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GOT IT FROM MY MAMA - with Comedian Tori Piskin

English, Comedy, 2 seasons, 211 episodes, 6 days, 16 hours
This podcast is the unedited phone calls you have with your mom, but with two microphones. Got It From My Mama, is a weekly podcast with comedian hosts Tori Piskin, (MTV, Wild ’N Out, Refinery29 SnapChat Discover, Comics To Watch) and her mom Lulu Piskin, a professional fitness instructor and town gossip. They discuss everything from dating as a millennial, pop culture, and calling out typical mom behavior. So pop a Xanax and listen to them chat about everything you wouldn't or would want to talk to your own mom about.
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173: The Unhinged Wealth Of The Kardashians

We unpack the insane wealth of the Kardashians. Tori rates her acupuncture experience. Does it work for anxiety? Why LA neighbors are the most dangerous. And when moving in with your boyfriend made you turn into your over-attentive Jewish mother. AZ Chandler, Sept 24th Tori Comedy Tour Sept 28th San Diego Tori's Comedy Tour If you liked this episode, please  Leave a 5 Star Review on iTunes  @Gotitfrommymamapodcast Leave a 5 Star Review on iTunes Follow us on @ToriPiskin @lulupiskin
6/27/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 50 seconds
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EP 165: 10 Richest Celebrities of 2022

Tori and Lulu chat about the 10 richest celebrities in 2022 and you won't believe who is number 1. Lulu talks about her career as an ice skating choreographer. The cut-throat world of figure skating, and what it was like teaching Sarah Hughes.  COZY EARTH DISCOUNT CODE: TORI20 If you liked this episode, please  Leave a 5 Star Review on iTunes  @Gotitfrommymamapodcast Leave a 5 Star Review on iTunes Follow us on @ToriPiskin @lulupiskin
3/7/202348 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP 142: Prada coats at Uniqlo

Solo of Lulu and Tori on the podcast discuss why you should be watching Netflix's Anatomy of Scandal. Gossip on why Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze didn't get along during the filming of Dirty Dancing. Lulu's hatred towards the wealth of the Kardashian. How you can get a look alike Prada coat at Uniqlo. And their tangent about wedding dresses for brides over thirty five.  CODE: TORI30 for 30 days of Premium membership  Leave a 5 Star Review on iTunes Follow us on @ToriPiskin @lulupiskin @Gotitfrommymamapodcast
4/26/202249 minutes, 39 seconds
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EP 141: My Interaction With Elizabeth Holmes

Solo episode with Tori & Lulu. We discuss why the show Love Me on Hulu is underrated, the leaked video of Jade and Will Smith shows their marital issues. What really caused Devacurl salon to close after 25 years. And the interaction with Elizabeth Holmes at a party shows why she really is a snake of a woman.  CODE: TORI30 for 30 days of Premium membership  Leave a 5 Star Review on iTunes Follow us on @ToriPiskin @lulupiskin @Gotitfrommymamapodcast
4/15/202249 minutes, 1 second
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EP 138: Why you won't be able to get pregnant in 10 years

World-renowned Lyme Disease Dr. Richard Horowitz, comes on the podcast to talk about his new Sci Fi novel, Starseed R/evolution: The Awakening Hardcover. In the book, he uses a SciFi plot to talk about climate change. We learn how pollution will cause infertility, why in just three years Manhattan and Miami will be underwater, the rise of tik born illness will be worse than the pandemic and how teens are dealing with climate grief. He answers questions about bizarre Lyme Disease symptoms, like why symptoms get worse for people around the full moon, and shares his thoughts on how you can use positive thinking to heal your sickness.  Starseed R/evolution: The Awakening Hardcover - ORDER HERE Leave a 5 Star Review on iTunes Full Youtube Episodes Follow us on @ToriPiskin @lulupiskin @Gotitfrommymamapodcast
3/1/202252 minutes, 23 seconds
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EP 126: How to show up at a wedding confidently single

We had on Sydney Rose, a former soul cycle teacher, boxing instructor and more importantly a happily 30 something single woman in NYC. We chatted about everything from what it's like dating in Dubai, choosing between a future husband and your dream career.  Tips on making a successful set up. How to not aggressively ask your hook-up buddy “where you guys stand.” And her experience training with Soul Cycle. Are the cult rumors true? Spilling secrets of what Soul Cycle training taught her that anyone can bring into their own jobs. Leave a 5 Star Review on iTunes Full Youtube Episodes Follow us on @ToriPiskin @lulupiskin @Gotitfrommymamapodcast
9/14/202159 minutes, 29 seconds
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EP 118: The Barbara Walters to Bravo Stars - Behind the Velvet Rope Podcast David Yontef

