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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 12 episodes, 5 hours 42 minutes
The podcast is gentle reminder that the time to follow your dreams is NOW! Each guest story reminds us this life is not a trial run and we have got to make the big moves now or time will indeed run out!
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Orla Maguire of Lash Star Beauty

In this very special episode of Go Do You, Amy Jane sits down with Orla Maguire, founder of the revolutionary cosmetics line, Lash Star Beauty. They chat openly about Orla’s journey working at Vogue, Cosmopolitan magazine and so much more.
06/11/202322 minutes 28 seconds
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Sinead Quinlan

Stand up comedian, actor, writer and rising star from Cork, we had a lot of laughs, It’s Sinead Quinlan.
31/07/202324 minutes 14 seconds
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Laura Tynan AKA The Witch Of Wallstreet

Recognized by the financial times as a Top 20 future female leader and global champion of women in business , Laura Tynan AKA the Witch Of Wall Street is our guest this week.
24/07/202332 minutes 59 seconds
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Niall Horgan, CEO & Co Founder of Gym + Coffee

We are joined this week by the CEO and Co-founder of the iconic athleisure wear brand Gym + Coffee.
17/07/202330 minutes 47 seconds
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Emily O'Donoghue AKA Fashionablyfortyish

In this weeks episode we have the style icon and Instagram powerhouse Emily O Donoughe.
10/07/202323 minutes 42 seconds
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Stevie G

What a better guest to open Season 2 with than, Cork Music Guru, Stevie G.
03/07/202332 minutes 6 seconds
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Irene Wallace

Corks first female firefighter joins us on the Go Do You Podcast and shares her brave story about rising through the ranks of the Cork City Fire Brigade.
06/03/202336 minutes 14 seconds
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Gillian Keating

The powerhouse that is Gillian Keating speaks to us about her career as a partner in RDJ and the big moves she is making for young women to bridge the skills gap in STEM.
27/02/202320 minutes
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Lean With Lesley Giltinan

The woman behind the ever growing Lean with Lesley brand, shares her journey about becoming the household brand she is today.
20/02/202333 minutes 48 seconds
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Peigin Crowley

You can’t help but feeling connected and inspired by Peigin Crowley as she shares her personal and professional story to success that had us both very close to tears.
13/02/202344 minutes 14 seconds
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Ernest Cantillon

One of corks most respected and innovative entrepreneurs, Ernest Cantillon shares his journey and the lessons learned along the way.
06/02/202336 minutes 18 seconds
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Our Introduction Episode

It's finally here! We are so excited to bring the introduction epsiode for the Go Do You Podcast series! We have some amazing guests with inspirational stories lined up over the coming weeks and we want you to join on this journey.
23/01/20235 minutes 17 seconds