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There's a place in Southern Oregon, filled with gorgeous natural beauty, friendly yet independent people and a mild, comfortable climate. That place is called Grants Pass. These are the stories of the people that live and work Josephine County. These are the movers and shakers that make this place of the best. This is Grants Pass VIP.
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Cat Bonney – Common Connections and Webb Mountain Arts

Cat Bonney has lived in Oregon most of her life, with a brief stint in Texas, So Cal and a year overseas. She’s had her own commercial/graphic arts business since college — which she started out of a desire to NOT remain at the college-assigned job in the kitchen, having to wake early to make breakfast for all of her college peers… After college, she came home for a two-week vacation, expecting to return to Texas,  but during that time, her plans changed due to a health crisis with her boss. Liking the climate here and her mom living close,  she decided to make Southern Oregon her permanent home. Cat and her wife live on the family ranch with a dog and a couple of cats, not to mention the neighborly sheep, cows and llama for security. Along with their marketing business, Webb Mountain Arts, and her contract as the Executive Director of a local non-profit, Common Connections, Cat is using her years of real estate appraisal experience to help Common Connections and Mid Rogue
15/11/202345 minutes 21 seconds
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Frank and Teresa Matz – Legacy Family & Leadership

Frank and Teresa Matz have been married for 25 years, have 6 kids, and have been serving the Grants Pass community together for 20 years. In 2019 they launched Legacy Family & Leadership in an effort to support families in Southern Oregon. Their unique team dynamics and teaching style set them apart. Currently they offer community parenting classes, communication classes, community workshops, leadership coaching and cohorts, and peer support and counseling. Contact them today! Call - 541-295-5982 Website - Facebook - GP Chamber -
30/08/202337 minutes 56 seconds
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Todd Tippin – TMT Business Services

Todd Tippin Todd joins us to chat about his experience, and passion, to help business owners with his full service business management consulting firm. Don't be fearful about our current changing economy, reach out and chat with Todd today! Call - 760-445-6091 Website - Email - [email protected]
21/06/202338 minutes 28 seconds
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Sarah Hollingworth – Kairos

Sarah Hollingworth - Program Director at Kairos Sarah Hollingworth joins us to talk about Kairos and how they help assist our local youth and family's with mental and emotional wellness. Please reach out at the contacts below to findout how Kairos can help you and your loved one's with their authentic colabritive culture! Call - (541) 956-4943 Website - Facebook - Email - [email protected] Show Notes Sarah is the Program Director of the Jackson County branch of Kairos, in Medford.Active softball player in Grants PassMoved back to Southern Oregon in 2017, with a love for the Rogue ValleyWhy Kairos?Provide an authentic colabritive culture to help others with mental wellnessYouth and Family Focused
26/04/202332 minutes 35 seconds
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Jocelyn Schmidt – Fusion Performing Arts Alliance

Jocelyn Schmidt - President at Fusion Performing Arts Alliance Jocelyn joins us to share her joy of teaching our youth about her lifetime love for dance and theatrical arts. Please help support Jocelyn and the non-profit group, Fusion Performing Arts Alliance, at the links below. Call - 541-218-3241 Website - Facebook - Instagram - Notes Involved in Ballet since a young girlProfessional experience began while in LondonMoved to Grants Pass in 2004Began teaching Ballet in Grants Pass in 2005Outreach to work with local children has expanded to working with The Boys and Girls ClubGrants Pass High School's Theater Department
08/03/202323 minutes 36 seconds
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James Ramirez – NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southern Oregon

We'd like to thank James for sharing his personal story of his challenges with helping a loved one with mental health, how he found NAMI, and how they helped his loved one, and James himself, over the years. James currently helps work with others in NAMI's Family-to-Family program, and more, to educate and serve others in our local community. We hope you find Brian's chat with James to be a helpful introduction to NAMI, as well as some “food for thought” for anyone who's may be struggling with mental health personally, or knows a loved one that is going through challenges. For more information and assistance on how NAMI can help you and your loved ones, please reach out at the contact information below. Website - Phone – 541-774-7872 Email - [email protected] Show Notes James moved to Grants Pass to be closer to family and retire after living in CaliforniaCredits NAMI for saving relationships with loved one's in his f
26/01/202333 minutes 15 seconds
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Skyler & Courtney Tacchini: Tacchini Agency – Farmers Insurance

