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English, Technology, 1 seasons, 100 episodes, 3 days 10 hours 33 minutes
Go Full Crypto is the best cryptocurrency podcast for beginners. This is your resource to understand how cryptocurrency works. Navigate your way into the world of crypto with hosts Mrugakshee Palwe and Keegan Francis. We bring to your stories, interviews, and how-tos on getting started and sustaining yourself in the world of cryptocurrency.
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100: NOSTR explained and early AI

Keegan and Mrugakshee discuss a new social media protocol called nostr. Bitcoin has been heavily integrated into the platform, leading to a significant rise in the use of the bitcoin lightning network. Keegan and Mrugakshee lay out what the protocol is, how it works, and the pros and cons of having a social media protocol that is censorship-resistant.   They also talk about how AI is in its infancy and the implications of what can be produced using AI.   The question we ask at the end is: Do you want us to do episode 101 or start a new show under a different name? Find us on social channels below with your answer!   Keegan on Twitter Keegan on NOSTR   Mrugakshee on Twitter Mrugakshee on NOSTR  
15/03/202350 minutes 18 seconds
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99: Recap of the Year, Privacy, and Back to the Basics

Mrugakshee and Keegan return after several months of absence to get back to the basics. A lot has happened since episode 98 including the FTX collapse, newer lows for all cryptocurrencies, and the broader market. The two recap the year while touching on topical subjects such as privacy and anonymity.   Go Full Crypto Social Links Keegan Francis Newsletter Keegan Twitter Mrugakshee Instagram Keegan Instagram  
25/12/202250 minutes 12 seconds
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98: Gold Wars and the Gold Standard

In this episode, Keegan and Mrugakshee talk about the book, Gold Wars by Ferdinand Lips. The book is about the history of gold as the base money for civilization and how we've arrived in the 20th century on a fiat standard. The podcast is about laying out some of the key points of the book and articulating the key points. Though we only scratched the surface, you can always get the real book and discover how gold is the original and supreme money of th
15/08/20221 hour 11 minutes 15 seconds
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97: Jamie King - Trust, Piracy, and Bitcoin

Jaime King is a producer of documentary and films. His latest release is “This Machine Greens” a documentary busting myths and misinformation about the environmental impact of Bitcoin. Jaime gives us his story of how he found himself as a supporter of bitcoin, through his work on censorship resistant technologies like bit torrent. The discussion wanders form the history of the internet, to cipher punks, to bitcoin, to the present day war on free speech.   Mentions from the show: - Steal this film: - This Machine Greens: - Lightning Network: - Trust Tallycoin Fundraiser: <a href='
24/04/20222 hours 4 minutes 34 seconds
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96: Lava Wallet - Next Gen Bitcoin Wallet

Shehzan Maredia and James Taylor join us to talk about Lava, a next generation bitcoin wallet that they’re developing. The two noticed a disconnect in the bitcoin wallet space wherein there is no single wallet that combines safe storage of bitcoin, instant transactions with lightning, earning a yield, and buying synthetic assets such as stocks all through non-custodial means. Lava is an exciting and ambitious project made possible through a mechanism called discrete log contracts (DLCs). We discuss how the wallet is built, and touch on the bitcoin-based philosophies that the founders cultivated while in college.   Mentions from the Show -   Lava Social Links - - Lava's Twitter <p cl
27/03/202255 minutes 46 seconds
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95: There is only with Jacob Asparian

We are joined by Jacob Asparian who started It is services business that offers to solve all of your bitcoin related needs. Jacob tells his story of becoming a bitcoiner over dissatisfaction with the legacy financial system. From a young age, Jacob set himself on a quest to understand money which lead him to Bitcoin. He shares his journey, and the insights he gleaned along the way.   Mentions from the show - Andreas Antonopolous ( - Keegan’s letter on Politicization of Bitcoin ( - Trace Mayer (
13/03/20221 hour 17 minutes 19 seconds
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94: Married to Bitcoin (and each other!)

We (Keegan and Mrugakshee) are married to bitcoin, and each other. We sometimes get questions about being a couple with all of our money in Bitcoin. Does Keegan make the financial decisions? How did Keegan convince Mrugakshee to move their money into Bitcoin? Or, was it a joint decision? Couples finances is a tricky subject to navigate, so we decided to dedicate a whole episode to answer our listeners questions.    Thanks for the request, TJ!   Timestamps: (00:00) - Introduction (01:57) - "How do you both, as spouses, balance your crypto discussions or strategies, without having it harm your marriage?" (10:21) - Cultural differences when thinking about money, finances and family, and practical limitations with the banking sector (18:06) - "Were you both on board making the decision to go full crypto? Was any convincing required?" (21:09) - "Do both of you play an equal part in managing your portfolio?" (25:06) - "
06/03/202252 minutes 46 seconds
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93: Bitcoin and Property Rights

Keegan and Mrugakshee discuss Property Rights. The two dive into the history of property, the definition of property, the function of property, and how the ownership of property relates to topical events going on today such as capital controls, wealth inequality, and inflation.   Book: Daylight Robbery   Timestamps: (00:00) - Introduction (02:03) - Defining 'Property' (15:18) - Why is Property and Ownership important? (25:26) - How do Money, Taxation and Inflation fit into the Property picture? (43:00) - Is there scope for a fair, and equal system, without wealth inequality? (52:01) - What is the role and importance of government in all of this? (1:00:08) - Closing Thoughts   Go Full Crypto Social Links Website: https://GoFullCrypt
13/02/20221 hour 4 minutes 28 seconds
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92: David vs. Goliath with Sunny Ray

Sunny Ray is the host of two podcasts and a cofounder of one of India’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges UnoCoin. He tells us a David vs. Goliath type of story (little takes on the big) wherein his company fights for the right to have banking services for Unocoin in India. Sunny has been a long time supporter and participant in people and businesses building on bitcoin. The conversation broaches into “Why Bitcoin vs. everything else”, NFTs, and freedom in general.   Sunny Ray Social Links - - -   (00:00) - Introduction (01:35) - Sunny, Unocoin, and the fight for Bitcoin in India (09:47) - The Media, and Bitcoin vs other cryptocurrenc
06/02/20221 hour 20 minutes 31 seconds
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91: How Taxes Shape Your Behaviour

Mrugakshee and Keegan discuss the role of taxes in shaping the behaviour of a population. Keegan shares insights after reading Dominic Frisby’s book “Daylight Robbery”, a book about the past, present, and future of taxes. Taxes end up playing a much bigger role in our lives than we might think on the surface, this podcast sheds light into the role of government, and the influence they have one the lives of its citizens through the taxation of money, and labour.   Mentions from the show - Dominic Frisby - Daylight Robbery   Timestamps:   (00:00) - Introduction (02:51) - Introducing the book, 'Daylight Robbery', by Dominic Frisby (10:27) - H
16/01/20221 hour 4 minutes 55 seconds
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90: Ben Arc on LNbits

Ben Arc is the founder of LNbits and a passionate Bitcoiner. In this episode, he tells us the story of how he discovered the problem he set out to solve, i.e. LNbits. He also talks about how makers, hobbyists, and tinkerers can make use of LNbits and hardware devices to their advantage. We ended the episode with what bitcoin is to him, and why he was at the conference.   Running Bitcoin -   Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction 04:17 - Introducing Ben 09:47 - The Lightning World, early Bitcoin days, and the first phone wallet 14:00 - Ben's journey developing hardware and technology for the Lightning network, and LNURL 25:45 - LNbits, and the gap in the market it sought to fill 41:57 - More use cases - like the offline shop extension, and Ben's workshops 54:35 - Ben shouts out some tools he uses, and other projects in the works 1:05:44 - What doe
26/12/20211 hour 12 minutes 49 seconds
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89: Capitalism, Socialism, and Cryptocurrency with Andrew Bergel

Andrew Bergel is an instructor of environmental governance at Dalhousie university in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He joins us for the second part of the interview where we talk about Andrew's experience as an instructor at Dalhousie University. The conversation ventures generally into socialism, capitalism, with an overtone of cryptocurrency and bitcoin.   Timestamps: (00:00) - Discussing Andrew's educational background (03:57) - Discussing regulations, and how do traditional finance norms work here? (12:46) - How regulation and normalization of crypto trading might affect hedge funds (15:08) - What led Andrew towards crypto (31:33) - Does increase in price make Bitcoin less risky? And Crypto in the classroom (37:47) - Portfolio diversity philosophy, 'trying to catch a falling knife', and Sector Rotation (51:09) - The monetary policy of Bitcoin, and reading patterns as a trader (58:45) - Dialog about crypto a
19/12/20211 hour 44 minutes 25 seconds
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88: Hedge Fund Trading, 2008, and Understanding Finance with Andrew Bergel

