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English, News magazine, 4 seasons, 134 episodes, 3 days 5 hours 19 minutes
It's your favourite magazine, brought to life for your ears, your heart and your soul - deep-dive into the definitive stories in stereo. Immerse yourself in long reads of some of the best Good Weekend features, followed by a discussion with the magazine's much-loved writers.
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Taika Waititi on spirituality and sport, creativity and criticism

In this episode, we speak with Hollywood director, actor, screenwriter and producer Taika Waititi. The Kiwi filmmaker is the man behind New Zealand films, Boy and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, as well as global blockbusters like Thor: Love and Thunder, and critically acclaimed Holocaust dramedy JoJo Rabbit. Hosting the conversation about his latest movie, Next Goal Wins starring Michael Fassbender, and how Waititi has been, for the past 22 years, flying to NZ from wherever he is in the world to play rugby every Saturday (kidding!), is Good Weekend senior writer, Konrad Marshall. See for privacy information.
01/12/202331 minutes 49 seconds
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Behind the headlines: talking frankly about gender identity and transition

In this episode, we talk with Melbourne based transgender advocate Son Vivienne. Son is non binary and the chief of Transgender Victoria, which aims to improve social, economic and health outcomes for trans and gender diverse people. Hosting this discussion on affirmative care, treatments and the realities of living as a gender diverse Australian is The Age senior writer, Michael Bachelard.See for privacy information.
24/11/202340 minutes 32 seconds
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Declining sperm counts and shrinking penises - what's up with men's health (downstairs)?

In this episode, we talk with Melbourne based research scientist Tim Moss about the controversial claim that human sperm is in  precipitous decline. So are we all doomed - or is the research not quite as definitive as it seems? Hosting this conversation on fertility, masculinity and tight underwear is Good Weekend senior writer, Tim Elliott.See for privacy information.
17/11/202326 minutes 51 seconds
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Marcia Hines on music, longevity and personal growth

In this episode, we speak with singer Marcia Hines about her family ties, arriving in Australia aged 16 and pregnant, her deep connection to music and her enduring appeal. Hosting a conversation that also covers her latest album, The Gospel According to Marcia, as well as upcoming gigs in the stage version of Grease and as a returning judge on Australian Idol, is The Age culture writer and unabashed Marcia fan, Michael Lallo.See for privacy information.
10/11/202337 minutes 34 seconds
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What restoring an 18th century French chateau taught former Victorian pollie Tim Holding and his partner about themselves

In 2020, former Victorian state MP Tim Holding and fiancée Felicity Selkirk purchased a crumbling 18th century French chateau and set about restoring it. The monumental, multi-year renovation has drained their patience - and bank balance - but become one of the most rewarding things they've ever embarked upon. Hosting a conversation about why they decided to do it in the first place, what it's taught them about themselves and each other, and living in the French countryside, is Good Weekend senior writer Melissa Fyfe.See for privacy information.
03/11/202332 minutes 24 seconds
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How do you capture your past? Acclaimed author Richard Flanagan explains

In this episode, Booker Prize-winning author Richard Flanagan discusses everything from his latest novel, Question 7 – from his near-death experience as a young man kayaking on the Franklin River to his decision to become a novelist as a four-year-old, and how his connection to Tasmania dates back to the first convicts. Hosting the conversation about the difficulties of forgetting, remembering and writing about the past is Spectrum editor and culture writer Melanie Kembrey.See for privacy information.
27/10/202337 minutes 41 seconds
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Journalist and author Julia Baird on the concept of grace in everyday life

On this episode, journalist and bestselling author Julia Baird speaks about her latest book, Bright Shining, which explores the role of grace in our lives: what it is, where to find it, and how to cultivate it. Hosting the conversation is Good Weekend senior writer, Amanda Hooton.See for privacy information.
22/10/202329 minutes 16 seconds
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Film and TV producer Jodi Matterson on selling Australian stories to global audiences

