to ancient tradition, Prana, the sanskrit word for “life force,” regulates your blood flow and breathing. Pranic Healing and Reiki are two methods to direct…
2/17/201414 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cynthia Powell Shares How She Got to the Top of Organic Google Search | Podcast #008

Cynthia Powell, mother of three boys, has been a work at home for 15 years.  Her company, Chicks and Cubs, offers heirloom baby shoe bronzing services.  Her background in chemical engineering did not prepare her for the realities of business ownership.  However, she has learned to step outside of her comfort zone and embrace challenges.  Today, she shares the marketing secrets that keep her website at the top of organic Google search for her niche, year after year. She’s Come a Long Way, Baby Kandas:  Sum up your business in three sentences or less. Cynthia:  I help families preserve childhood…
2/13/201448 minutes, 41 seconds
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“I Made Dave Ramsey Cry” | Deanna Ooley Shares How She Eradicated $50,000 of Credit Card Debt | Podcast #007 | Coffee & Cards Conversation #035

Deanna Ooley, Personal Finance Management, is a Dave Ramsey Certified Counselor and winner of the 2012 Outstanding Financial Peace Coordinator of the Year award.  She shares some practical advice for eradicating debt.   It’s easier than you think.   “I Made Dave Ramsey Cry” Deanna found Dave Ramsey my chance.   Following his 7 Step Financial Peace program, she eliminated $50,000 of personal credit card debt and is now 100% debt free.  She also found peace, in another way.   After sharing her story with Dave Ramsey on stage, tears were streaming down his face.  Play the podcast above to…
2/10/201415 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Peggy Vincent Explains What Aspiring Work-at-Home Moms Need to Know about Pricing, Promotion and the Loneliness Factor | Podcast #006

Peggy Vincent is the innovator of the glow in the dark pillowcase.  She was a young, single professional when she launched her company, Comfy Cozy, Inc. in the mid-1990s.  Peggy shares how her products, company and expectations all changed with marriage and children. Common Threads Peggy and I first met around the year 2000.  We belonged to a small, online mastermind of work-at-home moms we called SuperWAHMz.   Lynn Korff, of Korff Ceramic Originals, hand-picked our group who provided support and camaraderie as we each grew our businesses.  Lynn also created the The Mom Pack. If you are just starting…
2/4/201445 minutes, 57 seconds
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Cars and Cards are a Winning Combination for Ben Beeler | Podcast 005

“Time kills deals.” – Ben Beeler Listen in as Ben Beeler, of Beeler Motorsports, takes us on the race track of his life, sharing his passion for motor racing, as well as, some unforeseen pit stops along the way. Find out how one greeting card changed his life, and meet the pit crew that kept him on track. The founder of SendOutCards, Kody Bateman (aka Kody B.) often asserts that “you can be from Yale, or you can be from jail” and find success in network marketing.  Ben shares the choices he made that landed him in federal prison.  His…
1/29/201436 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

ONE Difference Between Average and Extraordinary Real Estate Success | Jay McHugh 004

I often say that gratitude is like manure… it’s no use unless you spread it around. Spread it around enough and sow seeds of generosity and kindness, then a bountiful harvest will soon be yours for the reaping. I know no one who spreads gratitude better than Jay McHugh. Jay owns one of the largest Re/Max Real Estate brokerages in the world. With 15 offices in the greater Boston area, Jay maintains very low agent turn over.  He has a bounty of referral partners.  Satisfied clients continue to refer business years after their own home purchase.  Gratitude is that ONE…
1/22/20141 hour, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

003 Great Barrier Reef Fishing with Tara Thompson

“I will more than likely never be one of the boys and I’m completely OK with that. I’ve dealt with guys being threatened by me my whole life.   It takes a strong secure Man to be able to accept a woman doing the same job.” – Tara Thompson Breaking Barriers Tara Thompson is a maiden of the sea.  She holds her mariner captains license and three SCUBA instructor trainer certifications.  She is currently pursuing her passion as a deckhand on a recreational charter fishing vessel in Cairns Australia. In fact, she is the only female to ever complete 7 seasons…
1/15/201438 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Foraging Wild Edible Plants with Dr. Mark Vorderbruggen 002 V029

“The human mind is designed to be stimulated by touch, smell, taste, feel. All these sort of things that you don’t get sitting on a couch.” – Dr. Mark “Merriweather” Vorderbruggen Tips for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Just Kidding . . . Not Really. Recently I met up with Dr. Mark Vorderbruggen at Spring Creek Greenway Nature Center in Spring, Texas for an episode of my Coffee & Cards Conversations video series. Our converstation ran a little long for the video. The info is just too good not to share so we decided to turn the long version into podcast.…
1/8/201414 minutes, 49 seconds
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001 New Year’s Resolutions Are a Very Bad Idea

The premier episode of Gratitude Geek, a relationship marketing podcast.
1/2/201444 minutes, 43 seconds