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English, Parenting, 2 seasons, 89 episodes, 23 hours 24 minutes
We get better instructions for putting together furniture than we do for raising actual human beings. And that doesn’t even account for how to do it amid a global pandemic and civil/political unrest. That’s why Season 2 of Good Kids features a compelling mix of perspectives on child-rearing — from parents and experts, authors and actors, to "good" kids themselves — imparting wisdom for a brief, but potent, 10(ish) minutes each week. Good Kids isn’t just another parenting podcast. It’s an all-hands-on-deck discussion about what we can do to help children create a better world. Collectively.
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Listen Now: Pressure Cooker

We are dropping in your feed to share “Pressure Cooker”. Feeding a family is among the most basic of human responsibilities. So why do we so often feel like we’re failing at it? On Pressure Cooker, veteran journalists Jane Black and Liz Dunn dish out empathy and common-sense strategies for busy parents navigating manipulative marketing messages, impossible cultural expectations, and little people with big personalities as they try to set their children on a healthy path for life. In this episode, Jane and Liz talk to Jenny Rosenstrach, author of “The Weekday Vegetarians” for ideas on how to eat less meat overall and to accommodate kids who choose to skip meat.  To hear more of Pressure Cooker, head to for privacy information.
22/09/202340 minutes 53 seconds
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Listen Now: I Need To Ask You Something

We are dropping in your feed to share Lemonada Media's newest series, “I Need To Ask You Something." This unique 10-part series bridges the gap between the things we need to say and the words we’re afraid to hear. Each week, trauma therapist Dr. Monica Band sits down with a young person and their parent, friend or partner to help them create a blueprint for building stronger relationships while healing out loud. Created in partnership with The Jed Foundation. In the series premiere, you'll hear from Jessica. Her parents divorced when she was 18, but the years leading up to it were filled with “contagious unhappiness”. Now she sits down with her father to ask: why did you wait so long, and how do we heal from here? To hear more episodes of I Need To Ask You Something, head to See for privacy informat
06/09/202346 minutes 8 seconds
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Listen Now: My New Favorite Futbolista

Who should you root for at the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup? Get to know soccer’s most inspiring players and the causes they champion on My New Favorite Futbolista. Team USA’s Crystal Dunn, who returned to competitive soccer less than four months after giving birth to her son Marcel Jean, shares how she juggles her career and motherhood. To hear more of My New Favorite Futbolista, head to for privacy information.
14/06/202321 minutes 35 seconds
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Listen Now: Choice Words with Samantha Bee

The producers of this series are excited to let you know about another Lemonada Media podcast, Choice Words with Samantha Bee. Each week on Choice Words, Samantha Bee sits down with people she admires to examine the biggest choices they’ve made in their lives and the ripple effects those decisions have had.   When Rosie O’Donnell chose to step away from her talk show after six successful seasons, her actor friends thought she was out of her mind. Sam asks Rosie what went into that professional choice as well as a personal one: celebrating her 50th by adopting a baby. Rosie relives moments like drunk-dialing Oprah, fighting with Eileen Fisher, and uttering a sentence that’s never been said in Hollywood. To hear more of Choice Words with Samantha Bee, head to for pri
01/06/202340 minutes 38 seconds
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Listen Now: Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus!

Hey listeners! We’re dropping in your feed today to give you the first full episode of Lemonada Media’s brand-new show, Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. On the premiere episode of Wiser Than Me, Julia sits down with the one and only Jane Fonda. With a career spanning over six decades, Jane – now 85 years old – hits all the highlights: staying fit at any age, fantasizing about funerals, getting heckled on set by Katharine Hepburn…and something about a fake thumb. The first two episodes of Wiser Than Me are out now, with new episodes each week. To hear more, head to  See for privacy information.
11/04/202348 minutes
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How To Talk To Your Kids About Politics (with Sarah Stewart Holland & Beth Silvers)

In honor of Super Tuesday, Sarah Stewart Holland &amp; Beth Silvers (co-hosts of Pantsuit Politics) dive into talking to your kids about everyone&rsquo;s favorite topic: politics! They have a really thoughtful conversation about tips, strategies, and challenges they&rsquo;ve faced when having these conversations with their own kids. But, most importantly, they stress how critical it is to have these conversations even when it&rsquo;s hard. &ldquo;I think it's really important to start early, developing both in yourself and your kids, that some of these questions are really hard and sometimes there isn't a clear cut answer.&rdquo; You can follow Beth on Instagram and Twitter.&nbsp; You can follow Sarah on Instagram and Twitter. Listen to <a href="http://www.pan
15/06/202216 minutes 26 seconds
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How To Raise Anti-Racist Kids (with Dr. Nzinga Harrison)

In this critical episode, Dr. Nzinga Harrison outlines ways to talk with kids of all ages about racism and shares ten action steps on raising kids who are anti-racist. &ldquo;Anti-racist kids are kids that don't have to pretend to be free of racism, but kids who make the commitment to fight racism wherever they see it, including when they see it in themselves.&rdquo;&nbsp; You can follow Dr. Nzinga Harrison on Twitter at @naharrisonmd Be sure to check out this episode&rsquo;s fantastic sponsors: Looking for ways to take care of your emotional health, cope with the challenges we all are facing, stay safe and healthy, and more? If so, visit Mercari makes it super easy to sell (or buy) almost anything, visit BetterHelp offers affordable, private online counseling an
08/06/202218 minutes 19 seconds
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My First Panic Attack