On today’s episode we talk to Jodi Matterson, the most important person in Australian film and TV that you've likely never heard of. This powerhouse of the screen is behind everything from the Naomi Watts film Penguin Bloom, to the Nicole Kidman series Nine Perfect Strangers. She speaks about her globetrotting life, and how she fell into the career in the first place.Hosting this discussion is Good Weekend senior writer Amanda Hooton.See for privacy information.
13/10/202333 minutes 27 seconds
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Bestselling author Matthew Reilly on writing, making his first movie and working with Netflix

In this episode, Australian thriller writer Matthew Reilly talks about his writing life in Los Angeles, what it was like to make the film Interceptor and how long it takes to know if you've got a Netflix hit (hint: not long at all). Hosting the conversation is Books Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, Jason Steger.See for privacy information.
06/10/202335 minutes 43 seconds
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Former Olympian Kieren Perkins on the thorny challenges facing sport

In this episode, we talk with former Olympic champion Kieren Perkins. The swimmer had an amazing career in the pool, including winning consecutive individual gold medals through the 1990s.  Since then he's worked in leadership, consultancy and banking - and for the past 18 months, at the Australian Sports Commission, as CEO of an organisation charged with fostering  Australia's Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth games sports. Hosting the conversation is Good Weekend senior writer, Konrad Marshall.See for privacy information.
29/09/202346 minutes 51 seconds
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Musician Tex Perkins on music, performance anxiety and covering Johnny Cash

In this episode, we speak to the former frontman for The Cruel Sea, Tex Perkins, who’s currently on tour playing the hits of the legendary Johnny Cash. In conversation with Karl Quinn, Perkins discusses everything from performance anxiety and growing up in Brisbane to the pros and cons of playing Cash’s songs to the inmates of a maximum security prison. See for privacy information.
22/09/202332 minutes 22 seconds
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Tracey Spicer on artificial intelligence, misogyny in the media and living with long covid

On today’s episode, we speak with former broadcaster Tracy Spicer about artificial intelligence, misogyny in the media and what it’s like living with long COVID. Her latest book, Man-Made, examines the rapidly developing world of technology, which she says is fraught with danger, posing a real risk to the gains made by the civil rights movement. And hosting this conversation about bias in machine learning, living with a disability and indigenous women as the world’s first coders - is senior culture writer at The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, Kerrie O’Brien.See for privacy information.
21/07/202330 minutes 2 seconds
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‘Feel the rage and get active:’ author Tim Winton on his fight to save Ningaloo

This week, we speak to writer Tim Winton about his campaign to save the remote, pristine ecosystems around Ningaloo, in north-west Western Australia. The award-winning author has produced a documentary about the battle to protect this beautiful reef and the land that surrounds it from numerous threats including salt mines, oil and gas pipelines and a deep water port proposed for the middle of a humpback whale refuge. Hosting the conversation is Good Weekend senior writer Tim Elliott.See for privacy information.
14/07/202340 minutes 23 seconds
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Myf Warhurst on keeping young, being a failed musician, and her long-running career

On today's episode, we speak to broadcaster Myf Warhurst about her eclectic career in radio and TV, including the music knowledge that made her both a Eurovision commentator and a Spicks and Specs favorite, as well as her current stage role playing the narrator in a new production of the Rocky Horror Show. Not to mention a recurring gig on the animated global hit Bluey.  Hosting the conversation - from being a foster parent and her documentary about menopause - is Good Weekend senior writer Melissa Fyfe.See for privacy information.
30/06/202334 minutes 27 seconds
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Hugh van Cuylenburg on feeling happier through GEM

This week we talk with Hugh Van Cuylenburg, a former teacher turned podcaster and public speaker who founded the Resilience Project and co-hosts The Imperfects podcast. Van Cuylenburg talks to Good Weekend senior writer Konrad Marshall about the twists and turns in his own life, the lessons he wants to impart to others and why he loves a good long run.See for privacy information.
14/04/202337 minutes 51 seconds