Skyler & Courtney Tacchini It's been an eventful few years for Skyler and Courtney Tacchini since they moved to Phoenix Oregon and opened their Farmers Insurance Business. Today, they join us for an interesting conversation on what it was like to help companies and people in the local community through the Alameda Fire, and where things have gone over the past few years since it happened. Focused on the customer first, contact them below to find out how they can help you and your company today! Phone: (541) 535-6161 Email: [email protected] Contact Page: Facebook: Why We Moved To Southern OregonWhat Attracted Us to Help Others in the Insurance BusinessWhy We Choose to Work With Farmers InsuranceAssisting Others After the Alameda FireSpecializing in Commercial InsuranceBuilding Relationships in our Local Community
21/12/202227 minutes 26 seconds
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Eli Beard – BOLT Grafix

Eli Beard - Owner of BOLT Grafix Turning a lifetime passion into a new local business, Eli Beard joins us to talk about his new venture with BOLT Grafix. More than a “sign shop”, Eli's durable advertising company will help you with a range of creative ideas to help your business or for any personal projects you may want done. For more on what BOLT Grafix can do for you and your company checkout the links below. Or just stop by the shop, which is half way between F St and Beacon Dr. on the backside of the building the DMV is in! Website - Facebook (@BoltGrafix) - P.S. - Facebook page is another good spot to get examples of some of the work BOLT Grafix can do for you! :) Show Notes Lived in the Valley off and on since 1975. Spent a good portion of his life in Marketing, Advertising and Sales, which led him to operate own businesses over time. Eli's first job as a young man was processing
18/10/202221 minutes 7 seconds
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Linda Carter – Rogue Valley Living

Linda Carter - Founder of Rogue Valley Living Linda joins us to talk about her exciting new social digital emagazine for Southern Oregon's called, Rogue Valley Living. An insightful discussion, Linda tells us what's covered in her publication, as well as some unique offers you can get by being a part of Rogue Valley Living! Contact below to find out more. :) Website - Call - 541-900-6584 Show Notes How a love for writing and building relationships led to working in the local magazine business. Why Linda Started Rogue Valley Living Categories and Topics Covered in Rogue Valley Living Why it's a good idea to advertise your business in Rogue Valley Living What demographics you'll reach through Rogue Valley LivingEvents for Sponsors – Free Added Bonus Offered by Rogue Valley Living
28/09/202234 minutes 46 seconds
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Alvin Cordeiro – SpotOn

Alvin Cordeiro - SpotOn Life's journey can take us in interesting directions. For an introvert from Aptos, California to move to a relative unknown place like Grants Pass and jump into local sales, you'd think, at first, this wasn't going to be the best road to follow. Join us today to hear why things have worked just fine, both personally and professionally, as he helps local business via SpotOn. Get to know Alvin and see what SpotOn can do for your business today at link below! Links - P.S. You can also find Alvin at our local Grants Pass Chamber Greeters Meetings, so feel free to chat with him one day. :) Show Notes From Aptos to Oregon - Why I Moved To Grants PassWhat Led Me To Working With SpotOnJoining Our Local Chamber of Commerce Has Been A Great Resource To Connect With Others In Our CommunityHow SpotOn Can Help Your Business & Virtually Eliminate Your Credit Card Processing Fees!How SpotOn Can Help Your Business Leverage The Power
14/09/202229 minutes 48 seconds
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Debra Musack & John Chambers – NeoLife

Debra Musack John Chambers NeoLife Vitamins & Supplements John Chambers joins us once again, this time joined by his wife Debra Musack to talk about NeoLife's quality vitamins and supplement products. Both John and Debra are active members of our fine community and you'll find them at our local Chamber of Commerce Greeters meetings. Please head over to the link below for more information about the products mentioned in this podcast! Link to Home Store - Link to Chamber -
02/09/202240 minutes 1 second
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Brian Mein – Caveman Travel