We had on David Yontef host of the podcast, Behind the Velvet Rope. We discussed how he went from a bravo fan to having friendships with them and sharing all the juicy stories on his podcast. His first reality show experience was on Millionaire Matchmaker and we discussed why Patty Stringer’s tough love persona wouldn’t work in today’s climate. David loves Margaret from RHONJ and thinks Countess LuAnn plays the housewife card perfectly. Find out what his beef with Jill Zara is, and he thinks Sonja Morgan is the next to be fired from RHONY. Who he thinks  the next Erica Jane is, to be caught for living above their means.  Bonus Episodes On Patreon Page  Leave a 5 Star Review on iTunes Full Youtube Episodes Follow us on @ToriPiskin @lulupiskin @Gotitfrommymamapodcast
6/15/202158 minutes, 56 seconds
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Ep 110: Why you should never chase guys

1-10 min: What should you do when you see the guy who didn’t answer your IG message: say hi to him or run away?  10-15 min: Should you take your Mom's consideration into account when it comes to the men you date?  15 -20 min: The difficulties of auditioning as a comic over zoom and the behind-the-scenes of my anti- tobacco sketch video.  20-30 min: Learn how poet Amanda Gorman overcame her auditory processing disorder (similar learning disability to Tori), and went on to go to Harvard and perform at the Inauguration and Super Bowl.   TICKET LINK TO OUR VIRTUAL LIVE SHOW APRIL 12th Follow us on @ToriPiskin @lulupiskin @Gotitfrommymamapodcast
4/6/202130 minutes, 38 seconds
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EP 109 - Uncovering the “emotional flipper” + Madison LeCroy & A-Rod drama breakdown w/ People Magazine’s Jodi Guglielmi

1-30 mins: Have you ever dated an emotional flipper? What is that? It’s when a guy you see at least once a week who tells you he wants to be exclusive with you, then within 24 hours he dumps you. We take a deep dive into these type of guys with our own dating experiences.  30-1 hour: We break down Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy love triangle with A-Rod & Jay Cutler. Why we think this reality star attracts so many A-list celebrities plus we go over Madison's horoscope and why A-Rod is her perfect Zodiac match. TICKET LINK TO OUR VIRTUAL LIVE SHOW APRIL 6th Follow us on @ToriPiskin @lulupiskin @jodiguglielmi @Gotitfrommymamapodcast
3/23/202152 minutes, 7 seconds
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Matt's Beard and Eyes Address All The Woman - Bachelor recap EP 8

We tell you who is replacing Chris Harrison and you’ll be surprised how young this new host is. Who had the best fashion on the woman tell all and why Victoria's outfit reflects her head. Why we think Matt and Rachel didn't workout based off of Matt’s beard. Katie's comment “I just don't know why I'm 30 and still single” really resonated with every single girl watching and we tell you why the hot tub scenes are so degrading. Full episode on our PATREON PAGE  
3/3/20216 minutes, 20 seconds
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Meet the Fockers - Bachelor recap EP 7

Full episode on our PATREON PAGE The parents of the final four girls are finally asking the right questions to Matt. And what Michelle’s mother said to Matt that we can integrate into our own dating life: “I’m looking at the way Mattt is looking at you.” Lulu thinks the final four girls have personal stylists. Why we think Matt won’t pick small town sweet Michelle and wants more glitzy Rachel. Our predictions on why Matt is crying in next week’s trailer. We’re thinking Rachel decides to leave like Seria P. And everything you need to know about Clare and Dale rekindling in Florida.
2/27/20216 minutes, 34 seconds
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The only dress appropriate for a mini van - EP 5 Bachelor Recap

Listen to the full Bachelor recaps on our Patreon From Matt James defending Rachel (the front runner) of her racial slurs to liking her Spotify playlist.. everything you need to know about this week’s Bachelor nation news. How Kit, Cynthia Rowley's daughter, was approached to be on the show very differently than other contestants, who will get a spin off show from these group of girls and why Heather, the new girls is giving us Paris Hilton circa 2009 vibes. 
2/10/20214 minutes, 48 seconds
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EP 37: When your DMs hookup slides into dinner with your mom

Have you ever run into two exes in one night!? Hear what happened to Tori. You know that guy that only slides into your DMs? Imagine your mom asking him to join you for dinner! We also have comedian guest on Sarah Gordon as we discuss her mom’s paranoia about cops and how guys sometimes find the worst times to tell you about their STDS. We answer all your questions; is it better to date a lot to find out what you like in a partner or to find love earlier? Lulu gives advice to a listener who feels like her mom never actually listens to what bothers her about their mother daughter relationship. Also don’t forget about our live show! Part of the New York Comedy Festival, Saturday November 9th in NYC. @saraggordon @gotitfrommymamapodcast @lulupiskin @toripiskin