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Best selling author, CoppaFeel! cancer charity founder, and now podcaster, Kris knows how to roll the turds life gives you in glitter. Each week Kris will be joined by a very special guest to learn about their turds, how they came to be and what impact they had, and at the end of the day, how they found the glitter in spite of the turd. Expect names you know, some you don't, and Kris will also be sharing your own stories. If you want to share the story of how you've glittered your turd, send a voice note or WhatsApp to the Turd Hotline >>> +44 (0)776 923 7544 'Follow' so you always have the latest episode of Glittering A Turd!
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24: Laura Crane

Fans of Love Island might recognise Laura from season 4 of the show, but others will likely know her from her incredible sporting career as a pro surfer and model. She’d been making waves in the sporting world from her early teens, clinching the title of UK Champion at just 14 years old before deciding to retire at 21.  In this episode, Laura opens up to Kris about the highs and lows she experienced while living out her ‘blue crush dream’, including a fierce battle with bulimia that consumed her at the height of her years in competitive sport. She speaks candidly about some of her darkest moments, her fear of failure and pinpoints the exact moment she realised that she needed help.  As always with the topics in the podcast, some may find subjects triggering. Follow Laura on Instagram to find out more about what she’s up to - and if you want to dis
14/02/20231 hour 39 seconds
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23: Gareth Howells

Gareth Howells is the man behind the equally hilarious and nostalgic Instagram sensation, Hunsnet and author of The Hundamental Guide To Life: Learn to Live Love and Laugh Like a True Hun. If your first question is - what is a hun, Kris? You’ll find all the answers you need in this episode.  Gareth fills his days creating social media content, rubbing shoulders with celebs, curating live events, and trawling through the extensive archives of all the incredible and oh so memeable moments from pop culture history. But as you’ll find out, his journey to creating the life he’s always dreamed of was born out of the battles he faced on the way.  In this episode Gareth opens up to Kris about the importance of community, trusting yourself, his struggles with mental health and how looking back became the key to unlocking his future. His story is a wonderful example of how you can find your purpose, simply by doing the things you love.  As always with the topics i
07/02/202349 minutes 10 seconds
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22: Darren Harriott

Comedian Darren Harriott has come a long way since he was car sharing his way around the UK as a teenager looking to forge a career in stand up comedy. Most recently you’ll find him slicing his way across the ice on the latest season of Dancing on Ice, on numerous panel shows and comedy stages after being nominated for the Best Newcomer Award and Best Show Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 and 2019. But Darren’s journey hasn’t always been smooth. His father died by suicide while in prison when Darren was just 11 years old. As he and Kris sit down for a chat, he explains what a profound impact this had on his life, how it became a catalyst for him exploring the world of comedy, his experiences with therapy and the difficult years that fell in between.  As always with the topics in the podcast, some may find subjects triggering. You can find details of his latest stand up tour at
31/01/202350 minutes 50 seconds
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21: Gaby Roslin

The beaming and infectious Gaby Roslin has been a much loved stable on our TVs and Radios for over 30 years whether it was hosting the Big Breakfast, Children In Need or on various radio shows or more recently on her own podcast.  Gaby is steadfast in remaining 33 (you’ll hear why) but also where her sunny disposition comes from, and how it pulled her through her turd and is something she has imbued into her own children. Gaby isn't apologetic about her outlook on life, her positivity isn't toxic it is a case of she is who she is, and who she is is a total joy! Gaby has her own podcast, listen to That Gaby Roslin Podcast here Don’t forget you can follow Kris on Instagram - or join the Turd Glitterati on Patreon for more fab content <a href="
17/01/202352 minutes 51 seconds
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20: Natasha Devon MBE