Brian Mein of Caveman Travel As one could imagine, the travel industry his been hit hard over recent years. One local company that has stood tall through these trying times is Caveman Travel. Join us as we sitdown and chat with Brian Mein to talk about the local area, how Caveman Travel can help you with your future travel plans and why trips to Mexico could be a terrific option for you and yours! Contact Brian and Caveman Travel today. Phone - 541-476-6813 Email - [email protected] Facebook - Website - Show Notes What Does Caveman Travel Do?Why Trips to Mexico Are a Top Seller for Us Right NowCOVID-19s Impact on the Travel Agency IndustryWill Travel “BOOM” in The Coming Years?Helping You Find the Best Value for Your Upcoming Trip
14/06/202225 minutes 28 seconds
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Shane Russell – Spirit Of The Fair

Shane Russell - Spirit of the Fair Shane Russell joins to talk about a fun new local business he's started to add value to our community and provide an atmosphere for people to get to know one another in a fun way.Join us as Brian chats with Shane about his inspiration from local fairs, what the game Cornhole is all about, as well as what's going on at Spirit of the Fair and how it can make a positive social impact for you, your business and others in our area. :) For more about what Spirit of the Fair has going on, head on over to the social links below. Instagram (@spiritofthefair) - Facebook (@spiritofthefair) - Show Notes Creating a “Fair Culture” Year RoundWhy I Moved to Grants PassJust what is Cornhole?Providing an Environment for People to ThriveWeekly Cornhole TournamentsAfter School ProgramMarketing and Advertising Opportunities for Your Local Business through Sponsorship
24/05/202234 minutes 18 seconds
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Jill Hamm – Fruitdale & Redwood Granges

Jill Hamm Fruitdale & Redwood Granges If you live in the Grants Pass area and you don't know who Jill Hamm is, where have you been? Join us for an entertaining chat with Jill as we touch on various topics, including what brought her to the area, her time as a Kelly Girl, what led her to a long-time working relationship with KAJO 99.7FM radio, as well as her cancer free diagnosis after 8-years battling cancer! Our main focus in this episode was about her work with local Granges in the area the need to get more families involved. Checkout these links for more about the local Granges Jill is affiliated with and if you have any direct questions, reach out to her as well! Fruitdale Grange website - Facebook - Redwood Grange website - Facebook - Jill's Contact - email - jdha
03/05/202239 minutes 15 seconds
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Gwen Luhring: Soroptimist International of River Valley

Gwen Luhring - Treasurer at Soroptimist International of River Valley A Grants Pass native since 1998, Gwen Luhring has been an active volunteer in our community since retiring. Since joining Soroptimist International of River Valley in 2000, she's held various titles from President, Vice President and currently Treasurer. It was a delight to hear about what Gwen is doing to help women in our local community and to share Soroptimist's story as they celebrate 100 years in local communities across the county. Please be sure to checkout the links below for more about Soroptimist and how they can help to serve you and your family today! Website - Show Notes History of Soroptimist InternationalWomen Helping Other Women: Soroptimist's Focus TodayChallenges We've Faced Over The Past Few YearsLocal Outreach: Helping to Provide Food, Clothes, Toy's to Kids in Our CommunitySoroptimist Gets Involved In Domestic Violence IssuesValue of List
30/03/202224 minutes 39 seconds
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Candy Morasch – Once Upon A Horse

