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English, Personal stories, 1 season, 20 episodes, 7 hours, 47 minutes
Hosted by Jason McLure, Global Journalist features journalists discussing under-covered international news and human rights issues.
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Global Journalist: From Kansas City To Kabul, The Aftermath Of The Afghanistan War Lingers

As the U.S. finished its formal withdrawal from Afghanistan last month, many expressed outrage as the country fell quickly to Taliban forces. For the 20th anniversary 9/11, Global Journalist's Sean Brynda spoke with three veterans in Missouri and journalists around the world to look back on the war's impact at home.
9/11/202124 minutes, 59 seconds
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Global Journalist: From lone wolves to cross-border collaborators

Once cut-throat competitors, journalists are now more frequently working together — often across borders — to investigate social problems that authorities either can't or won't tackle.
12/23/202018 minutes, 49 seconds
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The fight for Voice of America

Over the summer, at the insistence of President Trump, the Senate confirmed Michael Pack as the new director of U.S. Agency for Government Media.
12/5/202029 minutes, 55 seconds
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Global Journalist: Making media accessible

Modern media offers accessible information to a worldwide audience, but barriers still remain. Thirty years after the Americans with Disabilities Act became law, inconsistent captioning, improper ASL interpretation, and obtuse design hinder many from receiving critical news.
11/18/20208 minutes, 24 seconds
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Global Journalist: Stars and Stripes forever?

Founded on Nov. 9, 1861 in Bloomfield, Mo. by troops under the command of Civil War Gen. Ulysses Grant, the military newspaper Stars and Stripes has followed U.S. troops into battle for more than a century and a half.
11/4/202028 minutes, 29 seconds
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Global Journalist: How the world sees the U.S. election

Americans aren't the only ones awaiting the results of this year's U.S. presidential election with intense interest.
10/31/202028 minutes, 53 seconds
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#MeToo at Three: Are Newsrooms Meeting the Diversity Challenge?

Three years ago this month, stories about movie producer Harvey Weinstein's predatory behavior prompted a tidal wave of revelations about sexual harassment in the workplace and the birth of the #MeToo movement.
10/21/202028 minutes, 30 seconds
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Global Journalist: How a Sports Reporter Challenged Romania's Oligarchy

Tol-on-tan! Tol-on-tan!
5/7/202028 minutes, 28 seconds
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Global Journalist: From Ebola to COVID-19

Two journalists who covered Ebola when victims of an outbreak in Africa came to the United States for treatment six years ago discuss how that experience compares to today's COVID-19 pandemic.
5/3/202021 minutes, 26 seconds
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Global Journalist: Singapore Confronts a Second Coronavirus

For the second time in two decades, Singapore is grappling with a coronavirus.
4/27/20207 minutes, 35 seconds
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Global Journalist: Covering Two Deadly Viruses

At first, it just seemed like an odd story to pursue during a quiet post-Christmas week in the newsroom in 2015. But New York Times reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr.'s interest in what would become the Zika epidemic has made him something of an expert on viral outbreaks.
4/22/20207 minutes, 14 seconds
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Global Journalist: Photojournalism During a Pandemic

Journalists are first responders too.
4/15/202028 minutes, 27 seconds
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Global Journalist: When a Coronavirus Hit in 2003

A new coronavirus emerging out of Asia, striking panic with the suddenness of its onset, the ease of its spread and the virulence of its impact.
3/27/202028 minutes, 27 seconds
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Global Journalist: Covering COVID in China

During the coronavirus outbreak, Global Journalist is talking to some of the workers on the frontlines. They don't always get the recognition of doctors and nurses, but journalists also are risking — and in some cases — giving their lives to get information to the public.
3/23/20207 minutes, 3 seconds
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From the Global Journalist Vault: Former Hostage Terry Anderson on Press Freedom

While Global Journalist is on hiatus from the KBIA airwaves, a team of student researchers are combing through nearly 20 years of past programs.
2/26/202028 minutes, 19 seconds
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Global Journalist: The Fight for Press Freedom in Asia

Two women journalists who launched online start-up publications in their home countries face eerily similar challenges -- not from the business climate but from the political climate.
2/5/202028 minutes, 27 seconds
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Global Journalist: A Conversation with Jim Lehrer

Missouri School of Journalism alumnus Jim Lehrer talks about his career covering a presidential assassination, two presidential impeachments and 12 presidential debates in an interview at the Reynolds Journalism Institute.
1/16/202028 minutes, 35 seconds
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Global Journalist: PBS Filmmaker Stanley Nelson Speaks Out on Career

Stanley Nelson Jr. came of age as a filmmaker in the 1970s as Hollywood was making 'blacksploitation' films like 'Shaft.'
1/10/202028 minutes, 35 seconds
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Global Journalist: 'Panama Papers' Journalist Describes Sprawling Probe

Marina Walker Guevara has managed two massive global investigations for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.
1/3/202028 minutes, 27 seconds
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Global Journalist: "Midnight Traveler" Shows Tenuous Lives of Refugees

After being threatened by the Taliban, filmmaker Hassan Fazili was forced to flee Afghanistan. Like thousands of others, he and his family set out for Europe seeking safety and a stable life.
12/26/201928 minutes, 27 seconds