Andrew Bergel is an instructor of environmental governance at Dalhousie university in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He joins us to discuss his experience working on Wall Street as a stock and futures trader. Andrew’s experience with finance, governance, and the environment gives him a unique perspective on cryptocurrency at large.   Timestamps:   (00:00) - Introduction (03:20) - Introducing Andrew, and his background (12:34) - Dealing with different tiers of clients in the finance industry, and computer based trading (23:21) - Price to Earnings Ratio, and how we perceive value of stock (33:28) - How lack of financial literacy and education is a trap (44:29) - What made Andrew quit his trading job? (48:16) - The crash of 2008, and current inflation concerns (57:38) - Setting up Part 2, and Closing Thoughts Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath.   Find Adrew B here -   Go Full Crypto Social Links Website: Keegan Francis' Newsletter
12/12/20211 hour 1 minute 7 seconds
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87: Growing Pains on Bitcoin Adoption with Dorothy

There is more than meets the eye in terms of what is going on in El Salvador. This is why we spoke with Dorothy. She is a Spanish speaking Canadian who has been in El Salvador for about 2 months. She's been transacting in bitcoin, conversing with the locals, and helping them to understand why and how to use bitcoin. She joins us to share her boots on the ground experience on what bitcoin adoption is like in El Salvador.   Timestamps:   (00:00) - Introduction (01:51) - Introducing Dorothy, and the onset of Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador (09:38) - Transparency in volatility of a currency (15:53) - Issues with Chivo, and the government's lack of advertising/marketing (25:09) - How the Salvadorans have responded to Bitcoin, and financial literacy (40:38) - Issues with financial literacy as a whole (50:40) - Bitcoin adoption and modernization, without losing heritage and culture (1:04:56) - A few thoughts on Ca
05/12/20211 hour 15 minutes 28 seconds
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86: Our 2 Week Experience in El Salvador

When we interviewed Mike Peterson in Ep 16 of our podcast, it was then that we decided we were going to come visit El Zonte. A little over a year after recording that episode, we made it to El Salvador. Our experience here has been nothing short of amazing. In this episode, we recount a couple stories of witnessing how adopting bitcoin has been for the people of El Salvador.   Keegan's letter on Bitcoin City Keegan's private letter titled "My Week in El Salvador"   Timestamps: (00:00) - Introduction (01:34) - El Salvador - First Impression (05:52) - Experience spending Bitcoin in El Salvador (10:02) - The Chivo Wallet, and some difficulties faced as a result of it (15:38) - More Bitcoin experiences (27:09) - Could restaurants double up as ATMs? (30:0
28/11/202136 minutes 39 seconds
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85: Goodnight Bitcoin and SHAmory founders Scott and Malory

Goodnight Bitcoin is a children's book and SHAmory is a card game that teaches the players about how bitcoin mining works. We interviewed founders Scott and Malory, to learn about what lead them to create these products for bitcoin, and why bitcoin is important to them. We discovered these games and books are not just for children, but also for the parents and grandparents reading them.   SHAmory website How to Play SHAmory video Goodnight Bitcoin movie   Timestamps: (00:00) - Introduction (02:19) - Introducing Scott, Mallory, and SHAmory (07:04) - Scott and Mallory's Bitcoin stories, and the concept behind SHAmory  (18:43) - Discussing Financial Literacy, and Goodnight Bitcoin (30:48) - Plans to raise awareness for Goodnight Bitcoin, and Bitcoin in Education (36:20) -
21/11/202146 minutes 36 seconds
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84: Jacinda Brown on Mining Bitcoin with Natural Gas

Jacinda Brown from CryptoKnight Energy joins us to talk about her experience of developing bitcoin mining farms alongside oil and gas wells. Jacinda brings her decades of experience as a geologist and working with oil companies to the relatively new space of using bitcoin miners to create more efficiencies within the systems of oil and gas extraction.   (00:00) - Introduction (01:29) - Jacinda's background, and using excess Natural Gas to mine Bitcoin  (8:00) - Discussing Jacinda's Bitcoin journey (13:24) - Natural Gas 101, and parallels between Bitcoin, and Oil and Gas (29:00) - Finances, transactions and profits, when running a company that mines Bitcoin (34:25) - The ecological and environmental impact of extracting Natural Gas (43:37) - The energy expenditure required for the mining of Bitcoin (51:17) - CryptoKnight Energy, Economy, and local jobs (1:01:59) - Other challenges, and how to get in touch with the
14/11/20211 hour 12 minutes 28 seconds
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83: Sue Ennis from Hut8 Mining on Bitcoin Mining

Sue Ennis is the Vice President of Corporate Development at Hut8 Mining. Hut8 is a mining company that is publicly traded on the NASDAQ and the TSX. Sue joins us to talk about to talk about how the company works and how the future of mining will evolve. The discussion ventures into the environmental impact of bitcoin and the potential of bitcoins growth in the future.   (00:00) - Introduction (01:35) - Hut 8 Mining as OG HODL'ers  (6:30) - Sue's background as a Bitcoiner (10:47) - Operational basics of GPU Mining (16:23) - Using cold climate and renewable energy for mining (23:06) - Thoughts on Mining, and Energy Consumption (31:01) - One thing Sue wishes was asked and discussed more, and the GFC Origin story (36:54) - Discussing Bitcoin vs Fixed Income (42:14) - Is it too late to get into Bitcoin?, and Closing Thoughts   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath.   Sue Ennis Social Links</
07/11/202146 minutes 36 seconds
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82: Tristan Lamonica‘s Bitcoin Story

Tristan Lamonica is the director of digital strategy for the Parliament of Canada. He got into bitcoin in 2013 and has been researching it ever since. His master thesis was on how bitcoin can be integrated into social media platforms in order to fix some of their prevalent issues. We explore a wide range of topics in this episode ranging from Canadian politics, to the lightning network, to the "good ole days" of bitcoin.   Timestamps: (00:00) - Introduction (01:54) - Tristan's early Bitcoin story (13:49) - Learning about Tristan's background (26:05) - Discussing the STEEM - HIVE split (29:58) - The Lightning Network, and the many ways the Digital Generation gets into Bitcoin (43:30) - How Bitcoin was procured 'back in the day' (48:33) - Global perception of Bitcoin outside the US and Canada (1:01:39) - Tristan's Thesis, and how the academic community responded to it (1:09:18) - Other Cryptocurrencies, and c
31/10/20211 hour 34 minutes 5 seconds
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81: What is Behind Bitcoin‘s Wave of Adoption?

Is there more to bitcoin than just the current price? What exactly is driving bitcoin to achieve new all time highs? Mrugakshee and Keegan discuss recent events in the bitcoin space. Bitcoin ETFs, the difference between Spot trading and Futures trading. They discuss the various layers of bitcoin that form the wider ecosystem. The blockchain (settlement), the payments layer (lightning), and the DeFi layer (Sovryn). The show ends with Keegan sharing an idea about the richest person in the world.   Mentions from the Show Deep dive into Sovryn Letter El Salvador Adopting Bitcoin Letter Timestamps:   (00:00) - Introduction (01:02) - The recent price of Bitcoin, and does Bitcoin's price matter? (08:19) - The curious case of El Salvador (18:48) - Di
24/10/202146 minutes 57 seconds
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80: Brendan Wood on Government Debt and Monetary vs Fiscal Policy

In Part 2, we pick up where we left off talking about GIC's and bonds. These are actually really important concepts to learn as part of general financial and investment literacy. Brendan does a great job breaking these concepts down into digestible pieces of knowledge. We wrap up the show with a discussion on bitcoin, and currency. This was a great discussion on the nature of monetary policy and money in general. Timestamps: (00:00) - Picking up where we left off, discussing GIC's and bonds (06:37) - The DeFi lending market, and putting money lending into perspective (16:32) - Governments, Debt, and Monetary vs Fiscal Responsibility (21:58) - The importance of lending - Borrowing from your future, to make progress now (29:22) - What does Brendan think are smart things to invest in? (32:11) - Bitcoin as a currency vs Bitcoin as a store of value (44:10) - Closing Thoughts   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath.
17/10/202148 minutes 5 seconds
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79: Brendan Wood on Traditional Finance and Passiv

Brendan Wood joins Go Full Crypto for a discussion on Mutual funds, ETFs, and the evolving cryptocurrency market. Brendan was an early bitcoin enthusiast, and went on to start Passiv, a FinTech company focused on helping clients balance their portfolios. Passiv balances thousands of clients' funds that include traditional stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. This is the first of a two-part episode.   Timestamps:   (00:00) - Introduction (02:42) - Getting acquainted with Brendan and his long history with Bitcoin (08:20) - Brendan's experience with Exchanges in the early days of Bitcoin (14:35) - Brendan's journey towards financial literacy (21:55) - Financial Literacy 101 - Mutual Funds (30:57) - What led Brendan to start his company, Passiv, and what they do (43:37) - The response to Passiv adding crypto (47:37) - Financial literacy hindsight learnings, and fiat vs DeFi investments (53:56) - Closing T
10/10/202155 minutes 23 seconds
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78: From Bars to Bitcoin with Bitcoin Vegan

