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You can live the life of your dreams and Jen will show you how. Jen Arra is not rich, famous or have a million people who follow her. She also doesn’t have it ALL figured out. So why Jen Arra? She’s mega relatable. She prides herself on being a mom, wife, daughter, sister & friend. She also loves to build a business filled with passion. She’s made money & lost money. She’s been through of ups and downs. If there’s one thing she knows better than anyone…it’s how to connect with women just like you. She’s not afraid to dive in and do the things that scare her. She has learned everything she talks about the hard way…working to reach her goals, taking risks, winning & failing all at the same time. In Jen’s Podcast “Go For It Girl”, Jen will dig deep and get personal. She’ll interview friends, entrepreneurs, authors and experts to give you the tools you need to change your life for the better. Don’t be surprised if you finish an episode with a smile and the motivation to turn your dreams into a reality. Get ready - It’s time to “GO FOR IT GIRL.“ New Episodes of “Go For It Girl” drop every Monday. Go to to learn more & follow @gojenarra on Instagram and Facebook.

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