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Goddess Confessions with Sheneka Adams

English, Education, 4 seasons, 47 episodes, 8 hours, 30 minutes
Sheneka Adams hosts Goddess Confessions, a podcast where she shares her knowledge and experiences that allow women to level up and constantly become a better version of themselves. Her confessions cover mental health, femininity, relationships, spirituality, fashion and more to ensure that our listeners are ever-changing, ever-growing, and ever learning on their Goddess journey.
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You Are The Divine Feminine

The true divine feminine will receive very little validation from the masses of men. Her validation is sourced from within. --- Support this podcast:
3/23/202410 minutes, 11 seconds
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Your Higher Self

The power of life and death lies in our tongue, it's up to you to use that power to speak life into you and your life. --- Support this podcast:
2/25/20249 minutes, 52 seconds
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You Are Responsible For Your Growth

Today is made up of yesterdays thoughts beliefs, and actions. What you did yesterday impacts today. Your actions today are so crucial, they’re creating your tomorrow.  --- Support this podcast:
8/22/202310 minutes, 28 seconds