Presenter, author, campaigner, Natasha Devon tours schools, universities and a whole host of events across the globe delivering her insights on mental health, body image, gender and equality. You can hear Natasha on LBC for a weekly show on Sundays from 7pm as well as reading regular pieces for the likes of Grazia, The Guardian and more. With her background in mental health Natasha has written a number of books as well as releasing her first fictional book ‘Toxic’ in 2022.  Kris and Natasha discuss how her anxiety manifested itself in an eating disorder and how moving through that period shaped her mantras to life. With her experiences she is founder of the Mental Health Media Charter, which looks at how the media report on mental health and a strong advocate for having mental health first aiders in the workplace. As always with the topics in the podcast, some may find subjects triggering. You can buy Nastaha’s first fiction book ‘Toxic’ here - <a href="
10/01/202351 minutes 14 seconds
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19: Fearne Cotton - Part 2

Thanks for choosing to listen to part 2 of Glittering a Turd with Fearne Cotton. In this episode Fearne and Kris get further into long standing anxiety, how despite all the work you can do on yourself some old thoughts will always creep up and how to be kind to yourself. Fearne also lets us know how important Happy Place is to her and how important her work is with Kris on FestiFeel. If you want to share the story of how you've glittered your turd, send a voice note or WhatsApp to the Turd Hotline &gt;&gt;&gt; +44 (0)776 923 7544 Don’t forget to give Kris a follow on Instagram to see video clips from the podcast as well as hearing about the work CoppaFeel! is currently doing, and you can find links in her bio to buy her best selling book -  And if you hop over to Patreon you can be a fully fledged member of the Turd Glitterati and get more fab content fr
03/01/202342 minutes 2 seconds
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18: Fearne Cotton - Part 1

Beginning her TV career at just 15, Fearne Cotton has been no stranger to experiences many of us can dream of but also those that can be the stuff of nightmares. Whilst outwardly a happy, carefree person the press spotlight, social media comments and more all fed into her anxiety.  In this special two part episode of Glittering A Turd Fearne fully opens up to Kris on her constant evolution and love of their friendship. Make sure to follow so you don’t miss part 2 of Kris and Fearne in conversation! If you want to share the story of how you've glittered your turd, send a voice note or WhatsApp to the Turd Hotline &gt;&gt;&gt; +44 (0)776 923 7544 Don’t forget to give Kris a follow on Instagram to see video clips from the podcast as well as hearing about the work CoppaFeel! is currently doing, and you can find links in her bio to buy her best selling book -
20/12/202246 minutes 12 seconds
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17: Giles Duley

From taking photographs and traveling the world with the likes of Oasis and Miriah Carey to showing war at its worst as photojournalist, Giles Duley has seen more than many of us but after stepping on an explosive device, an IED, during a visit to Afghanistan in 2011 he has experienced more than most of us too. The explosion left Giles a triple amputee, losing both his legs and an arm yet he returned to Afghanista in 2012 to continue his work. Since then he has continued to work as a photographer and set up the NGO Legacy of War Foundation, an international charity supporting communities and individuals as the rebuild their lives after conflict. He is a campaigner for the rights of both refugees and those living with disability. Giles has also worked a presenter making documentaries for Channel 4 and VICE, a series which billed him as the one-armed chef, a food is another Giles passions with which he connects to those he photographs to tell their stories. <br
13/12/202249 minutes 12 seconds
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16: Miranda Mckeon

Our first transatlantic episode of Glittering A Turd as Kris speaks to actor Miranda Mckeon. Miranda is best known for being part of the Netflix show ‘Anne with an E’ and whilst her life may seem California sun kissed, Miranda was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 19 years old. Since then with an Instagram following of a million people, she took it as an opportunity to education and share her story via the account and on her blog. Miranda and Kris discuss the decision to be so open, a kinship of sorts in being diagnosed at a young age and the mantra that keeps things moving forward. You can read Miranda’s blog and link to her Instagram here - Keep up to date with Kris, and if you’re enjoying the podcast please post a story and tag her Instagram, and don’t forget you can find your way to CoppaFeel! too via -
06/12/202252 minutes 59 seconds
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15: Jack Rooke

