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Got It All Covered Music

English, Music, 1 seasons, 12 episodes, 5 hours 4 minutes
An Enthralling Music Podcast Hosted By Mo & Kabza Connecting the World to Music?? Reviewing all the latest and greatest songs, EPs & albums. Conversations on who is the greatest and who is the lamest. Who is popping, who is charting and who is dropping trash.
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What to expect on the Got It All Covered Music Podcast. Debates Head to Heads Discussions - Talking about various topics relating to music Hot Takes - Reacting to some of the most controversial statements Award Shows - GRAMMY Awards, MTV VMAs & local awards like the SAMAs Reviews  Based On : Artist Performance Content Features Production Replay Value Year End Reviews All the biggest songs and albums of the year Who made the biggest waves? How will we remember this year musically? What to expect next Drake Honestly Nevermind Review Kabza De Small KOA II Part 1 Review Chris Brown Breezy Review GIVÉON Give Or Take Review
03/07/20223 minutes 12 seconds