Justin Rhedrick, A.K.A Bitcoin Vegan is the author of From Bars to Bitcoin. The book details his journey from his time growing up, to being in prison (bars), to discovering bitcoin. This episode is about life lessons, philosophies, and of course bitcoin. Justin passionately tells our audience how his life experiences and discovering bitcoin helped teach him financial literacy, and gave him the tools he needed to change his life circumstances.   Timestamps: (00:00) - Introduction (03:40) - Introducing Justin, The Bitcoin Vegan (06:07) - Discussing 'From Bars to Bitcoin' (17:22) - How Justin wrote his book (25:20) - Stability, value, and parallels to Bitcoin (32:33) - Planning for the future, and being a product of the people you surround yourself with (43:20) - Financial Literacy, and reading some moments from the book (54:59) - The relevance of Bitcoin in Justin's life and philosophy (60:20) - Does Justin t
03/10/20211 hour 11 minutes 55 seconds
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77: Announcements and Answering Audience Questions

In this episode we took the time to fill in our listeners on events that are taking place with us. For starters, we're going to El Salvador in November. We want to take used cellphones to Bitcoin Beach to give to people who need them. See our mailing address below. Secondly, we wanted to answer some questions from our listeners. One listener, in particular, is from, a mobile podcasting and community app. Lastly, we wanted to let you know that we've been doing lots more guest episodes lately, and have some exciting and informative interviews coming up. Stay tuned!   Go Full Crypto Mailing Address 2393 Robie Street, Apt 707 Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K6S2, Canada     Timestamps: (00:00) - Introduction (00:45) - Coming Soon on the Podcast, and shouting out Justin Rhedrick (06:38) - Summarizing announcements (07:41) - Sam’s Question: NFTs overview, what is the long term value? (15:46) - Gen
26/09/202133 minutes 35 seconds
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76: Social Implications of Bitcoin with Katerina Dikaios

Our friend Katerina Dikaios joins us to talk about the social implications of Bitcoin. Katerina holds a masters in psychology from Dalhousie University and has close ties to Central American countries such as Guatemala. In this episode, we talk about Katerina's story for entering the world of crypto, we contextualize the usefulness of Bitcoin in addressing the problems faced by El Salvadorans in light of the legalization of bitcoin, we explore whether or not bitcoin is actually helping change things, or if it is a publicity and power play, and touch on what side of the political spectrum Bitcoin falls in.   Timestamps: (00:00) - Introduction (03:25) - Katerina's journey in pursuit of financial literacy (08:11) - Talking about Katerina's crypto journey (15:27) - Katerina's central American experience, and how Bitcoin Beach resonated with her (22:54) - Would a Bitcoin based economy work in a place like Guatemala?  (33:23)
19/09/20211 hour 13 minutes 9 seconds
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75: Navigating Financial Literacy with Brad Mills

This is the second episode with Magic Internet Money podcast host Brad Mills. We managed to do an in-person interview with Brad in his homeland of Cape Breton Nova Scotia. The major focus of this podcast was on financial literacy and the structure of the financial system. Brad tells stories from his past that give the audience an insight into why he has so much conviction for Bitcoin after bootstrapping his own financial wellbeing in his 20's.   Timestamps: (00:00) - Introduction (01:48) - Reintroducing Brad (07:54) - Small Businesses and payment in crypto (13:17) - Are we trending towards a Bitcoin global standard future?  (22:36) - Long Term Gain vs Short Term Losses, and the value of your money belief system (37:26) - Canada and Bitcoin (47:03) - Scarcity of resources, and the credit system (1:00:29) - Questioning Tax (1:11:27) - Discussing Regulation, Value, and Modern Monetary Theory (1:38:52) -
12/09/20212 hours 26 minutes 48 seconds
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74: The Philosophy behind Money and Value - Interview with Ankur and Amruta

Ankur and Amruta Dnyanmote join Go Full Crypto for an in-depth philosophical discussion on money, value, and cryptocurrencies. Both are accomplished professionals in their own fields of data science and biology. The two of them dove into cryptocurrency two years ago with the help of Keegan and Mrugakshee, and have been developing fascinating perspectives worth sharing ever since.   Both Ankur and Amruta create digital art and sell them as NFTs on the blockchain. Please contact us at [email protected] for sales inquiries.   Visit their: VR Gallery: Store:   Timestamps: (00:00) - Introduction (02:03) - Introducing Ankur
05/09/20211 hour 56 minutes 51 seconds
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73: Market Manipulation - The Price You Pay

Markets are full of manipulation, this is a fact. How do you know which ones are manipulated, and which ones are purely a function of supply and demand? Wash trading, money printing, and pump and dumps are discussed in this episode so you can know whether or not you're holding cryptocurrencies that are susceptible to being manipulated.   (00:00) - Live Stream Technical Difficulties (01:55) - Exchanges, Volume, and Market Manipulation (04:03) - What is Wash Trading? (06:12) - Who benefits from Wash Trading? (13:33) - How does Market Manipulation impact me, as a small investor? (16:50) - What constitutes Market Manipulation? (23:58) - Closing Thoughts   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
01/08/202125 minutes 50 seconds
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72: What is Staking and Borrowing in Crypto?

The term Staking is used quite a bit in the crypto space. Depending on the context, it means different things. Borrowing, on the other hand, is a concept we're more familiar with. The terms Staking and Borrowing can be mixed up from time to time so in this episode, we distinguish between the two terms, explain the context in which they can be used, and give examples of how we both staking and borrowing services in the crypto space.   Shoutout to Tom for asking us to talk about this in an episode - Thanks, Tom!   LIVE YOUTUBE EPISODE - Happening next Saturday, July 31st, at 12:00pm Atlantic Time (GMT -4). See you there! Join using this link.    (00:00) - Introduction (01:45) - What is Staking? And the difference between Staking and Borrowing (05:54) - Taking an in depth look at Borrowing Mechanics (11:08) - A few different platforms that we stake on (22:11) - Pros and cons
25/07/202151 minutes 20 seconds
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71: What is Your Prediction for the Future?

What is in store for us 6 months down the line, what about 6 years? It's anyones best guess. In this episode, we speculate on what the world will look like, given current events. Are we approaching an economic disaster symbolized by a brick wall? If so, what does the other side of this crash look like?   We'd love to hear some of your answers to these questions, email us at [email protected]   YouTube Live podcast episode details: Saturday, July 31 12:00pm Atlantic Time. Join Here.   (00:00) - Introduction (01:06) - What do you think will happen with government money in the near future? And the feeling of something being upon us (06:05) - Making a case for letting some things fail (10:15) - Inflation, Hyperinflation, and the role of pain (15:51) - We're not devoid of optimism though! (18:22) - Safeguards, and preppin
18/07/202125 minutes 28 seconds
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70: Three Triggers that Led Us to Leave Banking Behind [Special Episode]

We decided to opt out because of three major events that took place in our life. Keegan wrote a letter detailing those events and in this episode, Mrugakshee read that letter out loud.   Find the Keegan's letter here -   Our first live stream episode will take place on July 31st at 12:00pm Atlantic Time! Find it here, and add it to your calendar. Bring all your questions to be answered live!!   Lastly, we'd love to know - Why are you listening to our podcast? Answer the question Here!   Lots of love, Keegan and Mrugakshee
13/07/202119 minutes 39 seconds
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69: What are Exchange Tokens?

Cryptocurrencies that are created by some of the world's largest crypto companies are also among the most popular tokens on the market. In this episode, we define exchange tokens, and go into detail about what is valuable about them. It turns out they are quite a bit different than the traditional cryptocurrencies that we're all familiar with. There are dozens of exchange tokens out there, but the majority of the discussion is centered around CRO and BNB.   *note: July 13 and July 31 are the 2 special dates for this month! Mrugakshee misspoke by saying July 30th in this episode.   (00:00) - Introduction (01:52) - The difficulties faced by certain exchange tokens at the moment (04:43) - Why, and how is Binance under attack? (08:40) - What are exchange tokens? (15:17) - Discussing philosophy when it comes to holding onto, or investing into Exchange Tokens (22:53) - How competition furthers innovation, and adds value to Exc
11/07/202130 minutes 15 seconds
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68: What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the software that runs every cryptocurrency. What exactly is blockchain though? What features of blockchain make it possible to have cryptocurrency? Since the invention of blockchain, there have been many who've explored the use cases of blockchain. This episode breaks down blockchain, and talks about which use cases would actually benefit from running on blockchain.   (00:00) - Introduction (03:18) - What is Blockchain? And our background discussing it (09:40) - What is a Signature? (12:26) - Why is it difficult to go back and change/modify a certain block? (16:42) - Some of the use cases of Blockchain, and where 'trust' comes in (21:04) - Smart contracts, and the two types of Blockchains (30:51) - More use cases of Blockchain (35:59) - Closing Thoughts   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at: https://www.goful
04/07/202139 minutes 12 seconds
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67: Toxicity in Bitcoin and Crypto Maximalism

