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English, Christianity, 1 seasons, 14 episodes, 2 hours 5 minutes
Join Molly Sabourin as she offers snapshots of faith, hope, and love.
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Enter Yet Into the Quiet

Molly Sabourin presents a parable of sorts that came to her while she was taking a walk.
02/08/201910 minutes 31 seconds
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Greeting the Coming Day in Peace

Many begin their day praying that it will be greeted in peace. Molly Sabourin gives us a glimpse into her morning routine and the difference it can make in her outlook.
12/02/201912 minutes 3 seconds
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An Instrument of Peace

Whether it's a cello solo on the streets of Mumbai or a random act of kindness in your community, we all can be instruments of peace.
29/01/20197 minutes 18 seconds
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On Practicing the Resurrection

Christ is risen! The foundational truth of our Orthodox theology. So, how do we practice that theology in everyday life? Moly Sabourin has a few thoughts for us to consider.
13/04/20188 minutes 37 seconds
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A New Song

Molly Sabourin returns to her podcast with a renewed sense of the preeminence of love in a world of discord and hate.
31/03/201810 minutes 48 seconds
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Motherhood: Let It Break You But Don’t Despair

Today's episode is taken from Molly's piece as a guest blog on The Orthodox Mama. With her eyes on the saints and years of raising her four children, Molly offers three big lessons she's learned about motherhood.
15/09/201621 minutes 14 seconds
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Go Home and Love Your Family

Loving our family as Christ loves our family gives us a tangible way to respond to hatred with love, to intolerance with compassion, to despair with hope, and to rashness and instability with steadfastness and self-control.
12/07/20166 minutes 48 seconds
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Places So Lonely

As Great Lent approaches, Molly reflects on gluttony, passions, and the great fast.
09/03/20165 minutes 45 seconds
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A Posture of Repentance

Molly suggests there is something very much related to the physical side of being spiritual.
25/02/20167 minutes 38 seconds
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Quiet Mind, Quiet Heart

Our minds get bombarded with unwelcome thoughts but what can we do with them? Molly shares what has been helpful to her.
06/02/20167 minutes 35 seconds
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All For One, One For All

Living, praying, and eating together are elements of family life that can too often be ignored.
20/01/20168 minutes 5 seconds
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Come and Abide in Us

Prayer is an exercise in every day and every moment living according to Molly.
11/01/20166 minutes 53 seconds
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Pray As You Can

Inspired by Fr. Thomas Hopko's "55 Maxims" Molly reflects on the practical aspects of prayer when you are at a loss for words.
05/01/20167 minutes 30 seconds
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Be Always With Christ

Molly looks forward to 2016 with a personal desire to seek after Christ ahead of everything else.
29/12/20154 minutes 41 seconds