Candy Morasch with Marquel - Once Upon A Horse If I had to sum up our latest guest in three words it would be Enthusiasm, Caring and Gratitude. From her time helping local youth as a speech-pathologist to starting up Once Upon A Horse, or her work in health and wellness with Arbonne, you come away believing Candy Morasch is making a difference with others in our community. Our host, Brian Pombo, had a fun time talking with Candy and we know you'll love this chat as well. Also, please be sure to connect with Candy about her latest project as she looks to help our community again by raising funds to get a JOCO Mobile Spay & Neuter Clinic to help those in need. For more please call Candy at – 541-660-7209 or Email here - As mentioned in the show, you can also contact to another former guest we had on, Joy Hiler, who is helping with this project as well through Epicure - Cal
20/01/202235 minutes 54 seconds
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Drew Wilkerson – Project Youth Plus

Drew WilkersonCareer Coach Project Youth + Born and raised in Sam's Valley here in Southern Oregon, Drew Wilkerson shares his passion to serve our youth in Project Youth Plus's Career Build Program. For the past 7 years Drew his worked in and around the public schools and still finds time to be active in athletics as an MS Athletic Director. To help support Project Youth Plus and find out more about their various programs to help our youth, please go the the resources below or give them a call at the number below! :) Call Project Youth Plus today - (541) 476-8146 Website - Facebook - Instagram - Show Notes The Focus of Project Youth Plus How I Got Started With Project Youth Plus Life Growing Up In Sam's Valley in Southern Oregon Guiding Youth Through Individual Road Maps for Success Thankful For Community Support for Project You
18/10/202126 minutes 16 seconds
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Christy Kiltz – Design! by Kiltz: Web Design, Hosting and Online Marketing

Christy Kiltz A Josephine County native for almost 30 years, Christy Kiltz takes us on her journey from moving to the area from Colorado with her husband, to taking a chance and starting her own local web-based business and it's continued expansion. If you own a business, chances are you have a web presence. Join us as Christy shares valuable tips online and why it's essential to build relationships with your customers, no matter what field you work in. Checkout Design! by Kiltz - Video's Christy Mentions In The Podcast by Simon Sinek and Donald Miller below! Focus on your WHY - Simon Sinek, Start with WHY - Build your Brand Story - Summary of Donald Miller's StoryBrand book - Show Notes From Colorado To Oregon: How We Ended Up In Josephine County Why I Started A Local Web-Based Business What We Help Businesses With Empowering Business Owners to Accomplish Their
21/09/202131 minutes 40 seconds
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Joy Hiler – Epicure

Joy Hiler - Epicure Leader Think you're ready for Joy Hiler?'re not. But what the heck, it's time to buckle up for a fun conversation with one of the more passionate, enthusiastic people we've had on this show! And wouldn't you know it, she done went and added an opportunity for us all to help a good cause for the area. Hit play, and let's get started down that dusty trail for another adventure to hear Joy talk about how tasty yet healthy meals from Epicure can help our local community raise money for a Mobile Spay and Neuter Clinic, and more! :) Support Joy, her friend Candy Morasch and others raise money for a county Mobile Spay and Neuter Clinic by reaching out at the contact information below! Contact Joy and pickup an Epic Life Collection today – Or Call - 541-659-1125 Show Notes Epicure Fundraiser for a Local Spay & Neuter Clinic for Josephine County Why We Moved to Josephine County A Ground Floor Opportunity
29/08/202141 minutes 3 seconds
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Josie Molloy – Grants Pass & Josephine County Chamber of Commerce

Josie Molloy - President & CEO of Grants Pass Chamber of Commerce Grants Pass & Josephine County Chamber of Commerce President Josie Molloy joins us to talk about her first three years with the Chamber since moving back to the state from Wyoming. A joy to have on the show and we know after you hear this podcast you'll come away with a new found appreciation for what the Chamber is and all it has to offer, just like we did! Checkout the Chamber's New Website! - Also, Lemonade Day for Young Entrepreneurs coming on August 20th - From Wyoming Back to Oregon: 3 Years Working at The Chamber In Grants Pass! What I Like Best About Grants Pass & Josephine County How I Got Started Working in the Chamber of Commerce The Right Type of Person That Would Enjoy This Kind of Work Just What is The Chamber of Commerce? It's All for the Businesses In Our Community From Weekly Greeters Meetings to C
10/08/202124 minutes 51 seconds
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John Chambers: Mr. Constitution | NeoLife Vitamins & Supplements