Bitcoin Maximalist Toxicity is like an auto-immune disorder of the Bitcoin world. In this episode, we explore this analogy in detail due to the rise of a loud minority of voices on social media. We need people to defend Bitcoin to the death, but where is the line, and does the line even exist?   Keegan's Newsletter on Bitcoin Maximalism and Shitcoins Robert Breedlove on Toxic Bitcoin Maximalism   (00:00) - Introduction (01:37) - Discussing toxic learning environments from experience (05:14) - Toxicity in the crypto space (11:44) - What is the toxic maximalist bitcoin perspective? (17:59) - Reminder that Bitcoin/crypto doesn't care about who you are, or your beliefs (24:12) - Shoutout to Brad Mills, and Bitcoin Sherpa (27:48) - Closing Thoughts</p
27/06/202130 minutes 17 seconds
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66: Three Most Asked Questions This Month

Is it safe to leave your crypto on an exchange? Should you diversify your portfolio? Do you need to trade to make money off of your crypto? These are some of the most asked questions we were asked in the past month. This episode is dedicated to answering those questions and elaborating on our reasons for why we have the answers that we do!   For any follow up questions, email us at [email protected] We love hearing from you!   (00:00) - Introduction (01:41) - Q1. Why is everyone telling me to move my crypto into a wallet? (07:14) - Cold Storage (11:28) - Q2. Shouldn't my portfolio be diverse? (21:09) - Q3. Don't I need to trade, to make money with crypto? (27:14) - Bonus Q. People asking us: "Are you okay?" after the recent dip, and Closing Thoughts   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at: https://www.gofullc
20/06/202130 minutes 31 seconds
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65: El Salvador Adopting Bitcoin - So What?

El Salvador is the first country to adopt Bitcoin as its official legal tender. This has many broad reaching implications, all discussed within this episode. In this episode we discussed El Salvador's bold step towards adopting Bitcoin, the economic benefits of doing so, their future plans for mining bitcoin using thermal energy (volcano), and the possible positive and negative repercussions of implementing the Bitcoin Standard.   Keegan's Newsletter on El Salvador Wikipedia Page for El Salvador   (00:00) - Introduction (02:20) - El Salvador makes BTC Legal Tender (04:48) - The dollarization of El Salvador, and the freedom that comes with BTC (08:42) - El Salvador want to mine Bitcoin using renewable energy, and what this could mean for other countries (18:54) - Keeping Elon Musk in
13/06/202145 minutes 9 seconds
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64: The Basics of Trading Crypto

"How do I trade?" is one of the most popular questions we receive from our audience. In this episode, Mrugakshee and Keegan discuss what trading is at a fundamental level, and cover key terms that you'll need to know if you want to begin. If you've ever stared at a trading terminal, and were confused by the green and red flashing lines and numbers, this is the episode that breaks it all down.   (00:00) - Introduction (01:25) - What do we think of, when we think of trading? (05:33) - Demystifying the Trading Terminal (12:51) - The value of setting rules (18:04) - Short term vs Long Term Trading, and knowing what your goal is (24:04) - Talking Candlesticks (28:13) - Closing Thoughts   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
06/06/202129 minutes 11 seconds
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63: Tackling Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD)

Have you been keeping up with all the FUD? In this episode, Mrugakshee and Keegan tackle the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that has been wreaking havoc in the cryptosphere. From the renewed energy efficiency debate, to mining Chia, to the PetroDollar system backing the USD. Lastly, a return to fundamentals, and a conversation about why GoFullCrypto, is Bitcoin First.   Mentioned in the episode:   Fear and Greed Index Alex Gladstein's Hidden Costs of the PetroDollar 6 Trillion Dollar Stimulus Strike.Global.Me (00:00) - Introduction (01:57) - Feeling the FUD: What is FUD? (06:11) - Talking about Elon Mu
30/05/202136 minutes 38 seconds
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62: How to Deal with a Red Market?

This week in crypto was a sea of red. This is an episode that dives into our own personal stories of loss. Over the years we've learned various strategies with how to deal with, and conceptualize loss. It doesn't become any easier, but we do learn how to prevent it from happening again in the future.   Mentioned in the show: the Psychology of Money - Email us at [email protected]   (00:00) - Introduction (01:23) - Diamond Hands, and the recent crypto dip (08:01) - Beware of people who try to predict the market (10:58) - Dealing with losses, and HODLing (19:19) - Why did Keegan decide to HODL Bitcoin? (25:47) - Ways to deal with the stress of loss (34:31) - Closing Thoughts  
23/05/202135 minutes 35 seconds
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61: Elon Musk and Media on Bitcoin

What a wild week in Bitcoin. We first offer a clarification on whether or not Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme. Then, we go straight into speaking about the recent drop in price of Bitcoin, largely caused by Tesla's decision to stop accepting Bitcoin as payment. This prompted us to "re-hash" the environmental debate. Lastly, we shared real-world stories about people using Bitcoin to uplift themselves out of the grips of financial censorship and inflation.   Links mentioned: Story of Syrian Refuge Venezualan Economist Bill Maher on Bitcoin   (00:00) - Introduction (01:58) - Clarifying some thoughts from Ep 60 - Is Bitcoin a ponzi scheme? (08:46) - Tesla's statement, the price of Bitcoin falli
16/05/202142 minutes 24 seconds
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60: US Banks to become Custodians of Bitcoin

US Banks are gearing up to offer their customers the opportunity to buy Bitcoin and offer custodianship for that Bitcoin. We discuss the pros and cons of this news, as well as what this means for ownership and adoption of Bitcoin. Tune in to hear a discussion on what this means for Bitcoin, frontrunning, and ponzi schemes.   (00:00) - Introduction (02:07) - Two interesting pieces of news that hit the cryptosphere recently (04:06) - US Banks have declared that they will start being custodians of Bitcoin (10:20) - Making a case for the likes of Wealthsimple (12:34) - Trust in banks, vs trust in crypto (19:32) - Discussing Frontrunning (26:28) - Is money a Ponzi Scheme? (36:23) - Wrapping up, and closing thoughts   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:  
09/05/202140 minutes 7 seconds
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59: Crypto Literacy - How to Take Advantage of Debt

There is good debt and bad debt. You can make debt work for you, or you can work for your debt. This episode is all about discovering the different types of debt out there, and how debt works for you inside of the world of crypto. If you have found yourself buried in debts, it is helpful to be aware of strategies you can use to improve your financial situation.   (00:00) - Introduction (01:58) - Keegan's experience paying off student debt (07:32) - Good Debt and Bad Debt (10:06) - Keegan thinks he shouldn't have paid off his student debt as quickly as he did (16:08) - How to tell if the debt you have taken out is good or bad for you? (24:03) - What if you can't get better interest rate on your debt? (33:02) - Steps to improving financial profile, and always pay yourself first! (35:16) - Closing Thoughts   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at
02/05/202138 minutes 22 seconds
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58: Bitcoin Volatility - To HODL or not to HODL?

HODL stands for Hold On for Dear Life. This week, Bitcoin experienced a 27% drop since its all time high at $65k USD. Believe it or not, this is a pretty normal thing for Bitcoin to do. This sort of volatility is, and should be expected. It’s part of the healthy growth cycle that Bitcoin goes through. Additionally, we talk about what sort of events around the world caused Bitcoin to take such a precipitous drop in price. Lastly, we had to pay homage to an individual that is no doubt responsible for massively contributing to Bitcoin pre-2008. His name is Len Sassaman, and we can’t wait for you to hear who he was, and the life that he had.   Mentioned in the episode: KeykeeperIRA - Holding Bitcoin in an IRA or 401(k) for potentially removing all future appreciation of Bitcoin from taxation. <a href='
25/04/202131 minutes 50 seconds
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57: Three Ways to use Binance to Make Money

One of the exchanges we enjoy using most often is Binance. In this episode, we talk about how Binance got its start in 2017, and became one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. We break down the core token (BNB), and talk about the passive income opportunities on Binance the exchange, and Binance Smart Chain.   Sign up for Binance here - Keegan's Newsletter on Using Binance for Passive Income   (00:00) - Introduction (01:53) - Discussing Binance, and some of the services they offer (05:41) - Why trust Binance? Discussing a hack that happened a few years ago (11:30) - Discussing BNB - Binance's Token, and their savings account/wallet (19:52) - Making
18/04/202137 minutes 58 seconds
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56: Financial Literacy for living on Crypto

This is a Go Full Crypto check-in episode. We have been pretty well living with 100% of our finances in cryptocurrency since January. This is largely thanks to our VISA Debit card that allows us to spend from our "Crypto Bank Account". We touch on Financial/Crypto literacy, as well as the difficulties with having the time to take part in cryptocurrency in the first place. SignUp - Keegan's Mentioned Newsletters: Creating Passive Income using All The Ways to Go Full Crypto using All The Ways I use Binance to Genera
11/04/202134 minutes 8 seconds
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55: Healthy Bitcoin Skepticism