Stand-up comedian, author of memoir 'Cheer the F**k Up' and writer of the semi-biographical drama Big Boys on Channel 4, Jack Rooke pours his very essence into all his creative projects.  Grief touched Jack in a big way at a formative stage of his life and in this episode of the podcast Kris asks him about the moment his Turd came to be and the ever lasting impact it has had. Jack is a ambassador for CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably), they can be contacted on 0800 585858 5pm - Midnight 7 days a week or at 'Cheer the F**k Up' can be bought in all the usual places or via Jack’s website where you can also find links to his socials - Don’t forget you can follow Kris on Instagram - or join her on Patreon and become a fully fledged mem
29/11/202246 minutes
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14: Rae Morris

Releasing her first EP in 2012 followed by her debut album in 2015 it seemed Rae Morris had the world at her feet and her dream career firmly underway. The music, the tours and all that came with it though, brought a sense of anxiety that in the music industry it can be snatched away in an instant… for Rae that time did come. In this episode of the podcast Kris has Rae reflect on what truly made her happy, how knowing that the day would come softened its blow slightly, and the joys of motherhood but the difficulty in juggling the personal and professional life. You can listen to Rae’s latest album and her past work on all major platforms or buy it physically now. For tour dates and all the latest on Rae visit her official website -  Keep up to date with Kris, and if you’re enjoying the podcast please post a story and tag her Instagram - https:/
22/11/202241 minutes 35 seconds
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13: Tahnée Seagrave

If you follow the high octane, high action, and the highly skilled sport of downhill mountain biking then you will know the name Tahnée Seagrave… if you don’t then it doesn’t matter, as this is an episode of the podcast you need to hear regardless.  Tahnée is a multiple World Cup winner, athlete for Red Bull and Fox Racing, but after a major crash she feared for her future in the sport. Injuries aren’t uncommon but Tahnée suffered a serious concussion that has kept her off her bike and thrown up walls to scale that simply weren’t there before. Kris speaks to her about the accident, the fallout, and the work to get riding again as well as how to embrace femininity in a male dominated sport and redefining females within it. At the time of her accident Tahnée was being follow by a film crew. What has been produced, was a very very different documentary to the one that it began life as. It’s out now so search for it or follow the link via Tahnée’s Instagram - <a hre
15/11/202248 minutes 20 seconds
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12: Cariad Lloyd

From hosting the award winning podcast 'Grief Cast', to stand-up, acting and soon to be releasing her new book ‘You Are Not Alone’ Cariad knows about loss and grief. In this episode she and Kris go deep into why Cariad began 'Grief Cast', the threads and themes she has discovered through speaking to her guests, and how that in turn has shaped how she sees her own grief. Please do follow the podcast so you never miss an episode as it helps other people discover it, as does you telling people! We love reading your reviews so please do keep them coming. Find our further details about Cariad’s book, you are not alone as well as links to Grief Cast at - Find Kris and other snippets from the podcast, CoppaFeel and more via her Instagram -  Or if you want to become a fully fledged member of the Turd Gli
08/11/202251 minutes 23 seconds
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11: Laura Dockrill

Around four weeks after giving birth to her son, Laura Dockrill found herself in a psychricatic ward on suicide watch. She had numerous delusions including that her husband wanted to steal their newborn away, her father-in-law had hypnotised her, and that she was herself a femme fetale. Laura was suffering from postpartum psychosis which affects one in a thousand new mothers. Over time Laura began to get better, and upon releasing her memoir What Have I Done? she found her experience, whilst extreme, resonated with many many others. Laura wasn’t a first time writer, she’s an awarding winning children’s author, poet and illustrator but her memoir she wrote solely on her phone. Since the book’s release she hosts her own podcast and has written more articles about her experience with postpartum psychosis and the pressures of parenthood. Charities such as Mind have more information and support which can be found <a href="
01/11/202248 minutes 7 seconds
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10: Dermot O'Leary