John Chambers "Mr. Constitution" John with his wife Debbie Musack NeoLife Vitamins & Supplements Join us for a joyful sit down between two friends. John Chambers, “Mr. Constitution” takes us on a journey from his early years studying the Constitution to his life long work of helping people to understand it, no matter which side of the political aisle you happen to be on. In addition to that we touch on a range of topics as listed in the bullets below. Most notably his work with his wife Debbie Musack helping to education and help others have better awareness and decision making about nutrition. Be sure to check out the links below for more on their health products, nutritional education video you won't want to miss and John's site about the Constitution. Contact John and Debbie today - Video (5 Key Criteria for Evaluating Any Supplement) -
26/07/202140 minutes 49 seconds
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Richard Emmons – Josephine County Eagle (JoCo Eagle)

Richard Emmons - Publisher and Editor at Josephine County Eagle, Author, and Marketing Strategist Josephine County Eagle (JoCo Eagle) Richard Emmons is a local business owner and marketing strategist. The author of three books, Marketing Survival Guide, Chamber Advantage, and 52 Things to do in Southern Oregon. From serving on the board of the Gospel Rescue Mission for 21 years, to being named Man of the Year by the Grants Pass and Josephine County Chamber of Commerce, Richard has been an active member of our community for years. On top of all that, he's launched a new monthly newspaper called, Josephine County Eagle. Join us as we take a fun journey through Richard's travels in life, and his new project with JoCo Eagle! Active In The Local Community Away from the Rat Race! Our Move to Grants Pass What Makes Josephine County Special A Joy Helping and Sharing with others through, The Gospel Rescue Mission 20 Year Windows: Richard's E
16/06/202141 minutes 32 seconds
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Sarah Wager and Chris Nelson – Oregon Books & Games

Sarah WagerCo-Owner at Oregon Books & Games Chris NelsonCo-Owner at Oregon Books & Games Oregon Books & Games | New co-owners at Oregon Books & Games, Sarah Wager and Chris Nelson bring a renewed passion to our longtime, trusted bookstore in town! Join us as Sarah and Chris share what's going on at the store these days, highlighted by some of the topics below. A new adventure – being co-owners at Oregon Books & GamesThe importance of Customer Loyalty while facing the challenges of COVID19.Advantages of being a Longtime, Trusted Local BookstoreTop Sellers at Oregon Books & GamesA continued Passion for Helping Our Local CommunitySuccess of the stores sales through their website – OregonBooks.comAn eye towards the future – Making Oregon Books & Games the best it can be! Drop by and hello at the store! Also, be sure to check out their wide selection at the stores website below! Online Bookstore – Thank you to Sarah and Chris for jo
26/05/202124 minutes
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Michael E. Garnier – Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort

Michael E. Garnier - Treehouse Pioneer! - Out'n'About Treehouse Treesort Every so often you get a chance to sit down with a true pioneer and legend. Well, this conversation fits that qualification, and it was our treat to have a chance to have Michael E. Garnier from Out'n'About Treehouse Treesort on our local podcast. Michael is a true legend, not only in the Josephine County area but in the Treehouse community world wide. Join us for a special podcast as Michael takes us on his journey from coming to Oregon back in 1973, to building on a vision he had for Treehouses and standing for what he believes in no matter the push back he's had over the years. All and all, we'd say things have worked out well, and we thank Michael for having us out to his Treesort to help him spread just a little more local Publicitree in the area. :) For more about Michael and Out'n'About Treehouse Resort -
02/05/202138 minutes 4 seconds
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Annie Sabel – Barnstormers Theatre