Blind allegiance to anything is probably not a good thing. Nothing is perfect, including Bitcoin. In this episode, we explore some of the flaws of Bitcoin that Mrugakshee discovered while researching for a Bitcoin Webinar. A healthy dose of skepticism from time to time keeps us rooted in reality!   Keegan's Newsletter on Sathoshi Nakamoto-   Videos by Coding Jesus that sparked the curiosity of learning about Bitcoin's flaws-   Timestamps: (00:00) - Introduction (01:26) - Mruga finds reasons to question belief in Bitcoin, inspired by YouTuber 'Coding
04/04/202150 minutes 31 seconds
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54: Catching Criminals using Bitcoin Traceability with Larry Cameron

Must Watch Episode! Larry Cameron joins us to talk about his role as the Chief Information Security Officer at the Anti Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII). Part of Larry's job is to "follow the money" using a variety of data scraping tools. Larry talks about how he frequently runs into cryptocurrencies while gathering intel on human traffickers.   There is a lot of nuance to this discussion, and it ultimately comes back to the narrative that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is only used by criminals and traffickers. We get into the details and find out just how useful Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are to the criminals that use them.   Email Larry Cameron at - [email protected] Connect with Larry on LinkedIn - Recognize Human Trafficking - <a href='https://www.
02/04/20211 hour 16 minutes 40 seconds
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53: The Environmental Debate on Crypto

The environmental debate about Bitcoin and NFTs is red hot, and still warming up. In this episode, we break down the various arguments for and against the environmental impact of Proof of Work based blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The conversation contains more nuance than mainstream media will typically mention.   In order to break it all down, we state our biases in the argument, then proceed to talk about the ins and outs of Bitcoin Mining. lastly, we talk about how transactions (and NFTs) are not directly consuming electricity.   For more information the debate, check out Keegan's newsletter where he covers this topic from front to back -   (00:00) - Introduction (01:15) - Stating Biases (04:40) - Discussing Mining and setting the foundation for the argument
28/03/202153 minutes 43 seconds
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52: Bitcoin Frankie's Bitcoin Story

Bitcoin Frankie is a Bitcoin Educator, Influencer, and Content Creator. She discovered the use case of Bitcoin in the middle of the Pandemic, when pondering the question: "How do I make my money work for me?".   Within a year of falling in the Bitcoin Rabbit hole, Frankie has started her own content business focused on closing the content gap in Bitcoin on Social Media channels where her posts bring Bitcoin education in the most lively and fun format to audiences all around the world.   Frankie is truly passionate about Bitcoin and we loved chatting with her and learning about her story in this episode!   Find Bitcoin Frankie here: @bitcoinbesties on Instagram and on Clubhouse @bitcoinfrakie on Twitter   (02:09) - About Bitcoin Frankie, and how she got into Bitcoin (09:50) - Frankie's timeline for how she got hooked to Bitcoin (16:48) - Frankie's experience trying to get people to learn about Bitcoin
26/03/20211 hour 5 minutes 46 seconds
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51: What Are NFTs?

NFTs are all the rage. What are they, and why are they selling for such large amounts of money? This episode is a discussion on what they are, how they gained their fame, and why people find them valuable as well as whether or not NFTs really have value. We demystify the topic using real world comparisons to illustrate the concept.   Check out Keegan's Newsletter post titled WTF are NFTs where he breaks down NFTs and gives his opinion on the value proposition of them.   (00:00) - Introduction (01:20) - What is fungibility, and what are NFTs? (04:49) - Using the Mona Lisa as an example to talk about fungibility (09:40) - Blockchain as a database to track ownership (12:43) - Reliance on the Ethereum platform to maintain chain of custody (17:02) - Do NFTs actually have value? (26:01) - A few different use cases for NFTs (29:51) - Closing Thoughts<
21/03/202131 minutes 32 seconds
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50: What is Ethereum?

Ethereum has been the #2 cryptocurrency and we dedicated this episode to answer - what is Ethereum. Ideated in 2014, and having an official start in 2015, Ethereum got the most attention in the crypto boom of 2017 - mainly because of how easy it was to "Create" another cryptocurrency on top of Ethereum.   This main innovation - known as smart contracts - enabled many projects to live on the Ethereum Blockchain, and create their own token at the click of a button. Ethereum enabled DeFi and was the birthplace for NFTs.   Keegan's Newsletter on Ethereum -   (00:00) - Introduction (01:14) - What is Ethereum; and its role in the crypto boom of 2017 (04:56) - Our stance on Ethereum (09:57) - The pitfalls of Ethereum (13:45) - Smart contracts, and the high fees to interact with them on the Ethereum network (17:34) - Contrasts with the fees requir
14/03/202133 minutes 19 seconds
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49: What is Decentralized Finance?

DeFi or Decentralized Finance is a growing trend in the cryptocurrency space. In this episode we break down Finance into four easy to components, and make a comparison between the relationship of the components to Decentralization. Storage of Money Sending and Receiving of Money Credit (Lending and Loaning of Money) Investment (Investment of Money) This discussion spans many topics, including a brief history of Ethereum and the innovations that have allowed for finance to take place in a decentralized way.   Read Keegan's newsletter on Your Primer for  DeFi here -   (00:00) - Introduction (00:56) - What is Decentralized Finance? (03:03) - What are the main financial services you get at a bank? (08:35) - Banks are still businesses (11:18) - DeFi entities are built upon a foundation of Transparency, and Accessibility
07/03/202137 minutes 22 seconds
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48: How to Report Crypto Taxes

Three things are certain in life. Death, Taxes, and 21 Million Bitcoin. We have some tips for you when doing your crypto taxes. These tips come from years of experience of making mistakes with crypto taxes, followed by the discovery of a platform that does it all for you. At the top of the list of priorities, is keeping your portfolio organized. Tune in for this totally necessary discussion on crypto taxes.   Mentioned in episode: - Koinly for doing crypto taxes - - Keegan's private Newsletter on paying crypto taxes - - Bonus newsletter on filing taxes with Koinly -   <p class="p3"
28/02/202134 minutes 39 seconds
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47: Buy Bitcoin in Canada on Shakepay

You can shake your phone to earn bitcoin on an exchange called Shakepay. When we are asked where to buy Bitcoin in Canada, we refer people to ShakePay. It is by far the easiest, smoothest, and most rewarding way for beginners to buy Bitcoin in Canada. Mrugakshee and Keegan go through why ShakePay is their goto platform.   To shake your phone once per day and get free Bitcoin, you must be referred or refer someone on the app. Use our referral link to download shakepay and earn free Bitcoin!   Download Shakepay using this link - Keegan's Newsletter -   (01:35) - What is Shakepay? (06:23) - How do you get shaking sats ("free Bitcoin")? (09:32) - H
21/02/202124 minutes 11 seconds
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46: Anant Tapadia on the weaknesses of Bitcoin, Blockchain tech, and HexaWallet

Anant Tapadia is the CEO of BitHyve. In this episode, Anant shared with us his introduction to Bitcoin, inspiration behind their Bitcoin only wallet - HexaWallet, the weaknesses of Bitcoin, and the how regulatory frameworks are catching up with Bitcoin. Tune in for Anant's unique perspective on the future of Bitcoin.   (00:00) - Introduction (01:53) - Starting with the big news of Tesla's investment (03:01) - Anant's Introduction to Bitcoin (07:48) - Discussing on Blockchain Technology (14:27) - Difference between Blockchain and Crowd Sourcing (18:18) - What a decentralized finance structure might look like (26:53) - Inspiration behind HexaWallet and BitHyve (28:01) - Discussing some of Bitcoin's Weaknesses (36:10) - Hexa Wallet is a Non Custodial Wallet (45:01) - Weaknesses of Ethereum (53:18) - Some more weaknesses of Bitcoin (62:30) - The Red Flag Act with the advent of automobil
17/02/20211 hour 15 minutes 41 seconds
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45: Living The Bitcoin Standard

The Bitcoin Standard, what is it, and when is it going to happen? In truth, individuals and businesses need to live the Bitcoin Standard before the world will follow. We discuss the momentum Bitcoin has gained in the last few months, leading up to mayor of Miami declaring that the city will pay employees, receive fees, and for all intents and purposes, join the Bitcoin Standard. (00:00) - Introduction (01:37) - What does 'Living The Bitcoin Standard' Look Like? (03:50) - Miami becomes the first Bitcoin Municipality in the US (05:22) - Is it too early for The Bitcoin Standard? (10:16) - The cost and value of leading the charge to adopt technology (16:13) - You don't have to own whole number amounts of Bitcoin (18:31) - Can the value of Bitcoin be pegged to something? (25:34) - What
14/02/202129 minutes 57 seconds
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44: Dogecoin, Meme Culture, and Intrinsic Value