National treasure, CoppaFeel! patron, all round person from the TV or radio you can see yourself talking a walk with, Dermot O’Leary knows he leads a fortunate life and is very grateful for it.  In this week’s podcast Dermot and Kris discuss what shaped him into the person we see on our screens, and why a work ethic is so important but so is empathy and taking time to appreciate all that life gives you and all those you get to spend time with. See who Dermot has on his radio show, behind the scenes on all of his TV work and more on Instagram - Keep up to date with Kris, and if you’re enjoying the podcast please post a story and tag her Instagram -  Find out how you can become a fully fledged member of the Turd Glitterati on Patreon - <a href="
25/10/202246 minutes 14 seconds
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9: Annie Price

Badly burned in a caravan fire when she was just a baby, Annie Price was then taken into care and lived a life thinking that she knew the truth of the fateful fire that had scarred her. Only when making a documentary on her life did she discover what really happened, reconnect with the fireman who saved her and laid to rest some of the guilt she had carried. The fire shaped Annie’s life but not in the way we may all imagine. It gave Annie a mental resilience few of us have, and lead her to discover passions she might not otherwise have known such as her love of fitness. Annie is now a trainer for Well Woman Club and in this episode she shares with Kris her story, her non-negotiables, and how she will tell her story to her own children. Find out more about Well Woman Club and book a session with Annie at - plus all of what Annie has happening over at -
18/10/202243 minutes 10 seconds
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8: David Gandy

When you think of David Gandy you may picture crystal blue waters, dark eyes, and some small white pants… a pretty bliss picture, right? Like everyone though, he too has had his share of ‘turds’ to deal with in his life. On this episode of the podcast, Kris gets under the skin of David to find out what it’s like to work in an industry based on looks, how his time coming through is very different than it is to today with social media, and how realising his own limitations took him away from his dream career to one that’s very different, but that he has channeled his natural drive and competitiveness to rise to the top and taken him to new places around the world and in business. David’s official Instagram, as well as links to Wellwear is here - If you’re enjoying the podcast then screen grab with a comment, post on your Instagram, and tag Kris in! <a hre
11/10/202243 minutes 17 seconds
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7: Sophie Morgan

Paralysed in a car crash at 18, Sophie Morgan has become one of the most prominent TV presenter’s in the UK with a disability, from fronting her own documentaries as well as being a regular contributor on the likes of Loose Women. Apart from becoming a regular face on screen, she is a keen artist and also released her autobiography detailing her life before her accident and since, titled Driving Forwards.  Sophie is a powerhouse as you’ll hear, but it’s taken a lot of work and reflection to get to where she is today and work on the relationship with herself, her family, her friends and the wider world. Find our more on Sophie’s latest projects as well as links to her social media and where to buy her book -  See video clips from the podcast and more of what is happening with Kris -
04/10/202249 minutes 46 seconds
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6: Sophie Ellis Bextor

We are so happy to welcome onto the podcast, a woman who kept our spirits up during lockdown and is a glitterer across all her many talents... singer, songwriter, author, podcaster and kitchen disco queen… this week’s guest is Sophie Ellis Bextor. In the podcast you’ll hear stories of how the glitter wasn’t always present, what the music industry can do to you and the when, where and why Sophie lifted all our spirits with the now famous kitchen discos during lockdown. Keep track of all the amazing projects Sophie is currently doing via her website -  Screengrab or send a post a picture of where you’re listening to Glittering A Turd and tag Kris in on Instagram - Find out how you can become a fully fledged member of the Turd Glitterati on Patreon -  <a href="https://www.patreon.
27/09/202249 minutes 31 seconds
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5: Rosie Jones

