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English, Social, 1 seasons, 2 episodes, 33 minutes
Welcome to Global Voice, a weekly podcast that interviews frontline healthcare workers from around the world. Hosted by Malick Gaye, each episode introduces a new healthcare worker who is challenging health disparities in their communities. Often working in active conflict zones or areas with little-to-no access to medical care, our guest's lifesaving work will provide you a new perspective to global health challenges.
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Empowering Women and Girls in Coastal Kenya

In this episode we spoke to Caroline Wanjau, a clinical officer in Kenya whose mobile clinic aims to empower women and girls affected by gender-based violence and limited access to healthcare.
06/09/202220 minutes 50 seconds
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Mobile Clinics for IDPs in Somalia

Meet Ibrahim Adam, a clinical officer in Somalia whose mobile clinic treats people fleeing armed conflict and food insecurity. Learn more about Ibrahim and The Addis Clinic at
30/08/202212 minutes 58 seconds