We've had more questions on Dogecoin in the last week, than about Bitcoin in the last 4 years of our life. It was inevitable that we needed to cover this topic on the podcast. Fundamentally, we think the value of Dogecoin is driven by meme culture, the same forces that took GME (GameStop) to astronomical heights. So what, if any is the intrinsic value of Dogecoin, and what does that even mean anyway? These questions and more are explored in this episode.   Timestamps: (01:42) - Recent hype around Dogecoin, and its origins (05:04) - How Dogecoin got Keegan into Cyrpto (05:48) - A Broad Look at Crypto, The Internet, and Meme Culture (09:23) - Is it possible to avoid the Internet hyping value? (11:11) - Parallels between Dogecoin and Bitcoin (13:04) - Should money be valueless? (14:57) - Discussing the Intrinsic Value of the US Dollar (19:13) - Keegan's take on the ethos behind the value of Dogecoin (2
08/02/202131 minutes 50 seconds
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43: Brad Mills from Magic Internet Money Podcast - Crossover Episode

Brad mills has been a Bitcoiner since 2011. As he explains in this interview, when he heard about Bitcoin, he instantly "got it". Early in Brad's career, he designed money and economies for Facebook apps. This interest in digital money primed him well to understand the value that Bitcoin had to offer the world at large. Brad now spends his time helping others understand and adopt Bitcoin as an angel investor, a thought leader, and a podcaster.    (01:46) - How Brad, Keegan and Mruga met (05:50) - Diversity in Bitcoin (09:30) - Opinions on Taxation (19:02) - Canada's East Coast, and the distrust of Government (21:59) - Mruga talks about the socioeconomic landscape of growing up in India (28:47) - What it was like when Mruga first came to Canada (32:57) - Brad's experience of wealth and status growing up (37:23) - Brad talks Bitcoin and Libertarianism (44:01) - Hyperbitcoinization - What does that look like?
05/02/20211 hour 59 minutes 50 seconds
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42: Debunking Ripple (XRP)

When people ask us about investing in cryptocurrencies, many of them ask about Ripple (XRP). Ripple has been one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies for about 5 years now, and since its rise to the top, has captured the attention of many new investors. But investing in Ripple comes with its tradeoffs. It is worth understanding where Ripple comes from, who created it, and what its value proposition is. ----more---- In this episode, we talk about “Unit Bias”, “Centralization”, and the Ripple lawsuit filed by the SEC in early 2021. ----more---- Mentioned in the show: Ripple Payment Protocol - Ripple Labs - ----more---- Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at: https://www.gofullcry
05/02/202128 minutes 15 seconds
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41: A Day in the Life of a Bitcoiner

This episode of the GoFullCrypto podcast is a compilation of user generated questions. We combined them into 3 questions that cover the gist of your queries! These questions are:   What does our day look like? How do we manage our finances? Do we trade everyday? These questions have unique answers from us, as all of our finances are centred around cryptocurrency. How does buying the morning coffee work? Paying rent? Tune in to find out exactly how we run our days having all of our money in crypto.   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
24/01/202126 minutes 40 seconds
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40: What Would a Hyperbitcoinized World Look Like?

A century ago, we transacted in gold. History has recorded us using sea shells, salt, and even  rhinestones as money. In this episode, we fast forward to a future where Bitcoin is used as money. What does that world look like?  Mentioned in the show: Bitcoin Webinar on Saturday, Jan 23, 2021. Register Here - Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
17/01/202130 minutes 31 seconds
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39: Bitcoin at 50k - Is it Hype or Adoption?

If you have been following the news, you know that Bitcoin has had a massive bull run, going from 30k CAD to 50k in a span of 3 weeks. In this episode, we discuss whether this is hype or adoption, the stock to flow ration of bitcoin, and a little on Peter Schiff.   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
10/01/202139 minutes 20 seconds
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38: Top Ten Questions About Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been active for 12 years - today. January 3rd, 2009 was when the Bitcoin blockchain was started. To celebrate Bitcoin's birthday, we answered 10 questions you asked us last year.   (01:05.2) How do I buy Bitcoin?  (05:18) Why 21 Million? (08:50) Is it too late to buy Bitcoin?  (10:22) How does mining work? (14:42) Can I take Bitcoin and convert it into USD?  (16:05) Can I actually spend my Bitcoin?  (17:30) Can I just give you money to invest in Bitcoin for me?  (20:02) Won’t the governments ban Bitcoin eventually?  (27:45) Is it safe to enter my banking and personal information into Bitcoin exchanges?  (29:54) How do I manage multiple Bitcoin wallets at a time?    Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:</
03/01/202133 minutes 17 seconds
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37: Top 8 Events in Crypto

Welcome to the end of 2020! It has been a wild year for cryptocurrency in general. In this episode, we cover the top 8 events that moved us closer to mass adoption of cryptocurrency.   There was no shortage of things to talk about, but we had to settle on 8.   One of the most exciting things to happen is Bitcoin hitting several new all time highs in December 2020. We talked about the factors that took us there such as MicroStrategy being the megabull, and the halvening event in May 2020.   Kraken has become the a crypto bank, priming us for adoption in 2021. The wildcard of this episode is the conversation about the Crypto City that Akon is building. Stay tuned for in depth discussion on each of these topics and more!   Mentions in the podcast: <a href='
27/12/202038 minutes 36 seconds
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36: Isaiah Jackson - Author of Bitcoin and Black America

In this episode, we interview Isaiah Jackson, the author of the book “Bitcoin and Black America”. Isaiah tells us his story - how he came across Bitcoin, how his outlook on it changed after looking into it, and how he began evangelizing Bitcoin after realizing its true potential.   Isaiah puts forth bitcoin centric solutions to solving systemic racism in financial institutions and society at large. In this interview, we discuss how Bitcoin is the solution to financial empowerment.   Find him on twitter @bitcoinzay Bitcoin and Black America Website   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
20/12/20201 hour 5 minutes 57 seconds
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35: Dan Clarke's Story on Going Full Crypto

Upon discovering crypto, Dan went from being a skeptic about Bitcoin, to fully realizing the value it brings to the world of finance in a period of two years. This transition led Dan to leave the world of Traditional Banking behind and opt into living off of Bitcoin.   Dan Clark is the personification of Go Full Crypto. He has lived without using a bank account for over a year. Dan says he’s not going back. While living without a bank account seems like a fantasy for some, Dan tells Keegan and Mrugakshee how this reality is closer than we think.   His story takes us through the chronicles of him moving out of the UK to the place with the cheapest flights, discovering a career in Marketing that led him to work at several large tech giants such as Groupon and Binance, and then discovering the world of Finance.   Find him on Twitter: @danclarkie <a hr
13/12/20201 hour 37 minutes 31 seconds
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34: Case Study on MicroStrategy - Turning $425 Million Cash Reserves into Bitcoin

Case Study: MicroStrategy Buys $425 Million Worth of Bitcoin   A publicly traded company called MicroStrategy has now bought Bitcoin on three separate occasions. Once in August ($250 million), another in September ($175 million), and again in December ($50 million). That is because MicroStrategy is adopting the Bitcoin Standard. But why would any company want to do this? Go Full Crypto has produced a case study to answer this question. The case study tells the story of Michael Saylor, the CEO, and the board MicroStrategy, on their journey to adopting bitcoin on a company wide level.   The takeaways: 1 - It’s never too late to buy bitcoin 2 - It makes sense to hold bitcoin over cash 3 - We’re still in the early stages of bitcoin adoption   Find the case study here - <a href='http://gofullcrypto.hubspotpagebuilder.
06/12/202034 minutes 47 seconds
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33: We Are In A Bubble

Are we in a bubble? Mrugakshee and Keegan dive into this question from a couple different angles. A financial, or stock bubble is when prices are inflated past their inherent value. The bubble that inspired this episode, is a social bubble. Bitcoiners feel a certain degree of alienation when it comes to their lifestyle. Mrugakshee and Keegan started wearing masks for COVID-19 with the Bitcoin “B” on it. When one person asked Mruga, “What does the B stand for?”, it made Mruga wonder - are we living in a crypto bubble?   As mentioned in the Episode: Tulip Bubble - Pomp Newsletter on Janet Yellen Creating The Ultimate Tailwind for Bitcoin <p class="p1
29/11/202030 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

32: How Ridiculous Is It That We're Turning To Bitcoin?

Bitcoin came from no where, from a person/people with no name. How is it that 11 years after its birth we find multi billion dollar companies filling their treasuries with bitcoin? Is it ridiculous for the world to be considering a move onto a currency born on the internet? What does this say about the titanic that is our world economy? What does Bitcoin represent in this sea of uncertainty? These questions and analogies are discussed on Episode 32 of the Go Full Crypto podcast.   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
22/11/202024 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

31: Do You Own Your Bitcoin on WealthSimple?

