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English, Finance, 32 seasons, 137 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 40 minutes
The Global Trade Gal Podcast gives international entrepreneurship, trade, business, and supply chain management advice. The Global Trade Gal - Anita - has over 30 years of experience living and working overseas as an entrepreneur. The Global Trade Gal podcast gives information, stories, advice - anything to do with entrepreneurship, trade, supply chain management, living and working overseas, creating, developing, and manufacturing home decor and home furnishing products. Anita’s company, Mondoro, sponsors the Global Trade Gal podcast; Mondoro designs, develops, and manufactures home decor and home furnishing products for the US market. To find out more about Anita and Mondoro, you can visit their website at
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Efficient Supply Chain

The goal of any company in the global economy should be to have not just an effective supply chain but the most efficient one possible.Building an efficient supply chain is not easy, but Anita, The Global Trade Gal, gives you insights into how you strive to build the most efficient supply chain possible.To find out more about an efficient supply chain, you can read our blog, Efficient Supply Chain And How To Improve It, by clicking here.Also, check out our website,, for more information.Support the show
2/9/202219 minutes, 3 seconds
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Home Decor Color Trends For 2022

The coronavirus has undoubtedly changed our lives forever, and this change affects the colors and trends, which are essential for home decor design.The trend colors we see for 2022 are closely aligned with the life that everyone is living. The buzzwords in color 2022 are Well-being, Verdue, Expedition, and Wired. They are all driving our lives and the home decor trends for 2022.To discover more about Home Decor Trends, click this link.Support the show
12/10/20218 minutes, 28 seconds