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Glee Erotica | Adult Stories & Audiobooks.

English, Old Time Radio, 1 season, 2 episodes, 13 minutes
Are you tired of boring Erotica Audiobooks, explore your greatest eroticism through Audio Erotica, Glee Erotica will help you live out all of your hidden desires, from sensual pleasures to hard-core BDSM. Liven up your sex life today with these premium quality Audio erotic stories available on every podcast listening platform worldwide, free for everyone to listen too! Whether you're turned on by sweet talking softies or extreme Kinksters who speak so dirty it'll make your head spin, there's something for everybody at Glee Erotica.
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Shower Time

This episode is a real event between a set of lustful minded couple , having their most beautiful moment under the Shower, Gorgeous was bathing and Booom, comes her man, seeing her in such a full sexiness in nudity got a mountain flaming under a waterfall.
8/9/20228 minutes, 26 seconds
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The Dirty Talk 1

This Episode "The Dirty Talk" is an episode to fix your mind, soul and body on same frequency for your maximum satisfaction.  "the Dirt Talk", packed with Eroticism is coiled from the stables of Glee Erotica to get you entertained as you listen and subscribe for more of our Episodes for you sexual healing.
8/1/20224 minutes, 54 seconds