After a couple individuals told us they owned Bitcoin through WealthSimple, we got into conversations on how that isn't the case. It happened too many times for us to pass on the opportunity to share the perspective of ownership of Bitcoin with our audience! In this episode, we talk about ownership - as it pertains to your money, Bitcoin, and also your privacy.   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
16/11/202026 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

30: Security Prof DuaneCurrie on what can break crypto? [SQSPA]

Could Quantum Computing be used to break into Bitcoin wallets? We know this isn't a simple question, but thats where we started in this episode of Simple Questions Smart People Ask with Acadia Professor - Duane Currie. In this episode, we dive into the topic of what Quantum computing will do to the world of cryptocurrency. Some fundamental encryption and cryptography topics are covered within this episode as we break down the answer to the initial question.   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
10/11/20201 hour 15 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

29: Keep Your Cryptocurrency Keys Safe

For the first time in history, you can store your savings account in your brain. This method of monetary security is an unprecedented achievement in the security of wealth   In this episode, Go Full Crypto covers an important foundational topic. Cryptocurrency Key Security. This topic is classically difficult to explain, yet so integral for the safe keeping of funds. Tune in for a simple breakdown of what cryptocurrency keys are, how they work, and a simple analogy to help you conceptualize this new paradigm of money storage.   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
08/11/202020 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

28: Emilie Benigno - A Violinist's Perspective on Crypto [SQSPA]

Some of the most engaging conversations about cryptocurrency we’ve had, come from talking to people with little to no involvement in the world of cryptocurrency. Our latest guest on “Simple Questions Smart People Ask” is Emilie Benigno. We were enthralled by the insightful questions and discussion topics that Emilie brought to the conversation. Topics of Privacy, Ethics, and Morality are sprinkled throughout the episode.   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
04/11/20201 hour 12 minutes 19 seconds
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27: What Will Trigger You To Buy Crypto?

Everyone experiences some sort of financial pain. At some point and time everyone shifts the way they control their finances. This could because of a major life event, or student debt, or an inheritance. What is your financial pain? How do you notice it, and how do you remedy it?   The ultimate question being - if cryptocurrency can be a solution - what will trigger you to buy into it?   Mentioned in this episode: Learn With Us -   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
01/11/202031 minutes 3 seconds
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26: Jay Malone - A Comedian's Perspective on Cryptocurrency [SQSPA]

Jay Malone is an accomplished Canadian comedian, actor, and writer. In this episode, we talk about his many experiences accepting payments as a comedian - having performed in various parts of the world and waiting weeks, if not months to get paid for work he has already done. In the series of Simple Questions Smart People Ask, we witnessed an amazing transformation in the form of Jay wanting to leverage cryptocurrency as a payment mechanism.    Find Jay Malone on his website here.   Here are the details on his upcoming show: Dangerously Unprepared Date: November 13 Time: 8:00pm ADT Link to Register   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
27/10/20201 hour 8 minutes 9 seconds
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25: Is It Too Late To Buy Bitcoin?

This episode is dedicated to the countless individuals who are asking themselves - Is it too late to buy bitcoin? Sparked by a similar sentiment shared by a friend of ours, this episode explains the answer to that question so you can gain clarity on what your end goal is, and can determine if you are indeed too late to the game.   Also mentioned in this episode: Amazing new sound track - Thank You Kaushik Sethunath! Episode 10 - Ali Hamam on converting cash reserves into Bitcoin Episode 16 - Bitcoin Beach with Mike Peterson   Want to get create a crypto strategy? Email us here.   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
25/10/202026 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

24: Stephanie Holmes-Winton on CacheFlo Planning

Stephanie Holmes-Winton is the CEO of CacheFlo, a Financial Technology company based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She is the author of $pent, and Defusing the Debt Bomb, two books on the topics of financial literacy, and cash flow management. Stephanie has built a career in the domain of behavioural cash flow management. Go Full Crypto hosts Stephanie and discusses a range of topics related to individuals and how they manage their money.   Link to book:  $pent CacheFlo website   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
20/10/202059 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

23: Money, Bitcoin, & Time - Deep Dive 1

Ask yourself the question. What is money? It turns out its not easily defined. There are many ways to conceptualize money, and how you think about money has a large impact on how you interact with the world around you. This episode looks at money from a variety of perspectives, inspired by an essay written by Robert Breedlove, called Money, Bitcoin, and Time.   Read our blog post on it here!   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:  
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22: Jordan Mathews on Why Crypto? [Simple Questions Smart People Ask]

Our guest for this episode is Jordan Mathews, an entrepreneur, and barber from New York. With 10 years of experience cutting hair and conversing with people from Ithaca, NY, Jordan has stories and experiences from countless individuals including scientists and students. His innate curiosity for knowledge powered with the ability to think critically of matters that impact everyday lives, this episode covers his perspective on questions for - Why Crypto? 3 main questions were discussed: - What's to say that the hierarchical nature of traditional finance doesn't bounce over to crypto? - Scenario in play - Earl, a person that has lost his trust in the system, is self sufficient, and is smart enough to understand the use cases of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - what benefit would he receive from investing in crypto? - What function does cryptocurrency serve?   Highlight: Bitcoin is said to fix many of the problems with our current monetary r
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21: Our Mistakes From Early Crypto Days

One of the best ways to avoid making mistakes in the world of crypto, is to listen to the mistakes that we’ve made. In the last six years, we’ve found ourselves falling for one gimmick or another, feeling FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and buying high, and selling low. If you know how to recognize these mistakes in the moment, then perhaps you won’t have to make the same mistakes we did. In this episode, Keegan and Mrugakshee tell stories from their early crypto days in order to enlighten the audience.   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath.   Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
11/10/202041 minutes 53 seconds
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20: Billy Garrison on the Lighting Network [Part 2]

In the second part of the interview with Billy Garrison, we talk about the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Billy breaks down exactly what it is, and how it is used by individuals all over the world. In a nutshell, the lightning network simplifies much of the complexities inherent to using bitcoin. The lightning network is a fascinating topic to understand as it will give you the ability to see into what bitcoin will look like in the future. Much has been discussed on the scalability of bitcoin. The lightning network is bitcoin’s best chance at scaling to meet the demand of a global load of payments.   Find Billy on twitter @billy_btc Find Keegan on twitter @crypto_keegan Find Mrugakshee on twitter @mrugakshee   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
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19: The Coming Currency Wars

We live in uncertain times, each country has their own currency, competing for economic attention. Now we have businesses like Facebook trying to build their own currency to serve their 2.5 billion monthly active users.   The wild card that no one was expecting is bitcoin. We call this the currency wars. Countries, businesses, and now bitcoin will all compete to be the currency of choice. Countries have their fedcoins, businesses have their business coins, and the people have Bitcoin.   In this episode, Keegan and Mrugakshee discuss what each of the competing currency classes bring to the coming currency wars.   Visit the Go Full Crypto website at: Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath.  
04/10/202050 minutes 19 seconds
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18: Billy Garrison on Bitcoin, Inflation, and Printing Money

Billy Garrison is a bitcoin enthusiast and contributor in the bitcoin community. In this episode, the discussion weaves through several facets of bitcoin; from the energy consumption of the network, to the protection it provides by hyper-inflated government currencies.   Billy has a way of articulating the pros and cons of the bitcoin network that makes the information consumable by the average individual. This is the first part of a two part interview with Billy Garrison.   Find Billy Garrison on twitter @Billy_BTC Find Keegan Francis on twitter @cryptokeegan Find Mrugakshee Palwe on twitter @mrugakshee Or Contact us with your opinions at   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath. Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
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17: Uncovering the Story of QuadrigaCX

The story of QuadrigaCX has many lessons to teach both seasoned crypto investors, as well as beginners to the space. For those not familiar with the story, the owner of a cryptocurrency exchange died with the keys to $190 million worth of cryptocurrencies. What can we learn from this debacle? Cryptocurrency Key Management, Investing Best Practices, and how to spot a scam.   From this episode: An open question to our audience - Did you have a bad experience with crypto that you would like shared with the rest of our audience?   Share your experience with us by contacting us.   Visit the Go Full Crypto website at: Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath.
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16: Bitcoin Beach - Interview with Director Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson is the Director at Bitcoin Beach. A non-profit, located in El Salvador, Bitcoin Beach is creating a circular Bitcoin economy where real people buy and sell real goods and services using Bitcoin. The story of how it all began is fascinating and worth a listen.   In this episode, we explore Mike Peterson's introduction to Bitcoin, his crypto story, and how that plays into Bitcoin Beach. For anyone looking to find out if a society or community that is completely running on Bitcoin would work, this episode is for you.   Contribute or contact Mike Peterson by reaching out to him on Twitter or through the Bitcoin Beach Website   Extra Reading: Blog post on Interview written by Keegan Francis <a href='
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15: Getting Paid in Bitcoin and Crypto Exchange Kraken becomes a Bank

The most exciting news in the crypto industry for the Week of Sept 14 is that the Cryptocurrency Exchange called Kraken is the first institution to acquire the status of a Bank. This is fantastic news for the crypto industry because this crushes the argument of crypto being illegitimate.   Keegan and Mrugakshee also taking about getting paid in Bitcoin, getting reimbursed in Bitcoin, and turning cash reserves into Bitcoin.    Mentioned in this episode: The Bitcoin Whitepaper - Kraken is the First Cryptocurrency Exchange to become a US Bank. MicroStrategy is the first company to convert $425 million of cash reserves into Bitcoin.   Visi
20/09/202031 minutes 42 seconds
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14: Alicia Roisman Ishmach on the Payments Industry

Alicia is a powerhouse entrepreneur. Her unsurmountable experience and expertise in the payments industry is extremely evident in this episode. We start off by talking about her experience, and then move on to addressing the defects in the current payments industry.   Alicia has a very interesting opinion on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. She introduced some terrific ideas on the future of payments. It was a fantastic conversation and this episode contains a wealth of knowledge and perspective from a seasoned entrepreneur.   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath.   Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
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13: Cryptocurrency Wallets - What kind of Crypto Wallet is right for you?