Annie Sabel Executive Director at Barnstormers Theatre Barnstormers Theatre in Grants Pass, Oregon We all know about the COVID-19 pandemic, but imagine having a new job as Executive Director of Barnstormers Theatre, just days before the shutdowns in March of 2020! 👀 Well that's exactly what happened to our latest guest, Annie Sabel. From putting on plays, to tackling livestreaming, to looking for exciting new ways Barnstormers can further connect with locals in the community, you can tell Annie has a lifelong passion for the Theatre and Barnstormers is in good hands going forward! Be sure to checkout Barnstormers Theatre's upcoming play (directed by her husband Steven Sabel, whom we've had on the show before) Postmortem. See dates and times below. Checkout Barnstormers Theatre - Also a Great Follow on Facebook - Postmortem - image by Jonas Stewart Get Tickets for Postmort
30/03/202159 minutes 5 seconds
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Dr. Cory S. Fawcett – Financial Success MD

Dr. Cory S. Fawcett Financial Success MD Dr. Cory S. Fawcett and his wife settled in Grants Pass back in 1993, while at the same time Cory joined Grants Pass Surgical Associates on 6th street. After a 23 year career practicing medicine, Cory retired and started a new journey to help teach finance to physicians and other high income earners through his business Financial Success MD. A winner of several awards as a writer, Cory has now published five books and four of his books are Amazon Best Sellers. Join us as we talk with Cory on his passion for his work with Financial Success MD, what he has going on in the Grants Pass area today and thoughts on his new book, The Doctors Guide To Navigating a Financial Crisis. Checkout more of Cory's work today -
16/02/202133 minutes 36 seconds
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Dave Siddon – Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center

Dave Siddon - Wildlife Images Director Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center Join us on a fun adventure as Dave Siddon from Wildlife Images talks to us about the family's history working with a wide range of animals, to moving to Oregon from LA and starting the nonprofit group so many of us and come to know for the past 40 years! Checkout Wildlife Images website days and times to visit today -
20/01/202128 minutes 24 seconds
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Tim Thompson – RevThink & ZipLineGear

Tim Thompson from RevThink & ZipLineGear A creative entrepreneur, all around nice guy, Southern Oregon local, and if that wasn't enough, he loves drinking coffee! ☕ Join us as we sit down for a fun chat with Tim Thompson about life around Grants Pass and his business ventures with RevThink and ZipLineGear. Checkout RevThink and ZipLineGear at the links below . Also be sure to listen to the Revthink Podcast, RevThinking! ZipLineGear - RevThink - RevThinking Podcast - Transcription Brian: Tim Thompson is kind of an enigma. He's the owner and CEO of and Grants Pass Oregon, but that doesn't explain all of who he is. TV producer, Minister, investor, married for 23 years, father of five boys, I can go on and on. But at the core of Tim's career as an owner, consultant and coach is what Tim calls the four stages of a creative career. At the consultan
01/12/202055 minutes 41 seconds
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Janice Cox – Beautiful Lavender

Janice Cox - Natural Beauty at Home Beautiful Lavender, by Janice Cox An expert on the topic of Natural Beauty and Making your own cosmetic products with simple kitchen and garden ingredients. Janice Cox comes to you with her new book called, Beautiful Lavender. A Southern Oregon native out of Medford, Janice joins us to talk about the wonderful properties that Lavender has and to talk about some of our local Lavender Farms. Please checkout Janice's wonderful book and take a look at some of her other information at her website and over at Mother Earth News at the links below! Beautiful Lavender - Mother Earth News - Natural Beauty at Home - Transcription Brian: Janice Cox is an expert on the topic of Natural Beauty and making your own cosmetic products with simple kitchen and garden ingredients. Sh
11/11/202028 minutes 11 seconds
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Steven Sabel – City of Grants Pass Information Coordinator

Steven Sabel - City of Grants Pass Information Coordinator | Host of the Don't Quill The Messenger Podcast | Will play the role of Henry Higgins in Pygmalion at the Barnstormers Theatre starting Oct 23rd City of Grants Pass Information Coordinator Pygmalion starts on Oct 23rd at the Barnstormers Theatre Don't Quill The Messenger Podcast A new Grants Pass native. Steven Sabel works as an Information Coordinator for the City of Grants Pass. Beyond insightful conversation about working for the city, we then venture into his hit podcast he hosts called, Don't Quill The Messenger and just what is the Shakespeare Authorship Question? Also head over to the link below and get your tickets (physical and virtual) for his upcoming theatre event. Steven and his wife Annie will be lead roles in Pygmalion, at the Barnstormers Theatre, starting on October 23rd, 2020 (dates below). Get Tickets today - Dates and Times for Py
12/10/202055 minutes 18 seconds
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Matt Lund – Grants Pass Family YMCA

