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English, Finance, 6 seasons, 32 episodes, 17 hours 3 minutes
Our Global Careers Calls to employers, current students and alumni of the University of London uncovers the stories behind a range of careers and industries from around the world. These episodes provide insights into professional journeys, as well as tips to get into your chosen industry and much more.  The views expressed during these podcasts are purely those of the contributors at the time of broadcast, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of London.  To listen to previous episodes and find further resources by our team visit   Follow us on LinkedIn:  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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Gemma Lavin: a career founded on technology applied in the Education sector

Our Senior Careers Consultant Liz Wilkinson will interview Gemma Lavin, director of Digital Experience at Haberdashers’ Academies Trust South, a multi-academy secondary school trust, where she heads digital innovation. Gemma will describe us her passion for technology and her mission to use technology to streamline processes and enhance access to information. She will also explain us how the UoL MBA is helping her expanding her professional horizons and which skills have been fundamental during her work path.Key points:[01:31] – Presentation of Gemma Lavin[02:19] – A typical working day in Gemma’s life[04:42] – Gemma’s career journey[06:50] – How does studying an MBA fit in your career?[08:02] – How do you manage your work- life balance?[09:18] – Overcoming setbacks[11:05] – Is there any example of commercial awareness that you are following at the moment?[12:27] – What approach is the ide
29/11/202320 minutes 56 seconds
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Henner Schliebs: how to leverage the transformative power of technology as a market executive

This week Liz Wilkinson interviewed Henner Schliebs, a German Marketing Executive working for a Tech company in Texas. Henner will explore the skills needed as head of a big company, the impact of generative AI not only in the Technology domain but in the overall future of work and what is the day-to-day working life as a Marketing & Sales Executive.Key points:[01:26] - A typical week in his work life[03:32] – An example of an exciting recent project[04:39] – In leading such a project, which skills do you need to apply[09:34]- Impact of generative AI[14:55] – Advice for whoever is making a move in the job market[21:19] – In this automation-dominated area, what skills are the most valuable Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
22/11/202330 minutes 4 seconds
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Sebastian Ramirez: my aspirations and predictions as a Computer Science student in the Latin American tech field

Join Liz Wilkinson, a Senior Careers Consultant at the University of London Careers Service, as she discusses with Sebastian Ramirez, a current student enrolled in BSc Computer Science at UoL. Sebastian will share his motivation to pursue a degree in Computer Science with specialism in AI and Machine Learning, his decision of opting for a remote course and his recipe to balance work, life and online learning effectively. He will also describe the tech sector in Latin America and give his suggestions as a student stepping into this ever-changing field.Key points:[01:18] – Presentation of Sebastian Ramirez[01:43] – Sebastian experience as a BSc Computer Science student (UoL) and his motivation to study this discipline[02:42] - Which have been the best aspects of the BSC Computer Science course[03:33] – Which soft skills did you acquire thanks to the course[05:04] – Google student Developer Club overview[06:44]
15/11/202330 minutes 13 seconds
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Fabio De Ponte: How AI will revolutionize the journalism sector

In the first episode of the Global Careers Calls podcast, our host Liz Wilkinson, senior Careers Consultant at UoL Careers Service, will interview an Italian anchor journalist working for RAI, the italian national television, as well as University of London alumni in MSc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Fabio De Ponte. Fabio will tell us how AI is changing journalism and enabling professionals to spend more time on the ground, how the remote nature of his degree gave him the possibility to conjugate work and family commitments to a full-time study course and which skills and competencies will be vital for the journalist of tomorrow. Key points:[01:33] – Presentation of Fabio De Ponte[01:59] – A typical day in Fabio’s job[01:54] – Reasons why he chose to study an MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence[04:54] – How studying an MSc in Data Science will he
08/11/202323 minutes 50 seconds