Which wallet is best for cryptocurrency? Have you asked yourself this question after acquiring your crypto assets? In this episode, we go one step further and talk about the many different kinds of wallets that exist. Finding the best wallet is one thing, but knowing what kind of wallet is the safest for your cryptocurrency is another.   The following kinds of wallets are defined and explained in the episode: 1. Hot and Cold wallets 2. Custodial and Non-Custodial wallets   The wallets mentioned above can be divided further into paper wallets, USB wallets, Exchange wallets, software wallets, to name a few.   In this episode, we also mentioned how important it is to have a crypto strategy. Go Full Crypto specializes in crafting a strategy with you, one that suits your needs. To get started, contact us at    Check out our blog pos
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12: Norbert Demps - Seasoned Founder and Entrepreneur in Residence at Venn [SQSPA]

Simple Questions Smart People Ask with Norbert Demps   In this episode, Norbert and Mrugakshee explore various topics, from practical usage of crypto payments to the gold as an investment. Norbert is the founder of a software house with over 25 years of experience in developing and implementing software and IT solutions. Having a particular taste for challenges that have other people pulling their hair out, he is the go-to man for any technical issue that seems impossible to overcome. Currently, he has stepped in a mentor role and coach to young entrepreneurs, engineers and students in the tech and innovation industry at Venn Innovation in Moncton, New Brunswick.   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath.   Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:
08/09/202038 minutes 37 seconds
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11: Can Crypto Be Used as Everyday Currency?

This episode answers the question -  Can you actually use cryptocurrency to buy things? It turns out that you can, but that brings up another question - should you spend your cryptocurrency? Keegan and Mrugakshee dive into a discussion on where to spend crypto, what mechanisms exist to easily spend your crypto, as well as, what a good investment looks like.   Wondering where you are in your crypto journey? We're making course material for you. To help you and us understand how to best make course material for you, fill out our Crypto Questionnaire to see if you're in the Ready, Set, or Go Full crypto stage.    Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath.
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10: Ali Hamam on Converting Cash Reserves to Bitcoin for Tahini's Restaurant

Ali and his business partners recently converted the cash reserves for their business into Bitcoin. In this episode, Ali walks us through the decision making process, why Bitcoin, the events that led up to making this decision, and shared his opinion on the future of money.   Mentioned in this episode: Robert Breedlove's Article - The Number Zero and Bitcoin Book - The Bitcoin Standard Podcast - Preston Psych   Visit the Go Full Crypto website at:   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath.   The thoughts and opinions expressed by Keegan Francis, Mrugakshee Palwe, and th
01/09/202046 minutes 52 seconds
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9: Exploring Bitcoin, Tether, and BAT as an Investment

In this episode, we talk about what questions to ask yourself when you choose to invest in cryptocurrency. In particular, we talk about Bitcoin, Tether, and BAT and discuss answers to the following 3 questions: 1. Who is the founder/what is backing the project? 2. What is/are its unique value proposition(s)? 3. How does the coin actually work/gain value?   Mentioned in this Episode - Download the Brave Browser using this link.   Visit the Go Full Crypto Website -   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath.   The thoughts and opinions expressed by Keegan Francis and Mrugakshee Palwe on the Go Full Crypto podcast are solely their own. Please view the full disclaimer at <a href='
30/08/202025 minutes 24 seconds
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8: Triggers of Economic Crisis and Safeguarding with Crypto

Have you wondered - What could cause your money to be worth less? What economic triggers have caused people to lose their jobs, lose their savings, and lose their homes? We explore this topic by taking a look at some major crises in the past century. This discussion is concluded with how cryptocurrency can be used to safeguard your money.   Mentioned in the episode: 5 of the most devastating Financial Crises   Blog post on Triggers of Economic Crises written by Keegan Francis on this episode.    Visit the Go Full Crypto Website -   Edited and Mixed by Kaushik Sethunath.   The thoughts and opinions expressed by Keegan Francis and Mrugakshee Palwe on the Go Full Crypto podcas
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7: Crypto Literacy 101 for Today's Economy

Financial Literacy is a big topic. Understanding how money works can help you understand the ins and outs of cryptocurrency. We call this Crypto Literacy. In this episode, Keegan and Mrugakshee dive into stories about how they came to understand the value of money.   From the Episode: - Anthony Pompliano Podcast - Image showing Unemployment and Stock Market Success   For more information, visit   Edited and Mixed by Ka
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6: What Will Make Bitcoin Fail

What is stopping the bitcoin network from being hacked?   In this episode, Keegan and Mrugakshee answer a listeners question. What is stopping the bitcoin network from being hacked? How do I know someone won't install a virus, and steal my money. For those of us without complete understanding of the technology supporting the Bitcoin Network, this is a really important question to answer.   The discussion is continued by asking, what if anything would make the Bitcoin network fail?   From the episode: The website that records everytime an article declares that Bitcoin has Died:   Definition of Custodial Wallet: The Bank has "custody" of your money. Following the same reference, a Custodial Wallet i
09/08/202030 minutes 9 seconds
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5: How Bitcoin Mining Works

Bitcoin is the first currency to offer an alternative way to manage a money supply. In this episode, we discover what bitcoin mining is, and how it relates to bitcoin's finite supply of 21 million coins.   Mrugakshee and Keegan contrast the way that bitcoin regulates its supply vs. the way that governments around the world regulate their own supply of money.   This episode builds upon knowledge learned in episode 3 of the Go Full Crypto podcast. To further reading on this matter, read the blog post written by Keegan Francis on How to Understand Bitcoin Mining.   For more information, visit   The thoughts and opinions expressed by Keegan Francis and Mrugakshee Palwe on the Go Full Crypto podcast, are solely t
02/08/202024 minutes 56 seconds
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4: Scams, Hacks, and How to Avoid Them

This episode is dedicated to helping people understand how to avoid the variety of scams that they may be exposed to. We begin the conversation by examining exactly what went wrong in the recent Twitter Hack that resulted in people being scammed out of their bitcoin.   Keegan tells his own story about how he was scammed by a bitcoin mining operation. We also cover the details of one prominent scam, QuadrigaCX.    To educate yourself further on the topic of cryptocurrency scams and other topics, navigate to   For more information, please visit   The thoughts and opinions expressed by Keegan Francis and Mrugakshee Palwe on the Go Full Crypto podcast, are solely their own. Please view the full
26/07/202036 minutes 18 seconds
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3: Bitcoin Origins and Philosophy

In the previous episode, we found out that Keegan got into crypto for the gains, but stayed for the philosophy. In order to gain a better overall understanding of bitcoin, we explore three aspects. Where bitcoin got its value How its value is determined now The philosophy behind bitcoin   Visit our website   The thoughts and opinions expressed by Keegan Francis and Mrugakshee Palwe on the Go Full Crypto podcast, are solely their own. Please view the full disclaimer at Go Full Crypto Disclaimer.
19/07/202023 minutes 31 seconds
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2: How Keegan paid off his Debt with Bitcoin

In this episode, we dive deeper into Keegan's crypto backstory. Keegan paid off his $60,000 student loan just 3 years after graduating. In this episode we discuss some of the philosophies that Keegan employed in order to accomplish the goal of being debt free.   Visit Episode Website at   The thoughts and opinions expressed by Keegan Francis and Mrugakshee Palwe on the Go Full Crypto podcast, are solely their own. Please view the full disclaimer at Go Full Crypto Disclaimer.
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1: Go Full Crypto - Our Cryptocurrency Story

This is the introductory episode to the Go Full Crypto podcast. In this episode you will meet the host Mrugakshee Palwe, and the co-host, Keegan Francis. In this episode, we dive into three areas of discussion. 1. Our own story with cryptocurrency 2. Why we believe in the cryptocurrency revolution 3. What it means to Go Full Crypto   Visit Episode Website at   To further your reading on our Story, read this blog post on Our Crypto Story. Additionally, you can also read about the Go Full Crypto Logo Here.   The thoughts and opinions expressed by Keegan Francis and Mrugakshee Palwe on the Go Full Crypto podcast, are solely their own. Please view the full disclaimer at <a href='https
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