Comedian Rosie Jones is someone who really does not let the turd they’ve been given hold them back in life. She’s toured the country, written amazing kids books, become a regular face on our TV screens, and can now tick off Glittering A Turd podcast guest. She is an advocate for those with a disability and additional needs, as well as being an ally to other marginalised groups in society. Rosie is truly a force of nature and someone we should aspire all be a bit more like. For all the news of when Rosie is on tour, or to hear about the next brilliant project she is putting out into the world visit her website - Don’t forget to give Kris a follow on Instagram to see video clips from the podcast as well as hearing about the work CoppaFeel! is currently doing, and you can find a link in her bio to buy her best selling book - www.inst
20/09/202247 minutes 37 seconds
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4: Felix White

In only a matter of a few short years, but with plenty of hard work, Felix White and his close friends saw their bedroom band The Maccabees play gigs and festivals across the world and have a number one album. What though, propelled Felix forward? It was through writing his brilliant autobiography that examines his love of cricket alongside the loss of his mother as a teenager, that Felix truly began to answer questions he has asked himself for years. It’s a book that you don’t need to be a cricket fan to pickup and love. Post The Macabees, Felix has also become a podcast host on the hugely successful Tailenders alongside England’s record wicket taker Jimmy Anderson and Radio 1 breakfast show host, Greg James. Much like his music, the podcast has allowed Felix a sense of community which he adores. Follow all of Felix’s adventures, plus where to buy his book or where he is speaking live about his book via Instagram - <a href="
13/09/202255 minutes 14 seconds
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3: Nadiya Hussain

Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain brought the nation together with not only her bakes, but her empowering speech upon winning the competition. Nadiya wasn’t the one who entered Bake Off, her husband did on her behalf and Kris gets into that, what life for her was like growing up as a female in a male dominated culture, and Nadiya’s ‘turd’ is a big one that everyone needs to hear. You can find Nadiya’s memoir plus latest cookbook ‘Nadiya’s Everyday Baking’ at  Check out some video clips of the Glittering A Turd podcasts on Kris’s Instagram - CoppaFeel! is the charity Kris co-founded, learn more and support their work - and head over Patreon to find out how you can become a fully fledged member of the Turd Glitterati -  <a href="http
06/09/202251 minutes 58 seconds
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2: Vicky Pattison

Geordie Shore alumni Vicky Pattison has plenty to reflect on, in this conversation with Kris. Vicky muses on how the very show that has given her a career, was also almost the cause of ruined friendships with friends and family and losing her own identity. Out of that though... the glitter comes, and Kris hears where Vicky is now, the experience of looking at her father’s alcoholism and why she is the light to so many people. See more from Kris and what she’s doing day to day on Instagram -  Perhaps the best person to follow on Instagram? Vicky’s account is this way - You too can get involved with CoppaFeel! find out more here - Head to Patreon to find out how you can become part of the Turd Glitterat
30/08/202241 minutes 26 seconds
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1: Giovanna Fletcher

Author, podcast host, and Queen of the Castle, Giovanna Fletcher is the first person to tell Kris how they’ve glittered their turd. Tears of joy, tears of sorrow, but overall the turd is left covered in glitter. Trigger warning that miscarriage is spoken about in this episode. If you have been impacted by the theme of this podcast there are support resources available including Tommy’s -  Keep up to date with Kris, and if you’re enjoying the podcast please post a story and tag her Instagram - Giovanna’s books, blogs and podcast can all be found over at - If you would like to join one of the CoppaFeel! treks and learn more about the charity  then visit -<
30/08/202247 minutes 29 seconds
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Coming soon! Glittering A Turd with Kris Hallenga

Coming 30th August, hit 'follow' now so you never miss an episode! Glittering A Turd shares its name with the best selling book from author, CoppaFeel! cancer charity founder and all round super human, Kris Hallenga. Kris is joined each week by a very special guest to discuss how life can throw many turds at you, often when you least expect it, and whilst they still stink, you can roll them in glitter.
11/08/20221 minute 41 seconds