Lily Cornell Silver, mental health activist and daughter of the late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, recounts her less-than-conventional childhood &ndash; &mdash; on the road, missing school to go to rock concerts, and learning to play poker on the Alice in Chains tour bus. Lily talks candidly about her early introduction to the world of mental health, after a harrowing panic attack at just 12-years-old. &ldquo;I felt the heat flood my body. I was sweating. I was shaking. And my 12-year-old brain immediately went to, like, I have a brain tumor or like there's something wrong with my heart or like I'm literally about to die.&rdquo; Plus, how the pandemic inspired her to start Mind Wide Open, her IGTV interview series about mental health.&nbsp;&nbsp; You can follow Lily Cornell Silver on Instagram @lilycornellsilver.&nbsp; Support the show by checking out our sponsors! You can digitally purchase life insurance
01/06/202212 minutes 26 seconds
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Weird Parenting Wins

Hillary Frank, author and host of the award-winning parenting podcast The Longest Shortest Time, takes us on a journey to the wonderful world of weird parenting. You won&rsquo;t find any of these tips in a traditional parenting book. Instead, Hillary says, weird parenting is real advice from real parents born out of moments of sheer desperation. &ldquo;One of my favorites is a game called &lsquo;What's on My Butt?&rsquo; You lie down face-down on the couch or on the floor, and then you tell them to get some random object and place it on your butt. And then you have to guess what the thing is and the longer it takes you to guess, the longer you get to lie down.&rdquo; You can follow Hillary Frank on Twitter @hillaryfrank and on Instagram @thisishillaryfrank.&nbsp; Support the show by checking out our sponsors! Livinguard activity masks use materials with amazing properties that deactivate viruses and bacteria co
25/05/202214 minutes 33 seconds
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Meet My Imaginary Friend

Actor Jay Ellis takes us back to his childhood &ndash; moving all around the country, going on adventures with his imaginary friend, and dreaming of being an FBI agent/karate master/football champion one day. He tells the story of one of his first interactions with the police, when, after toilet-papering a classmate&rsquo;s house with best friend Joe, the pair are detained and berated by cops for more than 30 minutes, &ldquo;as if we had just robbed a store.&rdquo; Jay says the experience forever changed his relationship with law enforcement. &ldquo;I didn't get to have those teenage years in the same way that some of my non-Black peers and friends got to have. I was looked at as a man and thought to be dangerous, even though I was a boy.&rdquo;&nbsp; Support the show by checking out our sponsors! Click this link for a list of current sponsors and discount codes for this show and all Lemonada shows: <a href="
18/05/202211 minutes 37 seconds
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How To Make Your Kids Say Thank You. And Mean It.

Former Jersey girl, producer and writer, Jaime Primak Sullivan now lives in Alabama with her husband and three kids. For her, teaching her kids southern manners was a must. In this episode of Good Kids, Jaime recalls an incident at their local Dairy Queen where she started to question her parenting. &ldquo;I felt like all of my work had fallen on deaf ears and I wondered, would they become good people? Are they good people? Or are they just little sh*ts who have been given too much?&rdquo;&nbsp; Through the human connection Jamie teaches her kids, and us, how to be kinder, gentler humans.&nbsp; Transcripts available at Jaime&rsquo;s Cawfee Talk Group - for privacy information.
11/05/202216 minutes 18 seconds
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How To Foster Empathy (with Michael & Pele Bennett)

Michael Bennett is a unicorn. The NFL defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, is both a Super Bowl Champion and a self-described feminist. Pele Bennett is no slacker either: she&rsquo;s a food advocate and a skilled Polynesian dancer. Together, the Bennetts have taken on everything from racial justice work to authoring a children&rsquo;s book to parenting three daughters. Today, the Bennetts dive deep on the importance of empathy in all aspects of parenting and life. &ldquo;I don't think it's ever going to be peaceful. I don't think we'll ever be perfect because everyone's perspectives, everyone's views, are so different. But I do think that if we just try to understand each other, whether I feel it was right or wrong, then we can keep moving forward.&rdquo; Check out Michael &amp; Pele&rsquo;s show Mouthpeace. <a href="https://www.mer
04/05/202219 minutes 54 seconds
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Teen Mom, Good Kid

Nicole Lynn Lewis shocked family and friends when she told them she was pregnant her senior year of high school. &ldquo;I was this honor roll student who was so involved and I had a very clear sense of what I wanted to do with my life. And then all of a sudden I'm pregnant.&rdquo; Nevertheless, she made a promise to her mom that she'd go to college no matter what. Hear how Nicole went from eight months pregnant, living day to day in a Motel 6, to a college grad and non-profit leader. Plus, how she&rsquo;s helping end the stigma around teen parenting with her organization, Generation Hope. You can follow Nicole Lynn Lewis on Twitter and Instagram @nicolelynnlewis.&nbsp; Support the show by checking out our sponsors! Click this link for a list of current sponsors and discount codes for this show and all Lemonada shows:
27/04/202211 minutes 46 seconds
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How To Be Cool with Mediocrity in a Pandemic (with Stephanie Wittels Wachs)