Matt Lund - CEO at Grants Pass Family YMCA With programs to serve our youth, to young and middle aged adults, to retiree's, Grants Pass Family YMCA is here to help everyone in our community. Tune in as CEO Matt Lund talks about the important role the Y plays in our community, some thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 and a special announcement on their expansion in the area. Head on over to the Y's website for more on current news and events - Stay updated by following them on Facebook also - Transcription Brian: Matt Lund has been married to his wife Stephanie for 11 years. He has four kids, ages ten, nine, six and five. Matt loves being active spending time with his family, serving the community and discovering how he can make a bigger impact on people's lives serving a higher purpose. Matt Lund, welcome to the Grants Pass VIP Podcast. Matt: Thank you, I enjoy being here. Brian:
28/09/202028 minutes 6 seconds
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Darin Fowler – Josephine County Commissioner

Darin Fowler - Josephine County Commissioner Josephine County Commissioner Darin Fowler has been a Grants Pass native for nearly all of his life. Join us as Darin talks about his life and times in Southern Oregon, to leaving his successful electrical business to run for office. As well as current events such as COVID-19 and the importance of getting kids back to school. Transcription Brian: Darin Fowler has lived in Josephine county for 47 years. Starting a successful business and raising his family here. For 25 years he has volunteered as a coach, Sunday school teacher and in local government. Darin Fowler, welcome to Grants Pass VIP. Darin: Good morning. How are you? Brian: Doing good, doing good. Really appreciate being here, just so the rest of you know, we're in the end of July of 2020, still dealing with the effects of the COVID crisis. Besides that, let's get straight into who you are and what you're all about. Where would everybody know you from Darin?
16/09/202036 minutes 15 seconds
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Kyle Akin – Crescendo Spirits

Kyle Akin is a veteran, business owner and a Grants Pass native. Listen in as Kyle openly shares his successes and challenges during the pandemic and his encouraging words to business owners in the community and those who want to own a business in the future. To learn more about Crescendo Spirits and their fine products ➡️ Also, be sure and head over to your liqueur store in town and pickup some of their fine products. 😃 Transcription Brian: Kyle Akin is a marine veteran who went to school to be a civil engineer. He fell in love with the Rogue Valley back in 2008 and knew he needed to create an opportunity greater than that of an employee if he wanted to live here. So he started Crescendo Spirits and then a few years later, Double Taps and Grants Pass. He's been living in the Rogue Valley on and off since 2008 with the goal of eventually living here full time when Kyle married his wife, a GP local six years ago, he's been living here
28/08/202044 minutes 4 seconds
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Lowell Gibson – NiceBadge

Born in Grants Pass, Lowell Gibson has run NiceBadge in town for the past 20 years. An active member in the local community, Lowell took sometime this summer to talk with our host Brian Pombo about the challenges NiceBadge has faced since the start of COVID-19 and how they've adjusted. A big thank you to Lowell for being on the show and for being our first interview on the podcast. Checkout NiceBadge ➡️ Transcription Brian: Lowell Gibson is president of NiceBadge. A 5th generation Southern Oregonian. A missionary kid raised in Japan 14 years. The chair of BR&E, VP of Gospel Rescue Mission Foundation Board. Treasurer of the SOREDI Board. He loves Southern Oregon and his community. Loves riding his Harley, fly fishing on the Rogue, golfing, floating the Rogue. He's also extremely pro business. I'm very happy to have him here today on the Grants Pass VIP podcast. Thanks for coming on Lowell. Lowell: Thanks Brian. Thanks for having me
28/08/202022 minutes 55 seconds