In the midst of a quarantine, Stephanie Wittels Wachs (Last Day, Everything Is Horrible and Wonderful) talks about living in the unknown as a parent and being okay with all that it brings. &ldquo;I accepted a really long time ago that I have no control over anything. I can put my best foot forward. But ultimately, what's gonna happen is gonna happen.&rdquo; Follow Stephanie on Instagram and Twitter. Listen to Last Day from Lemonada Media Mercari Transcriptions available shortly after air date at
20/04/202220 minutes 50 seconds
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How To Talk About Your Unique Family (with Peter Rider)

Stay-at-home dad Peter Rider shares his experience--the good, the bad, and the funny--with being detailed and clear when talking to his kids about all sorts of things. From having two gay dads to contracting head lice and more, he believes being explicit is the way to go. &ldquo;One thing that I've been thinking about a lot over the past year, especially as my kids get a little older, is the balance between modeling behaviors vs. being really explicit and explaining things. I think I started out thinking that when it comes to values, kids really learn by seeing. But I think increasingly I've thought...about how you actually have to be really explicit about some things.&rdquo; Be sure to check out our fantastic sponsors: BetterHelp offers affordable, private online counseling anytime, anywhere. Get 10% off your first month when you use discount code &ldquo;goodkids" at <li
13/04/202213 minutes 57 seconds
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From Bad to Worse: COVID’s Toll on a Top Child Care Center

We are excited to share another Lemonada Media show you will love. It's called No One Is Coming to Save Us and it tackles the American child care crisis. No One Is Coming to Save Us has new episodes out every Thursday. Gloria is back and ready to tackle America&rsquo;s child care crisis head-on. To kick off season 2, she calls up Lauren Cook, CEO of Ellis Early Learning in Boston. We met Lauren back in season 1, where she walked us through the nitty gritty of how much it costs to operate a child care center. This time around, Lauren tears up as she talks about how nationwide labor shortages are reverberating through the child care system, what she has to do to keep the lights on at Ellis, and how the ongoing pandemic has made a bad situation continue to get worse.See for privacy information.
24/03/202238 minutes 53 seconds
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Listen to This: After 1954

Our team wanted to share with you a preview of another Lemonada Media series that they know you&rsquo;ll want to tune in for. The 1954 Supreme Court decision in Brown vs. Board of Education paved the way for racial integration in public schools. But there's an unspoken consequence of this historic moment. Estimates show 38 thousand Black teachers were fired throughout the integration. This means, the number of Black educators in our public schools dramatically decreased during this time. And that number has never gone back up. This has left a huge void in our public schools. That&rsquo;s why it&rsquo;s so important we uplift Black leaders working in education today. After 1954, a new podcast from Lemonada Media hosted by Aim&eacute;e Eubanks Davis, is out now wherever you get your podcasts.See for privacy information.
09/03/202221 minutes 37 seconds
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Holiday Bonus: How Do I Talk to My Kids About Their Mental Health? (with Lily Cornell Silver)

As a holiday bonus, the team at Good Kids wanted to share one of their favorite podcasts of 2021 with you. New Day from Lemonada Media is a podcast with a simple goal - helping you get through the day and look forward to tomorrow. Every week, Claire Bidwell Smith shares one way to make your day and life a little better. From waking up with more energy to finding contentment with relationships, to keeping your New Year resolutions all year long, Claire and her guests help you answer the big question: How can I lead a more fulfilling life? New Day is back with brand new episodes starting January 5th. &nbsp; Joining Lemonada Premium is a great way to support our show and get bonus content. Subscribe today at; &nbsp; Click this link for a list of current sponsors and discount codes for this show and all Lemonada shows: https://lemonadamed
28/12/202135 minutes 31 seconds
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Holiday Bonus: Accepting Your Own Parenting Journey (with Kulap Vilaysack & SuChin Pak)

Just in time for the holidays, we&rsquo;re revisiting one of our favorite Good Kids episodes with Kulap Vilaysack &amp; SuChin Pak, hosts of the Lemonada Media podcast Add to Cart. They talk about what they&rsquo;re adding to their metaphorical shopping cart when it comes to raising good humans: hope, surrender, and forgiveness. Kulap reflects on her complicated relationship with her mother, and opens up about her struggle to become a mother herself. SuChin talks candidly about her experience with self-inflicted mom-guilt. &ldquo;I spent most of my time as a parent feeling really guilty and ashamed because I didn't really like being a parent. And so I had to come to the hard realization &ndash; and the freeing realization &ndash; that I could love my kids but not really love being a parent.&rdquo; Add to Cart is back with brand new episodes on January 4th. &nbsp; Joining Lemonada Premium is a great way to support our show and get bonus content. Subscribe today at <a
21/12/202112 minutes 32 seconds